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badasssupertash · 11 minutes ago
there would be no happy endings. for history would no allow two lovers to end up happy not here, not now nor this place. it was not their fate. but by the laws of the universe, the morals of stories, maybe if we could rewrite history, there would have to be… there’s got to be somewhere… there has to be a place where we’re happy, where we’re not some forgotten tragedy. and that’s enough for me knowing we exist somewhere, a better place than here, the life we live now. that there’s different incarnations of us, parallel stories, second chances because i can’t believe, i wont accept we only get the one story, the one lifetime. because for me i’d always want more. and if i could, i’d love you in every life. i hope you know i would. and sometimes it breaks my heart knowing it wasn’t here and now.
it was one of the many versions of us | letters of a lost love.//t.c
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othersidelines · 19 minutes ago
Sambucky shippers: just having some fun coming up with theories about what bucky said in that clip
The fandom: you guys are reaching
Also the fandom: writes a long post to make that clip about stucky somehow
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slothspaghettiwrites · 24 minutes ago
okay but now you've got me thinking about SerialKiller!Stucky - what's their preferred weapons? What's their respective modus operandi? I picture Steve flirting, drawing you in, asking if you wanna see his dog-
Tumblr media
Let's get into this
Steve, despite his big size, is pretty shy. He's a killer of convenience. When he feels the desire to watch the life drain from someone, he starts hunting. He is very sweet, people at bars trust him easily. It makes finding a victim simple, they are all quick to ask him home. He likes the intimacy of killing them in their their safe place. Steve strangles his victims. He's got big hands, it's almost easy. He likes watching the blood drain from their face, like listening to them draw their last breath. It's such a thrill watching them transition from life to death. He is organized after the fact. He cleans up the scene to not leave too much evidence, he doesn't leave the same way he comes in if he can.
The drives home to his apartment with Bucky always build up the adrenaline. He doesn't kill near his home, would rather go to a bar on Staten Island than a place near their apartment. The drive helps amps him up some. When he crosses the Brooklyn Bridge into he is already buzzing out of his skin. Sex with Bucky after a kill is always extra - hungrier, sloppier, and harder. That's nearly as addictive as the kill it's self.
Bucky is very organized, plans quite a lot more than Steve. He has to know his target before he picks them up from somewhere. He's got a little murder board that Steve thinks is cute. Bucky stalks his chosen victims, learns all their routines, and obsesses over them. It's all apart of the thrill.
Once he picks someone, he takes them home. He keeps the victims in the basement. Bucky likes watching people cry and bleed. He is not quick about it, will draw out the whole affair. Each victim is savoured like a fine wine, each cut a delicious sip. The fear filled whimpers always get him hard, he doesn't even clean up before he grabs Steve.
All of Bucky's kills get given cement shoes and dumped into Jamaica Bay. He gets real remorseful and filled with guilt during their "funerals". Steve helps him clean up and dispose of the evidence. After a kill, Bucky is very "soft", needs to be cuddled and taken care of to get back on his feet. His whole experience is very emotionally driven and exhaustive.
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i-love-the-mcu-3000 · 30 minutes ago
*Bucky, trying to see what Sam and Steve have in common*
*Sam being heroic and the best Captain America he can be, telling the government to do better*
*Bucky realising*
Bucky: SAM! I’ve figured out my type!
Sam: That’s great.
Bucky: My type is Captain America.
Sam: Wait ... does that mean you were into Walker?
Bucky: I said Captain America.
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backwards-silver · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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pitpoggers · 56 minutes ago
Bucky : Magnolias are so old their pollinated by beetles not bees.
Steve : Somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota there lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon.
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stucky-my-ship · an hour ago
Updated May 6th
Bucky Barnes
I Know You, I Love You (In Progress) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
by @damnbuckyishot
Behind The Screen (Completed)
by @world-of-aus
coming soon...
Sheriff Lee Bodecker
Devil in Disguise (In Progress)
by @i-have-a-wonky-eye-too
Mini Series
The Perfect Fit (Completed) 1 2
by @mypoisonedvine
coming soon...
coming soon...
