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your touch felt like acne scars and wine before water, i went up on the roof with the girl who has eyes the color of the night sky and she told me my kisses tasted like regret and then she kissed me again, i woke up to a bird singing a song from my childhood and i hated that song but i sang back and i don’t hate it anymore, i walked so long i got lost in the woods and the pine trees smelled like raspberry tea so i walked further until they smelled like honey and further until they smelled like grief, i looked in the mirror and i saw the little girl i hide my face from and she said i love you i love you and now she’s an old woman and i tell her i love you i love you and i can’t wait to see you

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I know it is a little bit late to post this week’s spread buuut here it is! And, btw, I passed Industrial Fermentations 👏🏻

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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Hey guys, I am back after two long years of inactive Tumblr blog.

Currently, I am a doctoral researcher (AKA PhD student) in University of Jena, Germany.

I am working from home and it’s been really hard since last two months to get the work done.

So here I am, sharing my efforts here. I hope we all strive through the hardships and “get the job done”

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Today I worked a bit on the future tense and learning some new phrases in Korean. I didn’t take handwritten notes because I’m already pretty familiar with the future tense. I used the app Lingodeer. It is my absolute favorite language learning apps because it actually offers explanations instead of just having you memorize things!

Here’s an example:

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my sunday plans you may ask? studying studying and then studying some more | 📷 instagram: thomreads (if you want more content, especially through my stories)
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🖤💛🤍 i miss being six and running through sprinklers and crushing berries with a twig and eating fudgesicles and swinging sticks like swords and watching akeelah and the bee too many times and not knowing how to contour my nose 🤍💛🖤

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i guess it was about time for me to learn some covid-19 related vocabulary and expressions in chinese; finding a youtube video dedicated to it was a perfect timing! (for those asking, i found it on the yt channel called ‘everyday chinese’)

📷instagram: thomreads

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for as much as studyblr may have its faults, it’s a pretty sizable online space that tells young girls that the absolute coolest thing you can do is be smart and work hard and believe in yourself and i think that’s pretty great

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Told you I’d be offline for a few days 😅 This past week has been a nightmare but at least I only have two weeks left of uni 👏🏻 After that, my exams period will start 😭 Anyway, I had a midterm exam last week and I got a 10/10

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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hello everyone, my name’s morgane and i’m a fourth year language high school student . i started this studyblr up a long while ago but have only used it for reblogging up until this point. I’d like to start posting some of my own content, hopefully to motivate me as I am lately struggling with the whole quarantine and online classes situation.

About me🍒:

  • My name is Morgane
  • I’m almost 18 yo
  • I live in Italy
  • Entj
  • Leo sun, capricorn moon, taurus rising


  • My biggest passion is acting, I’ve been in a company for the past two years and it’s honestly the only thing i’m never tired to work my ass off for. I intend to do it as a living after i finished high school.
  • I LOVE reading. Seriously, I have tons of bookshelves in my house+books stocked under the bed and in drawers because i don’t have enough space.
  • I am a huge movie geek, I think I have seen every movie ever made.
  • I consider myself a creative and i am pretty good at drawing (or so my friends say)

Why a studyblr? ☕

  • The studyblr community has always been of huge help and inspiration in my high school journey, but before now i was always to afraid my blog wouldn’t be enough aestetichally pleasing for the academia world lol
  • I’m feeling very demotivated because of quarantine and i tend to get depressed if I don’t have something to do. That’s why I intend to make it something that occupies my days.
  • I’m looking forward to all the blogs, especially langblrs, to learn all new and interesting things in a more involved way now that i’m going to be active
  • I just really want to feel part of something as loving as the studyblrs’ community💖

Some studyblrs I love🍣:

@studiovsly @procrastinatingculture @sarastudyblr @catstudyblr @myhoneststudyblr @littlepolyglot @scholasticbabe @wingsstudies @studying-zoo @solving-equations @brai-nstem @laurajournal @athenastudying @sweaters-tea-studying @desultory-suggestions

PS. this is a side blog :)

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may 14th, 2020

being an art student during quarantine is hard, we don’t do even half of what we were supposed to do, but it’s fine. i’m doing a copy of a malczewski’s “artist with a muse” for an assignment and so far so good. have a good day!!

“i want to be great or nothing” - amy march

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