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lordelannette · 27 days ago
Hello everyone!
The first year anniversary of my literal child, Brooklyn Syndrome, is rapidly approaching on June 12th. Since it's first creation and completion, I have read so many wonderful comments from so manly lovely people that it has kept my drive for creating Stucky fics on AO3 in full-force.
So without further ado, I will be releasing the next part of the Brooklyn Syndrome series on its anniversary. Mark your calendars people, because it's coming!
In the meantime, maybe it's time to revisit an old friend.
Tumblr media
Brooklyn Syndrome
Rating: E
Bucky's back was pressed against the cold floor and he stared through blurry eyes as Steve stood over him. He was trying to push himself as far away as he could, using his hands and bare feet to slide himself out from between Steve's legs but he couldn't find purchase against the wooden floor. Steve's legs were locked on both sides of his hips and Bucky couldn't move, couldn't get away, and the room was swimming before his eyes and he couldn't focus, couldn't think straight. All he could make out was the hazy figure of Steve towering over him and he lifted his arm to push uselessly at Steve's shin.
"P-please," Bucky whispered. His voice was weak, like him, and his jaw trembled as Steve reached down.
Steve slid down onto the floor and effortlessly gathered him into his strong arms, cradling Bucky to his chest as he leaned against the wall. "Bucky," Steve breathed. One of his large hands slid gently into Bucky's hair, the other curving against his spine and pulling him even closer. "You're mine now, remember?"
Steve's grip tightened then it all went black.
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dreamsinthewitchouse · a month ago
Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell
(Complete, 4,652 words, Teen And Up Audiences)
Everyone tells Bucky something different. About himself, about Steve. Some things are comforting, some confusing. Most are painful, in some way or another.
In his report Steve had described, in excruciating detail, everything that happened on the train raid. It’s all in the SHIELD files, now.
Bucky doesn’t remember it too well; a harsh and freezing blur, right until the torn-out wall of the train car blasted everything into a heart-stopping focus and he was hanging onto the rail, Steve’s outstretched hand so very close to his, and yet-
Then: Bucky falling, out of Steve’s reach, out of his own life.
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dreamsinthewitchouse · a month ago
What the heck, I wrote a fic! It’s a Stucky angstfest featuring Death of the Endless and now I’m burnt out and heartbroken. 💔
Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell (Chapters 2/3)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
It’s barely September but the Potomac is so much colder than he remembers it being. Then again, Bucky often remembers things quite differently from how they actually were; decades and seasons bleeding into each other at random.
Speaking of which, he doesn’t remember wading into the water in the first place, but he must have, since here he is, on the river bank, once again dripping wet and cold to his core.
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lordelannette · a month ago
💀 New Story Alert 💀
Tumblr media
o b s e s s e d
By: lordelannette
Rating: E
It's not really stalking if you love someone, is it?
Steve certainly doesn't think so.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
🚨 tags to consider: dark Steve Rogers, obsessive Steve, stalker Steve
*darkest material I have released up to date*
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beststuckyficrecs · 4 months ago
Fic: The BBFF Wars
The BBFF Wars by rinnya is one of my favorite Stucky fics. It perfectly captures Sam and Bucky’s rivalry, and it’s genuinely very funny. It’s short and sweet, a great way to spend 10 minutes. 
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lordelannette · 5 months ago
This story is now complete ❤️
Tumblr media
Mistletoe Season by lordelannette
Rating: E
Summary: Christmas is here, and with it comes the long awaited return of Omega Bucky's twin sister, Becca. She's exactly what he needs in order to survive the holiday family madness that he just sometimes can't handle all by himself.
That is, until he finds out her squad Captain is accompanying her home for the celebrations-- a Captain named Steve who happens to be incredibly hot, an unmated Alpha, and somehow manages to rock Bucky's entire goddamn world.
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captainjanegay · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
in the lane, snow is glistening | Stucky | Canon Divergent, Winter Fluff, Pre-War, but also Post Endgame | 2.3k words | Ao3
Two times Steve and Bucky take a walk through the snowy park.
based on a one-line holiday prompt - "if you throw that snowball, you’re declaring war"
A/N: It’s funny you said you’re in the mood for some winter fluff cause this one is specifically for you. Thank you so much for the prompt, my love  @its-tortle​ ♥ The summary it's basically what the fic is about lmao You just need to add two dumb boys in love, loads of fluff and bickering and a good helping of emotions.
Also - my seventh fill for the @stuckybingo2020​ ♥
The Prospect Park looks beautiful covered in a thick layer of white fluff, sparkling in the morning sun. It only started snowing last afternoon but there's a good two inches of snow everywhere. The park is relatively empty. The hour is late enough for most people to be at work or whenever they need to be but also cold enough for most people to stay at home if they don’t need to be anywhere. Bucky has no idea why he and Steve are outside. It was probably one of Steve's stupid ideas that Bucky has agreed to because there are only a few things he is able to deny when it is Steve who does the asking.
So here they are. Strolling through the snowy, almost completely deserted park on a Wednesday morning. Both shaking slightly in their worn coats, too thin for such weather. Bucky curses himself in his mind. He shouldn’t have agreed to this. What if Steve catches another cold? Even a light one always completely wears him out, tying him to bed for days. At least he agreed to take Bucky's scarf in addition to his own. He didn't go down without a fight. It took almost half an hour of arguing before Steve finally gave up and took the scarf.
So what if Bucky is now trying not to shake too visibly. At least Steve is warm. Ish, considering the temperature, but it's still comforting.
"Steve, come on," Bucky sways to the right, nudging Steve lightly. "We should head back."
Steve nudges him back, pressing his arm into Bucky's for a bit too long. The alley is wide enough and yet they still walk with barely an inch of space between them.
"Just a minute," Steve looks up at him. "It's the first snow of the year, let's enjoy it without your nagging, shall we?"
Bucky rolls his eyes, annoyed. But he doesn't press any further. Damn Steve Rogers and his stupid ideas. And damn his stupid, beautiful blue eyes. Just one look into them and all of Bucky’s common sense flies out of the window.
“I wonder if you still will be such a punk if you get sick again,” Bucky mumbles. Still, instead of taking the left turn that’ll take them home, he goes right, to take another leap around the park. 
“Probably,” Steve grins.
His smile is as bright as the sun. Bucky feels warmer already, just looking at Steve’s happy face. Steve’s eyes are sparkling and he looks content and healthy and Bucky really hopes it’ll stay this way for the rest of the winter. Or forever, preferably. And maybe Steve’s right. The times they live in aren’t the easiest and it’s important to cherish all the little joys they’re able to find.
“I don’t know why I still put up with you. You’re horrible,” Bucky says. The way he looks at Steve says something entirely different, though.
“You’re horrible, too,” Steve points out. “So we’re even.”
A fond smile still in place, Bucky only rolls his eyes and quickens his pace, just a bit to get ahead of Steve in pretend annoyance. After just a few seconds he glances over his shoulder and sees that Steve is crouching down. At first Bucky thinks he’s just tying his shoe but he’s proven wrong soon enough.
“Oh no. Don’t you dare,” Bucky says as he turns around quickly. “If you throw that snowball, you’re declaring war.”
Steve cocks one of his eyebrows up as if Bucky just challenged him. Which Bucky didn’t, he’s not stupid enough to challenge Steven Grant Rogers. But that’s probably what Steve thinks has happened.
So — of course — before Bucky can say anything else, a snowball hits him right in the chest. After a second the hurriedly-made soft missiles are criss-crossing over the park alley. Steve’s not bad but he’s no match for Bucky and his perfect aim. In the last heroic and desperate measure, Steve runs across the alley with a fierce scream and tackles Bucky. Completely surprised by this sudden course of action, Bucky tumbles to the ground and a surprised laugh is knocked out of his chest as he falls.
Steve hovers over him. He has his arms braced on both sides of Bucky’s face. His bony knees are pressing gently into Bucky’s sides. 
Bucky looks up. He looks at the joyous sparkles in Steve's eyes, at the satisfied grin, the dishevelled hair and cheeks reddened by the cold and exertion. The midday sun is right behind him, making it look like there’s a bright halo surrounding him. He’s the most beautiful sight and for a moment Bucky feels like he can’t breathe. This is the sight he wants to store carefully in his memory and take to his grave when his time comes.
