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quick post before I leave for college you pervs <3
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Afternoon pt2
Zhongli x afab reader
Disclaimer: profesor x student roll play, vulgar speech, teasing, thigh riding, manhandling.
Not prof read.
Tumblr media
Mean history teacher Zhongli, who makes you stay after class because you've been having trouble with his last subject. :(
He loves observing how you struggle with your homework, sitting nicely on your table, watching your pretty face with a bothered expression, makes dick twitch. Sometimes he even palms the outline of his cock, to relieve himself a little. He's such a mean perverted teacher :(
You haven't paid attention to his class lately, which means you need to be punished.
"Come here"
He sits you in his thigh, your cunt bare, only your tiny skirt covering your privates, while being in front of his desk. He starts moving you slowly as he continues to explain the subject. Your mind getting dizzy with the pleasure he's providing you. Zhongli can feel your pretty pussy drooling in his pants, making his cock feel lonely, but he ignores it.
"Pay attention"
He says once he feels your hips moving, he holds your movement with one arm. Slowly he starts caressing your thighs his fingers getting closer to your wet cunny. He finds your clit and starts teasing it gently, slowly loosin his patience. Zhongli wants to fold you against the desk, and pound your cute hole until you're left crying, he wants to bite your neck, and cum all over your ass, he wants to feel his cock melt in the warmth of your pussy, he wants to corrupt you so bad, but he needs to teach you a lesson first. He breathes in, and ignores his needs.
"Move your hips, but don't stop paying attention, or else I won't let you cum."
You do as you're told, moving your hips in a steady pace, running his pants with your slick. You pay attention to every word falling from his mouth, his hot breath in your ear, and his voice that sounds like warm honey. He finally finishes explaining the subject, and stays silent, waiting for you to cum, but you can't do it by yourself :(
"Profesor Zhongli, I ca'ahmm I can't, pleaseplease help me please"
You grab Zhongli's hand and put it right in your pussy, that gesture alone, was enough to make your profesor snap.
Zhongli manhadles you, bending you into his desk, opens your legs and starts grinding his clothed cock into your wet slit "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're gonna forget your name.." he bends over you, his mouth kissing your lobe, he's desperate and you are too. With one hand he unbuckles his belt, freeing his dick. He ruts into you, teasing your cunt, until he finally inserts it.
He starts with a slow pace, relishing the warmth of your gummy walls. With one hand he keeps your head buried in the paperwork that sits in his desk, and with the other he opens your asscheek, to observe his fat cock disappear in your sloppy pussy. All he can hear are your mewls and the squelching sounds of your sexes. His dick is so hot inside you, torturing you deliciously. Zhongli slowly adjust his pace, now pounding into you, making you see stars, he keeps pushing into your sweet soft spot, your minds is blurry, only concentrated in the hot pleasure and his sensual grunts.
"You're squeezing-Ah me so good mmh, do you enjoy having my cock deep inside you? Hmm princess?ah ...fuck mm"
He's almost animalistic, fucking into you like it's his last day alive. With his dirty words and his experienced hands, you feel that exquisite pressure in your tummy. "I'm gonna cumimgonnacum -li li li ah I'm gonna cum"
He cums at the same time you do, flooding your insides with his seed, it felt so good, you were salivating, pussy left quivering, and things shaking.
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there is nothing and i mean NOTHING i wouldn’t do to get inside his head for a while.
i want to live inside his mind. i’m just so curious about him. i want to know what he’s thinking at any given moment. i want to know what he thinks when he sees me or talks to me. i want to know everything about him, even the ugly parts.
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Older men on my mind 24/7 😌
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lilradis · 3 months ago
having a tc be like discovering the attractiveness of hands because you can't see other parts of his body
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another night creating fake scenarios with him that will never happen to the sound of songs by lana del rey
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heismymathtutor · 3 months ago
pov: you crave validation and love from a teacher because you never received any as a child.
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I wish I could talk to him and ask him the millions of questions I have.
