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#study space

Some late night french notes. Like the skull in the background? He was a birthday present. It’s been weeks, and I still don’t know what to name him. If you have any suggestions, lmk in the notes!

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Day 42 and 43 of 100 days of productivity

2 days until the first exam.

I wanted to study in the garden but it’s black fly season so I guess it’s out of question for now.

Take care.

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6.3.20; 12:25am_||

Study Update; I feel like each time I get more info to go on, I delve deeper into this massive whole of information without a good clue to get me on the right track. Is this is too inquisitive for tumblr? Probably.

Late night snack of ritz and pb 😏 feat. Clark, he’s my study buddy sometimes; he’s really nice and doesn’t judge me as I ramble my thought process out loud 👻

🎧 Library Ambience for Study / Library White Noise #201 - Youtube Winter Whale ASMR

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My cat looks so fluffy here 😂

Today I completed a stats quiz, took up some answers to past macromolecule quizzes, and wrote a continuum mechanics note.

I went for my first jog on our new treadmill and I’m so happy we got one! I love jogging and I can’t use the one at school anymore since everything is closed. Started working on a thin film assignment and hope to complete it tomorrow!

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She got back to me! Annotating and taking notes rn going over Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the Multidimensional Model of Racism (MMR)

Planned my week last night, finals week is next week, so expect study update photos, mostly instead of spreads.

Week planner set up inspired by @mmocheu its been really nice so far, having my concrete things set up on the left/week outline, and then having space on the right to breakdown each day’s tasks.

🎧 3rd Times a Charm - soho -Begin Again

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02.06.2020 - 9/100 - One hundred days of productivity

Soooo… My last post was on Friday… Stuff happened. Stuff mainly being I’m tired of my classes rhythm and I didn’t feel like posting anything. I still studied though, so this is a catch up post.

2020 Quarantine Challenge

✨ Week one ✨ - days 6 & 7

Where in your house is your favorite place to study? My backyard! If it wasn’t obvious by now.

What are you doing to relax? Playing a really stupid and addictive phone game that I truly need to uninstall soon.

✨ Week two ✨ - days 1 & 2

Take a picture of your desk: Here it is, covered in notes.

Take a picture of the book you are currently reading: I haven’t read a book for leisure in years. I just read many, many different book chapters for Uni.

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