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#study inspo
questwithambition · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
100 days of productivity- day 96 (25/10/21)
Busy and productive day! Morning gym, followed by lots of work on my coursework - I’ve pretty much done all the modelling I need and just have to write some more which is great. Afternoon was filled with lectures and an interrompu library trip (found some fascinating books about British folklore which I’m eager to read), and ballet class! Thinking that another calm evening reading is in store…
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outsassing-nero · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
25.10.21// done some phd research in the morning and practiced norwegian before classes :) During my break, i sat outside and read finnegans wake + some articles about it for my psychoanalysis seminar! i love the autumnal weather so much!!!!
also, some people asked under my previous posts why i’m actually learning norwegian - i actually started for fun when i was like 14 and then actually started to learning it more intensively because of my research project!
listening to: jonghyun, take a dive
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studiousliz · 2 days ago
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 sunday, october 24th, 2021 | happy sunday! the fountain pen that I ordered arrived this weekend, so I used my psychology exam review as a way to practice writing with it! I have a terrible grip when writing with normal pens, so I’m hoping that learning to use a fountain pen will force me to do things properly for once 😅 I’m also excited to have something refillable! I go through pens way too fast haha
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coralstudiies · 11 hours ago
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guess who's back and drowning in math :^)
i think i have to explain my recent lack of activity although i always seem to laugh it off in the posts but its mainly because 1. i'm kind of running out of ideas on what to post?? if that makes sense, i'm kind of studying/doing the same thing every day and if i posted the same content with the exact same notes and/or work it would be so dry. and that's also because 2. i'm about to have a major exam so obviously my phone is lying somewhere far out of my reach so that i don't procrastinate and waste my revision time. which also means i'm not taking the pictures as well so no posts :')
to the anons in my inbox asking me to check my tag/checking up on me: i'm super sorry and i feel kinda bad because honestly i just don't have that time to scroll through tumblr that much anymore?? i promise i see the asks, and i'll definitely go through the unreblogged/liked posts that are tagged after my exam :)
so if anyone wants to send me asks/speak to me, just a reminder that you can send it through the tumblr dms as well because i check those more frequently than the askbox! i'll always check tumblr once a day so i'll reply when i see it :))
as for now i'm not sure if you guys want to see more pics?? but they'll probably be the same things over and over again but if nobody minds then i'll try to take more pics and schedule them so that there's at least some form of content on this sad little blog
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min-howl · 2 days ago
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25.10 // monday, 12:15pm cest
made myself an absolutely amazing iced coffee and now i’m ready to spend 6 hours trying to be productive
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mymessystudyblr · a day ago
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october 26, 2021
Hey guys! Unfortunately, yesterday was bad again bc I felt overwhelmed so I had to take the day off :( but on the bright side, I feel a lot better now! And I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but for the past few weeks I’ve been waking up at like 5 - 6 am and if I try to go back to sleep, I’ll have nightmares :’) my mom thinks its because of all the stress I’m going through rn, which sucks.
On the bright side tho, I signed up for the UberxSuperposition hackathon a while ago and it started this Sunday! Our submissions are due on Friday, and my team and I are making an app and a website :) hopefully it goes really well!
Also, my birthday is coming up in less than a week now (November 1st) and that’s the day my extended weekend (which starts this Friday) ends so I’m going back to school that day -_-. It’s also the due date of literally every Early Action college app I have (although I’m gonna turn them in before that) so that also sucks. But hopefully I’ll enjoy it, anyways. I don’t really want much for it, even tho it’s my ‘sweet sixteen’. COVID partially ruined that, but I’m not really sure if I’d be able to handle all the attention on me lol
Anyways, I’ve ranted enough, hehe. I hope you guys have a nice day! :) <3
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outsassing-nero · a day ago
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Tumblr media
26.10.21// my motivation truly is nonexistent at this point, but i really have no other choice than to be productive so.... done a bit of my ra job and norwegian vocabulary in the morning, then prepared the classes i teach this week and brainstormed a bit for my phd expose while reading lacan and adorno (THE worst combination, trust me). 
also, i’ve had my first therapy appointment today and it went super well!
ft. my fav artwork from an exhibition i’ve visited recently!
listening to: boa, start over
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studiousliz · a day ago
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monday, october 25th, 2021 | I feel like the only subjects I study these days are algorithms and psychology lmao. my second round of midterms is starting this week, so as always I’m trying to balance studying with taking care of the other aspects of my life. It’s hard, but I’m working on it! I hope y’all have a great week :)
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jeonchemstudy · 5 months ago
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recently i saw a post on my dash compiling study music, so i decided to make one of my own! here are some of my favorite playlists on youtube to listen to while i’m working, hope you enjoy!
japanese music
japanese jazz when driving on a warm night
do you like some japanese jazz fusion?
japanese songs i think you should listen to at least once
japanese pop/rock songs to cheer you up! bc studies are hard (help me pls)
calm japanese song to forget all the chaos now 
japanese city pop mixtape vol. 11- seaside city
japanese pop/rock songs to cheer you up during quarantine
summer side | smooth 80′s japanese funk 
🌻 9:00am : shiny morning time (indie/jazz)
japanese blues/jazz while floating towards the surface
korean music
korean r&b mix
loona; energetic, upbeat bops
chill/study kpop playlist
bts late night study playlist 2020
bts playlist to study//sleep//chill 2020
listening to a chill bts playlist in your car on a rainy night
seventeen chill playlist
playlist created and curated by seventeen themselves
red velvet soft & chill playlist
iu’s best songs
songs that make me feel like i’m in a high-teen romance kdrama
・゚☆✧ soft n' chill ♡ | kpop playlist
classical music
a playlist for a 19th century villain scheming against his enemies
your pianist roommate may have made a pact with the devil, but you are too afraid to ask 
dark academia slightly obscure playlist
dark academia classical music but its only ballades
a playlist to you feel inside of 'pride and prejudice' while you're waiting for your Mr. Darcy
a playlist of beethoven proving he’s an immortal god
that’s why tchaikovsky is the best composer
hope y’all enjoy some of these finds, and feel free to add your favorite study music in the notes so that people who need them can find something new to listen to! 
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academicsoftie · a year ago
Tumblr media
"One of the most prevalent obstacles in our ability to heal and self-actualise is when our productivity is tied to our worthiness."
I think the studyblr community especially needs to hear this. You don't have to be productive all the time, you need rest. Recovering from internalised capitalism means unpicking all the messages from family, friends, school and workplace that have reinforced the idea that you are a commodity, and that your worth is based on what you do. Your worth is inherent.
Source: therapywithlee
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saintvellum · a month ago
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Tumblr media
I haven’t felt so peaceful in a long while… it’s amazing how much good weather and some solitude can do for a person.
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gaaandaaaalf · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one of the biggest surprises this semester has been my newfound love for economic history. honestly who is she
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