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stuckyfilesarchive · 2 hours ago
the love we share - work
by: The_Mishamigo
summary: Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers were best friends a long time ago. That was until Steve got big and the two drifted apart. Now, however, after college, they’re back together. And love, in its best form, never really goes away. Does it?
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eunoiapaintficrecs · 2 hours ago
Not without you
By under_the_perseids
Chapter 1: Steve rescues Bucky from Azzano, and Bucky has to deal with some jealousy issues for the first time.
Chapter 2: The Howlies have a week of respite.
Chapter 3: Some insight into Steve and Bucky's life amongst the Howlies, and then....The Fall
Fandom: Captain America | Chapters: 3/3 | Words: 20,259 | Published: Mar 3, 2021 | Updated: Mar 19, 2021 | Status: Complete
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snowstark · 2 hours ago
No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee ☕️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For @buckybarnesbingo | Y3 - AU: Coffee Shop
Summary: Steve hasn’t been to the coffee shop across his street in two years. To his surprise, the barista still remembers his order. There’s no way that means anything though, right? (Spoiler alert: it does).
Steve hadn’t been to this place in two years.
Two years was a long time.
In two years, he’d grown a beard. In two years, he’d managed to earn enough that he was able to switch his polyester suits for cashmere. In two years, Steve went from a stammering, newly-hired intern to Pepper Potts’ personal assistant in Stark Industries.
So yeah, Steve Rogers was a grown ass man, and he was still scared of showing his face to his neighbourhood coffee shop. Humiliating.
But, well. That was two years ago. And there was no way Twink Barista would still be working here.
He was wrong. Twink Barista was still working there, and somehow, even assuming that he would’ve been able to find a new, better job where he didn’t have to deal with angry businessmen made Steve feel even guiltier. He of all people knew that job hunting wasn’t easy. Had been jobless and couch surfing for a while, until he’d met Pepper and she’d seen something in him.
This was fine. He could deal with this. Two years had passed. He’d probably forgotten all about Steve, had probably allowed the memory to fade into other similar ones. Besides, he’d changed. He had a beard now. Wasn't that basically a disguise?
This was fine. He could deal with this. Two years had passed. He’d probably forgotten all about Steve, had probably allowed the memory to fade into other similar ones. Besides, he’d changed. He had a beard now. Wasn't that basically a disguise?
This was fine. He could deal with this. Two years had passed. He’d probably forgotten all about Steve, had probably allowed the memory to fade into other similar ones. Besides, he’d changed. He had a beard now. Wasn't that basically a disguise?
This was fine. He could deal with this. Two years had passed. He’d probably forgotten all about Steve, had probably allowed the memory to fade into other similar ones. Besides, he’d changed. He had a beard now. Wasn't that basically a disguise?
There was a long line, so Steve sat down at a table. He hated lines; he was willing to wait half an hour until it cleared out.
Then he started second-guessing himself, because shit, maybe he should just get in line to order when the barista was busy with multiple customers waiting so that he wouldn’t even take a long look at Steve’s face.
What if he remembered Steve? What if he reacted badly? What if—why did Steve even care? Baristas dealt with angry people on the daily. Steve knew from experience. So why did he care?
Because he didn’t like being an asshole, or a bully.
And he’d been both, and hadn’t ever bothered to try to make amends afterwards, had just disappeared.
All over spilled coffee.
Twink Barista was still cute. Same hair, same shy look on his face, same flushed cheeks. The first time Steve had laid eyes on him, he’d, well, he’d been charmed, to say the least. The way he’d nervously fidgeted as he let Steve pay for his order had made him smile, and his squeaked, “Thank you, Sir, your order will be right with you,” had really just been the cherry on the top.
Steve… liked that.
Steve liked being called Sir. Not just at work, but in bed. And hearing Twink Barista—fuck, what was his name again?—utter that title had… well, he hadn’t had to deal with that problem when scalding hot coffee had soaked his stomach and pants. And crotch.
