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July 6 /20

Looks like all of my classes are gonna be online 🌎 but I still need to adjust my schedule, as I may drop a course and take it in the spring. Also, here’s a small poem I wrote for one of my friends but it also applies to all of you guys, the people that support my blogs make my world brighter 🌟 know you are loved.

🎧 hey alli - runner runner 🎧

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It’s been awhile since I reblogged study tips. Now I’m on the outlook for study tips from you all! ❤️ Study tips on math, English literature & English writing - also can anyone read my text for example and give remarks? Or know where I can get remarks on my writing? I thought it was a site where the page could tell how many of the same words you used were and gave ideas on other words similar that would make the text more coherent. Also how to deal with when you don’t get something in math, where & who to go to? 😊 And also science…. I hate this class so much because I don’t understand anything & feel I’m the stupidest person in the world, I know it’s cool but please also be honest about its so much cooler when you actually understand atoms & drive house effect etc. This is why I’m thinking of just postponing that class to next year because I suck at it, don’t understand the questions, don’t understand the book, don’t understand the language. And it makes me cry and irritated at everyone and expecially myself. So I know I will hate it if I manage to do 3 classes this year and only have 1 left and that I could’ve been in college if I finished science too but again now I can use my time more visely to not stress over science only math and language classes which give anxiety too but not as much heartbreak and feeling like a failure as science. So TIPS anyone? Also how to deal with stress and anxiety over grades would be great ♥️🤝

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100 days of productivity 2/100

still trying to get to grips with posting but I managed to do the deepest clean of my room which was so needed! I finally have a clean space for my brain to work in! so have this picture of my laptop and window for good luck 💫

also I’ve decided to start tracking these original posts not that its that original AT ALL but nvm so it should come up under the hashtag brightbabyyy !

ps I love my laptop background 🥺

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Right, so I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I should probably start turning this into an *actual* blog (mainly for my well being) and officially introduce myself to the studyblr community instead of just lurking in the shadows and reblogging your posts (though I shall continue to do so because your notes are beautiful and I am one simple jealous girl). My main account is @plague-rat for all my chaos and adventures of my daily life, whereas this is going to be my motivation bank.

Please pardon my rambling but hello! I’m Emily and am from the UK! I’m soon to be finishing my first year at sixth form where I am studying History, English literature and English Language (the latter, though interesting is my least favourite).

My goal in life is to eventually graduate from a university (I have decided which yet whoops) with a degree in History. I don’t know whether I’ll go into publishing or working in a museum but I definitely know that I want to write my own non fiction History books!

My favourite era is the renaissance and I love learning about the Middle East and the whole of Europe during this time period.

What I’m hoping for is for this blog to aid in giving me motivation to help finish the last of my studies, as like many of you I suffer from procrastination badly.

I think of myself to fit into the dark cottagecore aesthetic as I’m quite a mix of both worlds.

Anyways, I hope you didn’t mind me rambling but it’s nice to be a part of such a loving community and I hope you’re all studying well and are seeing good times :)

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Hi everyone! hope you all safe 

I´d thought a lot about starting a studyblr and here I am. First of all, I´d like to introduce me. 

who i am 

My name is Raíssa, but I often use my nickname Cris, which I love. 

I am from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Therefore, my mother language is portuguese.

Besides that, I am fluent in English.

I am currently studying the second year of high school. yayyy almost finished.

I  am a huge fan of Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. I´d say ot5, but i don´t keep up with Liam and Zayn as I do with those.

 Also I am addicted to learning languages. My streak on Duolingo is 44 now! How awesome. I am studying Polish, Russian, Latin and Irish.

Last year I started an independent study of Mandarin, which didn´t go very well after 2 months. But it isn´t off my list!

Politics and Phylosophy are my main interests in my student life. I am always reading about this, it is like, another part of my soul. I love it.

I like to think of ways to help people. Even when it´s about the more ordinary thing in life, i believe everything has an impact and can be changed to the better.

