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Whatever aids in winning
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Bucky—on one of those tough nights when he really doesn’t feel like talking; doesn’t really feel like much of anything—sits heavily on the foot of the bed and kicks his sweatpants off because it’s unseasonably warm and he already feels like crawling out of his skin. Maybe therapy was hard. Maybe he’d made an unkind comment about himself that just.. doesn’t sit right with Steve.
He’s expecting a kiss goodnight, to go right to sleep—but Steve doesn’t let it go. Instead, Steve kneels in front of him, haloed by the dim bedroom lamplight. Taken aback, Bucky’s lips part. He holds his breath. His hands clutch the duvet. But when Steve blinks up at him, that crinkle in his brow, it’s not hungry or suggestive. It’s something akin to awe. Wordlessly, Steve bows his head, forehead against Bucky’s thigh; like getting on his knees for him is an act of devotion. Gentle kisses are pressed there. Lips linger over a particularly evident battle scar—the ghost of a knife-fight. Soothing the violence over with mercy.
Bucky flinches at it, at first—the vulnerability. Worse, somehow, than being completely naked. The most traumatic moments of his life are etched onto his skin. But it’s like Steve tells him—‘you fought and won.’ (That he’s more than the things that have hurt him.) Swallowing hard, clamping his mouth shut, Bucky cards fingers through golden hair.
Steve’s lips trail to Bucky’s other thigh, scooting the hem of his underwear up so he can kiss a smaller, straighter scar. Steve knows where they all are; he doesn’t have to go looking. Working his way up, he coaxes Bucky easily onto his back to pepper kisses along his ribs, his chest, his shoulder. One from the nick of a knife at his throat.
Every press of skin is an ‘I love you.’ So are the words Steve whispers against that scar on his temple. (From a run-in with a baseball when he was 15.) Damp eyelashes flutter against cheeks. Cupping Steve’s face, Bucky sweeps a thumb over his pouty bottom lip—draws him into a proper kiss. It’s innocent salt and honesty. The sweetest thing Bucky’s ever tasted. Steve will ask him if he needs to talk about it, he knows, once they’re settled safe under the covers for the night. Tomorrow. For now, this is enough.
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kiss me harder  by 叨叨_
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premise: writer’s block makes one desperate. writer’s block also makes one do dumb things, like say, I’ve been coming back to this kiss prompt list for ages now, how’s about I actually try my hand at one for once? so here we are! #5. morning kisses, because of course it is wordcount: 1137 warnings: fluff, fluff, fluff, domestic bliss, fluff, more fluff, lorge soft happy husbands, fluff, uuuh did I mention the fluff
It’s this: the first shift in Steve’s breath, the slightly deeper inhale that tells Bucky, he’s waking up.
It’s soft: the languorous stretch of Steve’s body as he rolls over, half onto his stomach, heavy-limbed and half-asleep still; the groan of the bedsprings the only sound in the room, besides the heartbeat thrumming contentedly inside Bucky’s chest, pounding away to the rhythm of Steve, Steve’s here, Steve is waking up.
It’s the same picture as yesterday, and if Bucky is very, very lucky, the same one he’ll get to wake up to tomorrow: Steve’s hair sticking up on one side just like this, all soft spikes and impossible angles; the crease from the pillowcase, marking up his cheekbone like a lover’s seal. Bucky will kiss over it later, just to feel its soft ridges under his lips, jealous of the sheet of cotton that gets to cradle Steve’s cheek all night.
And most beautifully predictable of all: the sleepy little hum that rumbles from Steve’s chest when he, infallibly, unerringly, outstretches his arm beneath the blankets, reaching for the body next to him with his eyes still closed.
It teases a smile from Bucky’s lips. Come on, then. I’m right here, sweetheart.
He nearly holds his breath when Steve’s hand finds him, his fingertips five spots of warmth, spreading in ribbons underneath Bucky’s skin. It’s like a shiver. The whole world, condensed in one touch.
It’s intimate. Sensation, trickling over him like fat drops of honey, slow and easy and rich, lighting a spark of anticipation deep in Bucky’s belly as Steve moves, traces the inviting outline of his body. It’s everything – all of it, every crumb of it. The quick kiss of Steve’s knuckles across his hipbone. The lazy spread of Steve’s fingers, curling over the meat of Bucky’s flank. The whole breadth of Steve’s palm against Bucky’s bare stomach, every crease of it, every line, greeting him, embracing him, seeking more of him.
Bucky leans into it, a tad bit helplessly too.
