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#stucky x reader
jobean12-blog · a day ago
Love’s Eternal Kiss
Pairing: Stucky x reader (Bucky x reader, Steve x reader) Vampire AU
Word Count: 887
Summary: Bucky and Steve want to love you for eternity. 
Author’s Note: There is no one to blame for his except myself and my dear friend @nix-akimbo who continues to bless us with so much gorgeousness. It’s that time of year and I can’t get enough of Vampires these days so here it is. Hope you enjoy. Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: Softness and smut, oral sex (f rec), teasing, light light dirty talk, sexy vampires, mentions of blood (18 + ONLY PLEASE!!!)
EDITS NOT MINE: These two amazing edits are by @nix-akimbo and totally inspired me! Thank you so much! 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re draped over the chair in Steve’s lap, toying with the necklace that rests against his chest and sipping wine. Bucky stands in the doorway, his gaze fixed on you as you swallow the dark red liquid and lick your lips.
“Want a taste?” you ask Bucky, winking when he continues to stare.
Bucky’s eyes drift to Steve and some silent exchange passes between them but you don’t dare ask, knowing they will share in time.
“I’d much rather have a taste of those beautiful lips,” Bucky whispers, sauntering over to you. “Or better yet, something even sweeter.”
He kneels before the chair and takes your foot in his hand, gently massaging the sole until your body melts against Steve’s.
You close your eyes and moan, gasping when Bucky’s hands inch higher and rub along your calves. He works his way up your legs, now placing soft kisses along your inner thighs until he has your dress pushed up over your hips.
“Look at you,” Bucky simpers. “Already so wet for us.”
Bucky’s lips continue to trail along your skin, his warm and wet mouth making you shiver with anticipation. Steve’s large hand ghosts down your neck and his thumb caresses your jaw, turning your head so he can press his lips to yours.
Steve’s kiss swallows your quiet whimpers, his free hand grazing your collarbone and slowly unbuttoning the top of your dress. Bucky gently slides your underwear down your legs and pushes them further apart, humming appreciatively when he runs a cool metal finger through your soaking folds.
Your hips lift off Steve’s lap and push forward but his fingers slide down your throat and tighten around the base making you go still. His thumb brushes over your quickening pulse and he groans into the kiss, nipping and sucking at your bottom lip.
Bucky continues to tease you with his finger and you can feel his hot breath before he places a soft kiss to your clit. You writhe on Steve’s lap, his hard cock throbbing against your ass every time you move. Steve’s hand dips into your bra and his fingers graze your peaked nipple before he pinches, sending a new wave of pleasure through your body.
Your hand falls to Bucky’s hair and you grasp it between your fingers, tugging harshly until his mouth covers your pussy. He growls and slides his tongue from top to bottom then sucks your clit into his mouth, nipping with his teeth, before doing it again.
Steve holds you to him, one hand still closed around the base of your throat and the other kneading the soft flesh of your breast while his mouth devours yours. Your hips start to roll and your stomach tightens. Steve releases your lips and looks down between your legs.
“How does she taste James?” Steve asks, his fangs pressing into his lip as he watches.
Bucky looks up for a moment, his mouth and chin glistening in the moonlight.
“Always so sweet,” he whispers, flashing his fangs before he lightly bites your inner thigh.
You cry out in ecstasy, your walls tightening around emptiness and you drag your nails over Bucky’s scalp, holding him to you. His lips soothe the stinging skin before they trail along your thigh and his tongue dips between your folds again.
Your breathing is coming in short pants and your eyes are clamped shut. Bucky’s mouth brings you right to edge of bliss and then disappears. You whine loudly, opening your eyes and staring down at him, his smirk only making you want more.
“Please,” you beg, your eyes falling to Steve as his hand slides down your stomach.
His fingers settle between your legs and brush against the wetness. He draws his hand back, your arousal gleaming on his fingers before he lifts them his mouth and licks them clean one by one.
“So sweet,” he purrs before kissing you so you can taste yourself on his tongue.
Bucky rises from his knees and his eyes glitter with predatory intent. You tremble in Steve’s arms.
“Do it,” you rasp. “I want to be yours for eternity.”
Steve and Bucky share one last silent moment, their minds connected in a way you’ve only heard them talk of.
Bucky leans in close, whispering against the shell of your ear. “Is this really what you want? Just the three of us. Until the end of time.”
“Yes,” you breathe out, your tone pleading.
Bucky’s lips touch your throat just as Steve’s do the same and your vision pales, dying away and you know nothing but exquisite pleasure. Then the blood comes, pouring through every fiber of your body until your skin heats, tingling with electricity and a renewed hunger.
You drink and drink, your face buried first against Bucky’s warm skin and then Steve’s.
“You are ours; you are wholly and completely ours.”
Bucky’s voice is like a melody that sings through your head and Steve’s voice a soothing echo.
You lay in bed, folded between two hard bodies as the pleasure shimmers through you even now. You shift against the silken sheets and the boys press you closer, their soft words of sleep murmur through your mind as your eyelashes flutter along your cheeks. You have found your place; your eternal place, nestled amongst an eternal love.
Tumblr media
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„Watch me“ - part 2
James Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x female reader
Words: 3.5k
Summary: Steve has no idea kinks exist so his best friend Bucky has to step in and help him with his new girlfriend.
Warnings: voyeurism, edging, threesome, sex lesson, spanking, dirty talk, dom/sub, power play, polyamory, innocent Steve & experienced Bucky
Notes: Y’all asked for a part 2 so here I am delivering. I also felt like including Steve more so I hope you guys like it! 👀 Read it on ao3
[Part 1]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
„I think we need Stevie to listen to you scream my name a few more times before he’s really motivated to make you cum, right doll?“, Bucky asks looking down on you and back to Steve.
Bucky can feel the way your breath gets caught in your chest, and being the bastard that he is-
„Oh, she likes that idea, Stevie. She’s gonna make me cum soo good before you‘ll get your turn on her. Is that what you want, princess?“
Steve pauses the stroking on his cock, the moment stilling. He wanted this, and apparently Bucky did too, but they both wanted to be sure it was something you wanted as well.
And, even though you had never in a million years thought you’d find yourself in a situation like this, there’s actually not a single thing you want more right now than what the two were offering you.
„Yes,” you say, quiet at first, so you repeat it with enough confidence for both men to feel comfortable in your decision. “Yes, please, I-", your words are cut off as Bucky pinches your nipple hard, and a whine comes out instead.
„Next lesson, Stevie…“, his tongue is suddenly against your lips, and you part your mouth for him, allowing him to explore it.
He tastes good. The scent of his skin mingling in with that of his cologne.
You find yourself enjoying it, you enjoy it very much as the taste and smells meld together in your mouth while you kiss him.
„Communication is key. Talk to her, make sure to let her know how fucking perfect she is, how good she’s doing… Ask her if she’s feeling good.“
Suddenly the bed dips and strong hands find your shoulders.
„That feel good, baby?”, Steve whispers in your ear, pushing himself behind your naked body so you lean against his firm chest. You eagerly nod.
„Buck doing a good job?”
“Must be“, Bucky answers the question for you, a smug grin on his face as he pulls out of you. You have to physically stop the whine from leaving your throat at the unwanted absence. He gives himself a few demonstrating strokes, his dick glistening with your slick.
All you can do is gape at him with wide eyes as he slowly, while looking straight at you, brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean.
„Tastes good, doesn’t she?”
“She does,” Bucky responds to Steve, who brings a hand up to your hair and tightens it in his grip, making sure you can’t look away.
You’re so overwhelmed between the two of them that your normal instincts to taunt back, stand your ground and not completely just roll over and submissively take it, are suppressed. You wiggle your hips, arching yourself into Bucky.
“Aw, look at that. She’s practically begging you for it, Stevie.”
The condescension in his tone brings you an ounce of willpower. „Dude, shut the fu-ah, god-” your breath is stolen from you as Steve yanks your hair back, and brings a hand to squeeze your face between his strong fingers.
„Be good for him,” his voice is soft as his lips brush over your temple. He points your head, so you’re forced to look back directly at Bucky.
„Tell him you want his cock.”
Bucky sits there, stare burning into yours. A thought passing over, if the two of them had actually planned the whole scenario, crosses your mind, because, fuck, they sure do seem like they know how to act like a team about all of this.
The idea intimidates you. This was new, and it’d been a long time since you felt anything but experienced when it came to your sexual escapades. Especially since you’ve met Steve.
„I want your cock“, you finally give in, a slight sting of shame in your voice. It was almost embarrassing, the way they clearly intended to just play with you like this. Regretfully, the idea of it all only makes you wetter.  
„Say please. Come on baby, I know you know how to use your manners.“ Steve’s voice was so warm, so comfortable yet his words and their meaning were filthy and mean.
Bucky was far too eager to run with it too.
„You heard him, doll.“
You lick your lips, you don’t even mean to. Steve’s getting impatient, and the hand that’s not roughly grabbing your jaw moves down, thumb pressing hard against your clit.
„Please” you break at the pressure, “Fuck, please, Bucky…“
„God, what a desperate little thing she is, huh?” “Listen to how wet she is from all of this.”
Bucky slams his full length back into you in one smooth move, the noise from the actions almost obscene.
“Fuck, you’re goddamn right she’s desperate, look at this, Buck.” Steve’s grip on your face tightens, “drooling all over my hand like this, Christ.”
You weren’t far off from orgasming and dammit you wanted to. The way Bucky was fucking you now was far more aggressive, hips smacking against yours and forcing you harder against your lovers chests behind your back.
Steve knows your body well enough by now and recognizes how close you’re getting. Your walls start to tighten around Buckys cock, and just when you think he might let you-
“Damn, she wants to cum already.” You can tell by Buckys tone what he’s getting at before he even mumbles out, “do you think we should let her?”
Steves hand goes to your chin, tilting it upwards so you’re looking at him.
His pupils are blown from lust but his expression intimidatingly steady given the situation. You didn’t ever consider what Steve would be like when it came to this, but holy fuck, you didn’t expect him to be so god damn sly and dominant about it all.
“Nah, I’m not sure she’s earned it yet.“
Definitely not the response you were hoping for and you embarrass yourself further as the moan that leaves your mouth is just as disappointed as the look on your face.
Steve laughs as Bucky pulls his cock out again in apparent agreement. He takes his cock, sliding it up and down your slit, teasing you and pushing it in just enough to make your knees start to shake under you. All the while you’re looking right at Steve, a pitiful mess with your desperate eyes and wet, swollen lips, he watches you start to break bit by bit as Bucky teases you.
„Ready for you next lesson, Stevie?“, Bucky says, suddenly moving away. You watch him, curious and more than frustrated at this point. You don’t know how long they can keep you on the edge like this. You expect they intended on finding that exact thing out.
„Wanna taste her?”, Steve asks, though Bucky is already settled so he’s on his stomach, eyeing your pretty, pink, glistening pussy as Steve fixes his ankles, wrapping them around yours so he can use his own legs to keep you spread open. „What do you say, princess? Want Buck to lick that sweet, wet cunt of yours till you cum all over his face?”
You’re having a hard time focusing, but you mumble out a rather shaky, „uhuh,” to which both men laugh at. They were having way too much fun flustering you up like this. If you were a third party watching in, the sight of you and your absolute lack of resolve to do anything but lay down and take it would make you cringe.
Bucky, blue eyes wilder than you’d ever recall seeing them, clearly riled up by the prospect, takes his fingers and pinches the lips in front of his face, the action causing you to groan. It’s equally painful as it is arousing.
„You know how to ask, don’t you?” You feel the breath from his words against your cunt and tremble at it.
„Use your words,” Steve affirms Buckys sentiment. „He’s doing us a favor, after all.“
You’re torn between wanting to kill him and wanting to take his cock until you choked on your own spit. God, you didn’t know Steve could be such a prick when he really wanted to be. His hands slowly move up your body until they find your throat. The grip isn’t threatening, yet, and it just speeds your already racing pulse all the more.
„Lick me,” you mumble out, „please,” you add on, as the pressure from both Steves hand on your throat and Buckys fingers pinching your pussy lips increases.
„We trained her well, huh?”, Bucky comments before diving into it. His tongue laps a wide strip across the lips he was just torturing, and eagerly dives in deeper for more.
Okay, that does it. Your hips jolt up as Buckys tongue starts to jet in and out of your center, but you speak through the ridiculous pleasure of it all.
„I’m not a fucking pet, you dickhea-ah-”
You don’t get to finish the sentence. Steve brings a hand up and covers your mouth, fingers lightly pinching at your nose, just starting to block the airflow.
You try to mumble against his hand, and he just pinches tighter.
You feel Bucky’s hand on your thighs, metal fingers wrapping around the soft skin as he spreads you wider, laps of his tongue only becoming more aggressive as Steve slowly lessens your ability to breathe.  
„Could have fooled me, moaning into my hand like a bitch in heat,” his voice is low in your ear, but Bucky must hear because you feel him laugh against you, the vibrations only causing you to groan louder into Steve’s hand. The brunette pulls away just long enough to mumble something.
„Good job on the talking. You’re a fast learner“, he says, sounding proud of his friend, „She seems to like it too, I’m almost drowning here.“
Steve allows you to breathe again, removing his hand.
„Atta girl,” he praises you like you’ve done something right. „Hear that, princess?“
Bucky‘s mouth is already returned to your cunt, and you realize he’s intentionally ignoring your clit. You squirm your hips, trying to get him to give it any attention but seems to know as well as you do, that as soon as he does, you’ll be within an inch of cumming.
„Someone’s impatient“, Steve chides, hand returned over your nose and mouth.
Impatient?! Like you haven’t been hanging on the edge of this orgasm for the past twenty minutes. You don’t even bother trying to say it, the words would be muffled, and it’d likely only delay it further. They’re both clearly on a fucking power trip.
You feel Buckys nose brush against your clit, you’re not even sure if it was intentional, but the motherfucker seemed malicious and calculating enough that you wouldn’t be surprised.
Your reaction is so immediate and intense that even he can’t ignore it. It must do something to him, because he finally relents.
The very tip of his tongue flicks across your clit, and Steve removes his hand from your mouth just in time to hear the pathetic sob Bucky has earned from you as he now shifts his focus entirely to the throbbing, neglected bud on top.
Your hands grab at Steves biceps, nails digging into the skin as you can’t hold back what you’ve been trying to achieve for far too long.
“Look at him when you cum, princess, be polite.”
Fine, you think. Fucking fine. You don’t want to admit it, but there’s little you wouldn’t do at this point just to finally fucking cum.
You can see far too much from how you’re resting against Steve, more than you’d normally be comfortable with.
Buckys eyes are open, blue peering right up at you like he was waiting…which, you guess he was, since he clearly knew what Steve was looking for in all of this.
Suddenly, you feel a lot more vulnerable. You would’ve thought that being held in place by Steve while he spreads your legs so Bucky can nest his head between them would’ve done that but no, it’s this. The eye contact. The way you’re forced to look right at him as your mouth drops, face twists and thighs absolutely quiver as the orgasm ripples through you from your core.
Bucky doesn’t leave the spot until you stop shaking, giving gentle licks, and then soft kisses on your inner thigh as he finally backs away. As he sits up and you notice how his mouth and chin are literally shiny, thoroughly coated in you, you look away. It’s too much. The reality and embarrassment over what’d you just let him -your boyfriends best friend- do to you, threatens to take over, but Steves comforting strokes, his hands now gently rubbing your arms, keeps the anxiety at bay.
You had nothing to be ashamed of, he wants this. They both want you. This much is obvious by how awfully hard both of them are as they watch you recover from the moment.
„She looks so pretty like this, doesn’t she?”, Steve says, voice deep and relaxed. He looks at you, thumb brushing over your bottom lip, eyes more thoughtful than predatory at the moment. „You’re so beautiful, doing so good for us, princess.”
He doesn’t take his eyes off you, like he’s mesmerized by your body, your face, your wonderful scent…
You turn to him and meet his lips in a kiss. You’d kissed more times than you can count at this point.
When you pull away from his mouth, your eyes catch the painfully neglected red tip of his cock, leaking pre-cum. Holy shit.
Your heart twitches in your chest.
“C’mere,” Steve pulls you into his lap. He leans down flat on his back and Bucky’s hands are on either side of your hips. They rub over your bare body, lips on the back of your neck as Steve watches him slowly work you up again.
“You wanna ride his cock, sweets?”, Bucky asks from behind, his lips brushing over your earlobe.
You nod your head, not trusting yourself to speak without your voice cracking.
Steves dick is in his hand, ready to line it up with your entrance. Firm hands on your hips, Bucky lowers you onto it.
Steve thrusts up into you and you suppress a moan as best as possible.
Your senses were completely overrun, and knowing full well where this was heading, you wanted to keep your coherency for as long as you could.
„Big, right? Bet it feels so good in that tight little pussy of yours“, Bucky almost whispers, his hands are on your ass, squeezing.
You don’t see Bucky bring his open palm up to Steves face, but you hear him say „spit on it,” and the sound of Steve obliging his request.
Bucky uses the newly wet fingers to jerk himself a few times, and his hands that had been kneading at your ass stop their movements. Instead, each hand grabbing a respective cheek and spreading it open.
„God, fuck.” , you’re panting, breathing heavy and your moans match Steve’s pace under you as he drives up into your soaking wet heat.
„You’re doing so good, doll,” Bucky encourages you as he strokes himself faster to the sight of you and your boyfriend.
„Turn her“, he suddenly says and both swing you around, your cunt never leaving his cock, so you’re facing Bucky again with Steve kneeling behind you.
A metal hand is now on your head, urging you down and you immediately realize what he’s asking for.
You lick up his length, from the hilt to the top, giving special care to his cock’s head as your lips suckle on it.
You pepper his cock with a few more kisses before lowering your mouth onto it, actions slow as you feel him slide further back your throat. His grip on your head is more tender this time, gentle pets of his fingers toying with your hair.
„Fuck, sweets, your mouth was made for this… I should’ve done this sooner.“
You respond to the praise by bringing a hand up and palming at his balls, which he appreciates, a small “Ah-Fuck, good girl,” interrupting his sentence, “looks so pretty with a cock in her mouth,” as you start to bop your head faster.
You moan on his cock, all the compliments going straight to your head and pussy.
Steve waits for a few more seconds before he picks up his pace again, thrusting into you so hungry for release.
Bucky‘s metal arm suddenly reached forward to rub fast circles on your clit and you have to break off his cock to catch your breath.
„Just like that…oh, fuck, yeah, just like that.”
You’ve lost any inhibitions you might’ve normally had at this point. You’re screaming, moaning, murmurs of their names, praising them, praising god, saying words you’re not even sure were actually words. You’re completely gone. Your moans are loud and obscene in their ears, but they don’t dare try to quiet you. They’re like honey in their minds, coating over it, sticky and delicious and sweet.
“You like being used like this, huh?”, Bucky’s voice is gruff, he’s shoving your mouth back on his cock and you bop your head with the rhythm of Steves thrusts inside you, harder and more erratically.
You don’t answer right away, mostly because your mouth is stuffed with Buckys cock and as a result you feel a hard slap on your ass but you honestly can’t tell which hand belongs to whom at this point.
„Yes“, you moan around Buckys length.
„You love it, don’t you? You love being mine and Stevies little fuck doll.”
„You were made to take our cocks, huh?” Steve joins in and you know he’s close, so you tighten around him just to have some semblance of control in all of this.
„Fucking hell,” he grits out at the feeling of his cock being squeezed in your already incredibly tight hole.
Even so, you feel another slap on your ass and you lift your head to cry out at the painful contact.
„Answer his question, come on now. You were being so good.”
It takes you a second to even remember what the fuck he said, but you mumble blind agreements anyway.
You’re close, and you’re about to cum with or without their permission. They must sense it, or maybe they’re just close themselves, because Bucky asks the question you didn’t realize you were waiting for. “You gonna cum all over Stevies dick for us?”
You don’t even get to answer, your walls clench hard around him and Steve throws his own head back, jaw clenched, and eyes shut tight at the feeling of cumming hard around his deeply buried length.
There are genuine tears in your eyes as you climax, you pull off of Bucky once again and you’re bumbling like a drunken idiot, reduced to absolute ruin and it drives them both wild.
Steve cums first, you feel his cock tense and twitch inside you as he serves one last hard, deep thrust, hands gripping your hips so tightly you won’t be surprised if there are prints left over for you to admire tomorrow morning.
„Just like that, fuck, yes, just like fucking that princess.”
He doesn’t pull out, he won’t until Bucky cums, which isn’t at all long after. His hips jet up hard into your mouth again and you feel his release fill you up from the other side.
He mumbles a mixture of praises that make your already weak legs shake, and curses, into your ear as he holds you still until the he’s sure he’s given you all of his release.
„Swallow it all, fuck…such a good girl.“
Bucky pulls out first, Steve keeping you there a moment longer. You lift your head, spinning, sweaty, cheeks tear-stained, just to turn your face and look at him. As soon as your face is there, he kisses you, hard, passionately. You let him, moving your lips more lazily against his. You were fucking beat.
You don’t think you’d ever came so hard in your life.
The moment finally dies down as Steve pulls away and then out of you. You roll over so you’re on your back lying next to him, and Bucky joins you on the other side.
The three of you are tired, breathing heavy. It takes a few minutes for anyone to have the energy to speak up.
„So…that was,” you start.
„Incredible“, Steve finishes the sentence to which Bucky hums in agreement.
You laugh, bringing your hands to cover your face.
What the fuck just happened?
„Are you okay?”, Steve whispers, genuine care in his voice. You nod your head.
„Okay is one way to put it.”
This time, he laughs, and Bucky gives a small, airy chuckle.
„Was I… I mean, was that good for you guys?” You shouldn’t be insecure, but you can’t help it. You’d never done that before.
„Do you want a yelp review? I figured the way we came all over you would be enough of a reassurance.” Despite his asshole tone, Bucky brings an arm and wraps it around you, pulling you into him so you’re back is resting against his chest. You reach your hand out to grab for Steve who showers your face in light kisses.
It feels nice, laying between them. Nicer than you’d ever considered it could.
You’re not sure how you should feel right now. You liked this all, and you liked it a lot. You liked Steve, you liked Bucky… you found yourself hoping this wasn’t going to be an anomaly. That it wasn’t going to be a one-and-done deal.
But the way you’re curled up between them gives you the impression it would be more than that.
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
Taken: Part 9
A/N: There is smut so please use caution
Tumblr media
“I like them,” May rest against the door frame with her arms crossed over her chest and her glasses slipping down the bridge of her nose.
“I’m assuming when you same ‘them’ you mean dumb and dumber.” You smirked and rifled through the series of dresses you’d shoved deep into the back of your closet.
“They’re very charming. It’s no wonder they got to where they are now.” May tilt her head and then pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. “I was…thinking of dating again.”
“May?” You grabbed a few hangars with short dresses on them and tossed them behind you onto the bed. “Dating?”
“I met someone. His name is Happy.”
“Happy?” You questioned, setting the few choices down on the mattress. “His name is Happy?”
“Happy Hogan,” she seemed to be in a daze, thinking of him while wringing her fingers together in front of her, “he makes me happy.”
“But..?” You questioned her on her hesitancy.
“Can I…should I…dare again? After Ben-“ May sighed and pushed herself off the door frame and walked further into your room.
She walked toward your bed and sank on the mattress, folding her hands in her lap. She turned her head and looked out the window before she started chewing her bottom lip. She was deep in thought, thinking and contemplating. You knew she carried this guilt or would carry responsibility for moving on from uncle Ben, thinking she would need permission from you or Peter.
Even though she didn’t, she knew how much Ben meant to you and Peter. She knew that the two of you had thought of Ben like your father when your parents died.
“May, uncle Ben has been gone a long time.” You turned and faced her. “You don’t need to feel guilty for being with someone who makes you happy.”
“Peter and I are adults. You are an adult. We’re all free to make our own decisions, and if you want to be with Happy, then you should. You don’t need to ask for permission.”
“Honey, Peter-“
“Peter be damned!” You scoffed. “If Peter has that much to say about it, then he deserves to get his ass kicked.”
“You think I should?” May played with the neckline of one of the dresses you thought about wearing, distracting herself again. “Your uncle Ben and I…you and Peter, are like my own kids, and I don’t…
“You don’t need our permission, May. You deserve to make yourself happy. Put yourself first.” She lifted her head when you finished speaking and smiled small. She leaned toward you and squeezed your hand, her eyes becoming glossy from the threat of tears that threatened to start rolling down her cheeks.
“You deserve to be happy too, sweetie.” She brushed her thumb across your knuckles and then pulled away. “I think you should wear a black dress. It’s classic yet sexy.”
“You think so?” You stood and moved around the end of your bed, picking up the dress by the hangar, holding it against your body.
“Absolutely!” Your aunt stood after you had and walked to your closet. She bent down and scooped a pair of red heels from the shoe rack and held them out to you by the tips of her fingertips, the toes of the heels swaying back and forth. “You like these?”
“They’re great.” You took them and tossed them on the bed with the black dress and took the reject dresses and hung them back up. “Thanks for coming over and helping me.”
“You’re welcome, honey. I know it’s been a long time since your last date,” she hip-bumped you and flashed you a smile, “but I’m always happy to help.”
“So the dress and the heels-“
“-and a red lip. Red lipstick is classic.” She faced you more head-on and brushed your hair behind your ears, the two of you holding each other’s gaze for a moment. “Your parents would be proud of you.”
“You’re going to make me cry, and if I cry-“
“-I’ll cry. I know. But it’s true.”
“Thank you, May.” You cleared your throat. “I should get ready.”
“I wanna see you head out.” May dropped her hands from your face and placed her hands on your shoulders. “Like you’re going to homecoming again.”
“May nothing. Get dressed, and I’ll help with your makeup.” She pats your cheek and then slips out of your room to let you get ready for your date.
The dress you chose was form-fitting and hip-hugging with off-the-shoulder straps that curved elegantly over the swells of your breasts and had just hinted at what was laying under the fabric. It was soft to the touch, almost feeling like butter under your fingertips, making you almost sure that Steve and Bucky would appreciate how it felt under their touch.
“I’m ready when you are!” May called from the other side of the door. “And I should remind you that they’re gonna be here in half an hour!”
Tumblr media
“Different suit, same entitled smirk.” You cocked your hip and studied Steve from where he stood, leaning against the side of the limo.
“You look good, princess. You clean up just for us?”
“Oh no,” you walked toward him, doing a slow spin halfway between the limo and the front door to your apartment building, “I’ve turned myself into a sugar baby. Can you and your pimpmobile move? I’m going to be late meeting him?”
“Oh sweetheart,” Steve’s smirk grew as he opened the door to the limo for you, “your daddy’s waiting inside for you.”
“I thought I told you not to say that again, you fucking prick.” Your eyes became fixed into a glare that bore into him. “You are not-“
“Hey baby, get your ass in the car or one of your daddies-“
“Fuck you both with an iron spear.” You groaned but proceeded to get into the limo anyway. “You have to be so irritating?”
“Only for you, honey,” Bucky smirked and looked you over with no motion or attempt to hide the appreciation and thriving lust that was prominent in his pale blue eyes. “You gonna give your daddy a kiss?”
“Will my foot up your ass, suffice?”
“Come on, sugar,” Steve nudged you with his hand, “move your ass, or I’ll move it for you.”
“Where are you assholes taking me anyway? Someplace of ill-repute?” You turned your head toward Bucky and looked him over in the same manner as he had looked at you.
You knew he looked damn good, even more so in the Tom Ford suit that complimented his eyes and his skin tone. However, the look was only amplified by the top two buttons he had left popped, exposing a sneak peek at the planes of his chest and the dark chest hair that gave him that undeniable sex god appeal.
“Eyes are up here, honey.” He crooned, lifting your chin with his fingers. “Keep looking at me like that, and we won’t make it to the restaurant without you having something dripping from those pretty lips.”
“You want your lipstick to run, princess?” Steve was behind you, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear.
“Jokes on you fuckers,” you looked over your shoulder at Steve, and then Bucky, “this shit don’t run.”
The tension between you three had skyrocketed. The sexual tension was electric, and if you could’ve physically seen it crackle like tendrils of lightning, it would’ve been equally beautiful and frightening.
“Damn, you have no idea what you do to us,” Bucky growled, his hand first making contact with your knee before he started to slide it up your thigh.
“Don’t jizz yourself. It’d be embarrassing.” You pushed his hand off of your leg.
“You want a testament of how he can go, baby?” Again, Steve’s lips brushed against the shell of your ear. “Hmm? How long can we both go?”
