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#study habits

Hii a question to the studyblr community:

How exactly do you fall in love with certain subjects. Or rather, learning as whole itself?

I’ve been trying to be productive but i can’t get myself to do anything. I thought that maybe its a study slump and i need a couple of days of doing nothing and i did exactly that but i just feel so so so tired of studying at this point. I really want to improve in everything over this whole ‘break’ but like, this weird slump is getting in the way.

So maybe if i could get myself to actually like what I’m trying to study, it could help a lot with my connection with the subjects (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) (also if it helps in the advice-giving, I’ve never really liked these subjects before but i REALLLY need to do them some way or the other)

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Quarantine Study Tips

If you’re like me and you’ve still got deadlines despite the global pandemic, this list is for you! These are a few of the tips that have helped keep me on track while having no structure whatsoever.

1. Maintain a routine

While it’s easy to fall into the habit of sleeping in and getting to your work when you get to it, it helps SO much if you get up at the same time every day, make yourself breakfast, get on some comfortable clothes and get on it. The earlier you get started on your work the easier it is to stick with it!

2. Get out of your pajamas

I’m saying don’t stay in the clothes you slept in. I’ve been living in leggings but I get out of bed and change into leggings (and a cozy sweater/cardigan). Definitely work in what you’re comfortable in, but not what you slept in.

3. Have something that makes you look forward to the work.

A tasty breakfast, your favourite tea, a good playlist, making aesthetically pleasing notes whatever you like. It makes you start the day on a good note!

4. Have a study space

Again, doesn’t have to be fancy but somewhere that you associate with school work and being productive.

5. Maintain some sort of activity.

Now that we’re all self isolating we are losing even the bare minimum of the activity we used to get, walking around campus for example. I spend at least 30 mins a day doing yoga, it’s low impact, makes me feel great and there’s a million YouTube yoga classes!

6. Take breaks.

While is feels unproductive, most of us having nothing but time to do this work. Take a break! Video chat your friends. Play games with your family. Take your dog for a walk. Have a nap. Make a snack. Breaks are healthy!!

7. Take care of yourself

In what ever way you can. This is a scary situation for everyone and you’re allowed to feel however you want about it. If you’re struggling, reach out! Most universities have procedures in place including wellness teams and relaxed extension policies. Stay connected with family and friends. The houseparty app is amazing! And please, please wash your hands and don’t go out unless absolutely necessary 💕

My inbox is always open! Feel free to drop me a message about anything.

Happy studying everyone 💕

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Aye aye!

Soooo it’s quarantine time because corona. I mean honestly the quarantine didn’t effect me much because i stay at home anyways, but like… my plans of going to cafes and shtuff got kinda soiled. But other than that!!! I spent this time watching a LOT of anime and rewatching a few others!!

So i recently watched Banana Fish and DAMN it was good.

And then today i randomly realised that all these days after my exams have been totally non productive. Like ive done ABSOLUTELY nothing.

So from tomorrow onwards, imma be starting 100 days of productivity. I tried to do it once before but…. eheh i kinda failed at keeping up. But this time for sure.

Ayt so Imma get back to doing math.

Im actually doing the 11th grade parts all over again but this time for the purpose of preparing for IIT-JEE (a major engineering exam here in India), cus i jadnt been paying attention in the coaching (yes i know, big fricking mistake, and im an idiot). But nothings gonna happen if i dont try. I cant just give up like that now can i.

Stay at home and stay safe y'all!!! Keep yourselves healthy and hydrated!!! Take care!!!!!

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Hello there! 

So my university just recently went from

“summer break and a two week quarantine afterwards ” 


“The rest of the semester will be online”

and I just wanted to share how I’m going to deal with the transition. I’ll try and keep my anxieties to myself about all that is happening and just let you know what I plan on doing. 

Please note: I am fortunate enough to be in the same timezone as my university, and therefore my professors, I have acceptable internet access available to me and I don’t have drastic life changes i.e. being incoming freshman or graduation. This is just all I could think of on the spot.


1. Try an be productive over break-Sounds stupid I know, its break and no one expects you to be productive but believe me it will be much easier to get in the grove of things when classes start up again. 

2. Find a dedicated space to work in that’s not your bedroom- It’s going to be even harder to separate work and leisure during this time.

3. Online planners are a lifesaver- It’s easy to forget about deadlines and dates

4. Keep to your regular schedule- Most of my profs are trying to keep the same schedule; uploading materials at the same time as classes, zoom sessions at the same time, online office hours, etc so this is easier for me than most; keeping the same dedicated time to your classes will, again, keep you in the grove of being productive.

5. Get ready like you’re still physically going to classes- get dressed to get yourself in the right head space.

6. Act like you’re still in class- take notes, pay attention, active listening, keep track of questions to ask via email or whatever. 

7. Right now is a really good time to work on your written communication with your profs.

8. Email your professors ASAP about anything that could prevent you from getting work done- I have a couple of classes that I have to be on university computers for due to the incompatibility of personal computer and software required.  

