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Bucky, with a completely straight face, claims responsibility for more and more outrageous crimes, and no one but Steve can tell if he’s serious.

Sam: You know some people don’t think Tupac Shakur is dead. 

Bucky: Of course he is. I shot him.

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“Well I didn’t want to "punish” Character A for their actions so Character B forgave them and everything is fine now" OK fine, but the readers don’t want to see Character A be punished, they want to see the emotional consequences of Character A’s actions. Because sometimes the things we say and do leave a mark on the people we love, even after we’ve been forgiven by them.

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text im trying to copy from: *says sticky*

my ignorant ass: *writes stucky with 120% confidence*

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I wish for those days when shippers stayed on tumblr and the fanfic sites & it was embarrassing af to even mention that you are a shipper, not to even mention contacting actors etc etc with Qs about the shipps etc.

Now the toxic shippers ruin every fucking fandom & care only about their (mostly) fake ships. From the way they cry about baiting and screentime etc, it doesn’t even seem like they enjoy the shows/movies that they are watching.

Now it complaining complaining complaining with harrassment of actors, writers etc thrown in for good measure.

And yall can yell about queerbaiting and representation, but yall know that majority of shippers are straight women fetishizing gay relationships & dgaf about representation & actual non-toxic male friendships that are also important to represent. 🙄🙄🙄

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Totally normal way for two buddies to share a chapstick


@elkane​ you splendid creature. You poetic, noble land-mermaid. I hope you realise you just made my entire week with this utterly adorable art (based on this and this ask I got yesterday)

Nothing to see here, just two bros being smart and economical about chapstick use by making out a little 😌💕

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Hi my love! I’m fairly sure you mean Songbird by chicklette! Is that right?? Hope that helps! 😘

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Avengers go in for the rescue. Steve is not impressed when Cap!Bucky accidentally insults him while tripping all over himself over the ‘cute kid’. Steve goes home to recuperate. Peggy just cackles at sadpuppy!Barnes. Cue Bucky trying to get Steve to look at him. Cue Steve wondering wtf is going on (Oblivious???) Cute lots of Natasha teasing. Artist Steve accidentally throws paint on Bucky when trying to not get mugged. Reconciliation. Then a DATE. (2/2)

I LOVE THIS. I love Steve and Peggy being friends and I also love love love Bucky making a fool of himself and messing up and he’d be so sad because Steve is so cute and he likes him. Peggy and Nat would have the time of their lives watching this all unfold. It takes Bucky and Steve a while to figure out but of course they get there in the end!!!!

Anon: you have EXCELLENT IDEAS and I’m a fan, a big fan. I want this fic to happen now aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR SENDING ME THIS. I’m so excited. Honestly. 

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Hey, hi, so, just thought of something.

Has Bucky actually ever called Steve “Stevie” before?? Like in the MCU??

Like in almost every fic I read with their pairing Bucky usually calls him Stevie at least once.

Also if it did, could you tell me when, and which movie it is? Thx

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my favorite ship dynamic is where both of them are full of barely contained violence and rage, but they express it in different ways

character A is ready to scrap at any moment, always willing to get down and dirty & all up in ur personal space - also a fan of blunt force weapons

character B favors more of a sniper style, watch from a safe distance and then hit them where it hurts when the time is right

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I guess I’m doing Bucky then

Sexuality Headcanon: gay

Gender Headcanon: cis probably

A ship I have with said character: Steve and Bucky

A BROTP I have with said character: Bucky and Sam

A NOTP I have with said character: Bucky and tony

A random headcanon: idk honestly I don’t have many

General Opinion over said character: I love that boi

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June should’ve been a happy time. Key word, should’ve. But a lot of things lately should’ve been happier. Should’ve just been better in general. But the only thing Steve could think about was how June was Flora’s birth month. Or rather, should’ve been.

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We’ve had an absolutely amazing turn out with Bang sign ups. It’s far exceeded my expectations of how many people would join so I’m especially thrilled at seeing the final results come June. Thank you to everyone who’s joined!

That said, we’re short on artists! So if you’ve signed up as an author/beta and you’re an artist yourself – please consider taking on the role or at least pinch-hitting! If you know any artists that could be interested in joining, please elbow them with great prejudice! :P

Thank you to everyone for making this an exciting Bang! I hope you all have a wonderful experience. :)

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