Steve’s touch is soft; he’s always so soft when he’s just coming to, rumpled and sweet, completely unguarded in the safety of their bed. Gentle, and craving gentleness in return. Bucky lives for these moments of self-indulgence between them – wishes he could savor them one little spoonful at a time, let their sweetness linger for days under his tongue.
He intercepts Steve’s hand on its journey across his chest and holds it there, wrapping his flesh-and-bone fingers around Steve’s wrist in a loose grasp.
It’s only then that, across from him, Steve’s eyes slowly blink open. Sky blue and flecks of green, sweet with the last traces of sleep. His eyelashes catch the rosy light of dawn, delicate, all spun sugar and gold, and then–
those crinkles. The softness of Steve’s mouth, the hint of a dimple. He’s smiling.
He’s smiling, half of it swallowed up by his pillow, and Bucky can’t help but smile back.
“Mornin’, sweetheart,” he rumbles.
Steve’s fingers twitch against him, digging softly in Bucky’s chest. His cheeks flush prettily, bringing out the blue in Steve’s bleary eyes, the white teeth showing in the corner of his smile.
“Buck,” he says, warm and a little hoarse, and it’s the most precious sound Bucky will ever, ever hear.
The things he’d do to have his name be the first word on Steve’s lips every day. The things he’d do, just to keep those eyes looking at him the way they are now, the pure bliss of them, as if he were the only thing worth seeing in this world.
He releases Steve’s wrist, sliding his hand along the downy expanse of Steve’s forearm instead, tugging gently at him.
And this, this is the best part.
The rustle of fabric, like a murmur in the quiet sanctuary of their bedroom; the creak of the mattress, springs shifting under Steve’s moving weight; and Steve, Steve, Steve knocking long legs into Bucky’s legs, curling cold toes over the knob of Bucky’s ankle, slipping into Bucky’s open arms with a sigh.
Bucky watches him all the while, eyes full of him, heart drumming so fast it aches. Home, is what he sees, home braving the dark shadows beneath these sheets to come wrap around him, warm like heaven and just as sweet.
It’s Steve who crushes their lips together. Steve who cradles him close, Bucky’s hip tucked in the hot crease of Steve’s thigh, Steve’s palm cupping the back of Bucky’s head, and leaves Bucky to fill the spaces in between, pull the seams closed with his arms around Steve, his knees around Steve’s knee, his metal hand splayed protectively at the small of Steve’s back.
It’s a slow thing, the kiss. Slow, and sleep-sour, and perfect, and it leaves them both breathless in its wake.
The gleam in Steve’s eyes is all but blinding when they pull apart. His mouth – parted, panting, wet from Bucky’s own tongue, sweet Christ. He’s the one who kissed the red back into those lips, and he wants, God, he wants–
“One more,” he puffs against the bump of Steve’s chin, and Steve chuckles, elated, and kisses him again.
It’s so, so easy to melt back into it. The unhurried pleasure of their bodies meeting, tangling, welcoming one another. Steve’s tongue strokes teasingly along Bucky’s own, hot and slick, and Bucky presses closer, raking blunt fingernails along the slope of Steve’s spine.
The sheets whisper around them, hush, hush, a thousand secrets shared in this warm cocoon, cotton to skin, skin to skin, mouth to mouth.
They part– They part and it’s. Unbearable. Horrible. A fucking crime. Never again, Bucky swears to himself, leaning in to rub their noses together as they both catch their breaths.
He sinks his fingers in Steve’s hair, silky and butter-soft under his touch. He’s close enough to feel the tickle of Steve’s eyelashes against his cheek, open and close and open again, and the space behind his ribs swells and tightens all at once.
It’s crazy, the way his heart feels sated, like a puppy full of milk, and still it hungers for this man; craves every part of him, skin and bone, flesh and soul, his kiss and his bite too.
Crazy, how greedy for Steve his heart grows, yet how eager it is to give – More, more love, it says, I can hold so much more love for him.
“One more,” Bucky whispers, and Steve grins into their kiss, squeezing him all the tighter.
When Steve pulls back, Bucky only chases after him. “Nuh-uh, one more.”
When they’re laughing in each other’s mouths – “Come on, I said one more!” – out of breath and lips a-tingling – “Buck– quit tickling me, asshole” – Bucky swears he wants this, exactly this, forever – or as far into forever as their lives can take them.
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Ur in his DMs, he went against 117 countries and became an international fugitive to protect me. We are not the same.
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somewhere only we know...