In a split second something around them changes. The world turns, a minute ticks by but the atmosphere changes from joyful to something heavier. Bucky’s perfectly aware of Steve’s gaze that flicks to his lips once, twice, before skipping back up to his eyes. It makes Bucky go crazy. There’s nothing that he wants more than to lean on his elbows and kiss the remnants of Steve’s cocky grin off his face. But he doesn’t. The cold ground under his body, the distant voices of the city make him regain control.
“We should—,” Bucky starts, his voice hoarse all of sudden. “There’s people— We should head back home, yeah?”
Steve lets out a small sigh but he nods shortly before scrambling to his feet. When he pulls Bucky back up, their fingers remain intertwined for a moment longer than necessary.
The Prospect Park looks beautiful, covered in a thick layer of white fluff, sparkling in the morning sun. It’s the middle of the winter but only recently it got cold enough for the snow to stick for longer, instead of melting the moment it hit the ground. Despite it being almost midday, there are many people hanging around the park. 
It was Steve’s idea to go outside and wander aimlessly through the city. His ideas of fun are a bit different than Bucky’s. If it was up to him, they’d stay in their warm flat and do things that didn’t require getting cold. But after all this time, he still has a hard time saying no to Steve.
Bucky is not a big fan of the cold these days. Sam always laughs that he’s just a big, mean cat that will hiss and scratch everyone who looks at him the wrong way. He calls him the Winter Panther and actually asked T’Challa to adopt him at one point. Sam is ridiculous sometimes. It’s not Bucky’s fault that he doesn’t like to be around people sometimes and that he really enjoys having his hair pet — but only by Steve and Nat. And maybe Clint. Or Sam, but he’s rarely willing to do that. And Bucky does tend to pick the warmest, sunniest part in any place he’s at.
After everything, Bucky just has a pretty bad associations with cold.
Today is fine, though. He doesn’t mind wandering arm in arm with Steve. Bucky’s safely tucked up in his long, warm coat and he has two scarves wrapped around his neck. When they left home he had only one but after walking for a while he confiscated Steve’s. The idiot had it hanging loosely around his neck anyway, didn’t even bother to wrap it once. It’s a miracle that his coat is buttoned up. This man has turned into a walking furnace after the serum. Bucky is convinced Steve’s leeching his warmth to fuel it.
"You want to head home, already?" Steve asks, looking at Bucky with a soft smile.
There's a tiny hint of concern in his eyes. It's easy to miss but after all those years and everything they've been through, there's almost nothing about Steve that gets by Bucky.
"I'll be fine," Bucky grumbles. They both know it's more on principle. "We can freeze my butt off for a bit longer, no problem."
Steve only rolls his eyes at Bucky, shoving him to the side but doesn't loosen his grip on Bucky's elbow.
"Ah, you're incredibly cheerful today, my love," Steve says, voice dripping with sarcasm.
"How could I not be? My partner always has such splendid ideas for our daily activities," Bucky answers, with an overly sweet smile.
"You're such a jerk," Steve laughs. 
After a moment, he extracts his hand from under Bucky's elbow and crouches. Assuming that he needs to tie his shoe, Bucky doesn't stop. When he looks over his shoulder a moment later, he audibly gasps and turns around.
"Fuck off, Steve! Don’t! If you throw that snowball, you're declaring war!"
As soon as those words escape his mouth, Bucky frowns. He looks to the side, trying to decipher that weird feeling of deja vu. A memory appears in his head. 
It's a memory from a life long gone, from a park much like this one, from a winter that ended ages ago.
"Bucky?" Steve asks, dropping the snowball and taking a step closer. "You're OK?"
"Yes, it's just—," Bucky hesitates and when he looks back up at Steve, he sees that the concern in his eyes is as clear as a day now. "I've just remembered something. An old memory," he clarifies and smiles fondly. "I believe it was about a snow fight I've had with some little punk in this park. I said the very same thing to him back then. It's not a very detailed memory. And who knows if it actually happened?"
The smile on Steve's face grows gradually with every word Bucky says.
"Oh, it did happen. I actually might know the punk you're talking about," Steve jokes. His hands come to rest at Bucky's waist as he continues. "I'm pretty sure it was him that persuaded you to take a walk and since you've always been lazy, you've had a lot of complaining to do before you agreed."
"Oh, of course. It's not like I tried to keep the little punk from dying of pneumonia or something," Bucky rolls his eyes but he's smiling.
Steve completely ignores his comment. "The two of you walked for a while, didn't talk much but enjoyed the day. At some point he made a snowball and you said the same thing you did a moment ago. It didn’t make an impression on him, though.”
"Because he was a little shit," Bucky smiles softly, pressing the palm of his hand to Steve's chest.
"Maybe," Steve says with a chuckle. "The snow fight took some time and even though you weren't kids anymore it was the most fun you had in awhile. And then he took you by surprise and did this."
Before Bucky properly registers Steve's words, his legs are swept from under him and he tumbles to the ground. Steve goes with him, an arm behind Bucky's back cushions his fall. If it wasn't for Steve Bucky’s habits, both the Winter Soldier and the army ones would already kick in. But Steve is and always has been a calming presence for him. His anchor. So the only thing Bucky feels right now is surprise and a bit of annoyance, probably. No sight of feeling unsafe so he is able to remain calm. 
Steve's face hovers over him, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.
"He easily knocked you down. You stayed like this for a bit, just staring at each other," Steve's hand comes to brush against Bucky's cheek.
The look in Steve's eyes is both tender and heated and it makes Bucky forget all about the people around them, about the cold ground underneath him.
"He couldn't stop thinking about how badly he wanted to kiss you, right there and then. Just for a moment he wanted not to care about the people who could see you and how dangerous that could be. It would have taken so little effort to do so," Steve's voice is down to almost a whisper.
As if to prove a point, he leans down and presses a sweet, chaste kiss to Bucky's lips. Bucky smiles into it, feeling the tell-tale prickle of tears in his eyes.
"Who knows if he managed to do that after you'd gone back home."
"I think he might have," Bucky says quietly, swiping his thumb across Steve's jaw.
Steve's face is soft and filled with pure happiness. Bucky's heart feels like it's about to burst simply from looking at him, from all the emotions he tries to store inside. Steve’s beautiful blue eyes crinkle at the corners, his lips spread in a big smile. The December sun is shining high on the sky behind Steve, surrounding his body in a bright embrace. He's beautiful. Even after all those years, Bucky still thinks Steve is the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. Breathtaking. And when Bucky's time comes again, he knows that that is the memory he is going to take with him. 
Since the mere sight of Steve is enough to have saved him from desolation once already. 
"Come on, Buck," Steve says, getting to his feet. "Let's go home."
Feeling a bit hazy from the sudden tide of emotions, Bucky let's Steve pull him up. He leans forward, pressing another kiss to Steve's mouth. Even if no words are exchanged, they both know what the other thinks.
I’m yours and you’re mine and there’s nothing that could make me stop loving you.
After shaking the snow off of each other, they head back to the same part of Brooklyn where they used to live in the previous life they shared. 
Their fingers stay entwined the entire walk home.
Title: in the line snow is glistening Creator(s): niallhoranbitches Card number: 065 Link: Square filled: A4 - New York Rating: Teen and Up Archive warnings: None Major tags: Canon Divergent, Winter Fluff, Pre-War, but also Post-Endgame Summary: Two times Steve and Bucky take a walk through the snowy park. based on a one-line holiday prompt - "if you throw that snowball, you’re declaring war" Word count: 2287
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im-weapon · 6 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Captain America - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Explicit Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers Additional Tags: Dom Steve Rogers, Top Steve Rogers, Bottom Bucky Barnes, Dom/sub, Light Bondage, Edging, Overstimulation, Sub Bucky Barnes, Domestic Fluff            
A soft groan tumbled from Bucky’s lips and Steve swallowed it whole. Bucky was so beautiful like this, pliant and sweet, and Steve wanted to eat him alive. "So gorgeous," he murmured as he trailed kisses over a stubbled jaw. He ignored Bucky's soft huff of denial and nipped down his throat, turning the huff into a gasp. “Waited all morning for this.”
