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not-withoutyou · a day ago
Steve’s meandering down the Smithsonian’s hallways under dim museum-lighting. Children laugh and screech as they run past waving plastic shields from the gift shop. The commercialization hurts worst— when, to him, this place feels so much like a memorial.
He keeps his distance, ball cap pulled down low to deter recognition. Steve’s not in the mood to sign autographs. His life is in pieces behind bulletproof glass cases— drawings, some knickknacks from the old apartment, a medallion of the Blessed Virgin that had fallen with him into the Arctic. (His mother’s medallion—of which countless requests for back have been denied.)
A tour group comes through as he’s staring up at a mannequin wearing a replica of Bucky’s old uniform. He shoves his hands deep into his pockets and glances down at his shoes.
A shrill voice cuts through his reverie. “Sergeant James Barnes, who enlisted to serve his country after—”
“That’s not true.” Too impulsive for his own good, Steve can’t catch the words before they tumble out of his smart mouth. Dozens of eyes are on him by the time he bites his tongue.
A man in the crowd asks what his problem is. A child scowls at him. The tour guide blinks blankly. “Excuse me?”
“Look at his service number.” (Steve gestures to the display, though he knows it by heart.) “32557038. He was drafted.”
The tour guide shakes her head. “Actually, I’m not sure that’s—”
“He didn’t have a choice.” The firm finality in Steve’s voice snaps her mouth shut. Someone had lied—maybe to make Bucky out to be a saint, or to sell a narrative. But Steve’s sick of it; sick at the disrespect. Angry enough to burn his cheeks.
‘They took him from me.’ Steve wants to shout. He remembers finding the notice in Bucky’s jacket pocket. He remembers crying in the kitchen on a cold morning because life was so fucking unfair. Because he was scared. He remembers Bucky promising everything would be okay.
(Of course nothing had been okay, but Bucky had always been a better liar than him.)
Steve shoulders past people, out of the exhibit at the first muffled whisper of ‘Captain America!’ And he’s two blocks away before he unclenches his jaw.
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nashi0704 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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mrvelscaptains · a day ago
happier- s.r & b.b (pt 3)
Tumblr media
Pairing: stucky x female!reader
Summary: the aftermath of a breakup (inspired by “happier” by olivia rodrigo)
Warnings: angst, poly relationship, NSFW, semi-smut, mentions of sex, oral sex (f receiving), breath play, cheating? (maybe), steve being a big softie, MINORS DNI
Word Count: 3.2k
A/N: here is part three to this fic, I’m really excited about where the story is going Hope you enjoy! -sava 
You stumble back onto the quinjet, clinging to the wall as you walk towards the shotgun seat. You hold onto your poor attempt at a quick fix to the cut on your arm, knowing to make a tourniquet in the field to decrease the amount of blood loss. Unfortunately for you, it did nothing for the pain you were in. You made a note-to-self to bandage and clean your wound properly whenever you settle down for the night.
The mission was successful, which you were thankful for. Taking down a small H.Y.D.R.A base was enough for two people, so now you know why it was only you and Steve who went. Not exactly the combination you would have picked, however. You were also starting to understand why this was an overnight mission. You could tell by the way Steve looked in the field that he was exhausted, and with your injury, neither of you wanted to fly all the way back to New York from your current location in Russia.
You heard footsteps walking up behind you and see Steve plop down in the pilot seat, letting out a big sigh. He starts the engine and takes off without a word to you. You agreed earlier to stop in London for the night and find a hotel to sleep in, separate rooms of course. You don’t know what you would do if you had to share a room with your ex. 
You check your phone and see a few messages from Wanda and Peter, both checking on you to make sure you’re okay. You loved how sweet Peter was, you knew Tony did a good thing for recruiting that kid. You expected that kind of loving attention from Wanda as she was known for being kind. Others around the world might think differently with some of the things she has done in her past, but they just see the Wanda they want to see, and expect to see. They don’t see her for her true self, which you wish would happen soon. You shoot them both a text back to let them know you’re alive, and that you’ll be back in New York tomorrow after getting some rest.
“We’ll take a look at that wound when we get to the hotel,” Steve tells you, breaking through the thick amount of silence that was filling the small quinjet. You scoff and roll your eyes, happy that he can’t see your attitude shift.
