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2 June 2020 ~ 15/30 Days of Productivity

I’m having trouble focusing today, but oh well not every day is your best. I’ve decided to take a looong afternoon break and I’ll try to tackle the rest of my revision late at night when I have less distractions around me.

Also good news, I got the job I applied for a few weeks ago!

Study time: 1 hour

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So I had taken a hiatus on the productivity challenge. However, ironic it may sound, it was because I had to bring my A game on.

I was busy putting up a project and its thesis together in 17 days.

Was a challenge and a huge learning experience.

This is my first machine learning project applied to materials science which makes it even more fun. Its something creative that I tried to do. The error was high but every new attempt at discovery doesnt end up in good results and negative results are equally important in science.

I also did a couple of assignments out of which few were very interesting and belonged to my area of interest. I just wrote them but couldn’t learn all the stuff I poured in, so will have to revisit that.

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1/100 days of productivity: starting off the month with a boost of motivation

it’s a sunny day, and that always means i’m in the mood for watching a studio ghibli film. i’m going to finish an essay, email some professors, vacuum another room, and get some of my other tasks out of the way before rewatching kiki’s delivery service or watching one i’ve not seen.

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6월 1일 🇰🇷 한국어.

Today I woke up early to study one TTMIK lesson which was ~(으)ㄹ 리가 없다 meaning “it can’t be/ it’s impossible that/ there’s no way…” It can also be used with double negative which I enjoy more using. That’s why most of my sample sentences on HiNative were double negative.

After 2 hours of studying that, I had scheduled my first 2-hour Korean class and let me say it was amazing. I remembered a lot of things but at the same time I learned many new grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. He corrected my homework for this class which was to write a diary of what I did this weekend and forced me to think in Korean by speaking and creating sentences. He will also send me a lot of homework this afternoon, so I’m beyond happy with this decision.

Have a happy 월요일! 🌾🌾

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