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#stu-dna challenge

Jan stu-dna challenge

31: reflect on how it went & what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself this month?

Hard one. I survived. School wise, it’s been a mess, I’m not even sure I can get back on track now. I don’t know how it could have been better though, as I’ve done my best. My best just doesn’t happen to be enough for them. If my best had been higher, then… everything could have gone better, from my homework and studies to my learning my lines and lyrics. This last week has been great though. I just wish I didn’t need so much sleep.

I’ve improved in the regularity with which I study languages, as well as taking care of myself. Apparently I got better at planing essays, without practising at home. I don’t know if I was lucky or if I actually improved. Something that also improved is getting up earlier. Or, well, if not getting up, waking up. That’s nice, even though it means waking up at 5:30 in England because of the time difference with France.

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Jan stu-dna challenge

28: do you like the cold? what are your favourite winter activities?

I love the cold, because I love putting on many clothes to be comfy, and when it’s cold I can do it without being too hot. During Winter my favourite activities are reading next to a window, watching films and shows, and walking in the cold air. I also enjoy skiing.

29: do you have any hobbies?

I learn languages as a hobby. I am an actress as a hobby. So, yeah.

30: how do you plan for the next month? anything fun happening in february?

Hmm well, first weekend, I’m with my host family, we might go to Cambridge, and we’re going to see The Phantom of the Opera. On Sunday I fly back to France. Then the next weekend is the first of the holidays, during which my plans are to do my homework, catch on to the classes I missed this week, and tidying up my room. I should also stay in touch with my exchange, especially considering he is coming to my place in March. I might start to take my studies a bit more seriously, regarding the exams. I should prepare review cards and things for the lessons.

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January Study Challenge by stu-dna

24– what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

Okay this prompt made me laugh and I have to make a whole separate post for this from my what I did today post because the picture up there is an actual picture of my desk currently.

I do not sit at my desk. I have only ever sat at my desk to eat. It’s more of a place for me to put things. As you can clearly see. There’s trash that I just haven’t thrown away such as the dryer sheet and the sock (it has a whole in it). Some notebooks for various things. A 5 pound GRE workbook. My hat and my billfold. Cough drops because my throat was starting to get a little sore. My medications including my weekly pill box so I can remember if I took my pills that day, my 3 month refill of one of my heart medications, and my 3 month supply refill of my birth control. An empty water bottle. My oil diffuser. The drawing a kindly old war veteran gave me to me when I was working at Dollar General. A white board with this past years Pittsburg Steelers schedule. My white board and 2 cups of markers and pens.

As I said I don’t sit here. It’s organized chaos. I know where everything is. That’s the important thing. I do need to clean it up some though into neater piles (and get rid of the trash). I hate this desk and it’s why I don’t sit at it. One there’s no drawers to put anything in which annoys me. I don’t know why they even make desks like this. Two my university gives us really dumb chairs that rock and I feel like I’m going to fall and crack my head open. Three the chairs are also non adjustable and meant for taller people than me. I have to hike my shoulders up to my ear to be able to get my arm high enough to write or type.

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Jan stu-dna challenge: what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

Oh my… My desk is messy. I’m unable to tidy it up ever. But I think I work best in a tidy space. As a result I mostly work in my bed (my bed is tidy, most of the time) or at school.

What’s on my desk: notebooks and diaries (both used and blank), a rack (with drawings pinned on it), pencil cases, a calculator, a box with rules and other stuff, a toilet paper roll (for when I’ve got the flu or cry watching a film or Doctor Who), piles of papers… and no space to actually use the desk.

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January Study Challenge catch-up part 2:

15. Did you make any/have you kept up with your New Years resolutions?

I did make some resolutions, mostly about running regularly and drinking more water.

16. What’s in your bag/backpack?

My books and notebooks rotate out depending on what classes I have each day, but I always have index cards, chargers, and headphones in my backpack. I also always bring my planner and computer with me to classes.

17. What does home mean to you?

Home is wherever my people are. When I’m at school, I have two homes: where my friends are and where my parents are.

18. Food while studying?

I usually don’t snack while I’m studying just bc I’ll eat more than I need if I’m focusing on my studies. If I get to a point where I need to eat, I’ll usually take a study break to be conscious of what I’m eat and how much and to enjoy my food more.