Twink Barista had a co-worker now, too, he noted. He was cute, like a golden retriever, with how much he smiled and nodded as he took orders from customers, how he handed them their drinks with an extra flourish, beaming. Like life was content, and everything was rainbows and sunshine. If Steve squinted from where he was, he could see that his name started with a C, and when he leaned closer—subtly—the best he got was… Cit? Clit? Oh, god, please don’t let his name be Clit.
Two customers left, which left just a few in the store. He should probably get in line now. But his feet couldn’t move, like they were stuck to the floor, because he wasn’t sure whether facing Twink Barista or a blonde guy potentially named Clit would be worse.
Fortunately—unfortunately?—he didn't have to decide.
Blonde guy—Steve refused to refer to him as “Clit,” even mentally, goddammit—started bustling around after Twink Barista murmured something to him, and stepped out from behind the counter with a mug.
And headed straight for Steve.
Oh, god. This wasn’t—this couldn’t—
Steve tried to look anywhere and everywhere else he could, even considered getting up to flee, but it was too late.
Blonde guy—Clint! Steve noted with dizzying relief—set down the mug on the small round table that he was sitting at and beamed. “For you!”
Steve swallowed back… whatever he’d been about to say, and hesitated for a long few moments before saying dumbly, “I didn’t stand in line.” He could feel his shirt begin to get damp with sweat.
Clint seemed unfazed. He shrugged and smiled politely, maybe a bit awkwardly, but it was still just as warm as the one he’d given the other customers. “My buddy Bucky says it’s your favourite. Don’t worry, it’s on the house.”
Steve opened his mouth to reply, but Clint hurried away before he could. His favourite. What the hell did that mean?
He reached out, picked up the warm mug, and took a sip. His cheeks flushed with heat the moment the drink hit his taste buds. He pulled back almost reflexively, nearly choking on his drink, tongue burning both from the flavour and how hot it was.
He jerked his head up and towards the direction of the counter, and met Twink—Bucky’s—eyes for a split second before Bucky hurriedly looked away. His cheeks flushed a darker shade of pink than usual, Steve noted, because Steve always noticed small things like that. He suddenly began talking animatedly with customers, but Steve could pick out the tension in his shoulders, the way he kept swallowing reflexively like he was trying to push down bile, like he was nervous that Steve would—like he might—
No. Enough. Steve had a meeting in a bit more than half an hour. He’d come here to relax. So that was what he’d do.
He picked up the mug again and took another sip, then began to read his newspaper, because he was here to relax.
The article was talking about a dog that had managed to save four people from a fire before firefighters could step in.
Lucky, a golden lab at the spry age of two, suffered three mild burns after—
“Sir, please, I didn’t—please don’t leave without pay—”
“What the fuck did you say? You think it’s okay to just say that after you fuckin’ spill that all over me?”
“Sir, I’m s-so—”
—safe to say that Lucky did not suffer any serious injuries. Our furry neighbourhood hero—
“You think you can fucking get a bill after that clown show? You think—god, are you—are you that dense?”
“I promise, Sir, I’ll get you a new drink—”
“I don’t wanna fucking hear it. Unbelievable. You think it’s easy to get this dry-cleaned? Do you even realize how much I—”
Steve’s grip tightened on the paper, and he wished the store would turn up their soft jazz music, if only to block out the sounds in his head.
By the time he finished his drink, he had fifteen minutes to spare, but he didn’t want to spend a second longer in here. So, he yanked out his wallet, pulled out a few bills at random—they happened to be hundreds—and shifted the mug so that he could slide it under, just enough so that half of the bills were poking out. He grabbed the unused napkin Clint had brought with it, pulled out a pen from his pocket, and scrawled, Thank you for the drink, Bucky. My favourite. - S.R.
Then, he got the fuck out of there without looking back even once.
For some unfathomable reason, Steve returned to the coffee shop a few days later.
Maybe it was to try to make amends, since his little napkin note wasn’t, well, enough. Or maybe he just wanted to stare at Bucky again. He was pretty.
