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#study inspo

Struggling to survive this semester. I hope it’ll all be worth it bc of my scholarship. I gotta step up my game to keep tht shit. Either way, here’s a pic of my study desk. Yes I have a fluffy shawl to keep me warm and the other to wear during online classes.

I took this flatlay photography for one of my subject’s assignment. :’) Please don’t read my notes. It’s a disaster.

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Good morning/evening everyone! I have decided to set a to do list every day so here is today’s:

* Write a History paper

* Complete late math assignments (I know it’s bad but at least he said we could turn them in!)

* Clean the house for Thanksgiving guests

My life has been a mess since we went back into quarantine. I know that getting back into the same productive headspace I was in before all of this will take a while, but it’s all about the baby’s steps!

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I rearranged my room today a little bit and alsooo got a new wardrobe which is sooo freaking cuteee 😍

Also I am getting better in Spanish altho I need to go a looooonggg way.

This is me with video lectures again - semiconductors today because I didn’t really feel like studying and I know I will have to do this chapter someday so why not get a headstart.

Stay safe💫💫

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wednesday, november 25

it’s snowing AGAIN here so the top picture is just a faraway dream. 

yesterday, i was struggling with fatigue but i’m pretty proud of myself for pushing through, even though i didn’t do as much as i wanted. isolation is tough my friends and if anyone ever wants to talk, i am here <3

-started MSK (musculoskeletal) which i’ve decided is one of my least fave units
-went to my anatomy lab
-got my flu shot!!!

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good morning (afternoon) tumblr!

it’s been a loooong time since i checked studyblr. I’ve been busy at university, but i wanted to come back and use this blog as a form of holding myself accountable for my work, and getting motivation to be successful by seeing all the other hard-workers here!

i just did some journalling, now I’m about to catch up on psychology lectures! i definitely have more pressing work to do, but these lectures are an easy way for me to get back into the study mindset lol.

p.s. - I’d love to have studyblr mutuals, so if you’re also looking for moots, feel free to msg me or reply to this post!

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3 months into university and I love it.

Moved away 500 kilometers to a strange city full of strangers studying a subjekt I really wanted to do but knew I probably couldn‘t because I‘m really bad with maths but here I am.

Took a leap of faith into the cold water, trying to become an engineer with zero knowledge of maths, has been the best descision I‘ve ever made.

Don‘t know if‘ll make it or not, but it‘s worth shot. I believe that if you want something bad enough and are willing to make compromises, you‘re gonna get it.

Also the Tenth Doctor has been decorating my notes lately cause I love him and I can relate to him in some aspects.

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Here is today’s setup for studying 😅

I was behind on some notes of Global Challenges but I finally catched up! :)

I’m so relieved I’m up to day with that class, now I’m just worrying about my final math project 😅😅😅

I’m now going to continue to work on it and see what else I can achieve today :)

November 24th, 2020.

Notes: Global Challenges

🎧 No control - One Direction

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11/24/20 - 9:48 am || taylor swift and hot chamomile tea with honey

starting my final research project for latin class. i’m writing about the goddess diana and how the syncretization of different hellenic deities, particularly artemis and selene, influenced how she was understood and worshipped by the ancient romans. it’s an 800 to 1000 word paper. i probably should have chosen something simpler, but i’ve been itching to talk about this all semester.

my bedroom is a bit of a mess right now, since my sister just came back from college for her winter break! it is also fucking freezing. the window has to stay open all the time so that my emotional support pigeon (peep my list of things he’s been helping me with!) can have fresh air. which would be fine, but this is also the only room in the house with literally no heating. every other room has at least one radiator. i am typing very slowly because i can barely feel my fingers.

the things i do for this bird…

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tuesday, november 24

i know i’ve only studied seriously for like 2 days, but i feel burnt out already LOL i think its a combo of being mentally drained from studying but also emotionally drained because of the BIG changes in my life

but im hoping to get a yummy lunch (that i’m going to cook for myself !!) and focus on studying for today

-started learning the anatomy of the hand 
-finished up the immune system 
-finished week 8 content :-) 
-prepped for this morning’s class (which i haven’t done for 4 weeks)

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11.23.2020     Today’s workspace!

I worked mostly on my English classes. The semester is wrapping up so final projects are nearing their end. This is a spread for the brainstorm for my final paper (a ten pager, pray for me) in my writing class. Next to it are my planners. The bottom rainbow one is just a week planner that I write all my assignments and appointments in to make my schedule visual. The top on are these daily sheets by bloom that I’ve recently begun using. They let me list the day’s tasks and priorities, keep track of my meals and hydration, and space for a little personal touch. I always have sticky notes of reminders, tasks, and schedules on my computer; things I need to remember but don’t have my planner on hand go there.

Today’s study playlist is a soft indie one of my own making, as I wasn’t doing a lot of intensive study.

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Hello fellow students united in suffering! I recently managed to throw my motivation out the window, so this is my attempt to win it back – perhaps the scrutiny of internet strangers might just be the missing factor.

about me  🍂

·        Marie - 22, ENTJ, Aries (surprisingly friendly though and I don’t shout all that much!)

·        currently studying in the UK, but it’s only a stop on the way

·        Law (but there is a lost literature student somewhere inside me)

·        learning Dutch at the moment (one language at a time, next up probably Norwegian)

·        a writer in theory struggling with practice

hobbies  🍂

·        spending every living moment in elaborate daydreaming scenarios

·        yeah books, duh

·        and yes, films as well (Lynch, Goddard, Anderson)

·        cheap Lidl red wine

·        Florence and the Machine – yes, it is a hobby

·        Pretending to be pretentious

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