19. Planning system?

I have a planner I love and use multiple times a day. No fancy or complicated system, just bulk writing down what I need to do and when, then just doing it.

20. Favorite hot drink?

When I’m in the library, I’ll go to the coffee shop inside. I used to get a large dark chocolate mocha with no whip cream, but recently they changed coffee providers at the coffee shop so my order became more expensive. I’ve started experimenting with different drinks to try to find something that is similar to my mocha order but cheaper.

21. Can you play any instruments? How long have you been playing?

I’ve played the violin since elementary school, and I used to play the trumpet and guitar as well.

22. Do you use color-coding?

Nope, too complicated

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21 January 2020

Fairly productive day. I got everything on my to-do list done.

  • Research Methods lecture
  • Finished Memory & Cognition reading of cognitive neuroscience
  • Took extra credit quiz for Memory & Cognition
  • Did the practice assignment for Evidence Based Practice
  • Wrote 1 reply for this week’s discussion board in Evidence Based Practice
  • Filled out the table of reagents for next week’s Organic Chemistry Prelab assignment
  • Studied for tomorrow’s Organic Chemistry quiz
  • Took a practice verbal GRE

Now I’m going to eat some ice cream and maybe finish my reread of The Fault in Our Stars.

January Study Challenge by stu-dna

21 — can you play any instruments? how long have you been playing?

Looking at the person who was in everything that has band in its title in junior high and high school. Granted that was only 3 things: concert band, marching band, and pep band.

I play clarinet and have been since I was 10 (I’m 21 now). I also play saxophone, alto mainly, but I can play tenor and baritone sax too. I’ve been playing saxophone since I was 14.

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20 January 2020

Meant to get more done today but the Memory & Cognition reading today got to me. It’s interesting don’t get me wrong on that. But after you’ve covered cognitive neuroscience basics in 4 previous classes, 5 if you want to count when I learned it in high school, it’s boring to read again. I got through half the reading in 2 hours and my head hurts. I don’t know if it’s from me not really eating today (just not hungry today) or from the chronic pain I get in my neck at the base of my skull. I did eat and I took some Tylenol and I’m feeling better some now. But I don’t think I can go back to reading cognitive neuroscience tonight. I also did my initial discussion post for Evidence Based Practice. Now the plan is to relax and maybe read for fun. And hopefully tomorrow my neck doesn’t hurt so much.

January Study Challenge by stu-dna

19 — show is your planning system!

I’m too lazy to get out of bed right now to get my planner but I’ll explain it. Each day is split into 2 columns. The left hand column has a list of what is due that day so it’s usually all crossed off by the time we reach that day. The right hand column is my daily to do lists. Everything is color coded and anyone looking at my planner wouldn’t be able to tell what any of the colors mean but each course gets its own color.

20 — favorite hot drink? Recipe please

I can’t decide between 3.

I love green tea and it’s very simple to make. Heat some water and put the tea bag in. That’s it. I don’t put sugar in green tea.

I also love black tea. The only difference in making black tea from green tea is that I put in a spoonful of sugar in the black.

The last one is hot chocolate. This is also very simple. Heat some milk. Not water. Using water to make hot chocolate is disgusting. It doesn’t matter what kind of milk you use. I use whatever I’m feeling/that’s on hand. After heating you put in the chocolate. I like Swiss Miss but using chocolate syrup or chocolate powder works too. Stir. That’s it. Unless I want to make it peppermint hot chocolate. In that case I put in some peppermint hard candies or use a candycane. The candy cane is nice because you can use it to stir the chocolate in.

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January 13: how do you deal with stress?

I deal with stress (or at least try to) in two different ways depending on the situation:

Something in my control (upcoming exam, interview, new class, etc.) - I set up a plan for how to prepare myself without wearing myself out and pepper in lots of breaks along the way to make it enjoyable. Having a set plan really helps me feel in control when life feel crazy.

Something out of my control (awkward social interaction, state of the world, past grades, etc.) - if it’s something that I really can’t do much about, I try and distract myself by going out with friends, watching an engaging show or movie, or playing a video game. Anything to keep my mind occupied until I can calm down

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January 12: do you listen to music when studying? show us your top 3 study songs or favourite study playlist!

