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If you use your yellow journal as a bullet journal, do you have more pics of the spreads? ☺️

Hi! Yes I do, thank you for asking. I keep a bullet journal for two years now and like many people using it, I can say it’s the first time when my time and tasks are really organized. I use it mainly for my studies but I jot down other tasks if I have them on that day. I’ll attach photos to show how I use it.


This is the one I use, it’s the Dingbats Earth Lime medium A5. Before this, I had Sky Blue. None of them is in my range of colours but this collection donates for fragile ecosystems and it has inside information about it (the yellow one is for Serengeti).

I am not very creative with it, but I do use it every day to organize especially my working hours. I wish I was more creative with washi tape and drawings and calligraphy but I am not, so for each month or year I just think about some elements that speak to me and create something of the sort you see in the photos. Usually, I use scraps from old Romanian magazines and travel guides adding objects from around that time of the year, the leaf is from the surrounding park of the Ethnography Museum in Prague, we just returned from that trip when I created the spread.


My spreads are very simple. I don’t have mood trackers or quotes or wish lists. I had some of these in the first bj but I didn’t keep up with them. So I realized I’m on the more practical side and for the second bj I kept only what works for me.

1. First I have my yearly calendar, where I keep track of travels and other important dates, but not deadlines. (these are ok to show because covid-19 washed them all away)


2. Second, I have the semester overview where I write the deadlines for my modules.


3. My semester weekly schedule next to the semesrer assignments with their important details.


4. Next, I have the month followed by weeks. Different from many bjs I’ve seen when creating my own, I give each day a lot of space because I have many things to study. So for each day I draw a grid, filling each square with colour. The colour code is very easy, I have different colours for each module, yellow for breaks or things outside of University and a faded mauve for the study hours. I like to track how many hours I study on a day and then in a week. I can visually control what I’m going to put each hour of work into and it helps me a lot.


Also at the end of each week, I have a page with that week’s readings split on modules.


On very rare occasions when I have study week or a big thing to read or do, I’ll leave some pages blank for that.


Apart from my bj, I keep a traveller’s journal which has three different notebooks that I can replace. One of the notebooks is for notes, scraps of my own writing, ideas that come to mind randomly, or other things. Another is just with titles of books that I want to read and the third tracks the ideas I have for my thesis and my master and even PhD.


And that’s it. Wish it was more interesting than this, but like I said it’s more practical. Still, I love it and think it’s the mist amazing and creative way for keeping track of your life.

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How odd is it that the world has shut down. The times we wished to be other places or tucked away in our room are upon us. I am feeling grateful for this time of being locked away because it has given me time to pull myself together. I am trying to be better when it seems everything is getting worse.

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Today was a good day. I managed to read two essays written by Marcel Mauss, one was “Techniques of the Body” and the other ”A category of the human mind: the notion of person, the notion of self”. I found them both interesting and took lots of notes. They were handed for Psychological Anthropology where I have to finish an essay that I really enjoy thinking about, but it’s quite hard. The essay’s on how two authors that we studied have seen the concept of Human Nature. I find this very tricky because anthropologists not being very fond of the concept, always sort of left it behind from theory. Instead, of understanding more from what’s in literature I have to come with my own interpretation which makes me nervous because none hand we are always told we are at a stage where we don’t have to come with our own ideas but use what others have said prior to us, but on the other, we should understand and explain a deep concept from scratch, just based on the author’s works.

Anyhow, apart from these readings, I fed the chickens and the rest of the farm twice. I also had an online class on Microsoft Teams which worked really well and just seeing a lecturer gave me a lot of motivation. It was a day in which I kept my focus and was quite productive so I’m really happy. Everyone struggles with staying motivated these days but I see myself working my way towards a tiny system that works. I hope…

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I haven’t been on here for a while, and I am not sure why, I think I just needed a space or place to allow myself to unwind and come back to a place of focus. School has been a whirlwind of confusion and isolation. So I am here trying to find some comfort in my solace.

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October 5, 2019

Strategic Management + a new string of pearls!

I’m still working hard on balancing my time with school, work and life. It’s definitely a challenge + I work hard at it everyday.

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Well, recently this baby idea appeared in my mind: why don’t I create a yt channel when I would upload “study with me” videos? 

Because, Idk if I have ever mentioned it, but I’m in love with yt channels such as suzlnne, TheStrive Studies, EJ_Study With Me and a lot more… They always give me soo much motivation when it comes to studying. Also, my school ending exams start in a month. That’s why I thought it would be nice if you could study with me and I could study with you (kinda like). 

So my question to you is:

Would you like to study with me? 

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Adding another entry into my journal. I haven’t finished my requirements and even studied this weekend! I was too busy reading books to lift up my soul but it seems that my priorities had jumped off somewhere, out of my head and just came back lol. I hope I can do all of these within the remaining time of this day.

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