“I’m guessing the record is somewhere under 10 minutes.” You shifted on the seat and tapped his cheek twice. “But good effort. You know practice makes perfect. Maybe by the time you’re 101, you’ll reach a half hour.”
“You’re mouthy, kitten.”
“Oh, it’s kitten now?” You raised an eyebrow. “So what’s that make you two? Dogs?”
“No one else would put up with your mouth.” Steve slid his hand around your hips on the seat, only ceasing his movement when his fingers were tucked under your thigh.
“And if anyone ever lays a hand on you,” Bucky, in a tender moment, grabbed your hand and placed the first of three kisses to the back, “they’re fucking finished.”
“Thank you for the offer,” you pulled your hand away, “but no one is going to come after me. As you said, no one could handle my mouth. I’d be on the streets within minutes.”
“You-“ a tap came to the privacy divider of the limo, the driver signalling your arrival.
“So where are we going? Are you going to tell me anytime soon? Or blindfold me?”
“Oh sweet girl,” a hand snaked around your waist and up to the curve of your breasts, “when we blindfold you for the first time, it’ll be in a place where no one can hear you’re screaming our names.”
“I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be kinky or terrifying.” You slid his hand off your breasts and placed it back down against the seat, “either way, we’re here. Get out.”
Steve smirked in return and grabbed your hand, weaving your fingers together. He gave you a light tug as he started getting out of the limo, with you behind him. When you had gotten out of the spacious vehicle, you gazed at the building set before you, noting the rich red bricks and vintage doors that were momentarily closed, though you could see people inside the building, dressed in white dress shirts with ties and black aprons tied around their waist.
“You rented the whole space?” You frowned, watching them occasionally glance out the window to see the three or you.
“Thought our first date should be private.” He mumbled in your ear, his hands sliding down your waist and your hips to the curve of your ass.
“Fucking rich people.” You scoffed but followed Steve anyway when the doors had opened and a maitre d' greet both of them.
“Good evening, sirs.” He bowed his head like he was talking to royalty and stepped aside. “The table you requested is ready.”
“Fucking rich people.” You grumbled again, following them into the restaurant and up a set of stairs to a balcony overlooking the rest of the restaurant.
The private dining section itself was formed of half-circular seating arrangements that were strategically placed around the space. The seats weren’t cheap cloth like in the diners you would’ve frequented, or even vinyl. The seats were made of leather, either rich burgundy or onyx black that had been a statement theme and a well-paired ‘opposite’ to the crystal chandeliers that hung daintily from the ceiling and had cast the space in an intimate and soft glow.
“Why’d you want our first date private? Think I’m going to suck you off under the table?” You approached the arrangement they’d chosen; only the table had been removed, leaving behind the half-circular bench seats and a small tray with three wine glasses and a bottle of wine that surely cost more than your rent.
Bucky’s laugh was deep, brimming with lust, and he did quick work of caging you between his body and Steve’s. Your back was to his chest, and your face was mere inches from Steve’s.
“Course not, baby,” he busied his fingers by lifting the hem of your dress inch by inch, “you’re gonna sit back and relax while we suck you off.”
You turned your head to look back at Bucky, but Steve placed his forefinger and thumb on your chin and gently turned your head and your attention back to him.
He was sitting on the bench, his right hand unbuttoning his suit pants and yanking down his zipper, drawing your attention to his raging hard-on that looked as if it would tear the damn seam.
“Eyes on me, princess.” He hummed, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip. “I want you to look at me. Don’t take your eyes off me.”
You felt Bucky shifting behind you, his hands moving down your hips and thighs, the cool metal of his ring making you shiver under his touch. He was kneeling; you knew he was without having to look.
“Dinner will take some time to cook,” Steve groaned in pleasure when you parted your lips and started sucking on the tip of his thumb.
“You gonna be a good girl for once in your life?” Bucky questioned, erotically kissing and nipping at your ass through your dress. “Spread your legs for daddy.”
“Spread your legs, sweetheart.” Steve pulled his thumb from your mouth and leaned in to kiss you, mumbling into the kiss, praising you when you listened, “good girl.”
“Bucky, what’re you-“ your question ended with another soft yet searing kiss and the quick yank of your dress being pulled over the curve of your ass.
Bucky was shameless, and so was Steve.
With your dress over your hips, Bucky began palming at your ass through your underwear, occasionally pulling at your panties and letting them snap against you. He was taking every ounce of time he could to study the contours of your ass and your pussy.
“Fuck baby,” Bucky lifted his right hand and rubbed his fingers against your panty-covered pussy, whistling in admiration when he pulled his fingers away and saw how wet you made his fingers, “you’re pretty pussy needs attention.”
“Do you need attention, princess?” Steve had yanked his cock out of his pants and started stroking his thick, throbbing length while maintaining eye contact with you. “Tell Bucky what you need.”
“Thought you said I wouldn’t have to do any of the work. What happened to relaxing?”
“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” Steve cupped your cheek, “I’m going to enjoy the show. Now tell Bucky what he wants to hear.”
“Tell your daddy what you want.”
“You fuck-“ your protest morphed into a strangled gasp when Bucky cut you off with the sensation of his lips and mouth sucking and lapping at your pussy through your panties.
Your hands immediately flew to Steve’s legs as your nails dug into his thighs. You were gasping for air, driven to an unintelligible muttering as Bucky continued on a ruthless path.
His tongue was moving back and forth along your puffy pussy folds through your panties, and the occasional nudge of his fingers against your clit had you slowly starting to lose your mind.
“Pretty girl,” Steve grunted, moving his hand up and down his cock while Bucky was working on devouring you, “you’re doing so well, aren’t you? Pretty girl letting Bucky suck your cunt.”
“Fuck! Oh, fuck!” Your jerked your hips and tried to pull away and had only managed to do it once before he looped his hands around your thighs and yanked you back, holding you against him.
“You don’t get to pull away, beautiful.” Steve was stroking his dock, almost lazily, watching your face contort in pleasure.
“Bucky, please-“ you groaned, and your head fell forward when you felt him push your panties aside before his tongue swiped against your soaking, dripping cunt.
“You’re so damn sweet.” He purred against you, teasing you by suckling at your swollen labia’s like he was a hungry infant only to pull away with a pop. “I could never get tired of feeling you, of tasting you.”
You were thrown into an inescapable pit of pleasure, thrown headfirst into this encompassing heat that was driving you toward the edge of a climax. You were going to cum, and you were going to cum all over him.
“I think she’s close, Buck.”
“Of course you are, sweetie.” He crooned into you, kissing the globes of your ass as he rubbed his fingers against your swollen pussy, spreading your leaking fluids everywhere he possibly could from the bottom of your cunt right to the puckered hole. “You’re going to cum for me? Be a good girl?”
“Fuck!” You cursed and shoved your hips back, shoved your aching and dripping cunt into his face. “Fucking do something-“
Bucky grunted and dove back into you, using two fingers to keep your cunt satisfied while his lips found your clit. He suckled at your hard nub while thrusting his two fingers in and out of your aching hole, in and out of your desperate, needy pussy.
“Shit, shit, shit-“ your cunt squeezed his fingers; they sucked his thick digits into the expanse of your cunt as you were finally driven over that edge.
“Good girl, good girl.” Steve cupped your cheek and drew your attention to him. “In your mouth-“
You jerked and jumped at the chance by spreading your lips and taking the tip of his cock into your mouth. You started sucking as hard as you could, your tongue lapping against his thick shaft as his hand wove into your hair, and he uncouthly shoved your head down further.
He raised his hips, and you moaned again, screaming their names as Bucky drove you to another orgasm and Steve started fucking your face.
You were on a blissful high, a truly otherworldly experience while being feasted on by Bucky and taking your fill of Steve’s cock.
You were in your little world. You were enjoying the attention you so longed for.
All while being ignorantly unaware of the phone calls and the texts arriving on your phone, which was tucked into your clutch.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Vegas - 7
CEO!Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: A trip to Vegas changes your life forever. You didn't win big, you just got a husband.
Note: lemme know your thoughts. Reblogs and comments are always loved!!
Taglist: @strawb3rrydr3ss @anacrcarvalho @zaraomarrogers @smithmallory13 @thesecretlifeofdaydreamss @lalaname @iiddaaa @rebloggingeverything @stumbleonmywords @vicmc624 @40sbvcky @makhaia​
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Tumblr media
"This should be all in New York by the time we are back" Steve promised as he finished taping up the last box. It was weird, seeing this little apartment all packed up inboxes. While you hadn't been there long, it was still a little home.
You hummed as you sipped on a cup of tea. Steve coming over to you, arm wrapping around your waist as he took the cup from you. Drinking some himself as he watched you. "Feels weird" you whispered, confessing the thought.
"New life in New York awaits" he reminded you, "with your husband" he leaned in. Placing a teasing kiss on your lips. "And after our holiday" you smiled, taking your cup back from him. "Honeymoon" Steve corrected you, his phone ringing then. Breaking the conversation apart as he stepped outside your apartment to answer it.
You finished up packing, placing the instructions for the movers on top of the boxes. Afterwards, you rolled your case and Steve's out the door. Packed with your clothes and his for the trip to Italy.
As you came out to the hall, you saw Steve pacing back and forth on the phone. "I don't care what you have to do, get it done!" he snapped down the phone. Clearly impatient. "Just get it done before we get back to New York" he sighed and hung up the phone.
"Who was that?" you asked, locking the apartment door. Steve took the suitcases from you, sighing to calm down. "Just legal stuff" he muttered as you headed to the elevator. "Not a divorce one, I hope" you joked, hoping to lighten the mood.
It seemed to work, a small smile breaking out on his face. "Not just yet" he whispered, kissing your forehead and hugging your body.
"Steve, this is too much" you gasped, a private jet in front of you for your 12-hour flight. "Only the best for us" he smiled, helping you up the steps. One seated and in the air, you said, "I feel bad you pay for everything."
Steve looked over from the window he shrugged. "I don't mind. I have more than enough for my lifestyle. Which is now our lifestyle" he picked up his glass of whiskey. Nursing it slowly. "But I do. I have money too. Not as much, obviously. But you have to let me help. Cover something, even if it's just buying dinner" you argued. "I'm not a CEO but my books make enough for me to live and if this" you gestured between yourself and him. "Is going to work, you need to loosen the reins on being a macho man with money."
Steve found your speech cute, most women were happy to be wined and dined. "We can look over the bills and such when we can home. Sort out an even way. And you can buy dinner tonight" he winked. Causing you to laugh, placing your feet in his lap as you both relaxed in the air. Steve placed his hand on your leg, rubbing softly as you both watched the clouds fly by.
This was your life. Your crazy life like it was picked from a movie. The villa was gorgeous in the little Italian town you were staying in. It had a pool for you both, a gorgeous balcony to watch the sunset with some wine. There was a market not to fair away and a horse stable near. With horses, you could ride whenever you both wanted.
Safe to say, you were happy. Waking up next to this crazy beautiful man. His arms wrapped around you as he slept soundly beside you. "Might shave the beard" he mumbled, his morning voice deep and sexy.
"Too hot here to keep it" he scratched his face, eyes opening to meet yours. "Well, I don't mind. Would be interesting to see you without one" you whispered, kissing his lips softly. Running your fingers through his beard. Savouring the last few moments of it.
"I can't believe we have are here for a whole month" you smiled, the view from the window overlooking the balcony was breathtaking. "Longer if you want" Steve offered, drawing circles around your back. "Ah no, I want to go back and set up the apartment with my stuff. Make it more homely."
Steve peppered kissing along your body as he sat up. Making you giggle a bit from the beard. "I'll go shave and shower. Then we can go out for breakfast" he pecked your cheek and walked to the bathroom.
And walking naked to the bathroom at that. Damn, he had a good ass.
"And your paying!" he called out, making you laugh. Yes, life was a dream.
For now...
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When you tell them your a little/they offer to be your caregiver
Tumblr media
You have been dating Steve and bucky for nearly 6 months now and you guys have been so open with each other
But you had one secret you didn't have the guts to tell them, your a little.
You have been hiding it from them and when you feel little space creeping up on you when your with them you will pretend to get a work call and go into your old room in the compound.
You Steve and bucky now share a room in the compound so they wouldn't find any of your little space stuff.
Everything was going well untill they went looking for you in your lab to find you not there so they checked your old room and found you regressing.
You froze and immediately went back into your big headspace and ran away past them in a panic.
"uh Steve did you see what I just saw?"
Bucky asked frozen in place confused
"yeah we should go find her"
Steve said slowly walking out of the room bucky following close behind
You didn't know where you were going but you ended up at Wanda's room
You and Wanda are besties, you have told her about your regression and is so supportive and helps you regress. She knows everything about you so she knew something was up when you showed up at her door in your hello kitty onesie
"little one what are you doing here."
Wanda asked opening her door for you to come inside
"I'm big right now Wanda and I have a major problem."
You said pacing in her room.
"what is it?"
Wanda asked nervously
"Steve and bucky found me regressing and now I'm panicking- I didn't tell them and now they just found out and-"
You said rambling to her.
"hey, hey slow down-"
Wanda said putting her hands on your shoulders.
"okay, Steve and bucky-"
You started
"Is y/n in her- oh she is- FOUND HER BUCK!"
Steve yelled to bucky and you immediately went behind Wanda and she put her arms around you protectively
"so uhm y/n sweet pea can you tell us what- uhm what were you doing?"
Steve said cautiously
"she was age regressing- I'll explain-"
Wanda said as you let out a sigh of relief
Wanda did as she said she would and explained age regression to them.
Steve and bucky completely understood and really didn't mind they accepted you and while you were working one day did their own research and learned what a caregiver is
Later that day they sat you down and asked if you would want them to be your caregiver
You obviously said yes and they have been trying their best ever since
A/n sorry this took so long I have been busy with school and family shit- feel free to request. Likes and reblogs are appreciated. Drink, eat and stay safe <3
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thy who plays foolish games, shalt garner foolish prizes | 2
MCU | dark!Stucky x f!Reader | 18+, dolls ♥
Tumblr media
» previous chapter/s ; masterlist
Summary: When your date with Steve does not take place, you cannot help but be petty about it.
Warnings/Info: Though this chapter does not contain smut, the story will be 18+ only! For good measure. I mean it; don’t come at me if you read it despite the trigger warnings, and not liking what you’ve read, please.  | TW:dark content | eventual dub-con/non-con; stalking; gaslighting; explicit sexual content&language; cussing; smoking/drinking    
Tags: @sweetdreams25​ @nichia88-blog​  @ladydmalfoy​ @queenofthepouges​
Tumblr media
“Can you stop pouting now? He cancelled on you, that’s his loss, baby”, Mya says as she exhales the cigarette smoke towards the open French window, and her voice is balanced between a scold and encouragement.
You glance at the chat history one more time before you throw your phone into your bag with a heavy sigh and take a big gulp of your red wine. It’s sweet with a faint taste of dark chocolate and a somewhat sour aftertaste just like your brief almost-romance with Steve Rogers.
“That’s right drink away your sorrows. That’s what us big girls do” Mya lifts her own glass with a hoarse giggle before taking a sip.
You still feel miserable, and you probably will continue to feel that way for the time being, but being curled up on your best friend’s couch, drinking, manages to make you feel less lonely.
“It’s just…he didn’t even tell me whyyy, Mya”, you groan and slide deeper into the couch cushions.
“I know you desperately wanted to suck that dude’s dick, but” She sighs and ponders for word. “I mean, he’s Captain America, he probably has like, supersoldier stuff to do”
You roll the wine glass between your palms and click your tongue as you edge down. Mya takes one last drag of her cigarette and crushes the bud in the ashtray on the side table next to the velvet armchair she is lounging in.
“Yeah, you’re right”
“I know! Now tell me about that party you got invited to”
You lean your head back against the couch armrest and drape your arm over your eyes.
“As far as I know it’s gonna be one of Tony Stark’s fancy parties at the Avengers Facility, so I expect to feel terribly misplaced there”
“What? Nah girl, you should definitely go, looking hot as fuck and get with Thor”
You crank your neck to look at her in disbelief and amusement. “Are you serious? I could never; he probably only fucks other goddesses”
Mya throws a velvet cushion at you which you barely dodge as you try not to spill your wine.
“I’m sorry, what was that? We are Earth goddesses goddammit, don’t put yourself down on my watch”
You break into a fit of giggles as another cushion follows. “All right, jeez, you’re right again!”
“Yes, I am! So, how about we do some online shopping and look for a new dress for you? I want you to look smoking hot and show Captain Asshat what he’s missing out on”
Tumblr media
On Monday, you’ve mostly recovered from Steve basically ghosting you though you still catch yourself wondering why he did it so suddenly. Luckily, work keeps you busy, and Pepper’s schedule is cramped full today, so she only sends you texts here and there, asking you to carry out minor tasks for her.
You look up from your laptop screen when a broad figure appears in your open doorframe.
“Hi, Happy”, you greet the tall male politely though you wonder why he came. “how can I help you?”
His grumpy frown softens slightly as he approaches your desk and fumbles a set of Audi car keys from his black dress pants.
“This one’s for you, company car. Sorry it took so long, but its fresh out of manufacture”
You look back and forth between the keys and his eyes, mouth gaping. “I don’t – I –“
“Yeah, yeah, it’s a fancy car, you’re working for a fancy company, get over it”, he chuckles and pulls a document from his suit jacket. “I need your signature here and here, keep the copy”
You sign the papers and pick up the keys hesitantly as Happy turns on his heels to leave. “It’s parked in the underground garage, spot A17 is yours!”
“Uh, thank you…Happy!”, you call after him and he waves at you over his shoulder before he disappears out of your office.
You a minute before you pick up the black keys and snap a quick picture for your Instagram story. Taking my new baby for a ride, you add with a filter and grab your belongings as it uploads.
You scan your work ID and press the button to the underground garage while you play with the keys in your right hand, swaying on your heels in anticipation as you watch the floor numbers count down.
You purse your lips as the elevator comes to a stop on the first floor, above the ground level. The doors open and your heart sinks in your chest as you’re faced with Steve Rogers, and another unfamiliar man in tow. Steve’s eyes light up as they meet with yours and you take a cautious step backwards until your back hits the wall as a sudden wave of dizziness overcomes you. His colleague’s eyes scrutinize you briefly with a hardened frown, and it’s a vast opposite of how Steve is looking at you, almost innocently.
“Y/N, good to see you. How have you been?”
The men join the elevator and Steve scans his ID before pushing the ground level button. It’s almost humorous to know that even someone like Captain America must follow the security protocol here. The doors close and the tension grows, now trapped with the guy who ghosted you, and his intimidating friend. Steve stands in front of you, expecting a reply, with his hands stuffed in his pockets casually while the other one stands next to him tensely.
“I hope well”
You’re speechless and you fumble with the keys in your hand nervously, praying this will be over soon, before they slip out your sweaty palm and land at the stranger’s feet. The cuss is stuck in your dry throat and your face heats up with humiliation when you scurry to pick them up again.
However, a metal hand reaches down in front of you and snatches up the keys before you can. You stare at the stranger and recognize his face eventually. It’s none other than Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ oldest friend and comrade. His steel blue eyes gaze into your soul as he holds the keys out for you to take.
“Thank you”, you say, your voice is feeble as your knuckles brush over the cool metal, and a loud harrumph brings your focus back to Steve, who has been watching the brief interaction with a bemused smile.
You clear your throat as well and square your shoulders, channeling all the sass Mya has taught you in all those years of friendship before you give him an answer. Bucky’s intense eyes are fixed on you, but you try to dismiss him and focus on your anger towards his friend instead.
“I’m fine, Steve, thank you for asking” You ball a fist around the car keys and take a deep inhale. “I suppose you’re fine as well?” A fake laugh escapes your lips, and you hope your pettiness comes through. “I mean, I wouldn’t know since, well, you stopped texting after you cancelled on me”
You hold Steve’s surprised gaze with ice in your veins after your initial slip up while Bucky shifts on his feet and stares on the ground, but you manage to catch the amusement on his handsome face. The elevator stops on the ground level and the doors open on cue.
“I believe that’s your floor. Have a good one, gentleman”
Steve merely nods at you in defeat before he turns and steps outside, and it’s Bucky who surprises you with a flirty wink before he follows Steve like an obedient puppy. The doors close again, but you catch how both men glance back at you over their shoulders.
Your head lolls back and you lean against the wall for support as you groan and clutch your beating heart.
“What the fuck did just happen?”
Tumblr media
The engine purrs as you step on the gas at the green light and you can’t help yourself but ignore the GPS to take the long route back to the office. Your phone vibrates and the practical phone holder allows you to glance at the screen. The text preview reads S. Rogers, and your heart skips a beat.
Though your first instinct is to rip your phone from the holder and text him back immediately, Mya’s voice bellows in your head not to do it. Let him dangle, you think, as if he even cares that much about you anyway.
Another text from him after a couple of minutes raises your curiosity, but you stick it out. You’re not going to be his plaything, there are enough women around the world who’d gladly put out for him, no matter what. Not you though.
Your screen lights up with a call and you roll your eyes until you see it’s your boss. You swipe over the screen swiftly and put her on speaker.
“Hi, Pepper, I just picked up your dresses from the dry-cleaner! I’m on my way back to the office”
“Oh, great, thank you! Uhm, can you bring them to my home instead? You can be off then, and I forwarded an e-mail to you just now. Please take care of that reservation for Friday, the executive committee will visit spontaneously, and we need to accommodate for them”
“Uh, this Friday?”, you inquire cautiously. Tony’s party will be on Friday, and you’ve been looking forward to show up in your new outfit since you bought it.
Pepper sighs. “Unfortunately, yes, but don’t worry, I promise you’ll be off at 5. I know you don’t want to miss Tony’s party”
Your lips twist into a smile at her last words. “Thank you, Miss Potts!”
“Don’t mention it. How do you like your new car?”
“I feel like I’m driving in a cloud, it’s more comfortable than my apartment”
She laughs her high, clear laugh. “Well, I’m glad you like it! Drive safe, I’ll see you tomorrow”
The call ends as you approach a red light, and you use the spare time to check the messages Steve sent you.
Hey Y/N, I’m so sorry I had to cancel our date last minute. We had to go on a mission and we only came back this morning
You scoff at his cheap apology but continue reading.
I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner tonight. 7pm?
Just as you think about a fitting reply, a sudden honk behind you makes you jump and drop your phone as you scramble to put the car in motion to get the green light. You forget about Steve for a moment as you focus on your work instead, and you drop Pepper’s dresses off at her house before you call it a day.
Tumblr media
At home you treat yourself to some Chinese takeout and draw yourself a bath afterwards. The temperature outside dropped appropriately for fall season, and in your bathroom, you light a big Yankee Candle, cinnamon and apple scented, to celebrate your day.
You take a picture of the foamy bathtub, dimly lit by the candle, and add a caption in a fancy font.
The only thing missing is a glass of wine to round up my night
You swiftly undress and throw your clothes in the hamper as the post uploads to your Instagram story, and as you sink into the hot water, your phone vibrates on the edge of the tub.
You must stretch to snatch a dry towel from the floor to wipe your wet hands before you can pick up your phone, and only when you unlock the screen, you remember that you forgot to give Steve an answer.
I suppose I deserve the silent treatment. If you don’t want to see me outside of work again, I’ll respect your decision.
Your shoulders slouch as the feeling of guilt manifests itself in your stomach. Even if he ghosted you first, and you didn’t mean to leave him on read, you feel bad.
I’m so sorry! I was so busy, and I simply forgot to reply!
You nearly twist your fingers typing so fast and quickly send the message. He reads it immediately and you watch the three dots appear as he writes his reply.
Phew I’m glad to read that! :) What are you up to now?
You stare at the screen for a moment and bite chew your lower lip as you ponder before you start typing again.
Just taking a bath, and you?
When you send the message, your stomach starts to churn in anticipation. His next reply will undoubtedly show what kind of a man Captain America truly is.
Well, I hope you’re enjoying that! I just took a shower.
As you read the message, Steve sends another.
I’d really like to see you. How do you feel about me coming to your place? I’ll bring some wine
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babyyhoneyydarling · a day ago
Tumblr media
fuckfuck fuckk that is so fucking hot holy fuck bucky would be praising stevie and steve would be trying so hard to not come right away ughh like he’s about to bust just from feeling buckys hands on his hips and you’re warmth around him.
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stuckybarton · 13 hours ago
Happy Family iv
Tumblr media
Summary: The plan had been simple for Steve and Bucky to finally start a family of their own; neither seemed to realize the implications that came with meeting a woman who made them question what they would have wanted from her at the start of their agreement. They desired a child, a bouncing baby with Steve's blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, or Bucky's brown hair and baby blues, but instead received Y/N Stark, a train wreck. Characters: AU! Established Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes;  Stark!Reader x Stucky Warnings: Profanities. Grammar Mistakes. English not being my first language. [Not Beta’d tho] Words: 1,437 Chapters: [3/15] A/N; Finally able to update this~
IV. Starting A Family
“Aunt Y/N!”
Of all the things that could happen, the last thing you could have expected your day to go was a kid you only saw in pictures and on the news make her way into your office without knocking and make her way to your lap as you continued answering emails.
Morgan H. Stark.
Your brother’s only daughter, and your niece. At four years old, she was a spitting image of your brother and you could see the ghost of your father in her eyes. It brought back all the memories of regret lingering on your shoulders since his passing.
Even without being a part of her life for the better part of four years, it was a surprise to you that she even knows you, let alone this enthusiastic at your presence. Aside from Monica, kids were never your forte in life. You could be the spoiled Aunt to kids, but when it came to tantrums and messes, you’d prefer to be out of the picture as much as you could.
“So how did Little Miss escape her grumpy father?” You inquired, laptop closed gently as you focused on the child snuggled on your lap. The doe brown eyes were looking at you in wonder, a weird way for a kid to do, especially in the mood you had been all morning thanks to one Steve Rogers and one Bucky Barnes.
“Aunt Nattie was suppose to watch over me.” Morgan responded proudly.
“And how did you get here?” You inquired, lifting her up into your arms. Her small arms were quick to wrap around your neck. “How did you even know I was here?”
“Daddy said Aunt Y/N would be back and I asked Mommy if I can come visit you.” She explained.
Huh, who would have ever thought that Tony Stark still talked about you to his new family. Having always thought you were an afterthought, it was a little heartwarming to know you wouls still be included in his little family.
Even before the intrusive thoughts could manifest in your mind for the moments you had refused to be a part of, you headed out of your office and locking the door behind you. Your team was out for lunch—under Tony’s dime, obviously, so it would be a while before any of them would return. Making sure the office was lock, you had made your journey to the elevator with the little girl still in your arms now making sure to ask all the necessary questions her father wasn’t able to.
“Will you come to dinner with us, Aunt Y/N?” Morgan inquired after being satisfied with all the questions her mind would have.
“Depends.” You spoke and as the elevator brought you to your brother’s floor, everyone panicking at the reception and you held the responsible party. “You need to promise me you need to ask Natasha or your Daddy permission whenever you would go to my floor, deal?”
“Deal.” Morgan beamed holding up her hand with her pinky up towards you.
“Right on.” You smirked doing the pinkie promise before making your way towards the panicked crowd that composed of your brother, his wife Pepper, his secretary Natasha, and the dumb and dumber that looked just a stressed as Tony was with the missing child.
“Daddy! Aunt Y/N said she can go to dinner with us.” Morgan announced and all heads jerked towards the two of you.
You tried your best to avoid Dumb and dumber’s gaze, your attention more focused on your brother and his wife.
“It was a good thing she went straight to me.” You said pointedly, rolling your eyes at the sheepish smile that played on the husband-wife duo had. “God knows what would happen if she ran off to someplace else.”
Handing Morgan back to her mother. You bit your lips seeing a different side in Tony, the father you never thought he was capable of becoming. You guess a wife and child can definitely change even the most serial of playboys in New York. You just wish he wasn’t much of a cheater as your father had been during his time.
“Aunt Y/N. Want to play dolls with me and Uncle Bucky and Uncle Steve?” Morgan had said out of the blue.
You winced finally turning to look at the two individuals your niece was talking about. Both looking at you with an expectancy you never thought either would ever have in your presence. Turning back to your niece, you lean towards her to whisper something you know you further get on the two’s nerves.
“You know boys have cooties right?” You whispered, loud enough for everyone to hear. Putting on a playful disgusted nose, you pinched your nose earning a giggle from the child. “And they smell bad too.”
“Hey.” All three men protested and you could only fist bump with your niece because of it.
“Once I’m done with my email, I’ll stop by your Dad’s office and come get you. We can have lunch anywhere you want, my treat.” You winked before turning pointedly at Tony and Pepper. “I might even buy you a scoop of ice cream for dessert.”
