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#study inspiration
jeonchemstudy · 2 months ago
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recently i saw a post on my dash compiling study music, so i decided to make one of my own! here are some of my favorite playlists on youtube to listen to while i’m working, hope you enjoy!
japanese music
japanese jazz when driving on a warm night
do you like some japanese jazz fusion?
japanese songs i think you should listen to at least once
japanese pop/rock songs to cheer you up! bc studies are hard (help me pls)
calm japanese song to forget all the chaos now 
japanese city pop mixtape vol. 11- seaside city
japanese pop/rock songs to cheer you up during quarantine
summer side | smooth 80′s japanese funk 
🌻 9:00am : shiny morning time (indie/jazz)
japanese blues/jazz while floating towards the surface
korean music
korean r&b mix
loona; energetic, upbeat bops
chill/study kpop playlist
bts late night study playlist 2020
bts playlist to study//sleep//chill 2020
listening to a chill bts playlist in your car on a rainy night
seventeen chill playlist
playlist created and curated by seventeen themselves
red velvet soft & chill playlist
iu’s best songs
songs that make me feel like i’m in a high-teen romance kdrama
・゚☆✧ soft n' chill ♡ | kpop playlist
classical music
a playlist for a 19th century villain scheming against his enemies
your pianist roommate may have made a pact with the devil, but you are too afraid to ask 
dark academia slightly obscure playlist
dark academia classical music but its only ballades
a playlist to you feel inside of 'pride and prejudice' while you're waiting for your Mr. Darcy
a playlist of beethoven proving he’s an immortal god
that’s why tchaikovsky is the best composer
hope y’all enjoy some of these finds, and feel free to add your favorite study music in the notes so that people who need them can find something new to listen to! 
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gymncpdie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be a literature major.
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sweaters-tea-studying · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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As most people are working and studying from home right now, I wanted to share some concrete, implementable ways you can help yourself feel better. Though I believe productivity and quantity of work done (or lack thereof) doesn’t/shouldn’t translate into your self-worth and how you view yourself, when you get work done, you actually do feel better in your own body. 
By the way, it’s the first time I’m formatting a tips/guide post like this, so I apologize that I couldn’t be more concise.
I’ve spoken to a licensed professional counsellor as well as to some professionals who have been working from home for a long time, and some of the advice above is from them. I’m also sharing from my own experience as someone who used to be very productive and an (ex-)overachiever, and still attach a lot of my self-worth to grades and other tangible accomplishments. I hope these slides can help you. In case it’s hard to read, I’ve included it (reworded) in text form if you’d like to read more. 
SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. It’s what it sounds like: a smart goal. Some people insist on having a system that works for you, but goal-setting has been a core part of how I’ve personally studied and I think if you’re not a goal-based person, you might just have been setting up goals that don’t work for you (everyone is unique in how we work so don’t take my words as the only truth - it is just a convention!) Your goals should be realistic and should be attainable and I like to set goals every day to keep you accountable and keep you on track. 
RAIN Method
The RAIN method is a mindfulness technique. It stands for recognizing, allowing, inquiring and non-identification/nurturing. This mindfulness technique works as a reset. When you’re feeling just stuck and like you can’t bring yourself to do anything, I suggest doing some mindful practices (meditation, if that’s up to your speed). Recognize your body’s feelings. Are you tense? Are your shoulders uncomfortable? Are you anxious? Allow yourself to feel all of this for a moment. Don’t make a reason for yourself (e.g. I’m anxious because I’m this, I have to do that, it will become like this...). Don’t think deeply for now and just feel. Then, inquire your body, ask your body what it needs. Your body will need very reality-based things and not fear-based one. Maybe it’s water, maybe it’s sleep. Nurture your needs. You can non-identify with your issues for just a moment. Take your own hand. Be your own friend. Take care of yourself with love and kindness. Then proceed. 
This means to keep in mind what your end goal is. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Be intentional. Is it to be happy? Great. Is it to escape school? Awesome. Keep your end goal in mind. Stay passionate about it. 
Be confident, be positive. Trust in your own capabilities and believe in where your journey is taking you. Keep an open mind to what you’re doing, believe that you can actually accomplish what you’ve set out to do. We all fall into a pit of disparity, self-doubt and general cynicism. Trust me. But you need to have an attitude that can help you feel better instead of make you suffer endlessly, even if the latter option is easier. People say it all the time and it’s so pretentious, but try to have a good attitude about things. You can be cynical and skeptical but I think it’s better to try to have an edge of optimism.
