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Day 25 - Tag someone who gives good advice


- Catalina posts some really helpful (and pretty) tips! Such as

this post

Day 26 - Tag someone who you would like to get to know

I have so many lovely mutuals I’d like to get to know better, I can’t decide!

Day 27 - Tag someone who makes you laugh


- many of her post descriptions and our conversations have made me laugh. Like when she was fangirling over Romeo and Juliet😂

Day 28 - Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

There are too many blogs I love to tag just one, so here are some I check the most: @studywithprincess @lattesandlearning @somuchtostudysolittletime @coffeeandpies @chazza-studies-alevels @study-van @myhoneststudyblr

-A, 10/30/20

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22 - 24.09.2020 - 22-24/100 Days of Productivity

• cleaning, cleaning • shopping • zoom meeting • preparing for the start of academic year •

This is the first page of my new journal. I hope that it’ll keep me organised during this academic year. Also, this is my first journal - do you have any tips or ideas of how to fill it?

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// studyblr community challenge - day twenty nine

what are three things you’re proud of?

  • my gcse grades - even though we didn’t get to do the exams i worked really hard for mocks and throughout year 10 & 11
  • this studyblr! when i started it i had no idea it would grow so much, or that i’d meet so many lovely people. it truly feels like a little corner of the internet where i can be myself.
  • my consistency in going to circuit training for rowing - we started doing zoom circuits in lockdown and i think the only ones i’ve missed are because of holiday or when i fractured my leg.
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26.10.2020 // studyblr community challenge

Done with amino acids in biochemistry and finished my ecology presentation I’ll have on Monday and I’m having itsy bitsy tiny panic attacks every time I remember that bc I really don’t like to do these things…. Help please 😢😔

Day 25 - Tag someone who gives good advice

These tagging days are killing me 🙈 I don’t know honestly, @bright-goals gave me some really good advices once and I’m still thankful tho 😊

Day 26 - Tag someone who you would like to get to know

Like everyone? Hah.. But since I have to choose I’ll go with @bulletnotestudies and @jeonchemstudy and @study-van

Love yourselves and stay safe! ✨

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Comfort Movie Tag!

Thank you to the superstar @study-van for tagging me in this adorable tag game! Now I really want to sit down and watch some of these 😅❤️

Rules: List 7 comfort movies and tag 7 people

  1. The Princess Bride (one of my favorite movies of all time).
  2. Halloweentown
  3. Cinderella (The 1950 animated film)
  4. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  6. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
  7. La La Land (my #1 favorite movie. I could watch it anyday at anytime and I listen to the soundtrack all the time- even now).

I’d love to tag: @somuchtostudysolittletime @amethyst-studies @museeofmoon @lalazyperfectionist @bubbythebird (whenever he gets back) and anyone else who would like to participate 🎥❤️

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🌟Day 23 of the Studyblr Community Challenge- Tag someone whose blog you always check🌟

This has to go to both @myhoneststudyblr and @study-van ! I see them both on my dash all the time and I go through their blogs to check out their text posts and original content to see how both are doing. I’m certain there’s no way any of you are NOT following Sophie and Yasemin, but, if you aren’t, go follow them because they have spectacular blogs and deserve all the love. 💖

Sidenote: I’m really out here falling for fall. It’s just gorgeous and has to be my second favorite season behind winter because it gets so lovely here with the breeze and the colors changing in the leaves??? 🥴

I love fall. 🧡🍂

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// studyblr community challenge 

day twenty-one - tag someone who you think works really hard and deserves appreciation

this whole challenge is basically me tagging my mutuals who i’m really bad at talking to but who i want to know i appreciate @study-van​ is in med school and is working super hard, and she’s also so sweet and lovely and deserving of all the appreciation 💖💖

day twenty-two - tag someone who makes you smile

@la-galaxie-langblr​ again i’m so bad at talking to people but robyn is so!! sweet!! and always leaves the loveliest replies 🥺

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// studyblr community challenge - day twenty

i can’t believe i’ve actually made it to day twenty - i’ve never kept up this far before!

tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@philology-studies violet you’re the absolute qUEEN of aesthetic, honestly please teach me your ways! i love how consistent and just beAuTiful your posts are 💖

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Henry Ossawa Tanner, The Annunciation, / John Constable, Cloud Study, Hampstead / Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night Over the Rhone / Dorothea Tanning, Hôtel du Pavot

tagged by @nicollekidman to post my four favorite visual art pieces! (do sculptures count….i hope so) this is all over the place but it’s mostly pieces that moved me when i saw them! im rly bad at producing things once i have to think of them lol

ill tag @thosefunkylittleguys @patina-millers-biceps @gaynerdfromdisneyland @buffyannesummrs and anybody else who wants to do this! this was so fun

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15.10.2020 // hello friends!! would anyone be interested if i did a masterpost series on different sociological thinkers/concepts? or even political theories or historical events? i get some messages asking about how to get into those fields, so i’ve been thinking about putting together some intro resources.

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14/10/2020 // doing what I can

Been a while since I made a study post! That’s because although I’ve recovered ok from having COVID, I’m still in the process of getting back into the swing of things. It’s only been a week so far, so I still have a long way to go.

I’m massively lacking in energy- just preparing food feels like an uphill battle right now. But today I made a new system for my upcoming classes in notion, caught up on some of the admin for the research project I’m coordinating, went for a walk in the park on the way back from my blood test and made a delicious pasta bake, so you know, on the whole, not too bad.

🎧 : Girl in Red (it’s October, ofc)

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sorting through the mess I made of my bio notes while studying is gonna give me a headache but at least there’s cinnamon tea to keep me company

Day 10 - What is one thing you wish you could change about studyblr?

Probably how hard it is to actually join the community in the first place bc certain aesthetics are always the most popular ones and it feels like unless you can fit that you don’t belong - obviously pretty photos are nice but they’re not always realistic, and I’m sure it would increase the diversity and variety of content (and also amount) if people felt more free to post about things as they really are.

Day 11 - What is something that you have learnt from studyblr?

A lot of tips for studying and even job interviews etc, but also how important rest and self-care and recognising burn-out are.

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