He was disappointed to see that Bucky wasn’t there when he stood in line; it was just Clint again, and a red-haired girl, but that was okay. It wasn’t like his life depended on seeing the guy. Besides, Bucky had to have a life outside of his job too.
Steve wondered if he still thought about the incident as frequently as Steve did. He clearly remembered it, considering he’d remembered Steve’s order, but…
He jumped when the door opened with a loud jingle, and speak of the devil, in stepped Bucky. He looked flushed, and his hair was a sweaty mess that he reached up to push away from his forehead. He still looked pretty.
Steve almost raised a hand to say hi, and barely stopped himself in time as Bucky turned and met his eyes, covering his ass by pretending to scritch at his beard. He gave a small smile, a hopeful one, wait, no, what was wrong with him, and Bucky flashed him one that didn’t quite reach his eyes before scrambling to get behind the counter.
There were only two people in front of him, so it wasn’t a long wait, and in less than two minutes, Steve found himself standing in front of Bucky. Clint and the red-head squawked inaudibly to each other, but it was clearly some teasing thrown at Bucky, because Steve noticed Bucky subtly stepping on Clint’s toes, drawing out a muffled yelp from him.
“Hi, what can I get for you?” Bucky gave him a small smile. Again, didn’t quite reach his eyes.
That was mostly Steve’s fault, he supposed. He didn’t exactly look like a sweet, innocent little lamb right now either, probably worse than two years ago. “The usual,” he supplied, raising an eyebrow to see if Bucky understood, just because he wanted to.
Bucky’s cheeks grew rosy. “Of course. Is that all?”
“Mmm…” Steve let his gaze slide over to the pastries that were on display. “Give me your favourite from the desserts, too.”
“Of course.” Bucky tapped into the screen, brows knitting as he concentrated, and shit, he was really cute.
Steve swallowed. “Thanks. How much?”
“Oh, um, it’s fine. I’ll just—it’s on me. You paid more than enough last time.”
Steve rolled his eyes. “No, c’mon, kid. How much?”
Bucky flushed. “‘m not a kid.”
“No?” Steve pointedly let his eyes roam over Bucky’s face, then down to his chest before flicking back up, delighted—because he was a sadist, sue him—to see Bucky’s face growing even warmer at the attention. “Sure look like one.”
Bucky gaped, and Steve suddenly—he—what the fuck was he doing? Jesus. He shook his head. “Sorry, just, look, just tell me how much.” He was—that was so inappropriate and unprofessional, he shouldn’t even be—
“Ten bucks,” Bucky mumbled, and Steve paid.
He glanced over his shoulder and noted that there were only three people actually sitting in the shop and no one in line behind him, which, cool, that was good. “Thanks,” he said simply, then moved to sit down.
He watched as Bucky hurriedly bowed his head, making his drinks, hissing something to his co-workers, cheeks still pink, and Steve saw him pop a matcha strawberry brownie into the oven.
He glanced down at his phone, answered a quick email, then sent Pepper a text saying that he might be a few minutes late back from his break, which she responded to with a thumbs up, and then the water gun emoji. He smiled.
“Your wife?”
Steve jumped and looked up, turning his phone off reflexively. Bucky set down the plate and mug in front of him. “Oh, no, my, uh, my boss.” He laughed awkwardly.
Bucky looked mortified. “Oh my god, I’m—I don’t even know why I asked that, I shouldn’t have even been looking, I’m so sorry, I don’t usually—I didn’t—”
“Bucky, it’s fine.” Steve gave him a smile that he hoped was warm, and reached out to take his drink. Bucky’s eyes followed his movements anxiously. “Thank you for the drink.”
Bucky blinked. “You paid for it.”
Steve bit the inside of his cheek. “I guess so.”
Bucky swallowed, glanced over his shoulder at Clint, who raised an eyebrow at him, and Steve smiled, he couldn’t help it, okay? “Is there a problem?”
Bucky shook his head, hard. “No, no, oh—it’s just—you know, it’s just an inside joke or something.” He flushed again, and Steve’s eyes lingered on his face for a few moments before he tore it away to take a bite from the brownie. “Um, is there anything else I can—that I can do? So that—I don’t want to mess up like—maybe you don’t even remember that it was me, but—”
“Two years ago?” The words slipped before Steve could bite them back.