Stopping points
Another mindfulness thing but also a literal thing. Set your own deadlines (T in SMART stands for time-based, remember?) If you tell yourself “I’ll stop/rest at 5 p.m.” it hopefully becomes more real for you and more urgent for you to do something. Try not to self-sabotage these deadlines. Be empowered and take control over how you live and react to things (this personally helps me with self-sabotaging due to fear over lack of instant gratification and failure). But when it becomes very hard, know when to step back. Take intentional breaks where you process what you need (RAIN technique). Stopping also means rethinking why you’re doing things (endgame) or just stopping everything and just breathe. The bar is set at surviving. Don’t take anything too seriously. It’s life. Live. If you stop taking certain things that seriously, it doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible - it means you’re just living. Live to enjoy and you will enjoy your life better and end up improving yourself. Anyway, I wanted to end on this note because sometimes we glorify productivity and work. You can stop. It doesn’t have to be so serious. Right now, we just need to live. 
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eunoiamaybe · a year ago
my quick tips for working / studying from home
- get dressed and style your hair as if you're going to school/work - even use the same perfume/ cologne as you normally do  (trick your mind into being motivated)
- plan things out - everything (plan out your week, day, meal, etc. you can make these as specific as you’d like. this will help you stay on top of your work as well as stay healthy, especially if you live alone.)
- make studying/ working the first thing you do each day - best if you can start in the morning (minimize the tendency to procrastinate)
- just start - don’t worry too much about perfecting or finishing anything yet (if you don’t start then there’s nothing for you to perfect or get done. and it will never get done)
- listen to old and simple (aka non-distracting) podcasts, Youtube videos, or café/ chattering white-noise, etc. simply leave them as background noise to create an illusion of being outside your room (bring the presence of people to you. my favorites lately have been slam poems from 2016, Mae Martin’s stages, and Awsten Knight’s crackhead podcasts)
- set timers, for both study sessions and breaks (so that you don't overwork, burn out, or procrastinate. the Pomodoro technique works great here)
- take advantage of the comfort of your own home (light a candle, have crunchy snacks, play loud music, review notes out loud while pacing around, wrap yourself in a blanket burrito, study on your bed if you can focus there like me, etc. basically anything you can't do in a classroom, office, or the library)
- if you miss your friends, call/ text/ facetime them, make a study group chat with them, etc. (that is what technology is for)
- choose recreational activities/ self-care for your breaks instead of going on social media (go on walks, make small art, play an instrument, stretch, take a nap, etc. I usually reach for my guitar, brainstorm writing ideas, or sketch very simple line art.)
- if you want to go on social media, do it during meal times - or the 15 minutes after your meals that you can’t work just yet (it also doesn't make you feel like you’re wasting time)
- study in different rooms for a change of scenery (dining room, living room, the patio, etc. I have an armchair next to the window that I study in whenever I need some sunlight and don’t have to write anything down. however, if you need a designated place to focus on your work, you can also use these alternative spaces as designated “relax” or “creative” place for your breaks)
- use this as an opportunity to take care of yourself (get enough sleep, drink water, exercise, talk to your family, take your meds, be mindful of your mental health, etc.)
Feel free to add your tips. The current situation sure is unpleasant but it is unavoidable. All we can really do now is take care of ourselves, others, and try to make the best out of this.
Good luck to everyone and stay safe! My heart is with you all 💕
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crimstudies · a year ago
Tumblr media
here’s a list of my favourite playlists that i listen to when studying. only one playlist has lyrics so if you find that distracting you can skip it!
1 am study session - lofi hip hop/chill beats (1 hour)
a rainy town - animal crossing ost + thunderstorm ambiance (1 hour)
breath of the wild relaxing music with rain (1 hour)
lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to (live radio)
relaxing life is strange music (1 hour) *has lyrics
relaxing music from uncharted series (45 mins)
skyrim music & ambiance - night (1 hour)
skyrim music & ambiance - rainy day (10 hours)
studio ghibli summer night piano collection with nature sounds (7 hours)
the last of us - relaxing music compilation (30 mins)
the legend of zelda - calming & relaxing music compilation (1 hour)
the witcher 3 - peaceful music & nature ambiance (1 hour)
the witcher 3 toussaint - relaxing music for sleep and study (1 hour)
uncharted - ambient music & ambience (1 hour)
all playlists
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autumndesk · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
17.05.2020 / 22:33pm
i have to start my actual studying for my finals the day after tomorrow and i am not ready
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autumndesk · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
05.05.2020 // 12:45am
the coffee of all coffees ☕
also moved my desk to the other wall of my room, so i have a bit more natural light. what do you think? :)
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