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okay i need some opinions here. now i trust my boyfriend 100% and he trusts me 100% now i don’t care when he talks with his girl friends he’s had in school and so on. i just don’t like it when i meet them and then see they instantly add my boyfriend on insta. um i don’t like that. i know he wouldn’t do anything i just don’t trust them…

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To my followers:

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. To the people that still follow me, good choice! I’m about to hit you guys with some awesome content. It could be a post one day and a video the next. I’ll keep ya on your toes! ;)

It’s my dad’s birthday on the 4th of july and I want to see him on Cape Cod. However, my racist biggot of an uncle is going to be there. I don’t want to be around my uncle, but it owe it to my dad to see him for his birthday. WHAT DO I DO?

Help pls. 

Talk soon, 


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I met a person at work. She seemed to be nice. I helped her and another guy out with paperwork and stuff. I answered their questions, explained things, and tried to be as nice as I could be.

I find it stressing that people always say that I’m so nice, because I don’t have to do any of that. They thank me a lot. But the minute I’m not useful anymore and I’m more of a nuisance, they leave.

This girl -I told her in advance I was broken - because I try to always keep them at a distance. I’ll help you out, but I’ll also let you know I’m a monster.

Last week, I messaged her because I could get her in to the amusement park for free and I wanted to know if she wanted to go. She never replied the message. She won’t even say hi o me at work anymore -unless I say it and I’m obvious about it.

Before that, she had said she would help me talk to the cute girl from work. She had said so many nice things. But one conversation one day at sundown… That seems to have put her off.

Another coworker asked me about it and I told her. And she said it was wrong of this girl to not said anything and just ignore me…

I know that day I su down I wasn’t particularly nice with one subject because I got triggered by it

(don’t tell me my birth country is a “beautiful” country in the social and cultural sense. Physically it is. Aside from that it’s not! And I can’t stand it. I know I don’t because I was abused there and the system allowed it. Because I had to leave. Because I had to see so many injustices and leave in fear! I. GET. TRIGGERED. And I’m not sane about it).

And I think that’s when she realized it. That I am the monster I say I am.

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