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#study habits

I’d always put Buzzfeed Unsolved or Forensic Files on while I’m studying. Iced coffee and coffee shop background noise sometimes helps too. But I find it more effective for me to retain more information when I’m listening to something crime related. I find it really weird.🥴

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15 may 2020 [星期五]

It’s finals season again… I bet the trees on campus are really pretty right now 🌸

♡ eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) - IU

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- ̗̀3 day of something with korean  ̖́-

🌱finished reading rules

🌱tried reading bts song


I have + 1 history project(i hate school).It’s really too much cause now i have 3 projects and 1 test(im gonna die)

So i think i won’t sleep a lot of cause I HAVEN’T GOT ENOUGH TIME HELP ME PLS.

But its not bad.It makes me smarter(mb) and i can listen my music.

If no one said it today:

-i love you

-you’re not perfect but you musn’t be perfect

-do whatever you want to

-it’s your life so enjoy


-be kind to yourself

-read what you really want ,not what you should.

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{ 5-4-20 }

Deadweek officially begins today! One week with no classes to prepare for the upcoming finals.

To prepare for finals during deadweek, I find it useful to create a comprehensive week long study schedule. That’s not to say that you should determine what you’ll be doing every hour of every day (unless that works for you!), but rather put together a guideline for what needs to be finished every day for you to get what you need out of this time. For me, this looks like designating a certain number of lectures to review daily until the final exam.

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