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Which mindset do you have ? :)
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WHAT THAT STRUGGLE REALLY MEANS That struggle that you have been dealing with lately isn't a sign that you're not good enough or that you should give up, it is ultimately a reminder from the universe that the way that you're treating yourself needs to change, and that certain changes in your life need to be implemented. The universe is using that struggle to show you which areas of your life need to be further developed in order for you to succeed and to live in peace. See those struggles as being an opportunity for you to reaffirm the person that you desire to be. A higher perspective is required now, as well as an empowering way of seeing yourself and that which you're facing. — S. G. Ruddy @aMessageOfLove #struggle #change #theWayYouTreatYourself #peace https://www.instagram.com/p/CfT46ZPO9ha/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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Society if Cas had visible wings :,)
So this little comic kicks off my superfresh, still warm Patreon Account: patreon.com/cottoncandyofterror - There are a few more panels that are patreon-exclusive and too spicy for tumblr :3
I would be so happy if I could welcome some of you over there :)
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dk-thrive · 6 months ago
If today gets difficult, remember the smell of coffee, the way sunlight bounces off a window, the sound of your favorite person’s laugh, the feeling when a song you love comes on, the color of the sky at dusk, and that we are here to take care of each other.
Chaplain Bob Keller, The Chaplain’s Corner (Washington46.org, May 7, 2020)
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radicalgraff · a year ago
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“If you promise to stay alive just a little bit longer I promise that we are going to make this world a place worth living in by any means necessary. I ain’t giving up. I swear.” 
Spotted in Clackamas, Oregon
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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, 1975
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ro-1one · 4 months ago
emotionally numb
pros : no more breakdowns
cons : not a single genuine feeling, more like a breathing corpse
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Almost called you tonight, craving the comfort you bring
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mentalcentral · a year ago
if you’re at a point right now where you don’t see any hope in the future, remember that the future will always seem overwhelming when you’re thinking about it all at once. you only have to live through one moment at a time. focus on now and focus on getting through this, because you will.
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thegoldenuzi · 4 months ago
I feel bad when I see other blogs get asks about manifesting and the person is obviously in a bad place mentally and their only advice is “work on your self concept”. I’ve already explained how it’s not something you “work” on (it’s literally you living in the end) but I digress.
This is for anyone who is having a hard time. If you’re overwhelmed, having mental health issues, all the info is starting to blend together, etc.
Stop and be still. Your mind is struggling to figure out the details. Just be still. Notice the stillness in your body, your breath, heartbeat. Focus your attention on you. You create stillness within. Notice that. You give l life to the present moment. Enjoy this for as long as you need to.
After that go meta. You can manifest mastering manifestation. You were previously upset because you weren’t getting it. That means you WANT to get it. Learn to be okay with NOT filling in the blanks. (See my previous post on middles) Think of it in your mind as those computer pop-ups where u click yes or no. Once you decide on yes, that’s it. You want to master this? What if you mastered it right now? Be still and enjoy the feeling of that desire being confirmed. That’s it. Don’t dwell on it everyday, you don’t need to affirm or do a ritual. Just live your life knowing it’s done. Think about other things, do things that you want to do, do things you enjoy. I promise, from there you will be lead to whatever you need that will get you to your desire naturally. If you feel called to manifest other desires during that time, go for it! Plant as many seeds as you want. The more you do this, the harder it is for you to obsess and stress over every little thing that has or hasn’t happened yet.
✨Take Aways✨
Remember to be still if you ever have any stress. Stillness is a recognition of power. It’s as simple as a mental yes or no. Being overwhelmed is normal there’s a lot of information and not all of it is valuable. Take inventory of how you feel. It should be easy and fun, not hard and complicated.
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Lineart step.
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ro-1one · a month ago
you know you're going through shit when your music taste changes
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beljar · a month ago
The last paradox is that the tale of Palestine from the beginning until today is a simple story of colonialism and dispossession, yet the world treats it as a multifaceted and complex story—hard to understand and even harder to solve. Indeed, the story of Palestine has been told before: European settlers coming to a foreign land, settling there, and either committing genocide against or expelling the indigenous people. The Zionists have not invented anything new in this respect.