I love London and I want to live there. I also want to travel to Europe multiple times & be able to live there as well. Italy and Portugal must be terrific.

I really enjoy reading academic articles. Like, a lot.

what am i doing here

Tumblr can be a pretty calm social media: you can find studyblrs, sunset pictures and beautiful textes. It is always  nice to be around. Here I am very interested in studyblr posts - they keep me motivated. It makes a lot of difference for me nowadays since the isolation hasn´t been that easy. However, my studies weren´t working so well as they should, then I noticed something was missing. That maybe making part os challenges such as 100 days of productivity would improve my study skills, and that, maybe, keeping this site update with my achievements and failures would make everything plain. More than that, I know I am going to be more determinated and motivated with this habits - which I find pretty necessary once my exams are cominggggg. 

As long as I am learning, everything is worthwhile.

achievements and goals

Lately I´ve been working on 2 projects: one in group, and the other by myself.The group one is about online classes, the other one, well, it´s a book! 

One of my dreams (and the closest at the moment) is to study abroad. I´d love to study at LSE, UCL or KCL. They are my dream. 

Part of me wants to become a teacher, the other one a politician. Maybe I can do both, but certainly the teacher thing is more attractive. Imagine being a college professor !!!!

Traveling throughout Europe is certainly something I want to do pretty often in my life

I traveled to England once. I fell in love with London. It felt like a home away from home… 

I study a lot and plan to study even more to achieve more than I expect. Part of loving yourself is not only knowing who you are now, but who you can become. Accept your potential!! sure you have a lot. 

loads of loveeee - Cris 

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This spans the past two weeks of final exams and honestly I am so beyond happy that my summer classes over and I now have more freedom in my study schedule for the rest of the summer. I’m also thankful for wine and a very appropriate wine glass. Think I’ll take a few days off to relax before jumping back into studying. I also need to add one more class to my fall schedule as one of the classes I was registered fro is no longer running in the fall. 

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Hello to all the 93 beautiful people who have chosen to follow this little blog💕

I hope your day is well and you are taking care. My mental health has been deteriorating the last few days and so i’ve just made the decision to take a break from social media for the next week.

I have written down my schedule & revision plan (pictured) and will be back by the 15th July.

I hope you all stay positive & healthy. See you soon!

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I feel really overwhelmed today. Weather is TO HOT! I can’t even breath. My studybuddy support me little bit but I am still down. I drank 2 cups of coffee and still feel sleepy. It’s only 7 pm in here.

Hope that everything is gonna be just fine…


Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

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6/7/2020 | When I revise I like to write up my notes multiple times and every time I’ll do more research on certain topics or revisit certain lecture recordings to make sure I fully understand and can explain something

(wow my hand looks orange… this is what sitting in the sun does to me)

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I have not been posting original content for a while. Because…life.

For those of you struggling to keep up work for reaching long-term goals - best of wishes!

Today pulled myself togather enough to take a German test I wanted to take for about a month. Somehow was putting it off and off and off…

Apparently my perseverance is paying off…

I guess starting with no knowledge and reaching B2+ just by teaching myself is pretty cool. 😎🇩🇪

Let the inspiration be with you! 😊

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Does anyone have any tips for gaining confidence with speaking a second language? I really need to start learning Portuguese so I can communicate with my family and I kind of want to move there when I’m older. I already know a lot more than I think I do (just some very basics) but even just talking to my grandma i get really bad anxiety and get really shy, my brain stops working and i cant even understand what she is saying even though i should…

Anything would be extremely helpful :>

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[ 9:27 am ]

decided to relearn baybayin for a bit! baybayin is an ancient filipino writing script that’s been recently revived i love writing in baybayin, but not to the point that I’d use it in my notes 😂

i also wrote the words ‘knowledge’ and 'ambition’ in my native language and in baybayin

so i currently know how to write in the normal english writing system, baybayin and hangeul, the korean writing system. can you write in another writing system too?

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