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Challenge by @myhoneststudyblr

Fell behind a bit, so let me try to catch up haha

Week 1: Thursday
“How are you keeping active?“

To be honest I am not. Living in an apartment makes creating noise a hindrance so I’ve been going out for a walk once a week early enough not to run into people. I guess I can try and justify that grocery shopping is like weight lifting? hahaha

Week 1: Friday
”What is your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?”
I don’t have one…. it used to be introduction to robotics but since moving online and adjusting the course, it has been a downhill journey. Our latest project has my group and I meeting for countless hours, but on the bright side we are all near breaking points so hysterical laughter is a thing?

Week 1: Saturday
“Where in your house is your favourite place to study?”

Next to my desk I have this massive whiteboard that I love using to study. Essentially everytime I tackle a topic the goal is to fill it up entirely, but as you can see it is quite the challenge itself!

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So there are some pretty big storms on top of everything here in Indiana.

I’m getting the feeling we pissed off all the old gods and this is all them syncing up their retribution attacks to the same schedule.

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100 Days of Productivity | 04282020 | 16/100

Saturdays are full of unscheduled nothingness at my house, which is a nice way to keep a “schedule” up as we go these weeks without school. Still, productivity keeps me motivated, so I continue to do at least a little work on these days.

What I got done today:

— Read three chapters of Crime and Punishment (I am so close)

— Went to work

— Planned out a draft for a short story

🎧 The Perfect Pokérap — Brian David Gilbert

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2020 Quarantine Studyblr Challenge

Doing a bunch of these at once, which feels like a metaphor for my current schoolwork lol

Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

Yep! As shown it’s nothing too pretty, but I have started just writing general things I should try to get done on different days in my bullet journal. Maybe I’ll make it pretty later

How are you being taught your lessons? (google classroom, teams etc.)

My schools online webpage has it own sort of online classroom, which is basically just showing the prof’s screen with us in a group chat

What’s your favourite study snack?

Does fizzy water count? I’ve been drinking so much of that. And tea, obviously.

How are you keeping active?

Dance parties of just myself in my bedroom!

What is your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?

I’ll be frank, i’ve mostly just been playing video games and drawing. Does Dragon Age count as a study topic? I’ve been reading lots of lore XD

Where in your house is your favourite place to study?

I rarely leave my computer desk in my bedroom, it’s got space for me to push my keyboard back into so I can do work on it.

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Catching up on:

Week 1 of the 2020 Quarantine Challenge

Mon Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

Not really. I’m only taking one class right now and when we get our new assignments every week, I try to spread them out throughout the week so I don’t get overwhelmed (and to start good habits for when I take more classes). The exception is this week because I finished them early. I usually try to work on assignments at the same time every day and know what I need to finish by the end of that time.

Tue How are you being taught your lessons?

We use Blackboard (not sure if that’s something only my school does). And aside from our physical copy of one textbook, we also have an online textbook on Pearson as well.

Wed What’s your favorite study snack?

Tea (or coffee if it’s early in the morning). I also like to have something sweet with my tea in the afternoon. Tomorrow (Sunday, since I’m late in starting this) we’re making blueberry muffins!

Thu How are you keeping active?

We go for walks around the neighborhood if the weather is nice. I did start my own exercise routine a while ago but I need to make more space in my room for my yoga mat now that everyone is home.

Fri What is your favorite subject/topic to study at the moment?

Since I’m only taking one class, I’ve also been trying to prepare myself for my next set of classes. I’m really into reviewing chemistry since it’s been so long since I’ve taken a chemistry class and I’ll probably be taking General Chem I over the summer.

Sat Where in your house is your favorite place to study?

My room (probably a bad habit, I know). I don’t really have another quiet space to study when everyone is home. I’d like to be outside studying, though. Maybe once the weather gets a little nicer and if we’re still allowed to go outside.

[ Challenge created by @myhoneststudyblr ]

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// march 🍀

some more pictures of my march spreads for y’all - our exams got cancelled and schools are closed so i don’t really have many notes to share (i’m also running really low on lined paper and it’s making me very nervous). how have you all been doing? i’ve been trying to distract myself from these worrying times by watching way too many cinema sins videos and taking an online course about the analysis and preservation of the mary rose. love you all and please stay safe xx

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“When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.”

