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ok i am thiiiis close to blocking every single college/university from my email address bc if i get one more “Apply now!” email i will scream

such emails are not good for my mental health

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My desk is really small, so I almost always have a kind of controlled chaos going on.

Today was pretty nice - I was at the faculty, did my laboratories, also got my faculty sweatshirt finally, it’s really cool, I love it. Me and my boyfriend are like 5 sizes apart, so take a wild guess who’s gonna co-own his.

Because the quarantine is still a thing for a week, I walked to my faculty and back, as public transportation is too much of a hassle for me right now. My feet were on fire when I got back. But at least I got some exercise in, so that’s good.

I am finally moving forward with my organic chem course, as I was stuck in one place for like a month. I am so behind the course, because the professor I have is really strict and will only let you proceed, if she is completely sure that you know the thing. It is, of course, great, as I have a much deeper understanding about stuff and exams are a breeze afterwards, but getting to take the said exams is a bitch and a half. 

But I feel like it could be much worse. I like what I have chosen to study and I always knew it’s not gonna be easy (I mean I hoped I would be better than I am, because I was one of the smart kids in my old school), but I know some people who don’t actually enjoy the study process, and because of that stuggle even more, which I can’t imagine how hard that must be.

Also shopping centres are really disturbing right now, I went shopping and the place was half empty and unusually quiet, so I got out as fast as I could

Happy Pride, stay safe! 

Lots of love!

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Finally, here is my third post on A Journey to KGSP/GKS Series. Previously, I wrote about my experience in preparing for the KGSP/GKS application back in 2016 and just before this post I wrote about how to fill in the KGSP/GKS Application Forms. This time, I’ll be sharing my two cents on how to write a Personal Statement, one of the essays of the GKS Application. When I prepared my application, it took me around 3 months to finish writing both essays. I remember starting to write as soon as I decided to apply for the scholarship in November, putting it off for a month or so, coming back and forth for the revisions, and finishing it a few days before the application closing date.

The GKS application forms have included the essay template with instructions and points to include which I found very helpful. I always enjoy writing, but writing an essay in English for studies back then was especially hard because English isn’t my first language and I never learned writing academic English properly. Here are some tips that I did and I wish I had known when writing my essays for the GKS Application.  


Personal Statement template (2020 GKS Application)

First, find your application’s identity. “Why do I want to study in Korea and apply for this program? Why should the reviewer choose me among hundreds of applicants?” These questions are the ones that I kept coming back when writing my Personal Statement. As I kept digging the reasons, I somehow found the identity of my application, a statement that will clearly describe me and hopefully will leave an impression for the reviewers.

I see Personal Statement as a stage to promote myself. It tells a story about me, my personal values, and significant events that happened in my life which lead me to aspire to study in Korea and apply for the GKS. The goal is to convey my story in the most impactful way possible that no matter how ordinary it is, the reviewer will still remember me after reading other hundreds of similar or even better stories. To do this, I don’t think I can’t merely rely on a list of achievements and experiences I have because they probably aren’t so outstanding among other applicants. That is why I need to put identity into my application, to make my story stronger than my own name.  

In my case, “an applicant majoring in Family Studies” is the identity that I highlighted. Given that Family Studies is not a common field of study especially in Indonesia, regardless of how important it is for our society (don’t get me started into Family Sciences 101. Lol.), I guess it was the strongest point of my application that granted me a seat for an interview in the Korean Embassy. I could be wrong, but the interviewers asked about it during the whole interview session.  

Second, make your essay hook. If you put yourself in the reviewer’s shoes who have to deal with a hundred applications, how will you sort it out? There are sure other considering points such as grades that are quite easy to determine. But, when it comes to essays, how will you rate it and choose from a pool of applicants? Just like its name, a Personal Statement should be personal yet interesting. Personal; it tells who the applicant is, his/her experiences, achievements, values. Interesting; no matter how different every applicant’s life story is, the reasons to study abroad and apply for the scholarship might not be so unique, thus, the way it is written should be fascinating and impactful. That is how an essay hook will make your application stand out and assure the reviewers that you deserve one seat until the final round.

There are many ways to write an essay hook; quotation, question, strong statement, metaphor, etc. You may try many different ways before finding the one that matches the big picture of your essay. An essay hook is aimed to attract the reader since the beginning of your essay. This is also related to the whole picture of the essay and the following information in the next paragraphs. As I decided to emphasize my major in Family Studies, I open my essay with the story about my own family and what values I was grown up with. I also wrote about how people used to ask what my major is about and whether it really is necessary to learn about family sciences at university. I keep this point as the whole idea of my essay which helped me to explain why I had to go to a Korean university.

Third, be reflective. Reflecting is such a habit to me. You know, that tendency to lay awake in your bed and replaying what has happened that day in your head and what you could’ve done to make it better, or at least, to make yourself feel better. Well, I learn that doing it isn’t always good. But, when it comes to reflecting on your past experiences and achievements in your Personal Statement, I can never stress enough how important it is. After mentioning all your precious achievements and writing how eventful your life is, you need to explain what lessons learned that you get, what skills you learn, and how they contribute to who you are today. It might sound cliché to write about how your leadership skills have been sharpened through many organizations, but I don’t think it will do you bad to show that you have learned from your experience.