9. Start your homework earlier than normal- In my experience, its usually more difficult to get help strictly via email so give some buffer time to figure things out.

10. Keep up with your classmates- Not just for social reasons, though it does help the cabin fever, they can be a valuable extra resource when you need help. 

Lastly, remember to be patient with yourself, your profs, your school, and the people around you. 

I’ll add more when I think of them. If you have anything to add, questions, or tips that I haven’t though feel free to share.

Good luck and all the best,


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So finally my exams are over!!!

And ive been spending my time sleeping and drawing! And also watching anime! And playing Mystic Messenger!! (lmao RIP sleep schedule)

Anyways! Ive been really happy lately ahah! I hope you’ve been doing good too!

How have your days been going? Tell me about it!

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If you have gone all or mostly digital, which apps do you use for your digital note taking? I use a combination of Goodnotes 5, Notability, and Noteshelf 🌿 I use goodnotes for my digital bullet journal and handwritten summaries, Noteshelf to read and annotate the many, many, M A N Y (😰) research papers I am reading and annotating to inform my thesis, and Notability for all my quick notes, thoughts, and to record meetings with my supervisor while I take notes on what we’re discussing (which is honestly such an awesome feature!) I’ve tried quite a few note taking apps throughout my paperless journey (including OneNote, Evernote, Drawboard, NotesWriter Pro, and XoDo), but I can honestly say these three hold up as the best of the best for me personally 🌌 Which apps are your faves or your go-tos?

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March 14th // work in progress captured during sunrise. i’m working on improving my mood to prevent a depressive episode and it’s actually working. i actually socialized yesterday.

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[11.03.20] ✧ 98 days of productivity

ft. decorations around my bed

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week – and washing their hands with all of this coronavirus stuff gong on. Yesterday UCSB moved all of their classes to remote instruction, so I don’t have to go to campus! Bittersweet though – I’m leaving on Saturday. 

Yesterday I sat at the beach with this girl for like, 4 hours, just hanging out, and it was really wholesome. I truly can’t process that this is my life and I’m leaving this place.

I know I don’t really post much about my romantic life on tumblr because I know literally anyone and everyone can read my page, but let’s just say it’s been a roller coaster. Haven’t spoken to my toxic ex in a while (which, for everyone who knows me, is a big deal), but it’s weird trying to rewind back to the feeling before you met the person you planned to spend the rest of your life with. 

I know people talk about “making friends” and “falling in love” when you go to school, but no one really talks about the many of ways they impact your academics (esp in studyblr spheres). I never in my life imagined I would miss an entire day of classes or an entire night of sleep out of pure sickness from a toxic relationship.

I just feel like there’s just a general miscommunication between me and the people in my life currently. Things just feel like they’re shifting and changing and I don’t know what to expect.

My mom and I packed the majority of the stuff from my apartment. It felt good.

I also have been frantically trying to write a paper that I did not realize was due today, but luckily my professor is super understanding of the fact that I’m moving out and that coronavirus is complicating things. Hopefully I can get it done and ready for editing asap.

For my ANTH 130 presentation we had to present a policy brief and we got the top presentation! It was a great feeling to see how well we worked together to make it successful, which is definitely an anomaly in an American institutional setting.

✧ Thesis editing / fix methods + add photos
✧ SOC190A paper + video
✧ ARTHI 5B and ANTH 130 group papers

✧ Mood: still conflicted, but euphoric
✧ Energy: 20%
✧ Sleep: 6h 

✧ Water: 7 glasses 

✧ Listening to: lose myself by lolo zouaï
✧ Skincare: getting so much better!! I’m convinced its the water at my old apartment!!

✧ What made me happy today: my momma
✧ What made me proud today: Still working on my assignments when it feels like classes our cancelled and it’s the end of the world

Wish me luck on these papers! xx

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Yeee! So time to revise everything and solve a bunch of questions.

Tomorrow is finally my chemistry exam. I procrastinated a lot in the past 3 days and i have to say that i regret doing that ahah. But it not like i can do anuthing about that now. I just gotta study and revise now. 11 hours to go before i can sleep at a time when ill still be left functional enough to write the test.

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I love studying right around this time because the sunlight gets reflected from the building next to ours and it just gives to perfect amount of sunshine to my room.

Anyways i think i might have to extend my study time for today if i want to finish todays set goals ahah. I need to stop procrastinating even when im not on my phone.

Ill work on that. For now i guess i should go study again yee!!!

How has your day been so far?

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I’ve got 3 whole days to study for chemistry, which is 15 chapters.

Today ill be making notes for 4 chapters that i somehow didnt get to. And at the same time ill try to learn them as well as i can so that i wont need to spen more time to go through them later. If i get the time ill do 3 of the easier chapter so that i can say that im done with half of the chapters in chemistry.

Aight im gonna study till 11p.m. today and ill get some sleep! Thsts the main target today which ill try my best not to need to go across.

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