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#student hack

The single best hack for students/parents I can suggest as a teacher:

Tell them something they did right the first week, or first few weeks, of class.

What is one thing about your class or teacher that you would like them to do again, or continue doing?

Did you like something you read? Are their notes clear? Do they respond to emails quickly? Have you enjoyed or are looking forward to anything? Has anything helped you learn? Did you learn a lot about something you didn’t know before? Does something about their format or style work well for you?

Tell them so they know what to keep doing.

Please don’t offer suggestions or critique, we get a lot of that and you can save it for the evals. This is not about what they could change, this is about what they’re already doing that you want to continue.

It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re not getting an idea across, students are bored, they hated an assignment, etc. Most of us usually know when things are going wrong and we need to stop or make a change. We can do that.

It is much, much harder to know what’s going right for you. Is it good and helpful, or is it just not bad and confusing or unbearably boring? Should we keep doing it this way, or should we try something else or do it less?

Especially with how much our jobs have changed, we’re still trying to figure out how best to do them now. If we get positive feedback on something, we know to go in that direction.

Especially if you do this early in the term/semester, this will not only get them to continue the thing, you will also stand out from the crowd in a very good way. We don’t get much of this, and we value it a great deal when we do. Both the feedback and the time you took to give it.

Any time you’d give a like or thumbs up in a mental Facebook, give it in real life somehow. But especially at the beginning of a year so out of our norm and unpredictable, it really makes a difference, and we can show an email to the people who decide whether or not to keep us, or hire us.

So to have the best semester/year, and keep having them, tell your teachers one thing they did right. That way they can do it again.

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My desk get messier everyday. What am I doing to it!

STUDENT HACK: take a binder clip and clip your draft to your laptop to make your life muy bein

Also, why do all of my teachers take so long to put tests in the grade book. I’m mega stressed.

I’m STILL revising. English is my favorite and it will kill me.

PSAT’s were today - I didn’t have to take them. I did have the worst substitute teacher to ever happen.

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just a tip - if you’ve got all the way through an essay and realised that you’ve been spelling a name/word wrong throughout (or even if you’ve missed a capital letter) there’s an option to change them all at once

  • ctrl+f
  • type the misspelled word into the navigation box
  • click the little downward arrow at the end of the box
  • click ‘replace’
  • type the correct spelling into the ‘replace with’ box
  • and click ‘replace all’ at the bottom

this works with powerpoint as well - and if you leave the ‘replace with’ box blank it will just delete the words all together

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You know what? Comedy has so much more power than your performative woke bullshit.

You put a play about fascism out into the world. What good did it do?

I put on a play about goofy shit and make someone’s day. You know that is? TANGIBLE.

Tangible good is worth so much more than hypothetical good!!

I love theatre people, I do. And I understand now, as an adult, sometimes directors would choose plays so us kids could feel like we were doing something to help the world - they knew it wasn’t actually doing good.

But you need to teach actors that comedy has POWER, and that making someone laugh is a PRIVILEGE that should be valued!!

The world has enough angst in it to last a lifetime, it doesn’t need another angsty play. Actors don’t need that shit. It’s a pandemic, fascism is on the rise worldwide, and people aren’t stupid - they know a play isn’t gonna change shit. But a smile on someone’s face? They can feel good about that. That’s the stuff that changes the world - even by just a little bit.

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Concentrating in Online Classes ✨

As someone who is restless and always has to be doing something with their hands, the past 6 months have been difficult to say the least. Every time there’s a long lecture type class, my hands tend to drift to my phone or find things to watch on YouTube. Unfortunately because of this, I often miss important information. Here’s some things I find help me to concentrate in classes!:

  1. Take notes! Yes this is boring, and you should probably be doing it anyway, but it really helps to focus your hands on a task while also reinforcing material. For more pizazz, add drawings/diagrams, change up your note taking style. There are tons of posts on Tumblr that can help out with that.
  2. Eat! Make a drink or a snack before class, and trust me, this helps to get your restless energy out into eating. Sometimes I do this simultaneously while taking notes. Preferably, pick something healthy.
  3. Do a coloring page! Again, this channels that restless energy into your hands, and because it’s a relatively mindless task, you can still focus and listen to the class. If you don’t need to take extensive notes, this could be a good option. Print individual sheets online or buy a coloring book.
  4. Sew, knit, crochet, embroider, needle felting! This is the same idea as doing a coloring page. Your hands are busy while your mind is free to focus on the class. Already, these are pretty good general life skills in general and helps develop fine motor skills.
  5. Draw! Doodle, draw, improve drawing skills! Maybe even draw beside your notes if possible. Little diagrams are really helpful in remembering the information because you’ll remember that you drew it. Some doodle ideas: zen doodling (search it up), pick a theme like cacti or burgers and fill a page with those (the more specific the better), fill a page with dots (search Hiroyuki Doi circles as inspiration).
  6. Shave soap! This is a weird one, but it’s very ASMR and relaxing. When you’re finished, there are so many things you can do with soap shavings like placing them a pouch and essential oil to create a nice scent sachet or deter pests in the garden. They can also be used for laundry, soap scrub, or reheated into new soap!
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Ich bin Bella, 18 Jahre alt und habe vor gerade mal einer Woche mein Studium an der Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart im begonnen -  um genau zu sagen am 12.10.2020. Ich komme aus einem kleinen Dorf in Bayern, in dem wir mehr Kühe als Einwohner haben - es war dennoch sehr gemütlich dort. 

Dieses Jahr - 2020 - habe ich mein allgemeines Abitur an einer Fachoberschule gemacht. Ich habe leider durch die fehlende Motivation in der Coronazeit meinen Schnitt in den Abiturprüfungen etwas verschlechtert. Ich bin mit 1,8 in die Prüfungen rein und mit 2,2 wieder raus. Upsi! - Mit etwas Glück habe ich trotzdem einen Studienplatz an der HdM bekommen, und freue mich auf kommende Studienzeit! 🥰

Zu meinen Hobbys gehört auf jedem Fall der Sport, vor allem im Fitnessstudio -  ist als Student jedoch zu teuer :D. Also sind Homeworkouts angesagt.
Außerdem höre ich für mein Leben gern Musik! Egal wann oder wo, die Musik begleitet mich die ganze Zeit. 

Ich wohne jetzt also in einer kleinen, 45qm-Wohnung in der Nähe von Stuttgart, in der es mein Freund und ich uns schon sehr gemütlich gemacht haben. Klein, aber fein! 

Das war eine kleine Zusammenfassung meiner Person! Ich hoffe, dass ihr mich dadurch etwas besser kennenlernen konntet. 😌 

Lasst ein bisschen Liebe da, wenn ihr Lust auf Tipps und Tricks im Alltag eines Studenten habt. Wünsche Euch noch einen schönen Tag, eine schöne restliche Woche!

Liebe Grüße

Bella 💐

P.S.: Immer schön liken und rebloggen Freunde!

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I see a lot of people talking about the need for motivation to study or get their work done but motivation isn’t always what you need - what do you do on the days you have no motivation? This is why we need self-discipline.


Motivation - a willingness to do something

Self-Discipline - making yourself do things you know you should do when you don’t want to

So if motivation is ‘why we should do something’ - self-discipline is more ‘what to do next’.


