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July 6 /20

Looks like all of my classes are gonna be online 🌎 but I still need to adjust my schedule, as I may drop a course and take it in the spring. Also, here’s a small poem I wrote for one of my friends but it also applies to all of you guys, the people that support my blogs make my world brighter 🌟 know you are loved.

🎧 hey alli - runner runner 🎧

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july 6, 2020 

today was the first day of summer school for me, so i did some light reading when i got home to relax the mind! also got this cute pencil pouch secondhand – i love it! my plan for tomorrow is to start on the second day of the week, then get some ACT studying underway. with the test creeping up in ~2 weeks, i gotta get to work with my books.

song of the day: wildfire - mandolin orange

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07.06.20 Day 5/30 Days of Productivity

So I almost forgot to post again😂 I had a really productive day today! We went over three lectures in class and had a discussion with Dr. David Shiffman about the influence of social media on policy change and public outreach in science.

I forgot to take any pictures of my works so here’s some of the shark teeth I collected last fall and a dwarf seahorse from my very first collecting trip back in the fall of 2018!

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14/100 days of productivity


(tfw ur workspace is the kitchen table) What I did today:


-Edited my manuscript


-Worked out


-APUSH Khan Academy


Ran some errands around town today, and am now sitting back with some wine. I think I’m gonna have a slow rest of the night, relax and kick back.

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06.07.2020 // this is my last week and then exams are over!! excited but overwhelmed bc there is still so much to do. I have been following some trainings on portfolio theory so now I’m much more confident about the course than I was before. 

Music 🎧: Are you bored yet? - Wallows ft Clairo. still surprised how Dylan Minnette can be a good actor AND have such a great voice. 

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It started thundering just as I lit some candles, which I need to reup on (it’s really just an excuse for me to go waste money at target), and if that wasn’t some divine intervention telling me to stop working and just relax with my tea and a book, idk what is. As a result I pulled one of my favorites from my bookshelf and made myself cozy.

Today’s Music Playlist: a mix of happy and in my feels

Cazzu- Nada

Micro TDH— Cafuné

Cazzu- La Clase

Micro TDH— Besame sin Sentir

Kehlani- F&MU


Alex Rose- Toda (Remix)

Jhené Aiko- None of Your Concern

Myke Towers- Si Se Da (Remix)

Cazzu- C14torce II

Kehlani- Toxic

Sousa- Mienteme (Remix)

Jhené Aiko- BS

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4th & 5th & 6th of July

I ask miss google for better ways to brew coffe at home technically i already know how to do it but i wanted to learn more

It was nice just learning about something new that is not related to university classes/subjects

But coming right back to bitter reality we call life

I read some of the articles our professors recommended for us to read ‘til the start of the semester

I also read Nietzsche’s “Aphorism on Love and Hate” which i still have some thinking to do on it, I will probably post my notes and ideas about it soon.

Next on my list is Dante’s “Circles of Hell” and Ryūnosuke Akutagawa’s “The Life of a Stupid Man”

I travelled a little around istanbul


Today’s color was RED

I looked up some room decorations ideas for my new room in the new house


This one is quite nice in my opinion since to me most important part of the room is studying space

I also listened to GOT7’s new album at first listening which was a little while ago i did not like it a lot but now i love most of the songs mostly because of their lyrics


GOT7 is my favourite Kpop group btw you may realized it form my appreciation of Jackson so not liking a comeback was a kind of big deal for me so i gave it another shot

I watched “Heathers The Musical” and the “Heathers” movie which had some good sides and bad sides i will post about it sooner or later


I have been listening to musicals for 2 years maybe but i am feel like one of those years do not count since it was my last year in college which i only studied studied and studied nothing else

So i am fairly new to musicals

24 & 25 & 26/100 days of productivity

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0 6 / 0 7 / 2 0 2 0


Here’s this week’s spread.

Horizontal and a table… let’s see if it works!

🎧Apocalypse (Cigarrettes after sex)


🐝 Month 4 || Week 15 || Questions🐝

Sat - What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?

Mystery and thriller.

I love detectives, so Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorites.

And the emotion that a thriller gives you is amazing! So you’ll probably see me watching “As above so below” or something like that… for some weird reason, I’ve always found thriller movies inspiring.

Sun - When was the last time you climbed a tree just for fun?

I can’t remember…

But I know that I used to love doing that!

…I’ll try to climb a tree as soon as I can

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