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Thanks for the tag @astrophysicsblr        :)  


Nickname: Becky

Real Name: Rebecca

Zodiac: Aries but I don’t believe in that stuff

Favourite Music & Groups: the Beatlesssss, Ed Sheeran, and I like a lot of classical stuff (Wagner n Bach mainly)

Sports: running - long distance though not that sprinting crap. I’ve done a marathon and I’ve got an ultra coming up in september i hope…

Other Blogs: none. I used to have a running one though.

Get Asks: a few, not many.

Blogs I follow: only 22 lmao

Tumblr Crush: @izobee-studies hehe ;)

Lucky Number: 2 - it’s the only even prime

What Am I Wearing: flannel shirt n dungarees

Dream Holiday: New Zealand :( I was supposed to be going in June but COVID ruined my plans

Dream Car: anything electric

Fave Food: porridge

Drink of Choice: non alcoholic: coffee. alcoholic: bloody mary. yes. I am mad.

Instrument: piano!

Language: english + french (i hate speaking french i get self conscious pronouncing stuff but i can read quite comfortably in it these days)

Celebrity Crushes: i love emilia fox

Random Fact: i’m a vegan


Ok I tag (if ya wanna do it that is) @izobee-studies, @sapphic-nd @bioluminescentiridescence

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today is my best friend’s birthday and obviously with the lockdown we couldn’t get together. To solve this problem we’ve just had an almost three video call with a big bunch of our friends and played some games and honestly it was so much fun!!!

It made me realise how important it is to keep close contact with friends and loved ones and trying- if possible- to have video calls because it really does cheer you up in this difficult time

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Rules: You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

thanks for the tag @marketingstudiesblog!

  1. Dig Your Grave by Erick Serna and The Killing Floor
  2. Beer Bad by Buffering The Vampire Slayer (Podcast Song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  3. Black Mambo by Glass Animals
  4. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
  5. Follow by Crystal Fighters
  6. The Prom by Buffering The Vampire Slayer (Podcast Song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  7. Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
  8. The Bank Of England by Enter Shikari
  9. The Mountain Theme by Dan Wakefield (Soundtrack to Through the Woods)
  10. Golden Days by Panic! At The Disco

I tag @dreamwritesimagines, @studylustre@alpinestudies @koi-study  @organizedstudy, @psychologyhermione, @tatstudies, @cognitive-studies, @elainestudy, @lyrastudies

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@thechaoticscholar thanks for tagging me :^D these are always v fun

favorite color- who knows, honestly. black? red? all of them, and combinations of them. 

last song i listened to- inmortal by aventura

favorite musicians- tøp, billie eilish, c418, karol g, harry styles, etc. 

last movie i watched- the hunger games , catching fire (dw ive also read the books several times too) 

last tv show i watched- i think it was on my block? 

favorite original character- i’d have to go with my main character from my wip, vanya. this is mainly because i’ve developed her life story the most haha

sweet, spicy, or savory- depends on the mood. currently, sweet or spicy 

sparking water, tea, or coffee-  coffee. i’ve burned out of my tea phase and sparkling water is (in my opinion) an abomination. hehe

pets- i’ve got a dog; her name is cookie and she’s very precious :-)

i’m tagging: @bard-studies and @student-by-day if y’all want. this is purely optional :^)

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Sun: What are you doing to relax?

That’s a great question for today, as I have done nothing but relax! I really love video games, so recently I’ve been playing the new Animal Crossing and Borderlands 2 with my sister! Losing myself in video game worlds and not having to think about real life has saved me so many times during stressful situations, so I really owe a lot to them.

Hoy no he hecho nada excepto relajarme! Me encanta los videojuegos, así que he sido jugando Animal Crossing y Borderlands 2 con mi hermana. Cuando estoy estresada, siempre juego los videojuegos y me hacen olvidar de los problemas de la vida real.


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ask game for langblrs!

put an emoji in my inbox, and i’ll answer the questions attached x

🍑 would you rather perfect your reading or writing skills first? how do you feel about your accent in your target language? and about other people’s accent in your native language?

💐 what are your favourite words in your native language? why do you like them - their sound or meaning or … ? can you translate them into your target langauge?

🍋 what was the first language you tried to learn, besides your native one? was it in school, independently, or with a friend? did you like learning languages from the start or not?