  • Set yourself a routine and stick to it
  • Never have a zero day - try and study every single day - even if you feel absolutely awful - 10 minutes is better than nothing!! Do flashcards from your bed or watch youtube ted talks if you can’t physically study.
  • Build on your productivity, not your failures.
  • If you come from a past of procrastinating and now feel motivated to change and discipline yourself, do NOT try to do everything at once. Start things slow and in steps.
  • Set yourself smaller deadlines for your goals like monthly and weekly deadlines - e.g. if you are doing a project, due 27th June, set personal deadlines, like have the introduction written by the 8th, have your literature review written by the 15th, have project complete by the 25th.
  • Know your limits. Self-discipline isn’t doing as much as you can until you break - it’s about having control, knowing what you can realistically manage and getting that done.
  • Give yourself rewards! I love to have something to look forward to as I get work done! This means mixing motivation and self-discipline. I tell myself after this lecture I can have an animal crossing break or check some messages etc.
  • Remove distractions from your study space! Personally, if my phone is out and I notice a notification…I’m gonna check it. It’s human nature! So to combat this, I use apps like Forest that force me to stay within the app while I study. If I know I might get hungry during a study session I’ll keep a little snack by my desk so I don’t have to get up and somehow find something else to distract me.
  • Just do it isn’t that easy. I find to get myself in a ‘work boss’ mood I need to feel good about myself so I put on a nice outfit and maybe some eyeliner and hype myself up so I know I can do my tasks and get stuff done! It feels so much better than lazing in my pyjamas trying to study.
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So you have a few 9am classes which means that you have to be up early. And if you’re not a morning person - this means surviving on a WHOLE lot of coffee. Below I’ve compiled a list of my top ten tips on how to wake up early (without feeling like you want to die).

  1. HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR WANTING TO WAKE UP EARLY. Set something to do early in the morning that’s important/fun. This might be something like exercising, checking emails, studying, cooking a nice breakfast, wearing a cute outfit etc. This reason will motivate you to get up.
  2. DON’T GO FROM WAKING UP AT 9AM TO WAKING UP AT 6AM. Just… don’t do this. Start by waking up 30 minutes earlier, and then 45 minutes earlier, and slowly build it up. Do the same with the time you go to sleep - don;t go from sleeping at 1am to sleeping at 10pm. Start with 12am, then 11.30 etc.
  3. PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE. Clothes, school bag, water bottle, food. It saves so much time in the morning and if you think about it, you can sleep in a little more if you’re prepared.
  4. PUT YOUR ALARM/PHONE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR ROOM. This means you have to get up to turn it off and you are MUCH less likely to hit snooze. BUT if you have trouble waking up right away, have a three alarms set. First one 20 minutes before the time you want to wake up, second the time you want to wake up and the last twenty minutes after. The first one will wake you up a little and if you fall asleep for 20 minutes, it won’t be a deep sleep. The last one is to make sure you don’t oversleep. This brings me onto the next point:
  5. STOP SNOOZING. Continuously pressing snooze in the morning to get those extra 8-minute intervals of rest can be really disruptive for your sleep. It is BEST to sleep for a solid block of time (at least one REM cycle) and then be awake for a solid block of time. 
  6. NAP DURING THE DAY - it will help you compensate for the low amount of sleep you’ll get in the process of becoming a morning person. But stop taking them as soon as your able to get over 7 hours of sleep per night. NEVER take a nap after 4 PM though, that’s just gonna wreck up your night’s sleep!
  7. SLEEP WITH THE CURTAINS/BLINDS SLIGHTLY OPEN. In the morning, the sunlight will naturally creep in and awaken you more easily!
  8. NO CAFFEINE AND NO ALCOHOL. I mean this both before you go to bed, and when you wake up. Instead, have a drink of cold water to help you wake up, or an apple!! And if you need something warm before you go to sleep, drink decaffeinated tea/coffee/cocoa. 
  9. CONSIDER: light/no makeup routine , small/no breakfast, evening showers/skin care, 8 hours of sleep, turning off electronics 1 hour before bed, etc.
  10. TRY SLEEPING APPS. There are tons of apps out there to help your sleep schedule. A few off the top of my head are: Headspace, Calm, WhiteNoise, Pacifica, 
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Hello all! Since I’ve started university now I thought I’d make a post on how to survive online school/studying!


