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july 6th, 2020 / finally posting on my studyblr after months ! i deleted all my old posts and i’m starting fresh ! my own posts will be a little bit more random since school is over and i don’t have many things to do right now. still, i wanna be productive this summer bc i do have some goals ! this was the plan for today though, and i was able to do quite a lot of it ! hope everyone has a good night .

🎵: writer in the dark, lorde

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after what feels like a fairly long and dragging content hiatus, quite a few things have changed around here-

  • I’m taking a summer course to get my minor done before senior year!
  • I started looking back at my old posts, and I miss the way I used to bullet journal. hence, this spread from a few weeks back.
  • I started therapy.
  • these photos are edited weird, but I can’t help it that my childhood room has one big wall painted coral pink.
  • I’m home. and I’m wearing a mask inside the house around my parents until further notice (or, at least 14 days after I last traveled)

so, that’s where I’ve been. please please please keep wearing your masks. keep telling your friends and family to keep wearing their masks. wash your hands. stay educated. stay active. call someone you love. watch a show that takes you back to a happier time. 2020 has not gone to waste; if anything, it’s forcing us to finally open our eyes and figure out the importance of being there for one another.

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remind yourself that you are a person. not an object. not a thing. not an it. it doesn’t matter who threw you away or let you down. it doesn’t matter how you were treated in the past. you are worthy and capable of achieving anything. 

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Right, so I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I should probably start turning this into an *actual* blog (mainly for my well being) and officially introduce myself to the studyblr community instead of just lurking in the shadows and reblogging your posts (though I shall continue to do so because your notes are beautiful and I am one simple jealous girl). My main account is @plague-rat for all my chaos and adventures of my daily life, whereas this is going to be my motivation bank.

Please pardon my rambling but hello! I’m Emily and am from the UK! I’m soon to be finishing my first year at sixth form where I am studying History, English literature and English Language (the latter, though interesting is my least favourite).

My goal in life is to eventually graduate from a university (I have decided which yet whoops) with a degree in History. I don’t know whether I’ll go into publishing or working in a museum but I definitely know that I want to write my own non fiction History books!

My favourite era is the renaissance and I love learning about the Middle East and the whole of Europe during this time period.

What I’m hoping for is for this blog to aid in giving me motivation to help finish the last of my studies, as like many of you I suffer from procrastination badly.

I think of myself to fit into the dark cottagecore aesthetic as I’m quite a mix of both worlds.

Anyways, I hope you didn’t mind me rambling but it’s nice to be a part of such a loving community and I hope you’re all studying well and are seeing good times :)

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06.07.2020 // 20:08pm

very happy to announce i passed all my finals!! which means i am graduating cum laude in my bachelors of law degree :D two years ago, i almost quit law school, because some courses just seemed impossible and i was so overworked. i’m so happy i pushed through, but at my own pace, and i made it !!! it always seems impossible until it’s done!

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here’s my 2020 growth journal 🌿

I decided to create this journal during the second quarter of 2020 since the last sem of my 12th grade was kinda hectic. I just want u to remember that it’s never too late to start, you don’t need to wait for another year to change and start chasing the life that you wanted. Now is the time to do it.

“There’s no ‘right time,’ there is just time and what you choose to do with it.” 🕒 - unknown
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july 5, 2020 🎨

my two favorite tagalog words atm!! just starting my journey learning my native language & it’s pretty intimidating ngl lol but I’m excited :>


salit: (adj) something that is worth it

tadhana: (n.) destiny; fate


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My day wasn’t as productive as I hoped so, since I didn’t do the things I planned for today, but nonetheless I accomplished a few things :D

  • finished studying the カタカナ module in my japanese online course.
  • studied 3 chinese lessons, as intended by the course’s lesson plan. 
  • reorganized the books from my dad’s home office.
  • ordered some mini fried coxinhas and bolinhas de queijo that I was craving for the last 3 months (cause I used to eat them at the movies, but we’ve been quarantined for almost 4 months now).
  • watched “it’s okay not to be okay/psycho but it’s okay” newest episode. 

My sister (her langblr is @ganbattetinypenguin​) made me some doce de leite latte (dulce de leche latte), that I got to drink in this really cute bottle that I always forget to use) ;D

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