“I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Had to do that a lot lately,” you say, mumbling the last part under your breath. You hear Steve sigh and see him shake his head out of the corner of your eye. You’re not sure why he’s upset with your actions as he’s the one responsible for your bitterness. He has no room to be acting the way he is. 
A few hours later, the two of you landed in an empty hanger in London, getting out to start looking for a hotel. Steve made the smart decision to have you both change into regular clothes before leaving the jet, so no one would notice and bring attention to the hotel. You probably would get enough of that from the hotel staff. 
You grab the first aid kit on your way out, wanting to do it yourself as soon as you get in the hotel room. The two of you take off on foot to a hotel you found online. Not too fancy, but also not a complete dump, and has nice reviews. It didn’t need to have all kinds of amenities, just two separate rooms with a bed to sleep on.
You and Steve walk through the front doors of hotel and walk right up to the desk. The walls were a nice shade of light brown, almost a coffee color, with marble tile enveloping the floor, topped off with a nice chandelier in the center of the lobby. You were starting to think that the website was selling this place short, or you went to the wrong hotel. Either way, you didn’t care at this point, you just wanted to sleep. Plus it was Tony’s who was paying for the room, so the price wasn’t going to haunt your dreams.
“We need to two single bed rooms, please,” Steve informs the front desk lady. She gives him a smile that’s a little too wide, and starts typing on her computer. He slightly turns to look at you from what you can see in the corner of your eye, but you keep your head straight, waiting impatiently to just get up to your rooms. You see the lady’s face shift, which sends an unwanted feeling to the pit of your stomach.
“Unfortunately sir, I only have one room available for tonight, we are fully booked otherwise,” she begins to say, resting her hand on his as a way to comfort him, which makes you roll your eyes and want to puke.
“But it is a king bed, if that helps with your situation at all,” she says with a smile. You flash her a fake smile and turn to Steve.
“Maybe we should find another-,”
“We’ll take it,” Steve tells the lady, moving his hand away from hers. You glare at Steve when he directs his attention towards you. All he does is flash you a smile, and proceeds to pay the lady for the room. Letting out a huff, you gather your belongings and wait by the elevator until he is finished.
The elevator ride is even worse than the ride in the jet. The silence is deafening and the tension between the two of you is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. He didn’t even take a minute to consider another option. Maybe it was the exhaustion? Or maybe he was just being a dick. Either way you were mad regardless.
The two of you walked in to your room and set the bags down. The front desk lady was not joking about the king size bed, it was massive. There was also a small couch to the side and a coffee table, accompanied by a desk and mini fridge underneath the massive flat screen settled from across where the bed was. You walked over to the couch, claiming it as your spot for the night. You didn’t care about the fact that you were injured and the couch didn’t look nearly as comfortable as the bed, you were not sleeping with him. It was taking all of your strength that you had left to even be in the same room as him for eight or so hours.
“What are you doing?” He asks innocently. You take off your oversized jacket and place it on the couch as you begin to open up the first aid kit. 
“I’m going to patch myself up, take a shower, and go to sleep right here on this couch,” you say matter-of-factly. You look up just in time to see him roll his eyes.
“Oh come on, Y/N. I-“
“No!” You shout, getting up from your spot and pointing your finger out at him. “I am not sleeping in the same bed as you.”
“We’re adults, can we at least try to act like it? You need the comfort for your arm, don’t be stupid,” Steve says annoyance dripping in his voice.
“It is not stupid of me to sleep in the same bed as the man who broke my fucking heart!” You scream, chest heaving and eyes beginning to go glossy. You see Steve’s entire demeanor change as his features go soft. You weren’t going to lie, part of you did feel bad for yelling at him, but another part of you was saying to stick to your guns. He deserves it after what he and Bucky put you through.
With a small sigh, Steve turns on his heel and makes his way to the ensuite. You hear the door close softly and the faint sound of the lock turning, letting you relax for a moment. The water of the shower can be heard from where you stand, telling you that you have a few moments of peace before he comes back out, and you’ll be damned if you won’t use that time wisely. 
You hear the door open as Steve walks back into the main room, towel drying his hair and a pair of gray sweatpants hugging his hips. You could tell by the way his demeanor was that he felt awkward about not having a shirt to sleep in, as he probably packed thinking we were going to have separate rooms. It isn’t anything you haven’t seen before.
