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January study challenge!

28. do you like the cold? what are your favourite winter activities?

I don’t like it. We don’t really have big winters (we don’t have snow more than 2 days if we have any). But my favourite winter activities are building snowman, drinking hot drinks.

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I’m back! And I am in college! Pfff

I am studying to be an animator, but I am also hoping to get more development into my story and world building so that I can hopefully start a comic /or/ animated segments here and there!

In the meantime, I will probably not post as much fanart as before and focus on original work, such as this one. And my own art assignments, posting the ones that I am allowed to! ^^

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100 days of productivity


I have started listening to a new podcast and might start one myself lol. I’ve been busy with catching up and relaxing my brain. This week has been busy like always but, I still want to be consistent.

What I did today:

  • geoscience notes 
  • english assignment (the devil and tom walker)
  • catching up on u.s history summative
  • washed my sheets and clothes
  • Made myself food (instead of ordering)

🎧: none ; crush

▶️: lightweights podcast

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Exciting news… my bf and i have been together for 15 months now! He and i just talked on facetime and watched death note lol

Winter studying challenge!

Jan 27 - Have icy blue skin or have a runny nose all the time?

this was difficult ngl… but i choose icy blue skin. I just can’t imagine having a runny nose and having the patience to not want to be mad. 

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01.27.21 | 19/100 days of productivity

as the days move on, i can feel a lot of my stress going away. tomorrow is the last day for three of my classes and then i start two new ones on monday! the plus side to the new quarter starting is that i have a study hall this quarter which means more time to do schoolwork and one less class to worry about! the downside is that i start the second level of french and another college level math class. but it will all be worth it in the end when (fingers crossed) i can save money on college tuition since a lot of my credits should already be covered!

QOTD: do you like ice in your drinks?

it depends on the type of drink but for the most part no! the only exceptions are iced tea, iced coffee and water (but even then i rarely have ice in those drinks either).

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1/27/2021 | 10/100 Days of Productivity 

✨Double Digits ✨

How do you avoid burnout at the beginning of the semester? I just realized that I’ve been using every ounce of free time to get ahead when I should be taking breaks once in a while, even though there aren’t too many assignments as of yet. I think it’s easy to experience burnout at the beginning of the semester because you have new expectations and standards for yourself, and the new year motivation helps you sustain those standards for a time; however, it’s not sustainable for when assignments start piling up. It’s just something I need to be mindful of. 

Today it snowed a little bit while I was working at the student commons! It didn’t stick, but it was oh so lovely to watch. 

Today I…

  • Wrote my analysis essay
  • Prepared for my presentation (which went well)
  • Did my half hour of reading 
  • Practiced my aria 
  • Made a yummy chicken dinner :)

Have a happy Thursday, everyone. 

~ MacKenna

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Hi everyone,

I’m currently an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in English Literature/writing. I have three years of experience in copy editing, proofreading, and transcribing. I’ve worked on content such as essays, poems, audio files, and handwritten notes. I’m offering my services to anyone in need.

Not only have I worked in groups I’ve also worked with persons individually to be able to discuss what can be worked on.

The cost of my services will vary due to each person and what you’d like me to do. However, if interested, please feel free to contact me privately and we can go on from there!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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День 18

Этот день запомнился тем, как я тащила огромный цветок в кабинет своего репетитораㅋㅋㅋㅋ думала, что он будет против, но цветок репетитору понравилсяㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Сегодня я:

🎆сходила на занятие по корейскому: делали упражнение на чтение, немного грамматики и лексики

🎆зарегистрировалась на курс по корейскому.

— давно планировала, но почему-то откладывала…

🎆английский: занималась по книге “егэ за 30 дней” где-то полчаса

🎆история: выписала все действия для сочинения, забила в колоду даты и термины по 17-му веку.

Вроде бы мало, но я занималась как обычно (4-5 часов - мое среднее время). Однако все равно не чувствую, что стараюсь достаточно. Но при этом, даже если я встану рано и буду усердно трудиться, получится такое же время. Видимо, мне нужно просто смириться.

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Sometimes I would just browse my math notes from college and graduate school just because I miss writing those complex definitions and theorems. And sometimes I’m just fascinated by my own handwriting.

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Jan. 27th, 2021

100 Days of Productivity Challenge Day 37/100

Good morning! My legs are so sore today. I probably shouldn’t have run the day after a spin class but oh well. I have yoga this afternoon so soreness shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Today’s gonna be a short day at the gym. I’m just gonna pop in for my yoga class then head home.

I really wanna have iced coffees but it’s way too cold for it. I could have one in the afternoon and a bath after to warm up but then I’d have to skip my morning coffee. I’m trying to limit myself to one cup of coffee a day so that my eyes don’t get too dry.

My lil kitties look as cute and precious as ever. They’re such good girls.

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Today was not good. Hensley is still acting out despite me trying to calm her down. She was doing some art stuff and decided to paint herself instead of the paper. I don’t know how Mom doesn’t get upset or angry. Z is 2 and isn’t like this at all. But no, Mom cleans Hensley up, hugs her and tells her how disappointed she is with her behavior. Seriously? I’d be grounded if I did stuff like that.

Accomplished today:

  • Geometry assignment
  • Read chapters 1-2 of Emma
  • Spanish vocab
  • Duolingo
  • World History assignment
  • Lumosity
  • Worked on writing speech
  • WH briefings and updates
  • Hearthstone dailies
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Before school was online last year I used to take whole cucumbers into my Algebra 2 class and give the class free ASMR while trying to bite the long green fruits in the least sexual way I could

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Treat Your Student Loans Like They Are the Enemy and Must Be Destroyed! (Hour 3)

Treat Your Student Loans Like They Are the Enemy and Must Be Destroyed! (Hour 3)

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UA student dies in fraternity house bathroom

UA student dies in fraternity house bathroom

20-year-old Michael Marron died over the weekend at the fraternity house.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark — A University of Arkansas student died over the weekend in a fraternity house bathroom.

According to the university police department, a 20-year-old student passed out at around 1:20 p.m Saturday (Jan. 23) afternoon. 

Fraternity members confirmed the incident occurred inside of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon…

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jan. 27, 2021



  • (more) chem notes & homework
  • finished campaign plan assignment for social media class
  • started journal critique for intro to extension & engagement


it snowed yesterday! it was the most amazing thing to watch the weather turn from water to this slushy-snow. the snow quickly piled up and completely covered my backyard. i grew up in california, so snow is pretty much unheard of for me. the change of scenery was very much appreciated 🌨️

i’ve also been working on setting up my bullet journal for february. i think i’m going to keep it pretty simple. as i get better and learn how to use everything, i’ll be able to work up to more elaborate spreads!


also yesterday, i had my first meeting with my university’s eSports club! they seemed really excited to have me as apart of their marketing team. i think this is a great opportunity to build my portfolio and get into social media marketing.

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