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Saturday 05.30. 

First exams online in 3 days. Omg wish me luck. 

So far I managed to study everything for Tuesday 🌱 

Cardiology is on Friday and I still have to do ECG + understanding the whole pharmacology chapter which drives me nuts… 

Whatever you’re doing I wish you the best ! 

🎵 Currently listening to : Clarinet Quintet in B minor - J. Brahms 

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This weekend is for work and kinetics!!! Officially 1 month (minus 1 day) away from exams so imma try to crack down on distractions and get it together!!!1!1!

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Summer Success: Day 4

I promised notes and I…. did not deliver. It’s been a long time since I last took a psychology course and I forgot how much reading there is!

I find for me it’s easiest to read the material once while maybe highlighting or annotating what seems important and then going back a second time to take actual notes on the material.

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Day 4/100 - hundered days of productivity

Things I did today:

  • Write up lecture 4 notes
  • Workout
  • Worked on my blog
  • Called a friend

I’m still planning on watching a lecture today so overall I’m quite productive today. The weather outside was really nice today, really regretting not going out for a walk.

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2/100 days of productivity

So this is messy already, I didn’t know yesterday’s didn’t post but count it as for yesterday the 1st. Today is the second.

-I did two questions in my midterm

-I reread content for it and for another midterm

-I did some readings for tomorrow’s lecture

-I followed through my skincare routine (that’s hard for me to remember)

And now I’m closing it off listening to some podcasts so I have energy for tomorrow ❤️

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1/100 days of productivity

I thought id join so it would keep me motivated and held accountable of doing things i have to do. You can join as well, i took the idea from the lovely @historiacombativa

-I finished and sent my midterm for Anthropology

-I watched a video talk about lost communities and culture

-I did some readings much needed for my next midterm thats History Introduction

I live in Argentina , so our school year goes different than the typical one so just dont be shocked im saying midterms and not finals haha

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5.26.20 // intro to clinical lab // week one 

Today is my first day of medical lab school. I’m so excited to begin this journey! 

I’ve learned about the laws and regulations of the clinical laboratory, as well as a brief history. It’s nice to get an overall look into how much technology has advanced and how far things have come.

I’m a little overwhelmed with all the weekly readings and assignments. Plus the biweekly exams this summer. Also, all the skills we would’ve learned this summer are being postponed until fall since the campus is closed. I’m actually very excited to learn venipuncture, so I can’t wait!

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Hi guys!

I know I haven’t been posting much original content lately, mostly because things have been pretty hectic for me due to Covid and the end of the school year…. However, I am working on some cool printables that should be released sometime in June, so be on the lookout!

On another note, I’m at 170 followers?! I can’t believe that many people care about me and my little studyblr :) 

Thank you for all your support, you guys are the best! 🥰

Much love, 

Natalie xx

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I know it is a little bit late to post this week’s spread buuut here it is! And, btw, I passed Industrial Fermentations 👏🏻

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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Summer Success: Day 1

Today is the first day of my school’s summer session. I’m taking 4 classes this semester split into two sessions.

Session 1

JPN 111 - Elementary Japanese 1
PSY 230 - Abnormal & Clinical Psych

Session 2

CHE 134 - General Chemistry Lab 2
PSY 346 - Health Psychology

Trying to fill my core language requirement (with Japanese finally!) and also pursuing a double major with psychology. Wish me luck!

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