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Mon 0406

High Reps, Low Weight

Total Reps: 700

4x25 Narrow Stance Body Squats (100 reps: full quad focused)

Arms 5x10, 2x25 +5 dumbbells (400 reps)

Bicep curls (100)

Around the worlds (100)

Jack ups (100)

Oblique Crunch w weighted ball (100)

Legs 2x25 (200 reps)

Leg extensions + 25lbs (50)

Hip thrusts w 25 lb plate (50)

Glute kickback (50)

Crunches (50)

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Reading for life path 5?



I am also a lifepath 5!

1 Strength- There may be a Leo in your life who you are connecting with, be that romantically or platonically. Leo is also the 5th sign, so it is directly connected to you. Some of you may have Leo placements. I feel as though any Leo friends or lovers in your life right now have the role of reflecting something back to you that you’re not seeing in yourself. Find out what that is with an open mind. This experience is meant to teach you what strength is. Are you the type who sees strength in someone stern and cold or in someone gentle and vulnerable? Why is that?

2 2 of Cups reversed- First of all, take note of the 2 in the second place. A lifepath 2 may be playing a significant role in your life. Regardless of their lifepath number, the number 2 signifies that there is a lesson of balance to be learned here. The universe/God is asking you to reach the next level of balance because it believes you are ready for it. Taking note of the reversed position, there may be a degree of toxicity with the connection to the Leo on varying degrees. What role do you play in this? What role do they play? Is there a way for you to fix this or is it better off dissolving completely?

3 The Fool- Not only is the universe intending to balance you out, but also humble you. It wants to provide you with some new blessings, new connections, and new money, some of you just need to open your mind, heart, and energy to become receptive to that. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Some of you may be in a bad situation where you feel like you have no resources to get out of it. This card is telling you to get out anyway. Leave that toxic relationship, that job which has no appreciation for you. Make room for the new.

4 The Hanged Man- A lot of you are being asked to look more internally at yourself. Do you feel like you’re lacking something in your life? Where does that feeling of lack come from? How can you eradicate it? Is that a lack in which your soul truly feels or is it something that others have made you feel that you’re lacking? There is a lot of major arcana here, so I see this as being a big few months for you in terms of personal growth and where you’re going to take your life next. For those of you in quarantine, you’re going to have to turn that adventurous energy inwards and explore yourself for those of you affected by this quarantine. Lifepath 5’s are probably the most adaptable Lifepath number, so know that you will get through this quarantine and whatever else is going on.

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This is a shout out to all medical professionals/hospital staff. We know that nurses, CNAs, first responders and doctors are truly amazing gifts and we could not get through COVID without them, but I also wanted to give a little recognition to my other coworkers and others out there that many dont realize are putting themselves and their families at risk daily.

Imaging techs: CT, XRAY, Ultrasound General/vascular/Echo, MRI, Nuc Med

As a sonographer (aka ultrasound tech) I know that we imaging techs are seeing every case that comes through. Whether we are checking lungs, fluid on the lungs, scanning the patients heart, checking blood flow etc. We are in contact with infected patients sometimes for hours at a time and we can scan the same patient day after day to monitor progress. Our imaging is essential and I thank each one of you for your dedication.

Respiratory Care: You are seeing every patient. With shortness of breath being such a large symptom, you are running on over drive. I appreciate you running like crazy and even with shortage of vents, you work diligently to provide great care and be there for patients. You’re so appreciated.

Monitor Techs: You are constantly seeing patients several times everyday. Your checking constantly while gaining such a relationship with each patient. Your job is to check monitors, but your heart is there checking patients. Thank you for being strong and kind for every patient.

Environmental Services: You are there every step of the way. If it wasn’t for you we couldn’t continue to run. Your job is so important, sanitizing each room/equipment to help reduce further spread thought the hospital is monumental. Dont ever doubt that your appreciated. Your extra hours to keep us safe is truly irreplaceable.

Registration: Wether you work in outpatient or ER you are seeing every single patient. You probably see more patients in a day than any other employee. Thank you for continuing to be there, informing patients, preparing them for the changes in policies. Your so strong and your dedication is amazing.

Scheduling: You may not have a physical presence with patients, but as places cancel outpatients, moving schedules to accommodate closures, staffing changes etc. you are the front line to handle complaints. Your mental strength is outstanding. Thank you so much.

Medical Imaging Software: PACS/EPIC etc and IT/IS:

Your long days/nights are appreciated. You are keeping our networks working, keeping our ability to run imaging, make chart notes etc. You guys are the cogs in the wheel. We could not function without you.