Note: Some soft birthday porn that myself and BrokenWords w for the best pigeon of all the pigeons, the @sublimepigeon
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captainjanegay · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Where I’m Meant to Be | Stucky | Meet-Cute, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers, Kid Fic, No powers AU | Chapter 1 | 4.6k words | Ao3
Bucky is a single dad coming back from a work trip with a very bored, very whiney 7-year-old girl. A mysterious stranger with a kind heart and a notebook full of doodles comes to the rescue.
A/N: This fic was supposed to be just a short one-shot for the Stucky Bingo but somehow, it's at 11k at this point and it's nowhere near done. I have two more chapters all done and ready and a vague outline for the rest of the story. It's my first time posting a fic chapter by chapter so it's both exciting and kinda scary. I hope you'll like the story enough to stick with me for a while. 
My sixth fill for the @stuckybingo2020​ ♥
At some point in his life Bucky didn't mind spending hours at airports and he found traveling —even work-related —quite enjoyable. But that was when he was young, stupid and alone. Now he's older, just as stupid and has a wonderful girl in his life. 
The girl in question is now standing next to him, little arms crossed and a sullen expression on her face. She's repeatedly kicking at the leg of the chair he's sitting on. There's no real force to it —she's only 7 after all —and she's not doing it to do any real damage to anyone or anything. It's just little taps, really and she's doing it out of boredom. But dear lord, Bucky's about to explode.
"Alex, sweetheart," Bucky says, slowly breathing out through his nose. "Could you please stop with that kicking? It's a bit annoying."
"But papa," she whines, drawling out the word. "I'm bored!"
"I know, love and I'm really sorry but papa’s gotta do something important for work," he sighs, trying to run a hand through her hair. She ducks and flops onto the chair next to him, an angry little pout on her face. "I have to finish it before we go on the plane. I'll do it as quickly as possible and then I'll be all yours, ok?"
It's not really surprising when he doesn't get an answer. With another sigh, he leans to the side and presses a kiss to the top of his daughter's head and then turns back to his laptop. 
From the very moment she woke up today, Bucky knew it's gonna be a long day. She was cranky and teary all morning, not wanting to say goodbye to Natasha and it took a good hour to calm her down. Then Bucky had to basically beg her to eat something before they left for the airport. It wasn't a great day. And Bucky knew she didn't do it just to make him miserable, she was just as frustrated and tired as he was. On top of that, he has to edit and upload a report from the conference and the airport Wi-Fi is so bad Bucky is close to tears himself.
The work would probably take less time if he wasn't getting distracted every minute or so and glancing to the side, making sure that Alex is fine. Or relatively fine, the bad mood excluded. At the moment she is slouching on the plastic chair, still pouting. Felicia—a pink stuffed Triceratops —is placed on her lap so at least Alex has something to occupy her for a moment.
Bucky tries his best to get through the documents quickly but he doesn't want to miss any errors either. He gets lost in the work for the entirety of about five minutes when he hears something truly surprising.
Alex laughs. It’s so unexpected after what seems like hours of complaining, crying and whining that Bucky’s head snaps up from his laptop and he looks at his daughter.
She is still sitting by his side, Felicia pressed closely to her chest and there is a smile on her face. It’s definitely not aimed at Bucky, though. So Bucky follows her line of sight and… oh.
It’s not like he didn’t notice the guy sitting across from them before. Because he did. It would be rather impossible not to notice this guy. He is tall and well-built and could look intimidating if it wasn’t for his bright blue eyes or tousled golden hair or the gentle smile or the fact that he’s wearing the softest beige sweater Bucky has ever seen. He is both ridiculously handsome and cute at the same time. So of course, Bucky noticed him before. But now he tries to figure out what about him made Alex laugh. It doesn’t take long, because the man is holding up his notebook, showing the page to Alex.
On the page are three little, cartoon-like doodles. The first one at the top looks unmistakably like Alex—her brows are furrowed, arms crossed and a little storm cloud is hovering above her. Underneath there’s his daughter again but this time she’s laughing, her eyes only small slits and a little sun peeks from behind the cloud. The last drawing, just next to the smiling Alex, is of Bucky. His head is partly hidden behind a laptop screen and there’s a look of utter concentration on his face. Above his cartoon persona floats a swarm of little gears, question marks and lightbulbs. Bucky snorts. It’s probably quite accurate.
Noticing that Bucky is staring at the drawing, the stranger startles and his cheeks turn red.
“I’m not some creep, I promise!” he starts explaining himself, before Bucky even opens his mouth. “I just—she seemed so upset and I’ve heard you said you have something important to do so I just wanted—Man, it’s weird, isn’t it? I’m sorry I promise I just wanted to help, not bug your kid without permission.”
“It’s not—,” Bucky starts, slightly taken aback. “It’s very sweet of you, actually. Thank you. Really, that’s just—I don’t mind. And Alex here seems to enjoy your drawings.” Bucky smiles down at his daughter and then at the stranger. His smile falters a bit and he sighs. “I’d really love to chat some more but I really need to get this shit done and the airport Wi-Fi is truly horrible.”
“Oh! Bad word!” Alex gasps, covering Bucky’s mouth with her little hand. “You said a bad word! No sweets for you!”
The stranger laughs at that and Bucky probably shouldn’t be as charmed as he feels right now. He just kisses Alex's hand and leans away from it.
“OK, sweetheart. Promise not to eat any when we get home,” he says solemnly. “But papa really needs to work a little longer, OK? Ten more minutes, I promise. Try not to bother the nice man too much until then, yeah?”
She lets a long-suffering sigh but she agrees.
“I’m Steve, by the way,” the man says, smiling at Bucky. 
Before he gets the chance to answer, Alex chimes in, “I’m Alexandra. And papa’s name is James but only mama and people at work call him that. Everyone calls him Bucky.”
The man — Steve — lets out a small laugh. “It’s nice to meet you both. Alexandra, do you want me to draw you something specific, while we let your papa work?”
“Oh, can you draw Felicia? She’s a...,” Alex furrows her brows in concentration, “tri-ce-ra-tops! That’s a dinosaur!” 
Steve leans forward from his chair and smiles at her. “She’s so cool! But weren’t dinosaurs kinda dangerous?”
“Some of them, yeah. They ate other dinosaurs. But the ones like Felicia only ate plants, so she’s cool.”
Steve lets out an attentive hum but something in his expression tells Bucky that it’s not new information for him and he’s just indulging Alex and letting her share what she knows. It makes Bucky feel a wave of sympathy towards this Steve guy.
Soon enough, a new page of Steve’s notebook gets covered with doodles of various dinosaurs, based on Alex’s jurassic knowledge—it’s a bit flawed, but Bucky is proud of her nonetheless.
It takes Bucky a few moments to stop sending glances towards the two. It’s partly because Steve—no matter how sweet he seems to be—is still a stranger. Steve might be bigger than him, but Bucky would end him if he tried to do anything to his little girl. But there are no red lights when it comes to Steve—and Bucky always prided himself on his ability to read people.
The other thing making it hard to go back to work is the fact that the scene he’s looking at is quite an adorable one. Both Alex and Steve are sitting at the edges of their seats, leaning over the passage between the two rows of chairs and their eyes are fixed on the notebook propped on Steve’s knee. They’re chatting, exchanging random facts about dinosaurs but since their knowledge is limited, they switch to talking about modern animals soon enough. Steve listens intently to whatever Alex has to say without patronising her. And sadly, Bucky has met a fair share of adults for whom it was impossible to take Alex seriously just because she was a kid. It calms Bucky enough to actually focus on his work for a little longer.
Some peace of mind does wonders for his concentration and the ten minutes he promised Alex are actually enough for him to finish editing the reports. The WiFi is still a bitch, though. However, after staring at the loading circle for what feels like an eternity, he is able to send the documents. With a triumphant little cheer, he turns off the laptop and slides it back into his bag.
Steve looks up at him and smiles. Alex completely ignores him, though, still too focused on whatever Steve was drawing. Bucky feels a bit betrayed. When she looks up, she glances at Steve first, probably to ask why the drawing has stopped and turns to Bucky when she notices Steve looking his way.
“Oh, you’ve finished the work, daddy?” she asks and when he nods, she smiles and reaches to wrap her arms around his neck. “It took you some time. But I’m proud of you.”
Bucky laughs at that, shaking his head slightly, “Thank you, sunshine. I see you were having fun with Steve while I was busy?”
