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#studyblr asks

Studyblr Asks: Stationery Edition

  • Pens: What is your favorite school memory?
  • Pencils: What is your favorite way of taking notes?
  • Washi Tape: Do you prefer neat notes, colorful notes, messy notes, recordings, hand written notes, or typed notes?
  • Notebooks: Would you rather have classes in person or online?
  • Stamps: If you had to change your major and money didn’t matter, what major would you pick?
  • Laptop: Do you prefer large or small classes?
  • Stickers: Why did you choose your course of study?
  • Paper: What are your study go to’s and tips?
  • Markers: What are your favorite studyblr’s?
  • Envelopes: Do you have a study group?
  • Journal: Do you keep your notes after the class is over, do you give them to people, or do you toss them out?
  • Quill: Do you prefer print or cursive?
  • Files: Coffee, tea, or water as a morning pick-me-up?
  • Highlighters: Do you like to take notes in pen or pencil?
  • Fountain pen: What was your favorite class out of all the classes you have ever taken?
  • Cards: If you had enough money to live comfortably the rest of your life, would you go to college?
  • Eraser: If you could avoid taking one class, which would you pick?
  • Stapler: Would you prefer a math class or a language class?
  • Chalk: What classes do you pay the most attention in?
  • White board: Do you plan outfits/looks for class or do you just put on whatever?
  • Sticky note: What is your favorite in class snack?
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Hi! I am your follower for a long time. Just realized that you use MuseScore too and i found 2 days ago that they’ve uploaded free download percussion pdf poster mockup here: ( site). I’ve printed my copy and sent them a photo. Their admin added me the 3 year pro subscription. Maybe you can find this tip useful, because i saved money not to buy their pro account this time to download sheet music from their catalog.

thanks for the tip anon ! I have actually since transitioned to using Finale during university, but I hope this helps other music people too.

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your major seems really interesting, but what all can you do with it career-wise? idk if that sounds rude i’m just curious and maybe interested in a similar major :)


actually my major was very focused on making films, so getting into the academic field (with the final objective of becoming a professor) was a choice of mine that diverged a lot of what I intended at first.

when you earn a bachelor in film you can work as a director, a screenwriter, an editor… you can also deal with the financial aspects of making a film, or the cinematography, the production design… it’s a vast field that intersects other areas too, like marketing, visual arts, fashion, animation, music, tv and so on. so there’s a lot to choose from! 

and don’t worry, it’s not rude at all! I hope I answered your question clearly. if you have any other doubts feel free to ask. 😊

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Hi, i'm a 5th year med student. Currently in paediatrics. Most of the kids are in the hospital because of upper respiratory tract infection or asthma, not that interesting. Corona threat isn't that big in our hospital sooooo people are still being laidback about it

5th year med student, amazing! That definitely takes dedication I bet. I hope those kids are doing alright! And I’m glad to hear the corona threat is low there - I think the same goes around here, I have a few friends that are nursing students and while people are worried it’s a low threat here too. Best of luck for the future anon!  💕

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hi, for the studyblr asks thing: 1, 8, 20? (you dont have to answer if you dont want to!!)

thank you so much for asking! and sorry for the delay

1. what year are you?

I’m a second year student! Next year will be the last year for my B.A

8. what classes are you taking right now?

i can’t decide what I’m taking except for my minor which is Arabic. Apart from that I have to take:

  • Phonetic
  • Linguistic 
  • Translation (english to french and french to english)
  • British Literature (we’re studying Romantic poets)
  • American Literature (this one is a lecture and i think we are studying Protestant Literature?)
  • British Civilisation (with a focus on “English gardens during the 1750s” but now we are focusing on engravings)
  • American Civilisation (i have no idea what we’re doing)
  • Lab (we have headphones to record ourselves talking + we have to do phonetic exercices)
  • XP (basically a class to force us to speak English)
  • PPE (a class to introduce us to job hunting, sort of)

20.  Do you listen to music while you study?

The question should be ‘do I study?’ but yes when I do I don’t mind listening to music

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Hello! Thank you for the links to all the Philosophy content. My MA Thesis was on the Authenticity of Characters in Selected Short American Fiction, or something like that, so it seems that we both share the love of writing and philosophy. I applied the works of Sartre, Heidegger and Kierkegaard. It was a lot of fun (along with a lot of work:) In any case, keep writing! Dave

Aw, thank you! I’m happy to share. Wow, that sounds like a super interesting thesis. I’ve only ever read Sartre, though I’ve heard of the others so that’s definitely some philosophers I should look into. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I wish you all the best with your writing friend 🌸

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Academic Asks! (All emojis can be found in the objects section)

1) 📈 What was your favorite assignment to work on?

