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#study space

21.01.21// changed up our coffee table decor because my eucalyptus showed up! We also finally put up a print from one of our friends! I’m loving that our place is finally coming together ✨

IG: flatneedledistillery

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January 21th 2021 // Early-ish morning // 🎧 Hwaa - (G)-idle

Three views from my desk, feat. the water bottle I got for Christmas. Done with grading. Time for modules and thesis.

2021 Reading Challenge Week #3 : Which book(s) have you re-read the most ?

Oh boy. I typically don’t re-read novels ; but Laclot’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses (classic French novel) is probably the only exception ? Because 1) it is told only through letters, you have to often piece it together yourself, and I feel like I discover something that I missed before, typically something spicy and outrageous, because I was 14 when I read it first, and it was not meant for a 14yo and 2) the writing styles changes depending on who is writing, out of 10 or so characters, and some of them have the. most. gorgeous. way with words. Just… the words, for the sake of them, are worth at leat a yearly re-read.

It’s very… Bridgerton, but make it amoral and everyone is terrible and bad and a snake. Can’t recommend it enough.

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Day 5/100 days of productivity

- went to work

- worked on an assignment for my Southeast Asian history class that made me really frustrated. Hoping to finish it in the morning without wanting to scream lol

- More readings

- more internship applications

- trying to read for an hour before sleep right now

- thinking about taking another break from watching yt videos again because i flock to them when I don’t wanna do work and then I just get angry at myself haha

I hope ur Wednesday is going well :)

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Hey so I’ve been really needing some extra cash these days and I’ve been helping people write their resumes and cover letters. I know it’s a tedious job and many of us need to start but haven’t, if you need someone to start it for you or help you make one that will guarantee that companies looking at it feel free to drop me a dm and I will help you. Pass on the word please lovelies ~~

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  • 10/100 days of productivity

I had some time to relax today after my classes and started a little project. I’m rusty but hopefully I have enough spare time to finish it:).

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Today was hard to get motivated, I just wanted to lay around instead of actually doing work. But then I thought of all the wonderful people on here, trying their hardest, so I had to try too. I’ve only completed a few things today, but its better than nothing, so I’ll take it as a win. 

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Please help a struggling academic out 🥺

So I recently graduated and honestly have no idea what to do next. Until I got this opportunity that is…… I have an opportunity to teach english to little kiddies in china. It’s been my dream to travel and now I get to while also doing something I enjoy. I’m not asking for much, a little donation can go a long way. Please like and share. Thank you all ❤ stay safe x

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New semester is off to a good start!! I started reading chapter 1 in the morning and will finish after class. I’m very excited for this semester because I’m taking astronomy & psychology. Which are two of my favorite subjects. After this class I’m going to make some breakfast and then get ready for my second class on zoom. Hope you guys are having a good day and the rest of the week is productive & positive!!

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Onto day 2 of the 31 day study challenge from @thatunigirl! It’s been super fun so far to set up photos and play around with my blog page theme. 

2. Studying Space. What is your setup?

I just got this new desk for school from my parents for christmas, although it was more of a planned present that I picked out with them. It’s been great having a space to study and separate myself from my bed, which I had a habit of doing homework from the past few semesters. 

I also just got some new candles from B&BW so that’s been super nice to light and smell as I do work (shh it’s technically not allowed, don’t tell anyone ;) ). 

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