“Y/N…” Tony warned and you could only smile bigger. Nothing was worse than a kid with a sugar rush in their system. This is you little way of getting back at Tony—spoiling the shit out of Morgan and bring hell to him in the process because of it.
“Okay!” Morgan cheered, once again pulling pinky up for you.
Without hesitation, hooking your own around hers. You made a promise—a promise you were more than willing to keep.
“Anything you want, Little Lady.” You winked before making you leave. Never once did you meet anyone’s eyes aside from Morgan that was waving at you as you finally made your way to the elevator.
“I’m surprise she’s actually good with kids.” Bucky couldn’t help but point out as they joined Tony into his office. Morgan rested on her father’s lap as he continued on with whatever he was handling on the computer.
“She’s actually good with a lot of things.” Tony had acknowledged much to Bucky’s surprise. What Steve didn’t know was he knew very well the doubt that was in Tony’s decision—bringing her back into the company, wasting God knows how much money. “You should have seen her with Rhodey’s kids back in the day.”
It was more than a business for Tony, more than what he lets on in the moment. For the life of Bucky, he never really understood where you fit in this mess of a life. A daughter that had left everyone high and dry and now come when the company was bound to crumble.
“And she’s pretty too!” Morgan supplied making all three men smile down at her.
“Of course she is, she’s a Stark. Just like you.” Tony smirked down towards his daughter before his eyes returned back towards the monitor. “And she’s just as stubborn as one.” He muttered more for Bucky and for Steve to hear.
“A Stark through and through.” Steve’s remarks earn a pointed look from both Bucky and Tony. He was the last person whose opinion on you should matter.
“Yeah, and now you’re facing a wrath of one.”
Before another argument could start between the two of them, Bucky had held onto Steve’s hands, hoping and praying that it was enough to calm him. The lack of a response from the blond was enough to place him at ease for a while. Let’s just hope Stark doesn’t say anything else to trigger another argument all over again.
“Want to know a secret? I screwed up the Maximoff’s life, I did a total takeover in their company, with your signatures on the paper.”
Bucky’s brows furrowed, what did Tony mean?
“Sokovia Reports? Rings a bell?” Tony offered. The lack of Steve’s response or the fact that he couldn’t look at them made Bucky aware of the secret that Steve had never told him. “Because of your secrets we had to bury, my father and I had to do things we shouldn’t.”
“So you’re gonna tell her about it?”
“And face more of her wrath? I don’t think so.” Tony snorted. “I made a promise to my father after he passed, his secret along with your own would stay to my grave.”
“Even if it means making her stay here?”
“Oh if she finds out, she would stay and stake her claim more than ever—and she will win and throw all three of us out along the way.”
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kaysheartthrobsfics · 5 hours ago
Should’ve Been Me PT.2 | S.R
Warnings: Angsty. Mentions of smoking. Some cursing. Mention of divorce. Mention of cheating. Mention of religious beliefs.
Summary: Part 2 of Should’ve Been Me
Tumblr media
“ You almost had it!!” You laugh as Bucky attempts for the fourth time to win me a stuffed bear at the carnival. “ Alright my guy, how much for the damn brown bear?” Bucky says to the guy making you laugh. “ Ten” he says and Bucky hands him a ten and the guy hands you the brown bear. “ You didn’t have to pay an extra 10 dollars for the bear” you say. “ You wanted the bear so I was getting you the bear” he smirks. You and Bucky were hanging around each other a lot. It’s been a year since the wedding or Steve and Peggy. For quite sometime after the wedding you were feeling down and not like yourself. All you did was work and go home until your friends started coming by to get you out of that funk. Bucky being one of them and the most attentive to me. Now that Steve was married they didn’t hang out as much so we spent a lot more time together which I wasn’t complaining, he had been great. You were actually developing a small crush on him.
“ You want to go on this?” Bucky asks as we approach the tunnel of love. “ Isn’t this for couples?” You giggle. “ It’s the only thing we haven’t been on, why not” he shrugs and you blush. “ Why not” you agree. Before Bucky can go to the ticket both to get us two tickets for the ride, you hear someone call you names. You turn to see Steve and Peggy. You hadn’t seen them since the wedding. Well, you saw Peggy at the grocery store once but you immediately walked to the other side of the store to avoid her.
“ Hey, what’s America’s favorite couple doing here?” Bucky says. Peggy comes up to you and gives you a kiss on the cheek. Even though you were jealous of her, you didn’t hate her. She was a very nice woman & it’s not her fault you and Steve aren’t together. “ You look great love” she smiles at you. “ Thank you” You smile. “ How have you been?” Steve asks giving you hug. “ Good, you two look great! How was that honey moon in France?” You ask. You were trying your best to move on from all this. “ It wasn’t that great, I got food poisoning from the hotel room service” Peggy says giving a look to Steve. I’m guessing it was his idea to have the room service. “ Are you guys getting on this?” Steve asks kind of out of no where. “ Oh yeah, Y/N and I have gotten on everything here so might as well be a fake couple for 5 minutes and get on this classic” Bucky says looking at you and you blush. “ How sweet” Peggy smiles. “ I actually have something to talk to you about, can I get a moment?” Steve asks and everyone kind of just looks at each other before Peggy speaks ups.
“ Let’s get a… what is that you guys call it? Corndog!” Peggy says to me and you nod giving one lays look to the guys. Steve seemed uneasy. You walk with Peggy towards the stand. “ So you and Bucky huh?” Peggy asks with a smile. “ Oh uh, no we’re just having a friendly date” you say but you feel your face blush. “ Oh come on.. I see how you look at each other! Anyone with functioning eyes can see there’s a spark between you two” she smiles. “ He’s a good guy but I don’t know, he’s sort of always been.. kind of a womanizer” you say and she chuckles. “ All men are honey. Especially handsome men, when I met Steve he didn’t even have a clue how to talk to women but after he got the serum done he had all the ladies swooning off their feet. I caught him making out with my secretary… I think that was his first kiss because he looked awful at it” She says and you chuckle. “ But here I am married to him just a few years later” She says. For some reason she didn’t look as happy as she should be.
After you order your corndogs, you make your way back to the guys. They looked like they were heated in discussion. “ Everything okay boys?” You ask with a raised eyebrow. Sometimes Steve and Bucky were like brothers, fighting over stupid none sense so you always had to be the one to pull them back down to reality. “ Yeah, we’re just talking about the Yankees” Bucky says giving Steve daggers. “ Come on let’s get on the ride” Bucky smiles at you. “ Thanks for the corndog Peggy” You say to her. “ No problem” she says back. You and Bucky get in line and you notice Steve and Peggy getting tickets to go on too. “ You okay?” Bucky asks. “ Uh yeah… but what was that back there? It looked like you guys were arguing?” You ask moving on in the line and Bucky smirks. “ Just some stupid stuff from work, it’ll bore your ear off. Come on we’re next” He says helping you onto the ride. You guy sit and you look back seeing Peggy and Steve gettin on behind you. “ I can’t believe you’re on this ride that’s meant for making out” you say and Bucky laughs. “ Yoi didn’t wanna make out? Aw jeez” he tease making you laugh. He had his arm around you. He made you feel comforted and safe. “ You know, I’m glad Steve didn’t get you. You deserve someone who will give you the world not someone who only cares about saving it” Bucky says. “ Woah where did that come from?” You ask looking at him.
“ No where” he says looking off into the distance. “ Bucky” you say and he looks into your eyes. “ You remember Sally Harrison?” He asks looking away towards the different things the ride had. “ From grade school?” You ask confused and he nods. “ Sure but what does she have to do with this? Did you reconnect with her?” I ask and he shakes his head. “ Legs just say… you’re the new Sally Harrison” he says and you look at him weird until you realize why he was saying that. Bucky and Steve both had a crush on her when we were kids & they stopped talking for a few weeks when that happened.
“ Bucky- I’m sorry” he cuts me off giving me a sad look. “ He can’t do that to me, he made his choice” you say and Bucky sighs. The remainder of the ride was spent in silence and with both of us lost in thought. Once we get off we make our way to Bucky’s car. “ I didn’t want you to find out like this” Bucky says after we get into his car and you look over to him. “ You loved him for years…I didn’t know how to say it. Especially now that he found out you did all these years” He says. “ How did he find out after so long, he asked me to walk him down the aisle?” You ask confused and Bucky takes a deep breath. “ We went out to a bar a few weeks ago and I got a little drunk and confessed to him that I had feelings for you and I thought he’d be supportive but he wasn’t. I asked him why & he said because deep down he had feelings for you” He says and you get taken aback. “ He’s married, that doesn’t make any sense” you shake your head. “ That’s exactly what we’re arguing about… I’m sorry Y!N” he says. “ Can you please take me home?” You say and he nods. The drive was quiet, we were both lost in thought. Once Bucky dropped me off home, I told him I needed a few days to think and that I’ll reach out to him when I was ready. He understood.
You took a long hot bath and had a cigarette which you rarely ever do. You didn’t know what to do or what to feel with Bucky but you were really angry at Steve. After your bath you changed into your night gown and made yourself some tea. As you made your self some tea you hear a knock on your door. It was pretty late now so you wonder who that could be. You grab your robe and tie it around your waist once on and make your way to the front door. You check through your window to see Steve. You sigh. “ What are you doing here so late?” You ask once you open the door. “ I need to talk to you” he says. “ Bucky told me Steve…you’re not allowed to do this to me. You’re married” you say and Steve sighs. “ Can I please come in?” He asks and you debate for a moment before letting him in. It was cold out.
“ I’m sorry for not telling you sooner but you didn’t tell me either Y/N” He says and you scoff. “ You were in love with someone else! You came back from war and you came back with her. What was I supposed to do?” You ask and he looks at you with sad eyes. “ Buckys been there for me this whole time, do you know how much you broke me after your wedding? I didn’t eat or sleep for days. I lost you forever and he was there taking care of me while he also felt feelings for me” You say. “ That’s the most fucked up thing of all, he was fixing my broken heart while he had his owns feelings for me. You got your happy ending Steve… I still love you but you already made your bed. Now I suggest you go home to your wife before she starts to wonder where her husband went at this time of night. “ She doesn’t love me Y/N… I overheard her on the phone before the wedding” he says. The tea kettle whistles interrupting you to and your quickly go over to your oven and turn of the burner.
“ So she doesn’t love you… what do you want me to do? Be the mistress, only getting to see you every other night so people don’t suspect a thing… divorces are practically impossible Steve. We’d have to leave Brooklyn. Hell we’d have to leave New York or America” you scoff. His wedding was plastered all over the American news paper. “ She wants to leave back to England” he says and your snort. “ Steve… there’s not much else I could do for you here. I also am not going to get in the way of a friendship with Bucky. If I have to stop talking to both of you to save your friendship then so be it but I’m going to end up losing one of your and one of you is going to end up losing two of us too” you say going to pour some tea for yourself. “ Don’t do that Y/N… if anyone deserves you it’s Bucky. I’ll just have to suck it up. You both deserve to be happy no matter how much it’ll hurt me…” he says but you can tell saying that, destroyed him. “ I need some time to think, I’ll call you when I’ve had time to think” you say to him, the same thing you said to Bucky. “ Okay… But whatever you do… pick what you think is right for you. Not for us” he says and with that he leaves my apartment shutting the door behind him and I quickly go and lock it. Tears spilling out of eyes as I do so.
A week and half later.
It’s been about 11 days since I’ve last spoke to Bucky and Steve. I had to even call my sister who is in upstate New York with her husband and two kids because I’ve been a mess. She stayed this past weekend with me to help me get my mind off these two men and tidy up my apartment which was before a mess due to my lack of cleaning and being in bed or sat on the couch listening to records all day. My neighbors would have to bang on my door to tell me to shut it off once it got too late because I would lose track of time and would leave music playing past 9pm.
I was in a better headspace, finally and I was going to talk to both Steve and Bucky today. I called them yesterday asking them to come to my apartment at 5pm today and it was almost time. I had been feeling nervous about this, I never thought I would have to be choosing between two of my best friends. Especially one who currently married, which made me feel awful. You were jealous of Peggy but she didn’t deserve to be cheated on even if what Steve says is true about her not being in love with him.
There was finally a knock on the door and you make your way too it taking a deep breath before answering it. Both men were standing in front of you with a nervous look on each their faces. “ Come in” you say to them and the both look at each other before Bucky steps in first. I close the door behind them. “ Listen Y/N, you don’t have to do this- No, I need too. Before this situation gets even messier” you say to Steve and you take another deep breath before speaking. “ I love you both a lot, both in friendship form & romantically. I’ve done a lot of thinking this past week and I’ve finally chosen that… I think I should step out of both your lives- What?!” Steve says getting upset. “ Y/N- Please let me finish” you say hold up your hand and both men shut up quickly. “ I would hate myself if I came in between your friendship, you two are brothers. You’ve been through so much together including war that it’s really damn stupid of you two to let me drive a wedge in between you two. I know I’ll be losing you both but that’s just a price I’m willing to take, I need you guys to promise me that you will never stop being best friends” you say at this point you had tears streaming down your face and the guys had watery eyes as well. “ Y/N- Promise me, please” you say holding back a sob. “ I promise” Steve says in a monotone way. “ I promise” Bucky nods. “ Now, Steve…Please get back to your lovely and beautiful wife. Go to the priest for counseling if needed. And Bucky… you’re gonna find a beautiful woman one day who you’re gonna have an amazing life with, I’m sure sooner than you think” you smile with tears still streaming down your face. “ Are you sure about this?” Bucky asks and you nod. “ Yes, now please. Both of you go down to the pub and get a few beers. I know you two haven’t been talking” you sniffle. They both nod and Steve gives you a very tight and long hug. “ Please take care of yourself” he says and you nod. “ You two please never stop taking care of each other” you say hugging Bucky next. You guys take one last look at one another and you walk them out the door watching them leave through the hallway of your apartment. What they didn’t know was this would be your last time seeing them because you have decided to move upstate with your sister for a new beginning.
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pitifulbaby · 2 days ago
we deserved better ⤿ two
pairings: stucky x reader, steve x reader x bucky
chapter warning: n/a
a/n: i hope you guys are enjoying these chapters! if you want to be added to the taglist just let me know. i have also created a playlist for this story that i will link. happy reading!
chapter one, chapter two, chapter three
Tumblr media
Ever since the letter came, things have been tense. You were schedule to ship out in a few days, off to who knows where. You had no medical training, supposedly more nurses were needed to aid the soldiers and they started needing to pull in more women. And that is were you came in, granted you had no medical training or history in this kinda thing, but you fit perfectly in. A day or so after you got the letter they sent you a nursing handbook to read up on. It taught you the basics of being an army nurse and the things you might see. You didn’t want to do this, but you had no choice. This was something you had to do. Your small bag was packed, you didn’t own much and they would supply some basic things.  
The sound of your bag zipping was the only sound in the room, standing over the bag as you push your hair out of your face. A knock soon is heard from the bedroom entrance, turning to see Bucky with a small, sad, smile. “Hey Doll.” he says, stepping into the room and sitting onto the bed next to your bag. The room soon fell silent for a few moments before he spoke once more. You nervously toy with your bottom lip, keeping your gaze on your bag. “I can’t believe we both have to leave Steve here alone.” 
You finally broke the silence, biting back tears. Bucky and Steve decided to go the US Recruiting Centre once America joined the war back in 41’, Bucky had been accepted, he had been trained and was now the rank of a Sargent. He had left you two a few times for training and other little things. But you were always at home with Steve. And now he would be alone.  
Buck was leaving once again to go to England tomorrow and you leaving to a place you can’t even remember right now. And Steve, sweet Steve. He had been denied every time he tried to enlist, he just had too many medical conditions and they didn’t think he would be of any use. They always stated they were ‘Doing him a favor’ by denying him. But he never saw it that way.
Steve only wanted to help, he always said how much he didn’t like bullies. And then knowing his boyfriend is leaving and now his girlfriend, he is a wreck, but he doesn’t show it. You can tell just how heart broken he is, and so are you. If you could you would stay back, stay to be with him.  
You only wish you three could just not have to be included in this war in any way, it was a selfish thing to say, but it truly is what you wanted. And they both wanted that too. You know sometimes James regrets listing himself, but if he didn’t list himself he probably would've been called to war anyway. He was healthy and strong, he was everything you needed to be to be a soldier.  
Bucky lets out a sad sigh, pulling you to his lap and letting you curl up onto him as you held back the tears. “I know doll, I don’t want this either.” He whispers into your hair, rocking you ever so slightly. Pulling away you look him in the eyes, resting your hands on his shoulders. “You have to come out of this alive, you can’t do anything stupid- you hear me?” You said sternly, brows dropping in as you tried to look as serious as you could. Bucky thought it was rather cute and couldn’t help but smile, which only made you ever so slightly more upset. “James this is serious.” you said with a whisper.
Bucky kisses your cheek, “I know honey, I will be fine.” Bucky didn’t want to voice his worries to you, he was worried enough. What if something happens and you end up getting hurt? What if- God forbid something goes wrong? “But right now we can’t sit and mope and be sad.” His left hand starts to run up and down your back. “We only have a short amount of time before you and me both leave, and we need to focus on one another.” His voice was low as he heard Steve walk into the bed room, causing you to turn to the smaller male with a smile, grabbing his hand and pulling him closer to you both. “You two smooching without me?” Steve asked, a faint blush dusting his cheeks and the top of his ears.  
With a giggle you pull him to sit on the bed next to bucky, leaning and kissing the blonde softly. “Never.” You whisper after you pull away.
Bucky throws his free arm over Steve’s shoulders, pulling him close to you both. He leaned into the darker haired male, resting his head on his shoulder. “We need to get going soon.” Steve broke the silence after a few moments. Tonight was the stark expo and you three decided to go. But to make this not seem weird to others, you were going as Steve’s date and Bucky invited a pretty girl named Connie to go as his. “Before that, did you tell her about where I found you?” You furrowed your brows at Bucky’s words, looking towards Steve who now wore a sheepish smile. “You know how I went to the cinema today, this one guy kept yelling in the theatre.. So I told him off and well-” “I found steve trying to beat up this guy, using a trash can lid as a shield and stating that he ‘could do this all day’” With a soft gasp you shake your head.
“Steve! What are we gonna do with you? Yo-” Before you could finish Steve interrupted you. “Nothing, you are gonna do nothing because you both are leaving.” His words cut a dagger through your heart and Bucky’s, silence enveloping the room. You casted your eyes down to your hands.  
“That's why we are making the most of tonight, we are going to go to the stark expo and see the future!” Bucky said cheerfully, well, as cheerfully as he could. You could tell he was heartbroken, just trying to defuse the tension.  
You nodded before hopping off of Bucky, brushing down your dress. “I am going to freshen up and then I will be ready.” With a smile James kissed the side of Steve’s head, “I will meet you both there, told Connie I would walk her.” With that he stood up, kissing your forehead before heading out, grabbing his hat and darting off.
You turn back to Steve who was still sat on the queen sized bed the three of you shared, a solemn look on his features. With a sad sigh you moved and sat down next to him, gently taking his hand into yours. “I’m not happy with this either, and I wish I could change this.” Your words were gentle as you looked at him, his gaze was stuck on your interlocked hands. “I know this isn’t what we had planned, but it will work out in the end.” Slowly your thumb starts to rub the back of his hand. “I will write to you as much as I can and so will Bucky, we will visit as much as we can.” Steve's blue eyes soon turn to look at you, resting his forehead against yours. “I love you.” His words brought joy to you, smiling ever so slightly. “I love you too, now- lets go on a double date with our boyfriend.” Jumping up as you pulled him with you, laughter filling the once quiet and sad room.
Tumblr media
taglist: @youlightmeupfinn​ @animegirlgeeky​ @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson​ @snakesonastarship​
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river-soul · 4 hours ago
If it isn’t to much to ask do you think you could give us some behind the scenes knowledge of The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth? One thing I am super curious about is what went down between Bucky confronting Steve with the reader and Steve ending up dead? Like did Bucky play along and then pull a gun on Steve and shoot him? I’ve been wondering exactly how it all went down! Especially what was the aftermath and situation like between Bucky and the reader right after?
I’ve gotten this question a few times (most recently from @viinchester) so I’ve written out some thoughts. Major spoilers for The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth. Descriptions of murder and violence with references to rape and kidnapping.
This is dark stuff! Proceed with caution!
Bucky convinces Steve not to kill Reader at the school but take her back to his farm instead because it’s quiet and they can bury her there. Steve agrees, handcuffing Reader again and dragging her to the edge of the field. She’s full-on hysterical at this point, but Steve’s keeping her quiet and subdued until Bucky pulls his truck around. Poor Reader spends the 30-minute ride to Barnes’ farm convinced these two men are going to kill her.
Bucky’s struggling to keep it together, horrified to realize just how far Steve is willing to go and how much of a monster he actually is. At this point, he’s struggling to come to terms with what he knows he needs to do but deep down, he’s already decided he’s going to kill Steve. He just needs to wait for the right moment since Steve is armed.
After they dig the grave, Steve suggests he wants another go at the Reader and takes her out of the car. Bucky grabs the shovel and beats him to death while she watches. After, he buries Steve and covers him in lye. He drives Reader back to his house and helps her shower and get clean, giving her some old clothes to wear. He burns everything they were wearing.
She’s pretty numb at this point so she’s compliant and does what he tells her. Bucky’s running on instinct, pushing down all his emotions like he learned to do in the Army during the war. He drives her back to the hotel the next morning, making sure they’re seen together so they have an alibi. She wants to stay with him because she’s so deeply traumatized by what Steve did to her and full of guilt because Bucky killed his best friend for her. Bucky convinces her she needs to go home as planned so they don’t raise suspicion.
She does but pretty much falls apart and has a nervous breakdown at work. He ends up flying out a week later to be with her and they decide she should come back to the farm. She feels safe with Bucky and they spend the next two years healing from what happened and falling in love. Sam becomes Sheriff and Steve remains an open missing person case.
I do have an alternative ending sketched out where Steve convinces Bucky to keep her at his farm for them both to use. In that version, Bucky isn’t quite so brave and Steve ends up being a little more infatuated with Reader and wants to keep her alive. He basically pays them a visit whenever he wants to fuck the reader. Bucky is more grey here and convinces reader it’s better than being dead. He tries to give her a happy life as much as he can. Steve threatens to disappear her sisters and mom if she doesn’t go along with everything. Reader grows to hate Bucky too because he lets Steve hurt her.
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jobean12-blog · 6 hours ago
Hii Jo, I just read your farting pics and I'm rolling on the floor😂😂 I have another weird scenario if you had time to write it. So my stomach does this thing where it makes noise, not when I'm hungry or anything just like randomly. Google says it's my SI processing stuff I'm digesting and our body has no way to muffle the sounds, so for me sounds similar to a hungry tummy but more airy? Enough science talk, could you do something with Steve and bucky( or pick your poison), when after dinner they're on a walk and the noise just starts and their like you still hungry doll? Or whatever scenario you find fit ☺️
(Honestly sometimes it just happens in the middle of the day, even though I'm not even hungry or having any food related thoughts)
Just something light and fluffy like your farting fics and if you have time ofc!♥️♥️
Gimme' S'more
Pairing: Stucky x reader
Word Count: 765
Summary: You, Steve and Bucky enjoy some s'more with a side of laughs.
Author's Note: Hi LOVELY! Thank you for this sweet request! My stomach is always talking so I feel you! And all this stuff is so natural and as you said, just our bodies doing their thing! I love these real and human moments between our reader and the boys! I hope this makes you smile! I made it fall themed since it fits for now! And I'd like about 10 s'mores haha! Hope you enjoy, have a great night! HUGS! 🥰Thank you all so much for reading and much love always! ❤❤❤Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: lots of sweet fluff and fun, laughs and light fun teasing, some suggestiveness but it's sweet spicy fun :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I can feel you laughing JAMES!!! UGH! I’m going to sit with Stevie!”
You push off Bucky’s chest and try to stand but he wraps his metal arm around your waist and holds you tightly to him.
“No way doll face. You’re mine now,” he chuckles. “And I’m only laughing because you’re so cute. Are you sure you’re not still hungry?”
You lick the remaining melted chocolate from your fingers and shake your head no.
“I’m fine. You know it’s just my stomach doing it’s thing,” you sigh.
Steve smiles from the other side of the blanket, your feet in his lap and his hands massaging your calves.
“Want another smore baby girl?” Steve asks, leaning over to make himself one.
You watch the marshmallow catch aflame over the fire pit, giggling when Steve tries to get it off the stick but can’t.
“Here let me hold the graham crackers,” you say, grabbing them from his hand and holding them up so he can concentrate on the gooey marshmallow.
Steve sets it between the crackers and slowly pulls it off the stick, cheering when he gets it off cleanly. You sit back and press your pointer finger and thumb together, both now sticky with marshmallow. When you pull them apart you laugh at the string of sugary goodness that lengthens between them.
Bucky grabs your hand before you can get it to your own mouth and licks your fingers clean, smiling mischievously when you give him a death glare.
“That was mine BARNES!” you screech.
Steve throws his head back with laughter and points at Bucky. “Hey Buck, that’s a James and a Barnes and we haven’t even finished dessert yet!”
Bucky rolls his eyes and kisses your cheek. “Sorry baby doll.”
Just as you’re about to ask Steve to make you a s’more your stomach makes a grumbly popping nose and you huff out a curse.
Steve and Bucky exchange a glance and try to look sympathetic but your disgruntled face is too cute and they can’t help their loud cackles.
“OH GREAT. Now you too STEVEN!??”
“Ooooo you got a Steven!” Bucky taunts, laughing harder.
Their muffled laughter continues and you start to feel your own giggles bubbling up and when your stomach makes one more loud gurgling noise you lose all control. The three of you shake with laughter.
“Can one of you please make me another s’more?” you ask after you catch your breath.
“Only if I get to stab the marshmallow!” Bucky exclaims, taking the bag in his hands.
You and Steve laugh but make no protest.
“You just love to stab things,” Steve teases as he prepares the graham crackers and chocolate.
“That’s the truth,” you agree.
“I never hear you complaining about my knife skills baby doll,” Bucky murmurs with a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows.
“And you won’t ever hear it,” you answer, throwing him a wink.
They manage to get the s’more together but not without the two of them getting sticky fingered and messy.
“Look at you two!” you playfully chide.
“What?” they ask simultaneously.
You reach over and grab Steve’s hand, sucking his thumb clean of chocolate before you move back to Bucky and lick the remaining marshmallow from his fingers. You settle between them and take a bite, closing your eyes and moaning at how good it tastes.
When you open them back up, Steve and Bucky are staring at you, their eyes filled with unmasked heat. With a sly grin you lick your fingers clean but just as you open your mouth to make a sultry remark your stomach pops and gurgles, effectively ruining the moment.
You bury your face in your hands and groan, laughing lightly when you hear their combined snorts.
“I know you’re both laughing!” you squeal from the darkness of your palms. “I swear if I got this worked up every time you two farted or something I could make a full-time job of it!”
Instead of deterring them your remark sends them into a renewed fit of laughter and you fall over into Steve’s arms, hiding in his chest.
Bucky shifts closer and gently rubs your back. “Aw doll. You know we’re only teasin’ ya right?”
“Of course, baby girl,” Steve adds, “we think it’s really cute.”
You lift your head and snuggle closer to Steve then grab hold of Bucky’s shirt and pull him toward you, sighing into the warmth of their bodies.
“I know,” you whisper, snuggling nearer to them both. “But you know I don’t think it’s cute when either of you fart right?”
Tumblr media
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kinanabinks · 24 days ago
Share Your Blessings • Mob!Steve x Reader x Mob!Bucky
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky's always known that you're his biggest blessing. A God-sent angel from above. Who's he to keep you all to himself?
Content Warning: Mob!Bucky x Reader established relationship, Mob!Steve x Reader, smut (buck gets cucked, daddy kink, degradation kink, oral sex, penetrative sex, voyeurism, overstimulation, creampie, objectification, fingering, spitting, blowjob, face fucking), slight angst, aftercare and fluff.
dedicated to @chirsevans just because
Tumblr media
Steve loves coming over to yours for dinner. There's something about the dynamic between you and Bucky that relaxes him. Although you've been together for almost three years now, it's as though you're still in the honeymoon period.
"I don't think it's properly set," You say with a pout as you observe your cheesecake.
Just before your eyes have the chance to fill with tears, Bucky wraps his arms around you and holds you tight, kissing your cheek. "It looks incredible, flower. Doesn't it, Steve?"
"Oh, absolutely," Steve replies immediately, watching as Bucky pulls a smile from your pretty lips with a kiss to your cheek.
