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Funny/weird/cute stuff that happened during my first semester at uni

I didn’t go to any parties at the beginning of the semester where apparently all the squads were formed so I was kinda… alone all the time? Being terribly shy didn’t help but meanwhile I observed everyone else, so while covid-19 keeps us locked up at home have some highlights of the wonderful madness of uni life

  • In a lecture on media and communication we were told to think of research questions in the field and some guy came up with technical wavelength-stuff while everyone else was like ??? Social science??? Turns out he went to the wrong lecture theatre and didn’t realise for an hour or so ooooops
  • Once a girl was a half hour late to a lecture and when she sat down, she immediately pulled out her lunch box and a plastic fork to chow down a worrying amount of noodles. It wasn’t even 10 a.m.
  • A prof wanted to demonstrate the difficulty of categorising reactions in an experiment so she blasted out different kinds of music, some pop stuff and some oldies but then she put on Queen and I SWEAR EVERYONE WENT APESHIT people were dancing and singing along while she just watched us trying to hide a grin
  • The day after our faculty’s Christmas party, I overheard a dudebro pointing out a girl to his dudebro friend bc apparently they had a thing at said party. I was prepared for sth along the lines of “damn that was hot” but he actually said “she’s even prettier without the make-up” which was… unexpectedly nice. Sorry for judging u dudebro
  • Speaking of lovey-dovey, there’s these two who always sit next to each other and when one of them isn’t at a lecture, the other looks so lost - and when they’re together, you can see how adorably in love they are but I don’t think they’re an official couple??? Like guys you’re my real-life OTP at the moment, enough slow burn please confess already
  • Among the ranks of memorable people, we also have a guy who wears a cap - always, no exceptions. He usually raises his hand for critical comments - basically to call the profs out on any inconsistencies and shit - so when we discussed freedom of speech and the lecturer asked for keywords we associated with the concept (we used Mentimeter idk if anyone knows it), Cap Guy was one of the most frequent. The prof was like “what is a Cap Guy???” and everyone pointed at him sitting in the front as usual and it was just hilarious - he managed to become an icon for freedom of speech in a matter of three months what a freaking legend
  • Idk how that dude got to teach a class but one of my tutors sent me a gif with a thumbs up as feedback to my paper like thanks very helpful my boy
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oH MY GOD why is the studyblr community literally so… *sobs* AMAZING AND CARING I JUST… y’all out here making useful masterposts w actual resources & posting beautiful pics of ur amazing neat notes, and here i am… shitposting about a 69 i got on a math test last year… and we’re still all one community, trying (and potentially failing) to study together

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