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It’s that time again. 💕 Here’s my bujo setup for June. Decided to go with an under the sea theme for summer vibes. 🌊 🐠

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Originally posted by eb0shi

Day 32/100 of Productivity

I am once again sleeping at 2 AM because I’m not a quitter.

I had a vague idea of how my antagonist’s subplot could end, went “might as well” and now I have an ending to my antagonist’s subplot. It’s most likely rushed, but that’ll be fixed during editing, which I plan to dedicate all of tomorrow to. I’m so happy to have the ending written down. I still need to figure out how to end one more scene before I can confidently proclaim that I have finished the first draft of my play.

I went all of today without an anxiety attack. Huzzah.

For school, I have turned in everything on time. Everything was completed to my own satisfaction and I’ve learned something new (no tangent as it is late, although it is tempting). A good change of pace from the crash and burn that was earlier this week. This could be a good omen from the executive function g-ds that my final week of school will go well.

Words written: 386 

Total words: 7337


May 22nd, 2020

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Day 27/100 of Productivity

All art homework is due 3 pm tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll make it. For the past few weeks I’ve been using today (Sunday) to do the drawing and tomorrow to do the textbook assignment. But, as the picture indicates, I was busy doing other things today.
My avocados have been transferred to a bigger pot. A much bigger pot. My mom said that I should get the bigger pot because my avocados have been growing rapidly. The two pots will look awkward in comparison to the plant size for quite a while- but that pot will last them a year or two of root growth. 
(If you’re wondering why one looks like an awkward stick protruding from the soil, that plant once had leaves and grew over 6 inches. I cut it back so it’d grow bushier.)
I’ve finally sat down and took notes for my stageplay. I’ve chosen an ending to stick to and finally identified the reason that ending felt somewhat “wrong.” It’s my antagonist’s subplot; it doesn’t have a satisfying conclusion. More or less you feel sorry for the guy. I’m not sure how to tackle this problem. 
The first draft is in sight. I can taste it.
Words written: 351
Total words: 5977


May 17th, 2020

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Day 24/100 of Productivity

[Stock photography found on Unsplash]

I said that I’d keep system stuff on here to a minimum, but this is my blog and I get to do whatever I want. And there’s not much to talk about when you haven’t been out for all day.

That’s an exaggeration; I’ve been here all day, but in the background with only my influence. My frustration had been progressively building. I had two clear things on our to-do list, and in their defense they got one of them done but much later into the night.

I strive off productivity. It’s my mirror, my sword, my shield. I do my best to think of others. The two fronters of today (let’s call them the double J’s) had a good time after the string of bad mental health days. They listened through Coldplay’s album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. That’s great and I’m happy for the double J’s. But I still get the right to vent my frustrations.

I doubt they’ll actually make me get worse grades. We have standards. But they’re butchering the routine I’ve set up and is just now getting into the swing of. I’m frustrated and do not know how to deal with it.

Words written on stageplay: 148

Total words: 5489


May 14th, 2020

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Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Day 23/100 of Productivity

Update from yesterday: by a miracle, I got all but one of my assignments turned in. The most triggering one was left in the dust.

Other than that, I decided that today would be a break day. A day to crochet and work on the play. I’ve successfully completed ¼th of the blanket as of today, despite of my hand’s pain tolerance. 

Words written on stageplay: 870 (new record, horray)

Total words: 5389


May 13th, 2020

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Day 22/100 of Productivity

Before & after.
I am partially back from my brief absence, although I do not know the cause of it. I desire to be in this position and beg the brain to let me front but alas, it declines.
For what we have done today, I am not satisfied, to no one’s surprised. But there are more layers than what appears. For health class we’re learning about drug use- and I am greatly happy as this information is vitally important and provided in a non-biased fashion. The problem stems from the simple concept of drug use being big trigger of mine&. It’s powerful and it fogs my brain until there is nothing more I can think about, and eventually I& spiral to its advances. Thinking about it now makes me sick.
Despite this, I powered through and got a moderate amount of it done. My hopes of getting the rest done by tomorrow before noon is low, but not nonexistent. If one of these assignments become my first assignment to not be completed during the quarantine, let it be known that I did my best (side note: How have I lasted this long? None of my current classes have a late work policy).
I’ve done the clothes after putting it off for days. 
Since it’s nosebleed season, my parents have gotten me a humidifier. I’m happy for no more nosebleeds, but I’m also happy for my avocados. I’ve been misting and putting pots of hot water in attempts to up the humidity in my dry room. Although living in the southwest, the humidity here is usually 10% short of its usual habitat. 
New yarn will come tomorrow and we’ll continue the project. 
Words written on stageplay: 88 (felt like a lot more, boohoo)
Total words: 4519