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nightowl-luna · 4 months ago
he's simultaneously one of the smartest people i will ever meet and also a massive fucking idiot
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can i request smutty fic professor draco? 😬 only if youre comfy writin this kind of stuff! <3
a/n: hi anon! reader is of age bc minor x adult is a no go. also no voldy au
this is how i imagine draco
warning(s): smut, food mentions, inexperienced!reader ??innocence kink, dom!draco, sub!reader, over stimulation, squirting and let me know if there are more !!
Tumblr media
You walked down the halls of Hogwarts and were met with your friend Arabella who seemed to be on a sugar high, ��Hey Arabella, what’s got you so jumpy?”
Her dark curls bounced up and down as she shook you with full force causing your body to move back and forth. Your eyes widened at the sudden actions, “Oh, Merlin! Have you seen the new professor y/n?!” She screamed in excitement. You shook your head looking a little scared but amused at the same time as a small smile crept onto your face.
“No, no I haven’t seen him, Arabella. Why is this so important may I ask?”
Her big brown eyes seemed to bulge out of her eye sockets as her mouth formed an “o” shape.
“Well, you have a lot to catch up on, you little bookworm.” She said teasingly booping your nose and you softly laughed as her finger contacted your nose.
“Okay, so what do I have a lot to catch up on then?” you questioned her raising an eyebrow up.
“So, the new professor is so hot! Like I cannot stress that enough and” she paused taking a deep breath, “Tristan and Chloe broke up.” She said in a more bored tone. You stifled a laugh.
“So that’s what I missed?” you said as the laughter does out.
“Yep, and the professor he’s our new potions teacher because professor Stilus quit.” Arabella said with a sarcastic smile and two thumbs up.
This girl was going to be the death of you.
You both walked to the great hall for dinner, so now was your chance to get a look at the oh-so infamous new professor. You took a seat at the y/h table next to a classmate in your year and Arabella sat across from you. Everyone gathered around waiting for the food to appear. Dumbledore opened the great hall doors entering with the new professor. And how right Arabella was about him. His jaw line was sharp, sharp enough to cut my skin, his lips rosy like a blush, his skin was as pale as the winter frost, and his hair was magnificent; soft and fluffy like snow, but his eyes held a hard stare. The darkness around them drowned out the contrast of the light shade in between.
His gaze caught yours and your breath hitched knowing that he caught you staring. You quickly snapped your head to the empty silver plate displayed in front of you and heat rushed to your cheeks out of embarrassment.
“C’mon, don’t be such a slow-poke!” Arabella nagged at you pulling your arm with her as she led you to potions class.
“I don’t get it, why do we have to get to class early? Class doesn’t start for another five minutes!” You scolded the girl dragging you on with her.
“We want to get the best seats!”
“And where exactly are the ‘best’ seats?”
“In the front where we can see the new professor!” You rolled your eyes at her excitement, she hadn’t shut her trap about the new professor all night and say long. You had to listen to her rant about how hot he was for a good hour before you fell asleep, as she continued she noticed you fell asleep. So she woke you up again, so you could listen to her. There were obvious eye bags under your e/c eyes.
“Okay, okay.” You said officially giving up on her, because she was definitely going places someday.
“Hello, class. As you may know, your old potions teacher Professor Stilus has quit. So I’m taking his spot in his Potions.” He smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. They were a cold and hard stare, scanning every student in the class. Then his eyes made a halt at you. He tilted his head to the side analyzing you, you felt small. A smirk laced his lips, your cheeks heated up feeling his gaze on you. His grey eyes lingered on you for another second longer before he whipped his head around and began the lesson.
You let out a breath of relief when he turned around from you. His back was now facing you, you obviously had to sit in the front with Arabella. Your head was rested on your hand as you looked at the chalk board. You tapped your feet against the floor in a rhythmic pattern. Like the pattern of rainfall: it was repetitive.
“Miss L/n, I would prefer if you did not tap your foot.” Draco had called out to you, all your peers snapped there head towards you.
Your eyes widened as you slowly stopped the pattern you repeated against the floor. Your cheeks flushed in embarrassment.
“Okay,” you replied weakly.
“Good girl,” he praised.
