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03-06-2020 | First day back at school & it feels strange! Didn’t see my students today but I talked to some colleagues which was really nice. They didn’t need me at school and I got to spend the whole day working on my paper.

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23/50 days of productivity | 3 June 2020

- finished a public law recorded lecture i was unable to complete yesterday

- revised a compulsory question for my legal system and methods class

- completed a timed practice exam (2hrs15mins) for criminal law which my uni had uploaded

- went for a nice long walk after dinner with my mum

i hope y’all are having a wonderful day ❤️

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3 june 2020

I haven’t posted in a whole because I finished my classes and graduated yesterday. I’ve also been on my main account more heavily sharing what I could about BLM and pretitions and such.

Anyways, I graduated from HS yesterday. It was a rough year because I moved right before the start of my senior year. Before that I had gone to the same school my whole life. I’m grateful for the overall experience though. I also finished my AP stats class and exam, the notes are from a practice test I did.

I’ll probably slow down with posting until August when I start back up with school, except I’ll be a full time uni student this time around.

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The feeling before your final exam is indescribable like the nerves, the cramming, the tension, but also the knowledge that as soon as you finish you have freedom again and can do everything you passed up for the sake of studying … I find that I end up doing the least amount of work and the most amount of daydreaming in those few days before (like now) because all I can think about is how I don’t have to feel guilty by choosing to go see my friends or watch TV instead of revising.

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03 june 2020 / 12:14pm
currently going over my informatics lectures from the semester as my exam is tomorrow morning, yee haw 🙄

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Something about me:
Not sure if anyone noticed that my notes reuse the same 4 colors. I try to branch out to different colors here and there. My favorite pen color combinations to take notes are purple, pink, light blue, and black. I have always loved this color combination because it’s a reference to my favorite childhood Poptart flavor, Frosted Wild Berry!

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黑人的命很重要 (hei1 ren2 de ming4 hen3 zhong4 yao4) - this is the Chinese version of “Black Lives Matter”

Literally this translates to: Black people’s lives are very important.

I am immensely proud of the langblr community’s commitment to learning about other languages and cultures. It is this openmindedness, curiosity and compassion that will be our weapons in fighting against the ignorance of racism. Continue to be kind, thoughtful, and attentive to the voices of people of colour.

Many of us go to school or work with people around us. Some of us are managers and leaders. No matter where you are, you have power. So use your voice to change the conversation and eliminate the systemic barriers of discrimination and inequity. Be confident and steadfast in your stance. Racism is everybody’s enemy. Today you, tomorrow me.

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31st may (sunday): what is the most important phrase in your native language that someone should know?

how to say ‘have a nice day’, because it’s a phrase that everyone always needs to hear. no phrase could be more important than ones that spread kindness imo

1st june (monday): what is your biggest pet peeve?

people who can’t take responsibility I’d say, but I try not to let things such as pet peeves affect me too much

2nd june (tuesday): what motivates you to work hard?

there’s many things these days, but when I first began putting effort in to my studies the mere fact that I had an education while so many others didn’t, the fact that I was lucky enough to learn in the first place was my main motivation. now that I’ve completed some work and personal related goals, I mainly use these for motivation as they show me that I’m truly capable of achieving my goals if I work hard, because I’ve already done so even on a smaller scale :)

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