“In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world - the great fresh unblighted, unredeemed wilderness. The galling harness of civilization drops off, and wounds heal ere we are aware.” - John Muir


Originally posted by deseos-de-la-via-lactea

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By now, you’re sick of hearing that you just need to apply yourself, or you aren’t trying hard enough. Nobody seems to believe that what you’re doing now is truly your best effort, and your below average grades aren’t enough for everyone around you.

Your friends think they “failed” a test when they got an 80% but your absolute best is a 75%, which they make fun of you for. Trying to keep your head above the water takes up all of the energy you have, and sometimes you want to give up.

I know this feeling so well.

My entire life I’ve struggled. I’ve always been the person who’s three steps behind everyone else, who just didn’t get it no matter how hard I tried. When my teachers, parents, and friends tried to help it just became more confusing for me.

I thought that I was dumb or broken, that I would never make it through school. I’ve had to repeat classes, have special education, and developed anxiety due to my teachers making me feel terrible about my grades. What my friends learn in a week I learn in a month, and what they learn in a month I learn in a year.

I was trying my hardest and no matter what, I still failed, but that’s okay.

It’s not about being smart or dumb, and your grades don’t define your worth as a person. The college you get into doesn’t make you worse than somebody else, and it’s okay if you need more help than others. You are putting in so much time, effort, and energy into doing your best and I wish everyone could see it.

You are intelligent, capable, and strong. You are going to succeed and find something that you’re good at; It’s okay if school isn’t something you’re good at. You are going to graduate on time with everyone else, go to college, and have a future that you’re happy with. You should be so, so proud of yourself for how far you’ve come.

I know the world is scary right now and the shift to online schooling might be taking a toll, but you got this. Wherever you are, I’m cheering for you!

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20.03.28 ||  Just translating a bit of the Odyssey, book eight, today to prepare for my final exam next month. I find it so difficult to stay on top of my languages now that I’m not in class anymore. Does anyone else feel the same way? Language classes just aren’t the same online.

On the bright side, I received a way better mark than I thought I would on my term paper for my Roman daily archaeology course! I celebrated by baking cookies. I hope quarantine is going okay for you all. Stay safe!

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Where in your house is your favorite place to study?

My dad’s office! He’s letting me take it over to study from during this time, and it’s where we keep all our succulents and flowers when they can’t be outdoors. The desk is really nice and I have a whiteboard on the wall I can use.

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Six days until my “quarantine” is over and I can go buy some oat milk (and other ingredients for recipes I want to try out) at the supermarket. Since I had to fly through LAX to get back home I didn’t want to do that until I waited for 2 weeks. I’ve gone out on a few runs so far and they’ve gone surprisingly well! The roads are luckily pretty empty where I am. I found out that Brooks is going to discontinue my favorite sports bras and I’m sad because I don’t have the money to stock up on them right now. 

I’m trying to teach myself how to make good coffee, and I’m struggling a little because I don’t have all the right supplies and I’m still figuring things out.

My mom is driving me nuts. There’s something about living on your own for a while and then having people CONSTANTLY try to tell you things like “make sure you throw that wrapper out” while you’re still eating that feels really patronizing. I don’t need to be told to do things like that? I wouldn’t be so bothered if it weren’t for every single thing. And when I told her that what she was doing was irritating, she got mad at me, tried to guilt trip me, and stormed out. I also hate that there’s a possibility people can barge into my room now. I really really value my privacy and autonomy and I hate being treated like a child. I can only imagine how I’ll feel when online classes start Monday. I have a midterm due soon and I’m having a hard time focusing. 

I miss being in a dorm. I miss New England. I miss my school. I miss my teammates and friends. I hate that I’ll never be a college student in that capacity again. I know that I’m so lucky compared to what others are going through and I feel almost guilty for complaining but this is hard! 

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~ studyblr 2020 quaratine challenge ~

week 1: saturday, march 28: where in your house is your favourite place to study?

i love studying in my room (first pic) because of the view and natural light that comes from my window! or if i need to be near a plant or some art, my living room (second pic). my mom has great taste in internal design so if i need a change of space, anywhere downstairs is great!

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