This was strange. No professor had ever said ‘good girl’ to you. Actually, nobody had ever uttered those words to you. But you liked it, it gave you a sense of validation. The way he said was innocent though, right?
Of course it was in an innocent way, Y/n said one part of you.
No, it wasn’t innocent! He knew exactly what he was doing. Argued the other.
Stop overthinking, Godrick! It was nothing!
That was not ‘noth-
“Miss L/n, why are you not paying attention? First you keep tapping your foot and now your not paying attention. What happened to my good girl?” He mused with fake sympathy.
You were speechless. He definitely knew how his words were affecting you. It felt like a million butterflies fluttering freely within you, carrying you out into a wretched fantasy world. You loved the feeling, but also hated it. And right now, you absolutely despised that feeling.
How were you suppose to respond to this?
There was no logical answer so you sputtered out, “I- Um… I don’t know. I’m sorry,”
“Well, please come to detention after dinner. Got it?” He requested with a teasing smile.
Your stomach twisted in a tight knot. Why was his smile so goddamn attractive?!
“Yes, professor.” You agreed.
He smirked at your response and turned back around.
It was the beginning of dinner when you sat down next to a boy in your classes, Benjamin Abott. He had dark brown- almost black hair, green eyes and glasses. He was really nice, the flirt of the school.
“Hey, Benny.” You greeted sitting next to him.
“Hello, sweetheart.” He greeted back, he had a thing for calling you pet names.
“So, who do you think will win the next quidditch game? Slytherin or Ravenclaw?” You asked gathering food on your plate.
“Mhm… that’s a close tie between the two. Ravenclaws are very smart with their strategies, you can never tell what their next moves are. But same thing for Slytherin, their quick witted remarks can throw the other players off. And the Slytherins are unpredictable.” He said casually and took a bite of his food.
Did I forget to mention he was smart?
“You have a very good point there, Mr. Abott.”
“Why thank you, m’lady.” He smiled and bowed his head while twirling his hand in a ‘royal’ manner.
You laughed at him.
Soon, dessert came rolling around. Mounts of sweets, cakes, and anything relating to sugar appeared on y/h table.
Your mouth watered at the sight of it. You found your favorite dessert, banana split ice cream.
You grabbed a bowl of it and dipped your index finger into the whipped cream. You placed your finger in your mouth tasting the sweet cream that decorated your tongue. You closed your eyes and groaned at the taste.
Benjamin’s eyes were on you, “What?” You questioned.
“You have something on your face, princess.” He said and moved his hand to graze the skin of your face and gently remove the whipped cream dolloped on your face.
“There,” he smiled.
What you didn’t know was that a particular blonde was watching your every move in with the brunette. Like a hawk.
The grip on his spoon tightened seeing the younger boy touching your face and making you laugh. His blood heated seeing him with you. Draco noticed how you held onto every word Benjamin said.
Does she like him?
What does it matter? Your only her professor,
No way she likes him?!
Draco! She’s your student, nothing more.
Maybe you were just a person who listened to what others had to say? Yeah…
But what caught him off guard was when you sucked on your finger, he felt his pants tighten.
Oh how Draco Malfoy wanted to ruin the perfect and innocent Y/n L/n.
After dinner you grabbed your bag from your dorm and headed out to detention.
You would be lying if you said that you weren’t at least a little bit scared. Professor Malfoy was intimidating. His face held no emotions, it was a wind whirl trying to figure out what he was going to do or what he was thinking. He kept you on your toes- he kept everyone on their toes. It was like walking on eggshells around him.
Make one wrong move and your out.
You soon arrived and walked into the classroom. He was sitting on his chair reading the daily prophet and his legs were crossed laid upon the wooden table.
You stood in front of him hoping to get his attention without having to do anything.
You sucked in a deep breath and that seemed to get his attention.
“Oh- hello, Miss L/n. Please take a seat in your original spot.”
You did as he said and sat in your seat from this morning.
You placed your bag on the floor next to you and took out a quill and piece of parchment. Your legs were crossed. The fabric of your skirt was slowly slipping off your thighs, revealing more of your skin.
You mindlessly began writing and drawing on the parchment.
