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Oct. 26. 2020.

Had my last Didactics class of the whole career today. We had an amazing class and at the end we chatted, got to know where each of us is standing regarding graduating and how many subjects we have left. I now feel kind of empty. I have been waiting for this moment for the past four years of my life, but still, I remember my first day of first year, back in March 2017. This week will be full of nostalgia, memories and goodbyes. I can feel it. And it kinda saddens me because I’ve spent the last 4 years returning every March to that same place. Longing, yearning to return each March.

It has been a crazy ride, that’s for sure. Even more, this year made everything so different and unexpected. But in a way, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I think I wouldn’t have learned and grew as much as I did under these circumstances.

I still have assignments to hand in, and I have some more days to wait for my final grades in order to see if things flow as I want them to do. But all in all, I’m a baby step away from graduating, and that’s the best and weirdest feeling ever.

Have you experienced that? ~

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🐞Hey, study bugs🐞

I am back, with a new bullet journal and all!

Today’s achievements:

✅Did some chores around the house


✅ Did my “What can I do today to be better?” Tarot card

✅Completed my bullet journal

✅ Wrote my morning pages

✅ Studied the bit of civil procedure that I procrastinated yesterday

✅Read from a book I’ve been trying to finish for so long

✅Got my period on time! So yay for not being pregnant but nay for the pain🤣

🎵Listening to the Ultimate Halloween playlist on spotify- highly recommend for getting into the spooky mood🎃

🐞the people on my desktop are K-drama actors, Nam Jo Hyuk and Ji Soo

💜Stay well, loves!💜

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❅ 26.1O.2O2O

Readings and more readings, I really think that I am going insane before finishing and be able to start the reading sheet for every article.

「  Day 23 of studyblr community challenge - Tag someone whose blog you always check


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I’ve finally passed this subject yay 🎉 I had the second-chance examination two weeks ago and I was really nervous, but I did it! 💪🏻

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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- revision guides, revision guides REVISION GUIDES! did i mention revision guides?
trust me on this, i was failing science recently and my brother gave me a bunch of his old revision guides since he’s off to uni and they help sooo much.
ask your teachers about material in your subjects, flag it down in your revision books (i do this with those lil neon sticky notes) and study, study, study (reblogged a post or two on learning material for those who may need it - indirect recommendation from stalking my friend @mohkomx)
revise, rinse and repeat (make sure to takes breaks inbetween!) 

- going hand in hand with revision guides, studying from books, it reduces screentime and is just better for your eyes mind and health in general (plus i find i remember way more from books then from reading from my laptop?)

- music in the background, best to use plain stuff like lofi since i tend to find stuff with lyrics distracting (i listen to lofi livestreams on youtube) or plain piano - here’s my favourite list of songs!. if you’re from a noisy household like me, invest a pair of noise blocking headphones but don’t blast music, keep it at a medium-low sound level

-last but not least, notes are key, minimalist, highlighter-freak, whatever you are make sure you take proper notes and keep them neat. imagine you’re taking them for someone who’s life rests on your very nice note-taking shoulders. reading back on them really does help.

til next time!

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