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Sept. 19

I’ve fallen a bit behind and I am s t r e s s e d. I have another exam next week and I had to drop a class because TWO THEORY COURSES AT THE SAME TIME IS A BAD IDEA. I love my Community Engagement class, though. This week we’re reading about libraries which makes me ~very happy~ as you might imagine.

I really need to stop eating at my desk. My office is the only room in the apartment that has a bug problem, and I knew that before it even became my office, so why do I still push it? *cue homestuck face palm gif that I cannot find right now*

On a positive note, I finally found a short guided meditation that works for me.

Image Description: Book page turned up with the heading “Branch Libraries” in front of a computer screen displaying class notes.

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Had a productive day today, set up all my online tools for college (a post on that to come!), had my first Higher English class this morning, and then I done next months and next weeks diary spread!

There will be more details on where I’ve been and what I’m doing in my next post but for now here is my diary spread ft a sneak peak of my trello boards! I am trying really hard to neaten my writing and practice cursive and so far it is not going very well 😅

I start college next week and, as you can see, my work schedule has been unforgiving for me! I will be running on basically no sleep for 3 days so forgive me in advance if I turn loopy 😬

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Organised Studying: Power Week Challenge

I started this in early September with the idea of gaining some strong productivity and also inspiration to keep my studies regular. The whole plan was to keep myself busy with a number of topics throughout the whole week and to minimise my waste of time. Sharing this with you in case you find it helpful too :)

  • Duration: Saturday-Thursday
  • Choosing four/five subjects/topics to read throughout the week: Choose certain subjects or chapters and have goals on them to finish
  • Organising: Try to divide the days into some portions in your mind for each subjects and study following so you don’t miss any target. Repeat every day the same way and eventually it becomes a habit to read certain subjects in its time. Also whenever certain time comes, your brain reminds you that you have to finish your target in time. Read your subjects in their fixed time.
  • Homeworks: Take homeworks for each subjects for the next day, according to your ability and write down your targets in your diary. Trust me, it increases productivity a lot! Also it is motivating too, greatly worked for me. Every night before sleep check what you have finished and what you haven’t, helps you to have a full vision of your productivity and stay motivated.
  • Stay away from any electric device! Sorry! But in order to get yourself into your works, it’s needed :( I tried to forget about phone, tab or the tv and this choice was the no 1 helping-hand in my opinion. But If you get your works done first according to your routine, you will see you’ve found an hour or two for your desires :)
  • Notes: Use sticky notes and colour pens or shiny glitter pens. In this case here, I have a style of my own. While I’m reading anything, I write down the important/forgettable points in sticky notes and stick it to the same page. Just in case whenever I’m moving the pages casually or having a quick revise, I can look at them and find the hard-to-remember points easily organised.
  • You can also add some hobbies in the week too. Like read a fiction, some pages or checking the newspaper/any informative booklets or magazines, drawing, even cooking a fave dish or watering the plants. (I read lord of the rings every night and even added reciting Quran too)
  • You can also have small gifts for targets finishing. Like having the phone for five mins before starting another topic if you finish one target earlier. Or having a bite of chocolate or any food you like. Simple yet happy habits.
  • Keep your motivations alive and don’t get bored!🌱

If it works and you want to keep trend longer than a week, I suppose you shouldn’t take any day off after the week, it’s hard to again focus back on the hardworks. My brain kinda got lazy in next sat after a day off. Take a look at this post for inspiration before you start any challenge 🌻

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Sat, Sept 19 2020 

I’m now at the end of my second week of college and I’m not gonna lie, I have not been enjoying it. 

I was really looking forward to getting back to college to study a new subject this year but this just isn’t cutting it for me. 

I do better when I am physically in classes, but because of my health I have to stay at home this semester. 

I have absolutely no motivation and my mental health has declined a lot over the last month. Praying it picks up over the course of the year. 

Want to wish you all the best and if you are in a similar position to me, it will only go up from here. 