Noam Chomsky, from On Palestine, March 23, 2015
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writingwithcolor · a month ago
Hi, I have a subplot I’m considering adding to my story but I’m unsure if it would be offensive. One of my main characters is a black girl who had died previously but has since returned from the dead, and is really obsessed with making her second life count. I was planning on ending the story with her completing her goal, and sacrificing herself for the greater good (though she will be able to get reincarnated again, an option she only gets if she lived a good and moral life). I was thinking of increasing the tension by having her slip up and do something super not moral, which would make it so she has to overcompensate in order to live a good enough life to be reincarnated. My thought was that she’d get harassed by a random guy and feel unsafe, and accidentally kill him using her magic. I’m worried this would fall too much in the realm of “black girl has anger issues and lack of emotional control” or something like that, or that the concept itself (“black girl has to work 10x harder to prove herself than the white/other poc characters”) might be problematic. Please let me know if you have any thoughts/advice, thanks!
Sacrificial Black girl, second-chances and redemption
A young woman protecting herself and accidentally killing the man harassing her does not make me think “angry” or “lack of control / animalistic.” Things may have gotten out of hand, but she was ultimately defending herself. Also, Black characters should be allowed imperfections. Humans make mistakes. She wants to live a good and moral life during her second chance, so this incident seems like a great way to give her moral conflict. 
Sacrificial Black woman
My bigger concern is the Black girl sacrificing herself. She died in another life and is eager for a new life, only to give up her second chance by sacrificing herself? This meets the definition of Sacrificial Negro. 
Plenty of stories already choose to make Black women character’s storylines about struggle and sacrifice. In a world where our presence in stories is limited in the first place, this type of plot often becomes the focal point. Truly consider how necessary it is to walk this same road so many writers have taken before you when writing this character.
As a Black woman reader, It would disappoint me to read that she ends up dying, particularly by sacrifice. Putting a modern twist on this old tale does not lessen the disappointment. Same thing, different day.
Before you write this, ask yourself:
How necessary is it to give her this storyline? 
Why must she give up her life in order to help the greater good? Why is this sacrifice on her hands vs. someone else?
How can she help out without dying? 
What makes her so willing, having been so grateful for this second chance, to give it away now? You mentioned she feels like she has met her goals. Perhaps expand on that.
If you tied her reasoning into feeling unworthy due to the killing accident, that would provide more of an explanation for her actions. Without a reason, though, you may imply her sacrifice is just what she should do, as if her life is not as valuable as others.
If she went through with it, but survived:
Her not actually dying, in spite of her willingness to sacrifice herself, would be a moment for her to:
Unpack what made her so willing to sacrifice herself.
Come to terms that she is worthy of this second chance
Sometimes surviving truly is more interesting. Once a character is dead, they’re dead. But surviving allows all sorts of emotions, aftereffects and coming to term with things that the character must deal with.
Or, at least, allows her to self reflect. Not everything ends in a grand epiphany, but it’s worth allowing the character to explore her feelings about her choices.
Good vs evil and The Struggle
Overcompensating in order to live a good enough life to be reincarnated, Black girl has to work 10x harder to prove herself than the white/other poc characters
The whole incident seems like a morally gray area. She kills someone who was harassing her. Likely in an attempt to defend herself. Also, it was completely by accident. Now, she’s being punished and has to work to deserve reincarnation. 
Based on the details of the killing, consider whether it was an action deserving of this harsh of punishment.
Who makes the rules on whether this is something that makes her unworthy in this world?
What are those rules and does anyone ever question those definitions of good and bad?
Perhaps there’s a higher authority making the call. Perhaps she is deeming herself unworthy until she accumulates enough good acts.
The struggle of having to work harder plus prove oneself is definitely a reality that many Black women face. And again, this is putting a magical twist on racial tropes, which doesn’t make it less off-putting, in my opinion.
Consider how much she has to devote her new life to hard work and redemption. How much of this struggle you include will define if you’re giving the Black girl a “Struggle novel” storyline. In that case, readers should be warned that you’re writing about these hardships. This allows those of us who didn’t sign up for yet another Black woman struggling story to avoid your book. 
How much work and struggle your Black character faces compared to other people in the novel can indicate if you’re leaning towards Struggle Novel and singling out the Black woman. If it’s disproportionate compared to others, you may be writing into tragedy exploitation.
Also, based on some of the concepts in your story, I recommend watching the Good Place. I’m noticing some relevant themes, but I won’t say too much, as the show is full of twists and turns! 
~Mod Colette
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