You huff as you continue to try and stitch yourself up, failing to do so after changing into your sleepwear and having the tourniquet loosen from raising your arms. You angrily throw the stuff to the opposite side of the couch and bury your head in your hands, letting out a big sigh.
“Here, let me,” you hear Steve say, feeling the couch dip and the warmth of his freshly showered self radiating towards you. You give him your arm, resting it on your knee as you let him stitch you up. You almost forgot how good he was at doing so, with his nimble fingers and gentle touch. You started to relax a bit, feeling that comfort that you were so used to just a few months ago.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” You asked him, breaking the silence. He looks up to you for a moment with a puzzled look on his face, before returning back to your stitches. 
“When you and Bucky…when you broke things off?” You elaborated. Realization hit his face and you say his eyes soften once more.
“I didn’t want to hurt you more than you were already going to be,” he responds, sewing in another stitch. You scoff.
“Yeah, well you failed. It just made it seem like you didn’t care at all.”
“If I could take it all back, I would,” he tells you, focused on your arm. You pause for a moment, looking at him and hoping he would look back to you. Yet he kept his focus on your wound as he weaving back and forth.
“Why did you call things off then? If you want to take it back so badly,” you ask.
“I-” he begins to say. He takes a long pause as you see the gears in his head working overtime. 
“…I can’t tell you.”
“Screw this,” you say, shaking your head. You begin to move away from him, not wanting to deal with the bullshit anymore. If he can’t tell you why and just finally give you the answers you’ve been looking for for the better part of a few months, then you’re not going to put up with this shit for the night. 
You feel his grasp on you tighten, but not in a painful manner, as he’s trying to keeping you still. You look up and see he slowly meets your gaze with a semi-stern look on his face. You used to call it his “captain boyfriend” face, because he would like at you or Bucky like that whenever he was trying to be serious on a mission, but also not  wanting to be mean to either of you. At least, he used to look at you that way. 
“You’re going to rip your stitches. Let me finish and wrap you up, then you can get as angry as you want at me,” he tells you, his voice monotone and face emotionless. You didn’t understand why he was just letting you act the way you are, without defending himself or reacting at all. Did he really not care about you anymore.
As he threaded the last stitch into your wound and grabbed the gauze, you felt yourself begin to tear up. The room around you began to look fuzzy and your whole body was overwhelmed with sadness. You tried not to let the dam break, wanting to be strong, for not only yourself, but especially in front of Steve, but the way he’s just stitching you up as if the past few months didn’t happen? Like he and his boyfriend didn’t break your heart? You were right back to where you were when they did.
Steve looks up at you and starts to pull you into a hug. You begin to push him away, fighting with every bone in your body to resist falling back, erasing all the progress that you’ve made to move on from them. 
“Please Y/N, stop resisting. Please. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” He tells you, still trying to calm you down and wrapping his arms around you. Defeated, you cave and let him hug you, as you rest your head on his shoulder and let out quiet sobs. 
“If you’re-really sorry…you would tell me why you did it,” you sob, barely making it out. He pulls away slightly and looks at you with a frown plastered on his fave, his beautiful blue eyes on the verge of tears as well. You turn away from him and let out another sob.
“Y/N I-Could you look at me please?” He pleas, hurt in his voice. You turn to look him as his hand caresses your cheek, moving a bit of your hair out of the way while doing so.
“Do you trust me? Even after everything that’s happened and I’ve put you through, do you trust me?” 
“Yes, I do,” you tell him, truthfully. Even after everything that’s happened, it didn’t get in the way of the mission being a success. He’s a good leader, and he will always protect whoever he is with, no matter the circumstance. He stitched up your arm instead of letting you struggle. Hell, he is hugging you and comforting you when he saw you in pain. You knew you should be keeping your wall up high and not letting him back in, but you really do trust him.
“Then please believe me when I say that I can’t tell you why we did it. It’s better that way. Please trust and believe me with that,” he explains to you. 
You let out a sniffled and rub your nose with your hand, nodding a bit. You feel him wrap you up again in his big strong arms. You finally give yourself the will to wrap your arms and complete the hug. 
“Because I still love you, and I want you to believe that too,” he whispers in your ear.