Draco looked up from the daily prophet in his hands, to see your legs revealed to him. His breath hitched as he swallowed lump in his throat.
You were so innocent, just sitting there drawing and writing not even knowing the affect you had on the blonde. It drove him mad. You had to know what you were doing to him!
About ten minutes pass and Draco stands up from his seat and walks towards you not being able to handle the tension in the room.
You paid no attention not knowing he was walking to you, until you saw two veiny hands placed on the sides of the table and a minty and musky scent lingered from behind you. Professor Malfoy.
“Beautiful drawings, pretty girl.” He whispered in your ear making your breath hitch.
“Thank you,” you said nervously and started fidgeting with the quill.
“So tell me, why don’t you pay attention in class?”
“I don’t know, it just happened.” You confessed.
“Well, it can’t just happen. Something must have been on your mind.”
Oh fuck, does he know?
“Tell me, who were you thinking of?” He said with a smug and arrogant smirk.
You, I was thinking of you!
You wanted to shout.
Turns out you didn’t say that in your head. Draco’s face was in shock, but it also looked like he knew you were thinking of him. He just didn’t expect you to tell him.
“Thinking of me? Your professor,” he laughed quietly into your ear.
“Is that why you were so goddamn touchy with that boy?”
Your eyes widened, Benjamin.
“No,” you replied.
“I don’t believe you and that little trick you pulled during dessert don’t think I fucking forgot that. Do you know how badly I want to ruin you, the precious and pure Y/n L/n ?”
His words sent shivers down your spine. He tucked your hair behind your ear and whispered, “You have no idea, do you?” And planted a kiss on your cheek. He pulled away to find any kind of bad reaction, but all he found were flushed cheeks. He grinned.
His hands went to your shoulders and he started massaging them gently. “Now, tell me, princess. Do you want me to ruin you?” He then started kissing down your neck.
You closed your eyes basking in relaxation, but also wetness pooling in between your legs.
“Yes, who?”
“Yes, Draco.”
“Good girl,” he praised placing a small kiss on your lips which you returned.
The small kiss turned greedy and fierce within time. You stood up from your seat and placed yourself to sit on your desk. His hands found their way around your body, roaming every single inch. Your arms wrapped around his neck and his hands slowly caressed your thighs (inner thigh mostly)
He pulled back, “If you want to stop tell me right now, Y/n.” He said this with his eyes investigating your face for any signs of displeasure.
“No- I don’t want you to stop, keep going.” You confessed to him.
“Okay, if it’s too much use these colors to tell me to slow down or keep going. Red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means go. Got it?”
“Yes.” You said eagerly and then you grabbed his tie and smashed your lips together. He groaned into the kiss surprised by your actions.
“So wet for me already?”
His hand climbed up slowly to your cunt and he rubbed it in figure eights. A gasp and moan fell from your lips, but he quickly swallowed them greedily kissing you.
Another whimper tumbled from your mouth and he bit your lower lip in response. He removed his lips from yours and started kissing down your neck, “Can I?” He asked tugging on the waist band of your panties.
“Yes, you can, Draco.” You gave him permission.
He removed your panties slowly teasing you. he kissed your thighs and his head disappeared underneath your skirt.
His hot kisses traveled to your cunt. A whine emitted from throat feeling yourself ache for more.
His tongue dove into your hole. A cry left your mouth as you trembled in his control. You have only had sex with one person, that was your ex. And he was in no way better than Draco. His skills on how to please a woman was impeccable, he knew every spot that would make your body jerk. He knew places that even you didn’t know. You couldn’t quiet yourself as he devoured you whole with no mercy, “Mmh, taste so fucking good.” He groaned against your cunt.
The vibrations were like fireworks exploding from your core and they were soaring through your body with brightest lights you had ever seen. You couldn’t even keep your eyes open- you were seeing a whole damned galaxy. Cries of pleasure repeatedly left your mouth.
If this is what he could do with his tongue, you were in for a treat.
You felt a rush in your stomach spamming to be released pushing at your core. You’ve never felt this before, all of this seemed new to you.
“Oh- Draco! It feels so good-fuck!” You whined. What was this feeling? you needed to release it.
