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lattesandlearning · 13 hours ago
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✨6/12/2021 - 6/24/2021, Day 12-24/60 of productivity- Summer semester edition✨
Wow I’m so sorry for just going M.I.A! My studies for the past few weeks have been focused on health, nutrition and fitness in my General Activities ll course aside from actually having to document proof of working out at my local gym, so there hasn’t been anything of interest to post, unfortunately. However!!! I start my World Literature ll course the week after next so I’m taking a little break between courses to soak up some sun and read Better Together by Christine Riccio, which my lovely partner preordered this special copy for me and I’m eternally grateful for (it is a signed copy and has a unique cover)! I’m thrilled and already invested because Christine Riccio wrote one of my favorite summer reads so far, Again, but Better (You can find my thoughts on that novel here). I’ve very excited to see what this story has in store for me. I hope you are all doing great and summer classes are treating you very well!💛
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leillee · 13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
days 19-25/100 days of productivity
okay so i haven't posted for about a week and some change because i've been sick and i also got my second shot so it's been a double whammy! but, what's interesting is that i got so much more work done in bed lol i just didn't record it.
anyway, i'm feeling much better now and i'm in midterms week. i'll put down the major things i've done over the time that i haven't posted!
06.14.21 - 06.19.21
- finished no-no boy by john okada for asian lit
- submitted short assignment for asian lit
- submitted assignments for mus. theory
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fluencylevelfrench · 18 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Day 20 of my stopprocrastinationchallenge!
Today I did:
taught a new French class (grade 7)
observed another French class
had a meeting with the teacher to discuss my lesson
finishing touches for my English class tomorrow (grade 9)
read the chapters for French class that I will stand in for a colleague
prepared the French class of grade 9
yoga (20 minutes)
Okay, I thought I didn't do a lot, but this is actually okay. However, I did procrastinate. I always feel very tired between 5 pm and 7 pm. so there I normally read a bit and eat dinner. Then after 7 I should be ready to get the last of my work done, but instead of doing that I just watched videos on youtube.. but after doing yoga and showering I prepared everything for tomorrow and cleaned up a bit. Could have been better all in all, but also worse!
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justcallmeyourname · 19 hours ago
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24.6.21/ day 1/30
Created a schedule for the next 30 days
Created a planner for online classes and topics along with revision on notion.
Studied a topic in omr.
🍽️Treated myself to a scrumptious samosa.
📖Currently reading - adult children of emotionally immature parents.
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studywithmoony · 21 hours ago
Normal People: a review
Let me start this off by saying, this book is *chef's kiss* amazing. 5 out of 5 stars.
Now, unless you've been living under a literature rock, you have heard of this book EVERYWHERE. I am not kidding. Every booktuber was talking about it. Taylor Swift wrote a whole album inspired by it. It has its own show? So, going into it I was definitely more skeptical than usual. I had this feeling that it might not live up to the hype. And I. was. wrong. The title of this book paints the picture perfectly, this book is about two normal people- Conell and Marianne, living their normal life. But that's the beauty of it. By sacrificing a plot full of twists and turns and going for a simple journey of two young adults, Sally Rooney was able to put her entire focus on building the characters and she did it so well that throughout the book, I was happy when they were happy, depressed when they were depressed, and really crying when they were (all of this happened within a day, btw. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down until I finished). This isn't an easy feat considering these characters were incredibly complex. With the simple language of the book, it would be very easy to create one dimensional characters and add enough fluff and emotion to make it a good enough book. But Sally Rooney utilised every little thing in each scene, from the weather to the choice of drink to the outfits to show, rather than saying, her characters' state of mind- a thing many, many writers fail to do. Without giving any spoilers, the ending ripped me apart, and I will think about this book often, and will most probably read it again.
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As always, do let me know what you thought of it. I love hearing other people's impressions of books I liked. And check my profile for more reviews xx
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academiquewilde · a day ago
I was listening to a very peaceful playlist while reading a book for our bookclub and I felt so disconnected to the real world. I read a lot of pages in just a few minutes because the story is so interesting.
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tiredcafestudies · a day ago
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here i am, back at it again. i’m going to start studying for the gmat to get into grad school soon. it feels like i’m constantly getting around to doing important things way too late and that it’ll eventually come back to haunt me. anyway, hoping for the best
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uraniumstudying · a day ago
Oh Yeah I Have a Studyblr
Hi everyone! I kind of didn’t use this blog for a while but since I’m heading to college, there’s no better time than now! Maybe I’ll try an 100 days of productivity or something, but here’s a little about myself:
I’m Rae (they/them- I need to change my bio but later), I’m a rising meteorology freshman that is probably doing WAYYY too much this summer. Academically, I’m learning Python, preparing myself for classes in meteorology and physics by basically pre-teaching myself, going over math bc I’m scared I forgot everything, and also learning a bit of german “for fun”. How much will I get done? No clue. But I’m excited to use this place more to gain inspiration for my studying! I’m also always down to make friends ^-^
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academiquewilde · a day ago
Whenever people say they find it so interesting that I can hang out by myself or read books all the time instead of going to parties because they make me highly uncomfortable I just don't find it interesting at all. Society standards? I don't know them. I want people to express themselves in the way they want to live like.
There is nothing wrong with me enjoying my time alone, you just shouldn't be so close to society standards and start enjoying your life like you want it to be.
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princethewriter · 2 days ago
DAY 227 ~ 23 June,2021
What should I talk about. There's nothing much, you all know that. Except for the fact that I have been watching films that I have watched myriad times. CONJURING. Again. But, I can't resist myself. The film lures me every damn time.
