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May 29, 2020 // ☁️

how is it already almost june? time flies is such an understatement… anyways, i’ve been spending my days revising for my biochem final on monday which i am, quite frankly, not excited about at all. i hope you’re all doing well x

 ultraviolet - freya ridings

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AYE I’ve been gone for weeks now and honestly that’s all 100% on me and my laziness.

I’d been too unmotivated for a month or sth and could literally not do anything.

But! The past week I’ve basically set up a whole plan to prep for IIT-JEE and honestly I’ve got a lot to do and that too in very less time.

By a lot I mean they syllabus of 11th and 12th grade in like 7 months (less than 7 months because we’ll be having our school examinations as well which are pretttyyyy important)

Along with that I need to focus on finishing all the assignments and homework from school because those carry marks and I need my 12th grade marks to be as close to perfect as possible to make up for my 11th grade marks (honestly that’s just so that I can regain my sense of self worth)

A knee ways

I’m gonna try updating here more often because idk it gives me something to look back at and see my progress(?)

Ooh and I changed the placing of my study table because I like the sunlight and also because even my brother’s gonna be taking an exam next year so he’s gonna be studying too so he’s getting a table to study on so we needed to make some space to let that in.

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Signing the tenancy application to stay in my current residence, honestly I’m pretty nervous that my landlord won’t let me stay because I’m freelance and obviously don’t have any work at the moment due to lockdown. Please send good vibes my way, I don’t have anywhere to go if this doesn’t work out. // 29.05.20

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2020 quarantine challenge by @myhoneststudyblr | week 10: wed-fri

if you could become fluent in one language overnight, what language would you like it to be?

the language i’m learning atm which is chinese ~-~

what do you think is the best sounding language?

korean? maybe i just listened to more kpop lately

what is your favorite idiom?

“speak of the devil” lmao it’s the one i use the most

32/100 days of productivity

these past three days i studied biology and finished my first digital art! complete illustration is at my new art acc @ardelaire gosh quarantine rlly be making me do things 🤧

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For today, I am going to try and write down my whole life and all the major moments on a piece of paper. I also need to finish the final draft of a Philosophy Essay due June 5. For the next 2-3 days, I think I’ll just do some additional research and refresh my knowledge. A huge number of the teacher’s comments only required me to make conclusions after paragraphs and make the logical connections clearer. Since both of these things can be covered in 1 day. I have considerable amounts of time to spend. Next, I have a bunch of webinars I want to watch on colleges I could be interested in. I do want to choose a region near where my sister studies but I’m also going to explore other countries and options.

As you can see, my definition of work and then, of productivity is changing fast. With very few deadlines in place and a Netflix account, I’m really testing my limits. But, I have group projects which keep me in shape and I’m trying to work without specific deadlines. I’m also fixing my work station. Again. Yes.

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my coffee intake has been through the ROOF lately. My mom makes the best south indian filter coffee, I could probably drink gallons. 

♫ Cool Blue, The Japanese House

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4/100 Days of Productivity


Today i realized i don’t have a very good study routine/schedule and i’m working on fixing it. Motivation is not really enough to do well; you need discipline and determination especially, and this is something i have to remind myself. I worked on some physics problems and I am currently studying some cell bio. I have an exam next week so I’m really trying to do my best. I think tomorrow I’m going to attempt a 9-5 study schedule and see how it goes.


I’ve also been shifting between cursive and standard handwriting lol it’s weird

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