2) 📉 Alternatively, what was your least favorite assignment to work on?

3) 🕰 Do you take morning, afternoon or evening classes?

4) 🗓 Do you take weekday or weekend classes?

5) 🔮 Share what your ideal classroom setting is! (i.e. size, student interaction level, mood/aesthetics etc.)

6) 💸 Private or Public school?

7) 📝 Have you ever cheated on an assignment or a test? If you did, how and did you get caught?

8) 🔗 Can you explain your favorite teaching or studying method?

9) 🗑 Mind sharing your lowest grade? Do you think it was fair and deserved? How’d you handle it?

10) 🗞 Any crazy or interesting class stories?

11) 🛠 If there was anything you could change about your education system in one night, what would it be?

12) 🔬 Stem or Arts?

14) 💌 Do you have a school crush or rival? Tell me about them…

15) 📚 What’s a class you’ve taken just for the sake of taking it, if any?

16) 📻 Will you share your studying tunes?

17) 🎥 Watch any studyblrs on youtube? If not, how about general academic or educational youtubers?

18) 📖 Last book you read for fun?

19) 🪑 Front, middle or back of the classroom?

20) 🔐 After you graduate, what’s next?

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hey peeps! just did some course selections for my junior year and here are some of my thoughts about it!

1. it’s crazy just how fast time went by

like.. i was literally just in room 310 last year? time really went by that fast? no way.. really? i wonder if our guidance counselors, teachers and parents feel the same way. i wonder if it’s sunk into my parents that i’m starting junior year in september, which is just under 7 months. i wonder if it’s sunk into my guidance counselors that these people who are choosing their grade 11 courses were the same people they welcomed back in 2018 for freshman year orientation. 

2. it’s overwhelming

sometimes i feel like my relatives knew what they were gonna do by their last years of high school when they were my age. or how some of my friends were able to easily select their courses because they somehow knew where they were going in life? 

i know that there’s a lot of obstacles and variables that could change the way life is going for you and me at the moment. i was always conflicted (and until now i am) because i always wondered whether i should study something related to things i was passionate about. it worried me that if i ever did, my grades in the class might determine how passionate i still was about my interest. 

i remember crying one night, because i just didn’t know what to do anymore. i called some friends at 3 am and vented out. i’m happy i did and wouldn’t regret any second of it. 

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studyblr asks

hello! i wanted to start an ask thing (ask game??) where people on studyblr can send what they’re majoring in and why they’re studying it. it could also be majors/concentrations that you’re interested in studying but haven’t formally declared yet!

i just really love hearing about how people ended up studying what they study today :)

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How did you spend the holidays? I always think this is an important time for those with studyblrs to take time for themselves and rest mentally as well as physically 💖

yes, i think so too!! honestly, i was pressured at first to be productive. i kept telling myself that it would be a mistake to waste all this time. but at the same time, it’s is sooooo important to recharge! we spent the last few months studying to the max, and we’re gonna spend the next months doing this as well. we deserve this little window of time to rest, recharge, and relax. so basically, i’ve just been lazing around! i’ve watched two korean dramas already, caught up with my fave kpop groups, read a few books, baked, etc. overall, i’m really enjoying this holiday season, and i hope everyone else is enjoying as well ♡

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It's your secret santa again! MERRY CHRISTMAS. The country I'm from actually has two days of Christmas. 25th and the 26th. Other countries call it boxing day, if I'm correct. What were your Christmas plans? Also: I checked out your OC posts. Soo neat.

