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How To Be Motivated To Study | Watch This If You Need Motivation To Stud…

If you guys need some study motivation, then feel free to check out my latest video

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15/100 days of productivity


What I did today:



-Edited my manuscript



-Work out


It was a slow day. I still don’t know what The Wild Boys by William S Burroughs is about, but some reoccurring themes are urine in hay and sunlight in pubic hairs.

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07.07.2020 tuesday

hi everyone! how is everyone doing this summer? i hope you all are staying safe w covid!

today, i went to a near coffeeshop after work to get some homework done & took some really nice pics! i had to do work outside of home today bc i cannot for the life of me do any school work at home :)

in these pics, i’ve been doing some social statistics as a sociology class for this summer semester & i cannot wait for it to be over. luckily this week is finals week! :) after this class i’ll be taking another sociology class about sexuality in society (a lot more interesting than this current one ofc 😂).

stay safe & stay covered! 😷

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Today was a good day. I felt like I was kinda on a roll at work and my boyfriend and I got carryout for dinner. I also accepted a position on a smaller journal at my school. Already getting overwhelmed by all my commitments for the Fall, but I think I am going to drop one of my Bar classes, which should relieve a lot of the pressure. I’m getting really excited to start school again. :)

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I got my a-level’ results :D Or the equivalent anyway

Im so happy with them as they reflect the effort i put all year long and i feel pretty great about myself. Slice of victory pizza for me tonight.

I also finally achieved my books collection, thanks to my friend and her copy of Autant en emporte le vent or Gone with the Wind and my desk is now sufficiently ✨✨aesthetic✨✨

Hope you’re all having a great day!

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there was a rainbow a couple weeks ago, finally got around to posting the pics :-)

🎧currently listening to: carolina by harry styles  

extra pics under the cut bc i didn’t like how they all looked together lol


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