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You need motivation to study? Let me introduce you to spiteful studying. When you study a subject to prove someone wrong. When you spend hours writing up notes so that you can get that grade and smile smugly at the teacher who predicted you a lower grade. Find someone to prove wrong, it can be a teacher, a parent, friend or just to prove society that you’re so much more capable then they say you are!

Trust me, it works.

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this week is thanksgiving break for me and most other americans, so I have far less work assigned by my professors.

my goal for this week is to use all the extra time to catch up on my lab notebook and other projects that i’ve fallen behind on. my biggest issue so far with virtual school is the lack of time reserved for studying and studying alone. most of my professors have been making us complete a ridiculous amount of extra assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. to make up for not having a lecture/lab. although i understand their intentions, i wish they wouldn’t because this leads to me spending all of my time completing these assignments and barely having any time to just study. I have never had so little time to just study in my life. despite this challenge, i think i’m doing fairly well. i’m a straight A student baby!

anyways, happy holidays to you all, i hope that those of you who get a thanksgiving break find some time to relax and destress this week!

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november 25 /20

well, officially yesterday we’re back under lockdown for at least three weeks. it bothers me to no end the amount of people trying to find loopholes around the new restrictions 👁💋👁 just please be a decent citizen and do your part. we’re all in this together!

Here are some notes I took on fading response and stimulus prompts for my behaviour modification class ✏️


66. Monday, Nov. 23rd: Favorite type of weather?

I LOVE the fog! Foggy weather means something good is gonna happen 🌫 and it doesn’t happen that often in Edmonton, so…

67. Tuesday, Nov. 24th: Scarf or beanie?

I wear both, but I prefer scarves!

68. Wednesday, Nov. 25th: What are you grateful for today?

I’m grateful for the chance to be able to attend classes and learn about what I love. Even though it’s not in ideal circumstances, I’m grateful to be able to have the opportunity to have this type of education. I feel like it’s something I take for granted way too often :/

🎧 animal - sir chloe 🎧

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24.11.20 / Escrita acadêmica 🌿

É comum que alunos e pesquisadores se vejam constantemente diante da ideia do texto como “obra acabada”, o que os faz, inúmeras vezes, abandonar seus próprios projetos de escrita. Nesta aula [1], ministrada pela professora Jana Viscardi, me deparei com conceitos de texto que mostram o quanto escrever é um exercício continuado de reescrita, não uma obra única e acabada.

FILHO, M.A. (2019). Escrita acadêmica, uma prática estratégica. Jornal da UNICAMP. Disponível em: 1

MARCUSCHI, L.A. (2002) Gêneros textuais: definição e funcionalidades. Disponível em: 2

MOTTA-ROTH, D. (2008) Análise crítica de gêneros: contribuições para o ensino e a pesquisa de linguagem. D.E.L.T.A, 24:2, p. 341-383. Disponível em: 3

SIGNORINI, I. (2017) Metapragmáticas da ‘redação’científica de ‘alto impacto’. Revista do GEL, v. 14, n. 3, p. 59-85. Disponível em: 4

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day 09/100 productivity I don’t feel so well today but I have 3 classes 😷 Ate tons of bananas as my study snack today because I need more nutritions 😂 I couldn’t skip because there’s a quiz, but now everything’s finished so I guess I’ll take my much deserved rest.
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good morning (afternoon) tumblr!

it’s been a loooong time since i checked studyblr. I’ve been busy at university, but i wanted to come back and use this blog as a form of holding myself accountable for my work, and getting motivation to be successful by seeing all the other hard-workers here!

i just did some journalling, now I’m about to catch up on psychology lectures! i definitely have more pressing work to do, but these lectures are an easy way for me to get back into the study mindset lol.

p.s. - I’d love to have studyblr mutuals, so if you’re also looking for moots, feel free to msg me or reply to this post!

