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I’m freaking nervous!!!


Hi everyone!

I’ve got my very first test next Monday, and I’m really nervous about it. Ive been studying for it a lot, but it’s a very difficult subject and I don’t know how it will be… Also it’s my first online test so… hope everything goes well!

I wanted to let you know that I also decided to open an Instagram account for this blog, if you want you can find me here. I’ll be following back.

I hope everything is going well for all of you. Stay safe, summer is around the corner!

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Previously (I can’t even believe that 3 months have passed already) almost every day after my classes I went to coffee shops or libraries to do educational projects and take online courses because I can’t get together at home.
In coffee houses, I have my own ritual, which helps to tune in to healthy productivity:
☕️ I buy coffee (now tea, I make myself a detox coffee a couple of times a year), I need to do something while I’m thinking about ideas.
📝 I write a list of specific tasks in a notebook that needs to be done (usually 2-3)
📱 between tasks - pinterest or Instagram
🚃 after I made all the tasks from the list, I go home and never come up with new assignments for myself (if I agreed to do 2 tasks - I only do 2, be honest with yourself, do not cheat)
That’s why now it’s very difficult for me to stay at home all the time.
In general, I love little rituals, almost everywhere I want to come up with the most comfortable scenarios for myself.
How about you?

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Going back to school every second week has me spiking between extremes.

I have a hard time adjusting to my usual schedule each week back at school so it drains my energy and I end up doing nothing for half the week I study at home.

Then I start doing all my assignments in one go and return to a productivity time of around 8-9 hours.

To top that all off exams are happening all over the place (I gotta come to school for an hour long exam during my homeschooling week for example) and I am *stressed*.

All of this has resulted in me running on nothing but iced coffee and chocolate and I honestly hate myself for being this unhealthy but I can’t cope any other way.

In case anyone wants to talk about corona back to school/ pandemic study experiences feel free to hit me up.

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Сегодня день посвятила ТГП в основном.


Надо бы распечатать список тем для экзамена, чтобы точно сопоставить учебник и эти темы.

Надо активно дописывать билеты для ГОСа.

Надо внести правки в диплом. Не хочу, это не так интересно.

Надо написать заключение.

Столько всего надо, что я просто боюсь даже начать что-то делать, пугает объем
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7/100 и 8/100

24.05.2020, 25.05.2020

В первый день не заходила сюда, поскольку была на нервах от предстоящего экзамена и готовилась к юр переводу (немецкий)

А вот второй день… Экзамен.

Во-первых, были очень строгие правила, войти в конференцию в определенное время, показать студак.

Ты один. И три экзаменатора.

И потом, нельзя было поменять формат экзамена? Аудио с компа препода, у которого лагает связь🤣

А, еще. Нам дали тексты по юру на повтор. Но мне почему-то достался текст не из этого списка😅

Короче, было больно.

Но экзамен сдан на ОТЛИЧНО. Оценка - в диплом. Пар по немецкому больше не будет (в магистратуре обязательный один язык).

Просто правда было очень обидно. Да, стечение обстоятельств. Но получается, заниматься в течении семестра и готовиться смысла нет?

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May 27 /20

I’ve started a DND campaign with some new friends! I’ve never played before so it’ll be fun to see how making a character plays out. Also, guess who got an A+ on their midterm!!!

Book progress:

East of Eden: finished! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary: 23%


🎧 rich girls - the virgins 🎧

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French Practice, 5/27/2020

Today I worked on my months and days as well as translating a nursery rhyme to help teach myself some new words. My favorite word I learned today was fermiere. The pronunciation makes me feel nice and the word itself feeds into my cottagecore guilty pleasure.

(Sorry that the notes are messy I’m still learning how to make them pretty.)

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1/100 days of studying for my entrance test

Hello everyone! Today I’ve realized that 100 days are missing until I’ll (re)take the test in order to attend the university of vet medicine and so I’ve decided to start this challenge. There are two main reasons for this: 1)in this way I’ll be more productive 2)i wanted to post more on this blog so here we are
( of course I’m studying for this since months already)
  • Btw today I’ve revised some molecular biology and done a lot of quizzes on it.
  • Bonus pic: my cat who loves tanning on the rooftop
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Since my exams ended, I have been quite unproductive and it’s been more than a week. I still have some meetings for the Student Council and an independent project I’m doing but I haven’t been doing work. 

Today, I sat down and wrote a list of things i want to get done by the end of this summer and when I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to start on this list. I also found a bunch of application essays to review so I know how to write my own. As an INTP, I often have bursts of creative energy where I get a ton of ideas in a small amount of time. To deal with this properly, I record myself speak and then later, use the recordings to put it into writing. I already have some ideas for application essays. I’m going to try and brainstorm more tomorrow after I finish viewing a workshop on it and maybe even an online course. 

Let’s see how tomorrow goes!

Also, I think I’m going to soon get regular with my posts here.

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Day 10/70 till my entrance exam

  • Well today was an absolute nightmare to get past through, had really horrifying thoughts but I’m here now, I’m thankful.
  • I did some studying to distract and it worked Uwuwuwu 👉👈
  • Some chem notes+ physics questions
  • I’ve been at the same topics for 4 days now. Baffling, my strategy of not planning is clearly not working.
  • It’s almost day 11 now though?
  • And also, Honestly aren’t we past the point of why I keep my photocards on my notes ?????
  • I’ve always studied in my pajamas, it’s always worked for me. How about y'all?
  • My study buddy is finally on Tumblr now @ifpanicandanxietyeverhadachild 💜
  • Y'all are doing great, I’ll stop talking now.
  • Stay safe, stay healthy.

-Love, Lai🌻

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