Almost L.B.

May 12th, 2020

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Originally posted by oishi-des

Day 21/100 of Productivity

He’s shadowing but isn’t fronting lmao

Anyway turned in all school stuff on time, blah blah blah. Realized I calculated wrong for the crochet project and that, in fact, I’ll be needing even MORE yarn like the clown I am. But progress is progress. 

But honestly we didn’t eat well. We’ll eat better tomorrow for sure.

Words written on stageplay: 63

Total words: 4431

Still not L.B., for like the third day

May 11th, 2020

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Day 18/100 of Productivity

My 100DOP challenge is now legal.
Good news, I apparently didn’t manage my time badly. I put in effort and got it in on time. 
We got our yarn for a project. It may take a while to complete, but it’ll be worth it. 
Today was a mixed salad of emotions. That is all I will be saying.
Words written on stageplay: 404
Total words: 3867


May 8th, 2020

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Originally posted by kpopthoughtsandrambles

Day 17/100 of Productivity

I’m not sure if I’m becoming more relaxed with schoolwork or if I’m managing my time badly. Time will tell. 

I’m glad we got into crocheting and crafts again. It’ll keep us sane through the quarantine. 

I vacuumed my room and organized my desk. I have also acquired the skill of knitting, using filed chopsticks as needles. I am confident enough to call myself a knitter, even if the most I’ve completed is a square too small to be a rag but too big to be a patch. Surprisingly, learning the movements wasn’t too hard. 

Words written on stageplay: 247

Total words: 3463

The first draft is almost done. I can taste it. I need to plan ahead and put aside an entire day to completely focus on writing the play. 


May 7th, 2020

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Originally posted by velvetmotel

Day 16/100 of Productivity

Why am I never satisfied? I completed all my health homework, none of it being half-assed. I did work yet I do not feel satisfied. On a lighter note, I ate well today. Although I’ve been falling short on exercising, but that’s a problem for another day. 

Today was uneventful. I could twist my words to say more but there is no point; I would be saying too much for too little. 

Words written on stageplay: 39 (ain’t much, but it’s honest work. I switched some names around for the disconnected “floater” scenes/pieces of dialogue and now I have an idea of what will happen next. Thus, progressing the story without actually progressing the story)

Total words: 3463


May 6th, 2020

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Day 15/100 of Productivity

Today has not been a good executive function day, but not my worst. I’ve completed about half of my assignments, leaving the rest for tomorrow. The only way I can complete it is by waking up early and having a productive spike. There’s the chance I may have to turn in one assignment half-done, sadly.
My new journal came today. I’ve been journalling for a little more than a year. This is the start of the 6th journal. 
We’ve been on a crochet role recently. The same headmate referenced in previous posts crocheted a twink pride pillow specifically for me. The “twink” meme got old the minute it was birthed into existence. I am no longer annoyed by it, yet they persist. They do it because they know that, deep inside, a part of me likes being called a twink. But I digress.
The pillow is a little understaffed, but good nonetheless. I finally caught up on the movie I needed to watch for English while crocheting. It was a nice experience.
Words written on stageplay: 128
Total wordcount: 3424


May 5th, 2020

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in my psychology class once our teacher asked the girls and boys of the class to get together and assemble a list of what they’d look for in a partner. the girls came up with a full list of the typical “honest, kind, funny, intelligent” etc and this is literally what the boys had to share with the class:

  • human
  • looks like a girl
  • homo sapien
  • Mom?
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