Once the sloppy cheesecake has been eaten, the three of you retire to one of the big couches in the living room. Bucky sits facing the left with you on his lap, and Steve takes his place on the other end. The fireplace warms up the room as the three of you bask in each other's presence.
"So I tell him; get it right this time, or you'll never be employed in New York again," Steve finishes off his story with a sordid smirk.
"You're so mean, Steven," You say teasingly, resting your feet on his lap. "You oughta treat people nicer."
"I treat you plenty nice, don't I?" He asks with a raised brow, making you laugh.
"Honey," Bucky whispers, lifting your chin up. "Give me a kiss."
You comply, reaching up to kiss him. His hand cups your neck while his tongue slips into your mouth. He usually isn't one for public displays of affection, but you welcome it.
When you pull away, you look back at Steve who was seemingly watching you the whole time. With a smirk, you raise a brow. "Enjoy the show, perv?" You press your foot gently against his inner thigh, dangerously close to his semi-hard boner.
Bucky just chuckles from behind you. He doesn't mind what a flirt you are when it comes to Steve, as Steve is the one who introduced you two to each other due to your flirty nature, knowing you and Bucky were suited. If you weren't so open and forward, Bucky might not have ever met you.
When Steve says nothing in response, you frown. "You okay, Stevie?"
Bucky brings his mouth to your ear and loudly whispers, "I think he's feeling left out."
A laugh leaves your mouth, before you sit up against Bucky's chest. "Come kiss me then."
Steve falters. Did you really just say that? He looks to Bucky for permission, but the brunette just shoots him a wink. Taking that as his green light, Steve leans over to you and gives you a soft peck on your lips. Admittedly, the alcohol in his system is making him more confident than usual.
You sigh when he pulls away all too soon. "A real kiss, Steven."
Once again, he looks to Bucky for approval who gives him a nod. Crawling over to you, Steve brings his lips to yours, kissing you deeper this time. You open your mouth and allow his tongue to slip and slide against yours as you let out soft whimpers. The kiss is hot and passionate, and the fact that your boyfriend is watching only makes it hotter.
Bucky's hand slowly slides under your dress and to your panties. Pushing them to the side, he rubs his fingers over your clit, making you shudder. "Fuck, Steve, you're making her so wet," He groans as the two of you pull away from the kiss. With a smirk, Bucky presses his cheek against yours and looks up at Steve. "It's only right that you taste it."
Overtaken by desire, Steve wastes no time in ripping your panties apart and burying his face between your legs. His tongue laps at your cunt, making your back arch against Bucky. Bucky's hand finds yours and your fingers interlock while you moan out. You've never discussed the idea of doing anything sexual with anyone else, but the spontaneity of the moment only fuels your pleasure.
"Just like that, Steve," You whine. "Eating my pussy so good."
"You like that, you little slut?" Bucky mutters into your ear. "You like having another man tasting what's mine?"
"Mmm, fuck," You groan, running your hand through Steve's hair as he sucks on your clit. "Keep going, please."
Steve happily obliges, swirling his tongue over your folds and poking it into your entrance, fucking you with it as his thumb rubs your clit. The absurdity of the fact that Steve is eating you out while Bucky whispers what a slut you are brings you to your orgasm quicker than ever, and your thighs squeeze Steve's head.
His face reddens at the lack of oxygen, but he doesn't care for breathing right now. He consumes your pussy juices with vigor, growling against you. In seconds, you cum all over his face, letting out a scream. Steve groans loudly, sucking every drop of your juice he can get. You loosen your thighs, allowing him to pull away and catch his breath.
"Fuck," You and Steve say at the same time, both of you breathing heavily.
With a dark look in his eyes, Bucky wraps his arm around your chest, staring up at Steve. "You need to know what the inside of my little whore's pussy feels like," He tells the blonde darkly. "When you have it wrapped around your cock..." He trails off, letting out a sigh. "Fuck. You'll have a taste of heaven, Rogers."
With his eyes on you, Steve pulls out his hard, swollen cock, making you gasp. You clutch onto Bucky's forearm, blinking. "Daddy, it's so big," You tell him with a whisper before looking up at him. "Bigger than yours."
Bucky smirks at your words, getting off on them. "It's okay," He assures you softly. "You'll take it for Mr. Rogers, won't you?"
Swallowing thickly, you nod. "Yes, daddy."
Bucky grins and gives you a sweet kiss. "Good girl."
Steve brings his cock to your pussy, teasingly rubbing it up and down, coating it in your slick. Once his shaft is covered, he sinks it into you, making you cry out. He's a little thicker than Bucky, stretching your pussy out as he fills you up.
"Daddy," You whimper, looking up at Bucky. "It hurts so good."
He chuckles darkly, stroking your hair. "Such a fucking slut, aren't you? Look at you; letting another man inside you like a little cockwhore."
His words fill you with delight. When Steve feels your cunt flutter around him, can no longer hold back. He begins pounding in and out of you, gripping your hips in his hands.
"Fuck, princess," Steve moans, lifting your leg up onto his shoulder and fucking you deeper. "You were right, Buck. This is fucking heaven."
Bucky smirks, filled with pride. "Good little fuckdoll, isn't she?"
Steve groans loudly, pumping his cock in and out of you while you let out feeble cries. "You're a lucky man, Barnes," He grunts. "Got this pretty little thing at your beck and call, every damn day."
Kissing your cheek, Bucky smiles, stroking your hair. "She's such a good little girl for me. Baby, look at me," He orders gently, tilting your chin towards him. Once your eyes lock, he lowers his voice. "I adore you."
Your pussy tightens at his soft words, making Steve groan as his hips move faster. The tip of his cock hits your cervix, making you feel faint with each thrust. Bucky's gentle cheek kisses keep you grounded, and before long, you feel the familiar knot build up in your core.
"Please, daddy, can I cum?" You ask Bucky, tightening your grip on his hand.
He looks up at Steve with an arrogant grin. "I've trained her well, haven't I?"
"Daddy, please," You whine desperately as your hips buck up. "I'm so close."
Steve pummels into you harder and faster, rubbing your nipples through your cotton dress.
"You can cum, baby," Bucky grants you, cradling your upper body in his arms. "Cum all over Mr. Rogers' cock, like the desperate little slut you are."
"Thank you, daddy," You cry out before letting go and letting your orgasm take over. Your eyes flutter shut and your lips part as you gasp, letting out pretty little moans.
Steve takes in how beautiful you are in this moment, and it makes him cum with no warning. His forehead falls forward to lean against yours and with a growl, he cums deep inside your pussy, filling you with his hot seed.
"Oh, princess," He groans under his breath, giving you a kiss. "So fucking perfect."
Bucky strokes your arm and whispers sweet nothings into your ear while you float down from your high. "I'm so proud of you, babygirl," He mumbles with a smile. "Did so well for daddy."
Meanwhile, Steve stands up and collects himself, zipping up his pants and putting on his suit jacket. When he looks back down at you and your eyes meet in an intense gaze, he reaches out his hand. "Give me a kiss goodbye, princess."
Seeing the soft smile on Bucky's face as his approval, you get up onto your knees and reach up as much as you can. Steve meets you halfway, bending forwards to kiss you deeply. His hands trail down your body until they reach your legs, which he pulls up and wraps around his waist. As your tongues dance, Steve lifts up your dress and spanks your ass, making you gasp. He slaps your ass a few more times, making you whimper into the kiss.
"Calm down now, Rogers," Bucky says sternly, leaning back on the couch and taking a sip from his glass of bourbon.
Steve brushes his lips against yours, smirking. "I bet you miss my cock already, don't you?"
Instantly shy, you hide your face in his chest as your cheeks heat up. Steve gives Bucky a cocky wink, but the brunette stays calm.
"She knows where she belongs," Bucky utters coolly.
"Is that right?" Steve asks with a raised brow, before lifting up your chin. "You know where you belong, princess?"
You nod meekly, with your hands resting on his shoulders. "Mhm."
"And where's that?" He asks with a mutter.
You smile widely before looking over at Bucky. "With daddy," You say bashfully.
Bucky's lips curl up slightly and he gives you a wink.
When you feel Steve's hand trailing over your ass and back down to your pussy, you gasp, looking up at him with wide eyes. He slips his fingers back into your soaking cunt, letting out a low groan. "I can feel my cum inside you, princess," He whispers, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of you. "Filled you up good, didn't I?"
"M- Mr. Rogers," You breathe out, digging your nails into his shoulders. "Please."
The sound of your pussy sucking his digits fills the room as he fingers you sloppily, making his cum and your juices drip down your thighs. You bite down on his shoulder in an effort to hide your moans, but when he curls his fingers inside you, you can't help but moan his name.
"That's it, princess," He says softly, fingering you faster. "Cum one more time for me. Show me what a good slut you really are."
Bucky watches on in silence, seeing the way your face contorts so beautifully as his cock throbs against his pants.
When Steve curls his fingers again and just hits that spot, you feel the string snap and immediately tighten your legs around his waist. "I'm cumming," You tell him with a cry as your third orgasm hits you like a wave, drenching you in pleasure.
He continues sliding his fingers in and out of you as your cunt throbs against them, making him groan. "Fuck, princess, your pussy is gold."
You let out a few shuddered breaths against his neck as you come down, utterly weak and broken apart.
Looking over at Bucky, Steve raises a brow. "You sure I can't take your fucktoy home for the night? I promise I won't break it."
Having reached the extent of his graciousness, Bucky stands up. "In your fucking dreams, Rogers."
Gently, Steve puts you down on the ground, holding onto your hands while you find your strength. "Goodnight, pretty princess," He mumbles, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead.
"Goodnight, Mr. Rogers," You reply sweetly.
Him and Bucky share a silent nod and Steve then walks out, leaving the two of you alone.
Walking over to you, Bucky lifts you up into his arms and carries you to your bedroom. There, he sits you down on the bed before turning to the walk-in closet to find you both some pyjamas. When he doesn't say anything, you feel your heart thud in your chest.
Nervously, you kneel on the bed and lean forward off the edge. "Daddy?" You ask quietly, biting your lip. "Are you mad?"
He returns with a pile of clothing with a frown on his face. "Why would I be mad, baby?" He asks you softly, sitting next to you and pulling you closer to him.
Bashfully, you look down and play with your fingers. "I- I let him cum inside me."
"Oh, baby, look at me," He says soothingly, cupping your face and making you look up at him with a sympathetic look on his face. "Isn't that what you were made for, hmm? Being a good little cumdump?"
You giggle at his words, nodding. "Yes, daddy."
"That's right," He replies, wrapping his arm around you. "You did so well for daddy tonight."
"I did?" You ask timidly.
"So fucking well, made me so proud," He promises, making your heart swell before giving you a sweet kiss. "I love you."
His words light you up and you grin warmly at him. "I love you more," You promise, before slowly trailing your finger down his chest and to his crotch. Before you have a chance to rub his boner, he takes hold of your wrist.
"No, baby, you've had a long night," He whispers, kissing your cheek. "I want you to rest."
"No," You whine, rubbing his boner anyway as he sucks in a breath. "I wanna make sure you know where I belong," You tell him coyly, before dropping down to your knees and looking up at him with an innocent look. "Right here."
He can't protest any further as you take his throbbing cock out of his pants and into your hand. Tilting your head, you open your mouth wide, not needing to say a single word for him to know what you want.
Leaning forward, Bucky pouts his lips together and lets a long string of his spit fall out and onto your tongue. He strokes your hair before spitting into your mouth once more, his eyes darkening.
You close your mouth and swallow his saliva before wrapping your lips around his cock, immediately taking him deep into your throat. Bucky lets out a loud groan as you begin to suck him off, hollowing your cheeks around him.
"Oh, fuck, so good," He cries out, leaning back on his palm while his other hand takes hold of your hair, helping you bob up and down. With a growl, he forces you further down and begins fucking your face, his cock twitching each time you gag.
You bring up your hand and start playing with his balls, rubbing and squeezing them. Bucky lets out glorious noises as you utterly overwhelm him with pleasure. He cups your face in both his hands, wiping away the tears that escape your eyes.
"Such a good little slut for me," He groans lowly. "My perfect little fucktoy."
You moan onto his cock and the vibrations are enough to send him over the edge. With a cry of your name, Bucky cums into your throat, his hips bucking up as he fucks into your mouth sloppily. You make sure to swallow every drop, and continue sucking him once he's done. He shivers at the sensation, his sensitive dick being sucked dry by your talented mouth.
"My good little cumdump," He whispers, slightly convulsing when you finally pull your mouth off of him.
Grabbing your arms, he pulls you up onto his lap, kissing you. His tongue laps at the residual cum on your lips as he swallows his own seed, moaning into your mouth. Your tongues stroke one another and he cradles you in his arm, falling backwards to lie on his back while you straddle his chest.
"Such a good little girl," He whispers, stroking your back. "So good to daddy, aren't you?"
You kiss his neck, wrapping your arms around him. "I love you, daddy."
"I love you more," Bucky instantly replies, believing that he truly means it. "There's absolutely nothing that I wouldn't do for you, my pretty girl. Nothing."
Clutching him tighter, you snuggle into him, warm in his tight embrace. The pile of pyjamas lay forgotten, sprawled out on the floor, as the two of you slip into a deep slumber.
Tumblr media
hi! i no longer use a taglist, but if you follow @kinanabinksupdates and turn on notifications, you'll know when i update 🥰
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truebelieversworld · 20 days ago
To my late night scrollers, the ones that are just like me, looking for comfort and love, acceptance and a way to escape.
We all have the thing that helps us, for many of us on this site it's fanfiction. Whether it be hurt/comfort, noncon, a/b/o, friends to lovers or even the one bed trope, everyone has the fics that help us through, with the characters we dream about that make us feel loved, appreciated, wanted.
They're here, waiting for you, ready to see what adventures they're in for tonight. Ready to be your comfort, your friend, your shoulder to cry on. What will you two do tonight? They're so excited, maybe they're waiting with bated breath, ready to meet you all over again, to fall for you again, ready to relive that favorite story, you're happiest moments.
They're there, arms open, smile wide, ready for you. You're their favorite character, their favorite part of the day.
I hope you're scrolling tonight goes well, that you get what you need. I hope that tomorrow is better then today and that at some point, you wake up and don't need the comfort as much, that it's not a need anymore.
From the girl on Tumblr who wishes she could give every single one of you the love and comfort you deserve. Remember, your comfort character believes in you, and so do I.
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bucksfucks · a month ago
      hungry eyes
Tumblr media
abstract ; you & bucky love to experiment. and steve loves to watch. then one night, he gets to join.
pairing ; 40’s!stucky x f!reader
word count ; 4,058 words
warnings ; threesome, talk of steve’s asthma, poly dynamics [bucky x reader in established relationship], voyeurism [steve watching them secretly], loss of virginity [steve], soft!dom!bucky, sub!steve + reader, oral [all receiving], pet names [baby, baby boy, good boy, good girl, darling], praise kink, unprotected sex, teasing & taunting, multiple orgasms [for reader], brief handjob, size kink, shy!steve, bucky & steve kiss, blowjobs [steve & bucky receiving], nipple play, authority kink, cuckholding, bucky finishes in readers mouth, slight angst at the end [open ending] — 18 + ONLY • MINORS DNI
notes ; a few things. i’ve never written for 40′s bucky or steve, so this is a new one for me!secondly, i think it would be super fun to write a part two...somehow connecting steve and bucky when they’re both big, beefy, and bucky is metal-armed.
Bucky introduced you to a lot of things.
Like orgasms.
The first time you’d ever been intimate, Bucky slowly spread your legs and peppered soft kisses to your inner thighs before you stopped him.
“You don’t have to,” you uttered as he gave you a look of confusion. “But I want to.”
Bucky wanted to eat you out. Wanted to taste you and watch you squirm and ultimately come all over his face and tongue.
You’d never been the same.
Bucky also introduced you to his best friend, Steve.
Steve was a sweet, 5′4 little guy who would’ve taken a bullet for you the day you met. 
You always thought Steve was cute. He was always so warm when you hugged him, watching the way a blush crept to his pale cheeks when you pressed a red-lipped kiss to his cheek.
Bucky thought it was adorable, his best friend and girl getting along so well. 
One thing that you discovered is that Bucky loved to experiment. He loved trying new foods, new rides at the carnival, and of course, new ways to make you moan his name.
There wasn’t many things that was off limit to Bucky or you. 
You had finally gotten a taste of such pleasure you could only ever dream of before and you wanted more. 
Hungry and greedy for more.
“Shh, darling.” Bucky chuckled against your lips as he shucked your jacket off your shoulders and onto the floor. 
“You gotta keep it down, Stevie’s home, remember?” You had just gotten back from a date, a cheap bottle of wine shared between the two of you as Bucky helped you both sneak onto the roof of your building. 
You giggled, pulling him in by the lapels of his collared shirt, “then shut up and kiss me.” 
His arms were around your waist, tugging you close to his body as you both stumbled through the small, barely five hundred square foot apartment as the floorboards creaked and groaned. 
You fell into bed, Bucky aimlessly kicking the door shut, but it never fully closed. 
Clothes came off, falling somewhere on the old wooden floor before Bucky slowly sunk into you. There was no time for foreplay, not when you’d both been teasing each other relentlessly all night long. 
No, Bucky couldn’t wait anymore. His cock had been hard and aching in his slacks the entire night and your underwear had a permanent wet patch from your arousal. 
When he sunk into you, slow and deep, you both let out soft little moans as Bucky buried his face in the crook of your neck, “fuck.”
“That’s my girl,” he purred, moving his hips. The bed shook, headboard gently rocking against the wall. 
“You look s’pretty under me, a soldier’s wet dream.” He softly growled, “submissive and able to take everythin’ I give you.” 
Bucky always had a way with words, able to get you riled up with just a few sentences. 
He kept a steady rhythm with his hips, deep and calculated strokes hitting the sweet spot inside of you that made your toes curl and eyes roll to the back of your head. 
Then you heard the soft creaking of a floorboard just outside of the bedroom. 
It didn’t seem to startle Bucky all too much, but it grabbed his attention as he briefly snapped his head in the direction of the door. 
A small glance is all it took for him to turn back, wicked smirk on his lips. 
“Baby,” he whispered. “We have company tonight.”
You gasped, Bucky’s thrusts never ceasing as he kept your head locked and caged between two thick muscular forearms. 
He leaned down to your ear, kissing your sweet spot. 
“Stevie jus’ couldn’t help but take a peek at us. Had to know what it was we were doin’ that’s makin’ ya moan so sweetly.” He said, barely audible to you, but it was loud enough for you to whimper. 
He’s thrusting a little harsher now, your slick coating both of your thighs at the sudden visitor. 
Bucky then looked at you, winking before wrapping a hand around your neck and fucking you into a bliss-filled oblivion that nearly made you cry in pleasure. 
The room is hot, air thick as Bucky smirks and kisses your neck. 
“Go get cleaned up, honey. Then we’ll cuddle and think ‘bout a late night round two.” He says and you nod, knowing that a warm shower is exactly what you need. 
You’re throwing on a shirt of Bucky’s, quickly tip toeing into the small and cramped bathroom before starting the water. 
Steve, on the other hand, is full of shame and guilt. 
It was so wrong, he was a fucking peeping Tom. 
The kind of man you warn people about. 
He felt gross, or at least he wanted to feel gross. 
Something inside of him couldn’t just let him walk by Bucky’s bedroom, hearing her soft moans and his breathy pants. 
It made his cock hard. He’d never been touched like that and he doesn’t think he’ll ever touch someone like Bucky touches you. 
So he’s in the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water with a shaky hand as he hears the floorboards creak under Bucky’s weight. 
It’s quiet and tense, “hey, Stevie.” 
He doesn’t expect Bucky to be so causal, but then again, he doesn’t expect Bucky to be aware of his dirty little secret. 
“Hey Buck.” Steve is finally able to say after a big gulp of water that quenches his throat and gives him a voice. 
Bucky just walks further into the kitchen, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers and it makes Steve nervous. 
So nervous that he can feel the heat rising to his neck and cheeks and he hates the effect Bucky has on him. 
Okay, that’s a lie. He loves it. Loves is so goddamn much that he thinks not only of Bucky’s girl, but Bucky himself. 
Bucky doesn’t saying anything else, instead, he just steps closer to Steve until he’s right in front of the man and towering over him. 
“Hey Stevie,” this time, his name sounds much softer coming from the older man’s mouth. 
Steve nods his head in response, not trusting his voice right now. 
Bucky smirks, just ever so slightly as he runs his tongue across his bottom, “next time, ya don’t have to watch. You can jus’ join us.” 
Steve feels his heart drop to his stomach in both anxiety, panic, and excitement as he’s fishing for his inhaler at the sudden spike of his heart rate and the sudden unevenness of his breathing. 
Bucky shakes his head, chuckling softly and clamps a hand over the younger man’s shoulder, “’m serious, Stevie. She thinks you’re cute, would love to have you join.”
But he doesn’t believe him, shaking his head, “this isn’t a funny joke, Bucky.”
Bucky rolls his eyes at the naiveness of his best friend. 
“S’not a joke, you jerk.” He says with nothing but love, “think about it, yeah?”
He doesn’t let the smaller man respond, instead, turning on his heels to head back to the bedroom leaving Steve to his own thoughts. 
When you emerge from the shower, naked and in nothing but a towel, you catch Steve in the kitchen. 
“Oh, hey Stevie!” You chirp, watching him try to avert his eyes to the floor as you softly giggle, “goodnight, Stevie.” Before slipping into the bedroom where Bucky is lounging on the bed.
“I told him he could join us,” Bucky says nonchalantly, folding his hands behind his head as he watches you change into your sleepwear. 
“What did he say?” You ask, pulling your shirt over your head, “he didn’t believe me.”
You furrow your eyebrows as Bucky just shrugs his shoulders, “maybe I just need to talk to him.” You suggest and it brings a wicked gleam to Bucky’s eyes.
“Yeah? You that excited ‘bout Stevie joinin’ us?” Bucky teases you, pulling you into the bed as you act innocent and coy about it. 
It wasn’t until the next night when you, Bucky, and Steve were all in the kitchen as you watched Steve scribbling in his sketchbook. 
He was using it as a distraction because God did he have trouble from his dick getting hard around you. 
You smelled so good, like blooming flowers, and were always so kind to him. 
Bucky was watching you both, mind wandering elsewhere and he had to readjust himself as he cleared his throat. 
Having the both of you? Well, it was a fucking dream to him. 
That’s when you sighed, unsure of what came over you as you turned to Steve and furrowed your eyebrows.
“Why don’t you wanna join Buck and I in the bedroom?” 
Steve choked on his spit. He actually choked and coughed until he was red and well, at least it covered up his blush.
“I-I didn’t think Bucky was bein’ serious,” he mumbled meekly, not daring to make eye contact with you.
“But do you want to?” You asked, hoping to get the answer you were looking for. 
Steve didn’t say anything, but he nodded his head feeling ashamed of himself. 
He looked so cute, innocent, and soft. 
You hooked a finger under his chin, smiling at him all while Bucky was watching you both with a proud smirk. 
That’s my girl, Bucky thought.
“Stevie, I would love for you to join us. We could all have fun,” you whispered, leaning into him, “I think I could show you something you’d really like.”
Steve swore he stopped breathing. Or that he was having a heart attack. Some sort of delusional breakdown where he was hearing what he wanted to hear. 
Except he wasn’t and your hand was now on his thigh. 
“Whaddaya say, Stevie?” Bucky chimed in, cocking his head to the side, “wanna join us for a night?”
God yes, he wanted to scream. But he didn’t, choosing to look back at you and nod his head, “yeah.”
He sounded so small, he was so small and you wanted to take care of him. 
The three of you stood up, taking Steve’s hand as Bucky lead you all to the bedroom and shut the door. 
Steve looked so out of place, standing in the middle of the room as Bucky placed his hand on the small of his back to lead him towards the bed.
“S’okay, baby.” Bucky purred, Steve already reeling at the pet-name as he sat beside you. 
His chest was rising and falling rapidly and you wondered if he was going to have an asthma attack because of the way his breathing was so uneven.
“Do you wanna kiss me, Stevie?” You asked him, placing a hand on his as he looked to Bucky almost for permission. 
“I-I don’t know how. I’ve never kissed anyone,” Steve mumbled, Bucky pouting as he came to stand in front of you. 
“Here,” Bucky said, tilting your chin up. “How ‘bout you watch us and then you can try, yeah?”
Steve whimpered, nodding enthusiastically before Bucky’s lips sealed yours. It was a deep kiss, his tongue ending up in your mouth as he cradled your face and fuck was Bucky a good kisser. 
“Now you,” Bucky smiled at Steve, “go on.” He encouraged the blonde man as you turned your body to him. 
He was so hesitant, but you could see just how much he wanted it by the way his pants were tenting. 
When your lips connected with his, he relaxed, slowly easing into the kiss. You took the lead on it, cupping his face before you heard a soft moan. 
“Good boy,” Bucky purred, making Steve’s breath stutter as he pulled away with glossy eyes. 
“You did so good,” Bucky praised, the effects of it also rubbing off on you as you squirmed a little in your seat. 
The older, brunet man took a second to look at you both. Taking in the way Steve looks like he’s ready to burst while you were begging Bucky with your eyes to touch you.
“Baby?” Bucky questions and Steve immediately perks up before looking back down at the floor in shame.
“S-sorry,” he quickly mumbles out but Bucky just takes a step closer to him and hooks an index finger under his chin.
“What for? I was talkin’ to you, baby.” He repeats the pet name just to watch the way Steve nearly pouts in anticipation.
“Look at me, Stevie,” he says. “I need you to tell me exactly what you want. And don’t be shy.”
You know you’ve got a wet patch on your panties right now, the exchange between the two men a wild fantasy coming to life.
Steve looks at you, then back at Steve…then back to you.
But this time, he can’t drop his head. Not with Bucky’s strong finger under it. He’s forced to look at Bucky as he tells him what he wants.
“I-I don’t wanna b-be a virgin anymore,” he whispers, cheeks so red you’d think it was the dead of winter outside and he just came back from the shop.
Bucky cocks his head, “s’that all, baby boy?”
He knows that Steve wants more. He can see it in his hungry eyes, but he just needs to hear Steve say it.
Steve shakes his head, “no.”
He’s shy, or maybe he’s embarrassed, but that doesn’t cut it for Bucky.
“Well then be a good boy and tell me what it is.” Bucky almost scolds and it makes Steve whimper ever so slightly.
He takes a deep breath, eyes darting around the room before they’re finally settled back on Bucky’s deep blues.
Just rip of the bandaid Stevie, tell him. It’ll be worth it, I promise you think to yourself.
“I-I want,” his voice is hoarse. “Maybe, I don’t know, what if uh,” he then turns his head to look at you.
This about you now.
“I was wonderin’ if um, you could do that uh, thing with your mouth. But on me?” He squeaks out the last part of the sentence.
You grin, “you want me to give you a blowjob, Stevie?”
He swallows thickly, unable to do anything but nod his head.
Something then changes in the air, because Bucky is pulling you up and stripping you nearly naked.
“You’ve gotta do the rest, baby,” he cooes at Steve.
The rest being your fucking underwear.
Steve looks like he’s gone into shock, staring at your tits with an open mouth as he splutters none sense out.
It’s incoherent ramblings, but he finds the strength to stand in front of you.
“Is this okay?” He whispers, eyes meeting yours.
You nod your head, “‘course it’s okay, Steve.”
He licks his lips, your hands leading his fingers to hook under your panties and slide them all the way down your legs.
Steve chokes.
He tries to hide it with a cough, but his cock twitching in his pants is the dead giveaway as you stand fully naked with Steve in front of you and Bucky behind you.
“First things first,” Bucky smirks, throwing you onto the bed as you giggle.
“You’re gonna learn how to eat a girl out, Stevie.” Bucky grins with a sinister twinkle in his eyes as both men watch you get comfortable on the bed and spread your legs.
Bucky hums at your actions, “she’s such a good girl, Stevie. You wouldn’t believe the things she lets me do to her.”
He’s right. Steve wouldn’t believe it. He would probably thing it’s one big joke that you’re playing on him.
“C’mere,” he coaxes, taking the younger man’s hand.
“Do you wanna undress me, baby?” He asks Steve softly, ducking his head down to his level.
Steve nods, “yeah.”
God, his voice is so fucking wrecked already. Dry, raspy, and hoarse as Bucky places Steve’s cold and shaky hands on his chest.
“Go ahead, ‘m all yours.” Bucky whispers and it sends Steve into fucking overdrive as you see him reeling at the words.