I have a huge study playlist that I made on Spotify and have downloaded so that I can have it on in the background without my phone becoming too distracting. I recommend either making your own playlist with songs you know so that you don’t get distracted or sticking to instrumental songs. Here are just a few of the study songs I’ve been listening to today!

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❄️ January Study Challenge Catch Up! ❄️

1. what did you achieve last year? what are you setting out to achieve this month? this year?

So last year I did my GCSEs and I managed to get really good grades so I was really pleased about that cause it was the first proper exams (ie not just end of year exams) that I had ever done. This year i want to make sure that I make a good start in my first year of a levels and that I get As in all my subjects in my end of year exams. I also want to do some work experience some time this year.

2. how are you balancing the holidays and your studies?

Not very well… the last few days were probably the best cause the stress made me actually sit down and do my work.

3. do you tend to make new year’s resolutions? how well has that gone for you in the past?

No cause I never actually keep them

4. tv shows / movies you’re watching right now?

I’m rewatching Modern Family atm

5. why did you choose your major, or if you’re still in the process of choosing (or if you haven’t even started), what’s your thought process in choosing one?

My a levels are English, History and German and I want to study international relations or PPE at uni

6. are you an early bird or a night owl?

Probably neither! I just like sleeping 💤

7. after you’ve finished using your notes, like after the exam, what do you do with them?

I keep EVERYTHING! I put them all in a box in my attic.

8. opinion on snow??

LOVE IT!!! (i don’t get it much where I live tho :( )

9. how do you keep yourself awake when studying?

I don’t really get tired when I’m studying…

10. do you / can you study at home? how do you keep yourself focused?

I have to study quite a lot at home cause I get a lot of homework. To stay focused I use the forest app to stop distractions from my phone

11. ~winter aesthetic~

Big coats, scarves, red lipstick and boots

12. do you listen to music when studying? show us your top 3 study songs or favourite study playlist!

Unless I’m writing an essay, I always listen to Francesco Parrino music when I’m studying

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Stu-dna Study challenge

Day 1-2

1. what did you achieve last year? what are you setting out to achieve this month? this year?

2. how are you balancing the holidays and your studies?

1. Last year I was able to bring up my GPA since freshman year I messed it up badly. I passed with honors (tbh idk how). This year my goal is to get my drivers licence.

2. Balancing my studies and holidays is easy for me since I don’t celebrate any holidays. So I don’t have to worry about getting people presents or stuff like that.

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08.01.2020 - 67/100 days of productivity:

day 8 of #stu-dna challenge: opinion on snow??

I love snow! It hasn’t really snowed this year in denmark, it mostly just rains but I’d rather it snowed than rained, it’s so pretty when it snows ❄️❄️

that being said, when it does snow, it’s often really windy as well (and cold, of course) and i think i have had enough of the wind and cold this winter and i’m ready for it to be spring now ahaha 🌿

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Days 6 & 7 + more pics from my trip to Frankfurt!

Day 6 - Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’m definitely a night owl. I could spend hours and hours doing stuff in the evening, but no matter how early I go to bed, waking up is always tough for me!

Day 7 - After you’re finished using your notes, like after the exam, what do you do with them?

I have separate binders for different subjects and I like to store my notes there, just in case I need to look something up or re-study it

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@stu-dna’s challenge, day 5:

• why did you choose your major, or if you’re still in the process of choosing (or if you haven’t even started), what’s your thought process in choosing one?

as an agricultural science major, I have several reasons why agriculture was the right choice for me (and can be the right choice for so many other people!)

people need to eat! people will always need to eat!

at least in my state, agriculture is one of the fastest growing and the #1 most profitable industry, with more positions opening each year than graduates

plants are so super duper cool

like, really neat

the likelihood of having a plain ol’ office job in my field is slim to none

I get to make a LOT of jokes about being good in my “field”

I love scientific research!

and if anybody is geniunely interested in my major or my research, please hit me up! I love to talk about me 😂

ft. my class schedule for this semester (which starts in 12 hours!), including organizational leadership, professional presentations, current social problems, advanced agroecology, and integrated pest management : )

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