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July 6 /20

Looks like all of my classes are gonna be online 🌎 but I still need to adjust my schedule, as I may drop a course and take it in the spring. Also, here’s a small poem I wrote for one of my friends but it also applies to all of you guys, the people that support my blogs make my world brighter 🌟 know you are loved.

🎧 hey alli - runner runner 🎧

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07.06.20 Day 5/30 Days of Productivity

So I almost forgot to post again😂 I had a really productive day today! We went over three lectures in class and had a discussion with Dr. David Shiffman about the influence of social media on policy change and public outreach in science.

I forgot to take any pictures of my works so here’s some of the shark teeth I collected last fall and a dwarf seahorse from my very first collecting trip back in the fall of 2018!

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Do the task for just a few minutes – Not only do procrastinators spend longer distracting themselves doing the ‘wrong things’ but they also delay starting the ‘right’ things. This was the finding of a study into students who procrastinate. To combat this, Professor Richard Wisemanrachel talks about The Zierganick effect, which describes how once you start something, your brain remains alert until you finish it. Starting a task is often the hardest part. If you can persuade someone just to start it for a few minutes, the brain’s desire to see it through to completion should then take over.

Do the hard and important tasks first – Our daily biological clocks, known as our Circadian Rhythmrachel, ensure that we are often at our most alert at about 10am before we suffer a mid-afternoon dip. The harder the tasks are, the more energy and concentration we need to complete them. It therefore makes sense to do the hardest and most important tasks first because trying to start them when you are tired is difficult, often resulting in people putting them off for another day.

Improve self-regulation ability and beliefs – Self regulation is the ability to select appropriate strategies and self-correct them during a task. The Sutton Trust describes this as one of the most efficient and effective strategies to help Pupil Premium students. Procrastination has been described as ‘a failure to self-regulate’; however, procrastination researchersrachel state that knowing self-regulation is important is not enough to overcome procrastination on its own. To be effective, students need to have the confidence to implement these strategies and skills.

Manage your environment – If you can see temptations, you are more likely to be distracted by them, and therefore procrastinate. For example, a recent studyrachel found that having your phone out and in sight, even if you are not using it, can make you perform 20% worse than if you had put your phone away. The authors of this study state that ‘the mere presence of a cell phone may be sufficiently distracting to produce diminished attention’. Consider your working environment; is it conducive to the task at hand or one where procrastination can flourish?

Set yourself a short deadline – In his meta-analysis on procrastination, researcher Piers Steel notes that ‘it has long been observed that the further…

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It’s been awhile since I reblogged study tips. Now I’m on the outlook for study tips from you all! ❤️ Study tips on math, English literature & English writing - also can anyone read my text for example and give remarks? Or know where I can get remarks on my writing? I thought it was a site where the page could tell how many of the same words you used were and gave ideas on other words similar that would make the text more coherent. Also how to deal with when you don’t get something in math, where & who to go to? 😊 And also science…. I hate this class so much because I don’t understand anything & feel I’m the stupidest person in the world, I know it’s cool but please also be honest about its so much cooler when you actually understand atoms & drive house effect etc. This is why I’m thinking of just postponing that class to next year because I suck at it, don’t understand the questions, don’t understand the book, don’t understand the language. And it makes me cry and irritated at everyone and expecially myself. So I know I will hate it if I manage to do 3 classes this year and only have 1 left and that I could’ve been in college if I finished science too but again now I can use my time more visely to not stress over science only math and language classes which give anxiety too but not as much heartbreak and feeling like a failure as science. So TIPS anyone? Also how to deal with stress and anxiety over grades would be great ♥️🤝

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How to solve polynomial long division; example.

I created this solution while tutoring and thought it might be useful for others as well.

If there is some sort of math, computer programming, english literature, philosophy, or engineering problem that you would like to see a guide like this for please let me know! My ask box is always open.

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remind yourself that you are a person. not an object. not a thing. not an it. it doesn’t matter who threw you away or let you down. it doesn’t matter how you were treated in the past. you are worthy and capable of achieving anything. 

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6/7/2020 | When I revise I like to write up my notes multiple times and every time I’ll do more research on certain topics or revisit certain lecture recordings to make sure I fully understand and can explain something

(wow my hand looks orange… this is what sitting in the sun does to me)

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Good morning, everyone! Here is today’s tip of the day.