You pull away and look at him with a questionable look. You can see in the features of his face, specifically his eyes, that he wasn’t lying. You knew all of Steve’s tells, and none of them were here.
He was telling the truth.
He still loves you.
You rest your hands on either side of his head, rubbing your thumbs on his cheeks, then pull him in for a kiss. His soft, pink lips rub together against yours, working in sync to a silent beat, forming together as a single entity. You move your hand up to his hair and feel his soft blonde locks rub against your fingers. You tug at his roots and Steve lets out a soft moan, making your panties begin to dampen. You missed this. You missed the feeling of his hands all over your body.
Steve moves you onto his lap and wraps his arms around your legs, lifting you up and laying you on the bed softly in one fell swoop. He nudges your legs apart with his knee and replaces the open space with his knee. His lips continue to move against yours. You feel his hands move to your covered breasts and give them a squeeze, allowing a small moan to escape from your mouth. The two of you break away for a second and you start to take your top off.
“Let me help you with that,” he lets out, breathlessly. He takes the hem of your shirt and lifts it up slowly, being careful of the wound he helped patch up just moments ago. You smile as he sees your bare breasts, the excitement rushing to his face, and somewhere else as you see an outline begin to form in his gray sweatpants. You bite your lip and look up at him with doe eyes. You reach your hands to the hem of his pants, but he stops you.
“Tonight, I’m taking care of you babygirl,” he tells you, slowly removing your shorts. You lay back and bit your bottom lip as you watch him remove your clothes. You wrap a fist in the sheets of the king bed, loving the way his slight touch grazes your thighs. 
He hooks his thumbs in your panties and removes those as well, sitting back for a moment to take in your naked body. Usually, you would feel self conscious laying in front of a man naked after a breakup. But Steve is different, for many reasons. One being he’s your ex, and he’s been seeing you naked for years now, so it was nothing new. It felt as if you were picking up right where you left off. 
You bend your knees and spread them apart for him. He gives you a small smirk and leans down, pulling your knees over his shoulder. Your hand immediately goes to his hair, weaving your fingers into his soft blonde locks. A cool sensation overwhelms your wet pussy as you look down and see Steve softly blowing on your lips, making you shiver and goosebumps spreading across your arms. He looks up at you and smirks. 
You knew you were about to take a wild ride, and there was no going back.
You both fall back breathless, your legs intertwined with each others. You rub his chest softly as your eyes lock with his. Everything around you felt so different, so heavenly as you laid with Steve. In this moment, you feel as if nothing has changed from the past few months, as if the breakup never occurred. The aftercare cuddles that always came after such an intense and intimate moment always warmed your heart and was one of the many reasons why you loved being with him and Bucky. 
You’re pulled from your thoughts by the soft touch of Steve running hand through your hair, brushing it behind your ear to get a better look at you. He lets out a soft sigh and smiles at you. You can tell he’s deep in the feeling of bliss as well.
“Yes love?”
“What are we going to do when we have to come back from the mission?” You ask him. You watched as his smile faded a bit, realizing the same thing that you were. Once the mission is over, things won’t be like they are in this exact moment. The both of you have to go back to reality, and that reality is, Steve technically just cheated.
“I don’t know…but I know we’ll figure something out, okay?” He tries to reassure you. All you can do is nod and scoot closer to him, resting your head on his chest. Truth was, you both have no idea how things will be once you arrive back at the compound. How awkward it might be or if anyone would know what went on. You just wanted to enjoy this current moment, as if nothing changed. Your future self can deal with the consequences of tonight’s activities.
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Steve, coming home from a mission: Hey babe, I’m back
Tumblr media
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turtle-steverogers · 2 days ago
steve literally hating every press event ever, but never saying anything because he doesn’t want to be an inconvenience. but bucky will look over during some luncheon and see steve sipping at a water glass with a carefully neutral look on his face and that’s all it takes for him to be like, “okay. five minutes and i’ll make an excuse to get us out of here, pal”
steve just sags his shoulders all grateful
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reebmiester · a day ago
Tumblr media
The art that I was probably the most excited for, Steve and Bucky cuddling by the fireplace 💕
Bucky Barnes, reeling from a gnarly breakup, finds himself housesitting a lodge up north, a lodge that happens to come with a visiting guest. Steve Rogers is on leave from his leave, trying to wrap his head around grief and emotions that all feel too big for him. A week and a half away from their regular lives should do them both good, even as a looming snowstorm threatens to force them both to come to terms with their own hurts.
