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Nothing could cure the problem she had inside her head, except maybe two super soldiers.

Request: stucky x reader where the reader is under the weather but tries to hide it from them w loads of mind numbing fluff :) @colourforanamee

Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky

Words: 3562

Warnings: PTSD, drowning, torture, panic attacks, angst, & fluff.


It’s been six weeks since the avengers lost one of their best teammates. It’s been six weeks of Steve and Bucky being on constant edge because they miss their girlfriend. It’s been six long weeks of them missing her laughter and jokes.

Y/n had been taken by hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. had no information on it. So, of course, what did the avengers do? They all worked day and night to try and find out where the hell they had taken her.

Six weeks ago they had nothing and now they were twenty-five minutes away from the bunker where she was being held. Anxiousness filled them to the brim. None of them had any idea what they were going to walk into. It only furthered Bucky and Steve’s worry.

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i wanna be known by you by brahnuh (that’s me!)

Pairing(s): Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff
Rating: Mature
Words: 40k
Status: Completed
Summary: If you don’t know who to write, we’ll assign you someone looking for a pen pal from home. Our men and women overseas appreciate letters from anyone!
He pauses, rereading. It would have been nice to get a letter from home when he was stationed over there, unsure exactly when he’d get back. Time on base was filled with either high stress or high monotony, and the only way he found out what was going on back in the States was through the gossip of everyone else.
Bucky accepts the flyer, folding it up and pocketing it for later.

AKA: Steve and Bucky are pen pals. At least, that’s how it starts.


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So, @greyelfsworld I liked your idea about the cave and I think that’s not really what you meant but here we are <3


- There, Steve, really? It’s a little too much even for you

- Come on, Buck! When I was trying to find a gift for you for our first da…meeting I found this place and I’m sure there is something interesting here

- Speaking of your gifts, did you know that this fish you brought me is poisonous. Other sirens thought you wanted to kill me I barely calmed them down.

- What!? Poisoned? But I…I thought because it’s rare it’s a delicacy

- Well and it tells much about your brilliant ideas


- So…having a good time, right?

- Steve. We are stuck.

- Yeah, well…I’m pleased with everything

Part 1  

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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Little Minx


*This is a one-shot *


Pairings: Steve Rogers/Reader, Bucky Barnes/Reader, Steve Rogers/Reader/Bucky Barnes 

Word count: 4031

Warnings: Dubcon, Smut, Sex Pollen, Oral sex M & F, Fingering, Multiple Orgasms, Threesome, Cussing, Spanking

Summary: ‘Multiple Partners writing prompt for @sherrybaby14‘ “Dark!Steve drugs the reader with sex pollen and has his way with her multiple times. Bucky finds out what Steve is doing and tries to convince him that it is wrong. But, once Steve shows Bucky how good the reader is during drugged sex he can’t help but have his way with her too.”

Thank you to @pagesoflauren for beta reading this

Permanent Taglist & Taglist for the one-shot

(line through tag means tumblr wont let me tag you)

@sherrybaby14 @kitkatd7 @jtargaryen18 @pagesoflauren @imanuglywombat @sophiria @sapphirescrolls @marvelfansworld @trashmenofmarvel @mdemontespan1667 @get0verit @miraclesoflove @rainbowkisses31 @notyourtypicalrose @awsome262338 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @charmed-asylum @nekoannie-chan @shield-agent78 @miri-est-fou @threeminutesoflife @thoruvial @searchforanotherway @caffiend-queen @hurricanerin @asgardslittlewriter @rayofdawnworld @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @official-and-unstable-satan @darkficsyouneveraskedfor @patzammit @princessofdarkwinter @goblinshark1e @prettyblueskylark @alexakeyloveloki @trappedinmydamnnmind @avsensio @night-cereus  @readermia@music-culture-mythology@sagechanoafterdark@mcudarklibrary​ @sbubbyyy

Reblogs & Comments on Tumblr are welcomed and encouraged. It helps me grow as a writer so I would love feedback.

Reposts to other social media sites and apps are NOT allowed.

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Goddddd yes. I am SO soft for the idea of Bucky learning to reclaim all the things Hydra did to him, like his hair. Taking their power away from it, making it belong to HIM instead. Washing it and deep conditioning it so it’s all soft and shiny. Steve braiding those pretty chocolatey strands and maybe braiding a ribbon into it and putting flowers into it, so instead of menacing, Bucky looks soft.

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Your Name: Y/N Stark

Gender: Female

Power: Strength and Healing

I do not own these characters but this work is mine.

Couple: Steve x Y/N Stark x Bucky

Warnings: Smut (suggested) 

The mission should have gone off without a hitch. In fact, it did, but only because Y/N took a chance. “You disobeyed a direct order.” Y/N forces her shoulders back and holds her head high but she can’t stop her heart which seems to plummet to her stomach. The jet is eerily quiet as Natasha mends Clint’s wounds, Tony scrolls through countless messages, Sam takes control of the jet, and Wanda and Bucky sit behind Y/N. Bucky’s body turns slightly towards his two favorite people, his shoulders rigid, and breath caught in his throat as he silently curses Y/N’s bravery and Steve’s stupidity. 

Steve’s voice is anything but the affectionate voice Y/N is used to. Fists clenched at her sides, she takes a deep breath. “So you’re the only one allowed to make idiotic choices?” Wanda’s hand lands on Bucky’s flesh arm as Steve turns into full soldier mode. “Oh, right,” Y/N cocks her head to the side, sarcasm dripping from her lips, “you are the Captain.” She mock salutes as he clenches his fist in rage. “As the head of this team, I decide based on what the team needs.” His harsh tone causes the Avengers to look their way. “If you can’t follow orders you will have to sit out.”

