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#study motivation

I was studying and suddenly got the urge to listen to the album!!

The same songs when listened from an album give different kind of chill! It can’t be only me!!

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||2020.10.27||01:24|| It’s late… Or early? Anyways… I really need to work on having a normal sleep schedule or else I may crash and burn soon. Today, I worked on my outline and did some preliminary research for my medieval irish lit essay and then I did some readings for my medieval europe class. Overall, it was a very medievaly kinda day. 👑
🎵Cold / Leslie Odom Jr. & Sia
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2 6 / 1 0 / 2 0 2 0


Bullet journal || Week 44

“You have witchcraft in your lips”

Halloween is coming! I’m really excited! Horror movies and candies everywhere here I come! (I have a lot of tests coming this week… but they won’t take this day away from me!!)

Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 2 Explain your studyblr URL! 

My URL is nothing special… just some kind of reminder of what I should be doing

Day 3 Why did you create your studyblr?

I’ve always loved this community and I just had to participate!

The unconditional support, the countless tips, the nice humor, the inspirational pictures…

Studyblr is that small space on the internet that reminds you the beauty of studying. It’s a place where you can get inspired by other people who love knowledge just like you!

A place where the nerdy stuff is loved and there’s no one to judge.

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me: *can’t concentrate without doing something else related to the subject*

me: ok i’m going to try writing notes for journalism

me: *pays attention*

*surprised pikachu face*

decided to take notes for a subject other than math for once and would you look at that. I didn’t zone out like i always do

I tried doing the same for science but there was no visual aid so it didn’t work :(

- prism

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Like I said, I’m at my grandmother’s place, so I haven’t been posting a lot. Nor have I done a lot of studying. Except for the test today. Its much more fun to binge-watch The Gone Game with cousins than to actually study. I’ve also been playing a LOT of Among Us ever since my cousins introduced me to it.


• Watched a Maths lecture


• Did some maths


• Did some more maths

• Attended Psychology online class


• Maths test (FINALLY!!!)

• Attended English and Maths classes

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When the sun was setting in my room at around 6PM my clear journals casted these really pretty reflections on my wall. Even though I had assignments due that night I spent like 10 minutes trying to get the perfect pictures 😅 Also my brother bought me the Bleach light novel can’t fear your own world and I haven’t read it yet (even though it’s about one of my faves shuhei 🥰) Since I’m graduating in may I haven’t had extra time for things like manga or games, hopefully I can get to it during my winter break!

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// 26.10.20 //

day 14 of studyble community challenge

what are some of your study essentials?

i would have to say that i’ve only recently gotten into stationary but i’ve always loved buying back to school stuff.

recently, my must haves are midliner highlighters, bic mechanical pencils and sarasa porous pens. i’ll occasionally use the hi-lighter brand when i want a bolder and deeper highlight, but the ones i listed is what i have to have in terms of writing stationary. in terms of paper, i use the 5 star spiral note books or a journal that has more yellowed paper with a soft pliable cardboard outer cover. it doesn’t actually have a brand name as far as i know, but the paper is amazing to write on and it’s super smooth. i use that to keep track of all my assignments and other various things like my timetable

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10:00pm — Today, I went through 3 chapters and took notes. I work full time (luckily remote right now) so there’s less on weekdays and more on weekends.

I had originally planned my exam for 11/30, but decided since my state doesn’t have continuous testing yet, I should use all the time I possibly could so I could have a solid chance of passing on the first go. 

Right now, I am reading through each module and take notes. I’ll combine these notes at the end to make a study guide and run through MCQs. I feel like this is the best way for me to really retain all the information in this section.  

That’s it for today.  Goodnight! 

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October 26 || stuck on replay

If you could dedicate only one song to yourself, which song would you choose and why? For me, I would choose The Reason by Hoobastank, acoustic. I destroy myself every day fighting between recovery and relapse. This song helps to keep me grounded and it reminds me every time I struggle why I’m fighting in the first place.

So what song would you choose to dedicate to yourself?

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Day 45/100 of productivity (altho is it really?)

I’ve been really bad about logging my studying because I mostly use Forest now(hmu if you wanna be friends lol) but I promise I’ve been studying a LOT. In fact, I’m feeling a little burned out… not a good thing with less than two weeks left until the DELF 🙃

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