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Day 1 of Online Classes: I Hate This Already

Classes have been moved to online and last week was our Spring Break. Well…“spring break”. Being home is not what I wanted, but everything thing is pretty much shutdown…so I’m stuck here.

To Do List: *School*

  • The DQs being answered
  • Short Story Assignment
  • Philosophy Essay
  • Comm Project 🙄
  • Technical Writing Project

To Do List: *Home*

  • Finish up cleaning my room
  • Reorganize my books
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March 21, 2020
Being at home means I actually have to learn to share the desk space with plants. It used to be that because of my long lab hours before, I would simply let them take over and do whatever pleased.
It also might not be helping that I am becoming perpetually distracted by all the plants….

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Sabato: tra parole che capisco e non comprendo.

Sabato: giorno di clausura che adesso non ricordo. Il fatto che io non possa uscire, o che comunque non possa spostarmi con la macchina, non mi pesa molto. Ieri ero così disperata per l'esame che non avevo altro a cui pensare.

Nota positiva di questa clausura: la scoperta di serie coreane.

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It’s officially that time of the semester: we’ve hit the halfway mark with only around two months left until summer. You’ve either finished midterm season or are about to start. Most likely just thinking about those hot summer days is making this cold (literally) and stressful midterm season a bit better. 

But, the question is, now that midterms are over what do I do now? 

For me, once midterms finish and a brief moment of relief is attained, it suddenly dawns on me that I am still very behind schedule and the stress bubbles up again. Chances are you’re feeling the same and you are looking for a way to get back into a rhythm. 

It can be a struggle to achieve a balance between your academic, professional, and social lives, especially after you’ve poured your heart, body, and mind into a week or so of midterms. 

So, here are some tips you may find useful while you gear up for another possibly hectic month:

Get back to restoring your energy. Whether this includes catching up on sleep, eating and going back to your pre-midterm diets, or staying hydrated, make sure to reset your system and get that energy back.

You may feel like you’re running in circles. It could be the dissatisfaction with your performance and how you handled midterm season or the feeling of giving into old habits or just simply the end goal becoming fuzzy, the list could go on. 

So STOP! Breathe. Take an hour to just fall apart. But come back and then take a moment to observe and see what’s going on. We tend to keep obsessing over the small things that went wrong instead of focusing on what went right. So don’t rush to move on from midterms. Instead, keep in mind both the rights and wrongs and learn from them equally. Use what you’ve learned to build your path to a successful winter semester.

Clean up! Declutter your physical and mental spaces. These are what I like to call, midterm mess and residual thoughts.

You just finished a big chunk of the semester and you deserve a reward. So treat yourself whether that’s with food, a night out, Netflix binge or anything that will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Disconnect to connect! Know that it’s okay to take a few days off to yourself to let your mind and body rest. You need to save energy and get ready to create more as the semester’s not quite over yet. Use this time off to fuel your motivation for the upcoming months.

Put all your thoughts on paper! Instead of having everything jumbled in your brain, visually seeing the thoughts racing around in your mind would help you better understand and remember things. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to reflect, then the next best step would be planning out a schedule for the two months left. Make sure to not only allocate time for studying but keep time for your extracurricular commitments. Balancing external factors has a direct relationship with your internal emotions and behaviour, so try focusing on your positive achievements. 

Of course, there are so many other ways to hit refresh, and you should use what works best for you. But just remember to take care of yourself and know that even the little steps make a difference! Start small and aim big. Hit Refresh!

- Love, Ryerson SMASH 

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Hello my loves! Today I shall give yall some news. No i aint dying or pregnant. The past week or so I have decided to change my major. Well a month actually, but this week was me contemplating it. I have chosen to change it to forensic science. I love the subject. I decided this because I have been struggling a lot (A LOT) with this semester and I don’t know if that is cuz of the level of the courses, my family, school, or what.

I believe in signs and I think this weekend brought me a few signs. Most of the Comm classes aren’t helping me with my journalism/writing career (about 2 classes has). My minor classes are cuz well my minor is professional writing. I belive in tarot and I have 3 (the wild unknown, the everyday tarot, and playing cards) and all 3 decks have told me yes. One of my best friends does too and hers said maybe and the overall message was to be cautious, seek advice, but trust your guts.

So tomorrow, I’m going to go to my counsler and tell him my decision. I did ask him beforehand a few weeks ago so he does know I have been debating on this subject. My mom still needs to do my FASFA (she is the queen of FASFA)…off topic) but she did say she’ll do it tomorrow. The courses may be a little challenging ish but I’ll struggle through it. I also have felt very behind from everyone else cuz everyone else is on top while with my extension on assignments, I feel behind.

It has been a honor to work with the Communications major, meeting others, but my time has come to end with it. Hopefully I can still stick with Tuesdays/Thursdays schedule for Fall 2020. If not, I’ll suffer waking up 3 days a week again. If you have been debating on changing your major, research on that major first. If you already know what is to come, then do it. It is all up to you. I shall go my loves 💜

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What’s up Mi Loves! If you’re new here I am Nacy. A 5th year univ student. How u doin’? Study with me! 


 This channel is about my journey to becoming a CPA. Then soon a lawyer. (Or who knows where God will take us, right?) 



 Always remember! The things you make time for will find its way back to you. Let’s choose how we spend our hours wisely. 


 Let’s get to know each other!! 

 I n s t a g r a m: 

T w i t t e r: 

C o l l a b s: 


Age: 21 

Nationality: Filipina 

Editor: Kinemaster/Final Cut Pro

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学 学

Tip to study # 二

If the teacher is dictating write with pencil so that you can organize your notes after and don’t have to use 2 sheets

Si le prof est en train de dicté rapidement, écrivez en crayon pour organiser votre notes après, et comme ça vous n’utilise pas plus feuille

Si el maestro dicta muy rápido toma nota a lápiz para corregir después y así no gastas muchas hojas

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