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buckysavocados · 2 months ago
The Governor
A Dark!Stucky AU
Summary : In the year 1865 the government has invented the pyramid system into society. The one’s who stood lowest on the scheme were enraged by this decision and formed a resistance in which (Y/N) and her partner Bucky entered in. 3 years later the resistance plans an ambush on a meeting between the highest governors of the country. But what happens when (Y/N) meets the governor of security, Steve Rogers, who’s slowly becoming obsessed with her?
Warnings : Violence, Cussing, Sexual Harassment, Pyramid System,more to be added
Notes : Ok, this is my first story I ever published on tumblr so please be easy on me. This story takes place in the victorian era with a touch of steampunk and if I get any historical aspect wrong then I’m really sorry I usually try to look out for stuff like that! Would also love to listen to critisiscm and other thoughts you have about the story! And I’m not to sure how I’ll update I’m pretty slow with writing so idk.
Chapter Warnings : Cussing, Stealing?
Words : 1.2K
Tumblr media
The light breeze gushed into the wooden room that Bucky and (Y/N) were currently sleeping in. The morning sun casted a calming light onto their bed and you could see the fyling dust particles in the air. A harsher breeze whirled the curtains and Bucky slowly woke from the sudden coldness. His eyes slowly adjusted to the light while holding his hand in front of his eyes to see better. The white blanket slowly slid off his naked chest while he sat up. He turned his head to the right to see his partner still asleep. 
He smiled to himself at seeing her in such a calm state. A few hours ago they were just running from the guards of some rich folks who they stole from and now here they were, not thinking about the corrupted government, the cruel pyramid system that was invented again or how to plan their next ambush on the wealthy. No, right now it was only Bucky and (Y/N).
 Only now did Bucky notice the light black marks on (Y/N)'s neck that with no doubt the coal left, when they jumped on a moving train. Last night he just screamed at (Y/N) that she was insane for wanting to jump on a moving train but now he thanked her recklessness. They were safe and alive. He brought his thumb to his lips to wet it and tried to wipe away the black marks but it didn't work. He gave up and wiped his hand on the blanket. 
(Y/N)’s eyes flew open at the sudden wetness on her neck. She wiped her eyes and looked up at Bucky with a confused look. 
"The hell were you just doing?" she asked in a tired teasing voice. 
"Just tried to wipe away the coal stains on ya' neck." he said. 
(Y/N) nodded and sat up while holding the blanket over her chest. Her head turned to the left to look at Bucky and he smiled at her. She smiled lightly back and closed her eyes for a few seconds. Suddenly a low grumble made her eyes open again. Bucky snorted and (Y/N) laughed with him.
 "You hungry?" Bucky asked teasingly. 
(Y/N) laughed and nodded slightly. 
"Yeah, let's get outta here befo-" She was cut off by loud footsteps and yelling underneath them. 
(Y/N) and Bucky looked at each other before jumping out of the bed and trying to dress themselves as quick as possible. (Y/N) quickly buttoned up her frilly blouse and her wide pants while Bucky had already buttoned up his overcoat over his button up shirt and was right now tying his worn out boots. Both quickly grabbed their trench coats and jumped out the window into an alleyway. They just caught a last glimpse of the owner of the house yelling at them from the balcony while swinging around a with a poker. 
Bucky and (Y/N) quickly ran down the alleyway while putting on their coats until they arrived at a bigger alleyway where a tiny market was holding it's place. They slowed down and walked down the gray streets of the market and faded into the crowd. The sun was already clouded by the clouds and smoke from the trains and factories. Some children were selling newspapers while a handful of people were shouting their beliefs from tiny pedestals.
 (Y/N) quickly grabbed two apples from a fruit booth. She threw one at Bucky and he catched it and bit into it. 
"Damnit.." (Y/N) heard Bucky growling beside her.
 "What's wrong, Buck?" she asked with concern. 
"Forgot my scarf back at that asshole's place." he grumbled and bit into his apple again.
 "Don't worry, imma just.." she said and quickly grabbed a dark red scarf from another booth without the seller noticing it. "...grab you a new one." she said and handed it to him with a smile. 
"God, I love you." Bucky chuckled and tied the scarf around his neck so it made a messy tie. 
"I know." (Y/N) smirked and continued on walking. 
They walked down further until they stopped at a tiny boy selling newspapers. 
"How much for one, boy?" 
Bucky asked him and the boy showed him one with his fingers. Bucky snapped the coin at him and exchanged it for the newspaper. (Y/N) and Bucky then continued they're way to their destination. 
