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My December spread is aha, work and live events go brrraaa. My teachers also post assignments the day of so it’s not filled… yet. Instead I have the colors for the live classes and if I have a major project then I will write it down but for now the picture is my schedule.

I just realized how dirty the pen grip is but I’m getting a new main pen soon with new refills as soon as I finish with this one. 😃

Retail therapy… am I right?


Originally posted by corredordelaberintos

Imma be chilling and studying for the SAT (self guided) for winter break aha… ha ha.


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november 28, 2020

today is the perfect example of what happens when you don’t take care of yourself: couldn’t sleep until 2am, woke up way too late, with a headache too! and couldn’t do much at all. felt guilty at first but at least the most difficult things are all done for this term (figuring out thesis and outline for essays and presentations). read two chapters of traveling soul, the amazing biography of curtis mayfield written by his son todd. the fact that my studies now involve books i would have read for leisure is just… indescribable.

i thought i could just study tomorrow morning but sundays are my days off and they must stay off. it’s the second week now feeling like sacrificing sundays is a good idea but i have to enjoy them. they are the one day when I get all my personal stuff in order, knit for my friends, write my letters and enjoy a good book without looking at the clock. it feels like more discipline is necessary to rest than to study, although this month has been a struggle on both fronts. hopefully december will be kind!

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Pekala, hadi bakalım! Denildiği gibi olsun. Ölüm karşısında cesur olalım! Bu korkunç fikri ellerimizin arasına alarak gözlerinin içine dikelim bakışlarımızı. Ondan kendisine ait açıklama isteyelim, bizden ne istemiş olduğunu öğrenelim. Onu tüm detaylarıyla inceleyelim, sırlarını çözelim ve mezarımıza önceden bakalım. Öyle hissediyorum ki gözlerim kapandığı anda, ruhumun büyük bir aydınlık içinde ebediyen yuvarlanacağı ışık uçurumları göreceğim.

Victor Hugo


Originally posted by askimehnaz

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Hi, fam! I’m back! I had to take a little break from Tumblr for a while because it was distracting me from University work, and I wasn’t happy about that. I deleted the app on my devices, and logged out of Tumblr on my laptop, so that I wouldn’t be tempted, and I think it’s worked very well for me. I feel like I’ve got a lot done.

I’ve got to say, though, I have missed my writing blog a lot more than I’ve missed my general blog, in part, I guess, because I do feel more attached to the writing community on Tumblr, and because, when I write and when I blog about writing, I feel like I’m doing something with my time, not just staring at the screen, scrolling endlessly through post after post after post of random stuff which doesn’t really have a particular theme.

But I’m back! And I’m really glad to see that my follower count has stayed pretty much where it was when I left for a bit. thank you for sticking around and I hope I will be back posting a little bit more regularly and a little bit more interestingly on my writeblr fairly soon. At the moment, University work is a little bit overwhelming, and I have an essay of about 2,500 words to write at some point this week, so it probably won’t be super permissive of me updating my writing blog very often before it’s done… and I’d love to say, “I’ll be back as soon as that one’s finished,” but, later this week, I have another deadline, and next week, I have another deadline, so, if you want to see content from me, you might have to accept that it will basically just be me quietly screaming into a bin.

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The last couple of days I observed myself falling into the rabbit hole, that is research life: staying later and later to work. I have pledged to myself to always remain chill and not worry too much about the stress of research life, I had plans to actually enjoy this christmas period. Yet, now I’m getting super stressed again already: I have lecture notes to finish up on, but also project work and FUCK this presentation is due in a week! And how tf am I supposed to understand all these exercise sheets and write extensive reports about them as well?

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Okay so our private halls allocated us some money for a Christmas dinner if we took photos and consented to have them posted on the Facebook page, which we did. A couple of us went out and picked up the food, which was fine. Then we get back, and nobody starts cooking. They just open the snacks they bought and sit in the dining area of the open plan diner/kitchen. So, I’m like alright, I’ll start and peille will chip. Mind you, there are 17 people in our building, three of whom confirmed that they were coming in the group chat hours earlier, everyone else just ignored it. So no idea who actually is turning up, so just gonna cook for 17. Nobody chipped in; I was running around the kitchen, cooking two turkey crowns, one vegan option, and one vegetarian - never mind prepping and cooking the vegetables, doing the gravy, the Yorkshire puddings - while they sit at the table eating snacks and saying that if the food is a disaster, then next time they’ll just order out. Just, okay then. So, already feeling just FaNtAsTiC about myself, two of the ovens just turn themselves off. Suddenly people give a carp. Thankfully, the ovens turn back on, and while behind schedule, food turns out fine. We eat and it’s fine, there’s leftovers but only because only 10 people actually turned up to eat.

After, we eat cheesecake and play cards against humanity in the common room. At 1:30am I decided I’m tired and say goodnight. Before that, I go back to the diner/kitchen to put my glass away. Everything has been left on the table. The food, the plates, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans in the kitchen. Nothing has even been put in the bins that needs to. So I put the leftovers away, and the pots etc. that were mine that I used. A couple people saw me and obvs felt guilty so came to hover/help as I did it. Left the rest for everyone else because what the actual frick. Tomorrow, I’m gonna have to sort the bins. Because no one else is going to. I’m too tired to even cry, I’m jsit gonna drink my tea and sleep.

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november 27, 2020

had a stroke of genius at 8:30 this morning and found a much better outline for my irish civilisation presentation! the first one was good but it wasn’t great. i sent it to my professor for confirmation it worked with her programme and she said it seemed brilliant to her! 

my sibling unexpectedly facetimed me which was really nice. it’s funny how i don’t really think about how much i want to see certain people until i hear their voice. we talked for two hours (not much by our standard!) so i will try to make up for that “lost” study time tonight. not that talking to family feels like a waste of time, it’s just that there are things that need to be done before bedtime!

also received a parcel from my friend hedwig, she sent me stroopwaffels and kruidnoten as well as a candle and cute christmas decorations! having friends is so heartwarming. my mum’s making soup right now, the day is not over but almost. i can’t wait to get in bed hehe

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Any uni kids wanna work together on discord with dark academia music/ any other music?

Tbh I cant fucking concentrate so being on a call even if it’s completely silent helps me stick to my work and not wander. So if y'all feel like that too then we could do this.

Tag if you wanna be tagged when I make it :)

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