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Hi! So my Notion’s a mess, and because I’m not in college yet or anything, there isn’t much happening on the whole studying/assignments front, but here you go

Menu: this is all the pages I have, and I’ve linked most of them to my homepage


Home: like I said, this is pretty much everything I do. I’ve linked other pages to this page. “Nerd dump” is all my personal reading/learning, sometimes it’s notes I make from books I read; and work is everything to do with my internship. Blog ideas is my brainstorming space for writing


Reading list: it’s my entire list of books I want to read so naturally it’s never-ending. I’ve mostly organised it into fiction and non-fiction, but there is an Indian fiction list down below in the page, and I also add links to reviews and booklists to this page


Reading dump: where I save all articles and essays I need to read; way less organized than the reading list, hence the name


Weekly: basically what it says, I use the board view, so I can move stuff around depending on the day; and because every individual task turns into a page of its own, I can add notes to that


Task list: less organised than the weekly page; a run down of everything I need to do. Again, I use the board view so I can move stuff around and feel accomplished when I move a task from to do to doing to done


Quick Notes/Misc: it’s like the google keep of my Notion, where I add everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere. It has links to recipes, DIY videos, research prompts for later, and just a ton of personal reminders


And lastly my Studying page: it’s where all my notes exist, organized course-wise. Like I said I’ve not started college yet so this isn’t more sophisticated, nor does it have a track of deadlines or anything


This is how it is for now, but my layout keeps changing, pages keep coming and going depending on what I need at the moment. RE getting used to Notion, I’d suggest just playing around with it. You’ll figure out what you need the more you use it.

Hope that helps :) 

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It’s going pretty good so far. Except I got a 73 on the multiple choice part of my second ochem midterm, rip 💀, but whatever. I’ll see how I did on the written part, but I’m assuming not great either.

Ochem has been the hardest class so far for me in uni, and no matter how much I study and think I understand it, I never do great on the exams. Which is so incredibly frustrating cuz I feel like I do know the material and I enjoy it.

So this is for all those who are trying their best but can’t seem to get the results they want, and I want you to know that it’s okay. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you want it to, but it will work out in the end. Please don’t worry and stress too much. And I know that’s not so easy to do, but really, it won’t help. Just take a breath, keep going, and hold onto hope. Life will find a way to make it up to you and you’ll be okay.

For my case, I’m just hoping it’ll be PHAT curve lmao.

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Hello, I am currently a Grade 12 student. This is my last year for being a high school student and next year would be my college life. I am going to be a freshman and I still don’t know the idea of anything about being a college student. May everyone there helps me to get any tips and different school supplies that I am going to be needed when I finally enter college.

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Here is today’s setup for studying 😅

I was behind on some notes of Global Challenges but I finally catched up! :)

I’m so relieved I’m up to day with that class, now I’m just worrying about my final math project 😅😅😅

I’m now going to continue to work on it and see what else I can achieve today :)

November 24th, 2020.

Notes: Global Challenges

🎧 No control - One Direction

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// 24.11.20 //

today i decided to start refining my handwriting. i haven’t handwritten anything in forever so my hand cramped up a lot. but i’m happy with my progress so far. i want to work on my note taking handwriting bc i’m more likely to use that day-to-day.

i also went to an introduction to wine session. it was so much fun & incredibly interesting. i learned a lot & got to get a lil lit. overall 12/10 will definitely go again.

i need to work on my two deadlines coming up. they’re quite soon so i need to focus !! even though it’s kinda taxing, i know i can do it 😤✨

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Results were finally released. I think I’m happy with my exams because I have improved a lot. None of my grades are below 70% thankfully. I’m still rather far away from my goal of 90%. But we learn from our experiences and I have not done the most core law units yet.

I can only confirm that having a plan is key to doing well in your unit. Having a plan ensures you do not panic. A calm mind is important in order to excel. Keep a diary or a planner at your desk and make it a habit to run through it every single morning. Make sure that the weight of each assessment is written on your planner so you can ensure you get the grades you want. I think the best planners come from emmastudies.

Try to enjoy the learning process no matter what. Write down important details. Write neatly or you won’t be able to make use of your notes. Pause the video when needed. (Online) Prepare as many questions as you can for your professors. Be involved in seminars. Record Seminars because Professors usually do not repeat themselves. I won’t lie that homework is always important. It depends if the homework is going to help you learn. That part you will have to figure out on your own.

Health- mental health and physical health will affect your ability to process information. Please take care of all your medical needs, eat healthily and keep engaging in activities that make you happy.

Also, keep track of your goals always. If you aim for a high mark, you need to prove to the examiner that you deserved that mark. He or she ain’t giving away anything for free.

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24.11.20// grad school is a lot cozier and pet friendly these days. Still the same amount of reading which isn’t great but hey, endless coffee is just steps away from my desk.
Zoom school might have its cons but it definitely has its pros as well! We all miss the library and physically being on campus but who isn’t loving waking up 10 mins before 8am lectures??

IG: flatneedledistillery

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