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#student life
dooareyastudy · 2 days ago
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24.09.2021 | I am trying to find somewhat of a balance between the tutorials, my research and my social life. It was my first week of teaching so I feel exhausted but proud of myself and I hope the students found the tutorial interesting ! I am SO dreading next week, as I have to start grading papers...
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kaoskuantico · 2 days ago
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73/100 days of productivity
Esto no tiene nada que ver con la uni, pero hace una semana que me puse a programar un bot para discord. Se suponía que era bastante sencillo, con comandos. Pero me vine arriba y quería implementar un bot de música dentro de un if. Todavía no sé cómo hacerlo, pero al menos he hecho 2 bots: uno de comandos y otro de música, ambos totalmente funcionales
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26/100 days of productivity | 24.09.2021
cleaned up the mess in my home
spent time with grandma
collected information about my classes
drew cows
Today I felt better. I cleaned up and took my time with everything. I feel a lot cleaner and calmer.
🎧 Sweater Weather -The Neighbourhood
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atruegift · a day ago
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September 24, 2021 | Friday
I have been telling myself the entire week to review my French homework and class notes and to rewrite the parts that were most important and I !finally¡ did so today.
I actually have been enjoying French and learning it’s quite fun and also this semester I’m going to in-person classes so the experience is much better and entertaining.
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negativefeedback-teen · 11 months ago
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👏🏾Education 👏🏾is 👏🏾a 👏🏾right,👏🏾 not👏🏾 a👏🏾 service 👏🏾
Pass along and use the shit out of them
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deadinside-intj · 21 days ago
here are some techniques that i use to make my study hours better:
First, learn a general concept, second, learn a few facts and details, and third, identify a few examples.
Don’t sit for hours. Walk around and say the information aloud. Use a white board or flip chart to write and test your memory.
Use humor and association to help focus on and remember meaningless lists of facts.
Associate new with previously learned information. This enhances your ability to learn, integrate and retain it.
Take a timed, practice test in a room similar to the one in which you will be tested.
Take a few minutes after you read a selection to write a brief summary and then add two facts and examples.
Learn the elements of a diagram and then recreate it from memory on a blank page. Check accuracy and edit, if necessary.
Define a purpose for reading and then select a strategy for that purpose. Ask, “Should I survey, skim, or read closely?”
Study with the sound of your own voice. If you’re going to class (and you should be), you might as well make the time you spend taking notes count. When you get the due date for a test, record yourself reading your notes that you took in class, and be sure to include any of your own personal commentary to better understand the material. This takes very little time (depending on how fast/slow you read your notes), and then later when you’re walking to and from class, you can pop your earbuds in and listen to the sweet sounds of portable studying. Now any time you are just going about basic, mundane activities – showering, doing laundry, cleaning – can also be spent studying. Multitasking at its finest.
Put your phone to work. You reach for your phone at least a million times a day (that’s a made-up, but potentially realistic statistic), so why not let it help you do some studying? Make your phone background or lock screen into a study guide. Put formulas, keywords, or class material that you need to know front and center. Every time you go to pick up your phone, you’ll be confronted with the study material, and have a very mini-study session available to you in your pocket at all times.
Leave yourself love study notes. The whole point of this one is to get the material in front of your eyes as much as possible. Whether it’s posting some flashcards by your mirror, or keeping some reading material by the toilet (hey, that’s a bit of free time), putting your study material in the places you frequent the most makes you more likely to be reminded of the things you need to know. Not only will this jog your memory, but it will also make the class material front and center, reminding you to be thinking about it and perhaps even nestling itself in your brain for later recall.
also don't forget the pomodoro technique, it's really effective and it really boosted up the duration of my study hours. hope we both get good grades :) please keep in mind that these may work out for some and not for others. it helped me and i hope it does to you as well.
there's nothing wrong in seeking help when you need it. you got this champ!
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25/100 days of productivity | 23.09.2021
went on a walk
ran errands in town
picked up my fce certificate
planned new routines for the school year
As much as I don't like talking about it publicly... I'm having another bad mental health episode (I hope that's the right english word). My apartment is constantly messy and I can't bring myself to do things. I hope it gets better soon. It usually does but for now... my "days of productivity" won't be as productive. I hope you're having a lovely day.
🎧 Sober -P!nk
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aesthetxcc · a month ago
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Request: Chaotic academia late night studying messy hair aesthetic
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theunaestheticstudyblr · a month ago
Things I learned from failing classes:
Failing classes can be a result of many things and not just your lack of understanding the material. Life, mental health, stress levels, sleeping habits, and poor communication can all factor into it
It is not a reflection of how good or bad you study, especially if you pass your other classes
Sometimes you need to take a class several times before you finally understand the material, even if you work your ass off the first 3 times you take it. Sometimes concepts just won't click and you just need to memorize tests. That's ok
Cry. Cry it out
Keep class notes and tests. They make amazing review material when you retake the class
When you retake the class, approach it like it's your first time. If you go through it like you know the material, you're going to miss key points and probably fail again
Emailing a professor probably won't help you too much. If you can, go to office hours and workshops instead where you can interrupt and ask questions as you go
Sometimes you just have a bad professor. When you retake it, try a different teacher. Different teaching styles and presentations can greatly impact your comprehension and retention of information
Be honest with yourself about where you failed and why. Focus on the material you suck at and try to relate it to the stuff you're good with.
Teach your pets. Go through the lesson and talk out loud to them and explain everything. You're much more likely to catch areas of concern when trying to teach the material
Your professors want you to pass (mostly) and it's their job to answer all your questions
You're paying for that class so be annoying and ask questions every 5 minutes. Save yourself some money
Teachers are more than happy to discuss with you your problem areas and provide materials to help you out. They're there to ensure your success. Reach out to them
There is no shame in retaking a class 5+ times. Don't let other people define where you should be. All that matters is that you keep trying
Don't take the class over each semester. Give yourself time to recover from the failure. Pushing it will just lead to frustration and failing again
Ask other students for help. Chances are they'll understand parts you don't and be able to explain it in a less formal manner
If you dwell on it or compare yourself to others, you're going to feed a depression and anxiety around that class, making it harder for you to pass
Don't beat a dead horse. Acknowledge that you failed and need to take a break
Failure does not define you and failing classes in your major doesn't mean that you picked the wrong field
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