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Estornudar = to sneeze

La versión preliminar = preliminary version, draft

Una cadena de noticias = news network

Recorrer una distancia = to travel a distance

Fuera de control - out of control

Escabullirse - to sneak out

Estar encuestado - to take part in a survey

Un complemento económico - extra money

La recuperación post-esfuerzo - post effort recovery

Un afiliado - a member

La afiliación - membership

Convertirse en afiliado - to become a member

A su medida - personalized, customized

El reflujo - reflux

Las flatulencias - flatulence

El hinchazón - bloating of the abdomen

Contabilizar - to take into account

Estival = veraniego = summer (adj)

La patronal - management (at work)

La vajilla - dinner set

Estar arraigado - to be deeply rooted

Las vacaciones soñadas - dream vacation

Pernoctar = to stay overnight

La pernoctación = an overnight stay

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things to do in your target language for studying


Originally posted by lesspixelsplease

  • write down sentences/words & make sure you say them out loud
  • make flashcards (digital flashcards to be more sustainable!)
  • start a journal to write down new vocabulary that you learn
  • watch a show and repeat what you hear out loud
  • listen to music and translate parts of the lyrics
  • narrate your actions out loud
  • find a friend to practice speaking or texting with
  • try to incorporate new vocabulary as much as you can in your sentences
  • write journal entries everyday (this especially helps if you’re struggling with immersing yourself)
  • while watching shows, actively write down new words that you find interesting
  • learn vocab of objects, places, emotions, people, etc. around you (aka vocab that you will use the most often in daily life)
  • learn synonyms of words that you already know
  • create a small, achievable goal to complete everyday (ex. learn one new word, write 3-5 sentences, read lyrics or a small paragraph out loud)
  • change one of your app’s language settings; don’t change your whole phone’s language, it’ll stress you out even more (coming from experience). baby steps!
  • follow influencers on social media that are native speakers (captions in their posts are good for learning new vocab)
  • be confident! it’s okay to struggle, you’re still learning :)
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algo me asquea - sth disgusts me

algo me da arcadas - it makes me wanna puke

un chuletón - T-bone steak

la salchicha - sausage 🌭

el chorizo - minced semi-cured sausage with origins in the Iberian Peninsula - can be called Spanish sausage; thief*

el embutido  umbrella term for sausage-like products

merendar - to snack

ser ancho(-a) de caderas - to have wide hips

traicionero - treacherous

ponerse mono(-a)* = arreglarse - to gussy up

la chapuza - botched job

hacer agua - to take on water (literally and figuratively)

Arranca la huelga. - The strike begins.

la bodega - wine cellar

la viña - vineyard

la vid - grapevine

en torno a algo - aproximately

la trenza - braid, plait

el cerro - hill

una hectárea - hectare

la huerta - produce farm

el ayuntamiento - city council

la escasez de ingresos - income poverty

la peculiaridad - unusual feature

la liquidez - cash flow

el importe - gross amount, sum, totality

abonar - to pay

Follow me for more!  Espero que os sirva. ¡Seguidme para aprovechar de más listas de vocabulario! Si hay errores,  ¡avísadme! :)


Originally posted by edible3d

* - colloquial

Thank you to all the people who explained the nuances between chorizo and salchicha to me!

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los expedientes - files, documents

el papeleo - paperwork

el plazo de amortización - payback period

los cuotas - fees

la sociedad - company

austero con los gastos - frugal with expenses

eficaz en algo - efficient in sth

endeudarse - to get into debt

acelerado - fast, jumpy

suscribir un acuerdo - to enter into an agreement

estrenar algo - to try sth out

el seguro a todo riesgo - full insurance

Eso no corre prisa. - No rush.

fastidiar algo - to fuck sth up

un convenio - agreement

los trámites burocráticos - administrative procedures

impartir - to share

fomentar - to promote

agobiado con algo - swamped with sth

los preparativos de algo - preparations for sth

degenerar en algo - to end up as, to turn into

proporcionar las ganancias - to deliver profits

estar de baja - to be on leave

reprochar a alguien que… - to blame sb for doing sth

las instalaciones - facilities

al igual que - just like

interino - temporary

duradero - long-lasting

envalentonarse - to pluck up courage

en desuso - unused

puerta a puerta - door-to-door

desechado - cast aside

restaurar - to restore, to repair

impulsar - to promote

el derroche - wasteful spending

amontonar - to pile up

confiado - entrusted

puesto que + indicativo - given that

comprar algo en las rebajas - to buy sth on sale

todo cuanto necesito - everything I need

barajar algo - to consider, to take into account sth

las cuentas - finances

congelar el sueldo - to freeze salaries

un cisma entre los accionistas - a disagreement between shareholders

Tampoco es para tanto. - It’s not that bad.