Steve is slow, starting with the buttons on Bucky’s shirt as he watches it drop to the floor. He’s a little unsure of the pants, but gets the hang of it once Bucky’s belt is undone.
There’s nothing left but Bucky’s boxers now.
And Steve surprises you both when he doesn’t hesitate to pull them down.
It makes Bucky moan, “fuck. You’re such a good little thing.”
Steve’s confidence doesn’t last much longer, because Bucky’s praise nearly buckles his knees.
You don’t expect it, but Bucky seals his lips against Bucky’s and it makes you throb at how Steve is on his tippy toes and grabbing onto Bucky in any way possible.
“Can you undress me now, Buck?” Steve’s voice is quiet and unsure, but Bucky nods and hums.
“‘Course, baby.” He’s much faster than Bucky was, stripping Steve and leaving you gawk and gasp at the size of him.
“Holy shit,” you mumble. It makes Steve’s eyebrows furrow.
“Am I not enough?” He then asks and you swear you can see tears welling behind his eyes.
You jump off the bed, scrambling to yank Steve against your body before you have his face in your hands.
“Stevie I don’t know how else to say this,” you whisper against his lips, “but you’re fuckin’ huge.”
Your imagination always let you fantasize about Steve, but reality was so, so much better.
When your lips finally press against Steve’s, he’s much more confident. Knowing that it’s good to kiss back, add a little pressure, and maybe slip his tongue into your mouth.
He’s a quick learner, you forgot that about Steve.
You don’t get to indulge much more because Bucky’s getting antsy at the thought of tasting you.
So you’re back in the same position, lying on the bed with your legs spread as Bucky and Steve are between your legs.
Both of them. At the same time.
“Now don’t be shy, okay,” Bucky smirks. “She doesn’t like shy.”
That’s when you feel Bucky’s fingers glide through your folds, “feel how wet she is, Stevie. And all for us.”
You want to keep your eyes open because you want to burn this image into your brain permanently, but it’s so goddamn hard when Steve’s finger joins Bucky’s.
“S’that good?” Steve mumbles and you nod your head, answering for Bucky. “Yeah.”
They tease you a little longer, Steve mimicking whatever Bucky does.
“See this little bundle?” Bucky asks, gently applying pressure to your clit which makes you whine.
Steve just nods, “this is really important, yeah? She loves havin’ my mouth over it.”
Your breathing is becoming erratic, hips gently rocking against their touches and you don’t think you’ve ever been this wet.
“Can,” Steve pauses. “Can you show me?”
Bucky doesn’t verbally respond, instead, he simply dives in.
You gasp, burying your head into the pillows as Bucky laps at your folds and sucks around your clit.
“S’that easy,” Bucky says slightly breathless.
And now it’s Steve’s turn. He’s shaky, hands slightly clammy and cold, but his cock his is too stiff to care about anything than your pussy.
He’s gentle, a different kind of gentle than Bucky, but it feels so good.
Bucky’s crawling up the bed, lying right beside you as he kisses you. The same lips that are still coated in your slick and it makes you moan as you wrap your hand around Bucky’s cock.
“Look at Stevie, baby girl.” He purrs, “look at him between your legs.”
Steve is exploring, his tongue gliding adventurously as you spit out a strangled moan when he finds your clit.
By accident or not, it feels fucking amazing.
“Stevie,” you whimper against Bucky’s lips.
“Mmm, bet it feels good, doesn’t it? Steve buried in your cunt?” Bucky whispers just loud enough for the younger man to hear.
You nod, whining as your hips rut against Steve’s face.
“Good ‘nough to cum, I bet.” Bucky taunts you, fingers playing with your nipples.
“Make a mess over Stevie’s face, let him taste you.” Bucky growls, pushing you over the edge as your legs shake around Steve’s head.
You don’t want this feeling to end, but you know you’re just getting started when Bucky slinks back down the bed to be beside Steve.
Both their cocks are hard, standing proud against their abdomens as Bucky wraps his hand around Steve’s.
His breathing stutters when he does, head falling.
“You like makin’ her cum, Stevie? Tastin’ her and havin’ her legs shake ‘round your head?” Bucky questions softly.
He nods his head, “mhmm.”
Bucky let’s go of Steve’s cock, watching him whimper at the loss of contact, “lay back, baby.”
It’s your turn to have your mouth on Steve, something that you’re salivating at when you get between his legs.
“Just relax, okay?” You whisper with gentle eyes as Steve gets comfortable against the very same pillows you were on.
They probably still smell like you.
The bed squeaks with the disappearance of Bucky’s weight, now on his feet as he goes to stand behind you.
“Go on, sweet girl,” he bends his body over yours to place a kiss to each of your shoulder blades.
“Show Stevie what that mouth feels like. I bet he’s been wantin’ to know after the months of listenin’ to my moans.”
A shiver erupts down your spine, grabbing the bases of Steve’s cock and licking a stripe up it.
That alone is enough to have him whimpering.
That’s when Bucky gentle enters you, filling you up inch by inch and stretching you out as you wrap your lips around Steve.
He’s gone. Eyes shut tight, breathing completely erratic as you hollow your cheeks as Bucky fucks you from behind.
“Oh Stevie,” Bucky moans, low and raspy. “Can’t wait for you to feel her cunt. How wet and tight it is.”
It makes your walls flutter around him, “fuck.”
The soft swear comes so naturally from Steve’s lips and it’s not often you hear him swear so loosely.
Steve’s gripping the sheets so hard that his knuckles have turned white, desperately trying to hold back his inevitable orgasm.
“Okay, darling,” Bucky purrs, “that’s enough, let’s give Steve some time to catch his breath.”
He stills, deep inside of you before pulling out leaving you feeling empty.
Steve is waiting for Bucky’s next instruction, not daring to move a muscle before he’s been given permission.
“Are you ready, baby?” Bucky cooes, helping Steve behind you as you lay your face in the sheets.
Steve is practically vibrating from excitement, heart hammering in his chest.
“M’gonna help you, yeah?” Bucky whispers in Steve’s ear as he wraps his hand around Steve’s cock.
“Put your hands on her hips, baby. She likes ‘em gripped.” You hum, wiggling your ass as Bucky chuckles, “look at her, so excited.”
He presses a kiss to the younger man’s shoulder, soothing his breathing before he’s lining Steve up with your entrance.
Steve whimpers, curling his fingers deeper against your skin. Bucky let’s go of Steve’s cock, taking a step back to watch.
“How’s she feel, baby?” Bucky whispers, quickly back on the bed with his cock in his hand in front of your mouth.
Steve whimpers, “s’good.” He chokes out.
“Open up, darling.” Bucky says to you, tapping his cock on your lips as you’re on all fours.
Steve’s rhythm isn’t nearly as good as Bucky’s, but you have a feeling that he’s just trying not to cum.
Your lips are around Bucky’s cock, the feeling is familiar as the sound of wet, slapping skin fills the room.
It’s filthy, messy, so incredibly taboo that it makes your stomach flutter in excitement.
“‘M gon-na,” Steve hiccups, “cum.”
And he does seconds later, stuttering hips slamming messily against yours as he pumps you full.
Bucky’s set off by watching Steve cum inside of you, his girl, abdominal muscles tightening before he cums and spills his seed down your throat.
The three of you fall into bed, tangled limbs and sticky skin but there’s nowhere any of you would rather be.
You’re in between both men, holding Steve while Bucky holds you. It’s a tight fit, but that’s just an excuse to hold each other even closer.
What you don’t realize, is that your time with them would be cut far, far too short.
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avintagekiss24 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—lay me in the tall-grown grass in a shallow grave; steve rogers & bucky barnes
pairing: steve rogers x black!reader x bucky barnes
word count: 14175
warnings: 18+ ONLY, smut, sex, rough sex, threesome, throat fucking, anal sex, butt stuff, face slapping, hand jobs, blow jobs, male masturbation, size kink, degradation, multiple orgasms, breeding kink, praise kink, creampie, cum play, double penetration
squares filled: @buckybarnesbingo C5: bucky/steve ; @steverogersbingo B1: the serum enhances his senses beyond measure ; @star-spangled-bingo G1: "well, home is home, you know"
request: "there's no way anyone is that innocent" + breeding kink + praise kink
author note: so, this is a month overdue but this is for @darkficsyouneveraskedfor 2 years of darkness challenge! this kicked my ass, but it finally came together thanks to some porn (please familiarize yourselves with owen grey and small hands) and @tropicalcap beautiful imagination. please enjoy :)
line divider by @whimsicalrogers ; title inspired by lord huron long lost
Tumblr media
Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.
Steve tosses the two slices of wood towards the rest of the pile and places a new log on the tree stump in front of him. The sun beats down on his bare back, sweat dripping from his brow, down his nose, slipping right off the tip and splatting on the wood underneath him. He shakes his head slightly and then wipes at his forehead out of irritation with the back of his hand to get the long blonde strands of hair out of his face.
Hot air pushes out of his mouth before he heaves the axe back into the air, his right hand sliding down the handle as the blade slices through the air. Thwack. The wood splinters in two, throwing small, broken pieces into the air as the halves fall to the ground. He bends to pick them up, tosses them into the pile and starts all over again with a new log.
There’s movement in the corner of his eye— an ornery Bucky Barnes moving past, pulling a tattered old shirt over his head as he heads towards the stream. He had a long night. Nightmares filled with old ghosts. The countless faces and screams of his victims. A rather harrowing fight with Steve after Bucky shot up out of his bed, unfamiliar with his surroundings. Unfamiliar with Steve. Now they have a broken kitchen table, two chairs— each with a random amount of legs— four busted doors, and now he’s got to figure out how to board up the windows.
Bucky seems better this morning, quiet, but that’s not unusual— even apologized over his bowl of corn flakes for slipping the night before. Not that it’s his fault, and Steve would never blame him, but getting rid of the seventy year HYDRA influence is proving to be harder than what he thought.
“I thought you wanted to cut your hair?” Steve calls, cutting his eyes towards the rotting tree stump as Bucky sheds out of his pants.
Steve tosses his eyes back in time to catch Bucky shrug before he steps into the cool water, hissing soft at the abrupt temperature change, “I’m not rushing,” Steve answers quick, “It’s just… we can’t go around looking like Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes anymore.”
“America’s golden boy and his unstable, untrustworthy, can’t be rehabilitated, murder buddy, you mean?”
Steve places a hand on his hip, eyes furrowing as he watches Bucky float aimlessly in the water, blinking slow towards the sky, “That’s not who you are, Buck.”
“That’s exactly who I am,” Bucky bites back, cutting his eyes back to Steve, “No matter how bad you want to, you can’t—” Bucky’s words stick in his throat when Steve turns away abruptly, then holds up his hand to silence him, “What is it?”
Steve turns his head slightly, listening. Bucky stands, pushing the water off of his head as he runs his hands over his hair, “What is it?”
Steve takes a breath, something sweet— perfume— filling his nose, “Someone’s here.”
“How many?”
“Just one,” Steve mumbles, his breaths getting deeper as the smell intensifies, “But it’s not—”
“How far?”
“A couple of miles, maybe three or four,” he reaches out, catching Bucky by the arm as he rushes by, “Buck, wait.”
“I can take one guy, Steve. I just don’t want to do it naked.”
“No, it’s not that. It’s not someone from the Government.”
Bucky huffs, clenching his jaw as he stares at Steve, “HYDRA then?”
All Steve can do is shake his head, “HYDRA doesn’t wear perfume.”
You squint as you drive slow, pinching the handwritten directions between your fingers and the steering wheel. The paperweight you call an iphone lost its wifi connection hours ago, and then actually died several miles back, so it’s just you, a sheet of paper with half ass instructions scribbled on it, and your car venturing down a gravel, overgrown road. You’ve lost count how many times you’ve literally prayed to every God you know that you don’t get a flat— because, you know, that happens to stupid girls like you that just take off without telling a soul you’re leaving.
The radio fades in and out as you go, more static than music. Quick eyes dart around from side to side, finding nothing more than the lush of trees and grass and a few pops of color from random wildflowers. A frazzled mind screams at you. This is crazy, you’re crazy… but you dull the voice and just grip the wheel harder. You blink, cutting your eyes to the passenger seat, the deed to your new home staring back at you.
You tear your eyes away, teeth digging into your bottom lip as you press numb fingers into your temple and rest your elbow on the door. Funerals always made you queasy, no matter whose it was. This one happened to be for a long lost aunt, who you knew nothing about but she somehow knew a lot about you. Her love for you, a child she never laid eyes on physically, shown through every word she wrote in her will.
To my beloved niece. I leave the oldest, most precious heirloom in our history. The very house where our lineage began some two hundred years ago. Take care of it, thrive in it, let it inspire you. For you are more than you’ll ever know. Aunt Bea.
For you are more than you’ll ever know
Tears sting the backs of your eyes just having the words flit around in your brain again. With the backs of your fingers, you rub your lips trying to fight the urge to cry. The gravel road and trees in front of you go blurry as you tighten your hand on the wheel. You just need to get there. Maybe fix it up a bit, make it yours, start a garden. Become one with nature… because you honestly can’t handle having life run you over anymore and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.
If you ever needed a reset button, it’s now and this house is it.
There’s a slight turn in the road. You take it slowly and then, just like it was dropped out of the sky, there it is. Home.
Long, green vines slither up the sides, the grass and wildflowers probably as high as your hip.  An old, weathered rocking chair sits in the corner of the porch, a small flower pot with a long dead plant right next to the door. The roof a little lopsided, weighed down underneath an overgrown tree, and two of the three steps leading to the porch look to be rotted, but a smile covers your face anyway as you stare out of the windshield.
There’s a bond between you and this old house already. A strength is here, a warmth— the air even smells sweeter as you exit your little Volvo. Generation after generation of your family have walked in this grass, worked this land, and now it’s all yours. Even though you don’t know these people, a need to make them proud fills your chest.
You grab your suitcase and move to the front porch, barely navigating the rotten steps before your high heel gets stuck in a hole in one of the boards. Who needs four inch heels out in the woods anyway. The boards on the porch creek and squeak as you move towards the front door, more of them needing to be replaced than not.
One, two, three jams of your hip against the door later, and you’re finally inside. Stagnant dust fills the air from all of the new movement, but you breathe a sigh of relief. The inside is definitely in better shape than the outside. White sheets cover the furniture, and beneath a layer of dust is brand new wood flooring. The kitchen has a new sink, and a relatively in shape refrigerator. A toaster still in the box sits atop the granite countertop.
Great uncle Ernest was busy when this was all his.
You run your fingers over the countertop as you move towards the back door just off to the right of the refrigerator. As you pull it open, the top hinge gives, separating from the rotting door frame, sending rusted nails and the hinge itself to the floor. A loud thud sounds through the house when the bottom of the door slams against the floor, leaving you to jump back and shout, clutching your chest all the while.
Alright, so great uncle Earnest didn’t get as far in with the renovations as he’d planned. Nothing you can’t handle.
You push through the screen door (where most of the screen is missing) and find yourself on an uneven, boards missing back porch. With a hop, skip, and a jump for fear of falling straight through, you’re standing in the backyard, pulling off your pumps so you can feel the dirt and grass. You blink slow, hands on your hips, staring back at your fixer upper, the reality of it all starting to swirl.
It’s gonna take a lot— money, time, effort— to get this place livable after sitting vacant for almost five years. You’re also no handyman. How the fuck do you replace a door? Where do you get a door? Does Amazon even deliver this far out?
Heavy hands fall to your sides as you let out a huff. Don’t start, you chide yourself, you wanted a sign and you got one. Take that shit and quit complaining.
Plus, it’s Amazon. They deliver everywhere.
The rush of water starts to fill your ears, fading in as you start to pay attention to the chirps of birds and buzzes of little insects. Bare, manicured feet start stepping through the wild, tall grass, black French tipped fingers brushing it off to the side as you pass through.
Low hanging branches scrape along your head, old apples from a ripening, unattended apple tree litter the ground as you step into damp dirt. Whatever thoughts you had mere moments before, fuck off back into the depths of your brain as your eyes settle on the rushing stream just a few feet away. The water is clear, rippling and burbling, little green and blue fish swimming along.
The earth fills your nose, the grass, the dirt, the water— you’ll learn how to fish. You’ll learn how to install a door, and how to rip up old slats, and replace broken windows.
Because you’re supposed to be here.
Two sets of blue eyes peer through leaves and broken branches, Bucky standing behind Steve as they gaze.
“You seen her out here before?”
Steve shakes his head soft, eyes trailing down your frame as you stand at the water's edge, “No. I didn’t even know there was a house down this far,” He blinks again, “It’s hidden,” the words hesitate, “By um, by all the trees.”
Bucky slides his eyes to the back of Steve’s head before moving up beside him. He inhales deep, pulling in the sweet rose scent of your perfume, the soft undertones of vanilla and… strawberry? Maybe a concoction of body wash and body butter. It’s enticing, sending him right back to 1943. Dorothy… Dolores… Dot… smelled just like you. Hell, he can still hear that cute little giggle, feel those soft tits pressed right up against his chest as his big hands hugged those hips while she danced.
He knows Steve smells it too— if not more of you. Steve can probably hear your heart beating. Maybe smell the lingering traces of a man; cologne, aftershave, or just the musk of him.
Bucky cuts his eyes towards Steve again and just knows Steve can smell your pretty, sweet little cunt. Smell your slick— can practically taste it on the tip of his tongue. Smell the smallest bit of perspiration on your skin as the sun beats down on you out here. Hear you swallow behind those plump, mauve colored lips.
It’s moments like these that make Bucky jealous. He’d take Steve’s perfected serum over his clipped poison any day.
Then his mind really goes, but that’s nothing new for Bucky. Once a flirt, always a flirt— no matter how much HYDRA is in him. The soft, thick meat of your hips in his calloused hands. Pathetic whimpers stuffing his ears. Nipples hard and piqued as he prods at them. That mouth, God that pretty mouth stretched wide around his cock, tears leaking down your cheeks as you slurp him up.
“Don’t start,” a quick clap on the back brings Bucky back, “Come on, Buck.”
Bucky watches Steve turn and take a few steps before he glances back across the stream, blinking at you as you swish your hand back and forth in the water. Knees drawn into your chest, head lolled just to the side, eyes sad and lost.
His cock twitches in his pants.
Steve’s hushed voice breaks through the rushing water and the rustling leaves again, and Bucky tears his eyes away, turning on his heel, “I’m comin, alright? Stow the mom voice.”
“We have to stay to ourselves if this is gonna work.”
“Did I say anything?” Bucky answers quick.
Steve chuckles, pushing a wild branch out of his way as they walk side by side, “You didn’t have to. I saw how you were looking at her.”
“Yeah well,” Bucky starts, eyes darting back and forth as his mind moves back to you, “She’s gonna need help fixing that place up,” he shrugs a few seconds later, feeling Steve’s eyes on the side of his face, “She is, you saw the roof— that back porch.”
“I know she smelled good, Steve. What I could get was incredible, so I know you got every last little sublime detail.”
Steve’s eyes drift, the greens of the grass and leaves, the blue of the sky, the white of the sun rays all blur together as Bucky’s words fade. You’re sweet. Delicate. Soft and ripe— ready for anything, anyone to just take you away. Mark you. Own you.
He blinks.
Blinks again.
“I’m not sure what you mean.”
Bucky rolls his eyes, scoffing as a smirk lingers on his lips, “You never did like to share, asshole.”
“I’m serious, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
It’s been a long time for Steve. Too many days to count, which turned into months, turned to years. He was good at ignoring it at first. Took him years to not let all the sounds, the smells, the visuals overwhelm him— going from barely able to see his own hand in front of his face to correctly identifying a semi-familiar face three hundred feet away in a crowd was… a lot. But he dealt with it over time. The sights, the sounds…
Every now and again though, a smell will get him. Make him weak in the knees. Keep him up at night— and he’ll probably be doing a lot of that tonight. Staying up, that is. Trying not to jerk his cock to the lingering smell of you. To smooth brown skin and plump lips. Long, manicured fingers. Gentle, round eyes. Steve licks his dry lips and tastes the salt on your skin— the little bead of sweat that slipped down your neck and into your cleavage.
“She looks young,” Steve murmurs, clearing his throat.
Bucky rolls his eyes, lips curling into a knowing smile, “Uh huh.”
“She does,” Steve counters quick, “She probably doesn’t even know who we are,” Bucky opens his mouth but Steve cuts him off, “Like, not old enough to remember us.”
Bucky drops his head back, widening his eyes, “Are you stupid? Or are you dumb? You broke me out of a federal prison six months ago, you’d have to be living under a rock to not—”
Steve whips around suddenly, eyes scanning the brush as he gets a whiff of roses and strawberries. Bucky follows suit, perking up as water splashes, leaves crunching with hurried footsteps. Out of habit, he clenches his fists, rolling his shoulders as the silver metal plates on his arm shift.
There’s muffled cursing, a quick squeal and then within the blink of an eye, you’re stumbling out in front of them, wiping at your forehead roughly as you try to find your footing.
“Oh,” you gasp, stopping short when you find two pairs of eyes trained stiffly on you, “Oh, uh, hi,” you smile bright, but quick, the gesture leaving your face as the two men shift their eyes towards each other before returning their gazes to you, “Um, sorry, I heard voices. I, uh,”
“Hi,” Bucky pipes up, offering a soft smile, “I’m Bucky, this is Steve.”
Steve rolls his eyes, his lips parting before they purse as he stares over at the Winter idiot. It’s amazing, really. Six hours ago, Bucky was hurling knives at Steve’s face and reminding him that he is his mission. Put a pretty girl in front of him, he’s a goddamn teddy bear.
You push out a breath, the smile returning to your face, “Hi Bucky, Steve. This is probably really strange,” you laugh, “But um, do you think you could help me? Really quick?” you turn slightly, pointing your thumb over your shoulder, “My backdoor kind of, uh, fell off. Could one of you help me lift it back into place?”
Steve’s mouth opens, fully intent on having words come out of it but all he can do is blink— and then snap his lips closed again. Bucky cuts his eyes towards him. Seventy years and two hundred pounds of FDA approved American meat later, and he still can’t talk to women.
“Sure thing,” a smile nearly splits Bucky’s face in two, “Lead the way.”
You keep your hands wrangled within one another, right thumb pressed into your left palm, rubbing gently as you walk ahead of these two strange men. If your mother could only see you now— inviting two strangers right to your back door. Two strange men that you found walking randomly in the woods. They make slasher films that start out just like this. Dumbass.
But it’s too late now, as you’ve begun to cross the stream— in your heels, cuz, you know, you completely thought this through— and your modest shithole of a cabin in view. You step cautiously into the water, placing one foot slowly in front of the other, hands held out to your sides to balance yourself, but of course—
You stumble, life flashing before your eyes as you start to fall sideways. Before you have a chance to hit the water, there’s a silver hand on your hip, and then another wrapped around your right bicep, keeping you upright and dry.
“I gotcha, I gotcha,” Bucky says, holding you still for a second, “Y’okay, sweetheart?”
With a quick glance over your shoulder and a nervous smile, you nod, “Yeah, th-thanks. This probably wasn’t the best choice of shoes.”
“No… probably not,” he chuckles, “Let me help you across.”
That big hand stays on your hip, the other sliding down your arm before it too lands a little higher up of your waist. You have to clear your throat and blink multiple times to try and focus on getting across the water and not on his firm, yet incredibly gentle grip. His metal fingers flex just a little, tightening, digging just a bit into your skin and hip, before they relax. When you get to the bank, his flesh hand caresses your elbow, holding it gently as he extends his arm to help you up into the grass.
A warmth spreads through your arm and down your body as you walk through the grass. On top of quitting your job and breaking your lease on a whim, you also have not been touched by a man in… let’s not get into that, okay? you gripe at yourself, we’ll work on that later.
“So, umm, yeah,” laughing nervously, you point towards the door, which has now completely fallen off the second and third hinges and laying flat on the floor, “Fuck, it wasn’t like that when I came out here. It was… fuck.”
Steve steps past you and moves just inside the door, eyes on the frame. He reaches up and runs his hand down the rotted wood, his red plaid button down lifting with the motion— exposing a sliver of skin. You instantly take a breath, a slow, deep one before dragging your bottom lip between your teeth. Eager eyes find a smattering of hair, just under his belly button as he reaches higher, shirt creeping up even further as he murmurs more to himself than anyone else.
“Wood’s rotted, so it won’t stay for long, but we can put it up for you for the night at least,” he says after a few moments, his eyes still moving up and down the side jamb, “If you don’t mind us ripping up your back porch, that is.”
You snap your eyes up to his, your brain playing catch up with the words, “Oh, um, why… exactly do you have to rip up the porch?”
“We can take a plank or two from the deck,” Bucky starts, bouncing on the balls of his feet a little, testing the old wood as he eyes it, “and nail ‘em into the rotted piece. Then screw the door into that until you can replace the whole thing.”
You nod, smiling again, “Sure, thanks. I’m planning on redoing the deck anyway. Do you need—” before you can get the words out, Bucky bends, grabbing the end of a random plank with his metal arm. With one swift yank, nails are flying, plopping in the grass as he rips it up and hands it to Steve, “ — a hammer?”
He winks at you, and your stupid stomach flutters, “I got it, honey.”
It’s been too long. The mere sentiments honey and sweetheart have you shaking. Touch starved and praise deprived. What a combo.
“I could use the hammer though,” Steve says, offering a smile, “Or a drill.”
“Right, yeah,” mumbling as you turn on your heel, “One sec.”
After rifling through a few drawers and a supply closet, you find a dead drill but also a pack of batteries, so you hand them over and lean against the fridge to watch. Fingertips prod at your bottom lip slowly as the two men get to work, Bucky deciding to rip a chunk of the rotted wood of the door jamb with his flesh hand this time. The sight makes you take another breath. It’s just so… yeah.
The two of them bicker, playfully, each thinking they know something more about installing a door than the other. Bucky makes another trip to the deck to rip up another board, breaking the damn thing over his knee like it’s a spaghetti noodle to get it to the size Steve needs. Your eyes start to drift again, finding more sun tanned skin as they reach and stretch and bend. Bucky’s tank top leaves little to the imagination— his deltoids and biceps flexing with each little movement.
Veins in Steve’s mammoth hands push up hard against his skin as he drills a repurposed board into the door frame. The arm of his shirt rides up, exposing a forearm covered in dark blonde hair. There you find another vein, prodding against his skin, creeping up his arm.
He’s flushed a little, Steve, his skin fairer than Bucky’s. You can see the red blooming across the top of his chest, across his collar bones, moving up his neck where it disappears into the thick beard on his chin and cheeks— it looks so soft. His beard. Your fingers start to itch, just wanting to feel it.
Bucky’s is lighter. More than stubble, but not a full grown creature just yet. It highlights his sharp jawline and chin; his lips. A little chapped, but pink and full for a man.
“Okay,” Steve huffs, the puff of air pushing his long hair out of his face, “That should do it. It’ll hold until you can get the whole jamb replaced.”
You push away from the fridge, hands and fingers intertwined because their mere presence makes you stupid, “Thank you so much. I wish I had something to offer you, like food or… something, for your help.”
“Oh no, that’s okay,” Steve smiles, running his hand through his hair, “Well, we better—”
“Are you out here all by yourself?” Bucky cuts in, glancing around the kitchen before taking a few more steps inside.
“Yes. I just inherited this place from my great aunt.”
“She passed?” you nod, “Sorry to hear that,” the soft in Bucky’s voice sends a ripple up your spine, “So, you’re gonna renovate this place by yourself? That’s a lot of work by the looks of it.”
You laugh, “Don’t remind me. But, uh, yeah, I’m gonna tackle it all by myself, unless Amazon can deliver a handyman and an electrician.”
“I don’t know about all that,” he chuckles, “but Steve and I can help— if you want, that is. We’re not doing much these days.”
Both you and Steve stare at him like he’s suddenly sprouted another head, “Oh no, no, no. I couldn’t ask you to do that. There’s so much to do and I’m sure you two have more important things to do than help me.”
With a shrug and a smirk, Bucky answers simply, “We don’t,” he turns his head, smiles wide at Steve, “Right bud?”
Bud. Steve could fucking kill him, “Right. It’d be our pleasure.”
“If it makes you feel better,” Bucky says, reaching out as he passes by you, letting his fingertips lightly brush along your forearm, “You can make us dinner when we’re finished.”
Bucky winks at you again and it takes every ounce of strength to stay on your feet. You open your mouth to speak, but kinda like Steve when you stumbled out in front of them, you can’t seem to find any words.
“We’ll be by tomorrow, okay? We’ll take you into town, get some supplies. But if you need us before then, we’re just a couple miles down the road— just follow the bend,” they both step out onto the back porch with you stopping just at the door, “Or you and those heels of yours can venture across the stream again. It’s a straight shot from there.”