🍄 what language would you like to learn without having to study it? is there any language you consider the most challenging to learn? which one(s) are they?

🥥 which language makes you the happiest to speak in it? what’s the funniest word you know in it? what language (you don’t speak), sounds the most cheerful?

🌸 do you prefer to study by doing reading exercises, learning grammar, or listening? does it change depending on the language? depending on how you feel that day?

🌱 what languages are on your all-time must-learn list? why are they on your list? pick one and describe it for someone who’s never heard of it, without naming it or the country it comes from.

🍯 why did you start your target langauge? better yet, why did you stick with it? what’s your ultimate goal for this language, and has that changed as you progressed?

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thank you @caffeinestudyingg for tagging me!

i won’t be showing my actual lock screen for privacy reasons, but it’s a picture of me and my best friend/roommate. it was the day before my 20th birthday and she and my other roommate had surprised me by taking me to my favorite coffee shop. we took the picture on a walking trail that i really love by the river. then they took me to dinner, picked up a beautiful birthday cake, and took me back to our apartment where the rest of our friends were waiting to surprise me. that day was the highlight of my sophomore year for sure, and i really miss everyone.

the last song i listened to was awake my soul by mumford & sons. i didn’t choose to listen to this song for any specific reason, it just came up on shuffle on my spotify playlist. i listen to a lot of folk/acoustic/indie music 😊 also yes, my playlist is called “chai latte” because it’s my go-to drink order at any coffee shop lol.

i’m still super new to tumblr, so anyone who happens to see this post can consider themselves tagged!

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Hey guys! So I was tagged by @lattesandlearning to do this super cool tag game!

The left pic is my lockscreen that I’ve had for a while. Its a quote I really like (found on Pinterest) and it’s also the sort of motto of the main character on the current story I’m working on. I really love her and so I like to see this quote and be reminded of my writing whenever I glance at my phone.

The right is the song I last listened to and one that I listen to almost all the time. I think it would be on my all time favorites for sure. I love Hozier soo much and all his songs are so good but this one just hits a little differently for me. I love the concept of this man wishing for death until he comes face to face with the reality of it. It’s an experience I’ve had in my own life so not only does this song sound gorgeous but I find the lyrics incredibly powerful.

(Its “In the Wood Somewhere” by Hozier FYI, I know the full title isn’t showing in the pic)

I’m gonna tag @hunternotagatherer @positivity-studies and @yourstudyfriend

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1, 13, 20 and 23 :)

thank you for the questions!

1 - target language? / målspråk?

norwegian and german / norsk og tysk

13 - pen or pencil / penn eller blyant?

pen I guess / penn antar jeg

20 - first movie or tv show you ever watched in your target language / den første filmen du har noensinne sett på på målspråket ditt

skam (norwegian/norsk), good bye, lenin (german/tysk)

23 - how did you get into languages? / hvordan fikk du interessert i språk?

I randomly started learning French, looked for resourses at Tumblr, saw all the people learning different languages and got interested in it too

jeg begynte å lære fransk tilfeldig, leta etter ressursene på tumblr, så alle menneskene som lærer forskjellige språk og fikk interessert i det også

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Hi! :)

I’ve decided that I want to include studyblr and writeblr content on this blog, alongside the bookblr content that this blog is known for. As I’ve recently started a Bachelor of Arts, one of my majors being Creative Writing, I want a place where I can share any writing that I do and studyblr posts to motivate myself and to become as obsessed with my learning journey success as I am with books. 

I’m also thinking about sharing Twilight, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games, etc. posts. ‘Movies that are books’ posts.

I hope that you’ll be looking forward to these posts. :) 

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Tagged by @doodles-on-the-margins thank you 💜 !!

Honey and lemon or milk and sugar // musicals or plays // lemonade or iced tea // strawberries or raspberries // winter or summer // beaches or forests // diners or cafés // unicorns or dragons // gemstones or crystals // hummingbirds or owls // fireworks or sparklers // brunch or happy hour // sweet or sour // rome or amsterdam // classic or modern art // sushi or ramen // sun or moon // polka dots or stripes // macarons or croissants // glitter or matte // degas or seurat // aquariums or planetariums // road trip or camping trip // colouring books or water colour // fairy lights or candles

Tagging: @coffeeandpies @boldlystudy @teacupstudies and anyone else who would like to play!

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