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    那是语言学院的汉语老师: 女老师姓陈,男老师姓杨。他们都是汉语系的老师,也都是中国人。张教授也是语 言学院的老师,他很忙。你看,这是张教授的名片。


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10-12•10•2020 Notes on Dante and the Empire and some nice autumnal leaves. Me and my housemates did a 5k walk for Mental Health Awareness and it was so nice. Feeling quite stressed at the moment because I have a LOT to do, but I am managing. (Spot my Pusheen mug!)

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Hello everyone!

I decided to my my own langblr and wanted to introduce myself.

My name is V, I’m 22 years old and I’m a book- and media management apprentice. My mother tongue is German, but I think I’m nearly as fluent in English.

The first language I started learning before English was actually French, I studied it for a total of 6 years at school, but then ignored it for years, so I’m incredibly rusty now and have to get back on track.

I also had Italian at school for 3 years, but I will pick it up again later on when my French is fluent enough. I don’t want too many language projects at the same time, because I’m learning two languages completely from scratch:

Korean and Spanish

My target languages for the future are: Latin, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Swedish and Arabic

So if you have a langblr for either of those languages (French, Korean, Spanish), I would love to follow you.

I will also post original content, mostly for German probably, so if there’s any grammar or vocab topic you’re interested in, please let me know and I’m happy to help. I’ll also post about my language learning journey in general.

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I’ll make short and mostly unedited posts throughout the week, but I’ll try to make longer ones on the weekend. I’m far behind with some of my classes (Midterms and such…), so I’m busy during the week. I mostly have time to either study for 30 mins through Duo lessons or just reviewing notes. I also need time to review for my Japanese class and I typically set aside an hour for that. :)

A lot of this is unedited. Just a quick update before I start studying again.

5 October Chinese

I focused on Chinese again. I reviewed my notes from Lingodeer section 1, but there’s A LOT of vocab. I couldn’t review much because I’m behind in lectures for my University classes.

I also realized that studying Chinese throughout the week is probably a bad idea… because I was reviewing how to say the date and numbers. Coincidentally, I had a passage in Japanese that I had to read but I kept saying all of the dates/number in Chinese instead of Japanese, at least I noticed that before the class. XD But that was okay. I need to memorize more of the verbs. 

Also, a tip for those learning Chinese and Japanese at the same time. Typically you would have one language you study more than the other, in my case it’s Japanese. Make sure ALL of the vocab you learn in your 2nd language, you memorize first in the 1st language. (And this helps with languages that aren’t even similar too. It helped me a lot when I was studying Japanese and Spanish at the same time.) Because when you’re thinking/writing/speaking in the first language and don’t know the word, you’ll most likely think of it first in the other language. It also helps with translation between the two.

6 October Japanese

I only focused on Japanese today. I noticed that I’ve been struggling with memorizing Kanji and vocab, so I plan to review those more daily. I’m also working on using more grammatically complex sentences when I’m speaking. I feel like everything I say is wayyyy too simple. I noticed it a lot during my speaking test. So, I’m going through my notes from last year to review. Also, because my teacher seems to be annoyed that none of us can ever remember kanji or katakana. 

I blame my lack of motivation with the fact everything’s online. I worked a lot harder when it was in person. I memorize vocab for the test and forget afterwards, same with kanji. It’s also bad that I always have my notes in front of me so I’m always feel like I’m cheating. But I feel some teachers are adding a lot more stuff because everything’s online, if that makes sense… Japanese class has at least 2-3 assignments due everyday, but a plus is that all assignment are due by the end of the day instead of before class…

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chinese vocab that i learned in september!


Originally posted by animeraingifs

  • 日记本 rìjǐběn - diary
  • 假日 jiàrì - holiday
  • 打算 dǎsuan - to plan on
  • 试 shì - to try
  • 理解 lǐjiě - to comprehend
  • 活 huó - to live
  • 拿 ná - to take
  • 坐…去 zuò…qù - to go by…
  • 计数 jìshù - to count
  • 发音 fāyīn - to pronounce
  • 拼 pīn - to spell
  • 关闭 guānbì - to close
  • 吵 chǎo - to make noise
  • 发现 fāxiàn - to discover
  • 灰色 huīsè - grey
  • 练习 liànxí - to practice
  • 眼光 yǎnguāng - eyesight
  • 安慰 ānwèi - comfort
  • 泡 pào - bubble
  • 离别 líbié - a farewell, leave
  • 爱情 àiqíng - mood
  • 尽情的 jìnqíngde - to heart’s content
  • 走开 zǒukāi - to go away
  • 确保 quèbǎo - to make sure
  • 表现 biǎoxiàn - performance
  • 或称 huòchēng - aka; also known as
  • 节 jié - class period; section
  • 狮子 shīzi - lion
  • 认可 rènkě - to approve

what’s some new vocab that you learned this month? reply with some, i’m curious!

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25.09.2020 | After a week of suffering, I found out my new glasses were stronger than necessary and that was causing my migraines. Now I got a full week of work and NaNoWriMo planning to catch up on. Wish me luck 🥺🍵⚖️📑
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things to do in your target language for studying


Originally posted by lesspixelsplease

  • write down sentences/words & make sure you say them out loud
  • make flashcards (digital flashcards to be more sustainable!)
  • start a journal to write down new vocabulary that you learn
  • watch a show and repeat what you hear out loud
  • listen to music and translate parts of the lyrics
  • narrate your actions out loud
  • find a friend to practice speaking or texting with
  • try to incorporate new vocabulary as much as you can in your sentences
  • write journal entries everyday (this especially helps if you’re struggling with immersing yourself)
  • while watching shows, actively write down new words that you find interesting
  • learn vocab of objects, places, emotions, people, etc. around you (aka vocab that you will use the most often in daily life)
  • learn synonyms of words that you already know
  • create a small, achievable goal to complete everyday (ex. learn one new word, write 3-5 sentences, read lyrics or a small paragraph out loud)
  • change one of your app’s language settings; don’t change your whole phone’s language, it’ll stress you out even more (coming from experience). baby steps!
  • follow influencers on social media that are native speakers (captions in their posts are good for learning new vocab)
  • be confident! it’s okay to struggle, you’re still learning :)
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18.09.2020 - Some morning reading + comparing notes from a weird class I had this week. I finished my criminal law essay yesterday, now I only have my greek lit. one to finish. It’s so good to have an actual planned study routine, this way I’m doing things way before they’re due and never having to cram ☺️🍓🍰
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