Bucky swallowed and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, um, okay, you do remember. That’s… not fun.”
Steve took the time to think over his words before responding. “No, I suppose not,” he finally said. Bucky twitched. “But only because I keep remembering your tears while I yelled at you.” He huffed humourlessly.
Bucky hesitated, then— “My crocodile tears, you mean?”
“Oh, shit, I did call them that, didn’t I?” Steve gave him a rueful glance. “Look, Bucky, I didn’t—that was two years ago. And I don’t know what possessed me to say those things.” His chest tightened up anxiously, but it was fine, this was good, he’d have some closure, and if he was lucky, he’d be on good terms with Bucky. Who was very pretty. “I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is: I’m sorry.”
Bucky gaped at Steve, and Steve shifted uncomfortably in his seat, busying himself with his drink as he waited for—something. “It’s… it’s okay,” he croaked. “Thanks. I didn’t mean to.”
“I know.” Steve gave him a small smile. “We’re good now, okay? I promise.”
Bucky nodded, looking just as relieved as Steve felt. “Yeah, okay, cool.”
Steve saw Clint pump his fist in the air behind the counter not-so-subtly out of the corner of his eye.
Steve visited every day during his break.
Bucky was less shy and anxious around him now, sometimes even cracking jokes with him, sometimes holding small talk with him, and no matter what he did, it felt perfect. Steve… was having fun. For the first time in years.
Sometimes, he didn’t even get anything besides a cup of water, and Bucky would still treat it like it was the most precious thing in the world as he carried it over to his table.
Bucky set down his coffee in front of him, beaming. “For you.”
Steve laughed. “Bucky, I’m—god, you’re gonna turn me into an addict.”
Bucky smiled shyly. “That’s okay. It just means you’ll keep coming back here, won’t it?”
Steve melted. “Aw, shit.” He grinned. “You’re a real charmer.”
Bucky laughed. “Yeah, yeah, says the guy in the suit.” He raised an eyebrow. “I’m glad everything’s going well for you.”
“Thank you,” Steve said warmly. “You—I didn’t know you’d still be here, actually.” He took a sip. “Thought you’d have, well, I dunno. Moved on.”
“Oh!” Bucky shuffled his feet, and he scratched at the back of his neck in a way, cheeks rosy. “Yeah, well, I mean. No Fortune 500 company wants a college dropout. I’ve tried, but not much success.”
Shit. “Sorry. That was rude.”
“‘s fine. It’s true. I mean, two years is a long time.”
That was true. Two years was a long time. Two years and Steve had changed. Maybe Bucky could, too. If Steve helped. And he wanted to. Bucky was… Bucky was the biggest sweetheart Steve had ever met. He already knew Pepper would be charmed by him, would love him, maybe even take him under her wing like she’d done for Steve, and that was good, because then Bucky would get a promotion—
You mean if it’s good because it means you get to see more of his cute ass— shut up.
Steve sipped his drink thoughtfully, then— fuck it. “I could try to help,” he said. “Pepper—my boss—she’s looking for another assistant. Well, assistant to her assistant, I guess, would be a better way to explain it. So, a personal assistant for me. It’s at Stark Industries.” He shrugged. “I already know you—” Barely. “—so it’s not like making a recommendation would be odd. Networking.”
Bucky gaped at him. “You’re—oh my god, you’re insane.”
Steve laughed, surprised. “Am I?”
“Yes!” Bucky spluttered. “I just—you can’t just offer a job like that, Steve.”
“Why the hell not? It’s my assistant, Pepper won’t care.” He shrugged. She really wouldn’t. Bucky continued to stare disbelievingly, and Steve suddenly began to wonder if it’d been the wrong decision, if he’d pushed too hard, too fast, too— Shhh. “We’re friends now, aren’t we? ‘s what friends do for each other.” Steve waited, then broke into a grin at the expression on Bucky’s face. He was pretty sure Bucky would be at a loss for words for the next five minutes, when—
“And does being your personal assistant entail some action behind the scenes at home?”