“Yeah! Steve drawings are so pretty! He drew you riding a dinosaur!” Alex giggles, pointing at one of the little drawings.
Raising his brows, Bucky sends Steve a questioning look but the other man just shrugs and rubs at his neck. “It was her idea,” he says with a sheepish smile.
The doodle Alex is pointing at is indeed of him sitting on a dinosaur's back. It’s the one with the long, giraffe-like neck, Brachiosaurus if he remembers correctly. The cartoon Bucky’s arms are wrapped around the base of the reptile’s neck, his hair fluttering behind him and his mouth is open in either a big smile or a scream, he’s not sure. Either way, it’s a very cute drawing.
“Well,” Bucky says. “I’m not a fan of horses but I’d totally ride a dinosaur if I had a chance. Shouldn’t he have a saddle, though?”
It’s not even that funny but Steve still laughs and Bucky smiles at that. His daughter is less impressed or at least tries to appear so. She rolls her eyes but there’s a grin on her face.
“You’re so silly, daddy. They didn’t have saddles back then! And besides you’d need a very, very big one for a dinosaur!”
Bucky hums in agreement and looks up at the departure display. Noticing that their flight’s gate is open, he nudges Alex lightly.
“We gotta go, sweetheart,” he says. She perks up a bit but then glances at Steve with a small pout. “Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Steve. On the bright side, we’re gonna be home soon, yeah?”
Alex nods and slides off her chair. Steve looks up at the display and straightens up.
“Oh, my flight’s boarding, too. But you know what?” Steve asks and then rips the page with all the dinosaur doodles and holds it out to Alex. “You should keep this, if you want.”
Hearing this, Alex’s whole face lights up and she takes the drawings with gentle hands, as if afraid to mess it up. “Thank you, Steve! Those are so cool I’m gonna keep them forever!”
“I’m glad to hear that,” Steve smiles. He looks up at Bucky. “It was nice to meet you, guys.”
“Likewise. Thank you again for the help. It was very nice of you,” Bucky says sincerely.
“It was my pleasure. My knowledge about dinosaurs is so much better now,” Steve’s smile grows even bigger and Bucky chuckles.
Bucky leans to help Alex put on her little backpack, since she refuses to put down the drawing and then reaches for his bag. He rests his hand on his daughter’s back and turns to Steve one last time. He’s still sitting at the edge of his seat and is watching them. A smile is still plastered to his face and at this point Bucky is sure that it’s his default setting.
“Bye, Steve. Have a safe flight,” Bucky says.
“Bye, Steve. Thank you for the dinosaurs,” Alex adds, making Steve laugh.
“You are very welcome, Alexandra,” he says. “Have a nice day, guys.”
Bucky gently steers Alex towards their gate. Before they disappear behind the corner, he turns away to look at Steve one more time. The man is already looking back and he waves at them when he notices Bucky staring. Alex waves back enthusiastically and Bucky just ducks his head, feeling flustered all of sudden. He used to be more collected around nice, attractive people. And Steve definitely qualifies as both.
Some time later they finally make it to the plane. Alex flops down onto the middle seat and eventually — after a long discussion and promises that he won’t ruin it — she lets Bucky put the drawings she got from Steve into the folder he keeps his documents in. When the treasure is safely put away Bucky straightens to put his bag in the overhead compartment.
“Oh,” he hears a voice behind his back and a low chuckle quickly follows. “Fancy bumping into you here.”
Bucky looks over his shoulder and the surprise makes him try to close the compartment while his other hand is still holding the bag. He yelps in pain, making Alex look up.
“Steve!” she says with a smile, completely ignoring her father’s distress.
“Hello again, Alexandra,” Steve shoots her a quick smile and looks at Bucky, concerned. “You’re OK? I didn’t want to spook you.”
Man, he really got bad at keeping his cool around attractive people. Feeling a blush creep up his neck, Bucky nods. “No, no, you didn’t. I’m just a clutz, this happens a lot, ignore me.”
Steve raises an eyebrow at him but he doesn’t say anything more. For a moment they just stand in the narrow aisle, looking at each other. Finally, Bucky’s ability to think kicks back in and he moves to the side.
“Sorry, you probably want to get through to your seat.”
“Actually,” Steve says and glances down at the boarding pass in his hand. After checking it, he points to the seat by the window, on Alex’s other side. “That one’s mine.”
“Oh,” Bucky looks at the seat and then at Steve. His cheeks still feel warm for some reason but he hopes he's not blushing too visibly. "That's great. I'm just gonna—"
Bucky shifts to the other side and takes a step back, making room for Steve.
"You're flying with us back home?" Alex asks with a hopeful glint in her eyes. "Will you draw something more for me?"
"Alex, come on. Don't abuse Steve niceness like that," Bucky scolds her gently but before he can even finish the sentence, Steve starts shaking his head.
"It's fine, don't worry about it. I often doodle when I get bored anyway so I'd be honoured to draw for you again, Alexandra," Steve grins at her.
She actually lets out a little happy squeal when she hears that and Bucky's heart skips a beat. He's absolutely charmed by the way Steve treats his daughter. He really seems like entertaining some random little girl is the best thing he could be doing and while Bucky - absolutely objectively - thinks that Alex is the most wonderful little girl in the world, it still seems unusual. And he positively melts every time that Steve uses her full name, just because that was the way she introduced herself the first time. Most adults Bucky knows don't do that with other adults, not to mention kids. And Steve is just so… kind and genuine, it takes Bucky off guard but it's a really nice surprise.
"Ok, fine," Bucky says with a smile. "You have no idea what you've brought on yourself. Is it possible to strain your hand from drawing too much? The flight's almost two hours, right?"
"Does your dad always complain this much?" Steve asks Alex and she giggles in response. He sends Bucky a glance over her head and he has a smirk on his face. Ignoring Bucky again, he says to Alex, "Hey, have you ever watched Sesame Street? There was this one grouchy green guy."
Bucky just sends him his most unimpressed look. Steve doesn't seem affected. Alex is delighted. And in truth, Bucky has to bite the inside of his cheek to contain a smile.
It turns out that on top of being nice and lovely, Steve is also a little shit, because he draws a Bucky-version of Oscar the Grouch - with a grumpy expression and wild hair, sitting in a garbage can. It's actually amazing. Bucky doesn't say that out loud, but he snorts when he sees it, so that might betray him a little.
This time — prompted by the mention of Sesame Street — the conversation resolves mostly around animated movies. To Bucky’s surprise, it turns out that Steve is a huge Disney fan. He doesn’t even try to hide it. Not to brag but Bucky knows his way around animated movies — partly because he has a 7-year-old daughter and partly because who doesn’t like animated movies? But compared to Steve and Alex? He knows nothing. They use names he doesn’t even recognise - who or what even is Flit? Judging by Steve’s drawing it’s some kind of a bird, apparently. When Bucky can’t remember — he knows it, of course, it just slipped his mind — the name of the redheaded princess from Brave, he is given the most disdainful look he’s ever seen. Both by his daughter and by Steve. Bucky still tries to participate in the conversation, at least for as much as they let him. He never expected his own daughter to team up with some stranger against him. It hurts.
The pain is all forgotten when Steve and Alex start quietly singing Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid together. Bucky can’t help a laugh that bubbles from his chest at the sight. How is Steve even real, Bucky has no idea. He is over six feet of muscle, his bicep is bigger than Alex's head and he could probably bench press Bucky and here he is, sitting next to Bucky’s little girl, drawing a picture of Megara, because she’s his favourite Disney princess and singing a song from The Little Mermaid.
This guy can’t be real.
About half an hour into the flight it turns out that Bucky was wrong — Alex does leave Steve alone but it’s only because the tiredness catches up to her and she falls asleep. And she’s sleeping with her head resting on Steve’s arm. It’s a really nice arm, Bucky has to admit, a nap on such an arm would be good and comfortable even for him, probably. But that doesn’t change the fact that he feels left out.
“Sorry,” Bucky says quietly. “You probably want your arm back, I can just—”
He offers to move Alex’s sleeping body but Steve just shrugs with his free arm, careful not to jostle the girl.
“Don't want to wake her and I really don't mind," Steve says, smiling at Bucky.
"You sure?" Bucky asks and after getting a nod in confirmation, he chuckles and shakes his head. “I keep trying to figure out where the catch is but I’ve got nothing. You’re just naturally this kind, aren’t you?”