"Anything interesting?" (Y/N) asked while curiously peaking over his shoulder.
 "bla bla...1868 is the age of revolution...bla bla...oh! Here's something interesting." Bucky said.
 "The highest governors are meeting in 2 weeks at the parliament building." Bucky read out.
 Both looked at each other and smirked. Bucky folded the newspaper and put it in his pocket. 
"The resistance will love to hear that." (Y/N) said with a smirk.
 "Let's bring these assholes down." Bucky smirked back. 
While walking along more tiny alleyways, they’re apples already eaten, Bucky suddenly laid his hand on (Y/N) shoulder. She turned around surprised and halted.
 "You need something?" (Y/N) asked.
 Bucky didn't say anything only grabbed something out of his pocket. He held it up in his thumb and index finger.
 "Bucky! Oh my god where did you get that?" (Y/N) asked excited.
 "Got it from these rich jerks we stole from yesterday." Bucky smirked. 
"Here." he said while sliding the golden ring on her ring finger. (Y/N) looked at it and admired the tiny white crystal in the middle. 
"So, what's the occasion of this present?" (Y/N) asked teasingly. 
"Oh nothing just see it as a promise." Bucky smirked lazily. 
"And what would that promise be?" (Y/N) asked with a smirk.
 "That I will never leave you." He said and put his hands on her waist. 
"Promise acknowledged." (Y/N) whispered while putting her hands around his neck. 
"I love you." she said and kissed him passionetly. 
"I love you too." he said. 
They broke apart with a smile and just noticed that they arrived at their destination. 
The Old Cat Bar. 
They walked down the stairs to the door and went inside. They quickly greeted the bartender, Clint Barton, who was also a member of the resistance. When they were in the basement they knocked on another door. The slit on the top was opened and a growl was heard.
"ut lapsum resistentia surrectura, licet imperium." Bucky said. 
The door was opened and both stepped inside. Walking along a hallway which led into the sewers of Brooklyn. Finally they reached the end of the hallway and saw the big hideout of the resistance. Lots of people were already walking around, cleaning weapons, calculating numbers or reading articles about the government. 
Bucky and (Y/N) walked along the made up "streets" until they reached the office of the person they were seeking to see. They knocked on the door and one of Natasha's most trusted agents, Tony Stark, opened the door and let them in. 
"I suppose you two wanted to tell me about the meeting of the highest governors?" Natasha asked. 
"It seems like you already know that." (Y/N) said and put her hands in her trench coat's pocket's. 
"Wow (Y/N) your analysing skills are on a bigger level today." Bucky smirked which earned him an elbow in his side.
 "So, what's our next step?" Bucky asked.
Next chapter
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starstruckmyths · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Excuse me, this yours?”
Steve had no idea what the man was holding in his hand, but what he did know is that he’d gladly lie to make the man stay.
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jessielucidart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
He'd never seen anything like it. There was fog! There were lasers! There was another bar and another hot bartender! And there were bubbles coming from somewhere! Fucking bubbles! And the DJ in the corner wasn’t some shitty $200-dollar-a-night hack job that Stark had hired off Craig's List. No. Bucky recognized her because he followed her on fucking Instagram! Eliza Zan was a club DJ who toured all over the East Coast, and Bucky was legit star struck. Like, legit, legit. Too legit to quit, legit!
Chapter 10 of my HS Stucky AU “The King of the Jocks: The King of the Misfits” is now posted on Archive of Our Own (find it under Jessie Lucid). If you’re down for a 90s retro rave with cute boys acting like sexy idiots. check it out.
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founderofshield · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Here we go! Second piece for my collaboration with @stucky4breakfast to illustrate the last chapter of Reconcilable Differences written for the @stuckyaubang​.
Read it on AO3! It’s fantastic!
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retrouvel · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Use You
I’ve stumbled upon some sort of rockstar stucky/bucky AU a while ago and couldn't get it out of my head so-
(possibly gonna follow this AU up with a few more drawings at some point later on?)
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emptydistractions12 · 2 years ago
If Morning Never Comes To Be
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If Morning Never Comes To Be
Author: emptydistractions Artists: starsknice and founderofshield
Relationships: Stucky Warnings: Graphic Violence Rating: Explicit Wordcount: 60k Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - No Powers, End of the World, EMP, Minor Character Death, Bottom Bucky Barnes, Cute Dogs, Alternate Universe - No Zombie Apocalypse, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Ex-Best Friends, Canon-Typical Violence, Creepy Brock Rumlow
"It's just a matter of time before a dirty bomb goes off in Moscow, or an EMP fries Chicago." -Alexander Pierce
Bucky Barnes has never had much time to think about his future. Between helping manage the family farm, taking care of his little sister, and doing his best to forget all about his former friend Steve Rogers, he's barely keeping it together. But then something happens that no one sees coming. Something catastrophic.
