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#street chic
collectivefandomstuff · 10 months ago
Steph: All I'm saying is that the women in this family clearly have better fashion sense than the men.
Jason: Hey! My costumes are cool.
Steph: I'll admit that the recent ones are sort of 'street chic' but the dildo helmet? Dick's pantless Robin costume? Please
Jason: If you call me street chic ever again-
Tim: Excuse me, but can we all agree that there should be at least three categories in regards to costumes? Men, women, and Dick the Discoqueen
Jason: Don't lump me in with your flaming Dorito wings
Tim: whatever panties mcgee
Tim: Was that really the best comeback you had?
Jason: [flustered] GIVE ME A MINUTE
Tim: You're gonna need more than a minute to explain that one
Barbara: [snorts] says condom head
Jason: There was nothing wrong with that one!
Steph: Just own up to your own bad taste, Jason, it's understandable. I mean, no wonder you originated both the dildo helmet and the condom cowl; your role model was Dick.
Jason: How DARE you imply-
Tim: Can the categories be "with pants" and "without pants"?
Barbara: So you put on some tights, big whoop. Doesn't make you any better than Dick the second over there.
Jason: I-
Tim: Steph's Robin costume was basically the same as mine
Steph: [rolls her eyes] New York Magazine says that, surprisingly, 99% of Gothamites thinks the girl wore the tights better.
Tim: Well my new costume-
Barbara: Oh that's a bad move
Steph: You mean the dirtbrown one? It's proof that you never learn.
Tim: [offended gasp]
Duke: [walks in] what are you-
Steph: Oh! Duke gets a girl pass!
Duke: nevermind
Barbara: We're talking about costumes. The good, the bad, and the, frankly, disturbing.
Duke: Discowing?
Tim: And the original Robin
Duke: Actually, I'd say Damian's is pretty cool.
Tim: [throws his hands up in frustration]
Steph: Oh, you're right, Damian can get a girl pass.
Duke: I always assumed that the ugly, weird ones were Bruce's influence showing
Duke: I mean, the original Batman costume?
Steph: New categories! "Bruce" and "not Bruce"
Steph: Dick, Jason and Tim end up in the "Bruce" category on account of the hot pants, dildo helmet, condom cowl, and the Flame-boyant Wings on Ice.
Jason: [screams with rage]
Barbara: You forgot the-
Steph: I'm not gonna list all of Dick's fashion mistakes I have things to do today.
Dick: [in a defeated voice from his seat between Jason and Barbara] yeah that's fair.
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lollisimsi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🪐1312 21 CHIC STREET🪐
 CC-free, fully functional
Used DLS:  Cats&Dogs,  City Living,  Get Together,  Get to Work,  Parenthood,  Spa Day, Vintage Glamour Stuff,  Romantic Garden Stuff,  Holiday Celebration Pack, Strangerville,  Jungle Adventure,  Movie hangout stuff,  Seasons,  Outdoor Retreat,  Perfect Patio Stuff,  Dine Out 
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willowbomb · a year ago
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so uhh i wanted to try out all the moschino stuff.... still not a big fan of the pack overall but some of the build and buy items are really nice, i especially like the windows and that bookcase
anyway the items inspired me to make an industrial-ish style apartment for a photographer and their cat/small dog to live in! 
i used 1 (one) piece of cc and its the computer from this set by @stefizzi
** apartments have to be saved as “rooms” so i had to remove 3 walls and one fence piece to save it properly,, so remember to build those walls back in when you place this apartment **
also you should place this apartment in 1312 21 Chic Street aka Penny Pizzazz’ apartment
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demiiwhiffin · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
this ! has ! to ! work !
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aklsimmer · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beauty Guru Apartment (NOCC)
CC Free
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Placed in 1310 21 Chic Street
Please use the cheat “bb.moveobjects on” before you place this apartment
Download HERE or on the Gallery
Gallery ID: aklsimmer
Don’t claim it as your own
Don’t reupload
If you use it in your own screenshots, feel free to @ me, I’d love to see people using my builds in their game!
Watch the speed build HERE
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