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Tumblr media
and they fell in love under the sea...
for the merbucky: sea creature @hellyeahbottombucky
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(After Captain America: The Winter Soldier) Nat, about Bucky: So what’s with the guy who tried to kill you? Steve: He didn’t try to kill me. He saved me.  Nat: He threw a shield at your head. Steve: He threw a shield near my head.  Nat: He works for Hydra.  Steve: Nobody’s perfect.
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The Lost Child - Chapter 31 // Teen Wolf x Marvel AU
Summary: Y/N Stark was taken from her family when she was three years old. It's fifteen years later and her family believes she is dead. Then how is she living in Beacon Hills?
Warnings: Language, Mentions of Death/Injury/Grief/Torture, Possible Grammar Mistakes (please let me know if there is anything else)
Pairings: Derek Hale x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff, Vision x Wanda Maximoff, & More To Come
Previous Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Scott McCall X Allison Argent
Words: 3.4k
Note: Let's ignore that it's been a month since I last posted. Let me know it there are any mistakes!
Additional Note: While this is a Teen Wolf x Marvel AU, not everything is true to the shows/movies/comics. I had to change things for the story.
One Last Note: Y/N was adopted by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. I did this so more people can see themselves in this story.
The Lost Child Masterlist
Previous Chapter
“I highly doubt anyone sold her out,” Wanda rolls her eyes at the conversation they’re having. She’s getting tired of these conversations. Y/N is an adult whether they like it or not and the others keep trying to find reasons to take her out of the life she’s built. “If someone did, it was probably the guy with Rumlow earlier. Stop trying to find ways to villainize her friends.”
“No one is trying to villainize her friends,” Bucky mutters exasperated, sitting down in front of the fireplace.
“Really? So you constantly trying to find reasons to rip her from her home by blaming her friends or her family for things that aren’t their fault isn’t you trying to villainize them?”
“We are her family and her home is back in New York with us,” Bucky defends.
“I never said that we weren’t her family but you need to get it through your thick skull that she has more than one family. She has completely built her life here and we can’t just rip her away from it.” Wanda has missed Y/N as much as everyone else but she feels like she’s the only one thinking logically right now. 
When Y/N was taken and then ultimately declared dead, Wanda was completely devastated. She had built a world inside her mind that Y/N was still a part of until Vision snapped her out of it. She’s so happy that they found Y/N alive but they can’t ignore the fact that she has a new life outside of them. It’s like they don’t understand that Y/N can have two families. They shouldn’t force her to have to choose because she shouldn’t have to.
“Wanda is right…” Sam speaks up from his spot on the couch where he’s been curled up since they got back to the lake house. “Yes, she has a whole other family and didn’t know that we existed until like a day ago, but think of the alternative. She could still be in Hydra’s control and who knows what they would’ve done to her or made her do. We all read the files. We all heard what she told Pepper. I would rather have to learn to deal with her having another family that has raised her and everything than a shell of a girl who grew up with no identity because Hydra stripped her from ever having one.”
The Avengers go silent as they think about what Sam said. That’s not something they had even thought about. Some of them were too focused on wanting her back and being hurt that they aren’t the ones she’s calling family that they ignored what could’ve been. Yes, she could’ve never been given to Hydra in the first place, but she also could’ve never been rescued from them either. 
Most of the Avengers haven’t even thought about it that way. Some of them have completely ignored how Y/N could be feeling because they’ve only been thinking about themselves. They are too busy trying to cover their guilt with other emotions that they haven’t fully thought about everything. 
Tony feels like he failed Y/N once and doesn’t want to fail her again. He was the one who married Pepper. He was the one who took Y/N in with Pepper. He was the one who believed Pepper when she said she was taking her to bed. He was the one who was never able to find her. He was the one who believed she was dead and stopped looking for her. How could he do that to his daughter? All of his selfish thoughts are to cover up the immense amount of guilt he feels.
He wants to take her home but she considers Beacon Hills as her home. She doesn’t consider the compound or his and Pepper’s old house to be her home. He doesn’t know what to do with that. Tony is so grateful that the Stilinski’s took Y/N in and they took care of her. She seems to have friends she trusts and someone who loves her. He knows it’s selfish to want to take her away from the life she knows and back to the life she was supposed to have but he can’t help it.
Y/N is his daughter since he took her in and she will always be his daughter. Y/N is also now Noah Stilinski’s daughter and has been since he took her in. Y/N is a Stark and a Stilinski. No matter how many times Tony wants to deny that, it’s the truth.