Now, together with his little sister and the one person on earth he'd really rather forget, Bucky will have to learn how to survive in a world that seems dead-set on killing them all.
Hell, the way it's going these days, he'll be lucky to see tomorrow.
Read on AO3
A Collaboration for the Stucky AU Big Bang 2018 (@stuckyaubang)
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capn-scraps · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
revenant (noun.)
a sentient creature whose desire to fulfill a specific goal allows it to return from the dead;
a visible ghost or animated corpse that is believed to have returned from the grave;
may appear and disappear suddenly, or leave no footprints or other traces.
A literal take on Steve being haunted by Bucky, where he won’t stop following.
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Stuck AU (from an RP with @Hawkeye from Geeking) Part 1
Bucky woke up ten years before Steve, and Steve has only been awake for one year, but has still managed to get with the Avengers. Bucky was never The Winter Soldier, rather an assassin who unknowingly killed Howard Stark for the money. After that, he quit being an assassin and decided to move out in the middle of nowhere in New York state to clear his mind of the past. Then, Steve shows up.
Steve and Bucky are outside of Bucky's small house, admiring the view of the beautiful landscape. Things take a turn when Steve pins Bucky to a tree, and needless to say, they both end up going back inside with swollen lips, messy hair, and some missing clothing.
"do you have any flowers?"
"no, I don't know how to grow them...."
"We should plant flowers together.. Somewhere where the goats can't eat them, big sunflowers." He mused softly as he slowly backed Bucky up against a tree.
It wasn't his fault Bucky looked like a hand drawn image of Prince Charming, walking through the woods and being perfect.
So naturally Steve let inclined to kiss him till he could t breath.
"I'll make you a flower crown out of the smaller ones~" he promised before slanting his lips against Buckys, eyes falling closed as his tongue flicked over the seam of Buckys lips.
He just wanted to draw Bucky as an elvish Prince, surrounded by goats and birds and other cute woods land animals..
His body pressed a bit closer, feeling Bucky against him, chest to chest, knead knocking lightly, fingers tangling in the front of Bucky's top.
Bucky's heart fluttered as Steve kissed him, enjoying the idea of having a flower crown made for him. He had made one before, out of some dandelions he found in the woods nearby, but they had died so quickly he only had a chance to wear it once.
Bucky hummed softly, kissing Steve back as he closed his eyes, getting lost in the feeling. He couldn't help but move his hand up to gently cup Steve's face, his heart now pounding in his chest.
He didn't want to say anything, afraid of ruining the moment- or romance, better put- they were sharing.
Steves fingers ran up, brushing over and pressing down lightly against Buckys pulse point on his throat, enjoying how quickly it was beating.
Once his own lungs began to burn of oxygen he was pulling back lightly, laughing softly as he caught his breath. "It's been ages since I kissed anyone like that." He admitted, ducking his head to lightly nibble against Buckys bottom lip that was slightly pinker from kissing.
"My sweet Prince Charming~" he cooed gently as he released Buckys lip from between his teeth.
"Can't imagine going ten years without kissing though." He admitted, thumbs dragging along Buckys jaw.
Bucky held back his groan, his face red as a tomato. After Steve pulled away, he bit his lip, and blinked a few times to process what Steve was saying. He was a ladies man, and considering that gay rights were a lot stronger nowadays, he could've attracted men, too.
His heart skipped a beat whenever Steve called him prince charming, maybe it was because of his long hair and smooth voice. But if anything, Steve was the prince. He had beautiful blonde hair, no beard, and the best damn body anyone could ever imagine.
"Steve, I haven't had sex in ten years, or all those years spent as a giant popsicle.. kiss me all you want.." he admitted, and if possible his face turned even darker.
"You wouldn't imagine how much pent up energy I have.."
The blonde couldn't help but to laugh at that, pushing his hips up against Buckys.
"My dear sweet Bucky~ are you trying to tell me you're horny?" He quirked an eyebrow.
Maybe it was the comic books, maybe someone else stared rumours, he wasn't sure, but the avengers and most the world seemed to thing Steve Rogers had died a virgin, which was insane, did they know how army's worked? And how damn fine captain America was?
It nearly made him split his sides laughing when he realized that's why everyone seemed to avoid talking about sex around him.
