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#stucky incorrect quotes

Bucky: Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?

Sam: Yes

Bucky: I was hula hooping. Steve and I attend a class for fitness and fun

Sam: Oh, my God

Bucky: I’ve mastered all the moves [shows photos on his phone] The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.

Sam: Why are you telling me this?

Bucky: Because no one will ever believe you [deletes all photos]

Sam: You sick son of a bitch

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Bucky: What did you do?

Steve: Okay, ill tell you but you have to promise not to be mad

Bucky: What. Did. You. Do

Steve: Well, I was minding my own business-

Bucky, slamming his hands on the table: BULLSHIT

Steve, crying: I WAS

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Bucky: would you kiss me for 20 dollars

Steve: why?

Bucky: just curious

Steve: yah I guess?

Bucky: *slams 20 dollars on the table* well would you look at that-

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Bucky: Steve will you-

Steve: yes I will marry you


Bucky shrugging: good thing I always keep the ring ready

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Someone: *insults bucky in front of bucky*

Bucky: *whispers to sam* is this the part where I’m supposed to care?

Someone: *insults bucky in front of steve*

Steve: bitch you better run

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Bucky: so…..

Bucky: wanna date???


Bucky: pahAhA I’m kiddinggg


Bucky: unless you want to??

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Bucky: I’m very proud to say that I am officially a lost cause

Bucky: thank you all, especially you Steve *blows kiss*, but unfortunately it was all for nothing

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Steve catching up on modern terms: you can’t spell sus without us

Bucky: you’re not allowed to hang out with peter anymore

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Bucky: I get this strange feeling in my chest when I talk to you and I don’t get it when I talk to girls

Pre serum Steve: sounds like heartburn. I’m an expert

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Bucky: Can someone please hold me? Even if it’s at gunpoint I don’t care

Steve: BUCKY NO-

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Bucky: you know you’ve made it when you see your picture up everywhere you go

Steve: those are wanted posters

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Bucky: you can’t just run away from your problems you know

Pre serum Steve: maybe so, but I can moonwalk away from them

Pre serum Steve: *trips while moonwalking away*

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