Synchronous - taking part in online classes live via Zoom, MS Teams etc. It basically means also that you have to be at your computer or at least on your phone every time you normally should be at campus. This also means that you can interact with the teacher, ask questions but may also have to be prepared and be able to answer questions.

Asynchronous - taking part in online classes via some kind of communication tool, for example email, or your school’s e-drive. Teachers can send powerpoints, documents or even a video of them explaining a topic. You will have to finish the assignment until a certain date and either upload it or send it to them. The advantage of this is that you can save time if you are faster than the normal duration of the course. Furthermore, you can decide for yourself when you are spending time on this subject and work at your pace. 


Make yourself a timetable or write down in your planner when you have to be online for which course and with what kind of tool (Zoom, Teams, email). You can also add in times you’re going to do your asynchronous work. For example on Tuesday’s I have a free day from synchronous lectures so I will catch up with asynchronous work then. Alternatively, make a to-do list whether it’s for the day or for the week. Mark the tasks you have to do the soonest with a certain colour or with a symbol beside it. If it’s not clear from the assignment itself, also write down to which subject or module the assignment belongs and how to submit it (for example upload to Teams or sending it via email). Learn to prioritise your tasks. TIP: make a folder for all your  subjects/assignments and organise by module/topic. Edit: So now all my lectures are asynchronous, and I have on campus seminars so what I’ve done when making my timetable is: write in all timetabled/on-campus/synchronous sessions, and then from there I can see when I’m free to slot in any asynchronous lectures - and I’ll timetable these so I don’t forget to do them. I’ll also take into account when my seminars are e.g. if I have a social psychology seminar on Tuesday, I’ll make sure I get the social psychology lecture done before that seminar, rather than doing it on Friday when I have a free day.


It can be hard to take notes on the laptop while in synchronous teaching. You can either go online with your phone and take notes on your laptop, take notes by hand or you can also try splitting your screen (which is what I do) between your MS Teams/Zoom and MS Word so you can see/hear what is being streamed while taking your notes. Many universities also enable a rewatch function,or they record lectures so you can watch the stream multiple times. If you have the possibility (and time) to rewatch the lesson, focus during the live stream only on understanding the topic and on asking questions if necessary. Take your notes while listening to the stream for the second time. This way, you will understand the topic better because you can fully focus on it. By listening to it a second time and writing down the important things, you also have your first revision! Only do this if the rewatch option of the stream is available and you have the time.


You probably already have one or multiple study spaces at home that you are used too. Probably (or hopefully) they are also practical - however, what is practical for studying in private might not be practical for synchronous teaching. Make sure the lighting is right so if you need to put your camera on - your face is recognisable and the light doesn’t cast shadows that may affect the call/camera. Make sure you also have enough space for your devices, pencil case, planner, drinks, notepad etc and make sure you have your chargers and you have a sufficient wi-fi connection!


Whether it’s MS Teams, Zoom, or your school’s personal portal - familiarise yourself with how it works and where everything is found. This makes uploading work easier for you and helps you stay organised.


Find a routine that works for you in terms of keeping up to date with your work, maintaining your social life and keeping some free time. Whether that’s a timetable by above or just settling into a routine - find what works best for you. E.g I wake up usually about 90 minutes before my first online session, take notes and in-between sessions, make sure I’ve uploaded everything onto my workspace in Notion (let me know if you want more info on this!) and then when I have more time I’ll check emails, plan blog posts etc etc. Make sure to try get at least 8 hours sleep every night and try maintain your social life/free time!

I think that’s everything I can think of! I do hope this helped! Please remember that we are all in the same boat with online learning and don’t be afraid to ask your teachers/peers for help!