"Your face is a bit red there babydoll~ everything okay? Too much heat for a day. Maybe you should relax?" He was sporting a shit eating grin, leaning in to kiss the tip of Buckys nose.
Bucky grumbled, looking down.
"N-No... No, that's not what I meant!" He argued, his face scrunching up in a slightly annoyed manner.
He was lying, having Steve here right in front of him, how close they were to each other, it made him feel so.. hot, was the word. He whined at Steve's words, pressing his hand against the other's chest.
"Well... Maybe I'm a little...." He mumbled, stopping himself before he said the last word.
"Little bit what baby?" He was tilting Buckys head up and stealing a kiss.
"Little bit hot and bothered under the collar? Wanting to do indecent things?" His fingers were ghosting down the mans chest and he was giving a wink before slowly sinking down to his knees, eyes fluttering to look up at Bucky.
"Are you a little bit tired? Should I let you go lay down?" He had zero intentions of that, kissing against the mans hipbone through a layer of clothing, one hand pushing up against Buckys thigh, slowly traveling up.
Bucky shivered as Steve got down on his knees, his body tensing but relaxing as he started leaving kisses along his clothed hip.
"Steeevvee...." He whined, his head leaning back on the tree as he gripped on the loose clothing on his side, taking in a shaky breath.
Seeing Steve beneath him and what he was trying to do to Bucky, and it honestly turned him on to the point where it was visible through his clothing, embarrassed that he was so easily turned on.
"Yes Bucky?" His hand was less than an inch away from the tented fabric and his fingers curled up.
"Tell me what you want baby doll.. I'd hate to overstep my boundaries." He was an ass, he knew that, but it was ridiculously hot watching Bucky reacting to all this. His hand inched up, rolling his wrist a bit so he brushed against the mans crotch for a brief second. Honestly he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back at this rate.
He'd been wanting Bucky for most his life..
His thumb was rubbing small circles against Buckys inner thigh, eyes never leaving Buckys face.
"How often do you touch yourself baby?" He pressed his thumb in a bit harder, feeling his own pants tighten with anticipation.
((Bucky is sporting a Wakandan robe, although it's not actually Wakandan in the story it's just based off of the robe))
Bucky's eyes fluttered as he leaned his head back, letting out a small groan as Steve ghosted his crotch.
"Ah.... I haven't touched myself... In at least six years...." He said lowly, his toes curling from the way he ached 'down there'.
He hated the way that Steve teased him, but at the same time it made him want Steve even more, just wanted him to do idecent things to him, and those thoughts just drew him closer to the edge.
"T-Touch me... Steve.... Please..." He begged, letting out a shaky breath.
"That's a good boy~" Steve cooed and he was moving his head, mouthing at Buckys dick through the fabric, smirking easily, letting out a soft moan.
"Want these gone.. Now." His fingers tugged at the robes once before his hands were sliding up beneath them, scratching along Buckys calves lightly, impatiently waiting for Bucky to strip for him.
"Six years? Bet I can make you cum six times? Wanna try?" He quirked an eyebrow. Personally he had amazing stamina thanks to the serum, and he assumed Buckys would be similar, well he hoped at any rate.
Bucky whined as Steve mouthed at his crotch, his hand loosening it's grip on his robe.
"Y-Yes... Fuck yes I want that..." He mumbled, moving to untie the ribbon that held his robe back from falling off, but he was having some difficulty, given he only had one arm at the moment, and it was much easier to tie it than to untie it.
"Uh... Shit... Can you help me with this?" He asked, flustered from embarrassment of not being able to undo a simple not.
Steve was helping in an instant, pushing away the mans clothing and letting it pool around Buckys ankles, "absolutely stunning baby, fuck, look at you~" his eyes roamed over the mans body, leaning down to trail his mouth along the mans collar bone and sucking at the skin.
His hand slid into the mans boxers, nearly moaning, yeah, Bucky was impressive in size, he wanted that in his mouth.. But for now he was busy tasting the mans chest, sucking hickeys into the skin.
He was palming at the mans growing erection, fingers curling around him and starting to jerk him off, gentle at first but rapidly getting rougher.
"Already so hard for me~ you're going to be so good to me." He purred.
Bucky couldn't hold himself back, letting out a girly moan as Steve started sucking hickeys onto his skin, whining loudly whenever Steve started jerking him off.
"S-Steve... Fuck...." He groaned, his hand pulling at his own hair, getting it rather messy from being pushed up against the tree.
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oh-i-swear-writes · 7 months ago
It’s the weekend (or near enough...!) which means it’s chapter update time. 