Art for the Stucky Big Bang, written by abovethesmokestacks @abovethesmokestacks, with art by yours truly!
Through All Our Lonely Nights
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cyberdelph · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♪(´∪`●)ゝby 是一首歌啊
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thedamageofherdays · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to this week's reading log! I am on a semi-hiatus so I haven't been on Tumblr as much the last couple of days but I did read some amazing fics and wanted to share them with you all 💗
🌻 marks a favourite, 🔒 marks a fic that is only available to ao3 users, 🍀 marks a fic that is only available on Tumblr.
Ace Outside The Hole by attackofthezee (noxlunate) [Stucky, 4,1k words, Teen]
“I don’t usually do this,” Steve says, leaning up to look at Bucky over the top of the table.
“You mean scrambling around on your floor looking for your tinder hookups body jewelry isn’t your normal Friday night routine?”
“No- I mean, I don’t normally do that either, but I don’t normally do this,” He says, waving a hand sort of vaguely between himself and Bucky, “and I’m sure everyone says they don’t, but I really, really, don’t.”
It feels like an understatement, though it’s better than telling someone he’s had sex approximately 1 ½ times in the past 5 years because there’s been nobody he really wanted to do that with.
In which Steve decides a tinder hookup is a great distraction, discovers that it's not, and still ends up getting something pretty damn good out of it.
Bucky’s Blooms by buckybarnesdeservestobehappy (hutchabelle) @buckybarnesdeservestobehappy [Stucky, 1,1k words, Teen]
Bucky Barnes is the proud owner of Bucky’s Blooms, a quaint little flower shop on an out of the way street in Brooklyn. When a tall, blonde, gorgeous patron stumbles into his shop, Bucky gets heart eyes.
🌻 Stripped Bare by papesdontsellthemselves @turtle-steverogers [Stucky, 4,9k words, Explicit]
“Perfect.” Bucky smiles, leaning down slightly to look at him through the camera lens. “Stay just… like… that…'' He snaps a few pictures of Steve in that position, watching the tightness of his eyes slowly abate as he seems to relax into the moment. “Good… that’s real good.” The praise comes naturally, and Bucky snaps a few more shots. “Great. Now go ahead and lean back onto your elbow-- yup, like that.”
Steve’s a damn natural, that much is clear. He moves easily for the camera despite his nerves, and his body is so easily captured in its fluidness. The bashfulness is charming, and Bucky thinks the blush he’s sporting adds something extra to the photos without any enhancing needed. It’s like nailing down a muse-- beautiful and fleeting and so hard to find.
When Bucky Barnes meets his model for the day, things go from good to great.
🌻 time on my hands (could be time spent with you) by thedoubteriswise [Stucky, 23k words, Mature]
"You doing okay, kid?”
Steve releases a breath, deciding how honest he wants to be. No point in lying. No point in telling the truth, either. "Glad to see you."
"That’s not what I asked, but same to you, punk."
Bucky Barnes and the Terrible Horrible No Good... Oops that Stealing But You Get It by Kellyscams [Stucky, 2,1k words, Mature]
Bucky's had a bad day. A really terrible horrible day and he doesn't wanna talk about it and he's set on hating the world forever and never being happy again. Until his husband comes home. And then everything changes.
🌻 The Poison Devotion in Me by dontcallmebree @iamthe-wo-manwhocan (art by kocuria-visuals (kocuria) @kocuria) [Stucky, 3,3k words, Mature]
There’s a picture of Steve Rogers from when he was small, 14-years-old and smiling a grin of bloody teeth. That smile, cracked lips and bloody tongue licking at the split skin, jaw dark and swollen, was not the righteousness they thought it was.
It was righteous, sure, but full of anger. It was wrath—a promise.
A prophecy. Alongside his lover Bucky Barnes, Steve takes what’s owed to them both: Their pound of flesh.
let it snow (being here with you is delightful) by jesm [Stucky, 1,7k words, Mature]
Thanksgiving 1938, a big snow storm hits NY but Steve and Bucky don't mind at all.
