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mylinguisticadventure · a day ago
Hello! Was just curious if you could post some beginner friendly recommendations for books in Linguistics. (I do have a degree in English, so I think some things will overlap and I’ve had some basic courses, but I’d like to see things from a more linguistic focus) Sorry if you posted before.
Some recommendations.....
...for language enthusiasts:
"Ella Minnow Pea" by Mark Dunn (this is a lipogrammatic book (meaning that the author progressively uses less and less letters of the alphabet). It's a novel made entirely of letters between the inhabitants of the island of Nollop, which was named after Nevin Nollop who created the famous phrase containing all letters of the alphabet: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". As the letters fall from a statue of Nevin Nollop, the Council forbids their use in speech and writing. The protagonist Ella tries to save her friends and family and fights for her freedom of spreech)
the movie "Arrival" (it's based on a short story by Ted Chiang and focuses on a linguist who is tasked with studying and interpreting the language of aliens who have come to earth. It gives really good insights into language studies and also into the theory that the languages we speak shape the way we view and understand the world)
Babel, the language magazine (for anyone who is interested in languages and linguistics; focuses on loads of different linguistic topics)
...for advanced linguistic topics:
These are some of the books I used in my uni studies:
"Introduction to English Linguistics" by Becker/Bieswanger
"A History of the English Language" by Baugh/Cable (I used this in several courses)
Longman's "Advanced Learners' Grammar" (about English grammar)
"Advanced Grammar" by Diane Hall (about English grammar)
"Die Sprache Chaucers", by Obst/Schleburg ( ! this is a German book about Middle English)
"English morphology and word-formation" by Hans-Jörg Schmid
And here are some books that were suggested to me during my studies, but which I haven't looked at yet:
"An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics", by P. Griffiths (2017)
"An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics" by Ungerer/Schmid
"Meaning in language: an introduction to semantics and pragmatics" by Cruse
"Basic Color Terms. Their Universality and Evolution" by Berlin/Kay
"Register, Genre, and Style" by Biber/Conrad
"Cohesion in English" by Halliday/Hasan
"Internet Linguistics: A Student Guide" by David Crystal
"Cyberlines 2.0. Languages and Cultures of the Internet" by Gibbs/Krause
"Understanding Digital Literacies: A Practical Introduction" by Jones/Hafner
"An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English" by Alfred Gimson
"A manual of English phonetics and phonology" by Skandera/Burleigh
"English Lexicology: Lexical Structure, Word Semantics, and Word-Formation" by Leonhard Lipka
"The History of English: A Student's Guide" by Singh
"English Around the World: An Introduction", by Edgar Schneider
"Introducing Second Language Acquisition" by Saville-Troike
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un-----made · 19 hours ago
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05 | 100 days of productivity
working outside again, trying to find bookstores with spaces to work & drink chai lattles 🌷 also i have been listening to one of my favorite playlists almost everyday while i answer emails.
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blueprint-9376 · 2 days ago
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16.08.2022 (😞)
👩‍⚕️: 드디어 (2년간 처음으로) 병원 가는 날
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tttyyyccc111 · 2 days ago
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mohame201 · 2 days ago
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strawberrystudies · 2 days ago
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hello everyone! i am andy of @strawberrystudies​! i am currently a 20-year-old undergraduate psychology student in the united states! i am in my senior semester, so i created this blog to stave off senioritis and keep me accountable for graduate applications. i am physically disabled (mctd and immunocompromised!) and neurodivergent, so i frequently experience burnout and discouragement. however, i truly have a passion for learning and the things that come with dedicated study (ahem - a stationery addiction - ahem). 
in my free time, i like to participate in auxiliary forms of study - especially literature and language learning. i am a serial stationery hoarder, primarily pens and sticky notes. i definitely plan to include posts about my favorite stationery over time! i am also a huge techie; i built my own pc and game quite often!
if you are interested in being mutuals or getting to know me, feel free to shoot a dm or an ask! i am also trying to be more active in the discord server my partner (lee of @hyperchemblr​) runs, so i’ll include a link below:
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haly-reads · 6 months ago
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Feb 04, '22: notes- my saviour. truly.
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learnelle · 15 days ago
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On gloomy days I really miss the soft sunlight in Bordeaux ☀️
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fexusliyo · a year ago
random sites that are extremely helpful
animation screencaps
body visualizer
create infographics
desktop goose
help with writers block
boil the frog
professions based on your personality
best dictionary ever
fighters block
writing tool
slides go
slides carnival
online library
free movies and tv shows
free movies and tv shows #2
worldbuilding website
make music online
human pose reference
email signature
cool design templates
animation tool
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neutralin · 4 months ago
tips for maintaining mental stability when it feels too much
-> don't gaslight yourself into thinking that your feelings are too much. Don't blame yourself for wanting to recharge or distant yourself as well. Whatever you feel is valid. Realize that your emotions are temporary. It is important to feel them and not suppress them but emotions are something that comes and goes. You won't feel that way after some time
-> cut off sensitive topics. Stop checking on the news if it feels too much. Mute or unfollow those who post triggering content. Tell your friends and family members that you don't want to talk about certain topics. It's okay to distant yourself not only from the news but from people/topics you find toxic.
-> rely on safe content instead. Re-read your favorite book or re-watch a show that makes you feel better. Use messengers instead of socials to contact your close ones.
-> sleep. Sleep washes off emotions and can calm you down, and recharge you.
-> invest your time in a hobby. Shift your focus a little. Hobbies that involve physical and/or sensual activity work even better. These can be painting, knitting, gardening, dancing, or singing.
