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Ten questions tag game! I was tagged by the wonderful @raineinprogress, thank you for tagging me :)

The rules are you answer ten questions and then ask ten of your own.

What are your hobbies? I guess my hobbies would be singing and dancing. I’m not that good of a singer or dancer to be honest, but it’s what makes me happy!

Where would you want to travel to right now? (if you could, like imagining we can) Probably to India! I haven’t seen my parents for 6 months now because of COVID-19, so I really miss them.

Favourite snack to have while studying? Oranges probably.

Movie to recommend? Parasite, Inception, Dunkirk!

What’s an advice you’d give to your younger self? Work hard now, don’t worry about what others are doing and learn to be lowkey about the process towards your success!

What is a book you can recommend? Any of the Harry Potter books honestly. 

Favourite music to listen to as of late? I’m into R&B and Rap, so right now I’ve been listening to “GREECE” by DJ Khaled and Drake.

What is your ideal day like? Waking up early, working out, getting some coffee, and start working towards the tasks on my to-do list!

Favourite flower if you have any? I guess the jasmine flower? I used to love making necklaces out of them as a kid and pinning some to my hair :)

Any video games you would recommend? I don’t play video games, so I really don’t have anything to recommend here LOL

Here are my questions:

Favorite books of all time?

What did you want yourself to be when you were a kid?

What made you choose your major/subject?

Coffee or tea?

Favorite desert?

Favorite TV shows that you have watched/are currently watching?

3 items you would take to a deserted island?

Favorite movies of all time?

Best advice you’ve ever been given/you have given?

Are you a planner or do you like it when events pop up spontaneously?

I’ll be tagging @ohdearz, @dustyoldstudy, @diaryofastemstudent, @noteswithmari, @rom-studies, @quaternioninaskirt, and @nefelibatastudy!

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Hi all! 

Recently I have been buying things for university as I start next month! I am super excited and cannot wait to start studying medicine!

This is kind of a welcome back post as I haven’t been active for a while and so I thought I’d post to let you all know I am still here!

So far I have purchased bowls, plates, side plates and also a few cups and glasses. I also have bought a quilt, quilt cover, tea towels and a few utensils. Finally, and the most obvious for a medic, I have purchased a first aid kit.

I will post more regularly over the next few weeks as I start to pack more and also begin my studies so watch this space!

C :)

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I decided to restart 100 days of productivity because I feel like my last run didn’t reflect the actual work I put in so let’s get a fresh start.

Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God today and working on notes for my gothic lit class.

1/100 days of productivity

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📸 I took this picture on the 12th of August in 2018 so that’s 724 days ago.. I was entering my senior year of high school that’s so long ago 💓💓


9th of August 2020 // 44/100 days of productivity

I had my third geology exam… I think I did well but I still don’t know my exact grade :/ I also went babysitting so that’s good…

10th of August 2020 // 45/100 days of productivity

I studied calculus since I had a calculus exam the next day :)

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In my first semester our professors told us to design a museum in Iceland, in the Myavtn region. It was quite difficult as we had no opportunity to go there haha.

In order to create this project I picked elements from traditional icelandic architecture (see turf houses) and modern local approaches such as the use of raw concrete and then I used them to design a museum that could embrace tradition but still incorporate a different way of doing things.

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summer studying challenge | 11th august

have gotten to the point in my introduction where i just have no idea what point i’m trying to make, so: back to basics!

what’s your favourite meal to have on the beach?

ok hear me out but… subway… gotta make sure you don’t get sand in it but it rocks

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