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French vocabulary on time, timing, and speeds


Timing of arrival

être à l'heure = to be on time

être ponctuel = to be punctual

être en avance = to be early

être en retard = to be late

être à la bourre = to be running late (familiar)

être pressé = to be in a hurry

l'heure de pointe = rush hour


tôt = early

tard = late

de bonne heure = early (lit. at a good hour)

sans tarder = at once (lit. without delay)

dès que possible = as soon as possible

 Expressions about speed

démarrer sur les chapeaux de roues = to take off like a shot (lit. to set out on the caps of wheels; familiar)

démarrer en trombe = to set out in a whirlwind 

y aller mollo = to take it easy/slow (lit. to go about something slowly; familiar)

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things to do in your target language for studying


Originally posted by lesspixelsplease

  • write down sentences/words & make sure you say them out loud
  • make flashcards (digital flashcards to be more sustainable!)
  • start a journal to write down new vocabulary that you learn
  • watch a show and repeat what you hear out loud
  • listen to music and translate parts of the lyrics
  • narrate your actions out loud
  • find a friend to practice speaking or texting with
  • try to incorporate new vocabulary as much as you can in your sentences
  • write journal entries everyday (this especially helps if you’re struggling with immersing yourself)
  • while watching shows, actively write down new words that you find interesting
  • learn vocab of objects, places, emotions, people, etc. around you (aka vocab that you will use the most often in daily life)
  • learn synonyms of words that you already know
  • create a small, achievable goal to complete everyday (ex. learn one new word, write 3-5 sentences, read lyrics or a small paragraph out loud)
  • change one of your app’s language settings; don’t change your whole phone’s language, it’ll stress you out even more (coming from experience). baby steps!
  • follow influencers on social media that are native speakers (captions in their posts are good for learning new vocab)
  • be confident! it’s okay to struggle, you’re still learning :)
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Small update: I just learned that shifting realities is a thing and it’s really interesting. I also think the dark academia aesthetic is starting to grow on me, it’s probably because I started reading Harry Potter again and decided to watch the first movie last night!

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I’m starting my French lessons for this year people! This grammar book is amazing, but I can’t stand the color brown so it’s killing me a little every time I open it 😂😂

I decided to study on the couch for a change today since I only needed one book at a time. To be honest I skipped a few pages and started the next chapter, but I’ll go back tomorrow and do the rest. I also have a production orale to prepare and that will come really close to murdering me, but I hope it won’t 😂😂

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random french vocabulary


Originally posted by oishi-des

changing it up a bit by making a french vocab list!! i lost a lot of my french vocab over the summer and i need to relearn it for school ^_^

*note: pink indicates feminine words and blue indicates masculine words!

agrafeuse - stapler

différence - difference

montre - wristwatch

classeur - binder

horloge - clock

taille-crayon - pencil sharpener

élève - middle/high school student

étudiant(e) - college student

camarade de chambre - roommate

copain/copine - close friend

librairie - bookstore

emploi du temps - schedule

les lettres - humanities

droit - law

gestion - business

mari - husband

époux/épouse - spouse

demi-frère - half brother

belle-sœur - sister-in-law/step sister

les petits-enfants - grandchildren

neveu - nephew

voisin(e) - neighbor

banlieue - suburbs

yaourt - yogurt

addition - bill

glace - ice cream

les glaçons - ice cube

naissance - birth

amitié - friendship

ceinture - belt

cravate - tie

jupe - skirt

chaussure - shoe

vol - flight

douane - customs (at an airport)

départ - departure

arrivée - arrival

ascenseur - elevator

les étages - floor/stage

ensuite - then, next

lit - bed

this list was a lot longer than i thought it would be haha…i still have more vocab so i plan i posting french vocab lists for clothing, adjectives, verbs, etc! pls look forward to it <3

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Originally posted by gifsodiana92

My name is Eli and I’m TRYING to learn French. Believe me, I don’t know anything about it. So, I will post everything that I’m learning here and if you want to join me, enchantée(yes, googled that)

Whatever I post will be based on reliable sources like books or websites. And please, don’t forget to teach us more of the subject if you know :)

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Clouds in French

un nuage- cloud

la météorologie- meteorology

une gouttelette- droplet

une nue- cloud (archic/poetic)

la vapeur d’eau- water vapor

la néphophobie- nephophobia, fear of clouds cloudy

humide- damp, humid, moist

exhaler- to exhale

être sur un petit nuage- to be over the moon, to be very happy (lit. to be on a little cloud)

se perdre dans les nuages- to speak too loftily and vaguely (to lose oneself in the clouds)

avoir la tête dans les nuages- to have one’s head in the clouds


Originally posted by sapphirerose818

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Originally posted by min-kyung


I’m Melina and this is my studyblr! It will also vaguely be a langblr, since what I will be studying is languages.

I’m from Greece and I’m currently studying translation to and from Greek, English and French. My level in French is not so good (I have a B2 degree and will take the exam for C1 this December probably, but I’m not so comfortable with French in general), so I decided to share my journey with you guys, hoping this will motivate me more. I will also be posting a lot of Japanese as well, since I’ve been studying it for a year and I really enjoy it! Plus, mostly during the exam period, I will be posting stuff from uni as well!

What I will be posting:

  • French notes
  • Japanese notes
  • Uni stuff about translation
  • Interesting facts I learn during uni projects
  • Mini writing challenges in French and Japanese
  • Coffee (this is the most important one tbh)


  • Anime
  • Kpop
  • Exercising
  • Books
  • Random science stuff
  • Cats

I hope to be inspired by the Studyblr community and someday even be an inspiration for someone as well. I’m looking forward to studying with you guys!

Feel free to message me anytime!

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Today I feel super tired and exhausted physically I’m beating myself up so much for not being productive because I had a lazy weekend. I’m on my journey of relearning to be disciplined and consistent. I’ve been doing so well this past week and took a breather over the weekend due to being ill because of my period. Right now I’ll take a short nap, wake up and study.

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