Spoiler/not spoiler, there is more angst, however, I can promise you that after this, we very much start to move forwards ;) 
Thanks to the wonderful @becassine for beta reading this and saving me from myself and telling me to shut up when I was worrying about this one, I do not know what I’d do without you <3
Anyway, I’d love to know what you all think! 
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jessielucidart · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The prints for my first ever ⭐️Giveaway Winners⭐️ are officially on their way! It was so fun addressing all the envelopes. 23 prints are traveling to 10 different countries, spreading some Steve & Bucky “Misfits” love worldwide💕 🌎
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founderofshield · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
First piece for my collaboration with @stucky4breakfast‘s fic Reconcilable Differences for the @stuckyaubang. The story is lovely, fluffy and probably the most adorable piece of Stucky I’ve ever read! I hope it’ll warm your heart as much as it warmed mine ♡
Read it on AO3!
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major-koalatea · 4 years ago
Before the SBB slack chat I only wanted to write fluffy AUs. And now... I've created angsty playlists and Im sitting here trying to come up with more ways to hurt Bucky and Steve... What happened to me 😭😭😭
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menatiera · 2 years ago
Vote time
Since I've finished both CABB and WIRBB, I'm a bit lost at what to write... I mean I have deadlines, but, you know, they seem so far away yet.
So vote time! What should I work on first?
A) StTucky Au Bang story
B) Winterironshield Bang Story (still yet undecided what will precisely be - I know, I know, deadlines...)
C) Frostironshield MTH fill
D) WinterStarkSymBrock MTH fill
E) Tony Stark Bingo oneshots
F) a holiday exchange fics (Winterhawk, etc.)
Too many options and I'm frozen over them.
(Note: I still have to write 20K to finish this nanowrimo so... I should probably start soon.)
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mortenavida · 2 years ago
Title: Love at First Sight
Square Filled: Love At First Sight
Ship: Steve’s Beard/Bucky’s Arm
Rating: G
Major Tags: none
Summary: They don’t know why it happened, but Bucky’s arm just can’t seem to get enough of Steve’s beard.
Word Count: 1415
Created for @mcukinkbingo
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bolontiku · a year ago
“To Make A Deal”
One Shot
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3165
Summary: When is it time to make a deal? Is there ever a right reason? A right time? Bucky makes a deal out of desperation.
A/N: this popped in my head at work and would not leave me alone till I wrote it and yes I took some lore from Supernatural. I hope y’all enjoy!!!
“It’s something in my blood.”
Bucky gripped his hand tighter, “you don’t have to talk about it.”
Steve grinned in the dark of the night, there was enough moonlight to wash the park in its cool brilliance, the park lights blocked out by a few trees. It was his favorite spot and after going on several dates with Bucky he had known he would have to show him his favorite spot. He was being ridiculous, he knew it, but the man made him feel more than he could remember in the last ten years.
Ten years of hospital visits and routine.
For what? They still couldn’t tell him why he was sick, why he woke up throwing up, why there were days that he couldn’t lift his arm even though he could bench press over two hundred pounds on a good day. It was his world and one he kept tucked away from Bucky, it was the reason they had only been on a handful of dates in the past year, not that Bucky was pushing him, his own work kept him busy and traveling.
“I haven’t told you anything and you should know…”
Bucky shifted next to him, sitting up and tugging him till he sat facing him, Steve watched as Bucky dragged a hand through his long dark hair, that hair was what had caught his attention. In the bright day outside that fucking dreary hospital that was full of nothing but blinding white light, his laughter filtering through the air as he walked along the sidewalk towards him. 
“Listen,” Steve blinked, Bucky’s warm voice dragging him out of his memories. Bucky caught his hand, pulling it to his lips, a thrill running through Steve. “I don’t want you to feel like you owe me any explanation, but,” he dropped his head, peering up at him with those dark blue eyes, “I do want to be more involved in your world. I know you’ve kept me out of it cause you don’t want me to see you at what you think is your worst, but I love you Stevie. Nothing could ever change that.”
Sarah watched as Steve floated in, her heart warming with the way he glowed. “Good night?” she asked as he floated by the kitchen.
Steve hummed, shit eating grin as he walked in and leaned on the counted across from her. “I told him.” She raised her eyebrows at him, “well, I told him I was sick.” He dropped his head, shoulders hunched up and let out a groan. “Ma, he told me he loved me.”
Sarah squealed, “is that why your neck is littered with hickey’s?”
“Ma!!!” Steve felt his face heat up as he looked up at her, a hand flying to his neck, “he said he was going to be gone for this month.”
