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5.23.20 — theory of personality reviewers 🌼

long time no post! 🌝

i’ve been pretty busy with my first year in uni even if the last months of the sem were done with asynchronous online lessons and activities :c i feel like i’ve been in quarantine for such a long time because of it! but on the brightside, my classes will be ending in a week and i have 2 major online exams left! i’ve never been so nervous in my life.

anyways, i hope to be able to share more content soon! 💕

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Studying while in quarantine has been a bit of a change since we can’t go to classes / the library etc so here are some tips / things I’ve realised:

  • Drink water instead of coffee. Bonus if the water is cold. It keeps you alert yet more focused than caffeine. 
  • Don’t set weekly goals. A whole week at home means your goals will be pushed aside in favour of animal crossing or netflix. Set three-day goals instead. 
  • Have a clear sleep schedule. If you’re rolling out of bed at 12pm, you’ll feel less motivated to get some studying done. Maybe wake up at 9.30, and sleep at 11. Do what works for you. 
  • Have a plan. Know your approach to a task before you do it. Don’t just mindlessly stare at your laptop or worksheet before doing something or you’ll be sat there for hours.
  • Summarise the concept in your own words. It’s the key concept of note-taking - you understand things more and you haven’t just copied down textbook babble you don’t understand. If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand the concept.
  • Don’t let the “studyblr aesthetic” fool you. Studying doesn’t have to be pretty. The notes you see on social media of pretty notes have been rewritten and organised after the initial scribble on lined paper. Let your notes be messy (as long as they’re readable) and if you want to pretty things up later, go ahead!
  • Don’t throw away scrap paper you’ve used for working out - staple it to your book, add it to your folder - if you ever come across that problem again you have a step-by-step way of working it out.
  • Understand that if you’re at a zero, you won’t go to 100 in a couple of days. First, you’ll need to reach 20, then from 20 to 50, and then from 50 to 80. Nobody is 100 everyday. Nobody can get to 100 overnight. Give yourself time.
  • Spend time relaxing. You need to have ‘you time’ every single day. Watch netflix, binge watch disney, play animal crossing, sleep for 10 hours. You need to spend some time on you, doing what you love, to make you studying effective.
  • Once you’re on a roll and need a way to stay on track, start writing down your studying hours. Maybe make a schedule. If you studied for 6 hours yesterday, tell yourself you need to at least 80% of that.
  • Don’t have a zero day, try do a little bit each day, even if it you feel awful and can only do 20 minutes. 
  • Be kind to yourself. We’re living in uncertain times. We don’t know what will happen next. Take care of yourself, practise some self care, and know that even if you’re getting an hour of studying done a day, that’s still a huge accomplishment.
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today is the most productive i have been in weeks !

i checked off 3 things off my todo list which just keeps getting longer, but it’s still more things than i’ve checked off in like 3 maybe even 4 weeks. hopefully i keep this productively level of not increase it :)

“the only way to know your limits is to push until you reach them, the. push a little harder and extend them”

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Week 8

Mon - Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?

Definitely the most intelligent because that’s where my self-doubt comes into play. Just would be nice not to doubt myself academically so often + intelligent humor is one of my favourite ones (Says that and still laughs at every dad joke)

Pic: I finally made up my mind and stuck to a specific topic for my dissertation. For months I kept changing the topic almost every week in my head 

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Week 1, Day 7
Sun - What are you doing to relax? 

I usually put on music and dance, but this year I just meditated because I was also teaching dance so it didn’t really work. Other options for me are a small walk or meditation.  

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Sat - Where in your house is your favourite place to study?

Since I decided to stay in uni halls I have very limited space. But I am lucky that my desk is next to my window and I can get all natural light with nothing blocking it.

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Week 1, Day 5 

Fri - What is your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?

This year I chose modules that I was really interested in, so I couldn’t choose just one favourite for this semester. I loved both medicine, ethics and law & drugs and crime module.

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Thu - How are you keeping active?

In the beginning of lockdown I took free online dance classes, now I just put music on and dance or go on walks. Not everyday tho because netflix is so inviting right now. But it is a good think to live kind of in the middle of nowhere with a lot of sheep around.

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We love a good complete move around of my desk space, even though I’ve hardly done any work in the past week or so I’m hoping to start getting back on top of my work for my diploma in web development, seeing as IB is technically over for me now, lmao.

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[30.04.2020 || 5/100]

This is Maple, a software that solve differential equations of linear systems. For Fundamentals of Automation’s exam we must deliver a project made with this software.

Yesterday I started “The man in the high castle”, I think it’s an amazing serie.

🎧 Power - Little Mix

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La pendola di mezzanotte ci sfida con ironia a ricordare cosa abbiamo fatto del giorno che scivola via.

- Baudelaire, “I fiori del male”.

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Wed - What’s your favourite study snack?

Fresh fruit and/or tea! Particularly summer fruits and berries like peaches, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries…. plus a good iced coffee with plenty of cream. 

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welcome to the study zone! 📚📖

here we talk about our passion for/interest in studying and the things we study! with a lot of roles and channels for arts, humanities, stem, and languages we offer a nice and chill environment to complain, collect and share tips and resources, and just hang out. we have a lgbt+-specific channel too, and are always willing to take suggestions!

if you want to join, click this link - it expires after 25 uses, but my dms are open to get a new one! 

we hope to see you!

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