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🇲🇽 [35/100] Días de productividad.

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes el temario de mis lecciones de ruso. Está semana eh tenido muchas juntas y se empieza a alargar la lista de pendientes, serán semanas pesadas las que vienen.

🇬🇧 [35/100] Days of productivity.

Today I want to share with you the agenda of my Russian lessons. This week I have had many meetings and the to-do list begins to lengthen, it will be heavy weeks to come.

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🇲🇽 [28/100] Días de productividad.

Hoy se me ocurrió como terminar de decorar la primer semana de mayo en mi bujo, aprovechando que es el día de Star wars jaja.

Además me enamore de la organización por código de colores y estilo cronograma, simplemente me fascina.

🇬🇧 [28/100] Days of productivity.

Today it occurred to me how to finish decorating the first week of May in my bujo, taking advantage of the fact that it is the day of Star wars haha.

Also I fell in love with the organization by color coding and timeline style, it just fascinates me.

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It’s Maaaay! Send tumblr memes. I’m finishing my two last assessments for the year which is weird. Currently reading “Turtles all the way down” by John Green and watching Brooklyn 99 with my dog.


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🇲🇽 Aprovechando que terminó abril, les comparto lo colorida que se ve la productividad del mes, aunque me hubiese gustado hacer algunas cosas más, fue un mes productivo pese a la cuarentena.

¿Cómo estuvo su mes?

Cómo bonus la play list del mes, debo admitir que es culpa de mi novio que esté tan popera últimamente jaja 🤣😅😂

🇬🇧 Taking advantage of the end of April, I share with you how colorful the productivity of the month looks, although I would have liked to do a few more things, it was a productive month despite the quarantine.

How was your month?

As a bonus the play list of the month, I must admit that it is my boyfriend’s fault that she is so pope lately haha ​​🤣😅😂

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- 12/01/2020 - 

here is the spread i made for january and a pic of the sky i took omw to a family friends house! i made the spread a while ago and its just been sitting in my drafts forever bc i kept forgetting to post it! i tried to keep it pretty simple - im not that good at sticking to an aesthetic but hopefully in time i’ll get better at them! (i really like this one so far its my fav out of all the ones i made since i started my bujo)

ive also been thinking of going back to school for a semester????? mondays the registration so i have about ……., 20hrs to decide what i wanna do lmao

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12.02.2019 ft. last week’s spread

🎵 now playing: hope world by j-hope

my sophomore year in university starts in 6 days after a three-month long break, so it’s finally time to start getting prepared for it! therefore, i got myself my trusty iced americano and went down to my favorite spot near campus. i was planning out the classes i’m taking this semester and boy is it gonna be a tough one. so many readings ahead help me gay lord. time management is going to have to be the key this semester, since i now have a half-time job too to add to uni. still, i miss the buzz of uni and i missed my campus. call me a nerd, but i’m excited to get back into doing the thing i love the most 🤓

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reasons why I believe I’m having a rapid brain cell loss: -wrote the wrong dates but unconsciously started writing the right ones in the middle -put ahgase bird sticker on the wrong day too without realizing -when i realized i wrote them wrong, i went back to add +1 with all of them bc i didn’t have wite out -then realized i have half of the dates correct, half wrong -put duct tape on the +1s to cover them -was initially going to write the quote only in spanish but i started on the top so now there was blank space and to cover that, i had to translate and write it in bengali -accidentally wrote “just” in green even though i wanted write it in a diff color 

yes, i’m a mess, but will i let that get in the way of my aesthetic? never.

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A little time lapse of my September set up. Is quite a simple one since I’m gonna get a proper journal for university so this will be my personal journal. Do you guys have any recommendations or University Journals? I have a few ones but I’m not sure which one chooses. Hit me with ideas.

(and, yes, I’m my pajamas while watching Something Roten The Musical)


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[81/100] Days of productivity.

• | 01 / 08 / 2018 | •

Start August and to start with the right foot I share a couple of challenges that I started in July to make the most of the second half of the year.

Productivity challenge

This challenge includes a lot, but it is based on something that a teacher once told me

“You never really lose time”

this makes a lot of sense and during vacation time he thought it was easier to understand.

Maybe more than one wanted a productive vacation, studying everything humanly possible to start the next semester with everything, and surely more than one must be somewhat disappointed by not achieving it, just let me tell you that …

It’s fine!

The holidays are to relax, relax, and recover physically and mentally from the semester that ends and no matter that they slept late, they will throw away the books and notebooks, they will spend it with friends and family, you did not waste your time, because studying It is not everything, your health comes first.

Returning to the description of the challenge … There is more than one way to be productive, based on that every day can be productive either academically, personally or in others.

Reading challenge

This challenge is simple, just as we take care of our bodies by eating well, staying hydrated, exercising and listening to music, it is also important to care for and consent to our brain, this can be achieved very easily by reading.

In the second half of the year, you have to take advantage and read every time you have, there is always time to read at least a couple of pages of a good book.

[81/100] Días de productividad.

