linastudyblrsblog a day ago
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First day at the haematology department, very excited to discover this module.
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belovedapollo 2 days ago
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some notes from today + recently purchased stickers 馃尀
do not repost pls
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ciceroneous 4 months ago
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she (the sun) did it again
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werelivingarts a year ago
how to deal with mental fatigue
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Hi, it鈥檚 werelivingarts! Exam season is coming so soon, and some of us might deal with a lot of stress and mental fatigue while preparing for the exams.聽
Here are some tips on how to prevent and deal with mental fatigue (before it becomes too serious and leads to burnout). Exams are just ways to test your knowledge and understanding, so please do not expect too high and take care of your health! 馃尶
Hope that we would all do well! 馃槉
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velvetkisses28 8 months ago
Having a god complex while simultaneously being self depreciating asf
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theunaestheticstudyblr 18 days ago
Getting back into school
Spring semester is coming and that means prep before classes! It's very tempting to not do anything before they start, but habits take a while to develop so if you haven't already, here's some things to start doing before classes start to make the beginning of this semester easier!
Go over syllabi if available
Start getting on your sleep schedule
Meal prep menus
Clean your living areas
Read for at least an hour a day (to get you used to dedicating time to studying)
If you have textbooks, start going through them!
Get your car checked and get your maintenance done!
Get your planner set up
Figure out your work schedule
Make sure the school is up to date with any necessary accommodations you may require and start letting your professors know too
Last minute dental work
Figure out vacation dates
Create a study plan and daily routine for discipline
If you find the textbook online for free, go ahead and share that link with your classmates they will love you
Learn to make some easy snacks like hummus, salsa, veggie soup, and fried rice
Go visit your classrooms to see how long the commute between classes is and figure out best walking paths
Put test dates in your calendar
Make a list in your notebooks about subjects, tests, etc to have a quick reference
Get a voice recorder
Make sure your computer software is up to date
Practice different focus methods so you don't have to try to do this while studying
Create or find a study Playlist!
Find a stress release activity
Make sure you have your comfort items
Look into mental health services at your college
Get baking soda for your fridge and sneakers
Find the library and know their hours
Please add any you do as well!!
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nozeeeee 22 days ago
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Day1 of #30dayofproductivity challenge check!
Almost completed all my challenges , waking up at 5am 馃檪 ( first time in my life)
And Happy New year too alll of you ! I pray that we can evolve ourselves more this year , and take our mental health more seriously.
We can doo itt!
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caffienes 4 months ago
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big ass cup of coffee since it's gonna be a long day today. ig: @icedcomets
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giusnotes 2 months ago
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i鈥檓 back with my old studygram :鈥) i miss posting there, my routine and notes. so, if u are interested, check out mt ig! click here
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s3lunelog 2 months ago
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+*.+聽 ib econ notes on demand and supply聽.锝*锞+
so i鈥檓 starting a series of posts where i match the colour of my notes to doodles of characters from cartoons / other media that i used to like, bc childhood nostalgia聽
this one is flora from winx club!!聽v pretty and soft聽
(also im ending the 100 days of productivity cant be bothered to keep track馃槜)
CLIMATE CRISIS MASTERPOST: https://s3lunelog.tumblr.com/post/659405281601765376/please-read-and-share-the-ipcc-recently
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quynhsstudyblog 5 months ago
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14.08.2021 鈥 Saturday
Desk Setup is still not done. But I鈥榣l get there.
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leistudies 11 months ago
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饾悷饾悶饾悰饾惈饾惍饾悮饾惈饾惒 饾煆饾煏, 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煄
鈥 currently on my reading break! it鈥檚 been a rough month trying to balance everything while not destroying my mental health. i haven鈥檛 been super productive at all but hoping i can use the rest of this week to catch up. reminder to keep going and rest if needed (麓锝♀ 岬 鈥健`)
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belovedapollo 2 months ago
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it鈥檚 almost weekend! I can feel it! been so sick ever since my trip and my entire body is refusing to use any energy to concentrate on uni 馃槶
please do not take or repost without credits
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ciceroneous 3 months ago
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o paradise lost, we鈥檙e really in it now
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werelivingarts 17 days ago
tips for studying new vocab
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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I鈥檓 back with another post relating to studying, but keep in mind that these tips are not one-size-fit-all, so please feel free to implement if you think it will be helpful for you! I personally don鈥檛 like forcing myself chunks of words, so I think that learning through music and any activities you like such as watching movies actively would also be really fun!聽
Please share below if you have any helpful tips too! 馃挌馃帀馃ぉ
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velvetkisses28 2 months ago
The feminine urge to base your entire personality on a Jane Austen novel.
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rawlinacademia 4 months ago
Dark Academia Stuff ( Things I do..)
Waking up superrr early (like 4AM)
and then working, powered by the mystic misty early morning vibe.
Early morning Study sessions (STEM subjects)
Daily wearing a delicate and petite rose gold hair clip
Along with hair tied in a loose braid and pretending I am a no effort queen.
Watching the sunrise every day
Wearing clothes that make me feel good
Listening to audiobooks while Gym-ing
Using night light mode on the laptop throughout the day
Taking the hottest shower possible and ending it with the coldest possible shower.
Listening to that one soul, who you have claimed as your best friend, every day.
lighting up the room with candles
Walking with head held high, (being complimented by everyone but still )working on a better posture.
being scolded every day for empty mugs and cups (for tea and water) lying around in the room(and working on that)
coming up with character names in the middle of the day
and forgetting to write them on the notepad
Reminding self 50x a day, "Control, dear, Control"
NEat and organised notes and files
Rewatching Sherlock and Supernatural and Doctor Who and other countless shows and movies and Marvel and etc etc
Notes and books covered in post-its
detailed diagrams with annotations
Ameliorating the grades
promising not to use the pen on textbooks and pencils instead, and failing to do so
getting in the habit of reading the newspaper (Education Times)
Diary entering every two-three days and especially on a Sunday
fountain pens!
whispering to self
Teaching and explaining concepts to self
Accidentally turning into a fastidious person
making decluttering a habit
Doing extensive research on Criminal databases for a school Computer science project, that is supposed to be a friendly project
Sketching and painting
Eating Healthy
Fantasizing over vintage lockets
Working on the trust issues.
Writing letters to Future self through Futureme
Using wardrobe as a blackboard for Math and Physics
Memorising information I am never going to use
Wearing long scarves (Cotton in winters and wool in winters)
trying to work like Hermione Granger
Improving Handwriting
Wanting to read a novel but having no time because of school and the work-_-
Having an easy Morning and Night Skincare routine.
Visioning and working for future life
Avoiding procrastinating
Helping bestie with applications and essays
Getting Excited over the tiniest things
Romanticizing my life
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nozeeeee 18 days ago
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#day4 still going on well! Have lots of things to do today!
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caffienes 3 months ago
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happy sunday (鉁库暪鈼♀暪)
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giusnotes 5 months ago
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articles, articles and more articles 馃サ
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