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I just got a new macbook Air a few weeks ago and I’m trying to find apps or something on here that would be beneficial for school. 

if you have any suggestions of apps that you installed or really just any way you’ve used a macbook to benefit you in school, then please let me know i would greatly appreciate it!! I’ve never dropped this much money on anything for myself, I want to make sure I use it in every way that I possibly can!

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Hey studyblr babes. Does anyone know a good cheaper alternative to the mildliners? I have crayola super tips (like the basic 20 pack or whatever it is) but I’d really like some pastel highlighters. Is the mildliners worth the price? Is there a good substitute for pastel highlighters?

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september 19 /20

golden hour. currently studying: egyptian magic and spirits. ✨ tap/click for better quality ✨


20. Friday, Sept. 18th: Do you read motivational books?

Not often, but I enjoy them on the rare occasion that I pick them up. I prefer reading heavier books than self-help, but I enjoy what self-help books bring to the table.

End of week four Saturday, Sept. 19th: How did this week go for you?

I actually had a pretty productive week. Got a lot done, but there’s a part of me that knows I still have a long way to go, so I’m taking it one step at a time. Next week is my best friend’s birthday week, so it’ll probably be more exciting 🥳

🎵 la thune - angèle

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This first week of the semester has been chaotic, because we have online classes but there are some exceptions and organising is being really difficult 😔 That’s why I’ve been offline these past three days, I needed time for organising and for myself to relax ✌🏻 Hope everyone is doing well 💛

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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Second Week Truths and Doubts

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had an okay week and if you haven’t thats okay, you at least made it to the weekend. I’ve come back to check in with Week 2 of Year 13 and essentially rant about life.

  • Relationships - This week was rough. Although there weren’t any big changes to my relationship, or changes that I necessarily needed to share on the entertainment, I did a lot of reflections. I had to ask myself what I was offering in every relationship I’m in, since I’ve been developing an odd sense of reality recently- more on that later. There were 3 things I found I did but really disliked: harmul self-loathing speech, dependancy and detatchment. My main issue was number one because a lot of the time I make self-depreciating jokes and I’ve only just started to realise that it can have a bad effect on those arounnd me because its not nice hearing someone you love consistently say such things.

  • Work and study - The work has been piling on and I’m started to get a little exhausted with keeping up. At week 2 that shouldn’t really be happening, but I guess I could put it up to having an early schedule and I don’t know … going to a school 5 days a week during a pandemic. I’ve been starting to face my deep anxieties and began looking for a job, since everyone I know has been forcing it on me and making me feel like a lazy oaf. My use of free periods also needs discipline but I guess its not essential

  • Future thinking - University is very closely approaching and I think I’m on track to having a successful application.If you didn’t know, my dream is to study Interior Design and persue a job in a city firm. My 5 choices at the moment are UAL, Middlesex London, UCA Canturbury, London Met and Bristol UWE. I have monthly doubts that I’m good enough for the industry but I make sure that I don’t limit myself. Also, random note but I’m gonna relearn Chinese :)

  • Mental helath - I’ve definitley been struggling more than I let on and have not opened up unless I was telling a joke … oops. However, this weeks amazing saving grace was The Black Flamingo by David Atta. One of my biggest changes to make into the new academic year was finding an axtual hobby that wasn’t online. My school has a reservation system because of COVID and I took the oppertunity to find new books. I managed to finish it in a day and I totally loved it consuming my free time.

  • Weekly Epic Manifestation - This week I’m gonna manifest more confidence in my realtionships with teachers. I’ve been struggeling to even look them in the eye and I’ve done my fair share of ruminating over class contributions. I will conquer my negative thoughts and interact with my teachers more. This is the last time I’ll be able to just go see a teacher so freely.

That’s all for this week! Please feel free to check out my instagram for some of my school outfits this week. I hope you have a great day/evening or night and I love you random person <3

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These are my boys! Loki and Thor! I love them so much and I’m so grateful to get to have them. They are the sweetest thing and honestly after a really stressful week full of kitchen fires and teachers not helping with an assignment it’s really nice to get to relax with these adorable little men. I told my husband that I might end up snuggling with them more.

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