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I met up with the lit club of the university, and oh god they’re lovely
My ethics class was super fun, we discussed how homosexuality was treated in medieval india which I didn’t think was a topic my university was liberal enough to broach
Today was great

Listening to: Hard Feelings by Lorde

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Leyla makes Vinnie cry in class 😱

I don’t know why I made this, I just felt like making more artwork that involved my school bully character, leyla the brown bear. Because Vinnie was based off of CARTOON CAT, I made his tears BLACK instead of the “original blue tear color” they would always add in cartoons. Vinnie is holding a book supposedly trying to do his work while trying to ignore leyla tattling on him to the teacher. Vinnie is a GOOD character, so he would never do anything wrong in school; he’s innocent.

Credit @katelynntheg

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535 | I am not actually one of those people who drinks iced coffee year round. I get cold, and besides, there are so many great hot drinks out there, why not go for those. So you can tell when I’m posting older photos by the presence of the iced coffee, lol. 

Still getting into my post student life. Still kind of taking a break and mildly ignoring my emails. Very much so have to stop doing that and finish up my job hunt. 

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My poem got selected for the competition! And also I overslept and missed my debate team practice 🤦‍♀️
I barely studied today, so I’d say I wasn’t so productive. But I’d catch up tomorrow

Listening to: Be Kind by Halsey

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hello everyone~ 

So i had to temporarily shift rooms (but idk when I’ll get mine back >.<) and I’ve lost the usual “aesthetic” setup that i photograph… so I thought I’d take a break from posting for a while.

Until today when I got annoyed and spent an hour trying to make this desk look sort of cute? I mean I did my best with what i had at hand but this is the best its gonna look i think,,,, probably not pretty enough for tumblr but whatever. This is what my current setup looks like lol.

Things haven’t been the best for a while but we try to get through each day the best we can I suppose. I made a fan account on twitter (how 2011 of me, I know) and ended up meeting some lovely people online,,, and I’ve been trying to push myself to do more stuff too despite this slump I’m in. Not to mention assignment season is approaching soon and I’ll have many deadlines to meet ;;

I hope you guys have been having a good October so far, what have you been upto? It’d be nice to have a chat i think hehe ^^

🎧Confession is not flashy- Kyuhyun

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