estar al tanto de la bolsa = estar pendiente de la bolsa - to keep an eye on the situation on the stock market

la cotización (en bolsa) - stock

conceder permiso - to give permission

Por muy difícil que sea. - No matter how hard it gets.

desbancar al competidor - to replace a competitor’s place (on the market)

saltar a la fama - to rise to fame

veloz - fast

dispensar a alguien - to exempt sb

la injerencia - meddling in sth

desalentar a alguien - to demotivate sb

el incierto rumbo de la empresa - uncertain future of a business

la insignificancia (en el mercado) - being irrelevant for the market

astuto - clever, smart

la precaución - preventive measure, forethought

el permiso tácito - implied permission

el condado - county

una directriz - guideline

tener encomedado algo - to be entrusted with sth

igualado - equated

Lo comido por lo servido. - The benefits didn’t surpass the costs.

Quien no arriesga no gana. - No guts, no glory.

el rencor - resentment

la dicha - good luck

la diminución - reduction, drop

reclamar algo - to demand sth

el letrero - signpost

el recelo - mistrust, suspicion

el aprieto - tight spot

caducar - to expire

la campaña de comercialización - marketing campaign

apadrinar algo - to sponsor sth

en los albores de algo - at the dawn of sth

sin piedad - with no mercy

el contratiempo - setback, obstacle

objetar - to object

descabellado - ridiculous

Mucho ruido y pocas nueces. -  All talk and no action.

emprender algo - to start a procjet

prolijamente - tediously

la factura - invoice

el billete - bill, banknote

la cuenta - check, bill

el ticket - entrance ticket

Espero que os sirva. ¡Seguidme para aprovechar de más listas de vocabulario! Si hay errores,  ¡avísadme! :)


Originally posted by slimspree

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Hi, here I wrote down some more Spanish vocabulary I want to remember. The last days, I wasn’t very productive, because I didn’t feel like doing work in the morning and later, there was pretty much no time. But now I’m back to doing something every day and I’m very glad about that.

I hope you’re doing well :)

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Hi, today I started practicing the Spanish vocabulary from the past year. I’m doing this because I’m pretty sure I forgot a lot and I also skipped some pages. So now is the right time to refresh my knowledge. What I did, I basically just wrote all the vocabulary down and the translations next to it. On the loose paper I made a dot so I can see which ones I knew and which ones I didn’t. In the notebook I’ll probably do that tomorrow. I also watched two Spanish YouTube videos today and I feel like I’m already understanding more than a few weeks ago. I’m very happy about that.

I hope you’re having a nice day :)

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Here is masterlist for Spanish on both Lingodeer and Duolingo, once I finish posting a section I will link all of the lessons here. :)

HEADSUP: This collection does not include ALL of the notes from Duolingo or Lingodeer, I simply used it as review for small things to remember. (Mostly accents and gender of nouns…)

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What type of a learner are you?

I’ve began working on expanding my Spanish vocabulary. I’ve downloaded a very helpful flashcard app, that goes together with my vocab book although to me it is only good for self-checking. In order to memorize anything I need to write it down, not type but actually write. I write, then I saw aloud, then I read and repeat until I memorize. 

So I got this tiny flashcards set to write words I am going to learn. I plan to have a couple different sets, one for verbs, one for adjective and one for nouns. Then I will make a frequency one. That’s the plan.

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LOS DÍAS DE LA SEMANA (The days of the week)

These are the seven days of the week in Spanish.

  • From lunes to viernes, we say it is entre semana, which means weekdays.
  • Sábado and domingo are the weekend, right? In Spanish it’s called fin de semana, which could be literally translated as “end of week”.

IMPORTANT: In Spanish we don’t always use capital letters to write the days of the week, only when they are at the beginning of the sentence.

If you like this post, you can also follow me on instagram, where I will post more of these, plus I have videos practicing pronunciation and more!

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