Sarah tutted quietly, “but it’s for his work right?” Steve nodded. “Well, there you have it,” she clapped her hands together, “it will give us time to plan a welcome back dinner.”
Steve grinned, stifling a cough.
Bucky shoved a hand through his hair, looking up as the door to his impromptu office opened and his assistant stepped in. “Hey kid,” he grinned at the dark haired guy. 
“Alexi,” he sighed and stared at the paperwork in front of Bucky, tipping his chin at it. “You figure it out yet?”
Bucky chuckled, shaking his head, “not yet, it’s here though, all the affidavits state how they came into contact. Listen to this, they dug a hole in the dead center of a set of crossroads and buried a box containing the following; a picture of themselves, graveyard dirt, and a bone from a black cat.”
Alexi dropped a beer onto his desk, “what,” he started as he sat, “the fuck?” he shook his head, smirking, “sometimes I wonder how the fuck I ended up pushing papers and doing research for hunters. But, it never gets boring,” he groaned, “it’s never ending too.” He sighed, “it’s a demon.”
“HOW DID I MISS THAT?! It’s always a demon!” he growled, “a crossroads demon…” Bucky shook his head, “I have to get all of this to my boss’,” he let out a long sigh. He’d been gone for over a month. “I can’t wait to get back home.”
“You mean to that guy you keep face timing, which reminds me, you’ve been so busy this past week, have you called him?”
Bucky groaned, dropping his head to the desktop with an audible thump, not caring about the papers that scattered slightly. “I miss him,” he moaned.
Alexi laughed, dropping his head back as he stretched his legs. “You could go home. There’s nothing here, I can finish this crap, you just write up your report on your laptop and send it in.”
Bucky shook his head, “got two more leads to chase down and then I can think about going home.” He sighed, actually now that he thought of it he hadn’t gotten a text from Steve all day. “I should check in with him…”
Alexi stood, smirking, “I’ll double check the coordinates of that crossroads for you so you can take the damned evening off.”
Bucky waved his hand at the young man, Spaniard if he remembered correctly. How he had ended up here in the middle of Iowa with him working this damned case he wasn’t sure, but he was glad for it. Alexi made the long days shorter, his partner in crime. He held the phone up to his ear. 
He frowned and checked his watch as Alexi gathered the files from his desk, trying again he smiled as the ringing stopped, a sense of relief washing over him.
“S-Sarah?” he looked up at Alexi who paused, worry knitting the young man's brows together, a heavy feeling sinking into his chest. “Where’s Steve?”
“Oh, James…”
Sarah took in a shuddering breath as she watched Bucky sitting next to Steve, her son sleeping peacefully for the first time in the past week as their hands stayed locked together. He had flown in the same night, coming directly to the hospital. 
Steve smiled, “this is Bucky, erm, James Buchannon Barnes.” Steve introduced the blue eyed dark haired man he had been unable to stop talking about for the last month. 
They had met one sunny day, after a month-long stint, Steve had been so sick he had barely been able to move. Sarah had been worried, Steve had become quieter over the past year. She knew the toll it took on him, not having any answers, unable to keep food down, unable to get out of bed.
But when he met Bucky…
Then the young man came around more and more. Took Steve out, wasn’t worried and didn’t press about Steve’s illness. He just wanted to spend time with her son. Steve’s sketchbooks soon became full of a certain long haired blue eyed man. 
James had been quick to explain that he had been involved in an unfortunate accident in his teenage years, he lost his arm and he was lucky to have good friends in good places, his father and mother were kind, very involved in his life as well. 
The months moved on and James invited both of them to meet his family. 
“Mrs. Rogers?” she turned to find Steve’s doctor behind her, “may we talk?”
She nodded glancing into the room once more, stepping after the man who had become the latest to take over Steve’s care.
Steve hummed as he woke, head falling to the side he took in the sweet vision sleeping beside him. That position could not be comfortable. He squeezed the hand in his, blue eyes struggled to open after he shook his hand slightly. Dark hair tumbling loose, God he was beautiful, had he told him that lately? His fingers itched to reach for his sketchbook. “Hey you.”
Bucky grinned, scrubbing at his eyes with his free hand. “Need some water?”
Steve shook his head, craning his neck to look over Bucky’s shoulder. “Could use some company,” he answered, shifting in the bed. He hated that his voice was so hoarse, but that was the price you paid when a tube was shoved down your throat, even if it had been removed shortly after.
Bucky grinned quickly understanding what Steve wanted and carefully joining him on the bed.