Steve barks out a laugh and then slaps his hand over his mouth to quiet the noise. He looks down to make sure he didn’t wake Alex.
“Oh there’s plenty wrong with me,” Steve says with a chuckle. “For one I’m usually really awkward around kids. Alexandra’s such a great girl, though. But I do like to help and try to be nice whenever I can.”
Bucky narrows his eyes at Steve. “You think you’d side-track me by complimenting my daughter? You’re totally right, but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious.”
With an exaggerated eye roll, Steve makes the ‘bring it’ gesture and grins. “Come on. Hit me with your best guesses.”
“OK. OK, fine,” Bucky says and shifts in his seat so he can look at Steve more directly. Crossing his arms, he asks, “Do I have a limited number of guesses?”
“It’s not that long of a flight,” Steve shrugs with one shoulder, grin still in place.
In a theatrically thoughtful gesture Bucky strokes his chin gauging Steve with his eyes.
“You… secretly work as a hitman” Bucky says slowly, “or like, an underwear model. Which is not a bad thing to do.”
A blush creeps up Steve’s cheeks as he laughs again. “Those are… pretty far off. Why those two?”
“Well, you’re built appropriately for both from what I can see,” Bucky explains, enjoying the way Steve cheeks go darker. Maybe he’s not so helpless at talking to attractive people as he thought. It feels a whole lot like flirting.
That terrifies him for a moment. He didn't do flirting in what feels like ages. He doesn't have time for this. Should he even do this? He has a daughter, he shouldn’t just—
Bucky takes a deep breath and smacks himself mentally across the head. He’s not doing anything bad. He’s just talking and having fun with an attractive stranger. Maybe even flirting a bit. And that’s OK, this is allowed, he doesn’t have to go anywhere else with that. It’s not like he’s ever going to see the guy again, anyway. Natasha would punch him for denying himself that. So he will make sure not to mention it the next time they talk.
“Well…,” Steve rubs the back of his neck. “I am not. Hitman or— I’m neither of those. I’m actually an illustrator. Mostly freelance stuff. I paint sometimes, too. But that’s mostly for fun.”
“OK, fine. Somehow I can believe that. You seem like an artsy type,” Bucky agrees.
“No hitman vibes anymore?”
“Who says a hitman can’t enjoy painting in his free time?”
Steve laughs, throwing his head back. Somehow he manages to keep the left side of his body completely still, mindful of Alex sleeping on him.
“I don’t know if there’s a point in trying to convince you, but I’m really not.”
“Sure. Probably what a hitman would say,” Bucky waves a hand at him but smiles. “That’s cool though. Being able to get paid for doing what you love.”
“It is. Sometimes you get frustrated enough to hate it but it’s still pretty cool,” Steve agrees. “You don’t like your job?”
Bucky scrunches his nose, making a non-committal sound as he tries to find the best way to explain. “It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s fun. Interesting, exciting, sometimes frustrating as hell, too. And the responsibility can be incredibly stressful. It’s just…  I never took time to think about what I really like doing in life. And since the job was good enough, I just stuck with it.”
Steve hums, nodding along to Bucky's words. "It's never too late to figure it out, you know?" he says. "I mean, I don't wanna impose and tell you how to live your life or anything. I'd never. I just— I think it's an important thing to know."
"You might be right," Bucky agrees. He glances down at Alex. "I don't think it's a good time for me to experiment, you know? Besides — if there's one thing I know for sure that I like it's having this little rascal around."
The smile on Steve's face turns soft. But only for a moment, before it turns back into that smirk he had earlier. "Any guesses left? About my dark side?"
"A few," Bucky grins. 
It's a bit of a lie because he really struggles to see Steve as anything but perfect but he can try. It's just a game they're playing to kill time after all.
"You are that kind of guy who can eat garbage food and not move a finger and still look like you've just walked straight out of a gym. I hate those people. It's so unfair."
"Are all of your guesses based on how I look? I kind of see a pattern here so far."
Bucky opens his mouth to protest but there's something in the way Steve looks at him, with a raised eyebrow and one corner of his mouth quirked up that makes him close his mouth without a word. He might be blushing. Maybe he's being too forward. It's probably not appropriate to talk about a stranger's body this much.
Before he gets the chance to apologize, Steve answers, "And you're wrong, again. I like working out. Takes my mind off things, helps me clear my head when I need that. Besides I used to be small and sickly my whole childhood. Couldn't even play with other kids for too long without getting an asthma attack. So I'm kinda compensating for that," he jokes.
"Yeah. All pointy elbows and bony knees."
"Huh," Bucky says. "Bet you looked way cuter than me when I had my bowl cut. We all had our dark moments."
Steve laughs again and Bucky really enjoys the sound of that. He really enjoys Steve's company in general, which is weird considering they've just met. It usually takes him much more time to get comfortable around people. Maybe it's the fact that they'll go their separate ways as soon as the plane lands makes it all easier.
"I'm kinda disappointed, you know?" Steve starts after a moment. "I thought you'd guess at least once. Or at least would be more creative with those."
"Who says I'm done? It was all on purpose, I was just assessing, gathering intel. I'm a scientist, I don't know if I've mentioned that before," Bucky points a finger at Steve. "You've got to be methodical about stuff."
Raising his hands in surrender, Steve tries to keep a straight face. He fails miserably.
"I wanted to say that you secretly hate dogs or cats but that would be just too harsh," Bucky says. "I don't think you're a monster."
"I love dogs," Steve confirms. "Always wanted to get one but my flat's too small and I doubt that'd be good for a dog. I don't have anything against cats but I feel like they don't… like me that much."
Bucky chuckles. "I feel like there's a story there."
"Just— My friend Sam has a cat and she absolutely hates me. I can't leave my phone on the table cause she pushes it off, but she doesn't touch Sam's. Every time I'm there she follows me around and hisses at me for no reason. She peed in my shoe more than once," Steve says and tries to look hurt when Bucky starts laughing. "It's not funny! I haven't done anything to deserve this. I tried to bribe her with food, I tried to pet her but I only got scratched for my efforts. And she doesn't do that with anyone but me."
"So that's your dark secret? That your nemesis is a cat?" Bucky asks with a grin.
"It's… definitely true."
“Can’t say I’ve seen that one coming,” Bucky laughs.
Steve shrugs with one arm. “I’m full of surprises.”
Clearly, Bucky thinks, shaking his head at the other man.
Title: Wrap me up (in your love) Creator(s): niallhoranbitches Card number: 065 Link: Square filled: B2 - Airport Rating: Teen and Up Archive warnings: None Major tags: Meet-Cute, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers, Kid Fic, No powers AU Summary: Bucky is a single dad coming back from a work trip with a very bored, very whiney 7-year-old girl. A mysterious stranger with a kind heart and a notebook full of doodles comes to the rescue. Word count: 4591 
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captainjanegay · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Wrap me up (in your love) | Stucky | Established Relationship, Winter Fluff | 1 997 words | Ao3
Bucky would lie if he said he didn't feel at least a bit tempted by the idea of the two of them holed up in some cosy, remote place. He didn't get killed (twice), brainwashed and scarred for life to deny himself a nice winter retreat with the love of his life.
But maybe he should. Because he always knew that Steve would be the death of him. And yet, here he is, over 90 years later, having learned nothing.
A/N: First of - hopefully at least a few more - winter prompts I've written. It's based on a list of tumblr holiday prompts (feel free to send me some more ^^) specifically the "cuddles in a power outage" that I’ve got from @hannah-stagram​ and "heater stopped working" from @buckybees​ I’m tagging you both, since this fulfils them both but I might have another idea that I’ll hopefully write soon :’) Sorry it took me so long, my loves! ♥
I hope you'll like it and you'll find Dramatic™ Bucky as funny as I did lmao
My fifth fill for the @stuckybingo2020​ ♥
It was all Steve's fault. 
This trip was his idea and after all those years Bucky really should learn not to agree to anything that comes out of Steve Rogers's mouth. Because everything that comes out of Steve Rogers's mouth is fucking stupid. It always gets one or both of them beaten up, killed or at the very least, highly miserable. Bucky doesn't know what on Earth made him say yes to this whole madness. Maybe when in Wakanda they got rid of the HYDRA programming from his brain, they accidentally deleted his self preservation instinct or basic survival skills. Because everyone knows that following Steve Rogers's anywhere is completely against basic common sense.
