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I’ve had a really productive morning. I finished revising and translating my research project I need to send to Germany and I still have energy to continue working after lunch. 

I went sales shopping yesterday. It is funny because I broke my foot almost two months ago and I only wear my mountain boots since then and until I recover completely, so I won’t be able to wear the new clothes during another couple of months. But anyways.

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Plight by Joseph Beuys, 1985 

(Thank you @salonlouisgervais for the spot-on tip!)

“The installation consists of two spaces lined with thick rolls of felt. Once inside, the visitor experiences a sense of warmth and an ambivalent sense of isolation or insulation, of being both protected and cut off from the world…  The ambivalence and complexity of the work are reflected in its title, which evokes ideas of danger and constraint, and also obligation, and with it, promise. “

Thoughts: material study, textile as wall finish.

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