“I didn’t want you to see me like this.”
Bucky shook his head as he slid an arm under Steve’s head, tugging him close, lips brushing across Steve’s. “Like what? Gorgeous? Breathtaking, absolutely stunning?”
Steve laughed softly, “I know I look like death…”
Bucky tipped his head back, two fingers under his chin. “Mmm, is that right? Then let me share my breath with yours so you might find life again.”
Steve squirmed in his grip, fingers curling into his shirt as Bucky pressed their lips together. A shiver of pleasure running down his spine and pooling low in his gut. Bucky made him feel normal, no made him feel alive, tomorrow, Bucky made him look forward to tomorrow. 
For once, Steve had plans. He had plans he wanted to share with Bucky, things he wanted to do, places he wanted to see. He pulled back ducking his head under his chin, grinning. “I have a present for you.”
“Do you?!” Bucky asked, running his hand up Steve’s spine and squeezing the back of his neck. “I don’t have anything for you.”
Steve tightened his grip on him, “you.” It was all he needed to say. He nudged Bucky after a moment, “it’s in the cabinet, should be atop my clothes.”
Bucky groaned, shaking his head as he wrapped himself around Steve, but the blond nudged him earnestly and he begrudgingly slid off the bed. Stormy blue eyes looked over at Steve who smiled at him. “Really?” he asked, gripping the art book he’d seen in Steve’s hands. 
It had been how they met, Steve had been sketching when he and Sam had been walking. Sam had been giving him shit for staring HARD at the blond. He had managed to get his friend to go along, the closer they got to the hottie the more nervous he had become. What would he say? How would he approach him? Would he even be interested?
“Guy will probably hop the fence like all the others just meeting you.” Sam joked.
Bucky had laughed. It was such a shit thing to say but he’d found it funny and the next thing he knew the blond was standing in front of him. 
“Do.. you mind?” he had asked, cheeks burning furiously, “c-can I borrow you?”
He had meant to say he wanted to draw Bucky. 
Sam had disappeared before he could answer the blond, Bucky wasn’t stupid. “You can borrow me all day long,” he quipped, enjoying the blush that burned the blond's ears. “Fuck you’re cute!”
And that had been that.
“What’s this?”
Bucky chuckled as he dumped himself back into the seat by his bed. “Proof of what?” he asked, flipping the book open, his breath halted. He glanced up to see Steve’s eyes had closed, a soft smile playing at his lips. He flipped through the pages, tongue swiping between his lips as his hands began to shake.
Page after page of him. Steve had managed to fill the damned pages with Bucky.
Bucky smiling.
Bucky napping.
Bucky with a spoonful of ice cream, looking up at him.
A lump rose in his throat, his eyes stung, proof.
Proof of his love.
This book said one thing.
“I love you.”
Bucky reached out, he jumped as a shrill beeping filled the room, erratic and deafening, but not as deafening as the long steady one that filled the air.
It was a second, a second in time in which Bucky couldn’t move, his mind blank as he stared at Steve. Steve who had just… he had just been talking….
A sob filled the room. “Steve..?” he didn’t recognize his own voice as she slowly moved to his feet. “S-Steve? STEVE?!”
All hell broke loose as the door was suddenly spilling bodies into the room. Hands tugging at Bucky, shoving him to his feet and towards the door. He shouted, disbelief, anger, denial. 
This couldn’t be happening.
Bucky didn’t register the tears that streamed down his face as he caught Sarah in his arms, her voice hoarse as she cried out in anguish.
This couldn’t be happening.
Not when he could clearly picture Steve’s soft smile, the way he blushed, the way he felt in Bucky’s arms, the way he felt under him, little gasps as Bucky;s fingers slid over smooth pale skin.
This wasn’t happening.
He needed more time.
Bucky dropped beside Sarah as she crumpled, legs giving out from under her as the door shut to Steve’s room. He couldn’t breathe, his chest ached and yet it felt as if someone had reached in and torn his heart out.
Stevie, Stevie had made him feel like this.
This wasn’t real. Bucky shook his head. Sarah’s fingers digging into his arms, her gasping sobs filling the empty hallway as he held her.
This wasn’t happening.
“I remember when he was seven,” her voice trembled as she sat there. Bucky felt his legs waver as he watched her gripping Steve’s hand. “We couldn’t afford anything really, but we took him to Coney Island.” She glanced over at him, exhaling heavily. “He was talking about going when he felt better again.”
The room fell into silence as she turned back to Steve. Bucky struggled to find words to say.
This is wrong. 
It isn’t fair. 