And yet Bucky did. Again. And to the fucking Alps, of all places.
It was supposed to be nice. Steve said they deserved to get away from the city and the noise and everything for a bit. Which Bucky couldn't and didn't even want to argue with, it was true. He also said that Wakanda was nice but they've become too frequent guests there, made too many friends not to have someone disrupting their peace — even in the nicest way possible. And again, he did have a point here. So for some reason, Steve decided that a cabin in the Alps — on the Italian side, not the Austrian one, as if it made anything better — in the beginning of December was the best idea.
In theory? Maybe it was. All the peace and quiet, the beautiful landscapes, the nice and comfy cabin just for him and for his dumbfuck of a boyfriend to do whatever they hearts desired. Bucky would lie if he said he didn't feel at least a bit tempted by the idea. He didn't get killed (twice), brainwashed and scarred for life to deny himself a nice winter retreat with the love of his life.
But maybe he should. Because he always knew that Steve would be the death of him. And yet, here he is, over 90 years later, having learned nothing.
It all seemed fine at first. Maybe that's what lulled Bucky into the false sense of security. When they arrived this morning Bucky was absolutely charmed by the place. The cabin was small and remote, it had a tiny porch in the front and the view from there was absolutely breath-taking. Inside it was just as cosy and warm — both in the figurative and literal meaning — as it seemed from the outside. It was furnished in a more modern way that he was expecting but everything here seemed to fit together just fine, creating a perfect atmosphere to take a breather from life and just chill.
Sadly, this is not the kind of chilling that Bucky is currently doing. Because right now he is sitting on the couch dressed in a hoodie and Steve’s sweater, wrapped in every single blanket he could find in the cabin. Because the power went out around two hours ago and Bucky is already freezing.
If he had to pick a third way to die, turning into an icicle on a romantic getaway with Steve would not make it high on his list.
“I called the owner,” Steve says, walking over to the couch. “He said that he’ll send someone to fix it but it can take a few hours before they get here.”
Bucky glares at Steve from his personal blanket fort, his eyes narrowed into slits. Steve doesn’t even look at him, checking something at his phone, so Bucky just keeps glaring until it gets noticed. Steve only chuckles and drops onto the couch next to him.
While Bucky has been putting on more layers with every passing minute, Steve didn’t even notice that something was wrong for the first hour or so. It wasn’t until Bucky pointed out that the lights didn’t work that Steve agreed that maybe he should check if the fuses didn’t blow or something. They did not, it was some more complex power outage that took away the thing Bucky loved most — working heaters.
But now it seems that the cold even got to Steve “I Don’t Have Working Temperature Receptors” Rogers.
He put on a flannel.
He left it unbuttoned, but it's progress from the thin t-shirt he was wearing earlier. Bucky feels colder from just looking at him.
“I’m about to turn into an ice statue,” Bucky says.
“And you’ll be the most handsome one of them all!” Steve smiles, leaning in to press a kiss to Bucky’s cheek.
Bucky wants to smack him but it would require pulling an arm out of the warm cocoon. It isn't worth it.
“Why did I agree to this?” Bucky wonders out loud for who-knows-which time in the last hour. “I hate cold so fucking much. Why didn’t we go to Hawaii or something? The next time we go on a trip somewhere, I’m gonna pick the place. And it’s gonna be as far from the fucking Alps and snow as possible.”
Steve laughs and moves on the couch so he faces Bucky. “Come on, love. It’s not that cold and—,” seeing Bucky’s expression, he amends, “OK, sorry. My opinion on whether something is cold or not is not valid, I forgot. But they’ll fix it soon and meanwhile I’m gonna get the fire going, yeah?”
“Light me on fire, since I’m going to die anyway,” Bucky grumbles.
“And while we wait for the heaters to be fixed...” Steve started, completely ignoring Bucky’s words, “there are some ways that I could keep you warm.”
There’s a smirk on his face and he leans towards Bucky on the couch. Before he can do anything else, Bucky starts shaking his head.
“Don’t you fucking dare, Rogers! I won’t let you take off a single piece of clothing off me, so don’t even try that!” he says.
“Come on, Buck it’s—”
“Not even a fucking sock,” Bucky’s finger pokes from under the covers to jab at Steve’s chest and hides just as quickly.
Steve raises his hands in surrender. Before he moves to the fireplace, he pulls another blanket out of thin air — Bucky doesn't know how he did that, he ransacked the place when he felt the first chills. He wraps it around Bucky's shoulders and presses a kiss to his hooded head.
It would warm Bucky's heart, if there were any traces of heat left in his body. Since there are not, he just glares at Steve in a softer way this time.
Soon enough a big, nice fire is crackling in the fireplace. It looks really inviting. Bucky wants to move closer but on the other hand, his butt warmed up a nice little place on the couch, so it would be a pity to leave it now. While Bucky contemplates pros and cons of moving closer to the warmth (pros - warmth, cons - moving), Steve disappears for another few minutes. There are some weird noises coming from the bedroom and then the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor.
“Steve?” Bucky calls. “You OK back there?”
“Yup,” Steve says happily, reappearing in the living room. When Bucky turns to look at him, a surprised laugh escapes his mouth.
Because Steve has just dragged the entire mattress with duvets and pillows from the bedroom and is currently placing it on the floor, leaving a reasonable distance between it and the fire. Before Bucky can react in any way, Steve leaves again and comes back with two big mugs filled with something steamy and — Bucky assumes — deliciously warm. He places them carefully on the coffee table, in arm’s reach from the mattress.
Bucky must admit that he’s tempted. He is considering rolling off the couch but Steve decides for him. Walking over to Bucky, he simply wraps his arms around Bucky and picks him up, covers and all. Bucky is so surprised that he frees his legs from the warm armour and wraps them around Steve’s waist.
Without breaking a sweat — both because of the superserum and also because the cabin is a North Pole — Steve sits down on the mattress so Bucky ends up in his lap.
“It should get warmer in a bit with the fire and all. I also made us some tea,” Steve says, kissing the tip of Bucky’s nose. “I’m sorry this trip turned out to be shit.”
For the first time in hours, Bucky doesn’t know what to say.
Maybe his boyfriend is not a complete dumbfuck after all. 
He can be pretty OK sometimes.
“Well,” Bucky starts. “You did get punched in the head a lot during the course of your life. So I guess all those stupid ideas are not completely your fault.”
“Jerk,” Steve says but his eyes are laughing.
Bucky unwraps his flesh hand from under the blankets and presses it to Steve’s chest, his fingers resting over his heart. “Really, though. It’s not your fault. And it’s not shit. You put so much work to get us here and I’ve been doing nothing but complaining.  But besides the fact that my balls will probably freeze and fall off, I really love it here. I’m happy to be here with you.” Bucky looks up at Steve and sends him a little smile. “Heating or no heating.”
“Buck! This is the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me!”
“And now you’ve ruined it. I take it all back and I can’t wait to go home,” Bucky grumbles but he can’t help a grin from appearing on his face. He rolls onto his side and gets comfortable on the pillows, straightening his covers over himself. Steve lays on his side, propped on his elbow so he’s still facing Bucky. They’re quiet for a while, the only noises being the soft crackling of the fire and the wind blowing outside the cabin.
“I was thinking,” Bucky says after a moment. “If you take me back to Alps and let me freeze to death here,” Steve rolls his eyes so hard Bucky is worried he strained a muscle. “I think it’s only fair that I take you back to the Potomac and try to drown you when we get back to New York.”
“My God, you’re so dramatic,” Steve sighs. “Why do I even still put up with you?”
“Because of my good looks, sharp wit and killer thighs,” Bucky prompts with a grin.
Steve only shakes his head in response and leans down to kiss him. Bucky — being the generous boyfriend that he is — let's him.
"Will you let me into that blanket fort of yours?" Steve asks, still hovering over Bucky. "You’ll be warmer if I cuddle you."
"Sure," Bucky snorts. "I know you long enough to know it's not cuddles you want. You want to take off my socks and I've told you it's not happening."
"I truly don't care about your socks, Bucky," Steve puts his arm around the bundle of covers that hides Bucky's waist somewhere. "Although you've mentioned that there's something on the verge of freezing and falling off so maybe I should check how that’s doing."
