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56/100 days of productivity

today i

~watched my japanese lectures for this week

~watched my ag bus/econ lectures for this week

~wrote (27/30 day writing challenge)

i learned all about dates today in my japanese class! turns out all the days of the week are associated with a different planet or celestial body, i think that’s pretty neat! i also learned that months don’t really have names in the japanese language, they’re just numbered

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Day 16/100 days of productivity

Today I,

–Finished my ecology homework for chapter 15 and 16.

–Did some grocery shopping with my husband.

Today was my first day back at work after having four days off and I felt it. I didn’t go in until 11 so this morning I got up a little early to get my ecology homework done. My husband and I were going to start working out again today but we opted to get healthy groceries instead as we were empty. Tomorrow we will start our weekly workout schedule.

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55/100 days of productivity

today i

~took a japanese quiz

~watched/read my IPM lectures for this week

~wrote (26/30 day writing challenge)

i’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. and when i do manage to sleep i have nightmares. i had a particularly bad one last night so i tried to be extra nice to myself today. i made peach and peanut butter toast for lunch and made time to light a candle and play video games all comfy in bed. self care babey !!

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