A Marriage of Convenience by darth_stitch [Stucky, 1,3k words, Teen]
There they were, Mr. and Mr. Barnes-Rogers and this was totally just a convenient thing. The fact that Bucky had been dreaming about marrying Steve even before it was LEGAL had nothing to do with it. At all.
and i'm so willing to care for you by rooonil_waazlib [Stucky, 12,9k words, Teen]
“Um,” Steve says, and Bucky looks back at him, a cat perched on each shoulder, a third one climbing up his jeans. “Do your roommates mind the cats? Is that—is that the problem?”
“What?” Both of Bucky’s hands are occupied with helping the kitten climbing him. Another cat has detached from the group and is standing in front of Steve, looking up at him. He looks down at it. It’s a light orangey-yellow, and it has no tail. “No, Steve—these are my roommates.”
Or, wherein Bucky owns a lot of cats.
this crazy love by rooonil_waazlib [Stucky, 3,6k words, Explicit]
“How was it?” Bucky asks.
Steve shrugs, reaching up to scritch at Cat Steve’s ears. She tips her head into it and purrs. “It’s good to be home,” he says, and breathes in, enjoying the smell of their bedroom.
Instead what he gets is a faceful of the scent of Bucky’s exertion; only now does he notice that Bucky is dressed like he’s just been to the gym, the tank top that says CAT DAD and the joggers that leave almost nothing to Steve’s imagination.
Bucky crumples the granola bar wrapper up in his big hand and leans over to put it on the bedside table, the stretch of it pulling his shirt tight across his broad back.
Steve can’t help staring. He’s—Bucky is providing for him—while he smells like that.
my prince by deicide [Stucky, 3,1k words, Teen]
“You call me Stevie when you think I’m asleep,” begins Steve, so quiet he thinks he didn’t even say it; Bucky doesn’t move from his spot lit up in front of the door, “so why is it always ‘my prince’ when I’m awake?”
or, a self-indulgent prince!steve and his servant-guard-friend!bucky fic
🌻 Right Foot Blue by MaddieWritesStucky (Madeleine_Ward) @maddiewritesstucky [Stucky, 1,3k words, Teen]
Steve is sweating.
Sweating and regretting.
He is not bullet proof. He is not invincible. And he does not have a single fucking shred of self preservation.
Everyone else is right and he is wrong, because he’s on top of his best friend slash secret obsession and he’s just popped a boner, and it’s his own goddamn fault for agreeing to play this stupid game in the first place.
All the Magic I Have Known by sunrow [Stucky, 2,1k words, General]
All mermaids have the ability to swap their tail for a pair of legs and live life as a human, should they want to. But the decision is a permanent one. No changing their minds or leaving any room for regret.
Because of that, most mermaids never even consider the change. The thought doesn’t even cross their minds.
Steve is not like most mermaids.
🌻 Bucky "You Can Call Me Clueless" Barnes by buckybarnesdeservestobehappy (hutchabelle) @/buckybarnesdeservestobehappy [Stucky, 4,3k words, Teen]
Bucky won the roommate lottery when he was in college. A decade later, he's still happy Steve's there when he comes home.
Precious Moments by papesdontsellthemselves [Stucky, 968 words, General]
“Wanted to stay up with you guys,” he says. Ciara coughs a little, and Bucky reflexively reaches up to wipe some formula from her cheek.
Steve’s eyes soften. “You didn’t have to.”
“I know,” Bucky says, letting his hand fall onto Steve’s knee. He squeezes it a little; soothing. “I wanted to.”
A soft moment in the midst of parenthood.
🌻 Evanstan Round Robin 2021 by Ediblecrayon, grandmacore, iamrory01, its_tortle @its-tortle, K347 @k347, luninosity @luninosity, musette22 @musette22, paperstorm @paper-storm, TJ_Mason, wintersoldier1989 @wintersoldier1989 [Evanstan, 7,3k words, Explicit] (5/11 chapter available)
Chris has been honing a new skill, and he can't wait to show it to Sebastian.