Steve choked on his drink, coughing, his face glowing with heat.
Bucky looked equally mortified and taken aback by the words that had left his mouth, and he cried out, “Oh my god, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—I swear I didn’t—”
“Bucky!” Steve spluttered. “You’re fine! It’s fine!”
Bucky was still red in the face, and he was back to not looking Steve in the eyes, which, ugh, that was progress gone one step backwards. “I’m sorry. That was so unprofessional, I didn’t—”
Steve shook his head, shoulders shaking with laughter. “No, you’re fine. We’re friends. Friends joke around, don’t they?”
“Yeah,” Bucky said faintly. “Yeah, I guess so. ‘m still sorry.”
Suddenly feeling mischievous, Steve grinned and replied, “Forgiven—but only if you spell out what you meant for me.”
Bucky gaped.
Steve raised an eyebrow, and Bucky’s throat bobbed as he swallowed. “I’m waiting,” he drawled.
Bucky blushed and made a frustrated, embarrassed noise as he shifted his weight on the balls of his feet, looking hesitant as Clint and the girl bustled around behind him, clearly trying to be inconspicuous while eavesdropping. It made Steve’s lips twitch in amusement. “It’s just, I guess… you’re like, you emit rich energy now, my stupid brain just classified you—your offer as a sugar daddy thing, but as a joke, but I swear—”
Steve had been joking about earning his forgiveness, but curiosity took over against his better judgement, and he involuntarily leaned closer, but he never got to hear the rest of Bucky’s response because his phone suddenly rang out loudly in the nearly empty store, and he scowled. He snatched his phone up and the screen flashed the name TONY up at him. “Shit, I’m sorry. I have to take this.”
“Oh.” Bucky stared. “Oh, okay.”
Steve felt a pang of regret watching him back away, but there wasn’t anything he could do, not when Tony was calling him for god knew what. He picked up and when he spoke, his voice came out more curtly than he’d intended for it to, which was even worse because he knew Tony would pick up on that. “Tony.”
“Ohhh, Steve. Steve, Steve, Steve. You sound busy. Are you busy, Steve-o?” Tony drawled into the phone, then hissed, “Dummy, I swear to god, I’m gonna turn you into a pile of scraps, I’m gonna sell your parts, I’m gonna—”
“A bit,” Steve interrupted. “I was just in the middle of a conversation.” His gaze drifted to Bucky, who was cleaning up a table nearby. His cheeks reddened the slightest bit at Steve’s attention. Cute.
“Oh, really now?” God, Steve could just picture Tony wiggling his eyebrows delightedly. “That’s cute, baby, that’s real cute. Look, I need you to do something.”
“Don’t call me ‘baby.’” Steve rolled his eyes. “What is it?”
“You’ll find out. Tomorrow. Don’t ask Pepper about it. Can’t spoil the surprise, soldier. Just got excited, couldn’t help but call you about it.”
“God, Tony, you’re like, the CEO of the biggest company in the world; don’t you have better, more important things to do?” Steve chuckled fondly.
“Mm, nope.” Tony was smirking. Steve knew he was. “Now, I’ll let you go back to trying to hook up with twinks at your local cafe.”
“I— what?” Steve spluttered, and now it was his turn to get red in the face. “How do you even—”
“Byeee, Steve,” Tony sing-songed, and then the call ended.
Steve left shortly after that, because Bucky became too busy with a group of teenagers who’d come into the shop, and he could only make Pepper wait so long.
He didn’t forget to scribble his number on a napkin, though.
For networking purposes.
He waited, but his phone stayed silent for the rest of the day.
Steve had nearly given up by eleven when his phone buzzed, and the screen lit up with a message from an unknown number. He snatched it up immediately, unlocked his phone, and opened the Messages app.
Unknown Number: Hi. It’s Bucky.
Steve took the time to add Bucky to his contacts because duh, then replied.
Steve: Hey! :) Good rest of the day?
The response came immediately.
