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The secret to your future is in your daily routine.
Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because they can never take it away from you. Study because you want to know more. Study because it enhances you. Study because it grows you.
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hi guys, I’m Anna! 

I’ve thought about this for a while because I didn’t want to reveal my name, but in the end I did it! vitalstudyskillss will no longer be in use, but the content will still be the same, if not better! 

I will be taking a brief, semi-hiatus because I am in the midst of producing new printables/content for you guys and particularly you students to use for next semester. 

as always, have a wonderful, wonderful day :-) 

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Hi! It’s me

I decided to start a tumblr account because I figured it would be more fun to have another account to post my study photos on so if you just found me on here go follow my instagram which is @studyworried the same as my tumblr name. I was so worried that the name might have been taken lol. Anyway I guess this was hello 💕


Originally posted by slk-t

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New wallpapers! If you’re feeling unmotivated or tired, hopefully seeing a motivational quote everyday can help boost your spirits :-)

find these wallpapers here

find more printables here!

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fun fact: prescribing is the most common medication error and administering is the 2nd most common!

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FREE PRINTABLE! I have made to do lists for you guys to keep track of your tasks. There are a total of 36 to do lists to choose from, all organized! :-) 

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find this printable here!

get more printables here!

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Feeling blue! When picking colors for my titles, I always tend to gravitate towards blue but I try to use different colors to show you guys :-)

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And somehow… it’s suddenly the last day of April! “May” next month be productive and full of happy moments :-)

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Thu - How are you keeping active?

There’s a website called that has a ton of free workouts and programs as well as articles on fitness & nutrition- I mainly use that.

i’m on youtube

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Wed - What’s your favourite study snack?

Fresh fruit and/or tea! Particularly summer fruits and berries like peaches, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries…. plus a good iced coffee with plenty of cream. 

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