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#study time

Here’s to day two of teaching myself Norwegian! I actually really enjoy this language and cannot believe I hadn’t gotten into it sooner! There is, though, one thing I do not understand:

  • The words et and en both mean the same thing, correct? As in et barn or en gutt, both et and en signify “a” in English, I assume. I still do not understand when to use one or the other. I read that et is neutral from gender (like et eple, since apples obviously do not have gender) but I came across en bok, which implies a gender for the book. Is this some sort of exception/irregularity? Or have I simply just made a mistake in my learning?

Other than that minor setback, I still find I’m doing well with the language learning. As mentioned in previous posts, I am keeping track of my progress with a documented collection of vocab, verbs, phrases, etc., that I hope to share one day for corrections/suggestions. In the meantime, I will also be creating some flashcard sets with some basic words. (I’m having a hard time remembering the differences between similar words like hvor, hvem, and hva). I believe today was very productive and I’m excited to be sharing my progress with all of you! I am looking forward to achieving some basic understanding of the language so I can listen to podcasts/radio stations/etc in Norwegian without being totally confused. Patience is key!


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Hello! I have redownloaded the app! I made this account in the first place because my studies are one of the most important things in the world to me and I wanted to share my academic adventures with all of you! This may turn out to be more of a personal place to upload ideas/pictures/etc (seeing as I don’t have any followers) but I think this is a great outlet to share what I do! I’m an avid lover of all things language related and I will be taking Russian courses this summer so I will try to document the process of learning my first language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet! That being said, I’m glad to have you with me on this journey! Stay tuned!

Stay smart and do things!


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my sunday plans you may ask? studying studying and then studying some more | 📷 instagram: thomreads (if you want more content, especially through my stories)
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05.22.20 // End of Semester

I’m done with all my finals and I’ve gotten my grades back 💫 I’m honestly just happy I passed everything and that this online semester is over. Online learning was most definitely an avenue of schooling that I don’t find effective, but I’m just thankful I have credit for all my classes this year. Hopefully next semester will be normal and successful!

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Post 22.05.2020.

On may 29, the school year will end, but this does not mean that I will not study in the summer. My state exams were canceled due to the current epidemiological situation in the world, so I can start preparing for high school (grade 10-11). I found some courses, for example in physics, because I don’t know it well, but I want to take the state exam at the end of the eleventh grade.

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This is me trying to fit everything into my tiny table. I like using my little table better than my ‘real’ desk 'cause idk, I just feel more comfortable.

(I use forest app to keep myself away from my phone because it is very distracting for me. If you’re having a hard time studying because of your phone, I suggest you try the app too. :D )

IG: studymyn

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“I always deserve the best treatment because I never put up with any other.”

may 19th. I have picked Emma back up and I’m enjoying it more than I remembered.

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Today is a battle between unpleasant memories and anxieties for the future. There is both good and bad ahead and I need to work on accepting them both as they come. Because they will.

Edited an essay. Lost my plan for the conclusion. Added all the information to my textbook spread. Sent off to the powers that be. Hopefully will locate my notes and finish the essay. On to Danish now.

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