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Wonder if Irkens can see UV, ultraviolet, like what if they actually had a shimmering patterned skin but it just didn’t register to the human eye? What if they can see our Blaschko’s Lines? What if they got something similar cause like I think dogs and cats, etc. also got em. Also for those that don’t know, humans have stripes (these Blaschko’s Lines), most of the time they are not visible, but some skin diseases can appear along these lines. The lines themselves are like due to how the cells in the skin develop. Pretty cool right? Though mind yourselves, if you look for visuals, you will get the images of people lacking clothing in order to showcase these lines. But yeah, what if Irkens were all pretty and shiny and shit but they just appear green to humans? That’d be something.

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I interpret this as you asking what Earth animals inspired their forms.

Ravage is a black panther

Ratbat is of course a bat, more specifically a fruit bat

Laserbeak and Buzzsaw look like griffon vultures to me

Ramhorn is a rhino

Stripes is a tiger (even his page say he’s a nitro tiger)

Steeljaw looks like a damn lion to me since it looks like he has a mane

Howlback seems like the same model as Ravage, which is a black panther

Beastbox looks like a gorilla and the wiki even says he resembles an ape

Garboil is the same as Laserbeak and Buzzsaw

Glit is a panther

Overkill is a t-rex or something similar

Slugfest is a stegosaurus

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