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#study time

I’ve come to realise that I’ve never truly learnt how to study properly. I usually just rewrite things but I’d like to know other techniques. Because of covid, I’m trying extra hard this year for my exams next May. I’m studying psychology and geography at A-level. I love psychology so it’s easy to study but geography is the bane of my existence.

Does anyone have any tips for studying a subject you don’t like? I need as much help as I can get :)

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30/100 Days Of Productivity


I have been cleaning and tidying the house this past week, having no time to study. But once I finish with the cleaning I will focus more on studying.

Because I was tired I studied only Spanish, but I studied it well!

  • If you pay close attention, you will find three different languages~
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Do practice exams:  search for past exams that upper years have taken under the same professor.  If you are a law student, search for past bar examinations.  Most likely the professor will ask the same questions during YOUR exam.  These are already questions that your teacher enjoys asking probably because these are important topics. The questionnaire may not be exactly the same but substantially it is. 

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안녕하세요!!! It’s 8:30 am here right now. My exams have been postponed. So I thought I’d keep doing it again in Korean. Wondering why I learned Korean? I love some k-drama and k-pop songs and I want to understand them without subtitles. That’s why I’m learning Korean. I hope I succeed.

See you again. Have a nice day👋🏽

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HAI friends it me again, posting what I love posting, a handwriting closeup :D this is from our very first surgical lecture so it made me really happy to make them, I’m starting to feel like a real vet..

I’m working on yet another youtube video (omg they are so much FUN to make let me tell you) but if you want to check out my last one where I talk about vet school, link is:

as usual, I love hearing from you guys so feel free to send me asks or messages or coomments or whatever it is the kids do these days about how you’re doing and how your weeks are going <3 also I’m headed to a cat cafe later might spam everyone with cat pics sorry not sorry kbyeloveyou

♫ Seventeen, No Rome

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“to you who never knew me..”

“Letter from an Unknown Woman” This is my favorite book. So emotional. I cry when I read this book. You should read it, too.

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Hi! I started the week heavily. But chocolate and Turkish coffee keep me up heheh. Today I was study geography and Turkish literature.(literature is my favorite lesson*). And presently I’m going to study religion lesson and read a book. I hope I had a productive day. And I hope you had a productive day.☺️

See you again👋🏽

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16.11.2020 || study sessions on Zoom

My friends and I decided to have study sessions on zoom every few days. I must say it’s helping me a lot. I don’t feel as alone, and I can concentrate better on my studies. Due to the 2nd lockdown, all cafes are closed, we have online classes, and we have limited access to the library. Therefore, such study sessions are keeping me motivated and cheerful☺️

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