Screams of his name fell from your lips as you squirted onto his tongue. You threw your head back in pleasure and bucked your hips against his face. Soon after you calmed down from your orgasm, he held your hips down on the table not allowing your squirming body to move away.
“Draco- it’s to much f’me!” You cried, but you didn’t want him to stop.
“Stop being a brat and let me enjoy my dessert.” He hissed against your cunt.
You, you were his dessert.
And you knew that.
You eventually just let all the pleasure take over you. You laid there crying out in pleasure until your next orgasm appeared.
The knot was twisting faster and faster than the last from overstimulation. Your face contorted in pleasure, you removed the flap of your skirt and saw Draco eating you out with pleasure.
This was for his pleasure not yours. He ate you out for his own pleasure. He loved how you taste so sweet, perfect. He would do anything to get another taste of you. You were addicting.
You were the cigarette in between his fingers and he was addicted.
He loved the way your face contorted in pleasure. How he was the only one to see you this way, feel this way, and he would keep it this way.
Your body convulsed as you let out another scream of pleasure reaching your orgasm.
Finally Draco pulled away from your overstimulated cunt and slapped your clit. Your body jerked forward from sensitivity.
“Such a pathetic little girl f’me.”
You nodded your head ‘yes’ in response to him.
His eyes were hungry and clouded by lust. He connected his lips to yours. You groaned tasting yourself on him. His smirk could be felt through the kiss as he started undressing you. In return you began taking off his clothes too. Soon you both were bare. Your eyes were bulging when you saw his cock, he’s the biggest you’ve ever seen. How could he fit?
His tip presented itself with pre-cum spilling from the top. His dick hit his stomach once it was released. Your bodies radiated heat and sweat. He took you by your hips and pressed your cunt against his hard cock. You gasped in shock feeling his cock tease your already needy again core.
His lips found your neck and he began marking you. He sucked on the soft skin of your neck while rocking your hips slowly against his. Your arms were wrapped around his neck again as you threw you head back giving him more access to scatter the purple hues where ever he wanted.
His lips then started kissing down to your breast where he sucked on your nipples. Soon his lips met yours again and he was lining his cock with your entrance. You were nervous, but none the less excited from your arousal. You have never been so turned on by someone before.
His cock slid into your cunt and he slowly thrusted letting you adjust to his size.
Once you adjusted his thrust became rough, he was here to ruin you. You held yourself up with your elbows onto the side of you. Draco held a hard grip on your hips and with each thrust your hips connected. The desk even squeaked and moved with each rough roll of his hips. Your body trembled underneath him, you were losing it.
Everything was foggy, you didn’t see stars, or that damned galaxy, instead you saw nothing but pure black. Your eyes were shut close in pleasure, you could barely keep your eyelids open.
“I wanna see your pretty face when I destroy you, princess. Open your eyes.” He demanded and slapped your thigh.
Your body immediately reacted and your eyes opened to see the beautiful blond man who promised to destroy you. And you were enthralled. What would it be like to be ruined by Draco Malfoy, your professor. Thoughts like these had your adrenaline rushing and pumping. You truly wanted to know and curiosity always got the best of you.
“Fuck- such a pretty slut, and all f’me. You’ll always be mine. No matter what. Say you’re mine.” He groaned slamming into you.
“I- I’m yours, Draco! All yours!” You cried out.
That knot was twisting and buzzing in your stomach and it was needier than ever. You finally knew what it was, you needed to cum.
“Draco, m’ gonna cum!”
“Cum, with me.” He growled.
You both came together, his hot cum shot into your tight hole making your release even more pleasing.
Draco looked at you and placed a kiss on your cheek. He then whispered into your ear,
“All mine.”
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Tumblr media
Aluna x professor au
Tumblr media
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Zhongli x afab reader
Disclaimer: teacher x student roll play, vulgar speech, teasing.
Tumblr media
History teacher Zhongli keeping you after class because you seem to not understand the latest subject. :(<33
Zhongli goes to your desk to explain the subject while his fingers travel all the way from your shoulders to your plush thighs.<33
His fingers carefully caressing your uncovered skin, dancing dangerously close to the inside of your thighs.
