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forgemaster-defence-squad26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
PLEASE watch my favorite part of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and see Liam O'Brien's FABULOUS voice acting!!! (and see my cute kitty in the corner.)
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sing-it-again-and-again2 hours ago
I don't engage with that fandom, but if anyone has fan art of Bathin singing the "Thank Travis for Travis" song except it's about him, please send it my way.
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ilyrinjo2 hours ago
馃悎鈥嶁瑳 winks @ u >:)
winks back can we kiss now (:<
hmm seriously tho u remind me a lot of latte, or milk coffee in general, beige and mocha colors, 馃 this emoji, hot girl summer!!, also fem! rap + post malone, tetsu bye, desert foxes, summer breeze and nailea (:<
send me a 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 and i'll tell you what i associate u with <3
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ilyrinjo3 hours ago
HI WAVES 馃悎鈥嶁瑳
i associate you with pretty urls and blog themes, this 馃じ馃徏 emoji, kpop, dpr live esp!! bcs i listen to him, soft core, bright colors, my melody + sanrio charas, the samurai joke (they slash them), pinterest girl clothes and really wide open fields with butterflies
send me a 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 and i'll tell you what i associate u with <3
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ilyrinjo3 hours ago
i鈥檓 sending this 馃悎one no takebacks
ihy i wanted to be different馃ゲ /j
okay uh you definitely remind me heavily of fem! rap, rico nasty, retro colors, retro ig filters!!, pinterest/picsart collages, 馃獝 this emoji, rivals to lovers trope and that pigtails + braids hairstyle <3
send me a 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 and i'll tell you what i associate u with <3
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himbotaako4 hours ago
Next Stream Date + Future BOTW Streams !!
Tonight鈥檚 stream was super fun, I love Breath of the Wild very much and it shows lmao
I鈥檓 planning on doing another stream next week on Thursday (4/29) at 7:30pm PST! Next week, I鈥檒l be journeying from Kakariko Village to Hateno Village and after that I鈥檒l start on one of the Divine Beast quests!
If you missed tonight鈥檚 stream and wanted to tune in, you can go right HERE !!
I鈥檓 also going to have a poll for the Divine Beasts, and you guys are gonna decide what order I complete them in! So, between now and the end of the month, you can reply to this post, send me an ask, or just dm me what your top pick for the Divine Beasts would be!
For those unfamiliar, there鈥檚 Vah Ruta (Zora鈥檚 Domain), Vah Rudania (Goron City), Vah Medoh (Rito Village), and Vah Naboris (Gerudo Town). I鈥檒l tally up all the votes and decide order based on the ones you鈥檙e most interested in seeing first!! :D
Thank you if you鈥檝e tuned into my streams, I really enjoy doing them and your support means everything <3
Consider checking out my Twitch channel !!
If BOTW isn鈥檛 your thing, I also have an Undertale Pacifist series with my mediocre voice acting.
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do you like mcyt?? do you like watching ppl draw??
he/him, look no further for i bring you edenfinity on twitch :) very chill i'd say and he mainly does art streams, i love the music in the backgrounddd, talks abt mcyt amongst other stuff during stream, you should definitely watch if you wanna discuss some mcyt or just to watch someone draw :D
His Twitch ~~ His Twitter ~~ His Discord ~~ His Youtube
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werewolfbneimitzvah4 hours ago
extremely cool that kids who love to watch other people play video games like i used to can just tune into a stream or pull up a let's play now instead of having to wait for their parent/friend to be in the mood to play a video game. like i genuinely loved spending hours watching my friends play Sonic or on arcade game websites or later Halo or my dad play Capture The Flag But With Guns and pretty much never wanted to play myself. and with only a click or two, it can be done in moments whenever one wants. brilliant. shame I'm not really into that anymore.
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needletongues5 hours ago
irraya watches jerma985
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nixavia6 hours ago
me: man i wasted all my time today
smart me: but did you have fun
me: well yeah i had fun but i didn't really accomplish anything
smart me: having fun is an accomplishment you moron. if you have fun you weren't wasting your time.
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hot-leaf-water6 hours ago
i love when ranboo plays games other than minecraft, and recently i've been really enjoying the horror game streams
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compactstreamer6 hours ago
*looking away from last saturdays vod that ive had paused a quarter way thru for like 3 days now bc i somehow dont have the energy to just hit play and finish watching it* jer,a come back please.................
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morningdrawfee7 hours ago
bless the unofficial drawfee stream archive for allowing the original todd (from mario) to live again
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naomi-2477 hours ago
hey, hey! reblog this with a youtube link of your favorite dream smp chill/comfort stream. make sure it's not just an edited video & it's an actual full vod!
why am i doing this, you might ask. well, lately i've been watching some older beeduo streams & my twitter tl has had some people asking for the link to vod.
so yeah! it would be very cool if you reblogged or smth, that way people can find new comfort vods and discuss what they like about them as well! (feel free to provide reasoning for why it's your comfort stream)
i really like the tommy stream where wilbur asks out dream, the ranboo 2 mill one, and the phasmophobia part of the 2nd ranboo subathon :D
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nippleninja28 hours ago
This is my own dsmp character gender and sexuality hc list (made for mostly fun and to pass time). I'm aware that it's a lot different from the lists that have been made by other people (which has been a big factor why I don't post this kind of stuff), but I've decided to become a bit more open about my own thoughts on gender and sexuality, so here.
Agender (uses he/him in Overworld because he wants to match with Skeppy), aromantic and asexual, in a queer platonic relationship with Skeppy
A rock, but uses he/him because of humans, bisexual, in a queer platonic relationship with Bad
Demiewe (demigirl), does not care about pronouns (she's referred as Foolish's dad and also as Dream's mom), bisexual
Cis woman, bisexual
Jack Manifold
Nonbinary (he/him), aromantic and asexual
He's a cat so he really doesn't have the same concept of gender as humans (but uses he/him because of humans), very gay
Androgynous cis man, pansexual, in a poly relationship with Karl and Sapnap
Genderqueer, bisexual
Agender, aromantic and asexual
Nonbinary (he/they), demi-biromantic, married to Tubbo & has a kid with him
Demiboy, bisexual, married to Ranboo & has a kid with him
Transmasc, heteromantic and asexual
Cis man, biromantic, in a poly relationship with Quackity and Sapnap
Nonbinary (uses he/it because of humans), demi-panromantic
Cis man (he/they), heteromantic and asexual
Cishet, but is chill about it
Cishet, republican
Nonbinary (he/him), demi-pansexual, in a poly relationship with Quackity and Karl
Agender, aromantic and asexual
Trans foxman, demi-gay
Gender-fluid (he/she), pansexual
Cis man, pansexual
Nonbinary (he/they), does not get the hype around gender or sex
Cishet, nice about it after death
Agender (he/him), on the A-spectrum, in a long and happy relationship with Mumza
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