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↳january 18th, 2021

Did 2021 start out perfect for me? Absolutely not. I started off the year crying. But that’s okay ツ
School has been kicking me. Last week and most likely this week, has been incredibly stressful due to midterms. BUT, the good has been outweighed the bad so far. So let me just list some,
I’m dating someone and they literally make me the happiest i’ve ever been. I’m working out again and I feel so much better. My mental health, while it still isn’t the best, is doing much better compared to last year. I’m feeling more confident in myself and I’m finally taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m trying to think for myself for once.
2020 was the year I planned to really turn things around for myself. But that never happened. So 2021, I’m trying to not make excuses. I’m doing things for me and I’m trying to let go of my stresses. So far, its working. While we are still in a pandemic, I’m trying to make the most of what I can do right now, while trying to keep myself and my friends safe.
Making my bed everyday has been something I tell myself to do. Its a small thing, but it gives me a sense of productivity in some aspects.
I also started reading Super Fake Love Song! Its pretty good so far! Also, its the first book of 2021 I’m reading woohoo!
I wish everyone a safe and amazing 2021 <3 stay safe
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I need advice, would a bussiness engineer degree be better than a systems engineer degree in a shattered central American economy?

I like both they have their perks, but also i want to get a master degree with an overseas schoorlarship, would that be easier with a bussines degree or a systems degree?

Please send advice this way I will much appreciate it

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Over the next few weeks I’m gonna be

  • Learning through online school
  • Doing 100 days of productivity
  • Sewing hopefully a skirt
  • Embroidering some stuff for friends
  • Watching anime (I just started Haikyu so I’m hoping it drags less as I continue watching)
  • And watching my favourite youtubers and streamers (jacksepticeye, valkyrae, sykkuno, corpse, Jodi, etc.)

So uhm wish me luck

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I have a really bad headache rn so I don’t feel like editing pics… I’ll just update this post and my 16th day of productivity tomorrow when I feel better. 

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🎨finnish word/idiom of the day🎨


(puhek.) tumblr

onks sul tumppua?- do you have tumblr?

onks sillä tumppu?- do they have tumblr?

hän näyttää siltä, että hänellä on tumppu- they look like they have tumblr.

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This film was compulsory viewing for our Documentary Film module :)

Directed by: Werner Herzog

Music by: Popol Vuh

Cinematographer: Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein

Editor: Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus

Release Year: 1974

Running Time: 45 mins

Language: German

My Rating: 4 / 5


An exploration of Walter Steiner, a celebrated ski-flyer (similar to ski-jumping but characterised by higher jumps) with a full time occupation in carpentry. The documentary showcases his quest for a world record in ski-flying whilst also showing the dangers involved in the sport.

What I Liked:

  • The use of slower tempo, yet optimistic music over the footage of ski-flying. This created more emotional investment in the outcome of the jumps.
  • The amount of footage shown of failed jumps. This emphasised the danger of the sport, the willpower of the athletes, and the skill involved.
  • The interviews with Steiner feel very authentic and emphasise his personality.
  • I found it interesting to see the juxtaposition of Steiner’s demeanour in interviews which seemed somewhat nervous, with his confidence when jumping and in post-jump interactions. It showed a deep love of the sport.
  • Herzog played a visible role in the film, both as narrator, and appearing on camera. This is different from in his other films. After a little research I read that this was due to the fact that this film was made as part of a series aired on German TV and the station required him to appear on camera.
  • I like that the time spent working on the film is mentioned within it, making the documentary process itself as much of a part of the finished product as the subject of Steiner and ski-flying.
  • The shots in which Steiner is preparing for a jump, are filmed from a distance with a dirty frame. This makes it feel as though they were filmed secretly. Almost as though the viewer is watching some sort of sacred ritual being practiced that outside eyes are usually not able to see.
  • I like that one of the focuses of the film is the issues with non-athletes within the sport (e.g judges) not listening to experienced athletes when they express concerns with about the dangers of certain jumps. Instead pushing them to do the jumps because they will ‘set records’. A quote about this that I found to be particularly important being: “…they keep saying I brood too much, meaning I have to break my skull before they believe me.”
  • A more human side to athletes is shown, and the pressure that they feel to be the best and set records, as well as the crises that this pressure can lead to. 
  • The use of birds as a link to ski-flying. Both visually, and in the story Steiner tells about his pet raven. The raven story almost feeling like an allegory. The harassment of the raven by other ravens linking to the way that Steiner is harassed by people within the sport to take larger risks.

Final Thoughts:

Although films about sport are not part of my typical viewing and not something I would usually seek out, I am glad that I had to watch this as compulsory viewing for the module as I enjoyed watching it. It was more than ‘a film about sport’ or just about an athlete, and more about a persons hopes, fears, and personality.

I also found the film to be inspiring in that Steiner talked of his fears before a jump, and that those fears never got easier, yet he faced them head on. Yet the message I took from it isn’t to simply face all fears head on no matter what, but also to respect your judgement. Something Steiner did when he voluntarily shortened the height of his jumps when those in charge didn’t listen to his safety concerns. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this film, more so than I thought I would.

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14/100 DAYS

studied till late last night, so updating my progress now,

~ submitted my weekly journals

~ iconic figure rough draft 1/3rd completed

~ studied CGU, annotated

Got back to forest app again ;P after a short breakup phase back with my forest app😛

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(1) (of a number of people) jump on top of another person or one another so as to form a disorderly heap.

(2) (of a number of people) join in directing critical or abusive comments at another person or group.

Sentence I read it in: And they are spending their days dogpiling me. (x)

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School had reopened from today, which also happens to be my birthday. Just finished organizing my messy study table. I could never ever get it aesthetically pleasing enough like others though. I hope this motivates me to study more. Now off I go to do all my homework and rewrite the notes I took in class.

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I love myself and honestly you should try your best to love yourself too because the moment you do that, you’ll see that life isn’t as bad as it sometimes might seem like. You should love yourself unconditionally just like you might love you dog or cat or any other pet you might have.

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life is a neverending chain of subtle changes here and there. a result of multiple trial-and-errors.

my study blog may not be perfect, but it changes. it is the result of multiple things, aesthetics and methods i have tried and i will continue trying.

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January study challenge!

18. food while studying?

Does coffe count? But I mostly eat gummy bears. My current favourite is this.


Or some home made cookies made by my dad.

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an amount of money spent on something

Sentence I read it in: Does international trade benefit a nation when it’s revenue from selling abroad exceeds its outlays from buying abroad?

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01.17.21 | m o n d a y

it’s a rainy day today and i’m in a mood that fits it well.

ALSO! i changed up my blog a lil! i found a theme by @shudesigns and i’m still working out how to change it up.

i kinda want to try a black background for my bujo photos, should i try it out?

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Parasocial Relationships

One sided relationships, where one person extends energy, interest and time, and the other party, the persona, is completely unaware of the other’s existence.

most common among - celebrities, organizations (like sports teams), or television stars

Sentence I read it in: i cant find my previous post on the topic but another reminder for all of us about being careful with parasocial relationships! (x)

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Date: January 18, 2021 - Monday

Days of productivity: 18/365

Got some early studying done today.

Goals for today:

1. Complete math work.
2. Read bio lessons.
3. Practice question papers for exam.

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