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#study tips

Looking for German learners to add to our Discord study group. If interest please message @mariapaulatb! If you have any questions about what the scholas study group is click here.

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february 26th, 2021

the weather is so nice i can finally start walking again. but then again knowing mother nature im pretty sure this is just pseudo-spring and soon we will back to second winter. truly tragic. 

listening to: blaze - rolling quartz

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Just got my admission in Medical college…

Finally, my dreams are coming true..

Gonna update y'all about the #medlife and study motivation.. Because…

Why not..!?

But should I open another #studyblr ?

I need suggestions guys.. As I’m new here..

Let’s be friends and support each other…

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This challenge was very good for me.

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I really love my room tbh.

i like that a stranger could walk into my room and be able to tell a lot about me just from looking at it.

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<div> —  Abigail Adams<br> </div><span>Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.</span>
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Hello, it’s Hamii! It’s exam season here, so! I thought that I’d share a few of my personal tips with you!

NOTE: These tips might not be for everyone. The links to all sites that I’ve used will be listed down below!

🍓Firstly! I like to start off with stretching. Stretching really awakens me and gets me motivated. I would suggest any kind of physical activity if you do not like stretching (Example: Playing badminton). Researchers found that any physical movement optimizes your brain functions, increases your IQ, and increases your focus.

🍓Secondly! Making to-do lists really help organise you work schedule better. This tip was given to me by a sweet artist and it actually works. Here’s how I make my to-do list:

  • Stretching (or any physical activity, I try to meditate as well)
  • Breakfast (give your body the nutrients that it needs)
  • Check social media and study sites (recently, I’ve been going on sites such as to download past papers)
  • Do work that require little brain power (I would learn French verb tenses or review my essays)
  • Do work that require more brain power (I would practice math questions or study subjects such as Physics and Chemistry)
  • Break (I do not include social media in my breaks. I usually go out, have a snack or reading session. This could include playing Sudoku or listening to a TED talk.)
  • Do work that require a lot of focus (I usually plan remedial work for this section)

🍓Thirdly! Stay motivated and positive. Remember why you started. Whenever I lose motivation, I go on YouTube and listen to study motivational videos. It really gives me the courage to continue! However, I do know that some people say to not rely on inspiration or motivation because, you can easily lose those, which is true. But, choose what suits you best. I do have to agree though that it’s better to tell yourself, whether you’re in the mood or not, that you NEED to do it. Something that I’d like to mention is that, when it’s time to study, put your emotions in a box or wherever you want to put it but DO NOT LET IT GET IN YOUR WAY. It is going to be hard, being a student is hard but your future self will thank you later on!

🍓 Links:


The artist that shared the to-do list tip!

Study Motivtion channels: 

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physics and the sky at 7 am <3

first post here!! i am making a intro post too but there just so much to do rn that need more attention :((

🎶 [bbobbo] - jessica universe

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Days 4 & 5 /100 days of productivity

Yesterday I had a nice cozy study day in bed, I focused mostly on biochem since I will be taking my first exam for tgat class on Saturday. Today I went to the doctor for the first time in YEARS. We talked about my mental health mostly and I was prescribed an antidepressant. I’ve never taken any medications before so I’m a bit nervous.

Later in the day, I swung by an estate sale for a musician who had passed. His house was filled with hundreds of instruments. After that I walked around town and got myself some ice cream 😊. When my husband got home we went to the park and laid in the grass, it was so nice. Today was a really good day.

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play the cards you are dealt.

make the best of your situation. some people have more privileges than others but we all know at this point that life isn’t fair. so do what you can to the fullest extent: study hard, work your ass off, network, make meaningful connections, and be proactive, because that is the only way we can change and achieve our fullest potential.

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32/100 days of productivity / 2.25.21

today i did a journaling assignment, read lecture material for 2 classes and responded to 2 discussions. i also had a tattoo appointment at 4 to finish up the snake tattoo on my leg ! once it’s healed up i might show all of you what it looks like (it’s hard to take a photo of it and have it not look scandalous lol, the tattoo wraps all the way around my upper thigh)

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Hi guys,

I know it has been a while since my last posts, but an intense exam session has just finished. I have understood a lot about study method, discipline, motivation and also dealing with failure. I have grown and learnt a lot, and I would like to share it with you, piece by piece, through my posts.

Today I want to tell you about how I studied for my histology exam. It was the last of the exam session, and I know many people struggle with it.

First of all, I will discuss the resources I used.

