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// 2020 quarantine challenge - take a picture of your most colourful notes

My notes aren’t usually abnormally colourful - but here’s some user design notes and a bujo page from last year to match!

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in a bullet journaling rut? unsure of what to bujo? try some of these spread ideas, both conventional and unconventional, to include in your 2020 bullet journal and belong!! 

these are categorized based on different traditional bullet journal categories.

the basics 

  • year in pixels 
  • yearly overview 
  • habit tracker 
  • sleep tracker 
  • food and drink tracker 
  • [insert year here] schedule 
  • quarterly goals 
  • water tracker 
  • bucket list 
  • resolutions/goals 
  • best of the last year/last decade

learning about yourself / covering your person

  • about me 
  • words for this year 
  • birthday wish list 
  • [amount of years you are old this upcoming birthday] i learned before [upcoming age] 
    • example: 21 things i learned before 21 
  • favorite quotes 
  • a decade in review 

caring for yourself 

  • self care ideas
  • mindfulness ideas 
  • living in quarantine practices 
  • positive affirmations
  • date ideas 
  • dates with myself 
  • i.e. things you’d like to do with yourself that you’d enjoy. or self dates 
  • things to improve on 
  • workout plan 
  • gratitude log for this year 
  • gratitude log for previous year 

life organization

  • master grocery list 
  • ideal morning routine 
  • ideal evening routine 
  • yearly achievements 
  • brain dump 
  • weekly to do 
  • monthly to do 
  • things to sell 
  • wardrobe capsule 
  • cleaning routine 
  • daily to do 

surveying your life 

  • podcasts to listen to  
  • movies to watch 
  • tv shows to watch 
  • book reviews
  • places to go 
  • things i want to buy 
  • books i want to read 
  • playlists in the works 


  • assignments due 
  • dining dollars or meal exchange budget (if you guys have those are your schools) 
  • grade calculator 
  • grade tracker 
  • attendance tracker
  • courses left to take/courses you want to take 


  • needs vs wants 
  • income tracker 
  • no spend challenge 
  • 30 days or more
  • budgeting goals 
  • no spend ideas
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April is finally here 🌷 I don’t know if this is happening to you, but my professors are sending more assignments than they usually do and I have now less time than before the confination 🙃

Instagram: whoislales

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Quarantine day 1:

- Please stay at home, don’t go out instead of having to buy any basic necessities such as food,…

- Wearing health mask 😷, hat 🧢 before you go out, and washing your hand first when you go home.

- Keeping distance about 2 meters from people around you. Trying to not talking with strange people. Do not into crowds

I think this is the best time to rest, stay with family and focus on studying, reading something. Taking care of yourself, and I hope you would have the nice days. 💪

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You’re never going to be 100% ready and it’s never going to be just the right time, but that’s the point. It means that every moment is also the right moment. If you want it, you just have to do it.

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( tues, march 31 ) - day 13

spent a lot of time today working on a new spread for my planner… hopefully a daily schedule where I can plan out a more hour-by-hour thing will help me not sink into nothingness lmao

had therapy today too which helped a lot! ive definitely been having problems with anxiety, feeling trapped and helpless. schoolwork and planning helps a bit, but therapy is awesome. plus I met her cat and her dog today so bonus therapudicness

been working on job apps… with the pandemic happening obvs nowhere is hiring. but I have an almost certain lease starting in june, so… let’s get goingggg. tbh right now im thinking starbucks is gonna be a good bet!

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Today I went back to really study and I have so much to do. My teachers are burying us with work because of the online classes and I’m so tired already. But I’ll get through it. Tomorrow I’ll spend all my time studying again, which I love but it’s turning me a little crazy these days.


I studied economic journalism, politics and production and edition in audio. I’m really tired so I might go to sleep now, it’s 12:07am. I miss my boyfriend, my friends, my brother. I hate this virus. Anyway, maybe I’ll write tomorrow.

this is all for today.

eso es todo por hoje.

isso é tudo por hoje.

오늘은 여기까지.

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Welcome to chaos!!! This is my desk at home, which I haven’t seriously used in five years. It’s this clean because two years ago, I did some work for a professor over winter break and used it. I also cleaned it a little last summer. The cork board I actually changed around last night, but the rest of the mess? Oh boy. Watch this space, because I might try to organize it more. Or maybe not.

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3.31.20 first post in almost a year :’)

I was sent home from my study abroad program in Japan almost a week ago now, and I still feel so disoriented and I’m missing Japan so much. But because of that I’ve had to isolate myself in my room at home so I haven’t actually seen my family yet, but only 3 days left! My mom left some pretty daffodils and iced tea outside my room to brighten things up a little :)

Today is pretty much working on finishing my first draft for my J-E translation class final project. I’m translating a short story about nose hair…….

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