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#student life

Countdown to the Massachusetts Bar Exam: 91 days. 

Today’s agenda: 

  • Torts Practice Questions 
  • Torts Practice Essay 
  • Contracts Lecture start 

Total time: 4.5 hours. 

For the non-law students who follow me, most students who take the bar exam choose to take a bar prep course. I signed up for a course run through a company called Barbri and I also have access to additional material from a Kaplan-run supplemental program called PMBR that my school is paying for (they don’t usually, but they feel badly for the 2020 grads lol).

Barbri designs weekly syllabi for me based on the work I’ve completed so far and eventually will begin to probe me with certain lessons based specifically on my strengths and weaknesses. Barbri tells me how many hours I should study a day in order to finish the program before the exam - in a normal year, students start the program anywhere from 10-6 weeks before the exam, so they have to put in 8 hour days as many as 6-7 days a week. Right now my program is telling me I only have to do 3.8 hours a day for the next 90 days.

I know that there is so much wisdom out there about burning out because there is so much to study and that starting too hard and too soon can be detrimental, but I am trying to plod along, just a little each day. Enough to keep the daily required hour lower than normal, but not so much that I feel exhausted and unwilling to engage. Part of the reason I’m trying for this slow, marathon pace, is that I’m about to start a part-time retail job. I really didn’t want to, but the delays associated with the exam have me in panic mode about paying my rent for the months to come. I could have made it through July on my savings easily, but I’m less sure about making it through October on the same amount. So I figure if I plod along slowly, I can work a few days a week and still meet my weekly study goals. We’ll see how this goes lol. Studying for this exam is the most important thing for me, so I’m more than happy to call it quits on the job after a few paychecks if it’s not working out. 

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6.7. 2020

6/100 day of full study day challenge

8 hours of 10 - 12 hours

It wasn’t easy today I don’t know why i even cried at some point studying while being stuck at home is so difficult i used to finish part of my studying while in university or at hospital with friends but now where i have to sit all alone and finish everything by myself is really quiet a challenge

For whoever made tea in bags thank you these little easy to make treats means alot ♥️

  • Kept telling myself ITS OKAY if I don’t make 10 hours as long as i try every day and am thankful i still tried despite all the negative feelings of today
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6/7/2020 | When I revise I like to write up my notes multiple times and every time I’ll do more research on certain topics or revisit certain lecture recordings to make sure I fully understand and can explain something

(wow my hand looks orange… this is what sitting in the sun does to me)

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Due to the corona virus many university students have had to move back in with family to save money, or because dorms have closed. With the coming semester being online for many (possibly all) universities you’re probably looking for ways to make the most of what small space you have, In my case I have one room. So here are some tips to make those small spaces feel like home!

1. Shelves. Shelves. Shelves.

Getting a shelving unit for your room provides space for lots of your things, and you have lots of options! With shelves that come in different heights, widths, and designs it can be hard to find the right fit to maximize your space! A popular choice now is shelves that are wider at the bottom and get smaller the higher up you go, which allows for decent storage while not appearing to take up a lot of space so your room doesn’t seem to shrink. For me the affordable option was to take some office shelving (meant for bankers boxes) and use those for my room as we already had them in the house. Though they are not pretty I plan to buy some fabric to wrap around the poles and give it some colour! This way even if you do not like the look of the shelves available to you, there are still ways to adapt them to your style.

2. Get some plants!

I personally have seven succulents in my room, they have their own shelf and my room is fortunate enough to get lots of light! Even just one succulent can help you feel like you have your own project (or it at least helps me anyways) and they do not require direct sunlight to grow, meaning they work in most environments. Succulents have been proven to be mood boosters and help with focus, they also clean the air!

3. Under the bed storage

If your bed doesn’t already have drawers underneath it, you should get some containers, they even make ones with wheels! This creates storage for lots of items, you could put anything from socks, to journals, to craft items. Any small items really, this creates lots of space and helps declutter your room

4. Small dressers

My room is not actually supposed to be a bedroom, so I have no closet which means I don’t have a lot of room for clothes. One of the places I keep them is in a small (three drawer) dresser which I can slide under my desk. It can hold a lot more than clothes though, so if you have a desk that would fit it, it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space but helps you have the storage you need!

These are the ideas I have for now, but I can always post more!

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[ 9:27 am ]

decided to relearn baybayin for a bit! baybayin is an ancient filipino writing script that’s been recently revived i love writing in baybayin, but not to the point that I’d use it in my notes 😂

i also wrote the words ‘knowledge’ and 'ambition’ in my native language and in baybayin

so i currently know how to write in the normal english writing system, baybayin and hangeul, the korean writing system. can you write in another writing system too?

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My day wasn’t as productive as I hoped so, since I didn’t do the things I planned for today, but nonetheless I accomplished a few things :D

  • finished studying the カタカナ module in my japanese online course.
  • studied 3 chinese lessons, as intended by the course’s lesson plan. 
  • reorganized the books from my dad’s home office.
  • ordered some mini fried coxinhas and bolinhas de queijo that I was craving for the last 3 months (cause I used to eat them at the movies, but we’ve been quarantined for almost 4 months now).
  • watched “it’s okay not to be okay/psycho but it’s okay” newest episode. 

My sister (her langblr is @ganbattetinypenguin​) made me some doce de leite latte (dulce de leche latte), that I got to drink in this really cute bottle that I always forget to use) ;D

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Ima be honest. Uni isn’t going great for me. I’ve taken a big blow to my mental health and have had to start taking proper medication. But.

I’m able to do part-time study now. I somehow got a job at a beautiful restaurant. The therapy group I’m in is finally in session again after lockdown/limitations. And today I completely cleaned my desk for the first time in months - by just throwing everything on it into an empty laundry basket. Which I need to sort out later, but, I have a clean workspace now.

Exams start in three weeks. I have sixs exams and three labs in July and September and will thus need to spend August studying, leaving me about two weeks in total to actually relax until the winter semester starts.

I sat down today and finally thought about uni and exams again after a straight month of procrastinating/being too overwhelmed, and I got immense anxiety over my uni situation.

But, y’know.

I’m still here. Still kickin’, more or less. I’m afraid to fail, I’m afraid to succeed. But I’m making a little progress - even if that’s sometimes just making it through the day. And sometimes I feel useless for managing to “only” get by. But I’m simply not okay, and I need help, and I can’t do it on my own.

And that’s okay.

And if you’re in a similar situation: It’s okay.

It’s okay.

You’re doin good. It’s gonna be fine, it’s gonna get easier.

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