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“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.” - Charles Dickens

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// 24.11.20 //

well hello there! it has been a while friends :) i’ve been busy with school and work so i do apologize for my absence.

i’ve started my new semester and it’s pretty light! i am taking AP world religions and AP english, although i’m taking the grade 12 course (the grade above mine) since i did a reach ahead course over the summer! my teachers are both very nice and they’re very helpful so i’m hopeful for this semester. i’m still doing online but i’m very excited for christmas coming up!!!

♔photos are mine♔

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Do you ever feel like you’ve experienced a first-time experience? I don’t know how to explain this feeling, so feel free to comment if you have a similar story or if this is a real scientific thing (it has to be!). After I am done experiencing something for the first time, I get a random memory that I did whatever I just did but in the past. In other words, I remember an experience that I already did after I’ve done it for the first time.

For example, driving by a statue I have never seen before and staring at it but then having a memory of me going by the same statue doing the same thing. It always leaves me guessing if I already did experience it before, BUT I know for a fact I haven’t.

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small update about me.

I passed my first year in medschool!! im currently 2nd year and we’re still doing online classes because the cases just keeps on getting higher. *sighs*

also during the lockdown, i dived into anime and few drama series. I watched haikyuu and IM INLOVE. also im currently obssessed with kimetsu no yaiba/demon slayer fkfndjdj please like i got sad when i realized there’s still one season up so i decided to read the manga and got my heart broken too many times! i also started naruto shippuden but paused at around episode 150 because uchiha itachi’s d*ath still makes me upset so. hehe i watched attack on titan with my sister (she watched with me around s2 already lol) we both become invested! and very much excited for the next season!

how about you? what have you been up to lately? talk to me! <3

stay safe, everyone!

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Long time no talk I guess! I haven’t really been very active on here. I’ve been so busy with college and life that I just lost all motivation but today I’ve made the decision to start posting on here again. 

I’m currently working on making my blog pretty again and making it look pretty as well as functional. I’ve given it a little makeover but plan on changing the actual blog layout soon. 

I’m currently working on making a masterlist of all my posts too so hopefully I can compile as many of my posts into that as I can find. I do have 11000 posts on here so it might be hard. 

If you want to see a more in depth look into my life then head over to my Instagram @ studyatthedisco

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- 6/15/20 -

today is my last day of school! currently feeling a lot of emotions about it. grateful for the time i had, sad i couldn’t get more time, and maybe hopeful for next year. i’m going to be a senior in high school next year which is scary since i’ve been running this as a studyblr account since the start of my sophomore year. i’m still going to be active because i have a paid internship and am partaking in a (paid!) summer advanced class. i may have lost my job but i’m making up for it this summer:)

either way, these are notes from when i took the AP exam and here’s what i’m planning to do today:

  • work on training with my dog
  • work on my bullet journal (pics coming soon!!)
  • continue painting my theatre themed sneakers
  • finish a season of a show
  • play the sims !

listening to: right back where we started from - maxine nightingale

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- - Write one sentence. Research. Erase three sentences. Research, research and more research. Sip coffee. Cry. - -

Trying to keep working and not be disheartened.

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