-> go outside. Walk your dog or jog a little. Make your body move and breathe fresh air. Connect with your surroundings, visit your local park or forest.
-> realize what you can do at the very moment to support yourself and your close ones. Do what you can do to prepare yourself for tomorrow, step-by-step.
Take care of yourself 💖🌍
#self care
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esmereldastudies · 7 months ago
Study Motivators That Work
The 3 Minute Rule
When you have a task that you don't want to complete, just get started and keep going for 3 minutes. If you still don't want to complete the task after 3 minutes, stop and start another task
This method can be very challenging during the initial stages of trying it
When you procrastinate, you tend to find something else to do first to dodge the main task at hand
This rule forces you to immediately avoid any deviation from completing the task for 3 solid minutes with the option to stop after those 3 minutes
Discipline plays a crucial role in this motivation technique as starting the 3 minutes requires you to overcome procrastination
Something that helps in this process is trying to slightly mentally detach yourself from the situation to have an objective view on it
You need to look at the situation and acknowledge that you have the freedom to stop the task after 3 minutes if you truly cannot complete it and that you absolutely must start the task immediately
Often times, I keep going once I start which results in significantly improved productivity
Flexibile Schedules
Often times, I plan out the perfect study and work session with my tasks and times detailed to the second
However, sometimes, life gets in the way of these plans and I'm forced to reschedule everything
Something like this can be extremely demotivating, especially if your day revolved around your very detailed plan
To help solve such issues, there are 2 options for 2 different scenarios
The first option is to prevent the situation from occurring at all
Extremely rigid and detailed plans are very easy to disrupt
Preventing the situation would be done by outlining more flexible study and work plans that can be done at most times and don't rely on strict timings (I will post another article on creating a flexible and functional study schedule)
The second option is how to move forward if you do find yourself in a situation where your study plans have been disrupted and you're demotivated
In this instance, the first step is to list the topics you need to cover and sort them from most important to least important
Estimate how much time each topic will take and look at how much time you have available
Evaluate if the time you have available is adequate to completely cover all of your listed topics
If not, choose as many topics with the greatest priority that will be able to be completed within your available time
Remember, these steps should be completed within 5 minutes at most to prevent you from losing any more time
There's always a plan for every situation. It just needs to be found.
Justify It
If you truly feel like there's no reason to compete the task, find a reason
If the task is important enough for you to lament over it, it's certainly important enough for you to complete it as soon as possible
Clear your mind of any frustration and just relax
Think of what the purpose of the task is
Do you need to complete an assignment that will be a part of your final grade?
Do you need to complete a report for your job?
Will this benefit you in the future - near or far?
If you need to study, what is your end goal?
When I hesitate with my studying, I always remind myself that what I'm learning now will one day help me improve as a doctor
Once you identify a reason, act on it and complete the task
The reason will help you sense that what you're doing has meaning and purpose, making the task less of an inconvenience and more of a duty
Knowledge is always valuable.
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polyglot-linguist · 2 months ago
✨ Language Study Master Post! ✨
(Ill update this as I post more, but here is a master post of tons of links to language resources to help you study a language from my site (Plurilingualism) so far! 💜)
Before you start:
- A guide to making S.M.A.R.T goals (and why goals are so important!)
- A complete guide to self-studying a language
Resources and tips:
- Website resources page (with links to tons of resources for general language learning)
- 5 must-visit sites for language learners
- Master list of language challenges (vocab, reading, journaling, etc)
- 10 unique resources (I'll bet you haven't heard of even 3!)
- Where to find good foreign language books (+ links to several recommendations)
- Master list of YouTube channels in 50+ languages (With almost 500 links!!)
- All about the animedoro study method (my favorite way to study anything, but especially a language)
- All about Memrise (a great app and website)
- All about Busuu (one of my all time favorite resources)
- All about italki (a must-have resource for any language learner!)
- How to perfect your pronunciation (+ links to guides in several languages)
- How to actively and passively learn a language via TV and movies
- The best 15 apps to learn a language with (+ links to full reviews for each)
If you are studying Korean:
- 10 amazing Korean resources (with descriptions)
- Korean resource master post (with almost 200 links)
If you are studying German:
- German resource master post (with almost 200 links too)
If you are studying Spanish
- Spanish resource master post (with almost (you guessed it) 200 links!)
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un-----made · 2 days ago
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03 | 100 days of productivity
went to the office but i gave 2 hours to myself after work to focus completely on my dissertation🌷reading different experimental essays to inspire myself to write with a more creative mindset
i woke up so happy & proud about my new vlog, slowly getting more comfortable with editing, hopefully i can try other formats of vlog in the future, i really want to talk but i still feel a little bit shy
& i created a playlist with all the female voices that i dance to while i need to do boring task haha
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blueprint-9376 · a day ago
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17.08.2022 (🙄)
📬: 방학 중 처음으로 다시 학교 가는 날
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josis-teacup · 4 days ago
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Just in case some of you don't know about the websites where you can get your textbooks for free
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niikasik · 3 months ago
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Just finished week 1 of my final semester
...is anyone else going through an existential crisis, or is it just me?
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pika-studies · 5 months ago
Important Academic Reminders
there is no shame in asking for help
there is no shame in having a tutor
there is no shame in not getting As
there is no shame in not knowing what you want to study
there is no shame in having a job
there is no shame in struggling in a so-called "easy subject"
there is no shame in withdrawing from a course
there is no shame in changing your major
there is no shame in not taking a full load of classes in a semester
there is no shame in realizing your school may not be for you
hope these are useful :) -love pika☁️
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