"Dear lord," Bucky sighs heavily. "I can't believe that I've been hearing similar nonsense coming out of your mouth for ages and still one day I looked at you and thought 'Yes. That's the idiot I want to spend my life with'."
"I always admired your wisdom," Steve tries to remain serious but he fails miserably.
As soon as Bucky picks up the edge of his covers, Steve slips under them. He wraps his arms around Bucky and pulls him closer, resting his chin on top of Bucky's head after pressing a kiss there. They stay like this for a while. Bucky sighs constantly, burrowing his nose in Steve’s neck. The warmth from the fireplace is nice enough that Bucky eventually starts gradually peeling off his layers, one blanket at a time.
A bit later he lets Steve check — very thoroughly — if he’s not frostbitten anywhere.
Title: Wrap me up (in your love) Creator(s): niallhoranbitches Card number: 065 Link: Square filled: A2 - Potomac River Rating: Teen and Up Archive warnings: None Major tags: Established Relationship, Canon Divergent, Winter Fluff Summary: Bucky would lie if he said he didn't feel at least a bit tempted by the idea of the two of them holed up in some cosy, remote place. He didn't get killed (twice), brainwashed and scarred for life to deny himself a nice winter retreat with the love of his life. But maybe he should. Because he always knew that Steve would be the death of him. And yet, here he is, over 90 years later, having learned nothing. Word count: 1997
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oh-i-swear-writes · 7 months ago
Evening all!  (Or it is UK time?)  It’s time for the weekly update from me and so I bring you the latest installment of Where is Your Boy Tonight?
I mean, it’s still angsty, there is still a lot of secondhand embarrassment, but this week there is no Brock and there is Steve being very Steve. 
Many thanks as always to the beautiful and talented @becassine for her beta skills and for reassuring me when I have my (frequent) meltdowns about how this one is panning out!  <3
Anyway... hope you all enjoy! 
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brooklynboysficrecs · 7 months ago
Any enemies to lovers long-ass fic rec? I haven't seen your posts in a while..... Hoope you're doing well ♥️
Oh, geez, I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive on this account! I’m the middle of my last semester of college, so things have just been... A Lot. And on top of COVID and everything, I let this get away from me. I had plans for a new post a few weeks ago and then just kinda. Forgot to do it. Shit. I have to get on that. But I’m alright, thanks so much for asking! As for your ask...
I don’t think I typically read a lot of enemies to lovers; friends to lovers is more my go-to. That said, I do have a few that I absolutely loved, and I am happy to share them with you!
Tell Me What You Want by LeeHan. Over 80,000 words. They’re technically childhood friends in this, but they don’t recognize one another until later in the story, and there is a still a boat-load of angst before they actually get together.
The Captain by lordannette. Over 90,000 words. It’s a pirate AU, with pirate captain Steve and captive Bucky, so, some people may be worried about dubious consent here. But I’m way into any pirate AUs I can get my hands on and I really enjoyed this one. It’s based on a book, from what I understand, but the author has permission from the original book’s author to post this (I know there was some controversy about that, and the fic was taken down for a while because of it), so. I dunno. I like this one a lot.
The Solider’s Revenge by LeeHan. Over 70,000 words. LeeHan writes some very good stories, and this is one of my favorites. It’s Winter Soldier Bucky and Captain America Steve again, and Steve does not trust Bucky in the slightest at the beginning of this. It’s lovely to watch their trust and friendship grow as the story goes on, which to my understanding is the hallmark of a great enemies to lovers fic. Very much recommend this one. 
Political Animals by crinklefries, Deisderium. Over 100,000 words. This one is, as you might guess, a political AU with Steve and Bucky on opposite sides of the spectrum: Steve as an incredibly liberal Democrat, and Bucky as a sort of inherited Republican (because he grew up with a family of Republicans). It’s... certainly topical, if you’re an American, but goddamn is this one good. It will definitely hurt you, full-on break your heart at some points, and there is, uh, a lot of hate sex. Like, a lot. So if that’s your thing I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love this. 
Hopefully this tides things over until I can get a proper fic rec done, whenever that ends up being. But thanks for the ask! I like giving out specific recommendations, it’s fun to go through my bookmarks on Ao3; I tend to forget about fics I read years ago if I’m not reminded of them every so often.
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oh-i-swear-writes · 7 months ago
Hi guys, because I actually got a lot of writing done last night (no thanks to my fluffy little helper of a  kitten) I am pleased to say I can share a chapter of this today <3
Many thanks as always to @becassine who offered up her beta-read skills on this one for me - I massively appreciate it!  Also, if you’ve not checked her out, she has just posted her first fic, and it’s gorgeous <3
Anyway, apologies for the angst, hope you enjoy! 
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stuckyflangst · 8 months ago
So I asked for advice on Twitter but no one responded. Will the other t platform be able to help?
Tagging question for stucky fandom - do you think I should tag top/bottom/vers Bucky/Steve? I read both so I never pay attention to those tags, and I know not everyone uses them. But do you think it's better to tag?
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captainjanegay · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Sharp Dressed Man | Stucky | Meet Cute | 2.1k words | Ao3
The curtain is pushed to the side and Steve automatically looks up. The man takes a step out of the cubicle. His head is turned as he looks over his shoulder to check himself in the mirror.
“Oh wow,” Steve breathes out despite himself.
A/N: This one is for my precious Helena @hbalbat​ based on a meet-cute prompt she's sent me. I'm not completely happy with it, especially the ending but hopefully that's just my sleep deprivation talking. Have fun! ♥
Also let's consider this my third entry for the @stuckybingo2020​ because it fits.
“OK, I might have overdone it.”
Steve looks up from where he’s going through a rack of t-shirts, each one with a more obnoxious print than the other. To his surprise there’s nobody around. After a moment he realises that the deep male voice must have come from one of the cubicles that serve as the shop’s dressing rooms.
“The suit’s nice but I think the turtleneck is a bit much for it.”
Steve raises an eyebrow, confused. Either the guy likes talking to himself or he came with someone who wandered off, instead of waiting for him to change. So Steve goes back to his search and he shakes his head a bit to himself, realising what the guy has said. Turtlenecks are ridiculous, Steve never liked them and usually they just look weird. On anyone. But pairing them with a suit? That’s a whole other level of ridiculous in Steve’s opinion.
The curtain is pushed to the side and Steve automatically looks up. The man takes a step out of the cubicle. His head is turned as he looks over his shoulder to check himself in the mirror.
“I think I’ll take the suit, though. My butt looks good in it,” the man laughs but then he fully turns towards Steve. The laugh dies on his lips. He looks around, a bit confused and then glances back at Steve.
“Oh wow,” Steve breathes out despite himself.
The thing is, the man in front of him is gorgeous. Unfairly so. He is almost as tall as Steve, his dark hair is long, pulled back into a messy bun, one strand falling onto his forehead. Steve fingers itch to brush it back behind his ear. The man’s eyes are bright and there’s a short stubble on his face that only makes him look hotter. He is wearing a dark brown suit that fits his body perfectly. But the weirdest thing? Underneath the suit jacket he has a bright, mustard-y yellow turtleneck and it really shouldn’t work on anyone. But the man looks good. It makes Steve feel a bit weak in the knees.
“Oh,” the man blinks at Steve, his cheeks going pink. “You’re not Natasha.”
Steve mentally slaps himself across the head. There’s nothing better than to drool at the sight of a random man in a clothing store. A straight man, probably. With a possible girlfriend, if Steve wanted to jump to conclusions and he usually did.
“No, I’m not, I’m just Steve, sorry. I just—Looking for—T-shirts—” Steve says, not really sure where he is going with that. “Your girlfriend must’ve wandered off somewhere.”
Not being able to look at the man's face without embarrassing himself further, Steve glances somewhere above his shoulder. His eyes land on the mirror in the changing room and he sees that his entire face is bright red. Way to go, Steve.
"My girlfriend?" the man asks, raising a brow in confusion. "Oh you mean Tasha? She's not… I'm not…"
The man averts his gaze and rubs at his neck, looking rather uncomfortable and Steve really wishes he picked a different store. But on the other hand, if he did he would never have seen this man and it would be a shame. A real shame. No matter how much of an idiot he's making of himself right now, it is kind of worth it if he gets to look at this gorgeous human for a bit longer. This guy could easily be a model. Or maybe he is, Steve wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. Steve is an artist. He can appreciate beauty. And there is so much beauty to appreciate in this man. 