I am so so blessed to still be working. To be honest I’m exhausted - I’ve worked 76 hours in 7 days. If it wasn’t for my family and @taylorswift I dont know what I’d do. Their positive chants and Taylor’s music has saved me mentally and emotionally.

I know that we can make it through this together. We are ALL making sacrifices. I’m just so greatful. COVID has made me realize we need to focus on the little things and enjoy them. The simplest things, like saying goodnight to your family (even through video chat) is one of life’s greatest gifts. Remember to appreciate not only medical staff but ALL essential workers during this crisis (grocery workers, gas attendants, mechanics, electricians, technicians, laborers etc) We are all putting ourselves and families at risk daily, but WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

Sleep well tonight knowing that even though we are all a part, we are banded together and together we will conquer COVID.

If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to ask you to consider writing thank you notes, emails or letters to your local hospital. That could truly help someone’s day. If your able to donate monetarily, many places are receiving donations for medical supplies, but food/coffee etc would be so so appreciated. Many of us are eating on the run.

Thanks for reading. Please stay safe. 😘

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Luna Rosa🌚

La Luna Nueva está en Libra este martes 7, con el poder de la energía de Marte, sirve para crear equilibrio en nuestras vidas, esto ayudará a traer paz y armonía a nuestras relaciones, mejorar nuestra salud mental y nos dará un momento de estabilidad. Habrá una sensación de claridad y ayudará en nuestro camino en la vida a la hora de tomar una decisión. Más energía para lograr la abundancia. Se hará justicia para aquellos que son tratados injustamente y la negatividad se desvanecerá.


Rituales para hacer.

Blusa color rosa. Vístete con una prenda rosa para canalizar toda la energía lunar; el rosa transmite delicadeza, inocencia y amor.

Prende velas rosas. Si deseas hacer alguna petición enciende una vela rosa durante esas dos noches.

Baño con flores rosas. Un ritual sencillo para aprovechar el romanticismo de la superluna rosa será darte un baño con pétalos de rosa

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I don’t think people truly understand what heartbreak can do to a person. There’s a new sense of motivation to makes yourself better and improve yourself.

Sometimes it’s because you don’t think you were good enough before, so you work harder to be better and meet imaginary standards. You just want to be better. You don’t want to feel unworthy and like a disappointment. It hurts and it sucks. There’s a lot of side effects that come with this. A person can become depressed or more depressed based on mental health. They can become obsessed and lose their sense of humanity. You become so absorbed in your future and making yourself better that it changes you.

Sometimes it’s because you just want to be a better you. You want to meet a personal standard to live a brighter, healthier life. You want to move on, but you often find yourself absorbed in this life you picture. This is typically used to push aside the heartbreak and pain of falling away from your person. You just want the pain to be gone. You don’t care how.

Sometimes it’s pure personal goals. This usually starts with one of the first two, but with this comes acceptance. You accept that yeah, you might not have been good enough for them, but you can be good enough for you. And that’s all that matters.

You don’t have to be perfectly fit and talented, but if that’s what you want then go for it! Just remember to do it for you. Not for your lovers, not for your family and friends. Do it for you.

Heartbreak is a powerful force. It can build a person up and bring them crashing right back down in as little a one day. There’s no pain like heartbeat, it’s a combination of mental, physical, and emotional pain. You feel it in your whole body. It sticks with you forever no matter how many flings you have or if you find that one person. It’s a parasite.

But like all parasites, it can be killed. There will always be evidence that you can see and feel after it dies, but it’s just a reminder that you are strong and that you are you. And that’s all that matters.

You’ll go through heartbreak countless times in your life, even if you never had a relationship with the person you loved. It’ll always be there, but so will your motive. Motive to move on and be stronger. Motive to keep pushing. You will break once in a while, but that’s alright. You’ll feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, but we all know that the only direction left to go is up.

You are strong. You are scarred. You are beaten. You are beautiful. You are talented.

This just makes your more authentic. More unique. Never forget that heartbreak tears you down, but you build yourself back up.

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Hello Pilates and Yoga Lovers!Day 16 Best Stretching At Home 28 Day Workout Challenge targets the entire body to stretch and lengthen, to release the muscle soreness, aches of low back, hamstrings, glutes, and deep hip muscles. This is a great way to be flexible, strong and healthy while in social distancing practice, isolation, quarantine during this difficult time. This is a power , core and great for athletes Pilates as well as for dancers and Ballerina. We can do this together, and if this is your first time, my recommendation is to go back to my Day 1 to prevent any injuries. This is Phase 3 the Advance most difficult level with longer workouts and form and poses of Yoga or Pilates depending on the day and body part I am targeting with modifications to prevent neck, back and spinal injuries. Lastly, Phase 4 which is the maintenance and combination from Phase 1 to 3 with different varieties of Cardio and Endurance, and dynamic stretching. If this is too difficult, my recommendation is to go back to Phase 1 to slowly progress to this level. This is #BestStretch for low back and hips. The exercise programs will make you to stay flexible, stronger and healthier while the whole world is fighting with #SocialDistancing #Coronavirus This 28 Day Workout Challenge 28 Days with 28 Free Daily Full Length Workouts, designed smartly to make it achievable, easy and also challenging no matter what your fitness level is, from beginners to professionals! Please join me and share this challenge to all your friends, loved ones, coworkers and family in order to help our community stronger and healthier.