🌻 Blooming Under the Dappled Light by thiccbuckybarnes @thiccbuckybarnesfic [Stucky, 15,5k words, Explicit] (2/7 chapters available)
“Primogeniture (prīmōˈjenəˌCHər) is the right, by law or custom, of the firstborn legitimate child to inherit the parent's entire or main estate in preference to shared inheritance among all or some children, any illegitimate child or any collateral relative.” ❀❀❀ Despite being the son of a gentleman, James "Bucky" Barnes could scarcely allow himself the hope of one day being tied to another in happy matrimony. In a society where the first-born children are revered and inherit all of a family's wealth, last-born Bucky feels trapped in a life he did not ask for.
When he makes the drastic decision to run away and become a tutor for a wealthy family, he is hoping to save enough pennies to someday have a dowry and be worthy for marriage despite his deposition. What he is not anticipating, however, is falling into the rough and skilled hands of his employer, the rakish widow Lord Steven Rogers.
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supercap2319 · 2 days ago
Y/N: “Am I in trouble?”
Steve: “Take a guess.”
Y/N: “No.”
Bucky: “Take another guess, Doll.”
Y/N: “Yes.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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not-withoutyou · 2 days ago
Interviewer: “Captain Rogers, is there anything from the past you feel you missed out on?”
Steve: “was a little after my time, but I would’ve liked to have seen Queen preform.”
Interviewer: “…that’s it? No tragic lost love?”
Steve: *thinking of Bucky napping on their couch with the cat on his chest* “nope”
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cutecumber-flower · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
a sketch painty thingie of '40s stucky on a date :3
fills: @buckybarnesbingo ‘time travel’ and @stuckybingo ‘free square’
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Steve: *chasing a naked, giggling Bucky around the house with a wet towel in hand*
Sam, not looking up from his newspaper: Alexa, play the Scooby Doo theme song
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yelenabemylova · a day ago
wandanat x daughter!reader
Wanda's POV
I woke up to the familiar sound of my daughter crying. Natasha and I had been so lucky to have the opportunity to have a baby. Steve and Bucky had asked us how we would feel about carrying a baby for them and we thought it was a great idea.
Natasha carried a baby for them and I carried a baby for us. Some of the avengers made fun of our weird situation but it worked out perfectly. We both had beautiful healthy babies, and they were roughly the same age so they could grow up together.
I groaned and was about to roll out of bed to go see what was wrong with y/n when Natasha got up, "no it's okay, I'll go." I smiled at her gratefully when she turned on the lamp and shut my eyes.
Natasha's POV
I walked across the hallway to where y/n sleeps and gently opened the already cracked open door. "Hey, baby. Shhh, shh, it's okay. Mommy's here," I cooed in her ear.
She continued to cry as I gently bounced her up and down, her head resting on my shoulder. I carried her upstairs and lay down next to Wanda with y/n on my chest and she quickly calmed down.
I held on to her protectively so she wouldn't roll off of me in her sleep and slowly drifted off.
Wanda's POV
I woke up and reached out for my wife but instead felt a tiny body. I looked over and smiled at the sight of y/n sleeping on Natasha's chest. I took a picture of them both and then snuggled up to them.
Natasha stirred slightly, "morning baby." I smiled up at her, "good morning." I got up and out of bed, kissing Nat on the forehead and y/n on the top of her head, "I'm gonna go make breakfast."
My wife smiled at me and I left the door open as I went to the kitchen to make pancakes. I made a huge stack of them and a couple of tiny ones for y/n. I poured two glasses of apple juice and made some hot milk.
After a while, Natasha walked in with y/n in her arms still fast asleep, "something smells delicious." I thanked her and took y/n from her arms, "good morning sleepyhead." She slowly began to wake up and I sat down at the table with her on my knee.
She happily ate the small pancakes with nutella that I fed her while she babbled about nothing and then Natasha took her and gave her the warm milk I had made earlier.
We took her upstairs and got her ready for a bath. She began to cry so I picked her up and kissed her head gently, "it's just a little bath, baby. It's okay."
Eventually we got her to sit in the bath that was full of bubbles and she played about for ages, splashing us both multiple times. Natasha gently dried her off before dressing her again and then we both had to change out of our soaking wet clothes.
Y/n started to cry and nothing would make her stop. We tried absolutely everything, then Steve and Bucky came into our room. Bucky took her from Natasha's arms, "shh, it's okay."