So much beauty.
Steve wonders how weird it would be to ask if the man wanted to pose for him. Steve has already embarrassed himself plenty already so it wouldn’t hurt any more.
“Shit,” the man says to himself with a breathy laugh. He runs a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to—,” he waves his hand vaguely between them and laughs again. “I just thought my friend will be useful for once and give me her opinion but apparently she just left me in the lurch.”
“For what it’s worth—you look incredible,” Steve says, sincerely. He can’t stop his eyes from wandering down the man’s body and then back up. “It—Really suits you.”
To Steve’s surprise he doesn’t get punched for—quite obviously—checking the guy out. It could be because of his size—it usually discourages people from trying to fight him, even though they sometimes want to. Like when he tells them that being racist, misogynist or a homophobe is a very fucking bad thing to be, for example. But the man doesn’t even look like he wants to punch Steve. Quite the contrary, a small smirk appears on his face. He tilts his head to the side and straightens up with confidence, even though his cheeks are still a bit pink.
“You think so? It’s not too much?” the man asks, apparently not noticing that Steve’s about to die.
“It’s great. You look great. And that’s coming from someone who despises turtlenecks,” Steve hopes that his smile is sincere, maybe even a little flirty and not as nervous as he feels.
The guy raises an eyebrow in response and he glances down before saying, “That’s fair. I don’t think there’s a turtleneck big enough to contain all of these muscles anyway. And it would be really unfair to hide those collarbones of yours.”
Automatically, Steve looks down where the two top buttons of his Henley are left open and it takes him a second to fully understand what the man just said. Is he being flirted with? Is the most attractive person he’s ever seen flirting with him? When Steve looks back up, the man’s eyes are already fixed on him, his smirk bigger and definitely more amused now.
OK, maybe Steve was too quick with labelling the man as straight. Or at least he hopes he was.
“I’m Bucky,” the man offers. Despite the fact that it’s a rather unique name—or nickname, who knows—Steve finds it quite fitting. “And you’re Steve, if I got that correctly?”
Steve nods with a smile, not really sure at which point of his mumbling he managed to introduce himself. For a moment they just stare at each other. Steve is not sure whether he wants to run or get significantly closer to the man. To Bucky, he reminds himself. Before he can do either of those things, Bucky shakes his head slightly and blinks.
“Right,” he says, taking a step back. He points his thumb at the changing room behind him and smiles. “I’d better—Gonna change and—Thanks for your opinion, Steve. You’re very—helpful.”
When Bucky turns away and grabs the curtain, Steve decides to take a chance. After all he was never the one to back down from a challenge.
“Hey, Bucky?” he calls.
With his hand curled around the curtain, Bucky looks over his shoulder at Steve. “Yeah?”
“Your butt looks really good in that suit.”
The curtain flutters close but Steve still can hear Bucky’s melodic laugh. He grins to himself.
And that’s when a small, redheaded woman walks over to the changing rooms and raises one of her perfect eyebrows at Steve.
“James? What are you wearing that makes a hot stranger compliment your ass?” she says with her eyes still trained on Steve as she reaches to grab the curtain behind which Bucky has just disappeared.
And that’s when Steve decides it’s his time to run.
Steve wanders around the mall for another hour or so. For some reason, he feels reluctant to walk into any other clothing store. It might be because he is worried he’d bump into Bucky again and embarrass himself further or it might just be trauma. It’s not ideal. Especially because his main goal of coming here was to buy some clothes so Sam would stop complaining about his “grandpa wardrobe”. Which is an obvious exaggeration, it’s not that bad. And Sam owns his fair share of khakis and checkered button-ups, so he is in no position to judge. But Steve figured that buying a new pair of jeans, some t-shirts and maybe a jacket won’t hurt. 
Instead, he goes to a stationery shop and walks out with a new set of pencils and a sketchbook. The one he has is already half full anyway. Nearby, there’s a bookstore and Steve saunters between the shelves for a while, picking up whatever book catches his eye. He doesn’t really intend to buy anything but in the end he gets a sci-fi novel he wanted to read for a while but hasn't gotten to yet.
Steve would totally consider it a successful trip to the mall and called it a day. Sadly, he can imagine Sam laughing at his mumbled explanation as to why he didn't buy any clothes. So instead of going home, he decides to grab a coffee and then try to face the clothing store again. It can’t be that hard. 
Rounding the corner, Steve collides with someone coming in the opposite direction. Automatically, he grabs the other person’s arm to help them regain their balance.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t—” Steve starts and looks up. Just as quickly, he completely forgets what he was meaning to say next.
It’s Bucky.
Bucky’s standing barely two feet away. His eyes are some kind of stormy blue and there are freckles splattered across his nose and part of his cheeks. Looking at him from this close is making it hard to breathe for Steve.
When recognition dawns on him, a smile blooms on Bucky’s face, “Hi, Steve!”
“Hi,” Steve just answers weakly. Only now he realises that his hand is still wrapped around Bucky’s bicep—a very nice bicep, Steve can feel the muscle hidden underneath Bucky’s layers of clothing and tries not to think about it too hard—and takes a step back, putting down his hand.
Obviously, Bucky is not in the outfit he had at the store but he still looks like he'd walked straight out of a fashion magazine. Now he's wearing a black button-up with little white dots all over it and a black leather jacket. His bun is even messier, several loose strands tucked behind his ear, but he still looks as attractive as before. Or maybe Steve is just biased.
"Fancy bumping into you again," Bucky says, seeming genuinely happy.
"You too," Steve finally gets a grip on himself and smiles. "Did you buy the suit?"
Bucky chuckles at that, blushing, "I did, actually. The turtleneck, too. Your…um, feedback was very helpful. Tasha approved, too." He glances to his side and furrows his brows. Turning around in a full circle, he looks back at Steve. "And apparently she ditched me again. I swear I'm not making her up!"
"I believe you, I've seen her back in the store," Steve assures him with a laugh. "Petite redhead, very intense stare?"
"Sounds like Natasha. She's great, at least when she's not busy abandoning me in shopping malls. Did you get whatever you needed? I didn't see you around when I left the changing room."
Tilting his head to the side, Steve just stares for a moment. Did that mean Bucky looked for him? The thought makes his insides twist in a slightly uncomfortable but pleasant way. Steve tries not to get his hopes up. The pink tinge on Bucky's cheeks doesn't help with that.
"Not really, couldn't find anything fitting," Steve says. 
It's not exactly a lie, he just doesn't add that he was too embarrassed to face Bucky after complimenting his butt. Bucky opens his mouth, then closes it and bites the inside of his cheek, deciding against whatever he wanted to say. Steve raises an eyebrow at him. "What?" he asks.
"Nothing," Bucky says. "Just trying not to say something highly inappropriate again to a guy I don't really know."
The hope flutters in Steve's stomach, making him grin. At this point he's pretty confident that his initial assessment of Bucky was wrong. So he feels bold enough to ask, "You know, I was actually on my way to grab a coffee. Maybe you'd like to join me?"
"Sure, that would be nice," Bucky smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling adorably. 
Steve might be a bit gone already. 
"I'm still not gonna say, though. If that's your plan," Bucky adds and before Steve can say anything, he smirks. "It's gonna take more than one coffee to break me."
And this sounds like a challenge Steve's determined to win.“
Title: Sharp Dressed Man Creator(s): niallhoranbitches Card number: 065 Link: Square filled: E2 - Muscles Rating: Teen and Up Archive warnings: None Major tags: Meet Cute, No Powers AU Summary: The curtain is pushed to the side and Steve automatically looks up. The man takes a step out of the cubicle. His head is turned as he looks over his shoulder to check himself in the mirror.
“Oh wow,” Steve breathes out despite himself. Word count: 2118
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It was time for a Chapter update - and @kalee60 made this lovely graphic in case anyone was needing a mood board for this fic
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Second to last one on this crazy ride guys <3 
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So tiny mini chapter (which I totally warned you all about) because we’re coming up for the final few (really long) chapters.  Anyway, it’s a tooth rotter of the highest order.  
Also, I promised I wouldn’t.  I did.  But I’m getting this strange itch to write an epilogue... send help!
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