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“That looks… great…” Tai tried to look encouraging.
“It’s a… good effort…” Summer added, trying not to wince at the mostly charcoal pizza.
“We didn’t set the kitchen on fire this time.” Qrow tried to sound optimistic.
“Really, Qrow and I just shouldn’t cook,” Raven decided, sighing. 

No one disagreed.

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Modern Criminal AU


- They all met through college. Summer managed to get through high school somehow and thought she’d put herself through more suffering by going to college. Tai’s mom would beat his ass if he didn’t go to college. The Branwen twins honestly just went so they could try to figure out what to do with their lives.

- When Raven saw Summer for the first time, she actually gasped at how beautiful she was.

- The other Branwen twin also has a crush. Qrow has his eye on his pretty history professor, Ozpin.

- They all go to the library to study. They pass by each other and see one another. Eventually, they became acquainted and started hanging out.

- They also get close with one of their professors. STRQ and Ozpin get pretty close to the point they all consider themselves friends.

- One day, the group was heading to Ozpin’s house. By accident, they find the entrance to a secret bunker.

Sooo…” Summer whistled. “Who wants to go in first?”

Qrow, Raven, and Tai all turned to her. The Branwen Twins wore blank expressions, and Tai shrugged but still looked at her.

She gasped, “Betrayal!”

Qrow said, “You’re the only white one here. You’ll be fine. Go.” He gestured to the entrance on the floor.

Summer shook her head rapidly. “But I’m not straight! Gay characters always die in horror movies.”

Raven muttered, “Not wrong.” She thought for a moment. “What about the only straight one here?”

They all turned to Tai.

“Oh, that’s fucked up,” Tai grumbled.

“You’re male and straight,” Qrow explained. “You have more privilege than us. You’ll survive.” He then quickly murmured, “Probably.”

Tai glared at him. He took a deep breath and opened the door attached to the floor. He stepped onto the stairs and slowly walked down them.

It went silent. The only sound was the creaking of the old, wooden steps. Summer and Raven both exchanged an anxious look. Qrow gulped as he watched Tai reach the last step.

Tai paused when he stepped onto the concrete ground. He turned around and waved his hand at the others. He gave them a thumbs-up.

They walked down the stairs. They held their breath and listened for any noise.

It was dark, but they could see a faint light behind a wall a few yards away from them. Qrow reached for the wall. It was rough and rugged. He searched for a light switch. Eventually, he found it. He flipped it. The light shined and reached every corner of the room.

Tai said, flabbergasted, “Oh, my god.”

“Holy shit,” Raven muttered under her breath.

Summer remained silent, but Qrow could see her covering her mouth.

Qrow turned around to see what they were talking about. He softly gasped when he saw the walls covered with guns and knives. Papers were scattered on a desk. First aid kits were hidden in the corner. Outfits and wigs used for disguises were on racks on the side.

Qrow heard the cock of a gun. He gulped. He turned around, slow and easy. There stood his professor with a handgun. His eyes were tense. His finger rested on the trigger, ready to shoot.

“Oz?” asked Qrow. He stepped back. His eyes moved to Ozpin’s face, to the gun, and back to Ozpin.

Ozpin stared. “Why are you here? How are you here?”

“Why do you have a gun and a secret basement?” Summer shrieked.

“I’m the one asking questions, Ms. Rose,” Ozpin replied calmly.

“We were coming over to invite you to hang out,” Qrow answered nervously.

“Now, you,” Raven snarled. “Answer Summer’s question.”

Ozpin lowered the gun, but he didn’t put it down. “None of your concern.”

“Uh, I think it is,” Tai blabbered. Ozpin glared at him.

Ozpin’s eyes moved to each of them. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He stammered, “I…”

“You what?” Raven said impatiently.

Ozpin finally said, “It’s a long story.”

“We have time,” Raven spat.

- Ozpin explained some of his story (which I won’t be explaining in this post). He invites STRQ to join him. They find out Glynda, the English professor across Ozpin’s history class, is in on it too. They learn more about the criminal underground.

- The group goes on a few heists and jobs planned by Ozpin. They remain with Oz even after they graduate. This connects some of them more than they expected. Summer and Raven start dating, and Qrow and Ozpin date.

- Summer and Raven get married and decide to have kids. Thanks to Tai being the sperm donor, Yang and Ruby are born. Yang and Ruby grow up with their two moms, Uncle Tai, Uncle Qrow, Uncle Oz, and the grumpy blonde lady who visits sometimes they know as “Glynda” AKA “Scary Lady.”

- Qrow remains loyal to Ozpin. They don’t plan on getting married, but they have a strong relationship.

Inbox is open for any asks about the characters in this AU!

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Raven: Is about to leave the house on a snowy day

Taiyang: Runs over to the door and places a hand on the door to stop Raven from leaving

Taiyang: B A B Y I T ‘ S C O L D O U T S I D E !

Raven: I’m sorry, what?


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STRQ week is coming closer and closer! It’ll be here in the blink of an eye!

With the volume coming closer and closer, I’m hoping we get something STRQ this volume, but that might just be wishful thinking! But us STRQ fans thrive off fan content!

If this is the first time you’ve seen this, you can find the initial post here:

Big thanks to @chiherahcreations​ for letting me use there art for the background!

Also thank you @cosmokyrin@nobynad​ and @chiherahcreations​ for helping me run this event!

Hope everyone has an amazing October!

P.S. What costumes would STRQ wear to a costume party?

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