Happy Christmas!!! Might you be from the UK? I’m in the United States, so we had Christmas Eve last night and Christmas Day today (the 25th). No Boxing Day for us here.

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You make physics look so cool 😍 I wanna study physics now haha

haha thanks but don’t fall for it 😅 physics is so hard

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hi rei, i'm your studyblr secret santa! i really love your theme. do you post your own notes too? i couldn't find them. what year are you in currently? ~secretsanta

Awwww! Hi secret Santa! I’m a junior in college right now (might need an extra year tho rip).

I do have my own notes too though. I have no clue how to organize a tumblr but I usually tag with #thedistractedstudent

Or you could look at my Instagram I just started up recently: the.distracted.student


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aaaa this is the first studyblr i've stumbled upon in the same year as me~ what subjects are you taking, if you don't mind me asking?

I don’t mind you asking at all! i’m taking triple science, english lang, lit and maths as compulsory subjects and then i do german, computer science and history! my school limits us to nine gcses but in all honesty i can’t image how big the workload for more than nine would be. (also it’s kinda weird that there aren’t very many year 11 studyblrs, i can hardly find any too lol)

thank you for your ask 💕✨

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why do your write your notes the way you do and how did you find what worked for you? Your notes are so pretty and I'm struggling with making them look nice, but also not take ages!!

hi!! this might be a long explanation so please message me if you have any other questions!

for why i write my notes the way i do:

since my teachers put their powerpoints online before the lesson, i’ll usually just print them off and then make notes on them as they talk (my physics teacher says a lot more than what’s on his slides so i’ll make quick notes of it). after the lesson, i usually revise/review my notes and if there’s any repetitive/confusing info i’ll rewrite it or clarify with my teacher so my notes will be clear. once i have all the info revised and slightly organised, i’ll start writing my “good” notes in my notebook (fyi, i use a 3 subject 5-star notebook because my pens don’t bleed/ghost through the paper). i usually start with the base concept/definition and then go into more detail from there.

  • for example, if i was doing notes on DNA, i would start with its definition and probably draw a diagram, then break it down into its parts (sugar-phosphate backbone, nucleic acids, etc) with a definition of each one

my notes follow the order of lessons my teachers do, but if your teachers aren’t as organised i would recommend following the order in the textbook.

i also don’t use highlighter in my notes and, if i do, i’ll only use one colour. i think this can help your notes look neater and it won’t overwhelm your brain either lol.

how i found what worked for me:

honestly, it was a lot of trial and error. i’ve been doing “aesthetic” notes for around 2 years (i’m graduating hs this year) and my old notes are not nearly as organised or pretty as they are now. it’s important to focus on the info you’re putting into your notes and for subjects like math, i would honestly just say forget about making pretty notes and do practice questions instead. i know this is bad advice but i just kinda went with the flow and this is how my notes turned out.

for my titles, i first based my lettering off an old post by @studysalma on instagram and just adapted it to fit with my own handwriting. the other writing on my notes is either in all caps or in my “normal” neat handwriting (my handwriting during class literally looks like a 35 yr old male english teacher’s writing lol). also, WHITE OUT TAPE IS A SAVIOUR!! i mess up so much when writing so i use white out instead of ripping out the page and starting again (which i used to do). this kinda goes back to my point of the info you’re putting into your notes being more important, so please DO NOT start over when you have half a page of notes already done. the best piece of advice i read about this is always to write your notes like you’re going to give them to someone else. i should probably also say that it takes me ~30 mins to write 1 page of notes without interruptions which isn’t a crazy amount of time but is still another commitment if you have other hobbies/extracurriculars. 

anyways i’m not really sure what else to say so please msg me. i hope this helped!!

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Hi! I saw that you use the Musescore editor. Can you recommend this one to the beginners? As for student it's great that the editor is free but i'm in doubt if is it quite professional and comfortable for everyday sheet music training?

Hey anon! I personally feel like this app is good for beginners, yes; it’s pretty user friendly and gets you acquainted with general music notation settings. As for professionalism, the layout of the sheet music may not look as nice as Sibelius or Finale, but it does the job. :) hope that helps! 

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