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Studying while in quarantine has been a bit of a change since we can’t go to classes / the library etc so here are some tips / things I’ve realised:

  • Drink water instead of coffee. Bonus if the water is cold. It keeps you alert yet more focused than caffeine.
  • Don’t set weekly goals. A whole week at home means your goals will be pushed aside in favour of animal crossing or netflix. Set three-day goals instead.
  • Have a clear sleep schedule. If you’re rolling out of bed at 12pm, you’ll feel less motivated to get some studying done. Maybe wake up at 9.30, and sleep at 11. Do what works for you.
  • Have a plan. Know your approach to a task before you do it. Don’t just mindlessly stare at your laptop or worksheet before doing something or you’ll be sat there for hours.
  • Summarise the concept in your own words. It’s the key concept of note-taking - you understand things more and you haven’t just copied down textbook babble you don’t understand. If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand the concept.
  • Don’t let the “studyblr aesthetic” fool you. Studying doesn’t have to be pretty. The notes you see on social media of pretty notes have been rewritten and organised after the initial scribble on lined paper. Let your notes be messy (as long as they’re readable) and if you want to pretty things up later, go ahead!
  • Don’t throw away scrap paper you’ve used for working out - staple it to your book, add it to your folder - if you ever come across that problem again you have a step-by-step way of working it out.
  • Understand that if you’re at a zero, you won’t go to 100 in a couple of days. First, you’ll need to reach 20, then from 20 to 50, and then from 50 to 80. Nobody is 100 everyday. Nobody can get to 100 overnight. Give yourself time.
  • Spend time relaxing. You need to have ‘you time’ every single day. Watch netflix, binge watch disney, play animal crossing, sleep for 10 hours. You need to spend some time on you, doing what you love, to make you studying effective.
  • Once you’re on a roll and need a way to stay on track, start writing down your studying hours. Maybe make a schedule. If you studied for 6 hours yesterday, tell yourself you need to at least 80% of that.
  • Don’t have a zero day, try do a little bit each day, even if you feel awful and can only do 20 minutes.
  • Be kind to yourself. We’re living in uncertain times. We don’t know what will happen next. Take care of yourself, practise some self care, and know that even if you’re getting an hour of studying done a day, that’s still a huge accomplishment.
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My New Favorite Way to Tackle Long To Do Lists: The Randomized Task Wrangler Method


(I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard of a method like this, so if anyone happens to know please comment it or DM me so I can include it!)

Lately I’ve been using this technique since, at least for me, doing online classes has meant that my list of to do’s is perpetually long and a bit overwhelming at times. In comes this method, which I’m going to call the “Randomized Task Wrangler Method”

Here’s how I do it:

1. Write down all the stuff you hope to do today on a long to do list in any order

2. Number them in order of where they are on the list (I write the numbers to the left of the check boxes)

3. Draw a line on the right side of the page, leaving a little room both on the left and right sides of the line where you can write

4. Write an ‘E’ (for “Estimated”) to the top left of the line and an ‘A’ (for “Actual”) to the top right, then draw a line beneath them to section that off as headers for columns

5. In the E column, write the approximate time that you think it will take you to do each task, being generous and then rounding up to the nearest 5

6. Use a random generator website or app to pick a random number between 1 and whatever your highest number is (for my list, between 1 and 15)

7. Set a timer for the amount of time you wrote down in the E column, then do the task it picks out for you

8. When you’re done, cross out the check box and write in the A column how long it actually took you to complete it

9. If you have any remaining time, use it as a break (or you can do this every couple tasks if you prefer taking slightly longer breaks, then just add up the remaining time from the last couple tasks)

10. Repeat as needed!

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💡 Tell me a headcanon (and who you wish would write it)?

(cracks knuckles)

I’ve been dropping subtle hints at @bi-and-dangerous that I’d like some more Flavors of Lust, and I cannot wait for her to add more to this amazing series. I also, like a spoilt emperor child, requested an AU for my birthday - half a year in advance. That’s how much I stan her: I’m impatiently counting down the days til December. 

Now, I would pay good money to see @czpla write more smut, because Curiosidad owns a large part of my soul. I re-read it at least once a week, you know, as one does when one is obsessed with their friend’s writing. Totally normal. 

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