You offer a weak smile and lift your hand as they move across the backyard, “Thank you.”
Bucky tosses another smile over his shoulder, “See you tomorrow, sugar.”
God, you’re in trouble.
Steve rolls over hard, slams his head back into the pillow as he pushes out a hot breath. Tired eyes blink slow up at the ceiling, focusing on nothing at all as his mind wanders. The air is still, the heat still suffocating even in the dead of night. The fan spins slow. The wispy, old curtains covering his open window shift with a random, soft breeze. Crickets chirp. Water ripples in the distance, an animal moves through the sun dried leaves.
He blinks again and there you are, right in front of his eyes. You’ve got to be the sweetest little thing to cross his path in what feels like forever. The shampoo and body butter weren’t enough to drown out the smell of you. Heady. Thick. So feminine. His eyelids get heavy, slip closed as he lifts his hips from the mattress, adjusting a bit, having to take a deep breath.
Steve licks his lips again as thoughts of his hands grazing over your naked thighs, squeezing gently as your teeth dig into your bottom lip fill his head. The pads of his fingers find that little wet spot on your silk panties, tease your slit and folds through the material. You spread those legs for him with a little more coaxing from him, your back pressed against his chest, head lolling on his shoulder as his lips skip along your exposed neck.
A moan chokes in Steve’s throat when he palms himself, already rigid from the fleeting thoughts. Thick fingers wrap around his girth, squeeze the base before he tugs upward, real slow, all the way to the tip as he imagines how soft your cunt is. How wet. Warm. How he’d push two fingers in, stopping as you tense— squeal. Tits jiggling when you jump and gasp when he adds a third.
“Shit,” he huffs, the innate urge to scold himself pausing his hand.
But it’s too late for all that now, cock standing tall, a blush of red creeping across his thighs and up his neck. Stomach going tight as his flesh warms at his touch.
He wishes it were yours— the touch.
He’d finger fuck you real slow, right there on that back porch of yours. One of your small hands wrapped around the back of his neck, the other holding his forearm, nails digging into his skin as your hips roll into his fingers and cock.
Blue eyes pop back open as he rolls to the side, pushing his hand between the mattress and box spring to pull out a small bottle of lube. Bucky can’t mind his fucking business nowadays… he also never puts shit back where he found it and doesn’t understand the saying a dollop will do ya, so, this bottle of water based lube will stay hidden between the mattress and box spring.
They’ve been on the run for almost six months, Steve’ll be damned if a trip to a sex store gets them caught now.
A soft click breaks the silence, but Steve hesitates anyway. Bucky’s serum may not have enhanced his senses to the same hypersensitive degree as Steve’s, but the fucker can still hear a pin drop on a carpeted floor while a radio plays in the background.
The room temperature gel squirts easy in his hand, starts to warm as soon as Steve closes his mammoth palm around his hot cock, sending another ripple right down his spine. Hips start to rock as he finds a rhythm. Up, down, up, down. Fingertips sweeping over his wet tip before dragging back down to his stomach. He ruts up into his palm, stomach and balls tight as he pushes out a heavy breath.
Steve, you rasp, heady and thick, Steve, please baby. Fuck me, Steve.
A thick breath hitches in his throat as he imagines the words tripping off your tongue; so desperate and needy. A quick spurt of silk wets his cock head, dribbles down before his palm catches it. A tight, slow tug smearing it along his length as he fucks up into the canal of his hand again.
Free fingers slip down his side, find his strung up balls, heavy and swollen. He rolls them between his fingers, squeezes, imagines you grinding that perfect ass against his hard cock before reaching back to grab him. Begging him.
Steve. Fill me up. Stuff me full, baby. Please.
And he would— stuff you full. He’d ruck that black skirt right up over your hips, rip that thong in two. Teeth would find your earlobe, eager hands in your top, squeezing those perky, round, full tits as his cock head drags through wet folds— teases your slit.
Would he slam into you right away? Just as desperate as you are for it. Wanting to feel soft, hot muscles clamp around him. Or, would he sink in? Slow and steady, making you take him inch by inch. Squeaking and groaning all the while, fingernails dug into his thighs, clipped, broken, breathy words falling from wet lips and floating away with the breeze.
He’d grab a fistful of your wild hair, real tight. Yank your head back when you’ve taken every bit of his cock, ass flat against his stomach. Call you his favorite little dumb baby. Tell you how greedy your cunt is, how only he can satisfy that slutty hole. Kiss you hard and sloppy as you nod quick, murmuring and burbling— totally agreeable to each and every whim of his.
Yeah. That’s how he’d do it. Push in real slow, make you whine for it and tell him how much you need him. Then he’d slam into you. Not waiting for you to catch your breath. Not allowing you to adjust. He’d keep his grip tight on your hair, craning your neck back until he can almost see your eyes rolled up in the back of your head.
Steve’s chest is tight, his heartbeat in his throat, the rush of blood in his ears as he pumps his cock faster. The curl of his palm constricts to mimic the feel of you— wet, tense muscles enveloping him. He breathes in deep and the rose and strawberry is back in his nostrils. The faint hint of vanilla, a tinge of sweat. The sound of your skin slapping against his. The feel of your hips, your soft sides, thick nipples in his hands.
He wants them between his teeth, those pretty brown nipples. Wants to tease them with the tip of his tongue, while a lazy, long leg of yours is thrown over his hip— in the kitchen, up against the fridge.
Fuck. Maybe you’re a sensitive little thing. Maybe just him sucking your tits can make you come. His big hand shoved down the front of your open jean shorts, the pads of his fingers just barely brushing over your clit. Your hips rocking hard, trying to catch a feel against his hard thigh between your legs. Head thrown back, fingers in his hair. His name falling off your pretty lips, all flustered and stupid drunk off lust.
His hips flex once more and he’s tipped over the edge, long, hot strings of thick silk spurting. Teeth dig into his bottom lip, trying to stifle his groans as he comes, wave after wave rolling through. It splatters on his stomach, rolls down the side of his cock and over his fingers as they continue their strokes, up and down, up and down, up and down. Squeezing, pads teasing a sensitive tip.
He pulls on his balls, hips rolling up into his hand as he groans a little louder, each one punctuated with another spurt. Quick flashes of broken images— your sweet mouth, naked tits, full, meaty hips, ass bouncing— dance before his eyes as he drains himself. He tips his head back, pushes the top of his head into the pillow as his mouth hangs. Cock now overly sensitive, each sweep making him shiver but he doesn’t want to stop. It’s too good— you’re too good and sweet.
The body is always weaker than the mind and Steve knows a thing or two about a weak body. It gives out before his visions of you, slamming him back down to the mattress, hips and hands slowing until they both stop. Breath heavy and labored, head rolled to the side, a hand slapping into the middle of his chest. He’s a mess, sticky and wet, but the relaxation that washes through him is unmatched.
A knock on the wall sounds seconds later, “Hey pervert, you finished?”
“Fuck you.”
“No dummy, I’m trying to fuck me. Gimme the lube.”
It’s hot, and in more ways than one, but that’s not the only reason you’re having trouble concentrating on getting these hydrangeas in the dirt. It’s been two days of watching two men basically build you a new home. T shirts have come off, pants have sagged embarrassingly (for you) low. All the hammering and screwing, the light little curses that fall their lips making your brain go all… well, dumb.
And they’re both impossibly nice. Bucky with his sure thing, sugar. I got it honey, no problem. Steve and his yes ma’am. Here, let me get this outta the way. Need anything else? Sure, it may seem like just having simple manners to some, but to you, who’s been a welcome mat for any and every asshole that’s looked in your direction, it’s all about to make you combust.
You’ve purposefully kept your distance. Try to keep your eyes to yourself, put at least six feet between your body and their bodies when moving around them, but it’s really no use. Just having them here, in your space— the natural smell of man lingering in the air even after they’ve left, and God has it been a long time since you’ve been immersed in that smell—  has cast a spell. A spell that forces your hand down your pants more often than not. Prunes. Your fingers are prunes.
Against your better judgement, you blink up from the flower bed, searching for a certain blonde eye candy. Steve is on the opposite end of the front porch, ripping up a rotted, but still two inch or more thick board with nothing else but his hands. Snaps it in half like a twig, like it’s nothing, and tosses the pieces into a pile behind him. He takes a second before grabbing one of the new boards and throws his head back, runs his fingers through his hair, shaking it gently back and forth.
A bead of sweat rolls down his chest, right between those two beautiful, sculpted tits of his and travels down his abs, absorbing into the tuft of dark blonde hair just below his belly button. There’s more veins. So, so many veins, pumping hot blood throughout his six foot something, two hundred plus pounds.
Steve then pushes a hand around the back of his neck, rubbing gently as he tilts his head towards the sky. Lips parted, long, dark eyelashes spread out over rosy cheeks. Then you’re thinking about teeth, your teeth, sinking into that thick neck. Sucking that hot blood to the surface, marking him up. Hips rolling into his, cunt stuffed with cock, his fingers prodding at your asshole. Your hands look small holding onto his broad shoulders, squeezing as hard as you can but he barely feels it, if at all— the cut of your nails in his skin.
One of those hands, wide and warm, holds your neck, squeezes, and you for damn sure feel it. Wet lips find the shell of your ear, teeth grab the lobe. Soft words, so soft that you almost miss them, all tied up and slurred and stupid with lust. You’re such a pretty girl. Hmm? Ain’tcha? There you go, honey. Just like that. Oh, that’s perfect.
His mouth finds your neck as you roll your head back, hips still rolling. Lips swollen and red snagging on your skin as he drags them lazily, down, down, down to your collarbone. Teeth nibble at the bone before he slides his tongue across it, all while one hand slithers up your back, grabs and holds onto your shoulder.
You squeak when he fucks up into you real hard, just once, so he knows you feel him. You like that, honey? You want it like that? Okay, sweet girl, lemme give you what you want...
It’s time for some goddamn lunch.
You’re on your feet in a flash, head down as Steve twists left and right, because of course now that your panties are stuck to your skin, it’s the perfect time for him to work out a kink in his back.
“You okay?” he asks, eyes trailing you as you practically run towards the front door.
“Yep,” you don’t even look at him— you can’t. Heat prickling across your skin as embarrassment follows quickly behind, “Just getting kinda hungry… chicken salad sandwiches okay?”
“Oh, you don’t have to do that, Buck and I can head home—”
“My treat,” you cut him off, twisting the doorknob.
All thanks to Bucky, a blast of cool air hits you in the face as soon as you push through the front door with ease (Steve is to thank for the door). You wipe at your forehead and move into the kitchen, washing your hands before plucking random ingredients from the fridge, freezer and pantry. Eyeing the small mountain of lemons in the crisper drawer, a pitcher of lemonade would round out your impromptu lunch (and help cool down your libido).
After the chicken is boiling on the stove, you busy yourself slicing up the tart, yellow fruit, popping the halves into your new lemon press. You’ve liquified three or four halves before movement catches your eye, drawing them towards the square window right over the sink.
Bucky tosses a hammer into the grass, hands on his hips while he rolls his shoulders. Cranes his neck back and forth. Soon he’s pulling at his shirt, one hand bunching it between his shoulder blades before pulling it clean over his head. Tosses it into the grass too as he starts to move towards the stream, fumbling with the button and zipper of his loose jeans.
Your heartbeat grows heavy, breath kinda shallow as he shrugs out of the denim just at the stream's edge. Then his fingers are in the waistband of his boxer briefs. Pulling. You blink away, sending your eyes towards the floor as heat, from both excitement and embarrassment creeps up into your face. What a creep— you’re a creep!
But you’re blinking again. Blinking right back out the window as the muffled sounds of water sloshing about fills the space. Naked thighs, burly and tanned and hairy. Swinging between his legs as he moves deeper into the water.
Just like that, your mind is off into it’s little tangents and tributaries. On your knees, in front of him. A hand cupping your chin, a smile on his face as he pushes hair away from your forehead. He’s leaning down, pressing hot, chapped lips to yours real soft. Your hands, so small when gripping his hips, nails raking down hairy thighs. Wet against your eager lips, warm, wet cock head rubbing soft, back and forth, back and forth to coax your mouth open.
A hum, one of content and sheer happiness sounds in your throat when you’re full of him. Velvet tongue tracing the thick vein that runs the length of his cock, then flattening— molding itself around him. He’s heavy and hot in your mouth, pinning your tongue down, gently stroking the soft at the back of your throat.
Bucky sounds heavenly. Soft groans. Sweet and sugary— and he doesn’t care. He’s a man, comfortable and secure. Oh honey, he’d purr, you’re so good to me. So, s’good. So warm.
Little hands around his cock, stroking, twisting, wet and sloppy from where your mouth just was. There’s a salt sweet in the back on the tip of your tongue, and you hum again. Silky. A bloom of warmth as you press the tip of your tongue against the tip of his cock. Pumping, pumping, pumping with your hands.
Breath against your ear suddenly, more sweet words tripping off a tongue as a chest is pushed into your back. A mammoth hand slipping down your stomach and between your legs, fingers teasing a throbbing clit and swollen, sticky folds. You take him so good, baby, Steve praises, pushing one, two, three fingers into your achy cunt, filling you up as you suck Bucky right back into your mouth. Such a good girl.
A loud thunk sounds from outside, jolting you right out of your little fantasy. You gasp and jump, slam your eyes closed as you grab onto the sink— Steve’s muffled but sweet sorry permeating through the walls. You cover your face with your hands, laughing gently into them before groaning loudly and pushing out a huff.
You grab another halved lemon, shove it into the press, and squeeze the fuck out of that bitch.
Within the hour, you’re stepping out onto your seemingly finished back porch. It doesn’t creak when you walk across it. There aren’t any rusted, jagged nails sticking out, no more missing or uneven boards. Your heart— and pussy— flutter with joy.
Ice cubes clink against the glass of the cups in your hands, traipsing towards the stream as Bucky floats lazily, arms pushing through the water slow as he stares up into the sky. You thank God for the heavy breeze today, whipping the water a bit, ripples and burbles stirring it up so you can’t see all of Bucky as he floats. Just the droplets of water glimmering on his chest, neck, and face. His hair spreading out and swaying with the steady current.
Two blue eyes soon find you, head turning slow, a lopsided smile on his handsome face as you stop just at the edge. You clear your throat nervously, a smile of your own spreading as you glance away.
“No heels today?”
You laugh, closing your eyes as embarrassment washed through you, “Nope, not today. I uh, I made some lemonade, if you… want some.”
The water sloshes again, falls off of his shoulders and arms and slaps back into the main source. Bucky runs his hands over his head, pushing more water off before taking a few steps towards your outstretched hand. His fingers linger over yours when he takes the round glass, for a second too long before he pulls back, eyes on you as he takes a slow sip.
You sit in the grass, sending your gaze up the stream as you lift your glass.
“Damn girl,” he says after a slow moment, “This is good, not too sweet. Just how I like it.”
Pride swells in your chest, “Thanks, I don’t like mine super sweet either,” you take a breath, settle your eyes on your feet as you wiggle your toes, “It’s the least I could do for you guys. I also made some chicken salad in the house, I can make you a sandwich whenever you’re hungry.”
“That’s real sweet, doll,” he purrs, smiling again, “Thank you, but really, you don’t have to worry about it. We were going stir crazy out here with nothing to do.”
You nod slow, blinking back at him before averting your eyes again, back down the stream, thinking for a tick or two, “Have you guys… been out here the whole time?”
Bucky has a way of looking at you. Like he’s trying to pry into you, see the innermost working parts of your brain and heart. It makes you nervous, but the good kind of nervous where you don’t ever want to not have those eyes on you.
“What do you mean?”
“Oh, come on,” you smile, tucking your knees into your chest.
A slow smile creeps onto his face, eyes dancing all over you, “Come on what?”
“I,” you hesitate, pushing out a hard breath as embarrassment flushes through you, “I know who you are,” your voice is hushed and you don’t know why… there’s no one out here but you and him. Oh yeah, cuz you’re dumb.
“Yeah?” Bucky teases, smile growing larger, “Who are we?”
You squeeze your legs together, brain going fuzzy and warm as he teases you. God. “Your faces have been all over the news for months. You haven’t even cut your hair for god sake.”
“You know,” Bucky starts, pointing a finger at you as he closes his left eye, “I’ve been meaning to get around to that,” laughter bubbles up and spills out of your mouth for the first genuine time in a long time. The sound makes Bucky smile harder, “I’m pretty sure most of the town knows it’s us too.”
“Maybe not,” you shrug, “From the looks of it, the average age around here is a cool seventy five. I don’t think they care.”
“That’s true,” he laughs, “Even though they’re all old enough to remember us first hand,” silence falls over the two of you, nothing but the wind in the trees and the soft rush of the water, “Why didn’t you say anything?”
You look away from him, unable to take the constant stare from him any longer. You take a slow breath and shrug, “Everybody should have the chance to start over if they want, whenever and however they choose, so,” you swallow hard, dropping your head, “Plus, I think you two have been through enough, you don’t need me muckin’ it up.”
He blinks at you, eyes dropping just a bit, a seriousness settling in and on his features, “Thanks,” he answers simply.
A nod and half smile is all you can offer without that sadness you’ve been feeling lately creeping up in your throat, “Isn’t it lonely out here?” you ask, blinking at him over the rim of your glass.
He nods, shutting one eye as he tilts his head towards the sky, thinking over his answer, “Not really lonely, just kinda isolating, you know? If you can’t tell, I’m the social butterfly of the two of us.”
You laugh, nodding with him as you pick up on the sarcasm but appreciating his quiet way of picking up on your shifts and changing the subject, “Oh yeah, it totally oozes off of you.”
“I know it does, thank you for noticing,” he winks, “We don’t get into town much and usually Steve is the one that goes cuz, ya know,” he taps his temple, “Can’t really trust this thing yet, but it beats being rotting away in federal prison.”
A few beats pass as you play with a strand of grass, “I went to the Smithsonian a couple of years ago, saw that installation they put up for Steve— all the accolades and medals and shit… and he just walked away from it all, for you, for… what he believes in. That’s incredible— you’re incredible for enduring everything you have and still finding all this shit worth it. You two are just,” you can’t even find the words, “You must really love each other.”
“Well, home is home, you know,” he shrugs matter-of-factly, “He’s my brother— he’s never given up on me after all this time. I’d do it for him if I had too.”
“Boy,” you laugh a little, “They certainly don’t make men like you guys anymore. I can’t get somebody to buy me fuckin’ cup of coffee without expecting something in return. You two are lucky.”
Your words trail off, brown eyes blinking away from him again as the wheels turn in your brain. Bucky picks up on it immediately, tilts his head and smiles a little, “What?”
You shake your head, laughing again before taking a drink, “It’s nothing, just me overthinking.”
“About?” he prods after a second or two.
“I just,” you glance down the stream again, voice dropping low again, “I don’t think Steve likes me.”
He laughs. Like, really laughs. A throws his head back and claps his hands once or twice kinda laugh, “Oh hun,” he says after catching his breath, “Where’d you get an idea like that?”
“He’s just, I dunno, he’s short with me, barely looks at me most of the time,” you shrug, “But I mean, you two are fugitives from the goddamn United States government, I’d be suspicious of everything and everyone too,” Bucky’s laughter only grows, making you smile a little, “My social anxiety amuses you, huh?”
“No, no. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, but, it’s just—” his eyes go wide with some sort of hidden knowledge as his smirk grows, “— he likes you. Believe me.”
“Well excuse me if I don’t because I sure can’t tell. He barely seems to like you most days.”
That tickles Bucky too, his laugh filling the air, “Him liking me isn’t certain from day to day, that’s for sure, but listen, he still thinks of himself as a hundred pound, socially awkward nerd. He hasn’t learned a damn thing in a hundred years — pretty girls made him nervous in 1940 and they make him nervous now,” you drop your head, trying to hide the smile growing on your face, “What do they say nowadays? It’s not you, it’s him.”
A laugh trickles out from behind your lips.
“Feel better?” Bucky asks.
You shrug, but nod, letting out a breath, “I suppose, yeah.”
He winks at you, smiling again, “Good.”
Then you two just kinda look at each other. Not saying anything, just looking— all over. Minds wandering and racing, then just stilling as the wind whips around you. Bucky tilts his head, his teeth digging into his bottom lip as he looks you over slowly, another quirk of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
“Hey,” he says after a beat, taking another gulp or two of your lemonade, “You know what really gives me away?” He lifts his metal hand and wiggles his fingers, making you laugh.
“You certainly don’t try very hard to hide it.”
“Not around you anyway.”
You snap your eyes towards him as the words leave his mouth. Bucky’s head is tilted, wet hair pushed back, fat drops of water still dripping from the ends. He starts moving inward, towards you, each step exposing more and more of his chest and stomach— the dark, wet hair plastered underneath his belly button.
Bucky Barnes is not a shy man, and if you had any shame at all, you’d look away. But you don’t, have any shame that is, so you don’t. You let your eyes wander his lean, but incredibly toned body. There’s muscles on top of muscles, but there’s also scars. Littered across his torso and stomach, down his thighs and calves. Some silvery and old, others still dark and jagged— raised on his skin. Others are just ghosts of scars, barely there anymore and only visible when the sun and the water hit him just right.
He sits his empty glass in the grass beside you, the ice cubes clinking again. Grabs your glass from your hands and takes a sip. He pushes your knees open with his flesh hand, the bottom of the glass skimming over the right bend. Then he sits, his knees pressing into that little nook where your ass meets your thighs. Bucky places the rim of the glass to your lips and waits.
“Go on.”
You blink up at him but let your head tilt back with instinct. Part your lips as Bucky tips the glass back and allows the lemonade to spill slow into your awaiting mouth.
“Finished? Or more?”
His voice is soft, eyes on slits as he peers down at you through full lashes. You lick your lips and place both hands in the grass, palms flat, “More please.”
It’s needy the way you said it, light and full all at the same time. Another sound that pleases him. He tips the glass again, and again you accept the tart liquid, licking your lips when he pulls away.
“Let me ask you something, doll.”
Metal digits creep around your neck, the tips of his fingers pushing into your hair. He cradles your face and you can’t help but roll into his warm palm as his thumb sweeps just underneath your bottom lip. The other hand is around your neck now too, just kind of holding it, fingers scratching at the nape of your neck.
He tilts your head back, pushing the tips of his thumbs underneath your chin and your eyes flutter. A whir trembling in your throat.
“Who in their right mind let a sweet little needy thing like you wander around all alone out here?”
Warm lips are on yours before you can answer— if you were even supposed to. Bucky grabs your top lip between both of his, that pink tongue sneaking out, massaging the roof of your mouth before disconnecting with a smack. The tip of his nose sweeps over yours as he adjusts, kissing you again, harder this time. Pulls you into him with his hands, his thumbs pressing into your cheeks.
You’re staring at him— both surprised and unsure— when he finally pulls away, the smack of your lips like thunder in a confused brain. Bucky’s hands are still on your face, cradling your cheeks and chin, lopsided grin painted on his face as he blinks down at you.
“What is it,” he asks soft, “Cat got your tongue?”
All you can do is blink. Mind empty as your breath shallows. He leans in again, sweeps the tip of his nose over yours as he nuzzles in— kisses your top lip quick and soft, “You just don’t know, do you?”
A hum vibrates in the back of your throat as you push out a labored breath. Lips suddenly eager, heartbeat ticking up as his metal hand collars around your throat, “Mmph— know what?”
The words are thin. Nervous and trembling but his mouth eats them right up. Hot and confident as he kisses you, tongue running along the roof of your mouth as his thumb slowly passes back and forth over your throat.
“Just how sweet you are.”
Your reach for him after seconds pass, hands and nails finding wet hips as you moan into his mouth. He sits up on his knees but never breaks the kiss, now deep and a little desperate. Bucky sounds as he starts to prod at the button of your jean shorts, popping it quick before pulling on the zipper, “We can smell how bad you need it, girl— how bad you want it.”
Instinctively you lift your hips, allowing Bucky to pull your shorts down your legs. You curl them around his thighs, place your feet on the insides of his calves, fingers finding his skin again, raking up and down his thighs.
“Thought you were gonna Steve a goddamn heart attack,” he chuckles, grabbing at the hem of your shirt, rucking it up over your chest, “‘m surprised he can form a sentence when you’re around.”
Your tits soon fall free, soft skin bouncing and jiggling as he jostles you around a bit— gets you just right and close so he can peer down at you through those long, dark lashes. Fingers curled underneath your chin, thumb dragging over your lips.
“You just looked so lonely, sitting all by yourself that day. So sweet and sad, like you were—” a breath chokes in his throat as you push your fingers through the thick hair underneath his belly button, “— waitin’ for us. Fuck, baby,” he inhales sharp, a hiss like a snake slithering out of him, “I thought, there’s no way anyone is that innocent, but you are, aren’t you sweet girl? We’ve found the prettiest, sweetest, loneliest little thing in the world— ah,”
One long stroke of your tongue along his cock brings his words to a halt. You send your eyes up to his and take him slow, stretching your mouth wide as your tongue glides along the length. Bucky rolls his shoulders and lets out a focused breath, real calm and slow through his teeth and parted lips. The tips of his fingers prod at your nipples, tweaking them gently before palming your tits.
You wrap a hand around his hip, skip the other up his stomach to flatten your palm against his chest— give his nipple a little turn and pinch. His heavy cock jumps in your mouth and your eyes light up in pure joy.
“Oh,” he purrs, pumping his hips slow, holding steady when he feels the back of your throat, “You like that, sugar? You like makin’ a mess of me? Got me stumblin’ all over my words— shit, oh honey, this mouth is something special, ain’t it? Fuck,”
His words are clipped again by a groan, throaty and gritty as you pull back, your lips wrapped around his cock head. Your tongue swirls around, tickles that little spot on the underside. The same spot that makes all men tremble. His thighs tense as he inhales sharp.
Without a word, he slips out of your mouth. Pushes you back flat against the grass and falls over you, metal hand by your head, holding his weight, flesh hand around his cock, pushing the tip through your folds.
He teases you like that for a beat too long— pushing at your slit, barely poking inside before pulling out to rub against your clit. You whine, leaning up, wrapping your hand around the back of his neck and pressing your forehead to his all while wiggling your hips. Trying to coax him in.
“What’s the magic word?” he taunts, tutting at you before pressing his lips to yours quick, pulling back with a smack, “Use your manners.”
“Please,” it’s huffy. Impatient and greedy, “Please, Bucky.”
“What do you want? Huh? Tell me what you want?”
“I wan’ you to—“
One quick stroke. Before you can even finish the sentence. He’s pushed in, all the way in— every last inch shoved inside. The sound you make is ungodly. Your fingers clamp around the back of his neck, grip tight as your mouth falls open. You have trouble catching your breath, panting like some animal left out in the heat too long. The fullness is just—
“Look at you,” Bucky purrs, pulling back before pushing in slow, “Oh honey,” quick kisses wash over your face— forehead, eyes, nose, chin, “You fit me just perfect, don’t you?”
You feel yourself nodding, dazed, so wholly consumed by the feel of him over you— inside you— that whatever words were jumbling around in your brain just a few seconds ago fizzle out into static.
Bucky is... he's— big. All over. Broad shoulders and thick thighs, muscle upon muscle stacked in a stocky frame that shouldn't lend itself to the agility you've seen him conduct himself with, but it does and it works. He's lethal, from the stories you've heard, yes— but he's also devastatingly gentle in the way he makes you fall apart with his touch, nestled safely between the grass beneath your back and the cradle of his lap.
"You're—" your words fall short, nothing more than a squeak and a sharp intake of breath spilling from your lips when he hits the spot that makes your tongue turn to lead, "— big.”
Bucky leans further into you, as if it's even possible, biting kisses stealing whatever breath is left in your lungs. He laughs into the kiss, soothes over the hurt on your bottom lip with his tongue. "I know, baby. Feel me in there?"
He punctuates the question with a hand to your abdomen and a sharp thrust that borders on the thin edge between pain and pleasure. Bucky shushes your answering moan, whispers into your mouth to— look at what I do to you, honey.
It's to your own demise that you follow through with the command, eyes rolling to the back of your head after only a quick look. It’s obscene how much fits inside of you. The thickness of him presses against your walls, thrusts deep and unrelenting, every movement outlined beneath the thick skin of your abdomen.
“That’s right, sweet girl,” he continues, palming your tits as they move with his thrusts, “Feels good, huh?”
You can only nod, the words strangled in your throat, nothing but squeaks and garbled moans pushing through. He fucks you slow, metal digits slipping down to your clit— light, teasing little strokes sending fire through your veins.
