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35/100 days of productivity

today has felt like the longest day! after lots of re-drafting and re-editing i was finally able to hand in my final assignment for my advanced fiction writing class! finishing the day off with some nanowrimo prep (i’m so excited to get back to working on my own personal projects!!)

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Day 45/100 of productivity (altho is it really?)

I’ve been really bad about logging my studying because I mostly use Forest now(hmu if you wanna be friends lol) but I promise I’ve been studying a LOT. In fact, I’m feeling a little burned out… not a good thing with less than two weeks left until the DELF 🙃

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october 26th, 2020

helloooooo, never actually updated you guys since my last post and a lot of things ended up happening, but everything is getting better now bc after every storm comes a rainbow!

📖 and, to better my week i made scones!! definitely the most important part of my week lol, food! now i’m back to the routine of studying since i spent the entire weekend completely unfocused from the school work and all those colorful papers full of knowledge, and now we’re headin to our next stop, geography test!

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October Twenty-sixth, Two-thousand and Twenty

Yesterday I felt really crap because I spent the whole day doing homework, but didn’t actually manage to finish anything, so felt like I’d effectively done nothing. I also realised just how much time I have to do everything and how (relatively) little I have to do, so I’ve decided to spend tomorrow with my friend at the Plantation Gardens! But I got so much more done today!! I made an actual, decent start on my film essay, and got a bunch of notes down for my EPQ!

I was also thinking about doing a series of posts to do with my EPQ, but I don’t know if that’s something people would actually be into?

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