Thor feels like he’s the reason for Y/N being taken as well. He’s always felt that way. Y/N came to him on that day and told him she wanted to go to bed. He was more interested in getting his winnings than taking her to bed. If he would’ve taken her to bed, would it have made a difference? What if he let her fall asleep in his arms instead of taking her to her room?
Since the day she was taken away from them, Thor has always felt like it was his fault she was gone. He was told that Pepper took her to bed then a few hours later, Y/N was discovered missing. His first thought was that it was his fault.
He should’ve taken her bed the second she said she wanted to. If he would’ve taken her, then she wouldn’t have wandered off and have Pepper put her to bed. If he would’ve taken her, she would’ve asked him to tell her story and he would’ve stayed with her. If he would’ve taken her, maybe she would’ve never disappeared. Now he wonders if he would’ve stayed, would Pepper never have gotten the chance to give Y/N to Hydra?
He feels responsible for everything that happened to Y/N from that night on. He feels like he’s responsible for her being taken, everything that Hydra did to her, everything that has happened since they’ve been in Beacon Hills, and everything that has happened to her that they don’t know about. He’s responsible for every bad thing that has happened to her because he couldn’t just collect his money later from some men who meant nothing than take a tired Y/N to bed.
It’s not rational. Even if he could’ve prevented Hydra from taking her that night, that doesn’t mean Pepper wouldn’t have just done it again at some other time. He shouldn’t blame himself for something that wasn’t his fault but that’s not how he sees it. He also shouldn’t blame himself for everything that happened afterward but he does.
Natasha feels like she should’ve fought harder for Y/N. When Y/N first showed up at the Avenger’s compound, Natasha was the one to find her. She was on her nightly run around the compound grounds when she heard a baby crying. At first, she thought she was imagining things but as she got closer to the gate the crying became louder. When she finally got up close to the gate, all she could see was a baby carrier sitting on the other side of the gate.
She quickly opened the gate and moved in front of the carrier to see a small baby crying and a note taped to the handle. She looked around to see if she could see anyone that might have left the baby there but there was no one around. Nat picked up the carrier and brought the baby back to the compound.
When she walked inside, everyone turned to her when they heard the crying. She placed the carrier on the kitchen counter and everyone quickly gathered around to see what was going on. Steve was the first one to pull the baby out and start rocking them gently in his arms in an attempt to soothe the crying. As the others watched Steve and the baby, Natasha explained to them what happened before opening the note.
I don’t want her.
It was just those four words. There was no explanation or anything else. No other papers or something to identify who the baby was or where she came from. Just I don’t want her.
Tony wasn’t there at the time and the others started thinking about what they wanted to do with the baby. She looked like she was only a month or two old. Steve had gotten her to calm down but now everyone else was freaking out because they weren’t sure what they wanted to do. They didn’t want to just throw her into the system but no one was ready to be a parent yet either.
Clint already had several kids and he was about to have another so he wasn’t willing to take her in. Wanda, Bucky, and Bruce felt like it would irresponsible for them to take her in as they didn’t even have full control themselves. Thor had responsibilities and a life that wouldn’t be great for a child from Earth. Sam wasn’t ready for a child and neither was Steve. 
Natasha had this deep longing in her that so desperately wanted the child to be hers. She knew that she’d never be able to have a child of her own. She was the one who found the baby and there was a small part of her that felt like it was meant to be. By the time she had expressed that she could possibly take care of the child, Tony and Pepper burst into the compound ready to take the baby home with them. While Nat knows that some of them could see the sadness and disappointment in her eyes as Tony and Pepper state they would take care of the baby, she never fought back.
She never argued you against them. She was just disappointed but told herself that Tony and Pepper were the best people for her. They had a home and they were an actual family. They already had experience as they had Peter. The baby would be safer with them.
If she would’ve known how wrong she was, she would’ve actually fought to take of Y/N instead of convincing herself that Tony and Pepper were best for her. It’s a terrible thing to think about but it’s one of the only things on her mind. What if she would’ve taken Y/N instead of Pepper and Tony? Y/N would’ve never been given over to Hydra, but then Tony would’ve never had her as a daughter. Maybe Pepper would’ve given Peter over to Hydra. Y/N would’ve never met the friends she has right now. Maybe she would’ve had better friends or maybe something horrible would’ve happened to her anyway.
It’s the big what if that’s been plaguing Natasha’s mind. She’s always wondered if things would’ve turned out differently if she would’ve taken Y/N in. That’s why now that they’ve found her again she plans on speaking up. She knows these circumstances are completely different but she’s tired of the what ifs. She’s not letting Y/N go again.