That metal hand comes back up, fingers and palm flat to your skin, sliding up your belly, through your tits only to wrap around your throat, applying a gentle pressure if only for a second. Then his hand is moving again. Up over your chin, thumb outlining your lips and flattening against your mouth before pushing the tip inside.
You welcome it, his thumb; the metal hot from absorbing the sun. You grab his wrist and open wider, inviting the entire length of his thumb inside. Moan deep as your tongue and lips wrap around it. Start to suck.
“You’re just the best girl,” he purrs, eyes fluttering, pecs flexing as he fucks into you with patience, “Just a precious little needy girl.”
I don’t think Steve likes me.
Steve stops mid-hammering. Eyes squinting as he adjusts the nails between his teeth, just hanging off his lip.
Oh hun, where’d you get an idea like that?
He’s just, I dunno, he’s short with me, barely looks at me most of the time.
He cringes thinking about what could possibly come out of Bucky’s mouth next, but when the crude words he just knew were about to fly don’t come, Steve lets out a breath. The last thing he needs you to know is how he’s jerked off to thoughts of you wrapped around his cock in a variety of ways every night since he’s met you.
He hasn’t meant for it to be obvious. Embarrassment and a little shame floods through him as he stands on the ladder, head hung low as he listens to your conversation. But the truth is, you make him dizzy. Everything about you is just so strong— it’s taken everything in him to focus on this porch and not your ass or down your low hanging collar as you’ve hovered over the flower beds all day.
Your heartbeat in his ears, the mix of your shampoo and lotion— your cunt— all mixed up in his nose. Filling his lungs and choking his brain. It’s too much and not enough for him all in the same breath. So he’s tried to keep his distance, work out his frustrations by pounding nails into wood when in reality, the only thing he’s been wanting to pound is you.
Sarah Rogers would be rolling over in her grave, and he knows it. She did not raise a rude son. Steve sighs heavily, blinking at the grass as he starts to work out his apology in his head.Plucking a nail from his mouth, he huffs out a breath and rests the sharp tip against the board, snapping his head quick to throw his long hair out of his face. Just as he’s about to bring the hammer down against the flat head, a familiar scent fills his nose.
It’s you, but heavier. Thicker. So consuming it could knock him over— makes the hair on the back of his neck stand right on end. With every breath he takes there’s just more and more… until his feet are carrying him around the side of the house. The hammer falling with a thump into the grass. Nails tumbling from his lips.
You like that, sugar? You like makin’ a mess of me? Got me stumblin’ all over my words— shit, oh honey, this mouth is something special, ain’t it? Fuck
Steve stops dead in his tracks as the words stuff his ears, eyes wide, breath caught in his throat as he blinks slow. Your naked back, slender and curved. Two long legs cocooning Bucky’s hips— head bobbing. Bucky groans deep, head lolling back, mouth falling open slightly as you suck him off.
Steve’s stomach tightens as heat creeps across his flesh. Stuck to the ground right where he stands, he watches Bucky push you back into the grass. Watches your full tits, nipples thick and piqued, jiggle as you writhe and whine like a petulant child before pulling yourself up by his neck.
Please, he hears you beg, please, Bucky.
His mouth goes dry. The heavy thumps of his own heartbeat in his ears, your carnal scent swirling, as his cock pushes against the denim of his jeans. He has to grab himself, give his cock and balls a little squeeze as your breath shudders while you adjust to the sheer size of Bucky— and a shiver ripples down his spine.
You’re— big.
I know, baby. Feel me in there?
Steve’s knees buckle when you squeak at Bucky’s first thrust— has to reach out and catch himself with the help of a tree trunk. A fog clouds his brain as the smell of you and Bucky’s sex fills the air, the soft little sputters and whines that fall from your lips suffocating him as Bucky fucks you slow. This is the closest he’s felt to being sick in eighty years. Stomach churning, his head light as air chokes in his throat.
“Don’t be shy, buddy,” the words aren’t clear at first, kinda murky and distant before Bucky’s voice centers. Steve blinks, swallowing hard as he stares back at two blue eyes, “Look baby,” he purrs down at you, leaning down to lick your mouth before cutting his eyes back towards Steve, “And you thought he didn’t like you— the fucker can’t even breathe seeing you all stuffed full like this,”
Bucky kisses you hard but slow, humming real low as he sucks your tongue, “What are you waiting for, Cap?” he asks after breaking away from you, “Get your ass over here.”
Steve’s never been one to not follow an order.
You’re a trembling mess. Chest heaving, wimpy little sounds rushing from your mouth, fingernails dug into the meat of Bucky’s sides. Your head’s turned to the side, mouth hanging as you strain to watch Steve move towards you. Bucky fucks into you hard— hand pressed against your belly so you can feel it— sending a sharp pang of pain and pleasure. You squeal, eyes slamming shut as your hands fall to the grass, nothing but jelly.
Bucky slips out of you, flips you over onto your stomach before propping you up on your hands and knees all pretty like. His fingers push through your folds, rubbing soft circles, teasing your slit as he grabs your hair and yanks your head up to help keep your eyes on Steve, who falls to his knees in front of you.
“See what you do to him?” Bucky hums, his thumb sneaking up through your ass cheeks, pressing against your tight hole, “He’s been like this all week, all blushy and tense, head in the clouds just to try and focus on anything but you.”
Your eyes flutter again, teeth digging down into your bottom lip as Bucky’s thumb sinks into you, your greedy hole quick to swallow it up. He pumps it slow, the rest of his long fingers and warm palm cupping your swollen, wet cunt. You let out a breath, a gasp cutting it off as his fingers start to move, rubbing slow little circles against your clit again. Your hair still bunched in his hand, keeping your head up.
There’s fingers on your face, palms against your cheeks and thumbs on your lips as Steve tilts your head up a little higher, “Is she sweet, Buck?”
“Oh yeah,” Bucky answers with a quick chuckle, clipping it with a grunt as he stuffs you back full with his cock, “She’s as sweet as honey, Cap. That mouth— whew.”
You swallow hard, mouth falling open as Steve unzips his jeans and pushes his hand inside. He inches closer to you, knees dug into the grass and dirt as you start to lunge forward with Bucky’s soft thrusts, mewling as he continues to finger your asshole. Another deep surge of air fills your lungs as Steve pulls himself from his jeans.
“Je-sus,” you falter, voice shaking with Bucky’s thrusts as his hips pick up pace.
Steve works himself out of his jeans quick, hand pumping his cock all the while— the tip red and wet. Back on his knees in front of you, he continues to fuck himself, hand twisting slow up his shaft, the other pulling on his heavy sac as you bounce off of Bucky’s stomach.
Eyes half closed, long hair falling over his face, pink tongue sneaking out over his bottom lip as he watches you. Your eyes fall to his hands, blinking fast so you don’t miss a moment.
You fall to your left elbow, reach out with your right hand, skimming your nails up his thigh before wrapping your fingers around him. Following with your lips and tongue, you suck him in, caress the vein protruding against his tight, thin skin with your tongue. Stretch wide again as you take Steve’s length into your mouth— down your throat. You moan as you release him with a pop, keeping his cockhead pressed against your lips as you stroke him with your hand.
You take just the tip, swirling your tongue, tickling his little slit as he leans back, fucks up into your mouth with a sharp thrust, “Shit, girl,” he mumbles, “‘m sorry, I—”
“Don’t apologize to her,” Bucky sounds, “She can take it, can’t you sugar? It’s been a long time for ol’ Stevie boy,” he runs his metal hand up your spine, grabs the back of your neck as he levels a quick slap against your ass, “Be a good girl and let him fuck your throat.”
Almost on queue, Steve fucks up into your mouth again, tears prickling in your eyes as he opens your throat. His hand finds your head, sweeps over the crown before he squeezes gently, hips pumping upward. The squelch of your throat, the slap of Bucky’s skin on yours drowns out everything else— makes it all go fuzzy and hazy.
You’re just a toy. A thing for them to use until they’ve had their fill and hopefully, that won’t come any time soon.
Steve thrusts into your mouth again but this time stills, pushing your head down on to him. You grunt loud, nose in the thick, wiry hair smattered at the base of his stomach, tears rolling down your face. He pulses his hips— real slow— wiggling gently to push deeper and deeper down your throat— his mouth hanging, chest heaving as you take him all.
Bucky slams into you hard, holds his hips there for a beat before snapping his hips again, thrusting you forward— making you whimper even louder. Steve pulls out quick, leaving you panting and grunting, dragging in ragged breaths as strings of spit and cum hang from your bottom lip. He pushes back in before you can think straight, sends his cock down your throat again, holds his hips in place as his thighs flex and strain, just to pull out roughly again seconds later.
Steve wraps a hand around your throat, pushes your chin up as he squeezes your cheeks to pucker your mouth, “You like that, huh?” he kisses you hard, teeth sinking into your bottom lip, “You’re a good little girl— you like feeling me in there?”
When you don’t answer fast enough, he slaps your cheek, mostly all fingers but hard enough to make you gasp. He grabs your face again, kisses you again— quick and hard before craning your neck to make you face him, “Good girls answer when the Captain speaks.”
Bucky pinches the inside of your thigh, a loud yelp bursting from your lips before you grunt, overwhelmed and consumed by the pain and the pleasure. You nod frantically, swallowing hard, strangled groans vibrating in your throat, “I’m— I lik-like,” you stutter, unable to form a coherent sentence.
“Aww baby,” Steve chuckles, caressing your face and wiping at your wet cheeks. He kisses you, once, twice, three times as Bucky pulls out of your cunt, thumb leaving your asshole,”Goodness, she can’t even talk, Buck.”
Steve picks you up, right up off the ground like you're waistless and settles you in his lap, cocooning you in his arms and warmth. Kisses your forehead and rubs your back as you nuzzle into him. Another pair of warm lips are on your shoulder blade, curling up over your shoulder, lips snagging on your skin as they move. Hands, both flesh and metal sweeping up and down your sides.
“You’re such a pretty girl,” Bucky mumbles into your skin, bunching your hair in his hand again to nibble on your neck.
Steve turns you in his arms, rests your back against his chest, your head on his shoulder. Warm palms find your tits, massage them gently as Bucky spreads your legs, bending them at the knees and placing your feet flat on the ground. Running his metal hand through his hair, he sticks his flesh fingers into his mouth, runs the pads over his tongue before he reaches out and touches you. Guides wet fingers through your sticky folds, not to excite or tease, but really just to feel you— soothe your hot, swollen cunt.
He thumbs your clit lazily before he cups your sex, smiling and growling with pride, “They didn’t make pussy like this back in the fourties,” he gives your cunt a quick slap, stroking his cock slow, “Steve wouldn’t know about that though, he wasn’t getting any.”
“Fuck you,” Steve fires back, his low rumble of laughter vibrating through you as he pinches and prods at your nipples.
He releases your tits to grab his cock, guides his cockhead towards your aching slit as Bucky spreads you open for him. His hips drive upward, the tip of his cock teasing your hole once, twice before finally breaking the threshold, popping inside. You both gasp as you sink down on him, pushing and wiggling your hips into his to get him all in.
“God,” you murmur, head falling back oh his shoulder, eyes rolling as he takes up every inch your have to offer, “Fuck, you’re so— big,”
“Deja vu,” Bucky hums, playing with your clit.
“But you can take it, can’t you,” Steve whispers against the shell of your ear, fucking up into you, “You can take all this cock, can’t you girl?”
“Mmhmm,” you huff between gritted teeth, “Mm fuck, yeah I can— fuck,”
Steve doesn’t waste a lot of time. Leans back on his elbows and hooks his hands in the bends of your legs, lifting them up so your feet are bouncing with each shove of his hips. Bucky rubs your clit with one hand, grabs your wrist and pulls you up a little straighter to wrap your hand around his cock with the other. You pump him fast, drops of precum dripping down your thigh.
Lips and teeth press into the meat of your left thigh, making you gasp. Bucky sucks more flesh into his mouth, sucks so hard it hurts as Steve fucks you senseless. You push upward, eyes falling to your stomach and between your legs, watching the bulge of Steve’s cock pushing along your skin. Your eyes then find Bucky’s, piercing and focused as he slithers his wet tongue along your skin, outlines your puffy cunt, then flicks at your clit as Steve fucks away. Pushes his metal hand down on your stomach as he sucks your nub into his mouth.
You’re a shuddering heap. Unable to move, legs and arms, neck and head going limp. You just bounce with the force of Steve’s hips, random shivers ripple through every burning, strained muscle. Tears leak from the corners of your eyes— you can’t even hear yourself crying. Teetering on the edge, swamped between too much and not enough all over again.
Steve snarls in your ear, teeth nibbling quick before he moans real sweet, “Shit, you’re gonna make me come— that cunt squeezing me all tight.”
“Mmm, that’s what this filthy little hole wants, isn’t it?” Bucky mutters, mouth still full of your clit and pussy lips, “Huh baby? This greedy slit just wants some cum.”
“I should fill her up, huh? Give this cockwhore what she wants?”
Bucky laughs when your hips jut forward, body jerking involuntarily, “Oh yeah,” he smirks, leveling three quick, hard slaps to your clit, “Give her what she wants, she’s been good.”
Steve fucks into you harder— faster, his clipped nails digging into your skin. Bucky sucks on your clit, fingers tickling the backs of your thighs. You’re nothing but liquid, melting into Steve’s hard body as heat pools in your belly before it spills over. Toes curl, face splintering as your octave rises but trembles with the impending bloom of release.
It snaps, somewhere deep inside. A piece that’s never broken before. You’re shaking, muscles tensing so hard it’s painful. Desperate, sharp, rough grunts shake through the trees and into the nothingness that surrounds your little cabin. Steve uses your clenching cunt to his advantage— shoves his cock in as deep as he can and holds it there for a beat before snapping his hips again, letting the pressure of your tight, convulsing muscles around the base of his cock start to milk him.
You can feel his spurts, thick and hot, coating messy, sticky walls. Soft hums from Bucky vibrate against your jumping clit as he sucks, pulling away with a loud smack before he slaps it again and again and again, praising you all the while, “That’s right, pretty girl. Look at you taking all that cock— such a good little cockslut you are.”
Steve is loud in your ear, biting on your earlobe as he spills into you. Wraps his colossal hand around your throat as he snaps his hips quick again, pushing deep, deep, deep.
He slips out of you without a moment's notice, not even waiting for your orgasm to quell. Bucky pushes your legs open wider, to watch the burst of white silk bubble from your hole and spill to your taint and asshole. He sweeps it up with his metal fingers, pushes it all— both cum and fingers— into your hot cunt, curling them as he massages your walls.
“Ah! Wait, I—” still trembly, weak and warm all over, fuzzy and oversensitive, “—mmm, Bucky, please.”
There is no rest for the wicked. Steve shoves his cock, wet with your slick, into your ass, Bucky pressing his fat cockhead at your entrance. You’re white hot as they both fuck into you, bodies pushing and pulling. One of Bucky’s hands around the back of your neck, squeezing hard as the other holds your cheek and chin in his palm. Steve wraps a long arm around your stomach, holds you to him tight as Bucky leans forward, throwing your leg over his shoulder. Fucks you fast— his heavy sac slapping against your taint. He stares at you, you him, the connection deep as Steve mutters in your ear, cursing the days and months and years it took them to find you. Their perfect baby girl.
You’re shuddering, howling and shrieking like a banshee as you start to come a second time. Bucky thrusts into you with every ounce of weight he has, fingers thrashing over your clit before he grunts just once. Low and gritty. Then he’s filling you up, cock spitting his warm seed, jumping inside of you with each spurt as he shoves deep.
Your orgasm is sharp, strikes a little deeper, hurts a little more. Limbs simply don’t work— won’t work. Can’t work. Eyes flutter as your body jerks with the involuntary aftershocks. You collapse back onto Steve’s chest as you huff and puff, almost gasping for air. You’re soon cocooned between two heavy, hot bodies, nothing but dense muscles and skin. Hands everywhere. Soothing. Caressing. Massaging. Words of encouragement and admiration washing over you.
Lazy words and wet, hot lips on your skin— you can feel the smiles on their faces pressing into you.
“You know what, doll?” Bucky mumbles, drawing circles over your tits with the tip of his index finger.
“Those chicken salad sandwiches sound pretty good right about now.”
You laugh, loud and carefree, covering your face with your hands as someone grabs your tit and gives it a little honk before showering your face in wet kisses. They jostle you around again as they stand, leaving you to stretch out in the grass, skin warming underneath the sun, a soft breeze tickling.
A heavy, content sigh pushes out of your lips, “Okay,” you answer simply— happy, stupid, and fuzzy.
Steve hoists you up into his arms, throws you over his shoulder with a couple of slaps against your ass. Bucky bites the little soft spot where your ass cheek meets your thigh and grabs a handful of skin as you squeal, falling into a fit of giggles again as the three of you start to move back towards the house.
“Well shit, girl. We got some laundry you can do too since you’re being all agreeable.” Bucky quips, taking another handful of your flesh to squeeze.
More giggles bubble in your chest as you bounce against Steve’s shoulder with each of his steps. You reach out lazily, brushing Bucky’s cheek and chin with your fingers. He grabs them quick, presses kisses against them and your palm.
“Looks like we gotta build you a new bed too,” Steve says, plopping you on your feet as soon as you cross the threshold into the kitchen.
You don’t even have to ask why.
You know it’s not sturdy enough to handle four hundred pounds of super soldier every night.
Good thing you are, though.
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babyyhoneyydarling · a day ago
The thought of Bucky and reader cuckolding steve is so hot for absolutely no reason
But the thought of Bucky humiliating Steve the whole time and then making him bottom in front of his girl 😭🤤
wait this is so fucking hot 😵‍💫😵‍💫 i literally don’t know what to say no thoughts just horny 😵‍💫
buckys say shit like “can’t keep your girl satisfied enough big guy? gotta have me fill her up to the brim, make her feel what a really orgasm feels like” as he pounds your brains out.
and as for making steve bottom in from is the reader is 🥴🥴😵‍💫 steve would loose his mind, he partly doesn’t want you to see him like this but also the feeling of bucky inside him would turn him into a puddle. maybe the reader would make steve eat her out while bucky gives it to steve.
birthday sleepover
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navybrat817 · 6 months ago
Invisible Ink
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers Summary: The owners of the Howling Commandos Tattoo Parlor want to make you their best girl.  Word Count: Over 4k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, flirting, tension, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (they’re warnings, okay?) A/N: Welcome to my tattoo AU! The smut in this chapter focuses on Bucky x Reader, but future one-shots will also have Steve Rogers x Reader and Stucky x Reader. Beta read by the wonderful @mashep23. Thank you, lovely! Banner created by yours truly, but Bucky and Steve photos were provided by the talented @nix-akimbo! This AU wouldn’t exist without them. And divider by the beautiful @firefly-graphics​!
18+ Please!!! Enjoy, lovelies! 
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers were trouble in the form of two handsome, intoxicating men. The owners of the Howling Commandos Tattoo Parlor had no business looking the way they did, especially Bucky. With his glasses, tattoos and metal arm, which somehow made him look more attractive, he was just your type. They both were. So you decided they were both menaces sent to torment your dreams and fantasies. And likely men who would break your heart.
As luck would have it, you always managed to see the two of them around town. Whether it was at the grocery store or grabbing a coffee, one or both of them were there with their leather jackets, subtle smirks and flirtatious banter.
"You stalking me, doll?"
"Always a pleasure to see you, sweetheart."
You even saw them at the gym, even when you changed up your routine. Watching their muscles flex as they did their sets almost made you fall off the treadmill on more than one occasion. You lost count of how many times you daydreamed about them taking you on one of the machines or in front of the mirrors. They had to know the power they had over you.
It would have been easy to dismiss them if they were jerks, but they were the furthest thing from it. You saw them on more than one occasion help your older neighbor with her groceries or walk her across the street. It always put a smile on your face when you heard them politely say "ma'am". And they assisted local veterans and their families without being asked.
That was another reason you fell for them. Not just because they supported the community, but because they made people feel safe and secure, They were just good, genuine men with a beautiful friendship. You respected it.
But you had to avoid them, if only to get them out of your mind. Naturally, that was when your best friend decided to drag you to their place of business. Mandy was excited to get her appointment. All of the artists who worked there were in demand and she had to book well over a month in advance. People even came from out-of-town to get their tattoos done. They were that good.
"Come on! I'm finally getting my first tattoo and I need you here," Mandy whined as she pulled you along the sidewalk.
"Why do I need to be here?
"Moral support. What if the needle touches my skin and I scream and run?"
"I would run after you to see if you were okay. Then I'd laugh," you teased.
“Like I said, moral support. I also thought it might be fun for you to see your two favorite hunks.”
You held back a groan. She teased you relentlessly the moment she knew you liked them. It would never end. “They are not my-”
“They are and I need you to get laid. If not for you, then for me.”
“So you’re my wingwoman?” you asked as you stopped in front of the shop, "The Howling Commandos" sign shining bright. “You don’t even like men.”
"I’m your wingwoman, best friend and I know how to appreciate the beautiful art that is Bucky and Steve," she smiled, checking the time on her phone. "Right on time."
You took a deep breath as you walked in after her, unsure of what to expect. It was the first time you had seen the inside of the shop, but it looked nice. It was surprisingly quiet and clean, one of the walls lined with photos of various tattoos in all shapes and colors. They were stunning. 
"I expected more people," you said as you looked around. 
"It's still early," Mandy said, smiling wider at the redheaded woman behind the counter. You didn’t see her around as often as the boys, but Natasha always turned heads wherever she went. “Hi! I have an 11am appointment.”
“Hi,” she answered, grabbing a form and clipboard. “Take a moment to read over and sign. I’ll let him know you’re here.”
“Thanks,” Mandy said as she took it, sitting down to read and sign it.
“And you? Appointment or moral support?”
“Moral support,” Mandy answered for you, not looking up from the form.
“Yeah. Maybe next time,” you said, giving Natasha a curious look when she raised an eyebrow.
“Mmm. That’s too bad. The boys will be disappointed,” she said, smirking a little as she walked away.
“They...what?” you asked as she left the room.
“I’m of age. I’m not drunk,” Mandy muttered as she signed it. “What did you say?”
You plopped down beside her. “She said ‘the boys will be disappointed’ that I don’t have an appointment.”
“Maybe they are because they want to put their hands on you,” she joked, wiggling her eyebrows before she gave you a more serious look. “Or maybe they just like you.”
You didn’t answer her. It wasn’t a self-esteem issue. You carried yourself with a quiet confidence that you built over time. It had more to do with the fact that there were two of them and one of you. “Or they just want to get another client.”
“Give yourself some credit. You’re a catch. I know it. They know it,” she argued.
You stubbornly ignored that, clearing your throat. “So, you never said which one is giving you your tattoo.”
“I can’t remember. Both of them had awesome portfolios,” she shrugged, handing Natasha the clipboard when she came back in. 
Giving it a once-over, she nodded. “Follow me to the back. There’s water for both of you. Bucky’s just washing up.”
You both got up to follow, seeing the empty station ready for Mandy. That answered which one she booked the appointment with. 
“Will you hold my hand?” Mandy questioned as she sat again.
You looked at your friend, seeing a flicker of fear in her eyes as she looked over the instruments and ink. “Of course, I will,” you promised. You loved to give each other grief, but you didn’t want her to be afraid.
“Thanks,” she sighed in relief.
“It’s okay if you're nervous.”
You inhaled sharply when you heard Bucky’s voice. You could listen to it all day. Turning to look at him, you barely exhaled as he walked over. The glasses made his eyes more blue, more enticing. 
“I’m not nervous,” Mandy lied. 
Bucky was kind enough not to call her out on it. “Well, if you need to take any breaks, stretch, let me know,” he said gently, gazing at you before he went to get the stencil ready. “Good to see you.”
“Good to see you, too,” you said after a moment.
"Am I doing you today, doll?"
You felt your cheeks get heated as you looked back at him. “I’d like you to,” you answered before it registered that he meant ink and not how you took it. “I mean, no. No. I didn’t make an appointment.”
He finished the stencil with a chuckle. “I’m sure we can work something out...make it fit.”
You swore his voice got thicker. “It?” you repeated, your mind drifting to a dirtier place.
“The appointment,” he said, amusement in his eyes. “Steve and I can squeeze you in.”
Mandy wiggled her eyebrows again as she watched the two of you and you didn’t know whether to laugh or shove her off the chair. “Not today,” you managed to say without your voice cracking.
“I’ll get a tattoo one day,” you said with determination, smiling when Bucky raised an eyebrow. “I will! And if you’re good, maybe you’ll be the one to do it.”
“You have no idea how good I can be, doll,” he smirked, making your breath hitch as he stepped closer. “No idea.”
Your heart rate picked up in your chest as you gazed at him, forgetting that you were in the parlor. You attempted to look cool and calm, but your body felt hot with him so close. 
“I didn’t know you’d be in today, sweetheart. Which one of us is doing you?
The heat you felt in front of you was suddenly felt behind you. You tore your gaze away from Bucky to look over your shoulder, meeting Steve’s blazing stare. Why did they have to phrase it like that? And why did they smell so good?
“Neither of us, sadly. She doesn’t want it today.”
“What do we have to do to convince you?” Steve asked. 
They were playing with you. And, frankly, you enjoyed it. Being the center of their attention felt good, even as your mind screamed at you that they were best friends and there was only one of you.
“If you two want to do her on your time, I support that,” Mandy chimed in, making all three of you look her way. “But I came here for a tattoo and I need her to hold my hand. You understand.”
“You’re right,” Bucky said semi-apologetically as he finally brought the stencil over. 
You turned your attention back to Steve as Bucky quietly spoke to Mandy. His tone seemed to put her at ease. How were they so perfect? “You don’t have a client right now?” 
“He should be here shortly,” he told you after he checked the time. “I’m actually glad you’re here.” 
“You are? How come?” you asked curiously.
“Bucky and I were planning a game night with some of the gang tonight. Would you like to join us? Say around 6?”
“Yeah. I’d love to,” you smiled softly, his smile matching yours. “Should I bring any food or drinks?”
“Just your beautiful self, sweetheart,” he said, his fingertips brushing your arm. The small touch left you wanting more. “Buck and I will take care of the rest.”
“Hand!” Mandy shrieked, bringing you back to why you were there. For your best friend, not your libido. 
“I’ll leave you to it. See you tonight,” Steve winked, nodding to Bucky as he went to his own station. 
“So, it’s a date?” Bucky asked as you took Mandy’s hand, clearly having overheard what Steve asked.
“I guess so,” you answered, gasping when nails dug into your skin. “Mandy!”
“Less flirty. More moral support.”
Tumblr media
“Look at it!” Mandy ordered as she kept checking out her arm in the mirror, twisting gently to see it from different angles. 
“I saw it from start to finish,” you reminded her, though you were distracted staring at Bucky and how cute he looked when he concentrated. He was so gentle and noticed when you friend tensed up. “But it’s beautiful. The colors really pop. You did an amazing job, Bucky.”
He stopped his cleaning to look your way. “Thanks. That means a lot.”
You felt those butterflies again as he finished up, wrapping up Mandy’s arm and going over a few tips to take care of it. “I’ll leave a glowing review on the site.”
“I appreciate that. Thanks again. And, doll, I’ll see you later.”
“Yeah, later,” you smiled, giving him a small wave as you went with Mandy to pay Natasha. She left a generous tip before taking your arm to leave.
"They totally checked you out," she whispered even though they weren’t there.
"No, they didn't," you whispered back. You were lying to yourself. They both did and you felt like you were on top of the world.
“You’re right. They didn’t,” she agreed, her words stinging and taking some of the wind out of your sail. “They eye-fucked you so hard that I felt the aftershocks. And I should just drag you back there so I can see it again."
"Voyeur," you teased, biting your lip. Was she right?
“They invited you to game night. That says something.”
“It says that they recognize how awesome I am at games.”
“Twenty bucks says one or both of them will do you before midnight tonight,” she smirked as you shook your head. “Afraid to take that bet?”
“Double or nothing that you get a date with Natasha before the weekend.”
“You’re on.”
Tumblr media
You were a bundle of nerves for the rest of the day, tossing around whether you should cancel. The pile of clothes on the bed taunted you from how many outfits you tried on. Why were you trying to impress them? They knew what you looked like. And it wasn’t an actual date. It was game night.
“Fuck it,” you mumbled. While the dress you settled on was simple, the blue and gold lingerie underneath reminded you of both of them. Sexy, fun, the blue nearly identical to some of the paint on Steve’s motorcycle and the gold on Bucky’s arm. Maybe you would get lucky.