Bucky: Yeah, just got weirdly busy after our talk.
Bucky: Did you really mean it? The job thing?
Steve: Of course I did. I can’t guarantee it for sure, but I have some influence over who we hire, so. Better than nothing, right?
Bucky: Yeah, yeah.
Steve sucked the inside of his cheek, trying to think of what to say, when—
Bucky: Thank you. I appreciate it
Steve: No problem. A new (better) start to our friendship lol
Bucky: Lol yes. I promise I won’t ruin your suit this time
Steve typed out, You can ruin my suit anytime you want as a joke, but he hastily deleted it because that sounded way too sexual.
Steve: I’ll count on it ;)
Bucky: Stop by the shop tmr?
Steve: Baby, all you had to do was ask. Xoxo goodnight now
Shit. He hadn’t meant to use the pet name.
Bucky: Goodnight!!!
Bucky: <3
Okay, it was fine, then. More than fine. Bucky had sent him a heart. Steve grinned, then set his phone down to prepare for bed.
This was good. It was. It was a new friendship, and Steve couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually made a friend, and he should be happy with himself for having the courage to apologize and come to a reconciliation with Bucky. He had no idea how this was going to end, but that didn’t matter. He was satisfied with what he had.
He most definitely should not be wishing that they were more than just friends.
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lethal-desires · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve gets upset that Bucky didn't call for help when he found himself in dire situations. But they hug it out anyways like they always do.
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feathersofvibranium · 3 hours ago
//sappy lil stucky sambucky headcanon/meta incoming:
Tumblr media
(gif source)
we see bucky’s dog tags here
what if before steve dipped at the end of endgame, he and bucky exchanged their tags (or like well before then) not supposed to, but anyone gonna try to stop them is gonna have a bad time
bucky could’ve went back with steve but he chose to stay to make sure sam doesn’t fuck up
anyway bucky keeps one piece of steve’s and one of his own around his neck as a reminder of steve and of who he himself is supposed to be: James Buchanan Barnes, (and White Panther Wolf), not the Winter Soldier, not anyone else
[bonus: if you know how dog tags work/are for: he keeps steve’s on the closer ring/meant to be the one that stays because he’d lose his own identity before losing the memory of steve again. but he’s making good progress and moving on]
and he gave the other piece of steve’s to sam later since sam wasn’t aware like he was of what steve had planned and because sam did fuck up but he made it better so it’s fine
the reason he doesn’t have sam’s too right here is because this is before the Mating Dance™ with him and they later get matching friendship bracelets tattoos wedding bands everything is going well with him, better than he’d hoped, really
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doubledeckersofa · 3 hours ago
Hello I need help. What’s the exact timeline from Captain an America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.
My question is, how much time is between the two movies?
For example: Wandavision takes place three weeks after Endgame happens. Falcon and the winter soldier takes like a few months (maybe a year? Close to?) but I just wanna know how much time is in between Winter Soldier and Civil War.
If anyone knows please lmk I can’t find it anywhere and yes it shows which movies are in between but I wanna know was it years? A few months? What was the canon timeline for them?
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ao3feed-stevebucky · 3 hours ago
Which is your Bucky?
read it on the AO3 at
by Cinka
Words: 1371, Chapters: 1/1, Language: 中文-普通话 國語
Fandoms: Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types, Captain America (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes as Captain America, Hydra Steve Rogers, Romanian Bucky Barnes
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Tumblr media
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Finding out that a new ship you got into has a ton of fanfiction on AO3 is like a pirate finding a treasure chest full of gold.
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Last Updated: 06/ May/2021
Gradually I'll add more stories💜💜💜 I hope you like it.
All the stories are ddlg themed.
if you are not 18 please do not interact with this blog
The pink title is fluff and the oranges are angust.
💙Steve Rogers
Sleepless baby
Little baby
Princess Birthday
💙Tom Hiddleston
Daddy Tom
💙Henry Cavill
It´s time to sleep
💙Thor Odinson
Daddy´s care
💙August Walker
A big tantrum
How daddy comforts you
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