Something should be done.
“You should go home and get some sleep.”
He wanted to say something, argue, his phone chimed. Alexi checking in. An idea forming in a second.
Something should be done. Something could be done.
“I’ll be back in the morning,” he said moving forwards to squeeze her shoulders and dropping a kiss to her head, “then it’ll be your turn. Everything is gonna be fine Sarah.”
She caught his hand as he turned to leave, staring up at him with those eyes that she had given Stevie, “how do you know?”
Bucky smiled softly. “I know, Steve’s gonna be awake and annoyin’ you first thing, I just know it.”
“Thank you James, I love you very much. Make sure to get some rest.”
Waiting, he realized, was not his strong suit.
“Did you know you have this nervous tic?”
Bucky swirled around, scowling as he recognized the young man. “Alexi?”
“Names Lucca actually.” A quick shrug, a nonchalant frown, dark chocolate eyes blazed red for a moment, “figured you could use a friendly face,” he hummed kicking at the dirt and rocks as he looked around, “you drag your hand through your hair constantly when you are forced to wait.” Bucky stared at him, realizing he was talking about his nervous tic. Lucca shrugged again, hands slipping into his pockets. “I have been watching you, and you work for some fierce men, but you didn’t bring them with you.” He motioned around them, “I checked… even in Iowa, you work alone, mostly.”
Bucky clenched his hands into fists, what was he talking about? No time to waste, he was here for something and he was going to get it, “you can give me what I want.”
“I can,” he answered, dragging the word out, smiling as he leaned back, cocking his head to the side, dark brown hair spilling to the side.  
“I want to make a deal.”
“Now we’re talking, right to the point!!” he cried, clapping his hands together.
Lucca, Bucky noted, did not have Alexi’s accent, more italian, what an odd thing to think about at the moment.
“What is your desire?”
Bucky narrowed his eyes, “I think you know.”
“I want to hear you say it, it’s part of the whole,” he waved his hands animatedly, “it’s part of the deal. I thought you knew how this worked?”
“Stevie.. He’s sick.” Bucky swallowed, “he...died, almost, for a minute.”
“And you want him to…”
“Be healthy, whatever this is, they can’t figure it out. I want it gone, I don’t want him worrying about this anymore, he deserves better.”
Lucca smiled, stepping closer, “I can do that for you.” Bucky nodded, “now the price.”
“My soul.”
Bucky scowled, “conditions?”
“I can take your soul now if you want?”
“What are you up to?”
“I’ve been watching you,” he hummed, “you are interesting.” 
Bucky ran a hand through his hair, he could wager, “yeah? You like what you see?”
Lucca chuckled as he stepped closer, “very much, I understand why you like him.” 
That made him step back, “you can’t have him!”
Lucca watched him, pouting, “a year then.”
Bucky felt his blood run cold, “he won’t agree to just.. j-just be yours!!”
“I didn’t say such a thing,” he hummed, “I am bored… I’d like you. And him.” Bucky shook his head, taking a step back, “time, you can have time with him, years.”
“What five? Ten?” he laughed, it was empty, humorless.
“Ten years with the one you love is a lifetime,” Lucca said quietly stepping towards Bucky. “I wouldn’t be a burden and Stevie does not need to know what I am, or what you’ve done. I only want a way to pass the time every so often.”
Bucky chewed on his bottom lip. He hadn’t prepared for this.
Lucca shrugged, turning away, “no deal then.”
“WAIT!!” he burst forwards catching the demon and turning him back to face him, “how much time?!”
“A soul is a soul, time has no meaning when we own it.”
He didn’t need to think, he knew how to seal the deal and Bucky slanted his lips over the demons.
Laughter filtered out of the room, Bucky sagged against the wall outside in relief.
He could breathe again. God, it was going to be alright. 
He looked up, barely getting his feet under him before he was stumbling back, Sarah wrapping her arms around his neck. “What’s wrong?” he asked as she sobbed.
“You were right! You were right!! You said it and it came true!”
Bucky returned the hug, a choked sob escaping him. 
“Hey! No fair… my boyfriend,” Steve pouted.
Sarah laughed as she pulled away, watching as Bucky practically ran into the room. Crossing her arms over her chest she leaned against the doorframe, everything was going to be alright. Steve had woken that morning as if nothing had happened, color in his cheeks she hadn’t seen for a long time, breathing- she bit back a sob, breathing regularly, not a single wheeze. 
Bucky looked over at her then, his grin spread wide. She paused, an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. Shaking herself she stepped into the room as Steve told her she should go home, at least for breakfast.
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