“Good luck! Have lots of orgasms for me!” Mandy texted you as you left.
“You’re ridiculous.”
“Love you, too.”
You shook your head with a laugh as you went to Bucky and Steve’s place. It wasn’t a far walk, though you could imagine them chastising you for walking over by yourself. They would probably walk you home. Some of their mannerisms were old-fashioned, which you appreciated. It was endearing.
Smoothing out your dress, you took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Remember, it’s game night. It’s not a date,” you muttered to yourself before the door swung open. “Holy shit.”
Bucky stood there only in his boxer briefs and it took everything in you not to melt into a puddle of goo. His torso was littered with tattoos, one covering some of the scars on his left shoulder. You practically drooled as you openly gaped at him. Did you have any self-control?
“Looking good, doll,” he smirked, his gaze lingering on your breasts before looking over the rest of you. “Sorry. Stevie told you 6, didn’t he?”
“Yeah,” you huffed, swallowing. “Yeah, he did.”
“Game night doesn’t actually start until 8,” he smirked, stepping back to let you inside. “And Steve had to make a last-minute run to the store.”
“Oh?” you asked, brushing past him as he shut the door. “Why ask me over so early then?”
“So I could talk to you,” he said, leading you through to the kitchen. “Drink?” 
“I’m fine, thanks,” you replied, setting your bag down on the counter. 
For a moment, the two of you didn't speak. It was similar to the parlor, like you were in your own world as you looked at each other. It was like a magnet pulled the two of you closer, his smoldering gaze making you feel weak. 
“What did you want to talk about?”
Bucky grabbed a beer for himself, taking a long sip as he regarded you. “You really have no idea why?”
You weren’t sure how to answer that. “Let’s pretend that I’m clueless.”
“You’re not clueless. You’re far from it,” he said warmly, taking another sip as you tried not to giggle at the compliment. “But I’ll spell if out for you if you’d like.”
“Please,” you said, unsure of what exactly he was about to tell you. All you knew was that he was extremely distracting in his lack of attire.
“In simple terms, doll, I’m into you. So is Steve.”
Your brain stopped functioning. Hearing him say it, a mixture of calm and firm, was something out of one of your dreams. Was it actually happening? “You’re both into me?”
“We thought it was obvious. All those times we bumped into you around town? The gym? Today at the shop?”
Thankfully, he didn’t say it in a way that made you feel dumb. He did sound a bit sad though, like the effort was for nothing. “But you two are best friends.”
“We are,” he nodded, setting his beer down. “ friends share,” he said carefully, looking cautious at your reaction.
“But...I’m…” you trailed off. Had they shared other girls before? Even if they had, why did they want you?
“One of the nicest people in this town with a heart of gold. You have an incredible sense of humor and loyalty to your loved ones. And you're so beautiful and sexy we’ve both walked around hard and aching when you’re near.”
You shivered as he took a small step closer. “Bucky…”
“Do you know how badly I wanted to spread you out on my station and eat your sweet pussy until you screamed? Maybe watch Steve fuck that pretty mouth of yours while I stuff you full of my cock?”
Your knees buckled, certain that your brain broke again as he moved right in front of you. “Oh, fuck.”
“Take you home and make you a nice meal before we start all over again," he continued, his hand splaying across your lower back as he pulled you close.
The rational part of your brain shrunk, but you managed to mentally question a few things. "If Steve wants this, too, why did you want to talk to me alone?"
"We didn't want to overwhelm you. We're a lot to handle alone, but both of us together are intense," he said, shoving his other hand between your legs. "Besides...I wanted you first."
You were wet the moment he said he was into you, but feeling his hand move under your dress? You were soaked, his breath tickling your lips as he leaned in. "God, Bucky."
"Tell me I'm wrong and that you don't feel something between us. That you don't feel something with Steve. Tell me and I'll stop," he breathed, his fingers skimming the top of your panties. 
"Don't stop," you begged in a whisper.
Both of you moved, closing the small gap between you for a heated kiss. His tongue danced with yours, coaxing and stroking the fire within you. A kiss had never burned you alive, but the fierce passion between you had your body in flames. You still had questions, but you were certain that you wanted him. And you were tired of denying it.
The hand between your legs moved away, making you whine at the loss. "I'm just getting started."
Before you could respond, he lifted and set you on the edge of the counter. You hiked your dress up as he shook his head. 
"Take it off. I want to see every inch of you."
The command made you tremble, but you quickly obeyed. "Should I call you 'sir'?" you asked as you pulled it over your head. 
"We'll set up rules and boundaries with Steve," he swore, groaning as he took in the sight of your lingerie. "Fuck, this is gorgeous. I'm half tempted to destroy it...but I'll destroy your cunt instead."
Blood roared in your ears, your hands moving on their own accord to remove your bra. He moved forward the moment your breasts spilled free. When his hot mouth closed around your nipple, sucking and licking as his metal hand played with your other breast, you thought you'd lose it. You could barely lift your hips as he yanked your underwear down, but you managed as he still lavished you with his mouth.
"You really want me?" he rasped, the tip of his tongue flicking your nipple and making your gasp.
"More than anything."
"Then put me out of my misery and spread those pretty legs, doll."
You opened them, giving him full access to your warm wetness.
"Should I wreck you with my tongue first or do you want my cock?"
"Just fuck me, please," you pleased breathlessly, the hand on your breast sliding down to feel how aroused you were. "Please!" you said again as a finger slipped through your folds. 
"Right here on the counter? Gonna make a mess for Steve to clean up?"
"Fuck, yes," you moaned as another finger slid in, feeling them stretch and ready you. If that was what he could do with his fingers…
"Condom?" he asked, slowly pulling his fingers out and licking them clean. You couldn't wait to feel what he'd do with his tongue. 
"I'm on birth control...clean. I just need to feel you. Please."
"Fuck," he hissed, yanking his underwear down with a sigh. Your eyes fell between your bodies and you shook at the sight of him stroking himself. "I can't wait."
"Then put me out my misery and fuck me." 
You tried to bury your face in his neck as he sank into you, but a hand gripped your chin and stopped you. Fuck, he was thick and the heat in his eyes made you flutter around him. 
"I told you I'm gonna destroy you, doll. So watch me while I do it."
His hips rocked and you didn't dare deny him. You thought Steve would have been the commanding one in bed. What if he was, too? God, two dominant men ready to rip you apart at the seams? You could handle it. 
"Fuck, you're tight," he whispered as you wrapped a leg around him. "Just like I dreamt you'd be."
You wrapped your arms around him, heady at the thought that this man dreamt of you and what you would feel like around his thickness. You clenched around him as he thrust, wanting to know every fantasy he had. You wanted to know everything. "You're thicker than I imagined."
"Fuck," he growled, the sound of your hips colliding making you writhe. It should have been uncomfortable, being fucked on a counter. But it felt like heaven. Like he had to just have you then and there. 
He pressed his forehead against yours, your body out of control as he took what he wanted and gave it back to you tenfold. His body was in time with yours and you wondered how you resisted for so long. The tight wire you felt inside you was close to snapping. 
"You're mine now, doll. You'll be his. We'll share with each other, but we're not sharing with anyone else."
"Oh, fuck!" you cried. Possessiveness wasn't something you thought would get you off, but you could hear how wet you were as he pistoned into you. 
"You like the sound of that? Beings ours?" he grunted, moving to pepper kisses along your jaw. "Better get used to it."
"Say my name. Need to hear it."
"Bucky!" you cried, his hand snaking between your bodies to find your clit. Your hips bucked as he found it with his thumb, digging your nails into his back as you held on. 
"Told you...I want a mess for Steve to see. To add to it. Every time we look at it, we'll remember that your pretty cunt left a mark for us to see."
"Please, I'm close," you gasped, so close to fracturing to pieces. 
"You come when you want, doll. Just look at me when you do. Come."
Your mouth fell open, unable to keep your scream in as your orgasm hit you hard. Electricity crackled through your body, blinded by the bright lights behind your eyes. Your hips jerked as he fucked you through it, swearing under his breath in another language. He took mercy on you and moved his thumb away, his face twisting in pleasure.
"Fuck," he snarled, his thrusts animalistic as he chased his own end. The sound he let out was otherworldly as he flooded you, coating your quivering walls. The feel of his release inside you was addicting. You wanted more. So much more.
You relaxed as your breathing slowed, touched by how tender his kiss was. It wasn't rushed or frenzied. It was beautiful, like him. 
"Wow," you exhaled, keeping your leg tight around him and smiling as he went in for another kiss. It was just as soft as the first. "I knew it. You're a menace."
"Both of us are," Bucky mused. 
"I'm in trouble," you smiled before you heard heavy, deliberate footsteps. 
"Here comes trouble," Bucky grinned.
Steve's eyes swept over your profile appreciatively as he entered the room, a smirk forming on his handsome face as he met your gaze. "I guess he really did start without me."
"Sorry, Stevie. You said I could," he reminded him.
The blonde nodded in agreement as he checked his watch, his eyes sparkling as he looked up. “I did. And we still have time before everyone else shows up.”
Yeah. You were in big trouble. 
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swtbbybarnes · 2 months ago
dirty thot for the day:
Riding buckys thigh while making out with steve...i’ll just leave that right here 😭🤍
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐡 𝐢𝐭 | 𝐬.𝐫 𝐱 𝐛.𝐛
warnings: 18+ mature content no minors, thigh riding, making out, pet names (sweets, pretty girl), making out, a little dumbification (i think), nomad steve!!!!, if i’ve missed anything please let me know!
word count: 1,327
a/n: OH MY GOD YOU ABSOLUTE GENIUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE THIS WAS INCREDIBLE TO WRITE. i hope you enjoy!!! likes and reblogs are appreciated!!
You and Bucky had been spending the entire day on the couch, flipping through whatever was playing on TV. Between ordering food, having a nap here and there, and waiting for Steve to come home, its safe to say you were getting pretty impatient.
Throughout the day you two had gotten rid of clothes from your bodies, piece by piece until you were just in one of Steve's shirts and your underwear, while Bucky was simply in his grey track pants.
When it was nearing seven at night and Steve said he would be back from his solo mission sometime tonight, Bucky could feel you getting restless.
Was it because you were tired and missed him?
Of course, you always miss him.
Was it also because of the ache between your legs and the feeling of the cool air against your wet panties?
Yes it fucking was, and you were very close to just pouncing on Bucky and dealing with Steve later.
You two had picked another movie about an hour ago, and every time you shift your hips under the blanket, Bucky's eyes go straight to your legs which are resting over his lap.
It wasn't until a sex scene appears on the TV that you decided you had enough, as you flung off the blanket.
Bucky watched with wide eyes as you sat up and pulled the shirt up and over your head, resting it on the back of the couch and sitting up on your knees.
"Sweets..." Bucky starts to say, knowing that Steve told you two to wait up for him.
Quickly shaking your head, you shuffle closer to him until your knees are touching the side of his thigh.
"Can't wait." You pout, hands smoothing over his thigh and dangerously close to his crotch. "Don't care about Stevie, need you now."
He watches as your hands continue to grip his thigh, patience running about just as thin as the material covering you right now.
"Please Bucky?"
You swear he had never snapped so fast, arms reaching over to take your panties off you, then wrap around you and pull you into his lap. Instead of getting you to straddle him fully though, he rests you on his left thigh.
Looking down at his leg, then back up to his face, he gives you a nod that says go ahead. The he leans forward, cool metal hand moving from your hip to your jaw as he holds it there, lips meeting your ear lobe.
"You wanna piss Steve off? Do it on my thigh sweets, make a mess for him to find when get gets home."
If words could make you come, you would have right then and there.
Bucky words aren't the only things that spur you on as your hips instinctively move forward and back, but the thought of Steve coming home to find the two of you like this...
God it was just as good.
Bucky's hand moves from your jaw to your throat as he kisses you, swallowing your moans.
His other hand stays on your hip while you rub yourself against his thigh, finding the perfect angle and rhythm so you hit your clit every time.
He continues to whisper dirty things in your ear as you tune the rest of the world out, mind being taken over by the pleasure.
It wasn't until the two of you hear a sudden thud from the other side of the room, when you pull away from him and both of your heads snap in that direction.
Your movements pause completely when you see his shadow standing in the door frame.
Arms crossed.
Still wearing his suit.
You and Bucky are both completely silent as he stalks across the room, light from the TV shining on his face and you see the full beard on his cheeks.
"You two really couldn't wait?" His voice interrupts you quickly, and he's using his authoritative Captain voice.
Bucky stays silent, while you try and think of something to say. Steve has other plans though.
He raises an eyebrow at the two of you because neither of you answer, and he leans forward on the back of the couch with his hands.
"Keep going."
His words catch you off guard, a confused look appearing on your face as you look at him.
"What? You can only do the exact opposite of what I said?" He tilts his head and looks at you, raising an eyebrow. "Do I need to say it again for you to understand? Is it too much for you now?"
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you rest your hands on Bucky's shoulders and start to move your hips again.
The more you do, the more your eyes close and you start to forget about what you were doing before this.
You feel Bucky's metal hand on your hip again, while a warm flesh one caresses your jaw until it takes a firm hold. This makes you open your eyes to see Steves face as he licks his lips, then slams them against yours.
Your head becomes foggy with all the different sensations, and Steves grip on your jaw moving to the back of your head.
"Fucking hell." Bucky curses while watching the two of you, and reaching to palm himself over his track pants.
Steve pulls away just as you move your hips faster, feeling like you could fall over the edge at any moment.
"Think she deserves to cum Buck?" He asks, arm wrapping around Bucky's shoulder as his hand travels down his bare chest.
"She's gonna make a mess." Bucky warns in a suggestive tone, feeling Steves hand stop just above the band of his track pants, almost breaking his attention from you. "Wanna see her cum so bad though, always looks so fucking perfect."
The next moan you let out catches both of their attention, hands gripping Bucky's shoulders.
"Fuck, please!" You whine, needing to come but wanting to be good for them. "Please let me come, I need it so bad!"
Steve moves away from Bucky and back to you, taking your face in his hands again and making you look at him.
"You cum when I tell you to." He says sternly, making you nod your head quickly. "Then you clean the mess you made on Bucks pants, it's the least you can you right?"
"Mhm! I promise, please let me come." You pinch your eyes shut from trying to hold back.
"Go on then, show us how good you can be." Steve says and wipes a tear away from your eyes. "Come for us pretty girl."
It tears through your body as your hands roam all around for something to grab onto, finding Bucky's hair and Steve's shirt.
Your legs start to shake and burn from sitting in that position for so long.
A hand smooths down your back while another holds your cheek, the both of them whispering things to you as you come down form your high.
Between the praises from the both fo them, you manage to move down his thigh until you're settled not he floor in front of him.
Quickly licking up as much of your juices off the fabric as you can, you look up at the two of them.
Bucky looks like he's about to burst through his pants, your panties tightly held in his closed fist. Steve on the other hand stands up straight, his stern Captain look on his face.
You watch as his hands swiftly move to the belt buckle on his pants, looking down at the two of you while undoing it.
Excited nerves course though your body, while Bucky just sits there relishing in the fact that you're both about to get absolutely fucked. Steves voice breaks you two out of the trance you're in, and it sends chills down your entire body.
"You two better hope that was worth it."
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ambrosiase · 2 months ago
˜*°•.°•. 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐛𝐨𝐲
Tumblr media
main masterlist
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader, bucky barnes x fem!reader, steve rogers x bucky barnes
warnings: unprotected sex (vaginal + anal). handjobs, anal rimming/ass eating, face-riding. dirty talk, degradation, praise. sub!bucky, dom!steve, switch!reader. lots of cum, (cum play). spit kink. slapping. choking. tears do appear. bondage (bucky’s tied to the bed). also, use of traffic light safe words (bucky confims it’s green / no safe word use). it’s literal filth, with no plot at all.
word count: 2.5k
notes: bc our discord absolutely popped off with thoughts of sub!bucky, and stucky that i couldn’t help myself and i’ve been h word all day bc of it. pls heed the warnings bc this is really intense lol
There’s something liberating in the feeling of relinquishing control.
Giving up your primal sense of self so that you could experience a pleasure that had been taken from you, and then given to you.
“Please”, Bucky prays for release like a sinner absolving.
He pulls at his binds, sweat pooling on his forehead as he watches the way your soaking cunt fucks itself down onto Steve’s leaking cock.
The two of you ignore him — after all, he’d been the one ignoring the two of you all night, too preoccupied by flirting with Tony’s newest personal assistant.
“S-Stevie!”, you squeal at the feeling of your boyfriend pistoning his hips up into you, hitting that deep, spongy spot that has you seeing stars behind your eyes.
The older man just chuckles, his fingernails digging into the soft flesh of your hips as he praises you, “Such a good fuckin’ girl for me, angel”. His brooklyn accent is as thick as molasses — deep, and harsh as he loses himself to the pleasures your body provides.
Bucky whines, “I’m so sorry, I swear, I’ll never do it again please-”
“D’you hear somethin’ Stevie?”, your voice cuts him off without even looking at him, “Thought I heard the noises of a pathetic little slut trying to talk to us”.
Steve chuckles, fucking into you with a particular rough drive of his hips, “Mm, no, couldn’t be our little whore could it? Because he knows what will happen if he keeps actin’ like a spoiled brat”.
The threat hangs heavy in the air, and Bucky feels himself choke on his own spit. God, he’d really fucked up hadn’t he?
You look at Steve, a smirk pulling at the corners of your lips before leaning down to kiss him. It’s hot, and filthy, your tongues massaging each others as it gets messy.
The blonde’s hands move down to your ass, holding the globes before squeezing them almost to the point of pain, “Stevie! Fuck, ‘m gonna cum”, you cry as you feel the coil tighten in your core, the wet, squelching sounds like music to the men’s ears.
“Yeah, angel? You gonna cum for me, aren’t you?”, he grins against your mouth before growling, “Look at me” as he strikes your cheek with a cupped hand.
It was a rule Steve had, something that always made his ego swell with pride — your eyes had to be on him at all times when he was fucking you, because he loved watching the way your eyes glossed over with desire, and the way they fought rolling back as you came.
Your eyes find his, breath catching in your throat at the intense stare, “‘M so close, please, wanna cum for you”. It’s the begging that does him in, “Wanna show you how good I am for you”.
“Go on, angel”, Steve encourages you as his fingers find your clit to play with it, “Show our slut what happens when you’re good”.
You scream his name as you clench your walls down on his thick cock, feeling your juices squirt all over the two of you as your boyfriend fucks you through your orgasm, “S-so good, Stevie, oh my god — y’fuck me so well, fuck!”.
His tongue licks against your lips, prying them open so that he can fuck your mouth with it the same way he does your cunt, “Squeezin’ me so tight, angel, gonna make me cum, shit”.
“Please, Stevie”, you huff breathlessly against his mouth, “Want to feel you cum inside of me, need you to fill me up”.
“That what you want, angel?”, he asks as his chest heaves and at your desperate nod continues, “Why?”.
Your eyes flicker over to Bucky’s, taking in the way his face and body were covered with a red flush as he bites on his lip, “Because”, you lower your voice, “I want our pretty boy to eat it out of me”.
“Oh fuck!”, Steve groans as he feels his balls tighten before releasing inside of you, “So fuckin’ hot, angel, fuuuuuck”.
You giggle as you grind yourself down onto his dick, milking him as you pepper kisses to his face before squeezing him one last time before pulling yourself off him.
Trying your best, you clench your muscles to help stop any of his cum from falling out, looking to Steve with an inquisitive head tilt, “Go on, angel, let him have a taste”.
Bucky wants to cry from how pent up he is, his tongue already licking at his lip as he watches you make your way over to him, “Open your mouth, pretty boy”, you instruct him, leaning down as he does before collecting the saliva in your mouth and spitting it into his, with a sharp tap to his cheek you tell him, “Swallow”.
And he does, because Bucky was sure at this point, he’d do anything you asked without question.
Your hand threads through his hair, “You okay, pretty boy?”.
He nods, too eager to have you sit on his face to think about anything else, which isn’t enough for his boyfriend as he asks, “C’mon Buck, what’s your colour?”.
“Green”, Bucky gasps, “So fucking green”.
You and Steve share a wicked smile before your legs land on either side of Bucky’s head, and he moans at the look of your messy cunt on display for him.
Running your thumb over his bottom lip, you let him pull the digit into his mouth as he hollows his cheeks and sucks, “You ready, baby?”.
“Please”, Bucky whispers as you pull your finger away, eyes pleading innocently, “Wanna taste you and Stevie, please”.
With a satisfied smile, you slowly lower yourself onto his face, gasping when you feel him moan against your cunt. Bucky’s tongue immediately prods at your entrance, lips pursing as he starts sucking and licking, groaning at the taste of you and Steve on his tongue.
Your eyes close for a moment, immersed in the way Bucky makes out with your slit before you feel a sharp slap against your cheek, making you moan out as your eyes find those of Steve’s. He grips your face, smushing your cheeks so that your lips pucker as he smirks, “Look so fuckin’ hot angel”, and then he’s smashing his lips to yours, dominating the kiss as his hand lowers to find solace around your neck.
It makes you gasp, the way Steve’s control over the two of you never falters, even as you catch sight of cock — glaringly red again, and leaking from the tip even after already coming once.
He pulls away from you, “Mm, what should I do with you two now, hm?”.
It takes you a moment to realise he’d asked a question, too consumed with the feeling of Bucky as he sucks your sensitive clit into his mouth.
“Sit up, sweetheart”, Steve tells you, and you obey him as you leverage yourself.
The cry that leaves Bucky’s lips has you clenching around nothing, “No, no, no, please, please”.
“Shh, pretty boy”, Steve murmurs as he runs a finger down Bucky’s nose, “Stop actin’ like a desperate little slut”.
His words have the other super soldier falling quiet as he anticipates Steve’s next move.
“‘M still so hard”, the blonde says as he looks towards you, “What should I do about it, angel?”.
Your eyes light up at his words, and Bucky holds his breath, “Want to see you fuck our little slut”.
“Yeah, sweetheart? That what you want?”, Steve smirks, his finger now playing with your lips.
Nodding you tell him, “Wanna see you use him, remind him that he belongs to you, to us”.
Steve groans the words before kissing you again, “Ride his face, want him to feel only us, can you do that for me while I open him up?”.
This time, you’re the one kissing him, “Yes, Stevie”.
Steve growls, “God, I fuckin’ love you”, before he’s moving away from the two of you, and grabbing the lube so that he can stretch Bucky to take him.
You look at down at the brunette, “Gonna make me feel good, Buck?”.
“Yeah, yes, please”, he pleads and you don’t offer him anything else before your bringing his head up to your cunt, making him continue.
You know when Steve’s fingers enter Bucky’s hole judging from the sounding moan that vibrates against your clit, “Fuck, Bucky!”.
He groans against you, tongue flicking in a way that has your toes curling as you feel another orgasm building. You chase it on his tongue, your hands pulling in his hair as you use him, “Fuck fuck fuck!”, you squeal as you hit your peak, cumming all over the brunettes tongue, and sighing from the sensitivity as he laps up your release.
With wobbly legs, you bring yourself off of him, falling onto the bed as you watch through hazy eyes. Steve winks at you, a third finger being swallowed by Bucky’s hole and you can’t but admire how beautiful your boyfriends look together.
You move onto your side, reaching out to stroke Bucky’s cheek before leaning in to kiss him, letting him whine into your mouth as you realise that Steve’s tongue is working in conjunction with his fingers to get Bucky ready.
“Doin’ so well, pretty boy, you look so gorgeous”, you praise, smiling at the cries that leave him, tears welling in his eyes.
You hear the bottle cap of the lube close before a thud hits the ground, pulling back you watch as Steve coats his entire length before grabbing Bucky’s thighs to pull them over his waist.
Steve lines his cock up to Bucky’s waiting hole, and you find enough energy to sit up so that you could watch the way the two of them connect, “Look s’pretty”.
“Y’think so, angel?” Steve grins, giving Bucky a moment to take a deep breath before he’s pushing forward, growling at the way his boyfriend takes his dick in one, fluid thrust, “Fuck, Bucky baby”.
Words escape him, he’s so overwhelmed and all Bucky wants is to come. Mewels and whines leave his throat as Steve starts fucking into him with wild abandonment, taking out his frustrations with Bucky’s flirting out on his ass.
You hear Steve husk your name, his eyes gesturing to the sergeant’s weaping cock. Feeling more energetic, you prop yourself onto your knees before you drag your fingernails along Bucky’s abdomen, watching the way the muscles tense under your touch.
The pad of your finger swipes along the slit, collecting some of the cum that oozes before bringing it up to the blondes mouth. Steve’s tongue swipes, moaning at the taste of his boyfriend before he’s sucking your finger into his mouth.
Pulling it out, you watch the way that Steve thrusts into Bucky — it’s different from the way he fucked you, this time, he goes slower, deeper, making sure Bucky can feel him in his throat.
Leaning down, you collect as much spit in your mouth as you can before letting it drool over Bucky’s cock before you wrap your hand around him.
“Please!”, Bucky yells, his tone raspy as he tries to meet Steve’s thrusts, “I’m so close, please. ‘M so sorry, I’ll never do it again — I promise”.
You and Steve look at each other as you continue to jerk Bucky off, “Think he’s tellin’ the truth, Stevie?”.
“I don’t know, angel…” Steve trails off, looking expectedly at Bucky as he waits for him to continue apologising, and he does.
Tears fall onto his cheeks as he begs for forgiveness, apologising in any way that he can think of — it has you and Steve feeling sorry for him.
“Shh, it’s okay pretty boy”, you mutter as you flick your wrist in a way that has Bucky’s back arching off the bed.
“Yeah Bucky baby”, Steve adds sweetly, “You’re okay, aren’t ya?”.
A part of the blonde almost expects for Bucky to retaliate, shouting that he wants to cum, so he’s shocked when he hears his boyfriend say, “Yeah Stevie, ‘m okay. S’up to you, and angel”.
The look you give Steve has him making up his mind as he says, “S’okay pretty boy, you ready to come for us, hm?”.
“Yes! Stevie”, Bucky cries out, “Wanna cum for the both of you, please, please!”.
Your movements become more erratic, matching the pace as Steve starts drilling into his hole, and you watch as Bucky’s balls begin to swell, his thighs tensing, “Cum for us, pretty boy, wanna see you let go and make a mess for us, okay?”.
His mouth falls wide open, eyes closing as a scream errupts from his throat, calls of your names falling from his lips as he releases all over your hand.
“Fuckin’ hell, baby”, Steve grunts as he feels his own orgasm about to approach, “Clenchin’ down on my cock so good, shit”.
You milk Bucky’s cock for all its worth before you let it go, bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you can lick off his spent, moaning at the taste you’d grown so familiar with.
The sight of you eating Bucky’s cum has Steve grinding into the abused hole, shouting as he hits his peak, and pushing his come as far into Bucky as it’ll go — painting his walls, making sure that he’s completely finished before delicately pulling out.
All three of you wait a moment to catch your breaths, before you hear Bucky’s hitch — Steve was toying with his hole, watching as his cum seeps from it, “Shit, that’s so fucking hot”, you whisper as the rim spasms.
You feel Steve’s hand brush against your cheek before holding it, “C’mere angel”, and your thighs squeeze together as you realise what he’s going to make you do.
Bucky’s completely blissed out, his orgasm still thrumming through his veins and heartbeat pounding in his ears — it’s why the feeling of your gentle tongue prodding his ass has him moaning out in shock.
“Calm down, Buck”, Steve tells him softly, “Just cleanin’ you up”. Steve pets your head, pushing you further into Bucky as you lick at the rim before taking what you could into your mouth, “Don’t swallow it sweetheart, get as much as you can and then come back up to me”.
You do as he says, being as tender as you can before pulling away and getting back onto your knees, “C’mere angel”, Bucky hears Steve’s calm command.
He watches through hooded eyes as Steve’s mouth opens, your tongue pushing past his lips so that you could transfer his cum. It drips down your chins, and Steve pulls you in closer by the back of your neck, groaning as you swap the cum between the two of you before it’s swallowed down.
As the two of you break the kiss, Bucky can’t help the laugh that rises from him, “Fuckin’ hell, you two’ll kill me”.
But you just smile sweetly in response, “Depends on whether or not you’re gonna flirt in front of us again”.
“Mm, well if it ends like this, I don’t know if I can promise you that I won’t”, Bucky smiling cheekily as Steve unties him from the bedposts.
Only for the smile to drop as he feels a tight grip on his chin, Steve forcing him to look up, “Try it again, and we won’t let you cum next time”.
A mischievous gleam sparks in the brunette’s eyes, “Yes, Captain”.
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