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atypicalmee · 3 days ago
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my current inspiration: studio ghibli characters working hard at what they love
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sadnessofautumn · a day ago
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20.05.22 • beware for i have arrived and am back to studying! ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳° it's been almost a month since the term started however i needed some time to adjust everything because i'm telling you german uni lectures are a bit different from what i'm used to, and it took me some time to settle everything down. anyways! i'm back here and also studying and not gonna lie, i think i missed studying and posting here a little? i hope you all are fine and doing well. <3
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lottiestudying · 2 days ago
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20.05.2022—busy busy times. very tired
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kindastudyingstuff · 2 days ago
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20.05.2022 || studying for sem end exams when I'm already mentally done with the semester . I might be tired but atleast I've good snacks and tea!
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wecandoit · 2 days ago
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Day 4/30
20.05.2022 // today is for all the hand enthusiasts out there (even though I have really weird chubby hands). turns out I'm way more behind on my lectures than I thought. also the day i stop streaming badlands by halsey is the day i go insane, you can call the ambulance.
🎧 Castle - Halsey 🌊
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coralstudiies · 2 days ago
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"At an early age I learned that people make mistakes, and you have to decide if their mistakes are bigger than your love for them."
btw im reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas! it's long overdue on my TBR list but i finally finished it yesterday and although the ending was abrupt i liked the development of the side characters much more than i expected
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mrskaedeharaa · a day ago
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violentlyshufflingpapers · 2 days ago
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mar-studies · 2 days ago
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update 🧸
i went to a lot of concerts in the past weeks and i have one left for may (seeing conan gray next week <33)
i had to hold a presentation for one of my classes and it went okay :)
i took some time off of social media for a few days cause i realized again that too much scrolling is really really bad for my mental health :/
i looove watching movies atm !! it brings me so much joy :))
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studyingchemeng · 2 days ago
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another day another study session.with friends... also fuck them engineering boys, I want an arty crafty himbo bf!
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liones-s · 2 days ago
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Good morning, spring has come to the castle
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comparatist · 2 days ago
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May Productivity Day 7
pretty notes on rassundari devi's amar jiban (my life). i stayed awake till 1:40 a.m to complete the online lecture. then i slept. woke up again at 6:50 a.m today to complete the task. hopefully i'll be able to submit this assignment by today.
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alfalfaaarya · 2 days ago
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Day 3 of 5 day productivity streak 📝
Today has been insanely productive !
Starting studying at 5 am , made myself a cup of black tea 🍵 to drive away the sleepiness.
Went through my mistake book
Revised Electrostatics
Solved Bio PYQs
Solved Questions on Electrostatics
Did some sketching as well.
My moots are soo sooo sweet and sooo very supportive !
I got a couple of messages and replies asking me how I'm doing and assuring me that it's okay to feel down .
Thanks to each and everyone of you , from the bottom of my heart 💖
It really means so much to me .
You are one of the reasons why i keep going !
People telling me that they look upto to me is just so motivating !
Thanks a lot guys :)
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rosayounan · a day ago
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Let’s be honest here. There are only 2 kinds of students in college. Which one were you?
Hint: I’m Ram when I’m not on coffee. Once I get coffee, I’m Bheem for sure!
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studyofmaria · 2 days ago
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MAY 19-20 2022 | ( 30 / 100 )
made so much progress with my next lab program but then again, it has about 10 more implementations left to do so at this point, a miracle is what i need. the weather has been real cold lately, shifting from hard rain to thunderstorms, but i will never cease to want iced coffee.
c programming burns out my brain so much but its so redeeming to finally understand some stuff !!! this semester is about to be over i cannot wait to be freed honestly
accomplished the journal i had to submit today
watched bright days ahead (2013) and la belle noiseuse (1991) both were so decent i did not even know a cumulative 6 hours has passed + i was also programming as i was watching them so that was a surprise
attended a lecture today which was discussing the very same topic im learning on diff subject code.... the gag is i understood it better in that one lecture class better than the 5 videos I've had to watch about it
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wecandoit · a day ago
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Day 5/30
21.05.2022 // this painting was from a long time ago but coming across it made me wanna paint again. gotta remember that for the holidays. so many things I wanna restart... also sorry that all my updates have been so similar i'm just desperately trying to catch up on these lectures.
🎧 Chimacum Rain - Linda Perhacs 🌊
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madameyeri · a day ago
I’m trying to write my ideas down but they seem like stuck somewhere in my head. I can feel them, can’t touch them and they don’t let me see them. I guess it’ll take time to meet them but that’s okay
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blueprint-9376 · a day ago
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21.05.2022 (😐)
🎢: 올라갈 일만 보이는 나날들
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upsand-downs · a day ago
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themindisachaoticplace · 7 months ago
rb to give your mutuals motivation to do the things they need to do <3
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