Here is the other list of workout to look back into before progressing to this level.

Phase 1 Beginner’s Easy

Day 1| Beginner’s Pilates Fundamentals | 28 Day Workout Challenge For Social Distancing

Day 2 | Beginner’s Yoga | 28 Day Workout Challenge For Social Distancing

Day 3 | Cardio Pilates | 28 Day Workout Challenge For Social Distancing

Day 4 | Dynamic Stretching Pilates | 28 Day Workout Challenge For Social Distancing

Day 5 | Pilates Side Lying | 28 Day Workout Challenge |Social Distancing

Day 6 | Pilates Glutes | 28 Day Workout Challenge For Social Distancing

Day 7| Yoga Hip Opening |28 Day Workout Challenge #SocialDistancing

Phase 2 Intermediate Moderate Difficulty

Day 8 |Pilates Intermediate | 28 Day Workout Challenge For #Socialdistancing

Day 9 | Yoga Intermediate 28 Day Workout Challenge

Day 10 | Power Pilates | 28 Day Workout Challenge

Day 11| Day 11 Best Dynamic Stretches | 28 Day Workout Challenge For #SocialDistancing

Day 12 | Core Yoga 28 Day Workout Challenge | For Social Distancing

Day 13 | Day 13 Tone Arm Pilates | 28 Day Workout Challenge

Day 14 Neck and Shoulders Yoga 28 Day Workout Challenge

Day 15 Advance Pilates Mat At Home 28 Day Workout Challenge


#28daychallengeyogaforsocialdistancing #Deepstretch #flexibility #bestreliefexercises #Beststretchathome #socialdistancingworkout #covid19

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Annie Pilates Physical therapist , recommend you consult with a physician before starting any exercise program. The exercises give here are not meant to treat, diagnose medical condition. Please stop if you have any increasing pain or discomfort. You understand that any physical activity can pose a risk and this channel you assume all risk and injury, you are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself

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Here is the truth about weight loss and change in life in general… even the biggest mountain can be climbed, is possible to do anything you want to do, these things will bring joy to your world if keep fighting for the day you see your dreams become real life. I remember laying in bed at 15 dreaming of the girl I would become some day, and now that I am here I am proud to say she is far more than I expected! Look at me and my journey, become inspired, see yourself and see your journey. You can be successful too. FIGHT FOR SOMETHING BETTER

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There’s something about a woman that knows how to carry herself with pride. Even though she battled with so many unstable situations, she managed to still believe in love even though she’s been hurt before. She managed to forgive, to avoid turning to bitterness and losing herself and others around her. A woman who Knows her worth no matter what obstacle comes her way will forever be a true queen that doesn’t need to change herself for others. Growth comes from within, independence comes from within, love comes from within — She May bend a few times, but WILL NEVER break.

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I hate how everyone in Lord of the Rings is always doubting the strength of men. Actually, they don’t even doubt it, they are so sure of their weakness that make everything they can to keep the ring out of their reach. And still, all the times Aragorn could have taken it, he hasn’t; Faramir preferred to let Frodo and Sam go instead of trying to please his father even though that’s the thing he wants the most; Eomer always stays loyal to Rohan. And last but definitely not least Eowyn takes down one of the Nazgûl.

All of that while always being nice and supportive towards the others.

They deserve so much more appreciation.


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+ Bonus: Boromir dying to save the hobbits


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Time lapse video of my recent bear artwork with some commentary by me explaining the thought process behind this piece. Music by @meddlesomebells used with permission.
Bears have been a prominent feature in mythology and legend. Perhaps most notably by the Norse berserker warriors that looked to channel the bear’s strength and ferocity by wearing bear skins into battle. The bear has been an admired creature throughout many cultures throughout history.
Prints and apparel available at

#celtichammerclub #bear #bears #grizzlybear #blackbear #celt #celtic #norse #nordic #viking #vikings #ferocious #strong #strength #totem #spiritanimal #originalart #art #draw #drawing #nature #animal #berserker #warrior

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