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I’ve finally passed this subject yay 🎉 I had the second-chance examination two weeks ago and I was really nervous, but I did it! 💪🏻

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26/10/2020 Monday

Sorry for this long text as I didn’t update after 22nd.

On 22nd, my exams got done and I had a review session on 23rd where we discussed how was the first term. Since online classes are a new pedagogy, students had some some suggestions for making second term a bit better. I really hope they consider those. ( And It would be really good if the college is open and classes will be onsite).

I had a peaceful weekend with no worries for deadlines, assignments and exams. So parents and me decided to go for a long drive. I had pizza and met a cute Cocker Spaniel. Those two days were soo calm. It was a much needed rest after three months of hectic schedule.

Today my second term started. For this term, I have two electives, Understanding Film and Identities of Plural Society. Also along with my core stream, Print, I’m taking another steam, New Media as part of my integration course.

I don’t have any assignments today, but I have some notes to complete. So I’m just having rice and started watching Emily in Paris

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// 26.10.20 //

some before and after pictures! i felt really crappy throughout the duration of the weekend so when i woke up this morning i cleaned up my desk space and my bed! it feels good to get back to a clean organizer area.

it snowed last night and it’s barely above freezing level, so time for chunky sweater and scarves :)

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• how are you doing in online school?•

My uni must sound so trashy because I’m always complaining but their online class gear it’s truly not the best 😔 but at least I have an oficial scheduled. Some of my friends have to wait till class to know if it will be presedencial or online.

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Confession time, I haven’t really started studying yet to retake the MCAT. I’ve been using some of my free time to tutor online in biology and psychology which has been fun and allowed me to increase my grocery budget slightly. I have a couple days off this week that I will be using to study general chemistry.

Please enjoy the picture of my cactus. Their name is Steel Wool.

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26th of October 2020

I’m waking up so early today so I can get cracking on studying biology… as a biology major I don’t understand anything my professor says… some of the blame is on me because I can’t even focus to save my life but the professor basically reads off of the slides and calls it a day soooo💀

Ummm also it’s the third week of the semester things are going to start to pile up on me if I don’t focus now… I really need to do well ✨

btw I have zero lights on in my room (except for my studying lamp) so imagine how’s that like for me <3 it’s so nice

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October 25, 2020

While being productive is heavily praised in the studyblr community; I wanted to add a post all about ways to reduce stress as us students are typically stressed with all of the demands of school. We all need to take time to love and appreciate our minds and bodies.


  • Taking a break from work does not make you a failure
  • It is important to be patient with yourself in a time during uncertainty
  • Growth can still be found in stillness
  • You cannot be perfect
  • It is okay to fail, in fact it is human to fail. It’s about how you learn from those failures

Habits for better mental health:

  • Journal
  • Exercise
  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Listen to music and sing your heart out (my personal fav)
  • Stretch and hydrate
  • Snuggle up with a pet
  • Meditation!
  • FaceTime a friend

While I realize school may take up most of your time, your mental health always needs to be a priority! If anyone has anything to add to this list feel free to add below !!! 💗

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