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Korean Lesson

So I start the year going to a Korean lesson, it’s being so hard, but I’m so happy that I was able to start in a very productive way. Also, I need to stop spending so much, so I bought a journal to keep up with all my expenses. I’m so happy and also I’m trying to use more tumblr.

I’m also trying to fix my sleeping schedule cuz it’s so bad right now!

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Day 2 of class - and somehow I’m already behind in my statistical inference course 💀

TIL I have completely forgotten everything about Taylor series.

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I’ve completed all of my assignments for January, so I’m taking notes on some of the extra readings mentioned in lectures and pursuing my own interest in learning the USSR. I got essay feedback again today, which was actually very positive.

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22/01/2021- day 1/101 days of productivity

decided to get my (college) life together by setting my to-do list straight! it’s only week 2 of the semester but i’m starting to realise that taking more modules than recommended may not have been the best idea…

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210121// 13/100 days of productivity

online presentation set-up! i’ve also received my package with some albums and photocards - it felt festive again :)


  • studied korean
  • revised material for my presentation
  • actually had my presentation early in the morning and i guess it didn’t go too awful :)
  • annotated and watched some more videos/read articles on baudrillard
  • planned another part of my research project
  • read another journal article
  • planned my presentation for next week (final presentation/research report)
  • looked up some fancy phd position in different countries! (ready for an adventure)
21st January - Stay warm inside or go outside in the cold?

Stay warm inside while it’s really cold outside! days like that are the best days :)

today’s focus: 7h 30min

listening to: jooheon, king 

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Hello! It has been so long since my last post. Sorry about that. 🤧 How are you? 

🌸 I just completed all of my required major subjects for this semester! I will be taking Biochemistry and Spanish in the next 5 weeks. I am weirdly looking forward to learning those classes even though they are not directly related to my course. 💗

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thursday, 21 jan

placement year interview prepping involves a lot of researching into the company, writing up notes and practice questions and answers. don’t forget the endless cups of tea to get you through. i’ve just finished with my january assessments so my prime focus is now on securing a placement for my third year of uni. it has been so stressful so far. loads of rejections so i’m at my wits end here but i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Every single assignment that I have completed has resulted in a good grade, pretty solidly beyond the minimum I need, yet I still cannot get over the crippling fear that I’m not going to pass onto next year

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21/1/2021 | 18 & 19 / 103 Days of Productivity | Winter Studying Challenge

15th Jan: Would you rather wear a winter jacket in the summer or a bathing suit in the winter?

I’ve been swimming in lochs in January before, it is grim as fuck mind, but I’d rather that to literally melting

16th Jan: Scarves or sweaters?

I love a big cosy jumper, scarves make my hair all tangled at the back

17th Jan: Gloves or mittens?

Mittens are adorable but I much prefer gloves

18th Jan: Wear mittens forever or a winter hat every single day?

I’d go with mittens if I had to rip

19th Jan: What outdoor winter activity do you love?

I really love hiking in the snow

20th Jan: Do you do any winter sports?

I’ve been skiing once if that counts?

21st Jan: Staying warm inside or go outside in the cold?

Inside and cosy and warm and curled up by a fire is the place to be

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To be honest, I am obsessed with cute looking notebooks, drinking coffee or tea while reading a good book and other small things in life 🌱✨ recently, I decided to live my passion. Ofc it’s not easy, it’s new land and sometimes I feel lost. But I will learn from my mistakes and I will try it again till it works. It might be hard at the beginning but it’s worth it. Even if I fail, I won’t regret it cos I rather be happy with less money than being sad and rich. The worst thing which could happen is being happy but poor and the best thing is being happy and rich. 💕😊 When was the last time you did something for yourself?

I would love criticism and it would be helpful if you could share this ❤️ Thank you

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Hey so I’ve been really needing some extra cash these days and I’ve been helping people write their resumes and cover letters. I know it’s a tedious job and many of us need to start but haven’t, if you need someone to start it for you or help you make one that will guarantee that companies looking at it feel free to drop me a dm and I will help you. Pass on the word please lovelies ~~

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Heyyoooo everyone! Good morning 🙏 🌄☺

I had online school ranging from 6.30 to 9.00 in the morning 😖😖😖. I’m planning on doing my homework in the evening and study in the morning 😊😊😊. Have a great day!

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