Bucky just feels angry. He’s angry at Tony for ever trusting Pepper and marrying her. He’s angry at Pepper for thinking a biological child is somehow better than one who isn’t. He’s angry at himself for not noticing something was off with Pepper and that she couldn't be trusted. He’s angry at Hydra for hurting and torturing Y/N. He’s angry that Y/N seems to have a life that doesn’t include him or the rest of her Avengers family. He’s angry that not everyone seems to be on board with taking Y/N home.
It’s selfish and they shouldn’t dictate her life because she’s an adult now but he can’t seem to wrap his head around that. The last time he saw Y/N she was three years old and obsessed with becoming a superhero like the rest of her family. She even went through a little phase of wanting to be a god like her uncle Thor. She thought that if reached out to the sky long enough that her own personal hammer would appear.
Bucky just doesn’t see her as an adult. She looks like an adult and he’s seen her act like an adult. He’s even been in her apartment that she shares with her boyfriend.
Boyfriend. That’s definitely something he can’t seem to wrap his head around. The guy looks like he’s thirty and Y/N’s living with him. From what he’s seen of Derek and Y/N together she seems to really love him and he seems to really love her, but Bucky still isn’t sure how he feels about the guy. He knows that he should give him a chance but he hasn’t decided if he likes him or not. He did just take an arrow for Y/N but that doesn’t really mean much to Bucky.
Bucky knows he shouldn’t be upset with the life Y/N has right now. Just like Sam pointed out, it could be so much worse. He’s just upset that he hasn’t been a part of Y/N’s life for the past fifteen years. They have missed so much but her other family has got to experience all of it. He just wants the last fifteen years back and he wants the little girl he used to know back.
Steve sighs and looks around at the other Avengers, “Look, I wish that we could just pack up her things and take Y/N home with us but we can’t. Whether we like it or not, she has a life here. If we try to force her to do anything then she probably won’t want anything to do with us. I’d rather have a part-time role in her life than not at all.”
“Uncle Steve is right. She’s happy here and we can’t force her away from the life she has built. I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of the people she’s surrounded by but she loves them so I’ll get over it. Y/N’s my sister and I’m not going to lose her again.” Peter speaks up.
“We just need to talk to her and figure out what she wants to do,” Wanda is hoping that they’re finally getting through to Tony, Thor, Nat, and Bucky. “We will be here all summer so we have enough time to figure this out.”
Bucky huffs in frustration, “I still want to know who sold her out. I wasn’t able to get my hands Rumlow or Pepper or that other guy but I sure as hell get my hands on whoever decided to expose her to Hydra.”
Wanda rolls her eyes and groans, “Why are you so adamant about thinking someone sold her out?!”
“Why are you so sure that someone didn’t?!”
“It’s not that I think nobody sold her out, I just think it’s annoying that you are trying to blame her friends for something that I bet they didn’t do!”
“One of us should go back there and keep an eye on the people around her,” Natasha suggests.
“She’s going through a rough time right now,” Sam sighs. “The last thing she needs is someone spying on her and her friends.”
“It wouldn’t be spying. It’s called looking out for her.” Natasha shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly. 
“What she needs is space. Within the last week, she’s been kidnapped, tortured, and even more. We are all excited that we found her alive but we can’t intrude on her life right now. She has to process the things that happened and what she wants to do about other things before we jump in too.” Wanda calmly explains to them. She fully understands where they are coming from but they have to be smart with what they decide to do.
“Let’s give her a week,” Tony speaks up from where he’s been sitting silently. “We’ll give her a week to think about everything. That means we have a week to think about everything as well. We’ll give her a week and then we’ll go other to talk to her and discuss everything. End of discussion. I’m going to bed.” Tony stands up and walks up the stairs towards his room.
The other Avengers look at each other as they think about what to say. It’s clear that they’ll listen to Tony but not everyone is happy about it. 
Derek was able to sleep through the night without any pain but it’s clear that all of the wolfsbane that was on the arrow really messed up his system. He didn’t seem to be healing like he should’ve been. He was even having some control issues with his eyes and claws. He even swore that his sense of smell was fading.
Melissa decided that it was best for him to stay on bed rest until he was fully healed. Luckily, she said that he was fine enough to get up and shower and use the restroom whenever he wanted to so that catheter was removed as well as a few other things he was hooked up to. He had never been more thankful in his life.
