aesthetxcc · a day ago
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Manifesting good grades
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luthiest · 2 days ago
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could’ve sworn it was february yesterday..
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joytri · a day ago
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Exam season ending in two days whatt
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historiansecrets · 2 days ago
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got an early birthday gift from my sister, this french antique dial telephone. i have been dreaming of having one like this and to remake it so that it actually works! for now it makes a beautiful decoration. 🏛
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how to plan + stay organised!
hey guys! here's a blog post how i stay organised, i hope you find this helpful! maybe there's something in your planning routine that you want to change - read my blog post to find some ideas on how you can improve your organisational skills :)
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peachblossomstudy · 23 hours ago
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// may 2022
yes this is half way through the month but at least it’s the right month! my may theme is inspired by the leaf doodles in heartstopper, which i watched soon after it came out. i thought it was really cute and definitely a story that needs to be told but probably aimed at a slightly younger age group. i did really love the doodles which is why i chose to recreate them in my planner!
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cptsdstudyblr · 2 days ago
Hey 👋 i am a science student and I am new to tumblr . Do u have any study tips that will help me with chemistry
I haven’t taken Chemistry in ages, but I’ll do my best!
Take good notes, especially for diagrams and math! Example problems are probably the most important thing you can take notes on because they're the hardest to look up later.
Don't fall behind! Chemistry is hard, and the workload can get pretty heavy, so it will be difficult to catch back up if you get behind.
Don't be afraid to ask questions! Like I said before, chemistry is hard. There's no shame in asking questions - you're probably not the only person with the question. Ask in class, go to office hours, email the professor!
Pay attention to the breakdown of conceptual vs. math questions for exams. You can usually ask before the exam what that breakdown might be like, and that will give you a direction on where to focus your energy when studying.
Do lots of practice problems when you're studying! I know they aren't fun to do and take time, but your exam grades will thank you.
I'm sure there's a lot more tips, but I hope what I was able to come up with helps!
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wewontdieunbloomed · a day ago
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Started off quite unproductuve but i sat myself down and did 3h straight of my essay and then another 2h + of chem tutorial. behind schedule but im safe for school so its okay. will get on top of things after step down which i really dread why cant i just be on the pitch forever
todays positibity is the rain
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honeystudiesblog · a day ago
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I've spent the last few days between my kitchen, the library and a cafe to get my last big essay of the year finished. I thought that today I'd get my next and final assessment done but the questions aren't released until tomorrow so I have an unexpected day off.
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heavenfalling · a day ago
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"Human beings Are Animal."
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elle-est-gabri-elle · 18 hours ago
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Détails à Paris ♡
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agents-of-aesthetic · a day ago
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[5/16/22] Organic Chemistry Lab - Fischer Esterification! Just finished finals, and I’m really going to miss this lab :,)
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ninathebioengineer · 2 days ago
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misforgotten2 · a day ago
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Parents Magazine   October 1945
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siir-poesia · 2 hours ago
On purpose!! love people on purpose!!! find someone wonderful and love them and tell them it wasn’t an accident, you had a choice, you saw who they were and realized how lovely it would be to love them, and it is!! i made a good decision! i love you on purpose!!
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ellebi-studies · a day ago
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May 17th 2022
First night in E.R. ✅
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veravsbsweet-smelling · 11 hours ago
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wecandoit · 2 days ago
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16.05.2022 // does anyone have any tips for improving handwriting when doing digital notes??? I'm so not used to using a stylus. atm I'm using onenote btw idk if there are any better options for a surface pro...?
🎧 runnin' - ark woods 🌱
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wewontdieunbloomed · 2 days ago
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5h of work today could have been better i did not start on the essay due tomorrow AT ALL and procrastinated so much i ended up doing an entire set of bio lectures that i didnt need to do so soon. so tomorrow i have an essay to write a tutorial to finish gp to revise soccer videos to watch before the match on wednesday and the crippling sense of lack of time coming on over me as always. fun times.
anyway today was not a horrible day it was so hot for the msot part as recent weeks have been but it rained in the evening and i had a good dinner with my family.
today’s positivity is finding new music i guess though not much. and finishing some stuff. also being overwhelmed by cave paintings again because ancient humans make me emotional
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studentlifeproblems · 5 months ago
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