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What are you guys doing now that schools out?

I have been doing some bar prep even though I don’t take it till next year. I feel that it has been extremely helpful. I also am self studying historic preservation and studying a lot about Colonial Williamsburg. I have been there so many times but still feel that I don’t know enough about all the trades and the history.

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Hey y’all ~

I’ve been inactive for a long time, but I’m wondering where all the active studyblrs are. I would love to get some new content on the feed. So anyone who likes or reblogs this post will definitely be getting a follow from me. I also try and compile a list once I get some numbers ☺️

In the meantime, study hard brahhh

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10 || 05 || 2020 (click for better quality)

Me be back but not be able to think

Hi!! Sorry for the bad covering in the second one, I didn’t notice something before when I was editing the pictures!! Edit: the second one just looks bad so idk, ignore it ;^;

Anyways, here is my spread for this week!! I can’t plan it entirely tho, Uni still doesn’t give me my schedule or any classes!!

I’ve been disappeared for a long time, and last time I said that I was going back into the community once I could move again. And now I’ve been feeling a little better!! The bad side is that here is getting cold, and winter is a big no-no for my mental health. So I hope I can keep going and just go through it without any major problems.

Lots of love to everyone!!

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Lockdown is really getting to me at the moment, I really just want to be able to go out and do all the things I took for granted like eating at restaurants and wandering round shops. I’m definitely inviting all my friends to come and stay with me when this is all over too. // 26.04.20

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My boyfriend wanted to try the tik tok coffee too so I made them again this morning and then we sat on the patio to have breakfast, which is always lovely. Now I need to complete a risk assessment to pass the online course I’m taking and then I have a skype tutorial with my tutor this evening. Hopefully it’s going to be a productive afternoon. What’s the weather like for you all today? // 16.04.20

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Made the tik tok coffee everyone has been talking about today, it was delicious! However, I probably should’ve had it earlier in the day because I am on some kind of extreme caffeine buzz still and it’s now 11pm, whoops. In other news I have been sticking to my goal of 500 words a day on my essay and I’ve now hit the word count so all I have to do is edit it, I’m very pleased. Enjoy this rare selfie of me to celebrate. // 13.04.20

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Productivity challenge day 2

Good morning my cookie friends, how is everyone doing? I recently started to push myself to learn more french vocabulary and to my shock Tumblr has been such a good site for that. There are plenty of french langblrs who post vocabulary words in specific themes and they are really useful. —————————————————————
Günaydın kurabiye arkadaşlarım, herkes nasıl? Kısa süre önce kendimi daha fazla Fransızca kelime öğrenmek için zorlamaya başladım ve şokuma Tumblr bunun için çok iyi bir websitesi oldu. Belirli temalarda kelime yayınlayan çok sayıda fransızca langblrs var ve gerçekten cok yararlilar. ————————————————————— 
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I’m so mad at my stupid neighbours. I have an online class tomorrow at 8:30. We are in quarantine and this group of idiots is right below my window having a gathering! It’s Monday! It’s 01:30 in the morning! WE ARE IN QUARANTINE! YOU SELFISH PRICKS! I also have been having a headache all day and the noise made it impossible for me to concentrate so tomorrow I have to spend my free time reading what I couldn’t read today.

Sometimes I just can’t deal with how many people can be so selfish.

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@myhoneststudyblr‘s 2020 quarantine challenge 

week 1 saturday: where in your house is your fav place to study?

people with roommates will get the struggle: my room and really only my room because we don’t have a living room and the kitchen is our only communal place so i can’t really study there unless both of my roommates are away (which is to say, never), however the desk in my room is quite nice and big enough to house all my notebooks and books i need while studying :] also i don’t really study on my bed because it’s not healthy due to the posture and because i Would fall Asleep (i’m a person who really doesn’t study well at home so this quarantine really be hitting the motivation cells pingponging in my brain)

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Hey everyone! Long time no talk. Basically, uni is kicking my arse right now and so time is of the essence but now that I have a little more time on my hands I will be back on here posting every now and then. 

For those of you who don’t know me let me introduce myself! My name is Lou and I am a 2nd year studying an Arts and Humanities degree. I plan on majoring in English and History but everything is kinda up in the air at the moment in terms of subject choices. 

I thought I would come back on here to help motivate you if you are self-studying at home. Currently, I am working on a lot of assignment and you can follow my progress over on my Instagram here!

I hope to get up a post later on this evening and hopefully, I’ll be able to build up my queue again and start supporting some of my fave studyblrs again!

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