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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Hello Darlings!

Today, I’d like to teach you how to clean your desk! Due to online learning, and increased spare time, I’ve been at my desk a ton. Unfortunately, it’s gotten a bit messy. Here’s how I like to clean my desk:

1. Clear 

To start with, grab a trash bag/ trash can and pick up any trash and spare papers you have on or around your desk! Then move on to clearing dishes, and eventually the surface of the desk.

Depending on how messy your space is, you may want to clear your draws and shelves as well! I’d recommened physically moving everything off of the desk.

2. Declutter

Do you really need it? Take a look through everything you just took off of your desk and ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • Do I use it often?
  • Does it work well?
  • Is my desk the best place to keep this item?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, then keep it on/in your desk! If it is no, then either take time to throw out or move the item now, or make a clear pile to take care of later. Before putting all of the keep items back on your desk, complete the next step!

3. Clean

Use a slightly damp cloth, or special cleaner to wipe down your desk, and if you want, the drawers and shelves of your desk. If you have a lot of storage containers this could be a good time to clean those too!

4. Clutter

Now it’s time to put everything back! Organize what you want to keep stored in drawers and shelves, and put that back first. Then place your most commonly used supplies on the top surface of your desk.

And you’re done! I hope this motivates and helps you all to clean your desks, personally I find it a bit overwhelming, but if you clean it this way and put everything back in the proper place, you shouldn’t have to clean it again for quite a while!

Happy studying :)

<3 Melody

p.s if you have any tips on canva graphics, they’d be greatly appreciated- as you can tell I’m not the most talented yet…

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Face of East Bengal by Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed
Via Flickr:
A madrasa student was strolling around in Southern part of Banasree. Me being the “Sneaky Street Photographer”, took a photo using the tracking AF mode of the beastly F6. This camera nailed the focus in almost 100% cases.

2013, Banasree, Dhaka,


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Studyblr 2020 Quarantine Challenge

By @myhoneststudyblr

🌒 Week 10 🌒 | 05.06.2020

Mon - What is your native language?

I am from Indonesia, so my native language is indonesian.

Tue - Do you speak any other language? Are you currently learning any?

I speak english, and there’s another language at my hometown, javanese. I am learning italian, it is frustrating -_-. I used to learn chinese but that language is hard as hell.

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June 3, 2020 [Night] 3/30 Days of Productivity

Almost couldn’t do much as I am having terrible sleep nights. I did my Udemy course and finally start to reading Lancaster’s Indexation book.

My job is killing me!

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[ Ada Apa Dengan Orangtua Dulu ]

Orangtua dulu, ketika ada anak gadis atau anak perempuannya dilamar atau diajak menikah oleh seorang laki-laki yang belum mapan atau bahkan untuk pekerjaan belum pasti.

Mereka bisa yakin dan percaya kepada seorang anak laki-laki tersebut bahwa anak perempuannya bisa dijaga dan dibahagiakan olehnya.

Bahkan tak jarang kita mungkin pernah mendengar dari kalimat-kalimat orangtua zaman dahulu seperti, “Udah nak gak apa nikah dahulu, nanti insya Allah, yakin setelah menikah Allah ngasih kamu pekerjaan yang enak, dan rezekimu lancar. Kamu dekat saja sama Allah biar nanti Allah yang mengatur buat kesuksesanmu.”

Selang beberapa lama setelah pernikahan berlangsung, ucapan dari orangtua zaman dahulu atau orangtua tersebut diijabah atau dikabulkan oleh Yang Maha Kaya, Allah azza wa jalla.

Berbeda dengan orangtua zaman sekarang, ketika ada anak gadisnya dilamar atau ingin dinikahi seorang laki-laki yang mungkin kerjanya belum enak, tidak meyakinkan karena pekerjaannya, dan mungkin bahkan kerjanya belum pasti.

Orangtua zaman sekarang tak jarang menolak lamaran atau menolak ajakan pernikahan dari seorang laki-laki tersebut.

Bahkan diantaranya ada yang berbicara kepada anak gadis perempuannya atau ke anak laki-laki tersebut seperti ini, “Kamu kerja belum pasti, kerjamu belum mapan, kamu mau ngasih makan apa ke anak perempuanku? (ucap orangtua kepada anak laki-laki tersebut), atau kamu mau makan apa menikah sama dia (ucap orangtua kepada anak perempuannya)?”.

Kesimpulan yang bisa kita petik hikmahnya adalah,

1. Ucapan atau perkataan merupakan sebuah doa. Entah ketika kita mengucapkan bercanda, serius atau tidak serius, semua akan dan bisa menjadi dikabulkan atau diijabah Allah azza wa jalla. Maka, berbicaralah atau berucaplah kalimat-kalimat atau perkataan yang baik, apapun itu.

2. Keyakinan, optimisme, dan kepercayaan kepada Allah azza wa jalla.

3. Memberikan semangat dan mengajarkan anak laki-laki tersebut tentang dunia bukan segalanya melainkan kedekatanmu kepada Rabb-Mu adalah kunci utama kesuksesanmu.

4. Memberikan arti bahwa dunia ini milik-Nya. Kamu rayu Rabb-Mu agar dunia ini mendekatimu, bukan kamu yang mendekati dunia-Nya.

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