I have been watching films because I can't read books. I can't devote long hours reading books. I will do that once I have got ample time to do it.
Watching horror films sounds puerile to me yet I do it. Do I believe in ghosts and the supernatural. Can't say.. 'am pretty ambivalent about this stuff.
Well, that's all for now. Gotta grab a bite to eat. So, bye for now:)
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acaemia · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
started an anime journal!
dedicated my first spread to the first anime I intentionally watched. (can u tell I’m gay bc of my choice? LOL)
p.s playlist on the left is fire
ig: icdmtcha
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mercifulstudie · 2 days ago
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— i started crying when i realised those men were willing to fight for a dream I had never even allowed myself to envision (pg 235)
[i kept myself up until 3am just to finish this book bc I was hooked!!!]
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thoughtfultaledreamer · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
23rd June 2021
13-15/30 days of productivity
I turned 21 yesterday! It was actually a good day, received some really thoughtful surprises from friends and family and had dinner at my grandma's and spent time with my little cousins. I even managed to get some studying done! Here is what I did yesterday:
Revised my AL notes on some topics we are currently studying.
Did some light reading on antipsychotics
I spent A LOT of time writing notes when I was doing my A/Ls and they were super neat and long. It has a lot of good information but also a bit of unnecessary information. And I was adamant to not use bullet points so I wrote everything in paragraphs lol. I honestly have no idea how I passed ALs with straight As when my study habits were clearly lacking. But I didn't know any better back then.
We were supposed to have lectures today but they got cancelled after we spent 30 minutes waiting for our lecturer to join the class:) Next week is gonna be super busy so I might be inactive on tumblr.
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blueplaidstudies · 2 days ago
hiii, so when applying for volunteerung work or organisations, they ask
"how will you contribute to the team"
and this is such a daunting question.
do u have any advice like how to approach the question?
thank you :)
Hey Anon! While I haven't filed many applications for positions in this sector, I totally understand why it would be a daunting question from the few that I have done. Here are a couple of things that I've been advised and found helpful - I hope they will be handy for you too.
In preparing to answer the question, evaluate all of your past experiences and reflect on your skills. A lot of times, we as people tend to downplay the strengths that make us a valuable number of a team. As such, it is essential to spend some time and really think about everything you are proficient in. During your reflection, I suggest keeping note of everything that seems to qualify as a strength and don't disregard any idea that comes to mind. You can eliminate some later, but when you start, it's better to leave yourself with many options - you'd be surprised at what strengths you might have underestimated.
Adding to the previous point, remember that "strengths" consist of both hard and soft skills. For instance, you could be good at coding (a hard skill) and are highly effective at communicating (a soft skill). Both types are crucial and make you more well-rounded, so be sure to cover all the ground. :)
When discussing your strengths, there are two things to take note of. First, make sure you give examples from your experiences of how your skills are demonstrated. If you say that you're good at organising and possess leadership skills, then instead of just making that claim, you can talk a bit about a team project you headed and coordinated in the past. Be sure to keep your examples brief though; as long as you've given powerful evidence for your skill and proficiency, effectively displaying why you would be indispensable (I use that word strongly but it is the aim) to the team, it will suffice. Secondly, when you present your response, strive for a tone that sounds both confident and humble. This is easier said than done, but the point is to come across as someone who understands their skills and strengths well, while also not being arrogant. You want to leave a good impression of yourself as an individual too. :)
Lastly, remember to tailor your response to the position you are applying for. Different positions will obviously require different sets of attributes, so it's essential that your response targets the qualities your desire position needs. A good way to tackle this is to think about what an ideal candidate for the job is like; you can even try putting yourself in the shoes of those assessing your application - if you were to pick someone for this position, what kind of strengths and abilities would you want them to have? By picking the most relevant skills to discuss in your response, you can make yourself stand out more as the possible "perfect" candidate. Likewise, and if you can, it could also be good to tailor the examples you give as evidence to the job.
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5am-raining · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The past few days have been so strange... In addition to hurting my hand on Wednesday, my husband and I got our second dose of the vaccine on Friday evening, and we've spent most of the day Saturday in bed with aches and chills. 😣😣😣
I won't know until 2 weeks from now if my hand will require a surgery to repair the nerve or tendon. If it does though, it's going to be in a splint for a while... 😭 Which is going to make doing much of anything pretty difficult. I really hope it is not needed...
Anyway. Here's an older photo from some goodies I bought at @tokyopenshop and my thoughts on them! ✌☺🛍
💮Midori Paintable Stamp (Animal)
Absolutely lovvve this stamp! So cute. The images are so tiny and they come out really nice. Goes well with my planner since they fit into the small spaces of the weekly and monthly spreads.
💮Pilot ILMILY Frixion Planner Stamps (Frame)
I just wanted to get this since it's limited edition, and I thought it could be cute for highlighting dates and stuff.
💮Petit Deco Rush (Light Bulb)
I'm obsessed with the functional deco rush tapes! I thought this one could be cute for marking notes and ideas I want to bring attention to.
💮Acroball L Series (Pearl Gold)
Honestly I didn't need this pen I just thought it was a pretty color scheme. 😆
💮Midori Wakka Seals (Flower)
Cute plastic stickers for highlighting important dates and stuff.
💮Pentel TUFF Mechanical Pencil (.5 mm, Beige)
Beautiful vintage style pencil. I put my blue layout lead in here.
💮RoundTop Schedule Washi
I can't help but love the tiny schedule washi tapes/stickers from RoundTop! I already have another design of theirs, but I had to get this one too. Would be super useful for bulletjournaling.
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