Fifth, make an outline. To me, an outline always does wonder. You might have ever practiced it for school assignments. It’s really as simple as starting from the points mentioned in the essay instruction; (1) family background, (2) latest education, (3) significant and relevant experiences (working, internship, organization, clubs), (4) motivations to study in Korea and apply for the GKS. You can write down ideas for each point and add a few sentences for the explanation. As you develop each point, you may want to write it in 1-2 paragraphs and keep it as your main idea. This will surely help your writing stay on track, lead the plot and transition from one idea/point to another without jumbling up.

Sixth, don’t expect to finish it in one night or even one-seating and then submit it on the next day. Only after giving it some time and re-reading it a few days later that you’ll notice every mistake in your essay, those misspellings-wrong tenses-wrong expressions, even if you’ve been very meticulous especially when it comes to writings. Also, I can never stress it enough how you should stop yourself from editing those punctuation marks or misspellings while typing because it will put your idea on hold and take much time to finish your first draft.

Finally, ask someone to proofread your essay and give feedback. I received a lot of help from my English tutor who gave valuable feedback on my essays especially in terms of grammars and sentence structure. Having someone read your essay sort of allows you to get through the pre-review and the nerve-wracking of the application screening process. Also, your essay will look different from someone else’s perspective so it’s important to get their feedback even if it’s as simple as vocabulary changes. Especially because Personal Statement is an essay about ourselves, we can easily understand it but it can be hard to be objective. Your best friend will tell you some confusing parts, things that you should explain better, or simply to tell whether the storytelling is interesting enough.

There are a lot more awesome tips all over the Internet on how to write a great Personal Statement essay. These are basically what I did when I wrote my own for the GKS application. I have no idea exactly which part of my application that granted me the scholarship, but I believe that the Personal Statement has its big share. I will come up soon with the next post on this series about Study Plan.

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05/31/2020 pt.2 -> MY TIME HAS COME🔥.jpg
For a long time I wanted to learn to play video games, but I never had the opportunity. Today my cousin lent me her ps3 and now I can try it on my own, I already played a little and, although I sucked a lot😂, it’s so fun.

I loved it😍💖

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I’m not good at waiting. Waiting for my turn to sit a practical assessment. Waiting for exam results. Waiting for the phone to ring for a birth. Waiting for my day to start because I can’t go do anything until we’ve done the few postnatal visits but other than “morning” she gave no indication of when we would be going, so my whole day is on hold until she texts.

I thrive on structure, this is really hard for me. If nothing else this placement is confirming for me that I want to work at the hospital doing shifts not 24/7 as an independent

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Today I returned to my dorm, and it wasn’t fun at all. I was ready to come back like a month ago, but today I wanted nothing more than just stay home with my family and cats. I cried in the morning, so I put full face of makeup on, so I wouldn’t start bawling when it was time to leave.

I had so much stuff to take with me, which irritated me even more, as I hate having to haul lots of stuff around. I had literally brought almost all of my clothes home with me, even though I knew I am not going to go out much, and if I am, I’m gonna wear the same shit every time, because it’s comfortable. 
Of course there was also food my grandma cooked for me, I brought a blender with me as well, my school stuff, shoes, etc. you get the drill. Cheers to my lack of self-control.

Also my dorm pass doesn’t work for some rickety reason, I’ll have to talk to the dorm manager tomorrow about that.

The remainder of this semester is going to be a bitch - almost all of my friends will be free for the summer in, like, 2 weeks, but I will have to do this for about 2 more months. I had a redbull left in my fridge from before quarantine and I was so done with everything I downed it so I could be at least tiny bit productive today. 

I’m tired.

My roommate is a really cool girl and we don’t bother each other much, but she talks with her boyfriend all. the. goddamn. time over computer. When I get in my zone and really focus I can’t even hear her sometimes, usually I will also put on some music for good measure, but some days it bugs the hell out of me. 
Also, I need some gamers to enlighten me - how the fuck do you sit for the entire day with just some slight adjustments from time to time, because can’t relate, I need movement or I combust

Get good nights sleep and dance around a little bit when you feel down

Lots of love <3

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On June 10 I have the internship exam and I will have to speak through the slides that I have just finished preparing (which will surely have to be fixed).

Then on June 15 I have a very difficult exam; both will be done online, which further worries me.
Next Monday I will contact the professor to tell her that I will take the exam. She needs to know it because she must give me more time than for do the exercises, etc.

In addition to worrying about the written exam of the 15th, I am worried about the subsequent oral exam on theory, of which I still know little.

Today because of anxiety I took too much xanax and fell into a deep sleep for three hours …
But I am satisfied that at least I managed to finish the slides.
Tomorrow I start the real study. Or at least I hope to do it…

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