After a little bit of bribing and convincing, Stiles finally went home about an hour ago. “What do we want to watch?” Y/N asks him as she gets comfortable next to him. She and Stiles had moved the tv into hers and Derek’s room so they could watch stuff while he rests.
“I’m fine with whatever you want to watch,” Derek says sleepily. Even though he slept soundly through the night, he still felt like he didn’t get enough sleep.
As Y/N turns the tv on, a knock can be heard on their loft door. Y/N groans, “Do you think they’ll go away if I just ignore them?”
“I doubt it,” Derek mumbles.
Y/N huffs before climbing out of bed and walking downstairs. She opens the loft door to reveal Stiles and Scott.
“Why are you already back here?” Y/N groans before turning around and walking away from them. She doesn’t bother closing the loft door because she knows they’re following her inside.
“We just wanted to check in…and we brought doughnuts,” Stiles smiles at her sweetly as he holds up a box of doughnuts from the doughnut shop down the street.
“You were here an hour ago. It’s like 9 AM, aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Y/N gives them a questioning look.
“I wasn’t here an hour ago so I wanted to check in,” Scott shrugs his shoulders.
“I thought this was the year you’re supposed to be a better student and better son and shit. How does skipping class accomplish that?”
“Please, he says that every year,” Stiles throws his bag on the ground and flops down onto the couch.
“How’s Derek?” Scott asks.
“Injury-wise, he’s doing better. Werewolf-wise, not so good. That wolfsbane really fucked him up.” Y/N tells him.
“Hopefully he gets better soon.”
“Mhm…” Y/N looks at him skeptically. Scott seemed off to her. “Why are you really here?”
“We got to thinking–” Stiles starts.
“That’s never good.”
“Hydra knew who and where you were without the deadpool. Do you think Hydra waited to take you now or do you think someone tipped them off?” Stiles asks her.
“I’ll be honest…I don’t really care.”
“We think that someone tipped them off,” Scott states.
“It was probably Gerard. They were working together.” Y/N rolls her eyes at the thought of Gerard.
“Why would he wait to tell them now when he could’ve told him a while ago? He would’ve said something the minute he found out Allison was dead.”
Y/N sighs, “I really can’t think about this right now. Can we talk about this some other time?”
“Y/N, someone sold you out!” Stiles shouts at her.
As Y/N goes to reply, she’s cut off by a large growl. They turn to see a wolf glaring towards to loft door. Y/N recognizes the eyes instantly and she knows that it’s Derek.
“Der, what’s wrong?”
Derek continues to growl and glare at the loft door. He slowly makes his way to where he’s standing in front of Y/N.
“There’s someone outside the door,” Scott states, flicking his claws out ready for a fight.
The loft door flies open to reveal Kate Argent with a smirk on her face, “I’m sorry I didn’t knock but I’m here to see Y/N Stark.”
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steve being an actual limpet and attaching himself to bucky’s back while he bakes or cooks and bucky being used to steve’s occasionally clinginess and letting him. send tweet
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Una hermosa historia de amistad entre un par de tiernos tritones que volvieron a encontrarse luego de años separados
A beautiful story of friendship between a pair of gentle mermans who met again after years apart 🐟🐠🐡
Written by the best/Escrito por la maravillosa: @ladywinfeyson
Gracias por aceptar colaborar conmigo <3
Aquí pueden leerlo (por ahora solo en español) (For now only in spanish)
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godofmemes · 2 days ago
My OTP:*Does anything , even breaths in the same air*
Me : Wow, ThaTs So GaY .
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cyberdelph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
by 幼鲤鲤鲤鲤
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cartoonpeoplemp3 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hmmmm yeah these parallels make me feel insane
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gay-jewish-bucky · 2 days ago
something abt characters calling their other by a name no one else uses just does something to me
like magnus calling alec 'alexander' or steve calling bucky 'buck' or laura calling carmilla 'carm'
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bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky · 2 days ago
This made me cry :)
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buckymilf · 2 days ago
“best friends since childhood, steve and bucky were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield."
Tumblr media
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natsskydivingcrew · a day ago
Tony: Look, it’s not that big a deal. So Bucky and Steve are doing it.
Steve: I cannot believe you would say that!
Tony: Sorry. Bucky and Steve are fonduing.
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obiken-wanobi · a day ago
i don't agree with dothraki on most things but they really did something when they decided that people in love should refer to each other as my sun and stars (Shekh ma shieraki anni) and moon of my life (Jalan atthirari anni)
sun/moon coded coded ships are the superior dynamic
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