• | 01 / 08 / 2018 | •

Comienza agosto y para empezar con el pie derecho les comparto un par de retos que comencé en julio para aprovechar lo mejor posible la segunda mitad del año.

Reto de productividad.

Este reto engloba mucho, pero se basa en algo que un profesor me dijo una vez

“Nunca pierdes en realidad el tiempo”

esto tiene mucho sentido y en época de vacaciones creó que es más fácil de comprender.

Quizá más de uno deseaba unas vacaciones productivas, estudiando todo lo humanamente posible para comenzar el siguiente semestre con todo, y seguro más de uno debe estar algo decepcionado por no lograr lo, justo a ustedes dejen me decirles que…

¡Esta bien!

Las vacaciones son para descansar, distraerse, relajarse y recuperarse física y mentalmente del semestre que termina y sin importar que durmieran hasta tarde, que botarán los libros y cuadernos, que se la pasaran con amigos y familia, ustedes no perdieron el tiempo, porque estudiar no lo es todo, su salud es lo primero.

Volviendo a la descripción del reto… Hay más de una forma de ser productivo, con base en eso todos los días pueden ser productivos ya sea en lo académico, personal o en otros.

Reto de lectura.

Este reto es sencillo, así como cuidamos de nuestros cuerpos comiendo bien, manteniéndonos hidratados, haciendo ejercicio y escuchando música, también es importante cuidar y consentir a nuestro cerebro, esto se puede lograr muy fácilmente, leyendo.En la segunda mitad del año hay que aprovechar y leer en cada ocasión que se tenga, siempre hay tiempo para leer al menos un par de páginas de un buen libro.

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🍃1ª semana de Bullet Journal🍃

Pues como veis he acabado mi primera semana con el BJ y me está gustando bastante.
A parte también tengo mi agenda, que es donde primero me lo apunto todo y luego lo planeo en el BJ. Lo que me gusta de este método es que puedo tenerlo todo apuntado en la agenda y luego a parte puedo organizarme como mejor me vaya en el BJ.

En cuanto a la uni, empiezan los exámenes y las actividades avaluativas yyy… estoy un poco acoquinada.

De momento me centraré en acabar los trabajos primero y luego pasaré a prepararme los exámenes.

Espero que todo os esté yendo bien. Como veis esta semana tampoco ha pasado nada importante l, a parte de mi primera partida de D&D.
Nos vemos💞

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Sept 24 ‘17 –Monday–

Today started off with a horrible stomach ache but I survived

Had a free diy ice cream sundae in the honors lounge…(pro of being in Macaulay @ Queens College .. the perks)

Went to the gym. Apparently, my fam thought I lost weight since I been in college. Aye! 

Had a great 4 day weekend and today my only class was canceled. hooray!

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Hello everyone

I come to tell you a little about what happens to me lately.
After a few weeks of absence, which were due to lack of time and because some reports were somewhat laborious to do and good evaluations that apparently would all be in two weeks but turned out to be postponed, (apart by events of nature superior to any) and I admit that I got out of control and disorganized a bit.

Now that I try to organize everything again, I encounter a problem, my bujo is abandoned since the second week of August, my month of September is like blank pages and despite revising different ideas I can not get an idea to resume my bujo, before had had a couple of blocks but nothing that after visiting an air of users will not be removed.

Now I face a real block, I do not like to leave my bujo abandoned since I like to know that I have everything perfectly planned, but as I learned by bad these weeks, however much you want to organize and plan something, things are not always they will leave that way.

Besides that I am facing another important detail to emphasize, I have a test on Thursday of “Methods of analysis” and honestly I do not know how to study since it is not a test where we are asked to memorize or write concepts if it is not an exam deduction, analysis, and interpretation.

Hola a todos

Vengo a contarles un poco sobre lo que me pasa ultimamente.
Despues de unas semanas de ausencia, que fueron por falta de tiempo y por que se juntaron algunos informes algo laboriosos por hacer y bueno las evaluaciones que aparentemente serian todas en dos semanas pero resulto se que se pospucieron, (una parte por eventos de la naturaleza superiores a cualquiera) y admito que eso me descontrolo y desorganizo un poco.

Ahora que intento organizar de nuevo todo, me encunetro con un problema, mi bujo esta abandonada desde la segunda semana de agosto, mi mes de septiembre esta como paginas en blanco y pese a revisar diferentes ideas no logro concretar una idea para retomar mi bujo, antes habia tenido un par de bloqueos pero nada que despues de visitar a un ar de usuarios no se quitara. 

Ahora me enfrento a un verdadero bloqueo, no me agrada dejar mi bujo abandonada, ya que me gusta saber que tengo todo perfectamente planificado, pero como lo aprendi por la mala estas semanas, por mas que quieras organizar y planificar algo, las cosas no simepre saldran de esa forma.

Ademas que me enfrento a otro detalle importante de recalcar, tengo un examen el jueves de “Métodos de análisis” y honestamente no se de que manera estudiar, ya que no es un examen donde nos pidan memorizar o escribir conceptos si no es un examen de deducción, analisis e interpretación.

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