Bucky stands and quickly approaches the pair, “Steve—”. Y/N cuts him off, her eyes never leaving the captain. “We are not in the military and I am not your subordinate,” her icy tone cuts into the captain. Y/N’s heart breaks when Bucky places his metal hand on her back. They were supposed to stand together, not apart. She always chose them. She chose Steve even when it meant betraying her brother. She chose Bucky even though at the time it meant spitting in the face of her dead father. She chooses every day to love both of them, even though she knows that the world will judge her even more than it already does. “We are a team,” she fights the tears that form in her eyes. She will not cry in front of him. Not like this. 

“We are here!” Sam shouts as they thud to the ground. Y/N sharply turns and marches off the jet. Bucky shakes his head at Steve before following Y/N. 

“Dude,” Tony claps his hand on the Captain’s shoulder as the rest of the team piles off. “She can handle herself. It took me a while to accept that she isn’t just my sister, but she is a Stark and an Avenger. Don’t push her away.” Tony glances back at his phone and scowls, “Now I have to deal with a spider.”

“Ugh!” Y/N screams. Tossing the first thing, her hand comes into contact against the wall. The satisfying clunk causes her to miss the sound of her door being closed but the familiar warmth and cold holding her waist signals that it’s Bucky. “Why is he,” Y/N grinds her teeth harshly as she fights in vain to escape her lover’s iron grasp, “such a—a dick.” Bucky chuckles against her neck. “He’s just trying to protect you, doll.” Y/N turns so that she is facing her lover. Bucky’s arms still securely in their place at her waist she asks, “Do you think I need protection? Does he realize that he babies me on mission? Does he realize that his stupid ideolgy that a boyfriend is a protecter will get someone killed?” Bucky melts under her warth. “I am fully capable of taking down an army by myself and if he thinks—”. Her words are cut off by a pair of warm lips. 

Y/N cant help but moan against him, his arousal pressed against her, and his heavenly lips crashing feverishly with her own. Sometimes she forgets how turned on Bucky gets when she is angry. Steve usually shuts down while Bucky tries to seduce her. 

“Maybe you should remind him,” Bucky kisses heavenly open-mouthed kisses down her neck, “just how capable you are.” He seals his statement by sucking on the spot he knows she craves. Y/N pulls back, her mind on a mission, and kisses Bucky’s lips. “You’re right.” 

Steve should be in his room in bed with his favorite girl and best friend but now he had to go fuck it up. Instead, he is sulking and taking out his pent up rage on fourth-year combat agents. “Again,” he sighs as McAllen lands on her back. Grant pulls her up and they go again. “Watch his legs, McAllen.” Steve crosses his arms as his mind drifts to Y/N. 

When she had joined the Avengers she was the first person to give him a challenge. She is his equal in every way. Her fiery temper balances out his eerily calm attitude, her calculated risks balance his irrational decisions. She is the fire to his ice. 

She broke down his walls by asking him of his life and helping him adjust to this new life. She never forced him to assimilate, she was there even when that meant turning on her brother. They had dated months before word of the Winter Soldier reached Steve’s ear and she never left his side. 

“Captain,” one of the higher ranking agents approaches the distracted coach. “You’re dismissed for today.” Steve waves them away and begins his own exercise. His first collides with the weighted punching bag. “If you want to hit something might as well hit something that will punch back.” Steve goes rigid as her voice floats across the gym. He waits for Bucky’s lecture but turns around, realizing they are alone. 

Y/N is dressed in her black combat gear. “Come on,” she widens her stance and motions for him to hit her. When he was young he was told to never hit a girl but as his fist travels the path to her chin, he catches the relief in her eyes. She easily dodges the attack. 

“Come on Cap,” she smirks, “I know that you can do better than that.” Steve studies her movements, he knows every inch of her but she still manages to take him by surprise in a fight, but with both Bucky and Natasha as her fighting coach it’s no surprise. Stepping forward, he goes for her arm but when she side steps he reaches for her waist. Their flushed bodies collide, anger radiating off of both of them. Bucky always told him the best way to settle their angry lioness is to bed her and let her dominate them, but Steve remembering the sick tiny kid of his past can’t give over the control. 

Y/N tilts her head to the side, giving Steve a view of her freshly marked neck. When his chest stiffens, she flips him, and his back hits the floor. His legs wrap immediately around her, pulling her to the floor and then rotating so that her back is pressed against the hard tile. His eyes never leave the mark, specifically the location of the mark. 

When Bucky entered their relationship Steve made it clear that the right side of her neck was his and his alone to mark. Bucky had agreed only if he could have the left. 

Steve’s thoughts are cut off as Y/N flips them over once more, her legs wrapped around his torso. Shifting slightly, Steve finally gives in. “See,” Her e/c eyes darken, “I can handle myself.” She scowls at her lover’s tight expression. “Why are you so stubborn?” Her legs tighten around him. “You always have to win,” she shakes her head, “but you aren’t winning this fight.”

Taking a deep breath, Steve looks away from her neck. “I know that you can handle yourself.” He breathes out. “I just can’t stand the thought of losing you,” he continues before she can speak. “You remind me so much of myself before the war. You jump head first into battle and then think of a plan.” Steve’s eyes squeeze shut as an image of her broken body flashes before his eyes. 

Her forehead rests on his causing his eyes to flutter open. “I can handle myself Steve,” all anger gone. Her lips softly touch his nose and then trace his jaw. Releasing his hands she allows him to touch her. He traces the outline of her body before caressing her chin. Their lips crash together with passion. Before Steve growls out, “this is mine.” His lips find the spot where Bucky had marked her and proceeds to remark her skin. 

Y/N allows Steve to flip them over once more. She has won the fight but Steve will never let go of the dominance in the bedroom.


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