Usually, the hardest part of an assignment is getting started. One of the best ways to deal with this is easing your way into the task. Separate it to the smallest tasks and only focus on one task at a time. These will appear much easier than thinking “I need to start writing my essay”.

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Chinese is a tonal language, if you pronounce it wrong it could mean something completely different. A lot of people tend to forget listening when they learn Chinese as they are overwhelmed with how many characters there are. As a result, they can read and recognize a lot of characters, but they can’t pronounce them right. Some people might even refuse to speak due to their pronunciation. Here are some ways to immerse yourself in the language before and while you are learning it.

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Listen to songs (and go over the lyrics as you listen, a simple skim can do a lot)
  • Podcasts
  • Watch the news!
  • Go on YouTube!
  • Literally anything that has normal speaking pace. Don’t worry if they are speaking too fast for you, you’ll get it eventually. This is the pace people speak in real life so the earlier you immerse yourself in it the better!
  • Tip: if you are one of those people who knows quite a bit of characters already, turn on Chinese subtitles. That way you will know how the characters are pronounced (note: beware of when writing and spoken Chinese are different though, sometimes the subtitles are more formal like in news reports and are different from what the people are saying)

You can find a playlist I made once for chinese songs here and some recommendations for what to watch here

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el/la comensal - dinner guest

lograr la felicidad - to achieve happiness

dar a conocer algo = revelar - to announce sth, to make known

una medida controvertida - a controvertial measure (of achieving sth)

introducir algo - to put sth in place, to establish

aludir a un problema - to allude to a problem

el becario, la becaria - a grant holder, a scholar

estar de beca - to be on a scholarship

adaptarse a algo - to get used to sth, to adjust to sth

la vuelta a la normalidad - going back to normal

el sentimiento de seguridad - sense of security

algo que está por venir - something that is yet to come

los preparativos para algo - preparations for sth

el azafato, la azafata - flight attendant

indeciso - indecisive

hacer una queja oficial - to file a formal complaint

meticuloso - thorough

predominar - prevail

el declive económico - economic decline

el aparcacoches - parking lot

el ajetreo - hustle and bustle

anotar algo - to note, to write down

notar algo - to notice sth

descontento - dissatisfied

humillarse - to humiliate oneself

dar la razón a alguien - to agree with somebody

el/la colega - colleague

la concienciación sobre algo - the awareness about sth

impulsar el bienestar - to boost welfare

el registro - record, register

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Originally posted by retroapollo

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At university, I will be taking calculus lecture in the first year. I already know these topics but I am going to study calculus in this summer just in case :) Let me know that what you are going to do in this summer, I hope that everbody is fine!

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Does anyone have any tips for gaining confidence with speaking a second language? I really need to start learning Portuguese so I can communicate with my family and I kind of want to move there when I’m older. I already know a lot more than I think I do (just some very basics) but even just talking to my grandma i get really bad anxiety and get really shy, my brain stops working and i cant even understand what she is saying even though i should…

Anything would be extremely helpful :>

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early june 2020. this summer just seems to be filled with days that come slow and go fast.

the entirety of june was quite emotional for me; it was the end of a school year and a precursor to change. in all honesty, i was (and still am) terrified of the future. and that’s okay.

we’re all figuring out our own lives, one step at a time. don’t be afraid to go at your own pace; slow down, accelerate, or branch out. whatever feels right.

this summer, i dyed my hair, joined the #nonewclothes pledge, and learnt one song on the ukelele (i’m not very good at it, but it’s fun). despite all that, most days are late mornings and early nights, catching up with sleep and video calling my friends. for me, it’s enough.

what are you doing (or not doing) this summer?

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Vocabulary List for Voice by Aimer:

ねがい • 願い • wish

もれる • 漏れる • to  leak out, to escape

ためいき • ため息 • sigh

むなしい • 虚しい • empty, void, fruitless, futile, lifeless

まちなみ • 町並み • townscape, street (of stores and houses)

にじむ • 滲む • to blur

いきかう • 行き交う• to come and go, to go back and forth

ひとなみ • 人波 • surging crowd, stampede

ふれる • 触れる • to touch, to feel

ちゅう • 宙 • air, midair

まう• 舞う• to flutter about, to dance

くるしい • 苦しい • painful, agonizing

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