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8/100, 9/100 & 10/100

Some soulfood, new achievements in my exercising  routine and a new way of taking notes for to do stuff*.

*When facing exhausting tasks/assignments that need more than one day of preparation, split your work into several blocks,. Block one is reading and taking notes. Afterwards stick a piece of paper or a sticky note to the first page and write down what your general to dos for the next block will be. Don’t overdo it. I set a maximum of 3 tasks per block for myself.

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4/100 and 5/100

Normal sleeping habit: not available yet… But watching The Witcher was nice..

University officially started again. It’s quite weird to stay at home all day, but video-chatting with my friends and doing assignments together is fun!

I also received a letter from one of my friends from uni. Look at that beautiful sky-envelope! Thank you so much.

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Hi! I’m Ally or A, however you like to call me. 

My original main blog is themadally, but since my love for study- and language-related stuff is taking overhand, I decided to open a new blog, dedicated to just that. 

In the future, this blog will hopefully be packed with lots of study-related reblogs and original posts as well as motivational stuff and some cute cottagecore, etc. 

(If you are also interested in funny memes, pictures from the deep deep interwebs, cute animal stuff, some actors/movies/music-related things and in general very random stuff, check out my other blog :). ) 

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