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Day 7/100 - hundered days of productivity

Have forgotten to update yesterday so here is what I did:

  • Went to the post room
  • Did my workout
  • Start a diet plan
  • Learning how to sew

Really have to get back to studying but I just can’t be bother or isn’t productive enough for that. So I’m working on that.

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Disarida calistigim bir gun olduuu hava aldim gezdim sevgilimle zaman gecirdim ve iyi oldu ve guzeldi. Dun karin agrilari ve zorlu bir gundu bir de tatli krizleri djsnwkks anladiniz siz 🤓🤓🤓 neyse iste yarin bu cektiklerimde hafifliceek sabah parka yurumeyi bir tur atmayi (yaklasik 4km) sonra bir kahve guzel bir ders calisma tabii en bi sevdigimle ardindan eve donuus 👌🏻 bazal metabolizmamin cokcok altnda kalori almamaya calisicam spor yuruyus icin enerjim olmali 8 hazirandan itibaren chole t. Spor videolarindan kendime yonelik 2 haftalik bir seri hazirladim oncesinde tartilip olculcem de bakalimm ne olcak 🧚🏻‍♀️ herkese mutluluk

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Feeling like your life is empty……

Tired of being unproductive……

Tired of doing nothing……

Tired of this endless procrastination……

Tired of those people trying to belittle your ambitions and disturb your peace of mind…….

If you are experiencing this condition right now, my deepest sympathy goes to you….

Honey!! you’re not alone…..

These days are not going to stay forever…

Time will reveal a brighter future and vision towards yourself…..

And it will be very wise of you if you choose to create a day worth living…..don’t let others ruin your day……

“Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already”

Do something for you and for others…

Try something new….

Study, learn a new language, improve your english, eat healthy, exercise, improve your social skills, read, take care of yourself, help others and be kind please especially kindness towards others….. Be the oil that eases friction, the music that brings harmony to desperate souls….

Set up goals, change your bad habits, push yourself to the best…no one is going to do that for you…. This is your life, your journey….

Believe in your dreams….your dream is the comfort when you occasionally falter…..the compass that guides you when you feel astray…..the inviolable bastion against social woes…. It’s the anchor that holds you through life’s storms……

Please, wake up……

Never grudge yourself a helping hand….

Be a better version of yourself….

Let your acts speak about you……

In short, we have to stop this procrastination and actually be productive…. For our mental health and to feel better ….

So I’m restarting a productivity challenge and I will be posting the achievements of each day here on tumblr….

It’s your turn now to restart……

Good luck for everyone of you😊


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Palmela says hi!

Org chem and physics practice for test tmrw!

I had a busy day! Friends and I had our weekly “check-up call” today! I miss seeing them everyday :(

How’re you guys keeping in touch with friends/family/SOs?

Stay safe xx

PS. thank you guys SO MUCH for 325 followers! I love you! ❤️ Thank you for the constant support, it truly keeps me going! ❤️ This community is wonderful and welcoming and SO SO supportive, I’m so glad to be a part of it!


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Day 7/100

i reviewed more gen chem material from last semester again today!

i didn’t do much today, but i’ve been signing petitions and watching videos on youtube where the creator is donating their revenue for the BLM cause. as a start please check out stephanie soo and zoe amira’s channels.

song recommendation of the day: 3:00 am by finding hope

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— 3 June 2020

my aquaculture technology notes 🐠🦐🐟

I’m kinda sad that i’m spending half of my senior year at home because of quarantine and the other half will be spent doing my internship so i barely have time to enjoy my last year with my schoolmates but it is what it is,,, here’s to better days ahead + stay safe everyone !! 💪🏼🌈

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week 2 notes from the extinction course i’m doing! my string of hearts plant is one of my favourites but as soon as i moved it for this photo, it all tangled up at the ends oops 😬 i hope you’re all doing well and staying safe!

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Day 42 and 43 of 100 days of productivity

2 days until the first exam.

I wanted to study in the garden but it’s black fly season so I guess it’s out of question for now.

Take care.

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Ya sigues esta cuenta 🤔 🤔

Hoy les traigo un apunte “informativo” como propósito decidí hacer un apunte a la semana de temas que en lo personal me hubiera gustado saber con anterioridad, así que hoy les dejo esto sobre el músculo palmar.

Y no olvides seguirme en instagram COCUYORK

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