Steve quickly left and returned with Bucky's cat, Alpine. He placed y/n down with Alpine on the bed and she stopped crying instantly. She gently pet the cat and rolled onto her stomach to nuzzle her face into his back.
"How come we couldn't make her stop crying but a ball of fur could?" Natasha asked Steve and Bucky. They both shrugged and Bucky replied, "Alpine's good with kids."
I chuckled, "well tell Alpine he's welcome to babysit anytime he wants."
Having a baby was a lot of work but when I thought about how happy we all were, it was definitely all worth it.
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musette22 · 2 days ago
Okay but imagine Steve getting a Claddagh ring for Bucky before he shipped out but was too hesitant to give it to him. Steve knew if he gave Bucky the ring Bucky would see it as a sign of their deep friendship but for some reason the thought hurts Steve so he keeps the ring, promising himself he'll give it to Bucky the next time he sees him. Only the next time Steve sees Bucky they're both different, changed, and the ring had become a source of comfort for Steve as he did his dancing monkey routine before he took his fate in his own hands and rescued Bucky and the rest of the 107th. He found his purpose but Bucky was adrift. It didn't feel right to give him the ring just yet.
He keeps the ring, making another promise to give it to Bucky on his birthday. Then Bucky falls and Steve loses all reason to keep going. He kisses the ring one last time before crashing into the ice.
He'll give the ring to Bucky in his dreams.
Only he wakes up to a world he doesn't know, finding the crushing grief hasn't lessened; he's horribly lost and unbelievably alone, but the ring is still with him - keeping Bucky close to his heart. Steve tries find a purpose, and he keeps going, forever marching ahead and trying to find his place in a world without his best friend and the only family he had left.
And then he finds Bucky in the middle of DC under a bridge, and his world implodes and shatters and then remakes itself anew with a broken, jagged happiness that he's no longer alone. Then he loses Bucky twice more but always coming back to him, each time threatening to forever break Steve for good.
After Thanos, after fighting like hell to get Bucky and the others back, Steve finally gives the ring to Bucky in a moment of quiet in the chaos of the battlefield.
"I'm with you until the end of the line," Steve promises as he slides the ring onto Bucky's finger with such solemn care that it's borderline reverent, giving it one last kiss before meeting Bucky's lips for the first time.
"Took you long enough, punk," Bucky whispers then kisses Steve back.
Alright, ok, ok. This is fine, I'm fine.
No I'm not.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
stevebucky with iconic deancas quotes
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Tumblr media
Series on A03
Last updated: 12/5/21
Fics let’s take it back to the start red wine bucky sending daddy pics of him in lingerie “you are the most precious thing to me” ”come shower” posessive marks i’m going to ravish you laid up, got me thinkin’ kiss it when he eat it it’s this sunrise Come cuddle You’re so Pretty panties in mouth Daddy using his safeword i mean no disrespect  this feelin’ is reckless everybody wants a taste out in the shining sun
Asks daddy steve wearing cologne daddy steve wants his dick sucked sleepy daddy steve daddy working on a car and bucky’s dirty talk that follows running into one of steve’s exes, ft. an insecure buck running into one of steve’s exes  chunky daddy steve daddy when he’s sick christmas presents bucky in christmas lingerie breeding kink  bucky drinking tequila like water Daddy’s most romantic gesture  innocence roleplay who says ily first Bucky sticks panties in Daddy’s bag Daddy’s reaction to Bucky dressed to the nines possessive Daddy phone call Daddy Steve takes a work call watching porn together if Steve proposed Bucky’s praise kink Daddy’s moans Daddy’s mind when he fucks Bucky Bucky suckling sucking and biting on bucky’s titties Steve and Bucky in quarantine  bucky in a skirt bucky’s special pillow anesthesia bucky baby fever Mr. Walker drunk bb Bucky Daddy buys some jewelry Office Fluff OG peachy bucky post Spankings Daddy shaves insecure bb Buck Bucky’s Nips Bucky Wearing a Choker and Bell DC Daddy Steve and Sweet Boy Buck hair pulling Felching Daddy Steve’s Tongue Piercing Cockwarming Soft Fluffy Tattoo Feels Filthy Rimming Daddy!Steve NSFW ABCs (most recent post, other posts are linked) Lap Full of Slut Morning Sex Coming Untouched
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