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omerlyno · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Took a stroll this morning since I'm up a little early just a few joggers with me in the street.
This week is our exam week and im currently reviewing our lectures, i feel like I'm torturing my brain lol..
Let's do our Best ! 100221
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anxietyproblem · 2 years ago
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authenticproductivity · 12 days ago
Is wanting to live a life full of art, music and poetry too much to ask? I just want to get done with this whole ace your game bullshit. I want to stare at the sky for hours and drink as many cups of tea as I want. I want to read books without thinking about my pending assignments. I want to paint every empty canvas that I bought in hopes of getting some time to explore my painting style. I am done with having to zone out of my creative space to finish the mundane tasks because of the degree I signed up for five years ago. I am a different human now, let me gooo!
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justmeandmyrandomstuff · 3 months ago
we were supposed to have online classes for two weeks and now i am a pansexual who has no clue what they are doing with their life and depends on fictional characters for emotional, physical, mental, and physcological support
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Me writing to the headmistress: all grammar must be perfect, no mistakes, not even a comma out of place must be there.
The response of the headmistress: lol ok see u at the next lesson. bye
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e-rine · 11 months ago
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Tbh this is the story of my life as a musican
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