For the theoretical part, I used “Histology: A Text and Atlas” by Ross and Pawlina. Sometimes it is a bit messy, but it is complete and exhaustive. I had to integrate the book with my notes, but I will discuss this later.

For the slides, I used the following resources:

  • This site is perfect for understanding what you should see on the slide, even though slides are way more understandable than the ones you will see during the exam.
  • Atlas part of the book I mentioned previously: at the end of every chapter, there are slides about organs with useful comments.
  • I used this site to revise. There are many slides of different species and with different colouration.

I split my study into three parts: organization, comprehension and memorization (with exposition).


The material was a lot. I had to study the whole book, notes from histology classes, and notes from the microscopical part of my anatomy classes.

So I decided to make big mind maps in which I included all the information I wanted to remember.

I used XMind to make my mind maps. I chose a different colour for every chapter, which helped me learning visually. Every branch of the scheme was a topic. I then added notes for points that needed a full explanation.


I read all the material again and perfected the map.

Also, I started looking at the slides, using the sources I previously mentioned.

At the end of the study session, I reviewed what I had done. I hide the branches (it is a useful function of XMind), I tried to recall what I remembered, and then I checked if it was correct.


In this part, I focused on mnemonical topics (names of factors, numbers, hormones, etc.).

I used many mnemonics techniques, which I find essential in med school. Here are some examples:

-acronyms: if you have to remember the name of a transcription factor of a gene, you can invent a sentence with words beginning with the letters of the name

-stories: you can create a tale inspired by something you have to learn

-association between numbers and letters: if you have to memorize numbers (percentages, number of cells, dimensions of an organ, etc.), it may be difficult to invent a story about it. You can associate every number with a consonant (e.g. 1=d, 2=l, 3=m, 4=r, etc.) and then create acronyms with those letters.

However, if you look on the Internet, you can find many techniques like these, which might be useful for every exam.

I annotated all these mnemonics in the notes on my maps. It helped me remember them.

Also, in this part, I worked on the exposition since it was an oral exam. I rehearsed many times all programme, trying not to look at my notes.

4- Last revision:

In the last part of my preparation for the exam, I studied with my study buddy. It is always vital for me because it makes me aware of how much prepared I am.

Also, it was useful because I have not found any site on which you can look at slides without knowing the answer. So we tested each other so that one had to guess the organ showed by the other. This type of study is fundamental because that is how the exam will be.

Furthermore, we tested each other using previous exam rounds’ questions.

And that’s it! I hope this will be useful to someone. Let me know if you would have changed something in my study method for the histology exam.

P.S.: I have uploaded my mind maps and a guide about identifying slides on my blog ( Unfortunately, they are in Italian, so they might be unuseful if you are not Italian. Anyways, you may have a look at them to have an idea of how I studied.

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📷 my notes during a lecture and after I rewrote them, usually I just scribble whatever and write things in my own words… And then rewrite them to make them actually comprehensive^^

3/31 studying methods

to be honest I’m still finding what works and doesn’t work for me but for this semester I’m actually trying to make an effort during my lectures bec during the last online terms I never focused… my notes during lectures are always filled with weird doodles but I’m still trying and that’s what matters. Anyways, I’m trying to study each lecture after it ends and it’s working out but this is still the first week of the term so things are bound to get messy in a few weeks 🤫🤫

My “studying method” is just to work hard or at least try to.


Anyways,, I haven’t posted yesterday simply because I didn’t want to lol… I’ve been watching this kdrama called the penthouse and it’s exactly the drama I need in my life, I can’t wait for the next episodes.

I’ve read “the vegetarian” today and if you read it we can talk about it or smth… I feel like it’ll be stuck in my brain for quite some time. I’ve also finished reading demian (FINALLY) I’ve wanted to read it for so long but I never got around to reading it and I finally did :)

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I’m about to learn shorthand for journalism and note taking, but there’s so many types? Does anyone have any tips or can share what type they learned and why?

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february 25 | today I have to hand in my form telling my store whether or not I want to try and continue working with hem once they convert to a new name (same company). I’m really gonna miss all my co-workers and the union won’t be as good as the new place, but the job market is so tough right now and I really don’t want to be looking for a job. so, here’s to hoping I can stay…what’s new with everyone? 🍬

🎼 hungry like the wolf - duran duran

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Good morning everyone! As many of my followers know I have dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. I realize in the studyblr universe there’s  not a lot of resources for ND people. This post is mostly for dys people but if you have another ND or are just looking for better ways to study you are free to share and add to this post! 

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