You press your legs trapping his hand, and he can feel the wet spot on your cute panties with his flanges, he delicately presses on your little bundle of nerves, and as he does this he keeps explaining the subject like nothing is happening under the table. <333
He moves your panties to the side and starts teasing your pretty pussy, you can hear the almost silent wet sounds, how his fingers play with your clit. :(<33
He feels your hips moving to the velocity of his hand, and suddenly stops.
"Well, I think we're done for today my sweet, if you have any other questions I'm here for you"
You stay still, surprised, and pout.
"Profesor Zhongli..."
Your pussy left drooling, expecting to get filled with his thick cock, but he grins, and tells you good bye.
He left you there, alone :(((
Profesor Zhongli is so mean :(
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tojisleftasscheek · a month ago
Ya'll- I asked him to dance in our grad dance. I was so scared at first, but my other teacher who was like a mom to me, told me to do it, or I might have regrets. She assured me that he will say yes. A few of my friends were also telling me to do it since he won't be our teacher next year. So I waited for the perfect song to slow dance to. When there was only 10 minutes left before the event ended, he came up to me and told me that that there were only 10 minutes left, and that if I wanted to ask someone to dance, I should do it. So when "careless whisper" started playing, a few people were shocked, and a few were "ooooing" and making weird noises. So when he was walking past me, I grabbed his sleeve and asked him. He didn't hear me the first time, so he leaned in closer, which made me flustered. I repeated the question with a stutter. He seemed surprised and flustered, and I was expecting him to say no. Instead, to my surprise, he smiled and took my hands in both of his. He said yes and led me to the middle of the dance floor. My friend was right next to me, and she looked at us in shock. Once we were in the middle, he took one of my hands in his, and his other slipped around my waist. (Me and this teacher are close, he has been there everytime I passed out or had an asthma attack, I am very comfortable with him touching me. I am not as comfortable even with my girl friends.) He mentioned that the song was quite the song to dance to. And I agree, if yall have heard careless whisper, it's a very sensual song. I was very flustered, I just held onto his bicep as to not make him uncomfortable. He seemed flustered as he said that as well, and I became even more embarrassed. My face was hidden on his chest at some point because of how embarrassed I felt. He would also tell me that he's gonna twirl me, and always asked if I was ready. He twirled me like a princess a couple times, and his arm would always be back on my waist. After that, the song for the line dance started playing and he grabbed ny shoulders, and told me to dance with them. So we did. After the dance, a few of us stayed back to help clean up. But my dad was waiting so I had to leave early. I hugged my female teacher goodbye (the one who encouraged me) then turned to him. He was busy washing towels in the sink, but when I said I was going, he immediately dropped what he was doing and opened his arms, and I took it as conformation for a hug. I had to tiptoe as i wrapped my arms around his neck, and his wrapped around my waist, and his hands rested on my back. I thanked him and left. My friend came up to me before that as well while we were cleaning up, telling me that our height difference was adorable. (I'm 4'10, and he's 5'6 or 5'7). I have no regrets. It was the best night of my life, but I tried my best to think of it as simply a cute interaction between teacher and student since the man has a family. But it felt special to me, what do ya'll think?
Sorry for the long story ya'll, I just can't stop thinking abt it😭
Edit: I forgot to mention that he's usually an asshole. But he can be especially nice to me, most likely due to my health conditions. But he was being extra gentle and smiley that day. We were both smiling the whole time and I could barely breathe😭
I am still in the same school next year ya'll, this is just a grad to celebrate getting through junior high school. 😭
This actually happened ya'll. My friend thinks ya'll think this is fictional😭
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th-ousand-moons · a month ago
I keep looking at that one picture I have saved of him in my camera roll
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babywearinbluejeans · 2 months ago
listening to let me love you like a woman and staring at pictures of him until i sob profusely is so vibes like THIS is what having a tc is like. not flirting and giggling and twirling your hair and seeing each other in closets, it’s the depression during weekends because he’s at home with his wife and you’re creating false scenarios so strong you can’t tell if it’s real life or just in your head.
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